The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1931
Page 6
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ill SIX KLYTHBV1IXK. (ARK.) COUKIKR NKWS ' Second Round Is Now Un. derway; Leo Linlzenich •• i/^NVins Juvenile Handicap .- '••-Matches in the first round of the : .handicap golf tourney of tlie Bly- 'liievlllc connlry club have b;en completed find several mulches of ,'the second round have been played • '-. Gordon Wrlglil was victor over 'Dr. W. M. Owens In tlic hardest. ' fought match of Ihe fwnl round. .Wright won ht Die 21st hole, one ; up. Byron Morse and W. T. Bar, • net t. also staged n tight match over • --.the regulation 18 holes and were •forced to go 20 holes before Morse won. one up. '.':-..;In the second rpuml mntches al; r«ady played Sam Nonis detailed G. E. Keck, three nnd two: W. J. Pollard beat E. B. Ciee. one up and "Rev. Marsh Calluway deefalcd Ira Crawford, six and five. -. r ;,The flrst matches were completed ••-.' Sunday and second round matches .\ylll_be finished by next Sunday. , . Leo Uhtzciilch won tlie junior • handicap tournament by defeating • . Byroii Morse jr.. In the finals, six . ' up and five to go, Lintzenlch had ' -the lowest ratlnu of any Juvenile. -. two strokes'handicap. Vounj; Morse ?-had six strokes handicap, In pre- •vlous rounds IJiilzcntch defeated ; . Robert Baxter and U. S. Branson V jr.', to reach the finals. >R*sults of first round miUchss , not Including the results published .-"•last week arc as follows: G. E. Keck (4) won over W. A. V prtoe <10) by default. '•• 'Gordon Wright (9) defeated Dr. W. M. Owens (0), one up, 21 holes. '". 'E. B. Gee (5) defeated Paul Rosenthal (0) two and one. W. J. Pollnrd (5) won over Pnul .•'••• 3chwartz by default. -C. M. Baxter (4) won over E. C. ; Pattp'n 18) by default. N-. H. Helm (8) won over Shcllon ; Hall, by default, "Ira Crawford (10) won over J. B, Clark (10) by default. :.• "G. Q. Cauilll <ii) won over Ma:'- jor-Jacobs <2) by default. :>•••• Dj;'. H. S. Davis tC) won over •';" Crawford Noble (10) by default. "... : Farmer England (10) defeated A .. ' O. 1 Hudson (8) one up, Bill Chamblln (8) won over E. C Atkinson by default. I :-""W. B. Tanner (5) won over E. i -'•'.-: R. Mason (10)'by default. ' '••Virgil Greene (8) defeated W. J. : Peck (8) one up. • Lute Hubbard (10) won over D. 3. Laney (10) by default, ' ...Scott Harris (4) defeated San: Grimes (8) two up. ;.'. OJohn Snyder (9) defeated U. S. : Branson (6) one up. ' • C. A. Cunningham <10) won over H. B. Proctor (8) default. .'• Lloy Wise (8)defeated Fred Plee- ' man (10) one up. _J. S. Bollard (7) wpn over Bus.-.' ttr Driver (8) default. .:•• . E. B. Thomas (4) won over Ros- ; coe Craflon (10) default. • / Oscar Hardaway (10) won ovsr O. -,' P..Moss (10) by default. '•-:.' Tloyd Acton (8) won over W. J. • Driver (10) Tjy default. :'• . Russell Phillips (6) defeated E. B. Lyman 18) four and tTO. Whit Goodman (5) won over Harvey Thompson 16) by default. , - Charles Baker (9) defeated Chas. Afflict (8) five, and three. I .. Victor Bray (10) defeated Edgar ' Bonim (10) four and two. . R. D. Hughes won over Pat O'- Bryaru by default. ' C..E. Crigger jr., (10) won over W. P. VeaTiDv (10) default. O. W. McCutchen (10) won over W- M. McKenzie (10) default. O. W. Vollmer (8) won over Godfrey White (8) default. Byron Morse «) defeated W. T. Same It (6) oneiiiD. 