The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1950 BLYTH1OTLLE (ARKJ (XJURIER i»tw» VAGE ELEVEN EC A May Reduce Economic Aid Intimation of Cut Received by Senator From Paul Hoffman WASHINGTON, Feb. 8. (AP) — ff_rMor Connally (D-Tex) said yes- ittify he believes the Economic Co- wration Administration Is willing to cut Marshall Pin" spending bei low the »3,100,000,000 asked by President Truman. The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee made this statement after ECA Chief Paul Hoffman discussed Europe's economic situation with the Senators. Holfmari was closeted with Ute committee more than two hours. "I have an intimation ihat ECA j will go below the $3,100.000.000 ed in the president's budget," Connally told reporters. He added Oils 1 ^a.s the Impression he received Irom the talk with Hodman. Hoi/man told newsmen he intends In follow " "tough |x>licy" toward Western Europe in line with the policy laid down for Germany by High Commksloner John J. McCloy. Connally already has proposed Ih^t Congress slash at Icajt $1,000.000,000 off the $3,776.000.000 voted las*, year for Evn'opean aid. Connally said Hoffman told the committee that "Western Europe stil! remains the No. I battlefield in the world struggle lor freedom." Screens Are Being Installed in Every Room As Workmen Remodel White House Interior Chinese Reds Support Move to Try Hirohito Feb. 8 — WV- A Pciping RaHh broadcast yesterday said China's Communists supported demand that Japanese Emporer' Hirohito be tried as a war criminal. The broadcast said that. Hirohito and other Japanese responsible for alleged bacteriological warfare should lace war crimes charges. By DOUGLAS 1/A.KSEtf NEA SUff Correspondent WASHINGTON —(NBA)— President Truman and his family, anrt all future tenants of the rebuilt White House, will have the joy: and woes of television woven inextricably Into their lives. Being built into the remodeled executive mansion is a super-modern television network. There wil be a large TV screen in every room The system will be operated by a master central control. Any lo<rn video show or network program regardless of whether it is bcin broadcast in W \slilngton. will be available to any White House occu pant. Each screen will he tuned I merely by dmtine & number, jas as on a telephone. In addition I big rcrccns being installed in ever room, including bcdroms, a K~" six by eight-fool, .screen will be placed In the present small inov theater in the executive office win Alsn a iiart of this complex '1 wiring will be AM and FM radi Musak, as well as facilities for n kinds of recoyiillRs In every rom all of which will be part ol In dialing system. A spin of the dial will Iran form the network into a pub address system for announcemci or for paging persons. An occ punt of any room will also able to tune in on any speech II is being made, or any mceti that is beitiK held, in any part the building. Designers of the system, Pub Buildings Administration Enginco report that, il can't be used any unauthorized eavesdropping or spying on anything that takes place in the White House. A meeting or speech can't be monitored without the knowledge of persons who are speaking, the report Kays. Still another facility o! the system will |>crmit the recording ot \VliriT, IIOUSK rllliVIKW: samples future life fur n With viri«> wl and dial, » riporltr ipanls ot rebuilt While House. IM'Ogvam Uy a rUal spin. This includes the recording of White Hou^e events. Direct line 1 -; \vill connect tike executive mansion to ali major radio networks fur the icceiiLlon of programs whirh don't happen to be broadcast by a "Washington station. Thr breakdown of just what this elaborate communications network xill most Isn't revealed by the government engineers. When S5.-1 million was given n.s the estimate for the whole white House renovation job, many construction experts were amazed at the high figure However, as details like the TV- radio system are revealed piecemeal, it becomes Increasingly apparent where all the money is go- Ing. Ma]. Gen. C'.len E. Bdgerton, ccutive diiL'ttor or the Commissio on Renovation of the Executl Mansion, anrt his assistant. Co Douglas n. aillctt, worked PBA engineers in dreaming the system. Jt has now been fimi approved by the full Commissio By a special act of Congress t Connuis-skui. wlxicli is mostly posed of Congressmen, has the fii say on just What goes Into the n White Mouse. So far the work has consisted of tearing out the insides of the old structure and digging under it to make a firmer foundation. According to Col. Gillette it will be many months before actual work is begun on making over the ill- sides. : amine Strikes Communist China Food Crisis Grips Yangsxe River Area In Eastern Sectors HOMO KONG, Feb. 8-M")—The onR-predicled food crisis in Hcc liina appears to have struck. The