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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 8

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Marshal Vassily Sokolovsky, Russian military governor, charged, today that 206 Soviet citizens are imprisoned In the United States zone of Ger many. He demanded their Iitit Paul Clark Speaks On Aluminum Application of aluminum in Canada, and the Shlpsaw Power Development and aluminum CONFIRM APPOINTMENT. WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. The Senate confirmed today President Truman's appointment of Wayne Coy to be chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

His term Will run until July 1, 1951. mituou GRILL OPEN' SUNDAYS T.M. TILL 11 P.L Fnll Toura THnner with Tra or Cof( SSc up Theatre Block night at the National Research Council Auditorium when Paul Clark, of the Aluminum Company of Canada addressed senior students of the Ottawa and District secondary schools. A colored motion picture, YUn- La rid was also shown. This picture stressed the development of the aluminum industry frojm its initial laboratory stages through to contemporary times.

Other pictures were shown which depicted the power, developments of the Sagucnay river. The program was arranged by the Chemical Institute of Canada. mediate release. Thirty of then he said, are under sentence of death. TODAY ONLY STARTING MONDAY AUXAMDOt KOKDA (i AUXAMDBtrOSBA.

fWTTITn motncrum nr mi ii SUN. MON. TCES. WED. 'ni inci irr w'flBZEUlj Tw ixt Stage and Screen Sense and Nonsense Pertaining to Activities and Personalities in the World of Make-Believe By will McLaughlin- lame, the halt and the blind seem to be limping around the sound stages of Hollywood studios these cold Winter days, i jNot for Jong time have so many actors been asked to go before the cameras cripples.

The roles pre tough, the physical handicaps painful, but the picture performers keep shouting for more of the same. Dana Andrews, Oscar Homolka, Howard da Silva, J. Carroll Naish, Henry Morgan, Everett Sloane, Ralph Morgan, are a few of the beaming aufferers. They love it and for a good reason. I Art for Art's Rake.

JTver sjnee the late Lon Chaney played a rusty wreck 30 years ago inr'The Miracle movie actors and actresses have been enhancing their screen reputations by portraying physically handicapped characters; Charles Laughton. in the title role of The Hunchback of Notre Lucille Ball, confined to a wheelchair in "The Big Robert Young, disfigured and Herbert Marshall blind. In "The Enchanted Charles -Bickford, blind painter in "Woman on th-j Dickie Moore, deaf and dumb in "Out of the The list is long, indeed, over the years. But never before have so many players suffered cinematic infirmities during the same brief period. 'Nobody Lives Forever' wiu JOHN GERALDLVE GARFIELD FITZGERALD IN tfCHNICOtOS AUMIT MMTK- JUMt BUMtZ a.

aVJsk Teresa WRIGHT Robert MITCH I'M 2nd Hit "CLOAK and DAGGER? "Mv Favorite Brunette'1 GARY COOPER MM PALMESl 1 I No mon con da 1 what he did g' Boh HOPE Pnrothv I A.MOI STARTS "BIG SLKEP" -Humphrey Bogart MONDAY i "CLIMAX" Susanna Foster FOR THE FINEST IN ENTERTAINMENT TODAY TODAY 0 Plu Newsreel Shot! BARBARA ANN SCOTT! BIG HITS "SECRET OF A SORORITY GIRL" MARY RICK WARE VALLIN SL'MIAV nd MONUAV "TELL YOUR CHILDREN" Krlc Kay LINDEN NORRIS Mis feu Alio 1000 AND 1 THRILLS "ELEPHANT BOY" STARRING SABU THK MARX BROS. in "A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA" "Song of the Waste Land'' JIMMY LZK LASSKS WAKCLY HI1K "CpME AND GET IT" Krtnard fritters ARNOLD FARMER EXTRA SPECIAL: IN OUR NEWS iiliiliminniiiimiiimiiiinniimiiiniiimmmnmiK EXCLUSIVE SHOTS of Ottawa's Own BARBARA ANN SCOTT Winning the European Skating Championship MONDAY ALL-COLOR, ALL ENTERTAINING PROGRAM! Added "AsST 'ROSES ARE RED' Startlnf Monday! Fcatu CDQrxnF ABIiSAliO "A KA.MOl'S PLAYERS THEATRE" St'NUAY and MONDAY "Merton of the Movies" Red SKECTON Vlrjlnla O'BRIEN And for our further Enjoyment "Bulldog Drummond at Bay" AniU LOl'ISE i Ron RAN DELL Special late Sho Every Sunday Mlht Strt ft 10.00 p.m. LAST SHOWINGS TODAY WM. POWELL MYENA LOY In 'Song of the Thin Man' WARNtat' "THE TIME USE mm THE PLACE tup r.iD? mm TTOuieotoe STARTS MONDAY Dana Andrews Plays Blind Pianist Qf all the current screen cripples, kindly extend the deepest sympathy to Dana Andrews, whose present role Is that of a blind pianist-composer in RKO-Radlo's "Night Now there have been many presumably Sightless characters on the screen in the past, but never one so blind as Andrews. Going "all out" for authenticity, the producers engaged a noted eye speclalfst to design special contact lenses for Andrews opaque, ol all things! As a result of this ahenanigan.

