The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on November 7, 1934 · 22
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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada · 22

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1934
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PACE" TWETITTWO 66 THE BORDER CITIES STAR, WINDSOR, OXTARIO, TfEDSESDAT, NOVEMBER T. 134: Keep Stiff Upper Lip99 Good Advice, Says Virginia Over-Dosage Big Danger With Drugs Habituation Is Another Peril of Home Treatment IDIOSYNCRACY Many Cause Disagreeable Symptoms When Used Too Much By Logan Clendening, M.D. Besides the fact that the eelf-doser is likely to treat a serious disease with the idea that it is trivial, to which I have called attention this week, there are other dangers about drugs. One is the danger of over-dosage, another the danger of habituation, and another the danger of drug idiosyncrasy. Of course, the latter two occur even when physicians prescribe drugs, but overdosage is not likely to occur under a physician's directions. I do not refer so much to over-dosage in a single dose as to the consequences which might occur from using a drug over a long period of time until saturation occurs. CAUSE SKIN RASHES There are a great many drugs which cause disagreeable symptoms when used In this way. Mostly they produce sldn rashes. A case in point Is that of bromides. A great many people will be taking what they thlnlc is a nerve medicine, and find that they are broken out with an ugly rash on the legs or face, which Is due to the bromides in the nerve medicine. Other drugs which are frequently used and which skin eruptions are quinine and phenolph-thaleln, which Is used as a cathartic, especially In candied cathartic tablets. Habituation is. of course, likely only with a few drugs, and those which are not likely to be prescribed by the patient himself but by a phy-Vlcian. In other words, the narcotics such as opium, morphine and its derivatives, cocaine, etc. There is some difference of opinion among physicians as to whether sleep-producing drugs such as luminal, veronal, etc.. are habit-forming. My own experience is that they are not. or only very slightly, or only in those people who have a peculiarly susceptible nervous system. FOUND IN MANY Idiosyncrasy is found in many people to quite a few drugs. In this situation the people who are suscep- .tible. even if they take only a very small dosage, will become ill. A case 'in point is aspirin, to which a very small proportion of the population is extremely sensitive. I have known rases in which as little as half a grain cf aspirin would produce asthma and swelling of the tongue and a very serious general condition. This occurs, as I say. in only a small proportion of the population, and anyone who has ever taken as much as five grains of aspirin without having any disagreeable symptoms from it, la entirely safe to take quite large doses. FAITH IN CLUB Joe Bowman. New York Giant pitcher, was offered $4,000 for his prospective share in the World Series money one month before the Giants' spectacular collapse. He turned it down, "because I thought we would win." BEAUTY CHATS With GLADYS GLAD Famous Ziegfeld Follies Beauty GLADYS CLAD nrHE charming Julie Haydon, who was recently annexed by pictures for starring purposes, has a figure any gal would envy. Julie, however, is not like the average lass. Instead of trying to keep weight down, Julie has to see to it that she does not lose weight. And for this purpose, she consumes large quantities of milk. For she firmly believes that milk is an excellent thing to consume for nutritive purposes. Dieticians claim that 'every Individual should consume at least a pint of milk every day, for the protective mineral elements that this beverage provides. And for underweight individuals, the consumption of milk is of especial Importance. For milk really does possess a great deal of nutritive value. Of course, some women claim that they find milk difficult to digest, or that it tends to have a constipating effect on them. But usually, that's because they don't know how to drink milk properly. In the first place, milk should always be sipped, and not gulped. If it is gulped down, it tends to form curds in the stomach. In the second place, milk should not be consumed when it is extremely cold. For if the milk is too cold, it tends to chill the stomach, and this also Interferes with digestion. As a matter of fact, it is a good plan to warm the milk before drinking it, for in this form it is much more easily digested. Women who are trying to gain weight should, in addition to imbibing large quantities of milk, drink the juice of four oranges each day. This