communist news agency in a ispalch from Shaiifc'hni yestcrrtftj ild that In easl, China north of le Yangl/e alone there ore more ian 16,000,000 famine victims. Of this number, 2,190.000 were aid to have exhausted all food locks and face starvation. The same dispatch reported thi amine In eastern China also ha< pread. south of the Yangt'/e. Con dillons wre painted as grave I outhcrn KiAiigsu and south Anh wei provinces. These are In the pop iloiis areas of Shanghai and Nan kins. The news agency said condition were sure to become worse durin Ihe spring. Joe Stalin Popular Guy In Curtain Countries MOSCOW, Feb. 8. (AP)— P Minister Slnlin had liis birthday Dec. 21, half a«o, but list.s ol congratulatory telegrams are stlU being printed by the newspaper Pravda. Kvery day the communist party ncwsiianer devotes about two columns to these lists of ions and institutions in the Soviet Union an! elsewhere who send greetings to the Soviet leader. Apparently thousands are still lo be listed. Field Files for DA LITTLE ROOK. Feb. 7—M'i—Tal- •bot Tield, Jr., ot Hope, yesterday filed his corrupt practices pledge M a candidate for eighth district prosecuting attorney. Th« districts composed ot Nevada. Clark. Miller. Hempstead and Lafayette counties. The present firosecuUtr is James H. Pilkinton of Hope, who has announced as a candidate for chancellor. Key Citizens in U.S. Get Voice In Shaping Foreign Policy lor Nation During Truman Regim PARACiOUl.D, Ark., l-'ob. V—f/l'j— v.iCTiio county Shrrilf Loy News- more than a nnd a , berry snifl yestmtiiy lluil two Hrl- shton. Ark., men have IKTJ] arrested In cmiuocUciii \vUh Hie it\iie of a Can!well. Mo., matron near here )asl night. Kolirrt Cobli, 'M, iina \V. 1>- Me- Cormnck. '21. l>o t h of IJilnhtoJij eight mile.s southeast ot here, are in jail unit «'ill be charged \\ ill rape, the shcvin ssutl, snut a tluvi .nun i.s hciiij; soiiiihl. He reptn'toti the vlcliin. n SO-yfar- old " inotlK'f of three chLlchxMi itl- entificd Cobb ;Uiti McCormnck a. ( two of the three men who attacked her. Stale Qualifies ASC Graduates Decision Reverses Incligibility Ruling On Agri Teachers L1TTLB ROCK, Feb. 8—W,—' Slnle Binirci of Education actei yesterday to qualify 16 grartuntrs'o Arkansas Slwtc CoLk^o, jouestoro us vocational aKricnltm'o IciH'hrrs 'Hie 10 previously hart brrn flitreril Ineligible been use Aik; State was not an ncceiJled .si'lKHjl The board today changed Its rules to exempt from customary ip(|imc- OAN1)11»A'|'K — liar- \ incuts the 1G persons who <*crc list('d by name, and who comnlrlod the rmirsrs required bo I ween Kepi. 1, I [Mil, and AUK, 31. 1019, T h e board authorized use o ( $05,100 from sale of (ho old Arkansas Shite trade school building in completion of the new education department building west or tho state fiipltol. H j\lso authoTlml iHUTcm'inK a maximum of $lO'J,flQl) from Ihe revolving hmn fund to for (he sEtmc The two .sinus, total hloli llie 19-19 le;;i.slnuire » for completion of Hie building. Bill to Permit Refugee to Stay In U.S. Passed WASHINGTON, Feb. 8-01',— Cont£LT,ss voted yesterday to let VikUn' A. Kravchenico, one-tltne Communist official and author ot "\ Chose l-Yeodum," vetucmi lt\ the UniU'd Slates pcrrnaueiuly. House iipprovn] sent to President Ti imirUi a bill, siready pa.s.-cd by the Kena'v. waMng tin migration t'OqiiircjnctLLs for Kravclicnko, The Rus.sian-born Kravchenko c»inc to this country In lQt3 'th a Soviet purchasing cotnmts- ui, nesHTtintf Ru.sfiin in 10H, he itme a political refugee. i'ui\cM;ss worker from Hunlsvillc, Ark,, Is Ar- jstvs' entry in Washington's rm- ruml cherry blossom princess contest this spring. She Is Kpunsoml by the At'ka i\sas SIutc StwIcty 1 u tlie mi I ton's capitol. {Associated Press Photo). Arkansans Held In Assault Case Better Late, Etc. Reach Hollywood Continued from Page & !vf nre talking contract follow; apearanpce In the TV movie, "Time Bomb." . . , Adele Astairc, sifter of Fred, may do a TV series. She retired in the early thirties when she married Lord Cavendish. • * * A .sign in a roadside cafe in Ill's "Death on * Side Street" reads: "Ham 'n' Eggs, 30 cents; Noodle •oup, 3 cents; blue plate special, 40 cent*. 11 Wonder if the sign painter vu predicting or Just remembering? Looking backward: When producer Bill Thomas, then & Paramount publicity man, arrived at the Pasadena railroad station wi',h Charles Boyer in tow for his triumphant entry into Hollywood for his first movie, press pho- toirraphers had been lipucd off to the number of Eoyer'.s car aud \verc primed to .shoot him stepping off the train. Bill rhrckrri to V, sure Boycr's tonpce was on straight and then said: "Okay, Chwies, fhej-'re waiting for you." Charles stepped off the train but there were no photographers. The cameramen were at the sta- I J*ta, but they were busy shooting ' fxi. race horse. TAventy Grand, ue- : inc unloadcn from the train's I csr. Dana Andrews is taking X-rays. An old back injury may have to be corrected via surgery. . . , Shelley Winters and Marlon Brando are .