The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on February 20, 1941 · 32
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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada · 32

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1941
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PAGE TWELVB- :THE WINDSOR DAILY STAH, WIXDSOR, ONTARIO, THIRSDAT, FEBRCART 20, l4t Household Furniture Changes Hands Easily and Quickly For Cash Radio Programs 4 00- This Afternoon -CKLW Conga Time. CFCO School or the Air. WJR-rortla Faces Life. WW J Backstage Wife. WXYZ- Motlier O'Mine. 4 15 WJR-Wf. the Abbotts. WWJ-Stella Dallas. WXYZ Ciub Matinee. 4 30 CKLW Oosstp Club. CFCO Life Passes By. WJR-Hilltop House. WWJ Lorenzo Jones. , WXYZ Rhythm Revue. 4 43 CKLW Judge Murphy. CFCO Talk. WJR Kate Hopkins. WWJ Wldder Brown. WXYZ Edgar A. Guest. S.OO CKLW News Ace. CFCO Orpan Moods. WJR Goldbergs. WWJ Girl Alone. WXYZ Show World. -CKLW Rlverboat Shufflers. CFCO Popular Songs. wjr The O Nellls. WWJ Lone Journey. WXYZ Little Orphan Annie. 530-CKLW-LRUchs From Life. CFCO Jlmmle Allen. WJR E and B Mrlo Inn. - WWJ Jack Armstrong. WXYZ Behind the News. 1 45-CKLW-Captaln Midnight. CFCO News. WJR Scattergood Balnes. WW Life Can Be Beautiful. WXYZ Tom Mix. 15- Tonight 6.00 CKLW Rollln' Home. CFCO Supper Club. WJR News. WWJ Sport Review. WXYZ Bud Shaver. 15 WJR We're All Americans. WWJ Newscast. WXY'Z Rhumba Rhythms. I. 30 CKLW Coiiga Time. CFCO Entertainment Guide. WJR Inside of Sports. WWJ Frazier Hunt. WXYZ Day In Review. 145 CFCO Llzht Up. WJR World Today. WWJ Lowell Thomas. WXYZ Bettv Eckersall. T. 00 CKLW Val Clare. CFCO Bing Sings. WJR Amos 'n' Andy. WWJ Fred Waring. WXYZ Easv Aces. 7.13 CKLW Light and Insight. CFCO Carson Robinson. WJR Lannv Ross. WWJ Royal Review. WXYZ Mr. Keen. TJO CKLW They Shall Not Pass. CFCO News. WJR -Vox Pop. WWJ Cugat Presents. WXYZ Intermezzo. 7 43 CFCO Front Page Drama. WXYZ Opera Guild. 8.00 CKLW Vignettes or Melody. CFCO Havbalers. WJR Ask-It-Basket. WWJ Coffee Time. WXYZ Pot o" GoM. ? 13-CKLW Child Welfare. 8.30 CKLW In Chicago Tonight. CFCO On Parade. WJR Cltv Desk. WWJ Aldrich FamllT. WXYZ Dorsey's Orch. 9 00 CKLW Echoes of Heaven. CFCO Philharmonic Orch. WJR Major Bowes. WWJ Music Hall. WXYZ Gabriel Heatter. P.15 WXY'Z James Bourbonnals. 8.30 CKLW News Ace. , CFCO Sinfonletta. WXYZ John B. Kennedy. t 45 CdLW-Good Neighbors. WXYZ Lets Dance. 10.00 CKLW National News. CfCO News. WJR-Millers Orch. WWJ Rudy Vallee. WXYZ Wythe Williams. 10 15 CKLW Britain Speaks. CFCO Britain Speaks. WJR Choose Up Sides. WXYZ News Ace. 10.30 CKLW News Reel. CFCO News Reel. WWJ Feature. WXYZ Ahead of the Headlines. 10 45-WJR-Musical. WXYZ Town Meeting. II. 00 CKLW News. CFCO Time. WJR Jack King. WWJ News. 11.13 CKLW Rito's Orch. WJR Music on the Air. WWJ Palm Beach Orch. 11.30 CKLW Mack's Orch. WWJ Statler Orch. 11.45 WJR Lombardo's Orch. WXYZ Tucker's Orch. 12.00 CKLW Noble's Orch. WJR News. WWJ War News. WXYZ Dancing Party. 12.15 WJR Duffy's Orch. WWJ Dance Music. 12.30 CKLW Skating Party. WJR Walds Orch. Tomorrow Morning 6 00 CKLW Happy Joe. WJR Hi. Neighbor. WWJ Recordings. 6 30 WJR Free and Easy. 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WXYZ News. 7.45 CFCO Down on the Farm. WJR Friendly Neighbors. WWJ News. WXYZ Sunrise Club. 8.00 CKLW News. CFCO News. WJR News. WWJ Minute Tarade. WXYZ News Ace. 8.13 CKLW Happy Joe. CFCO Dance Orch. WJR Don Artiste. WXYZ Inspirations. 