amount of fruit juice is sufficient to counteract any constipating effects that the milk might have. Some girls claim that they can't drink milk because they dislike its flavor. But that's really a small matter, for it is very simple to disguise the taste of milk. There are any number of chocolate and differently flavored preparations on the market that, when combined with milk, give it a delightful taste. And in Europe, a favorite standby of underweight individuals is a drink composed of half milk and half ginger ale. The ginger ale is said to make the milk much more easily digested, and at the same time, flavors it deliclously. Answers to Queries makeup Helene: X think that a soft ochre shade of powder, soft orange rouge and light, vivid lipstick would blend harmoniously with your coloring. Septuagenarian Aids Only Orphans Millionaire Gives to Them Rather Than To Old Folks EDMONTON. Alta., Nov. 7. Millionaire "orphans' friend" J. D. O Connell, recently visited Edmonton during his annual 50, 000-mile tour of all America. He inspected the orphans' institution here which bears his name and. as well, looked into some of his financial interests, including real estate and wheat lands. Mr. O'Connell would not give anything to Homes for the Aged, he announced. He himself is a septuagenarian. "Well, they've had their opportunities, and their lives, and apparently wasted them. Oh, I have nothing against the old folks I'm just a lot more interested in orphans: the boys and girls who, if given a chance today, will be the grown people who run this world next year. They've got to have their chance. "That's my life work that and fighting the booze traffic. You can't make that too strong; the language, I mean. That's the one thing that I'm more interested in than I am even In providing funds for orphans." $ . . rni nATPQ wanes rtu mue uxydltushUe . . . IT KEEPS MY TEETH SO WHITE ! "Since I changed to Colgate's my smile has become ever so much more attractive. How do I know ? Why people have told me so. And my mirror tells me that my teeth are whiter than ever before. And the reason's simply this ... Colgate's cleans teeth in two ways." First i Colgate's penetrates into every tiny crevice. Cleanses your teeth thoroughly. Second i It polishes your teeth with the same safe ingredient most dentists use. Why don't you try Colgate's . . . just for 10 days. Use it every night and morning and we'll guarantee your teeth will be whiter and cleaner than they were before. And Colgate's delicious peppermint flavour keeps your breath sweet, mouth refreshed. "COLGATE'S" ON DENTAL CREAM MEANS THE SAME AS "STERLING" ON SILVER SPECIAL 21c per tube Clgs't tamtt in ptuJerform mis. Ask fr Colgate's Dtmtml Ptwdtr 25c Made in Canada III '0tit" stmt ELM Recent Pitre-Capling Wedding Party " ,vW,myt.M!?A.. Everybody Should Make Best Of It Old Folks Ought to Be Grateful For Kindnesses WRITER'S PROBLEM St. John's A.Y.P.A. Meeting Is Tonight Business Session Is to Be Followed by Spelling Bee HE Anglican Young People's Association of St. John'3 Church, Sandwich, will hold a meeting in the church house tonight, at 8 o'clock, when a short business session will be followed by a spelling bee, under the direction of Mr. Harry Field. The members of St. John's branch are planning to attend the local Council rally at the Church of the Ascension, Friday, November 9, In a body, and all members are urged to attend the corporate communion service Sunday. November 11, at 8 a.m., which will conclude A. Y. P. A. Week throughout the Dominion. St. Jolin's branch held a party last week in the hall, decorations being carried out in Hallowe'en colors. Those present were the Rev. H. P. Westgate, Miss Margaret Baker, Mr. Leonard Robinson, Mr. Harry Field, Miss Eleanor Pillon, Miss Alma Ollett. Miss Evelyn Johnstone, Miss Violet Newby, Mr. Charlie Green, Miss Alma Church, Mr. David O'Cailaghan, Mr. Adam Finley, Mr. Jimmy McLagin, Miss Alicon Styles, Miss Margaret Rider. Miss Edna Whittaker, Miss Francis Loney, Miss Edna Reaume, Miss Patricia Bulmer, Mr. Lome Black. Mr. Lonny Maxwell, Miss Bessie Robinson, Mr. Frank Knowles and others. Educating Youth In Politics Urged Postmaster General Says Women Can Do Much MONTREAL, Nov. 7. Education of youth to take its part in the political development of the country was stressed as one of the Important contributions which might be made by women to political life. In an address made by Hon. Arthur Sauve, postmaster-general, under the auspices of the Association des Femmes Conser-vatrices. The intelligent mother, alive to her political duties and well-informed as to the history of her country and the political happenings of the day, could have a great influence, said