20 holes. S«ond Round , Sam Norris 17) beat Judge G. E Keck (4) three and two. W. J. Pollard 15) beat E. !3. Get (5) one up. ' Rev. Marsh Callaway (5) beat Ira Crawford (10) six and five. Strib and His Family IN JIB FIGHT South Will Back Hor Beloved Battler to Limit.Says Si rib's Home Town Scribe. r.DITOK'K NOTKi .llmmy JOIN-*, as :i sports wrilrr in Yiiuiiif Stl living's luimi> town, , is lull- u'ulfly ad|Ualn(r<! with one of ttir nun who 1'i In IlKlil for llw h«vy- Mrijihl rhuniplonshlp of tlio woild :il Cleveland ,luly '!• In this, (he lirsl of two articles nn Ihf home !ifv and persuniilily of the chaiu- plcn, Jonci> revt-.ils some Irallfe ol" Mi-lu'il, I l/.u-ks <hulleni;er liilhertu un|Hib- and I'll--, how the south man to win Hie lillr. W.llic nnd Mrs. SlriWinf, w hn I S;1 fnrmcr Maron sueitly e irl. Kelow ' lowire Iliclr children, WilllrlH Mary V Ir«lnl;i. Ptey ir A.PT KEE.MZ How do you txceute thp. sliort. chip shots? • • • It is advisable to stand fairly erect with an open stance In mal;- nc chip shots. A firm grip on the club should be maintained. As Ifi tho pull, tlic backswing BV JIMMY JONFS S|ii)rl!i Kdltnr Manni Ccpyiielit. 1031. N13A Service, Inc.) MACON. Georiilu, June 9 — Only two triumphal parades for •the home tewn boy who 'made ^ocd" have b?cn staged on the inaaiiolla-lkied streets of old Malon. Belli of theni have been In lonoi- of Willie Slriblins- And now Miiccn Ls netting reaily for a third. In the land where the peaches me Just beginning to ripen and Hie negroes avc chopping the grass from around the young watermelon vines, tticre Is a new topic of con- versatlon this year. H Is of and for Strluling—win or lose—all the way. Tho south has wrong on collon, on wars nnd not a few Democratic presidential candidates. It Imi! bten wrong on StrlbHng ssv- ernl time;; whc-n he came up loser. But It is rill for Slribling thls''tline —all the way. Horses, or What Have You? In Georgia, tht\ sky is the limit when the Crackers slnn wagering on Strlb. Cotton, livestock, whatever they have anil can get down. plays basketball and baseball and acts ns entertainer at fashion shows, When he returned from Europe aflsr knocking out Phil Scott, he gaves Hit 1 s'ovt's lie used to a Moron boy who was rccoVr- !«3 from diphtheria. One of "The Pwpul" Though no one makes much of a Tuss over Slribling, since he is a ramlUnr fli-iire on Die streets, he is Immensely popular. He usually ap- |«?n:s on the streets bareheaded and In shirt sleeves, his collar open. By nature he Is a trifle bashful, but lie Is llkeabli and makes himself at home in any company. Slribling Is an all-around sportsman. When tho original Hew York Celtics came to Georgia, Htribllng subsllluled for-one of the players witlioul gumming up the professionals' ipasswork and inude four gd|ils btililr-j. lie recently purchased a si>cedboat and, competing against the best drivers in (he southeast, tock fourth place in a regional regalia after only two weeks of experience. , • He' look up golf and won a trophy In a sands green Icunia- rr\6rjl. He Ls a licensed airplane pjlpl and a lieutenant* In the Army Air Reserves. Ho always has had a' .vcurning for speed, und after tiring of motorcycles and automobiles, purchased the motorboat. Hies Away to Hunt He enjoys a day in the Ilelds with Die bird dogs. Last winter he u'ent all the way lo Charlestofi. S. C., for, a v.lKI turkey hunt and came back with n pri/e goWcr. He has been known lu lly nway on a quail hunt nil come down .squarely in the nlddle of :v stump-studded corn! field wllli his guns and dogs. lils n;rrc