the hapless Mr. Andrews, once the lenses are fitted to his orbs, can distinguish only ligbt and shadow as he goes about his daily "Night Song" duties. Merle Oberon, who, plays Andrews' ever-loving lass in the picture, has to be his "Seeing Eye" dog andj leads him hither and yon through all his trying scenes. Furthermore, the poor fellow has to play the piano and he can't read a Bute of music. Max Rablnowitch, noted concert pianist, took Andrews hand in hand and taught the "blind" man some nifty fingering that will-probably bamboozle every film fan who sees the tricky exhibition on the screen.

One-Eyed Villains. Yen a man is blind in both eyes, he attracts sympathy. When he's blind In only one eye, he's usually a villain on the screen, that is. In "Joan of In grid Bergman's pretentious Technicolor' production of her big Broadway stage sue- cess, J. Carroll Naish plays "naisty" character, John of Luxembourg, one-eyed rat who sells the Maid of Orleans to the English for 10,000.

The act is reprehensible, and the -price is obviously too low for such a lovely lady as Ingrid Berg-'man, no matter what the rate of exchange. Howard da Silva. also goes beaming evilly through one "glim" in "Your Red His part is that of a vicious killer and his machinations make the sound stage life practically unbearable for Cathy O'Donnell and Farley Granger. I The Sad Tale of Uncle Chris. A fierce and dour old Norwegian, sadly crippled, is Oscar Homolka as he co-stars his way with.

Irene Dunne, Barbara Bel Geddes and Philip Dora la the George Stevens screen version of the stage play, "I Remember And his own misfortune motivates much of the story. For the bark of lame Uncle Chris (that's Homolka's character cognomen, folks) Is far worse than his bite. When his little nephew injures his leg. Uncle Chris finances the operation that restores it to full usefulness! And when Uncle Chris dies. It Is discovered that he has devoted his lifetime and savings to arranging similar operations for other crippled youngsters.

Cripples, But Not for Long. ryith braces on both legs and using crutches, Everett Sloane plays the bunged-up husband of Rita Hayworth in Columbia's "The Lady from Sloane, one of Orson Welles' original Mercury Players, arrived In Hollywood not long ago from InosEKr' -'jeAr kjm HUHON. SULLIVAN. HALE DONAtCr WOOOS ANOtA WN 2ND rtATlRB ATTa ACTIOM THE YEAR'S GREAT ROMANCEI ffl DENNIS MORGAN mi Evelyn and Lyle Cunningham STILL OWN. AND OPERATE -wvr vniwvu i MARTHA a CUV wapiti'' TODAY ONLY ORANGE I 'TECHNICOLOR "THE THIEF OF BAGDAD" Randolph Scott In "China Sky" Contlnuoui Show Prom I P.M.

insist HiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiimiiiiiiiiumor LANTERN IHNzr (cor. C'arlinj Hamilton) Mrs. Cunningham Will Help You Plan Your WEDDING RECEPTION DINNER PARTY BANQUET SHOWER or BRIDGE Phone 8-3805. Evening Dinner served diily 8.30-7.30 Closed 1017 Csrlinf Cor. Hamilton.