8 30 CFCO Ray Perkins. WJR Three Aces. WXYZ Victor Llndlahr. 8.43 CFCO Dance Masters. WJR-News Reports. 9.00 CFCO News. WJR First Love. WWJ Playhouse. WXYZ Breakfast Club. 9.15 CKLW-Doc Sunshine. CFCO Breakfast Club. WJR Editor's Daughter. WWJ Listen. Ladies. 9.30 CKLW Mvrtle Labbitt. WJR Kitty Kecne. WWJ Arthur Godfrey. 9 45 CKLW Woman's Page. WJR Bachelor's Children. WWJ News Ace. 10.00 CKLW News Ace. CFCO Our Family. WJR By Kathleen Norrls. WWJ Houseboat Hanna. WXYZ Treat Time. 10.15 CKLW Keep Fit. CFCO Melodv Strings. WJR Myrt and Marge. WWJ Song Folks. WXYZ Vic and Sade. 10.30 CKLW Marv Morgan. CFCO Croonaders. WJR Stepmother. WWJ Ellen Randolph. WXYZ Marv Marlin. 10.45 CFCO Neighbor John. WJK-Mrs. Page. WWJ Guiding Light. WXY'Z Pepper Young. 11.00 CKLW News. CFCO News. WJR We're All Americans. WWJ Man I Married. WXYZ News Flashes. 11.15 CKLW Rhythm and Romance. CFCO Liberty Parade. WJR Martha Webster. WWJ Against the Storm. WXYZ Clark Dennis. 11 30 CKLW Frank Burke. CFCO Accordion Echoes. WJR Big Sister. WWJ Road of Life. WXYZ Wife Saver. 11.45 CFCO Old Time Prelude. W.TR Aunt Jennv. WWJ David Harum. Tolnorrow Afternoon 12.00 CKLW News Ace. CFCO Farm Music. WJR Kate Smith. WWJ Old Dean. WXY'Z News Ace. 12.15 CKLW Dick O'Heren. CFCO News. WJR When A Girl Marries. WWJ Julia Blake. WXY'Z Southernalres. 12.30 CKLW BUI Lewis. CFCO Farm Hints. WJR Helen Trent. WWJ Newscast. WXYZ Farm and Home. 12.45-CKlAY-Melody Time. CFCO Old Timers. WJR Our Gal. Sunday. WWJ What's New. 1.00 CKLW Happy Gang. CFCO Livestock Quotes. WJR Life Can Be Beautiful. WWJ Man on the Street. 1.15 WJR Woman in White. WWJ Silhouettes. WXYZ Between the Bapkends. 1.30 CKLW Civic Health. CFCO Frankie Masters. WJR Right To Happiness. WWJ Sophisticated Ladles. WXYZ City Government. 1.45 CKLW Our Family. CFCO Pops Concert. Difficult To Control Atom Continued From Page One, This Section amount would have energy enough to lift the Empire State Building several hundred feet in the air. Uranium, however, cannot be sep arated at the same rate or in the same way as krypton. Scientists in the United States are well informed about the Clusius process. He published details of it more than two years ago. If the process were practical for the separation of uranium isotopes, it could have been used here more than a year ago. Other processes which, theoretically, have a higher rate of efficiency are known, but they are far from being perfected or in practical operation. It is uncertain, however, what degree of progress is being made here because the War Department has imposed censorship on all laboratories engaged in research In this field. Neither the chemical-exchange pro cess evolved by the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Harold C. Urey, of Columbia University, nor the gaseous-diffusion process invented by Dr. Clusius is avail able for separating uranium isotopes. The Clusius process utilizes a metal tube 150 feet high, down the centre of which extends a wire through which an electric current is passed to make it incandescent. The outside of the tube is kept cold and the inside filled with krypton gas. Due to the hot and cold surfaces, there are two opposing currents in the gas, an upward flow near the centre hot wire and a downward flow near the cold tube surface. There is a slightly greater concentration of the heavy krypton atoms in the latter flow. .;; $ I Ineffective j. $ Although this