Mr. Sauve. through the education of young people politically. Political clubs and newspapers, he stated, were not suffi cient to educate youth in sound politics. Commenting on the necessity of the party system under the Canadian constitution, Mr. Sauve warned his hearers that, for the good of the country, political partisanship must not be confused with nor assume the cloak of fanaticism. i SPECIAL Beautiful Permanents with Ringlet Ends Complete with Shampoo and Finder Wave for Personality Hair Cats ; By Mr. I. Palmer. Sperialis-1 ttc Wome" and Op ! Children's Ilaireata .. ZDC OTHER SPECIALS Shampoo, KinjerwaTe, Arch. Vk Trim. ..oh 1UC HENNA PACK 25c BEAUTY SALON FRENCH S3 IOXDON STBKKT WEST PHOVR 3-7 Vt rE recent Pitre-Capling wedding party, above, shows, from, left to right, Mr. Ray Lauzon, an usher; Mr. Gabriel Pitre, best man; Miss Elva Capling, bridesmaid; Mr. Leo Dalpee, an usher; Miss Antoinette Pitre, maid of honor; Mrs. Gilbert Pitre, the former Miss Grace Capling, and Mr. Gilbert Pitre, the bridegroom. t photo by Taub. Household Hints j By Mrs. Mary Morton j Menu Hint Spaghetti With Tomatoes and Mushrooms Molded Vegetable Salad Hot Rolls Doughnuts Coffee Use this menu for supper or lunch, as you wish. It certainly has the virtue of simplicity, and, moreover, It has considerable food value. Today's Recipes SPAGHETTI, TOMATOES, MUSHROOMS Four cups cooked spaghetti, one-half pound mushrooms, one small onion or one clove garlic, one-fourth cup butter or other shortening, two cup3 undiluted tomato soup, one teaspoon salt, one-fourth teaspoon pepper, grated cheese. Cook spaghetti until tender in plenty of boiling salted water. Drain. Meanwhile, peel, slice and cook mushrooms with onion or halved clove of garlic, in fat. Add soup and seasoning, also spaghetti. Cover and leave in warm place 20 minutes before serving. Pass grated cheese separately. If garlic is used it must be removed after frying. Either fresh, canned or dried mushrooms will serve, but with the dried ones it will be necessary to soak them in warm water two or three hours, changing the water several times during the soaking. Facts and Fancies STRAWBERRY SHERBET Two cups orange Juice, one quart strawberry juice, sweetened: one cup sugar, two cups water, two beaten egg whites. Dissolve sugar to water and bring to a boil. Cool and add fruit juices. When partly frozen remove top from freezer can and put in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Finish freezing. MELT CHOCOLATE So many recipes call for grated chocolate; it saves time and gives a smoother product to melt the chocolate. Set in a small pan In the top of the tea kettle. Or use a double boiler. WIRE CAKE COOLER Be sure to have at least one wire cake cooler. Not only is this essential for cakes, but certain pies, such as squash or pumpkin should be cooled on such a rack. Prevents a soggy bottom crust. OFF THE HEAT Remember to move a pan of candy or icing off the heat when testing it. For the additional minute or two of cooKing. wnue making the test, may oe too much and it will be over-done. SHOE RACKS Those inexpensive shoe racks to be fastened to the closet door or wail save, much cleaning time and help to Keep the closet orderly. They also save the shoes from careless scuffing about on the closet floor. Have one for each member of the family. EASIER THAN WASHING Make two or three bags of cotton flannel large enoueh to fit over broom or ceiling mop. use a fresh one to j clean the ceiling and as soon as it is i washing- a ceiling mop. Use another mop or cover for mouldings. EGG STAINS Egg stains on silver are usually removable with salt. Rub well with moistened salt before washing and wash in hot soapy water. Delta Omega Chi Hop November 16 Fourth Annual Event to Be Held in Byng School A RRANGEMENTS for the fourth onniiol 4ay?a 4-Vs Tlfo ""Yr"rt aero Chi sorority were completed at the regular meeting at the home of Miss Marguerite Bostwick. on Ford boulevard. Riverside. The report on the advance sale of tickets proved encouraging to the members, and a record crowd of the younger set is anticipated. The dance will be held on Friday, November 16, in General Byng High School, where it was held last year. The committee in charge of arrangements consists of Miss Isobel Mason, Miss Ellen Morris, Miss Mary Smith, Miss Clare Laforet and Miss Jeanette Lappan. At the close of the business session, bridge was enjoyed, and refreshments were served by the hostess. Those present at the meeting were Miss Jean McLaughlin, Miss Peggy Jones. Miss Jean Minnis. Miss Loretta Lebert, Miss Bernice Patrick, Miss Morris, Miss Bostwick, Miss Lappan Miss Smith and Miss Mae Nixon. A special meeting will be held next Monday night, at