«ceing each other in New York. . . . Kay St. Germain's divorce suit ajain-st Jack Carson has trtm stntt- !ng instead of frowning. Now he'll be able to many Lola AilbriRht. . . . Hal "The Great Gildersleeve" Perry will tour hotel .supper clubs this summer. His first booking is at the Shamrock In Houston. . . . Panny Kaye cracked TV the other night In an old, old educational comedy. Even Danny agreed he was awful. By WASHINGTON — Foreigners probably have often wondered bow the American government of recent years has manneeri to carry on Us intense, many-sided activities in foreign affairs without any concerted anci damaging public opposition. Preside*it Truman nas encountered none of the bitter, wide-spread antagonism President Wilson met when he tried to get this country into a Lcnque of Nations. Vet his Involvement In foreign affairs far move extensive than Wilson's— at a time when many persons'ami groups in this country have strong feelings on foreign policy, largely n result of the U.S.'5 become n world power and abandoning its trndilionnl isolationism. The sccrcx. is that the professional diplomats have learned they cannot accomplish anything unless they have the people behind them. They have developed since 1045 FUI elaborate system for learning what the public is thinking, and for telling key people outside the department confidentially what the diplomats know and plan. A major clement in the system is a series ol off-the-recorri cottier- enccs here and throughout the country. The press IP told nothing about them nn)es.s it asks. Then only the names of the conferees and the theme of the conference Is disclosed. The Idea ts to keen it all stricMy confideniiai so that both the State Department men and the ont.-iide citizens can talk freely. Many Quiet (icl-Tnjjollirrs Some of the mast prominent men and women in the nation slip quietly into Washington every week nr 10 days lor a gather iup with St.ate. Department nfficinls that lasLs two or three days. Sometimes the State Department sends its officials our foi sitninr conferences in different parts of the country. Each conference has fi special srbjecl, such as China, the North Atlantic Pact, the atomic energy program, military assisf.fincc or aid to underdeveloped countries. Usually 35 to 70 persons attend. Twice R year there fs a large general conference on the whole foreign policy field, and this is attended by about 235 pcr.'ions. The department invites two types of persons: experts on foreign policy—usually university people and writers; imd representatives of various segments of the population, and who MAY or may not be foreign policy experts. The latter include leaders in industry, labor, religion, veteran or fraternal or^ani/al business, publishing, social welfare and the professions, , Two Types of Conferences The conferences are of two types (1> Where the department officials just sit and listen and let the guest, do all the talking unless the ask questions: (2) where the dc pj.rlmcnt careerists do most of th talking and then sit in on panel cussions ^ninus- the guests. The'Jat ter type of conference is held whe a new policy is being formula I e( or a new study being complete) The department will call sunn conference when Assistant Eecre tary George C. McChce return APSC Ponders Rote Hike UITLE ROCK, Feb. 8—UE'j-'-Thc Aiknnsas Public Service Commission has suspended a icAe-phone rate increase :it Stuttgart "pending further .study." The South western States Telephone Co., operator of n number of exchanges in • Arkansas, proposed the new schedule, calling for inverses ol fvom 25 t» 53 per cent, to effective T'cb. 9. There are approximately 400,001 Chiisllan hymns known in tlii world. rom his survey trip 'ol the Near' East. It held a conference of the first ype iti Washington last month. I*he iileu then was to teiun what he different proponents of world government and -similar movements' were Umiking about'. CITY, N- J. Fob. 8— '.T) •-A wuimm who left the Margaret Untrue Maternity Hospital n; years »K« without invymp, her uiaterlnty bill rcturnc'il yesic relay with the money. Dr. Bmnuel A. Co&Krove. medical director of the hosital, dug the unpaid bilE out of the files, accepted $50 in cash nnd Rave the woman a vceclpl. "Now I feel better," She told him. CoiMioissnirs who really appre- ciiile fnio lumrbon prcfor ihc (h's- liurlive flavor, ilislilleil ami ngcd inlo Ol.n rrr/.GKIIAI.D liy gcnu- ii]0 flour mush nicltunls since Ifi70. To discover lliu key lo bourbon ion, call for OLD KJTZ. OLD rASHIONED..^z'j/j^w^^ SIII2(L-WEU[R DISTIUERr • 10UIWIUI, XT. BONDED 5OU(! 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