process works, It does not produce completely separated isotopes of krypton, but merely concentrates the heavier isotope to an exent greater than it occurs in the natural mixture. Only a small amount of the concentrate has beefi produced. Uranium is extremely active chemically even at room temperatures and would consume the hot wire, so this process is not available for the separation of uranium. Processes using hot and cold tubes have been developed at the Bureau of Standards in Washington for separating isotopes of gaseous elements and hot and cold-plate processes for separating them whenin liquid form have been developed at the General Electric Company laboratories, but none of them is practical for Isolation of uranium 235. The important bottleneck In the production of uranium 235, it it were found desirable to produce it at excessive costs by known impractical methods, would be the supply of scientists who know how to build and handle the atom-manipulating devices. Vast numbers of the mass spectrograph which produces pure uranium 235 could be set to work night and day, but there are not more than a dozen scientists in the country who are expert in handling this delicate device, and the United States has more than all the rest of the world combined. Japan's Chance Lost If Drive Intended' By Kirke L. Simpson Associated Press Staff Writer THE noteworthy fact about the arrival of "many thousands" of Australians at Singapore is that they got there unopposed. If Japan actually was preparing to enter the war soon on the side of her European axis affinities, that hardly could have happened. It was an opportunity lost for Japan if she was poised for a dive Into the conflict. Instead of war, however, Japan offers peace mediation to Britain, either In the Far East or in Europe, or both. That "spec 1 a 1 message" from Tokio to London is unique in the history of diplomacy. Japan could not have seriously belle v e d her offer would be accepted. She had her answer in advance in the arrival at Singapore of the big Australian force. Japan's purposes are still being judged in London and in Washing ton, largely in the light of her treaty alignment with the Nazi-Fascist axis. Whether or not that treaty committed Japan to any definite action its Implications were plain and they were not friendly to Britain in her dark hour. That leaves two possible motives for the Japanese peace move. It might have been inspired from Berlin as an off-shoot of the Nazi peace move aimed at Greece. Or it might have been a gesture designed to impress the home folk in Japan. There has been speculation about a possible split between Japanese army hot-heads, held to be responsible for the "China incident" which has plagued Japan for- years now, and the navy clique. The army politicians are credited with a de- MR. SIMPSON Does Your Stomach Rebel After the Meals You Eat? 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Attacking Singapore would be primarily a navy job, especially since it has been heavily reinforced with warships, men, planes and guns from Australia. The task, involving: transportation of a big Japanese army, would have to be performed over a long and exposed line of communications with Japan. On the flank of that line stands United States naval power In the Pacific. What it might do in any Far Eastern war emergency is a factor Japanese policy makers cannot ignore. In the event of a United States clash