In. flying the ship hxs been tested several times in forced andlnijs—once he came very near •racking up for good—but he never MM lost confidence in himself as a pilot. His dad. "Pa" Stribling, always las been a little nervous about jlanf-s..but has made .several long trips Kith him. as have his wife and mother. Here is. "Ma's" version of it: If one of my boys ever should TUESDAY. JUNK 0, 1031 mm ItfUR .THUS White Sox Take Drubbing From Senators; Athletics In Win. to Hie ground, hitting Hie '•bal. cleanly nml ncenrately as it sweep;, llnough. No turf is necessary. A, player's tendency to raise his head | For ' '" Georgia "« StriblUig fam- 1s greater in this shot, so Keep "^ ls "" institution. Stribling Ls "-- •- • Your Head Down. TOMORROW: Should CVPI- rast up on a shot? Globe, Horn's 1'arsdise GLOBE, Arlzonn 4 (UP) — A fad for horses has struck Globe and as a result Robert Whalcy has mere beak buster to tho people of his horns state—he Is champion of the state of Georgia, a pugilistic Sir Galahad. In Macon Young' Stribling hold? an equal position of respect and deference with the mayor and the city's patriarchs. He rates well in soclsty. Ho Is a 32d degree Mason THIS IS ^ce res A atip -SHOT. WHEW H5 WAWfS TO 'I PUT f\ UITUE STOP TbTrie BAU it i!> PuftyeTi IH THIS POSITION cjjcned n livery stable—tho first Iuul sllr| ner and n member of one to operate h:rc In 20 years— local Klwanls club. He and hi cud Is doing a better business wlfo ' a form c r M«C<MI society girl renting out saddle horses than the i tnke promment parts in all loca o!fl-(liners ever did in renting out affairs and Stribllns donates Iroptij buggy horsis. cups to local athletic, teams. He olTiclnlcs at football games set killed in n p!:inc I want lo be his passenger." TOMORROW: Okefenoliec opin- -GAMES TODAY • ion. Memphis nl •Mobile. Atlanta at Chatlanooga. Birmingham at Nashville. Little, Rock at New Orleans. American • L»{ue CWeago'at Washington. St. Louis .(jt Boston: Detroit at • PWUidelptUa. Cleveland at New York. National League Boston at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at St. LotiLs. New York at Chicago. Phlladelphiii at Pittsburgh. The New York Giants defeated the Chicago CAbs in the only National league game played yesterday and rested only nine jiohits behind Ihe leading Cardinals, n the American league the Athl^ics beat the Tigers and the Indians trimmed the Yankees. Clarence Mitchell, veteran .southpaw of the Giants, let Die Cubs down with five scattered hits an'J a 6 to 1 triumph. Tlie Giants hit the offerings of Maloiie and his successor, Jakle May. (or 12 hits. Grove was the winning pitcher as his mates pounded away ai Detroit hurling for a 7 to 3 verdict. A four run rally in the sixth and two in the eighth put the Macks easily In front. Fosx hit. uvo homers bringing his season's total to 13. Wes Ferrell served no'.lce that his lame arm was no longer Lunie when lie limited the heavy hitting Yankees to three hits yesterday and won 4 to 1. Terrell's opponent. Charlie Ruffing, pitched .sensational ball for eight innings holding the Indians to one single but b? weakened in the ninth and the Indians counted four runs. The Washington Senators staged a parade around the bases at Washington to beat the Chicago White Sox, 18 to 4. The Senators counted eight runs in the second inning. Four pitchers were served up to the Nats during the atiack. Kerr of the Sox made the only homer, nurkc pitched steady ball for Washington. The St. Louis Browns trimmed the Boston Red Sox and at the same time climbed from the American league cellar vhlle pushing the Sox down. Th* score was 4 to 0 with Walter Stewart hurling shutout ball for the Browns. HOW THEY STAND Soulhrrn Birmingham ChaUrtnoojja Little Hock. . Memphis ..'