Sensational! Breath-taking! The Most Thrilllnk-Adventures Ever to Come to the Screen! i Be Sure to See Wild Beasts at Bay" i And the World's Greatest Animal Trainer CLYDE BEATTY in "The Lost Jungle" Tnniv i Mjiie I IJIIA I lirn6rarot Ui In Glorious Technicolor "GOD'S COUNTRY" Robert Lowrey Helen Gilbert 2ND GRANO TREAT ERROL ELENORE FLYNN PARKER 'NEVER SAY GOODBYE'. New Low Balcony Prices 25c ACTIO ffCTVtltsI 101 IJIIlf I tniust ntirnr ion mm niuinma cmr win iftwiuaacatm -2nd HIT 1 IffrrrasrSl Rfer sf. (ftta Jcten ami (item all its heart-pounding power. J. comes the story of "Big RedM- the New York stage.

Also at Columbia studios youTl find Ralph Morgan rolling around ina wheelchair as he portrays a crippled rancher in "The J-ast with Gene Autry. Another Morgan, Henry, plays the stiff -legged pal of George Raft, a race track handicapper in RKO-Radio's "Race Fortu-. nately, or unfortunately, according to the way you view it. Brother Morgan doesn't have to limp for. long.

He is murdered, early in the picture, which prompts Raft to raise hob thereafter with the foul fiend who perpetrated the dastardly deed. Tribute to Two Real Cripples. This story would not be complete without paying sincere tribute to 1 two real cripples, gallant old Lionel Barrymore and courageous young Susan Peters. A from arthritis for years, Barrymore sow plays all his roles in a wheelchair, having just finished his stellar part with Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson and Claire Trevor in Warner Brothers' "Key' Susan Peters suffered a terrible injury to her back three years ago when she was accidentally shot while on a hunting trip.

A couple of irfonths ago she returned to pictures as the wheelchair star of Columbia's "Sign of the And Susan is doing such a magnificent job that she would unquestionably have been an Academy Award candidate next March had It been possible to complete the picture in time to make ber eligible. i IDIHI all DID I i did BARBARA REED VAX RSJSSlkd! JMsXsXtiail the screen's most gallant, horse fighting a duel to the death with a savage racing glory Entertainment Time Table i CAPITOL "Dewrt 12 BI. SI31J5. J7. LAST COMPLETE SHOW .0.

I as only a thoroughbred can! CARTIER "Lo Dr Jrkyll Mon- wft iJui. ST Mt1ja tfi Orient bf and Murder la the Orient! ALAN LADD MetU Love Here is the 1- ALAN LADD In CALCUTTA j. InD Laugh. TooTl Howl, TouTl Boar at leur- Hyrte 1 I. 3 M.

BJJ. 10. LAST COMPLETE SHOW CENTRE "The Wlitful WMow of Wagon Gap 12 00. 1.40. 3 40.

5 40. 7 40. 9 40. LAST COMPLETE HOW .0. EARTVIKW 12 35.

2-S2. 5 2S. 7.48, 10 11; -Ginirr-. 11 SO. 147.

4 10. 43. DM. LAST COMPLETE SHOW DUAL ELGIN "II Had To Br .100. 3 0.1.

3 IS. 720. 730. 930. 9 53 Last, complete show is.

picture with a htlcHil AjJ- kv9 Donald O'Connor Peggy Ryan In "TOP MAN" heart as big as all sJfi outdoors! ELMDAT.E "Thl( of 2 00. OfV a n- i.rkln. An ni MMSM S'li! LAST COMPLETE SHOW i. is. riniDA Vmi" at aim-1 "MACOMBER AFFAIR" "NEW WINE" "Romano a Trola 4 37.

8.13. i STARTS MONDAY ADULT ENitKTAlNMENT GLEBE "Night In 3 29. 8 35; "riephanl 1 13. 3 00 33. 10.00.