with Japan, American naval strategists could ask nothing better than to get the Japanese main fleet out in the open, away from its home bases, as it would be in an attack on Singapore. This all foots up into the notion that Tokio had some domestic reason for making the peace gesture. The circumstances of its publication tend to support that view. It was virtually announced in Tokio as a cabinet spokesman's idea before it reached London officially. That technique had this advantage: if ordinary diplomatic procedure had been followed, days or even weeks might have elapsed before Japan's action was known at home. Britain would have controlled the timing of its publication. Meanwhile, as Tokio probably knew, the big British expeditionary force from Australia would have been landed at Singapore and its arrival announced to the world, including Japan. As it is, the Tokio "peace gesture," empty of result as it is certain to be, has face-saving values for Japanese high authorities at home. Face-saving Is an old oriental custom. Scott's Scrap Book By R. J. SCOTT Ameh. n Burke mio ft.Mi. RAVE ROBBING SCAMDA.). m SC0HfND K CZMiK( A40 I ROM WER.E Puf OYER. qRAYES -To Foil. BODY SUMMERS WAS, MADE. B 3E"Tsy ROSS, AND t(E. JOPPE.P- IK Her. rtuu- WAS WROUKT REVERE. 1 -c 1 xi 1 1 rw. Afc y , Hm t. 1 1 Jm & FER.flt WHEEL, MADE o? 25,000 ibofrt PICKS. HA- COLLAR-BUfYoM BEARIK4S - EACl CAR. 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He was an employe of Brunner Mond Canada Limited and belonged to St. John the Baptist Church. Surviving are his -widow, Margaret, and three sisters, Mrs. Ida MacDon-ald, Sarnia; Mrs. Bess Sweet, New-York City, and Mrs, Rose Wilson, Detroit. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 9:30 a.m. from the home, to St. John the Baptist Church, Am-herstburg, at 10 a.m. Burial will be in the church cemetery. The James H. Sutton F"uneral Home Is in charge of funeral arrangements. Mrs. Sarah B. Chase Mrs. Sarah Beatrice Chase, 44, wife of Prince Chase, died last night at her home, 258 Mercer street, following a lengthy illness. She was born in Harrow and came to Windsor 18 years ago. Surviving, besides her husband, are five daughters, Miss Beatrice and Mrs. Arytia Ridley, Detroit, and Vivian, Effie and Louise, at home; three sons, Charles. Leroy and Warren, at home; her father, James Taylor, Harrow; three sisters, Mrs. J. Jackson, Detroit; Mrs. Juanita Matthews, Harrow, and Miss Muriel Taylor, Harrow; and six brothers, James, Orville and Chester, Windsor; Guy, Detroit, and Lloyd and Wellington, Harrow, and six grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Monday at 1 p.m.. from the home, to the Mount Zion Church of God in Christ at 1:30 p.m. Elder N. Morton will officiate. Mrs. Florida Peltier Mrs. Florida Peltier. 68, of 674 Lincoln road, died today in Metro politan General Hospital, following a lengthy illness. She was born in Montreal and lived in Windsor district 38 years. Surviving are two sons, Isidore ana Leo, Windsor; two daughters, Lydia, Windsor, and Mrs. Clement Renaud. Tecumseh; four brothers, Joseph, Remi and Albert, Windsor, and Louis, Tilbury; and three sisters, Mrs. Al- hina. Thibert. Mrs. ' Josephine Thibert and Mrs. Rose Dupuis, Windsor. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 7:30 a.m. from the home of Mrs. Josephine Thibert, 1018 St. Luke road, to Ste. Anne's Church (.Ward Two) at 8 a.m. Burial will be in Our Lady of the Lake Cemetery. Prayers will be said at Mrs. TViiVwt's home every evening until services. The Albemy J. Janisse Fun eral Home is in charge of arrange meats. He Francis E. Campeau FTancis Karl Campeau. 43, 484 Curry avenue, died last night In London, Ont., following a lengthy illness, was a native of Windsor. Surviving are his widow, the former Prances Loney; one daughter, Mrs Vireinia Peltier, Detroit; one son, Ed ward Murray Campeau, at home; and two sisters, Mrs. Alphonse Soulliere and Mrs. Rufus Tucker, Windsor. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Campeau. Funeral services will be held Satur day at 10:30 a.m. from the Albemy J, Janisse Funeral Home, 411 Sandwich street east, to Our Lady of Prompt Succour Church at 41 a.m. Burial will be In St. Alphonsus Cemetery. Prayers PHONE 4-1111 WINDSOR, ONT. 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Surviving are four sons, William W. and Francis, at home; Adam R., Detroit, and James, Glasgow; two daughters, Mrs. Allen Brooks, Croton, Ont., and Mrs. Alex Bryce, Burlington, Ont., and one sister, Mrs. Grace Lambie, Clarksburg, West Virginia. Funeral services will be held Sat urday at 3:30 p.m. at the Morris Funeral Home, 1624 Wyandotte street east, at Lincoln road. Rev. C. F. Mcintosh will officiate. Burial will be in Windsor Grove Cemetery. BLAK Victoria, February 19th., 1941, wile of Peter. Mother of Walter, Henry, Alphonse, Victor and Pner of Windsor: Mrs. Helen Sosnowski and Ma-thew. Detroit. Funeral Saturday from residence. 1024 Langlois Ave 9:30 a.m. to Holy Trinity Church at 10 a m. Interment St. Alphonsus Cemetery. (Albemy J. Janissei. CAMPEAU Francis EarL February 19 1941. Husband of Francis (nee Loney). 484 Curry Ave. Father of Mrs. Virginia Peltier. Detroit: one adopted son. Edward Murray Campeau at home: son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Campeau; brother of Mrs Alphonse Soulliere. and Mrs. Rufus Tucker, Windsor. Funeral Saturday. February 22. from Albemy J. Janisse Funeral Chapel. 411 Sandwich St. E., at 10.30 a.m., and Our Lady of Prompt Succour Church at 11. Interment St. Alphonsus Cemetery. Prayers Friday evening at chapel at 8. CAMPBELLVlctoriaT age 43. oi 2852 John R. St.. Detroit, at Grace Hospital, February 19th, 1941. Beloved mother of Josephine at home: James, Detroit: sister of Mrs. Stanley Fulton. Winnipeg: Daleda and Almeda of Minn.: Clara, Windsor: Amos Decker. Royal Oak. Funeral services Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock from Janisse Brothers Funeral Home. 585 London West. Rev. H. M Paulin. D.D. will officiate. Interment Windsor Grove Cemetery. CLIFFORD Charles H . 63vears. Feb-ruary 20. 1041, at late residence. 105 Sandwich St.. Amherstburg. Beloved husband of Margaret: dear brother of Mrs. Ida MacDonald.- Sarnia: Mrs. Besse Sweet, New York; Mrs. Rose Wilson, Detroit. Funeral from above address Saturday, February 22nd. at 9.30 a m. to St. John Baptist Church at 10 a.m. Interment Church Ceme-try. ( James H. Sutton COURTJamesT February 1871941, at late residence. 309 Sandwich St., Amherstburg. Beloved husband of Beatrice; dear father of Mrs. Jessie Sawyer, Detroit; Mrs. L. Richardson, Dennis and Bruce, of Amherstburg. Services above address Friday. February 21 at 3 p.m.. to Christ Church at 3 30. Interment Rose Hill. (James H. Sutton.) Free 15c. delivery anywhere. Phone 3-0545 orders. 