.. Atlanta v Orleans Nashville Mobile W. L ..... 37 20 ..... 28 2C ..... 2li 55 ..... 27 27 21 27 27 22 31 22 33 National I.eajw St. Louis Chicago New York Boston nmoklyn 1'illsbiirgh Philadelphia .... Cincinnati W. !,. 13 25 18 25 18 22 22 24 20 24 19 24 U 33 American League Philadelphia Washington New York Cleveland Chicago Detroit St. Louis noslon W. L. •.... 34 11 .... 30 17 .... 25 20 25 22 .... IB 27 .... 10 32 .... 16 26 11 20 I'd. .OW .510 ,510 .SO'J .500 .500 .415 ,400 I'M. .000 .sai .581 .500 .478 .455 .412 2D8 Pet. .150 .638 .550 .552 .400 .373 .381 .370 Cliicks Drop G;irne to Mobile Marines; Vols Defeat League Leaders. CM Blows Srir Tip PINEVII.LE, West Virginia, tUl>) — Vergie Blanken^bip, 15, poured a small quantity of powder from at keg on th? front porch of her home near here and struck a match. Tlie resulting explosion proved fatal to her anrl two younger children were severely injured, in trying to rescue her. Sunday newspapers are prohibited by '.aw in Melbourne, Australia. Jackie and Her Boys AIT. Easy For Osccolans OSCEOLA, Ark. - The liishly touted and notoriously advertised Jackie Mitchell, female plidier nnd her Junior Chattanooga Lookouts, supposedly class "A" calibre ball players were duck soup for the Osceola Indians, fast independent bajball leain of this cily Monday. Osceola winning 7-1. After being advertised as su:h a wonderful pitcher for a girl by "Pa" Mitchell and especially how she could throw a baseball a nice w«ek-day crowd turned out lo witness Ihis exhibition and "Pa" refused to let Jackie throw a single-ball saying she had a sore arm and upon being questioned it deployed that she had pitched a total of three Innings Sunday in Memphis. "l j a" tlid. hnu-ever, make her go out in right field for four innings and her best ut bat was a weak roller to third. Sealon, Osceola pitcher, who rc- ! cently twirled a one hit, game against the hard hitting Monette Buffaloes allowed eight well scattered hits and was never in trouble, his team mates giving him sensational .sup|M>rt. Fred Taylor, Indian third sack- cr, crashed one aver the right field wall In the fourth inning v.-itli two The fust place Rat OILS lost yesterday :uul the .second place Lauk- ouls won in the Dixie circuit. The Nns'riville Vnls put tin? nar- ons down in a closely contertDd game. B to 7. The Vols scored two runs hi the ninih as did (lie Barons. Droll wont Hie mule for the Vols. keeping 12 hits .scalier::!. Tlie Volumec'is got lo Caldwell for 17 lilts. Tlic Lookouts beat tlie Crackers. 7 to C at Chattanooga. The Chat- tnnooaa club scored five of 11s runs in tin 1 last two innings. Hn«linri was ihe winning pitcher. Tnitl of Atlanta hit a honii run. Lillle Rock's Travelers hi! the tall hard at New Orbans to bent the Pelicans. !) to 3. Hughes nltdicfl the full game for the PebWre and krnl right hits scattered. Strolim. with four hits out of five times at bat, led the Little Rock katuck. The Mobile Marines started early ami the Memphis Chicks Marled late but the Marines managed lo onllnst the Chicks for a 9 to 1 triumph at Mobile. Burns was the winning pitcher and May was on the losins end. Hainol ol tlie Chicks hit for the circuit. Thief Mails