LAST COMPLETE SHOW SJO. (Hhia deHtfvilland LewAyres IMPERIAL 3 23. 3 03. 7 40. 10.13; Pacific 1.10.

3.30. 6 23. 9 05. LAST COMPLETE SHOW III. J.

ARTHUR RANK PRESENTS I A IC JOAN GREENWOOD RICHARD ATTENBOROUCH FRANCIS L. SULLIVAN LAL'RIER "The Inner 1 32. 7 4.08. 6.43, 9.19; "Buckaroo From the Powder 238. 3.04.

759. 10.15. LINDEN1 13 30. 3 40, 35. 10.03; "Top 2.05.

3.20. 8 33. LAST COMPLETE SHOW I.1J. DON'T MISS IT! MAYFAIR "Something In the a 30. 54.

35: "DarK Mirror 2 n. 3 23. 828. LAST COMPLETE SHOW 8.20. MONTCALM "Lady In the 12.30.

3.32. 0 34. 9 "The 1 54. 5 06. 8 15.

LAST COM PLETE SHOW 8. IS. ADVENTURE nOAniNG DRAMA TO THRILL YOU 1 DYNAMIC NELSON "Clnderells 100. 4-30, 8 00; Four 3 30, 6.00. 8 30.

LAST COMPLETE SHOW 7.5S. NOI.A "Lot 100. 3 38. a 16. 8 34; "Wild Brant, at Bay'V 338.


Tirit: Tii RECENT -Song of The Thin 1 20. 335. 3.30.-U. 933.. LAST COMPLETE SHOW ReSlV) "Never Say TfW.

9fo. woo uouniry 8 48. LAST COMPLETE SHOW 1.31. A SYDNEY BOX PRODUCTION DIRtCTTD BY RIALTO "Under Nevada BEST In SIN' AT HIS TWO-FISTED tm fit fit nit ON PILOT the 5 15. 8 20; "Blood On the Sun 3 OS.

6 33. 8.40. 1 i I fiimeoin I sTALLlON" G10RI0US CINEC0L0R! RIDEAl "Perils of 1 13. BERNARD KNOWIES I sLALA 4 10. 7.00.

953: "I Cover Big Town" 3 00. 330. 8 43. LAST COMPLETE SHOW 8.45. i with SYLVIA SIDNEY ROBERT ARMSTRONG BvniastT -Macoiriber This Modern Age Presents i 4 a.

S2. 9 "New wine" 2.18, 3.32. LAST COMPLETE 8HOW 8.2. i 2nd BIG HIT VICTOR I A "Hard Boiled MaboneyV "HOME and BEAUTY" iic -wna went oj 1030 LAST. COMPLETE SHOW IS.

WESTBORO "Nobody Llvea Forever" Roy ROGERS Dais EVANS Gabby HAYES A TRIGGER 'UNDER NEVADA SKIES' jajBKMm: 30, 10 13; "Cloak and 8-27. Saturday matinee, -I JO AVALO.N CLL'B Dancing nightly STARTS MONDAY mutt pjn CHATEAU LAL'RIER DlDCtag nigh Uy. EXTRA Canada Carries On presents "CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING" featuring Ottawa's Own BARBARA ANN SCOTT FREE Aa 1" ir Colored Picture of Roy Rors Trigger to AU Children Sat. Mat. ONLY! COPACABANA CLt'B Dancing Wed- oj.

rnaay ana Saturday. mum PAIRMOUNT GOI.P CLl'B Dancing New Serial, Sat. Mat.LOST CITY of the JUNGLE" nlgblly al 9 p.m. STAN DISH ALL DaYiclng 9 m. IT.

LOUIS HOTEL Dancing nlghUy 1f.0 7a At? tatxlOA BL from 9 D.m 1 last day "DESERT FURY" Adult Entertainment ENDS TpDAY! ABBOTT and COSTELLO in The above billing and time schedules are supplied by local theatre and club managers. "THE WISTFUL WIDOW OF WAGON GAP" 111 irf.

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