430 Wyandotte East. MQRDEN'S METHOD 356 OUELLETTE 4-2900 "AFTER suffering for the past three years with foot and les; trouble. I can honestly recommend Morden's Method. Not an ache or a pain. My circulation is good. Can wear one size smaller shoe." Says Mrs. Arthur Reeb, R R.l, SouthWoodslee. Ont. 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Services will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the Janisse Brothers Funeral Home. 585 London street west. Burial will be in Windsor Grove Cemetery. 14 BODIES RECOVERED MADRID, Feb. 20. Fourteen bodies were recovered today from the ruins of an apartment building which collapsed last night. The building, which had been condemned as unsafe, was occupied by poor families. LONG Herbert, February 19, 1941. at 1086 Howard Ave. Brother of Clarence of Hollywood. Cal. Resting James H. Sutton Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette Ave., until Friday morning. Services James H. Sutton Funeral Home. 11 Elm Ave.. Amherstburg Friday at 1 p.m. Internment Rose Hill Cemetery. INGLIS Janet, 80 years, February 20. 1941. at East Windsor Hospital. Dear mother of William W. Francis at home. 1254 Assumption St.; Adam R Detroit: James, Glasgow, Scotland: Mrs. Allen Brooks, of Croton. Ontario: Mrs. Alex Bryce, Burlington: Bister of Mrs. Grace Lambie, Clarksburg. W. Va. Services Morris Funeral Home. 1624 Wyandotte St. East, at Lincoln Rd., Saturday, February 22, at 3:30 pm. Rev. C. F. Mcintosh officiating. Interment Windsor Grove. PRINCE Mary Ann February 20th, 1941, at the residence of her son. Lt -Col. Alan C. Prince. 1425 Riverside Drive. Dear mother of Lt.-Col. Prince: sister of Mrs. Walter Black, Aleonac, Mich.: Wijliam L. Dwyer, Detroit: Ramsay R. Dwyer, Jackson. Mich. Pri vate services at residence Saturday, February 22nd at 2 p.m.. followed by services St. Johns Church. Sandwich 2:45 p.m. Flight Lt. the Rev. M. C. Davies, assisted by the Rev. Capt. Walter Brown and Rev. H. P. West-gate. Interment Church Yard. (Mor- ris). TROTTIER Murlza. age 57 years, at residence. 456 Windsor Ave. Beloved wife of Phllomon. Dear mother of Anatola and Fernand at home: Mrs. Anita McCullouch of Windsor. Funeral Friday. 8.30 a.m.. from Janisse Bros. Funeral Home, 585 London St. W.. to St. Alphonsus Church at 9. Interment Church Cemetery. 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YATES Barrister - Solicitor - Notary Public 805 CANADA BLDG. 4-65O0 19 Professional Services B. M. BEST - AUCTIONEER Prompt Service - Citv and Farm Pales 137 Ouellette. 3-7257. Res. 3-5716 20 Move, Truck. Store For Cartage. Moving. Special Deliveries Call McNeil Cartage LONDON AT DOUGALL 4-7277 HACKNEY CARTAGE City Deliveries 3-6971 TKE Navy makes lt possible for you to buy a beautiful set of English Crown In Du the "Mavfair cat Ware Lovely Pattern" Many Attractive Features Include Price And Quality EQ.75 JUST LOOK WHAT YOU GET FOR ONLY 12 Dinner Plates - 12 Tea Plates 12 Soup Plates - 12 Fruits 12 Cups - 12 Saucers 12 Bread andButter Plates 1 Cream Jug - 2 Platters 1 Fruit Bowl - 1 Slop Bowl 1 Gravy Boat and Stand 1 Sugar Bowl and Cover 2 Vegetables and Covers EVERY piece covered with rich floral aecorations. Eeautifully embossed border design! PIECES IN ALL! SERVICE FOR 12! EASY TERMS ARRANGED I American License 254 Sandwich St. W. LOADS WANTED WE MKE TWO TRIPS A WEEK TO TORONTO. CARTAGE & CRATING AMERICAN LICENCE MODERN FURNITURE STORAGE CREASEY THE MOVER 3-2810 TWO trips weekly between Windsor. Toronto and