Itatk Waleh CfREEN$BORO. North Carolinn. (UP)—H. Grady Miller's watch, stolen from him in a church here, was rnaital back -to its ownir by the thief, who read the slory of the theft in a Oieertboro newspaper. iThe package carried a note read- in?, "please notify paper watch has hcen recovered." The nole was signed "X". I aboard. "Cotton" Howrton, Indian center fielder, hail a perfect day at bat bring crcditerl with three sini- Ir-s and a base on balls in fot:r tiit'?.s at bat. After' the game it developed that -Pn" Mitchell liis famed daughter had left the park and returned to Memphis before (he game was over. Score by innings. 12345C789rhc ILaokout-Jrs. 001000000 132 Osceola 20031001s 181 Batteries: Lookouts. Wills and Wilkerson; Osceola. Sjston and Tarver. HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thnrsilnv . will vary according to the ilistancs io be traversal. Usually H will oe a shc-rt backswln3, for tho ills- lane; nearly always is short. ! As the dub Is taken back, the • eft l:nco bends only slightly, since ' -he pivot is not great- Tho club- i head should be"kept low and clo.w R1TZ THEATER Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday Pritchard JFaces Test at Armory - Just how for Kid Pritchard, the Sttele, Mo., banlamwelghl, has progressed along Ihe roid to fistic fame may be determined when he metis Gene Demontre, flashy Memphis youth, In the feature card at the Armory tonight. The boys ar.- 1 slated for eight rounds or less it the knockout punch develops. The Bluff City boy has twice won the »mateur title in that city and has woa about 10 fights since turning professional. He Is expected to prove a real lest for the Sleele boy who h»s two kayoes to his credit here this spring. Including one over Prankie Sala. another Memphlan. In the seml-windup of six rounds or less Babe O'Brien of New Madrid, Mo., enters the ring with Tom ,, Rye Setton, Uixora lightweight. O'Brien cotnes highly touted by Mi»«ouri fans white local fight, followers already know Sealon can punch. ..-•• In a four rounder Bad Boy Aus; Uri ot Manila will tackle Don Davis Vef,8Mtle. The two are welterweights. 2>ro negroes, John Klrby-Bell U>« punching porter, and Little Red Uw fait bla'ckskln, are down for fcwr rwrndB They «rt fcalta - w»i«lrU. NO DON JUAN! Women's adoration loaves him coltl— hut he uses it for his mysterious purpose. With Carole Lombard Kay Francis _ WILLIAM PpWil Ladies 0 Cfbramouni Cficluit Also Comedy and News. Adm.—Matinee—10 and I50c Night—16 and fflme IRON MAN" The New Idiil of the Hi-rei-n in tho Romance of a World's Champion! A Tod lirowninp Production CO- featuring ROBERT ;ARMSTRONO and JEAN 'HARLOW with John \Mjan and Net! Sparks From the novel by W. R. BURNETT, author of "Little Caesar." •Presented .by CARL fLAEMMLE / Produced by / CARL LAEMMLE. / JR. r and •lOc. Coming—Joan Crawford in "LAUGHING SINXEKS". Added Atlinction — "01.A BOB MAKRIS HANCK UK- VUK"—Tuesday Ni^lit ONLY Also .Comedy and Nev:s Adm.—Malinee—10 nnd 2uc Night—15 and SHL- they've got to be good! SMOKED BY MORE MEN AND WOMEN EVtRT OAY V> 1931, UGCS1I i Writs TOSltCC CO You just take to 'em—that's all If you want a milder cigarette—smoke Chesterfield. If you want a cigarette that tastes better—smoke Chesterfield. Ripe mild tobaccos and pure French paper. Every Chesterfield is well-filled. Every Chesterfield burns evenly. Every Chesterfield smokes milder and tastes better.

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