The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on September 12, 1978 · Page 46
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 46

Ottawa, Canada
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Tuesday, September 12, 1978
Page 46
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Page 46 article text (OCR)

Ottawa Journal Tuesday, September 12, 1978 The features page Page 46 ( People in the news" ball a guaranteed rip-off This charity Eunice Gardiner Be Heard Abbott and Costello have nothing to do with the Wolfman movie being planned in Hollywood by Howl Productions. The Title: Shootout at XERF. The subject: A chapter from the life of hirsute disco jockey and rock personality Wolfman Jack, who once worked for an English language radio station that broadcast from just over the Rio Grande in Villa Acuna, Mexico. The Wolfman, who played himself, sort of, in American Graffiti will be in the movie about himself but not as himself. Actor Abe Vigoda says he has been unable to reach a salary agreement with the producers of Barney Miller mi will not return to the ABC TV series as previously anticipated. Vigoda left the hit police comedy series two years ago when aging, ailing and cynical Detective Fish was retired and spun off into a series called Fish. ABC canceled that series after two years. The actor said he was leaving Hollywood for Chicago, where he would star for six weeks in Neil Simon's play God's Favorite. Guests invited to a glittering ball next Saturday night will be asked to take off their clothes. The Fashion Group of St. Louis, sponsoring the benefit ball, plans to sell the clothes to promote the arts. The organization said it believes its Clothcs-Off-Your-Back Ball is without precedent. It is expected to draw about 500 couples. "We want fine clothing and jewels-and furs," said one of the organizers, . Nanette Wachter. "Perhaps a woman has a fine cocktail dress she feels she has worn too often. We'd love that." Wachter said guests will not be " asked to undress until they are ready to go home. The evening includes supper and dancing. At the end of the evening the stripped guests will leave with pieces of paper giving the amounts for income-tax deductions. Those amounts will be provided by a Nciman-Marcus appraiser. Because many guests will not want to leave in the nude, the sponsors will provide plastic bags to wear home. While I was at the license bureau offices to get a license transferraL the clerk on dnty charged me aa extra two dollars, telling me that because I was two minutes late (closing time was 11.30 a.m.) It would cost me an extra two dollars. Can this be done? Your letter was written In Calabogie but you have not identified yourself, nor have you named the location of the license bureau you visited, BE HEARD checked this matter out with officials of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communication who answer as follows: "It is not legal, nor proper, for an Issuing agent to charge more than the fees prescribed in The Highway Traffic Act. However, since the letter was from Calabogie, and there is no issuing agent there, the office in question could be in any number of locations in the Ottawa Valley." Without this information the ministry was prevented from checking further Into the matter. , - 'T i; MS, ABE VIGODA WOLFMAN JACK Stephen Stills, co-founder of the rock group Crosby, Stills and Nash, filed for a divorce and won round one Monday in Los Angeles. The 31-year-old singer-composer is splitting from Veronique, his wife of five years, and for the time being at least, he retains custody of the couple's four-year-old son, Christopher. THIS MAV VVf IX Mario Cardinal Casariego of Guatemala invited Pope John Paul I Monday to visit Guatemala next year, Vatican sources report. The sources said Casariego made the invitation at a private audience with the Pope. The pontiff thanked him but did not immediately say if he could make the trip. Last week the Pope said he was unable to accept an invitation to the Latin American bishops' conference in Puebla, Mexico, next month because of the many commitments of the start of his pontificate. A trip by John Paul to Guatemala would be the first visit by a pope to Central America. TAKE ALL NI6MT; Deaths j It seemed like a politician's dream the president's mother, there in person on the campaign trail but Alex Seith may have wished Monday that he could just wake up. Lillian Carter joined Seith, who's running against Illinois Sen. Charles Percy, in a door-to-door Chicago vote hunt. But the voters ignored Seith, concentrating instead on Miss Lillian. Then another politician state Rep. Daniel O'Brien got into the act, hustling Mrs. Carter for federal money to back a canine poopcr-scooper bill he's sponsoring. Mrs. Carter looked interested. Seith looked nervous. After all, she's the one who says