Detroit; and Intermediate points on all highways. WE have our own highway licenses for Canada and a number of the United States which eliminates transfer of furniture en route. E. W. Lancaster Co. Ltd WINDSOR - TORONTO - MONTREAL "50 YEARS OF PUBLIC CONFIDENCE" FIREPROOF STORAGE LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE MOVING THE WINDSOR TRUCK & STORAGE COMPANY. LTD. PHONE 4-5111 LOAD TO ORILLIA OR TORONTO, FEBRUARY 24. KINNEE THE MOVER - 3-9600 . FINANCIAL 97 John Webb 552 OUELLETTE AVE. Strayed, Lost. Found LOST, Reddish-brown Gordon setter. 1319 Dougall Ave. Phone 3-7816. Reward. .BUSINESS SERVICES Card of Thanks FICK The husband and family of the late Annie N. Fick wish to thank their many friends and relatives for beautiful floral tributes, loan of cars, kindness and sympathy shown In their recent sad lass of a loving wife and mother. Special thanks to Rev. H. R. Nobles. Mr. J. C. Read, soloist, and Mr. Ness Lewis, organist. Phone Your Ad Today Beauty Parlors COMPLETE oil permanents from t2. Machineless at $3.50 and $5. Dorothy'. 104 Chatham W. 3-8192. SPECIAL. 6 days only: Sheton's Cream OH Wave Permanent. Reg. $5 for $3 50 complete. KATHLEEN'S, 569 Ouellette, 3-6912. SOFT, Lovely Permanents given by Experts at the COSTELLO BEAUTY SALON. Wyandotte at Pelissier, Poole Bldg 4-1632. PERMANENTS. S2. 3 50 and $5. Shampoo and fingerwave, 50c. Smart Beauty 52 London St. W. 3-4964. DORIS Beauty Parlor, 1610 Ottawa St. Special Oil Croquicnole Permanent. tl.50. or buoy curl. S2.50 up. Ph. 3-0551 PJace Your Ad 41111 POLLY AND HER PALS Paw's Specialty! WAROLD IS ASKlMu PAPOR MY HAr4D! l'l HE.S ATaGICIAN-HE ) -" (wHV NOT? Jf BECITZ PAWS PROBLV ) 1 1 ( DEMON STRAT1N HOW HE S -, HES-TKlr4GAlONGTlME! ) I ' SPECIALIZES IN THE X0JH SHOULD SHOWIN'HIM SOME f I BREAKS OUTA TH HOUSE ON 7 1 y - W ART OF-ESCAPE! j MEVER, A' LET A ) N SUFtR-DUPF-R . ( Zfhr-l POKER NIGHTS! j H r-jf ( W7T DOES THIS HERE ( GIT LIKE THAT j . ESCAPE J AV-V ?) y T Y 23 Money to Loan Get A Si Repay 57.78 a month NO ENDORSERS REQUIRED LOANS made on furniture or auto. No credit enquiries of friends or relatives Prompt attention to all applications. Cash I Loan) Choose a monthly payment plan You I 4 j 8 j 12- 15 Get I paymts :paymtsj paymtsi paymta I 30 $ 7 .88 S 4 10 t 2 84 $ 50 113 .13 f 6 83 $ 4 73 80 -2101 $10.92 t 7.58 $100 $26.26 $1? 65 9 48 v 125 S32.83 S17.00 11.82 S 0 73 S150 39.39 $20.48 $14 18 $116? $200 $52.52 $27.30 $18 91 $15.57 $300 $7879 $4055 $28.37 $23.35 Other Loans Up To $500 Available INSTALMENTS based on prompt repayment and Include charges of 2 per month as authorized by the Small Loans Act. 1939 We guarantee there Is nothing else to pay. Phone, write or call to apply. No obligation If you do not borrow. HouseHioid! Fimianee CORPORATION OF CANADA Established 1878 203 GUARANTY TRUST BUILDING London St. West at Victoria Ave. PHONE 3-4604 R. P. HUTTON. MgT Loans Made In All Nearby Towns I NEED MONEY? TALK it over with Canada's largest auto loan specialists. No friends sign. You pet the money and pay in convenient "even-dollar" monthly payments. GET $10575. PAY $10 FOR 12 MONTHS GET $192 74, PAY $15 FOR 15 MONTHS GET $321.23, PAY $25 FOR 15 MONTHS PAY sooner and save. Loans from $60 to $1,000. Campbell Auto" Finance Company Ltd. 804 SECURITY BUILDING 4-1104 FELISSIER & LONDON STS. Loans Made In Nearby Tcwna 25 Branches Throughout Canada i t

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