she can only remember his name because it . "rhymes with Jimmy's teeth." Rock singer Alice Cooper's money was talking sign language Hollywood Sign language that is. It has to do with that battered landmark on a hillside overlooking movie city. Cooper turned over a personal check for $27,770 to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Brad-Icy to pay for one letter in a new sign. His honor then declared Cooper an honorary LA "ambassador" for his efforts on behalf of a $250,000 sign renewal drive. Cooper warned the mayor not to drop his check written on a piece of sheet metal from the old sign t- because "it won't bounce, but it might cut your foot off." Birmingham, England Janet Parker, 40, British medical photographer and first smallpox victim in Britain since 1973, Monday. Bombay, India Valerian Cardinal Gracias, 78, Roman Catholic archbishop of Bombay, Monday. Grand Lac, Que. Thomas- II. Karamessines, 61, former head of the CIA's clandestine operations, of a heart attack, last week. Victoria David Brock, 68, columnist and television-radio commentator, Saturday. MISS LILLIAN ALICE COOPER Flashback on Canada Fi Have you any suggestions on how to remove the stains left by black shoe dye spilled on the footboard of a mahogany bed 30 years ago? It has been allowed to remain. VCt M I 'i Ann Any stain should be removed promptly., It would The Bay founded in fact by Groseilliers Dr. Joyce Brothers fh Landers seem that the shoe polish stain on your footboard is well and truly there these 30 years later. You need profes sional help turn to someone skilled In the craft of Retirement changes Too young to shave working with woods and in the refinishing of furniture to advise you. Value of the furniture must enter Into the decision to refinish that piece of mahogany. by five or 10 minutes. I'm Dear Dr. Brothers: My Is it necessary to remove old asbestos shingles from our house when we go about putting on new vinyl sid ing? Your question was taken to National Research Coun cil's Building Research officers who have said that it is not necessary to remove the asbestos shingles before applying the new siding. However, it will be necessary to place strapping on the old siding, and because of the toughness of the asbestos, it may be necessary to pre-driil to apply the strapping and the vinyl siding. Recently I was Invited to a shower for a friend's daughter who will be married soon. I was surprised when I arrived there to find that the shower was being given by the bride's two sisters? I moved here to trading rights in every area in which rivers flowed into Hudson Bay. Even Radisson and Groseilliers, with their previous experience of exploring as far west as Lake Superior could not have dreamed of the vast area- included in the charter. It extended to the Rocky Mountains, which were not seen by any white man until Anthony Henday arrived there in 1754. Even Henry Kelsey, the first white man to see the prairies, did not get to The Pas until 1691. While Groseilliers was trading for beaver pelts in Hudson Bay, Radisson was having a high old time in England, and married a daughter of Sir John Kirke who became one of the directors of the company. Other events Sept. 12 1672: Count Frontenac was appointed Governor of Canada for first time. 1696: Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville arrived at Placentia to conquer Newfoundland. 1759: Admiral Saunders bombarded Beauport as cover for Wolfe. 1858: Gold was found at Tangier River, N. S. 1905: Sir Wilfrid Laurier turned first sod of Grand Trunk Pacific at Fort William, - now Thunder Bay. Pierre Radisson usually gets most of the credit for the founding of the Hudson's Bay Company, but it was his brother-in-law Groseilliers who did the most successful work. They persuaded King Charles II and Prince Rupert to form a company that could finance a fur-trading venture in Hudson Bay. They were provided with two ships and sailed from England, in 1668, but Radisson's ship, Eaglet, was damaged by a story and had to return. Groseilliers was able to continue to Hudson Bay in the Nonsuch, captained by Zacharias Gil-lam, an old sea-wolf from Massachusetts. The Nonsuch sailed down the east coast of Hudson and James Bays until September 12, 1668, and decided to spend the winter at the mouth of a river which they named Rupert. They built a small trading post which they called Fort Charles and began a. successful business. The Nonsuch got back to England on October 19, 1669, with a cargo of beaver pelts which brought a financial return beyond all expectations. The result was that King Charles incorporated the Hudson's Bay Company on May 2, 1670 and gave it exclusive Ottawa only a few weeks ago, but I have never known of a bride's family entertaining at a shower before? Is aware that this would generally be considered a positive trait, but it sort of drives me up the wall because I'm often late. I'm wondering since we're so opposite, if we might not have problems that conflict in many other areas. M.D. Dear M.D.: I'm not sure you are so opposite. It sounds to me as if, fundamentally, you may both be rebels. Each of you is handling this desire to rebel in a different way. The person who's habitually late usually has a big problem accepting any authority. He's probably still rebelling in some way against the authority of his parents, of government or police, of the establishment, and most especially, against the rigid authority of the clock. Lateness may be his way of expressing anger and aggression. The individual who's always just a bit early has the same desire to rebel. In fact, this person may not have always been a compulsive clock watcher. He may also have gone through a period of being consistently late. What I'm suggesting is that this woman who's always five or 10 minutes early now may have the same desire to rebel and be late as you do. Dear Ann Landers: Our son Jimmie was 14 in May. He has been hassling his dad for the last six .months.' He wants to shave. He would only cut himself. Every night he brings "up the subject. It's the same old routine, "Why can't I shave? All the guys in my crowd do it." His father has tried to explain that shaving isn't fun. It's a nuisance and once he starts he'll be sorry. Last night my husband said, "Why don't you . write to Ann Landers and see what she says?" I told him you could not give us any help with this problem unless you saw the boy. He replied, "So we'll take Jimmie "to Chicago. It's a nice ride from Springfield." If we bring Jimmie to Chicago, will you sec him? We would appreciate it very much. Anguished Parents Dear Parents: I'd love to, but my bosses won't let mc. They say I have all I can do to put out seven columns a week. In fact, just to make sure I wouldn't be tempted they wrote into my contract "No personal consultations." . I did check with two excellent psychologists, however, and they both said, let the boy shave. It can't hurt him and it is this an Ottawa custom? BE HEARD turned to several books of etiquette to find most writers in agreement on this. Showers should NOT be given by a member of the bride's own family. husband just retired and until a few months ago he was a healthy, aggressive, very successful man. I wonder now if I can still define him in those same terms because while he's still physically healthy, he seems to be changing so fast in his view of me and of himself. Now to me he seems to be very weak-" willed. It's almost like having another child around the house. This is pushing me into a new way of life and I'm not sure I like it. Now, I'm -the one who has to make all the decisions that he used to make. I wake up each morning and ask myself, what's happening? How can I jolt him back into being the man he was? P.M. Dear P.M.: I wonder if you've asked yourself whether or not it's really necessary to have him be exactly as he was. Maybe he needs time to relax from the hard competitive battle that he's fought for so many years. ' I don't mean to imply that life is over, or that he should retire to a rocking chair. This, of course, would be disastrous, but why does he have to play the same role? He can retire into a different kind of life that is invigorating and challenging, but a life where he doesn't always have to be a winner, and he doesn't have to make all the decisions. : Often, men and women change roles in their later years. Many men welcome a chance to be more passive - - It might be wise for you to seek outside interests that will take you away from the home for a little while each day so that you are not in each other's way. Or you might find some local activity you Usually when an engagement is announced, friends of the family and relatives will want to plan parties for the bride and her fiance. In her book How to plan a Beautiful Wedding Sallie Newton writes "Primarily celebrations of your engagement, those that take the form of showers will be the occasions for pre-wedding gift giving. They usually are informal, fairly small afternoon or evening parties held in the home. The celebrants will shower you with thoughtful little gifts sure to heighten his self-esteem. So here's your answer and look at all the money you saved on gasoline! Dear Ann Landers: I am a happily married woman but you'd never know it if you could tune in on the dreams I've been having lately. In the past three weeks I've dreamed about romantic interludes with the butcher at the supermarket, the young man who came to fix the TV, my next-door neighbor (he's old enough to be my father), two movie stars and a United States Senator. So help me, I' have never had an affair and am not interested in having one. My husband is wonderful and I would never dream of cheating on him. In the morning when I get up, I remember my dreams vividly and am filled with guilt. What does this mean? What can I do about it? Please give me some guidance. I am Afraid To Go To Sleep Dear Afraid: Dreams are ' uncensored thoughts and desires that run loose in the subconscious. " Freud said they are disguised fulfillment of suppressed wishes. But it's how we conduct ourselves and not what we dream that counts. So relax, honey, and get a good night's sleep. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 17 years old and flat-chested. I don't mean small. I'm like an Ironing board and it has made me self-conscious. . I've heard about a doctor in town who gives silicone shots. Are there any side-effects? How much ' does it cost? I Got Plenty Of Nuthin' Dear U Got: If the legal authorities hear about the doctor, he will be in serious trouble. Silicone shots for breast augmentation are illegal. This Is a dangerous procedure. Some deaths have occurred because of it. Silicone Implants, are however, a safe procedure when done by a competent plastic surgeon. Consult your family doctor when you 'are 19. intended to enrich your trousseau and enhance your future home. - Because showers are for gift giving it would be improper for members of your or your fiance's family to give one. However, they may enter tain intimate friends of the couple at a luncheon, tea, dinner or supper. BE HEARD welcomes your questions oh almost any subject. The BE HEARD team knows how to get the answers. Questions favored for publication are those of wide interest. Every Thursday, plant authority John Tldman tackles your questions about house plants or 'garden ing... in the Living section. Dial ttttm SMwr 11:99 a mmi k rrwar. Charles Goren on bridge lit. Information often requested BrBTH CERTIFICATE INOUIRIFS: Ontario RafllK'ar Ganarat. MacdonaM Block, Ba and Waaala. Toronto. Mr ITS. Com S3. x Both vulnerable. South deals. NORTH J 76 Viit 0AK96 543 WEST EAST K 8 S 2 lOSS ? K Q J 10 ?97 OG5S 0 J 10 7 47 109862 SOUTH AQ4 VAS64 0 642' AKQ The bidding: Booth Wait North East 1 Pan 1 0 Pass 2 NT Paaa 3 NT Paai Paaa Paaa Opening lead: King of V. On occasion you will reach a contract that has little chance of success. However, don't toss in the cards in disgust. Given a favorable lie of the cards anju perhaps, diamonds providing West could be prevented from cashing his high hearts too quickly. So, at trick three. South led a diamond to the nine. East won, and to defeat the contract, he had to return a spade. But he made the more normal play of exiting with a club, and declarer was quick to seize his opportunity. He cashed his three top clubs, then the seeking of diamonds. When that suit split 3-3, declarer took the thirteenth diamond. Next came a heart off dummy, straddling West with the lead. West could cash his fourth heart but, in the end position, he was forced to lead away from his king of spades, presenting declarer with two tricks in that suit and his vulnerable game. In all, South lost three heart tricks jnd a diamond. Ouabac Population Raolalar, 845 Jorlro. Qua.. OtS 318. Coat S2 (S3 lor paraona bom prior to 1928). CANADA MANPOWER CENTRE. 335-1851. CIVIC COMPLAINTS BUREAU, 725-331 1. community leoal centre or outaouais. rrt-rasj. COMMUNICATIONS QUEBEC 770010. FAMILY PLANNING CLINIC. 232-2887. FEDERAL INCOME TAX INFORMATION, Ke-8340. LANDLORD TENANT ADVISORY BUREAU. 72S-20S. 725-2048. 725.1047. LEGAL AID OFFICE, 238-7831. OHIP. 237-8100. OTTAWA DISTRESS CENTO.. 238-3311. OLD AOC SECURITY PENSION ANO FAMILY ALLOWANCE. 98 884 a. OTTAWA-CARLETON HEALTH UNIT, 225-2223. OUEBEC HEALTH INSURANCE BOARO, 7784730. RECREATION ANO PARKS, 583-3222. RAPE CRISIS LINE, 238888. ' VENEREAL D1SEASC CUNIC, 2344)747. miscue by the opponents, you will still emerge triumphant. South's technique on this hand is exemplary. The auction was simple enough. Rather than show his ragged heart suit. South made a value bid of two no trump. North had something in reserve for his raise to game. , West led the king of hearts and, as a matter of form, declarer held up for one round. After winning!, the second round of hearts with the ace, declarer surveyed his prospects. He had seven tricks on top and could develop another in spades. The only practical chance for a ninth trick was to find the diamonds 3-3, but even then, declarer might lose five tricks before he could' come to nine. Declarer aaw that he did not really need a successful spade finesse in addition to an even split in both can enjoy together while each of you keeps your own individuality. Dear Dr. Brothers: I'm going with this girl and thinking of marrying her but she has one trait that makes v me wonder If maybe she might be too rigid sexually and in other ways. No matter when she has to meet me or anyone else.Jshe's always early

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