the home of Miss Lappan. for a final discussion regarding the dance. Gaillardia Is Named for Man Annual and Perennial Varieties; Blossoms Like Daisies By DEAN HALLIDAY HPHE Gaillardia is such a very bright, handsome flower, that it really should be seen in more gardens. Like so many of our plants, it is named for a man. In this case a French patron of botany. Mons. Gaillard. As with larkspurs, lupines, poppies, and many other kinds of plants, there are both annual and psrennial varie ties. The blossoms are daisy-like m form, and the colors are bright red and yellow. The annuals are general ly red and very double, similar to carnations. The perennials are single. and some varieties have tubular flowerets bordering the edges. The plants grow about two feet high and bloom from early summer until late fall, even after a quite hard frost. They produce long-stemmed flowers which are fine for cutting, and that will keep fresh for days in water. Gaillardias prefer full sunlight and a poroufi well-drained soil. Seeds should be sown early in the spring. where they are to remain, the young plants being thinned out to stand about a foot apart. They are very easily raised, the seed germinating in seven or eight cays. The perennial clumps should be divided every three years to insure good bloom. Join the "Y" Now REFRESHING ATES 465 Pelissier St, - Tel. 4-4341 Urges Home Rule For Modern Girl LONDON, Eng., Nov. 7. Mrs. John Howard of Highstrest, Shoeburyness, is so proud of the fact that she and her husband, now aged 83 and 88, have been married 65 years that she wants everybody to know how it is done. "Not many folks getting wed these days will have a 65th anniversary. she said to an interviewer, "and what is more lots of them would hate to think that their marriages would last so long." Her recipe for wives desiring pes- manency is; don t gad about; give your husband good square meals, a man likes to be well fed; rely less on next-to-no-time cooking. "what girls want," Mrs. Howard concluded, " is more Home Rule. All my nine children were disciplined." Deserted by Sweetheart, Finds Another, But He Likes Someone Else By Virginia Lee In spite of everything, life really is what we make it. I heard the other day of an old lady, 82, who was limping along with a stick. 'I broke my hip a while ago," she said, when someone was trying to help her. How fortunate you are that you recovered enough to get out again," said her helper. "No, I'm not," she sadly said. "It would have been much better if I had died. No one wants a lame old woman around whom they have to help all the time." I knew another old woman who spent her last years with a devoted daughter. Every thing that daughter did to please her mother was misunderstood. And the old lady spent many hours in tears when she could have been so happy if only she had been so minded. CANT ALWAYS BE HAPPT Of course I do not believe that we can always be happy. I know better. There are many, many times in the course of a long life when sorrow and worry and care are our close companions, but we can make the best of things "keep a stiff upper lip", as a man who Is getting along in years and who, for the first time in his adult life, is facing poverty, hardly knowing where the next meal for him self and wife is coming from. fays. Such cases are pitiful, but the gal lantry with which they are met gives one a great thrul. SHOULDER was deserted by her boy friend find felt very bad about it. Then she met a boy who had been jilted by his fiancee. Each consoled the other wept on eacn other's shoulders unul one day the young man told Shoulder that he hoped some day his former betrothed would come back to him, and that he didn't want Shoulder to grow too fond of him on that account. Shoulder feels sure the girl friend won't come back, for she has heard her make remarks derogatory to the Tillman Circle Tea Thursday Interesting Program Is To Feature Event In Sunday School A RRANGEMENTS for the Autumn a. x ... lea 10 oe neid in the Sunday school room of the Central United Church by the Mary E. Tillman Mis sion Circle Thursday evening, November 8. are n faring completion. Fall colors will predominate In the decorations, and an interesting pro gram has been planned. Among the assisting arttsts are Miss Ethel Cox. soprano: Mr. Wilham Aldrtcb, tenor: Master John Brings, boy soprano, and Miss Caroline Harmer and Master Alvin Wilson, readers. Mrs. Claire Bal-man and her daughter Betty, will contribute piano duets. Miss Cell Boakes cello solos and Miss Patricia Baus-laugh will offer piano selections. The Lillian Gundy Auxiliary will sponsor a sale of baked Koods In one of the classrooms. The public is cordially Invited and a large attendance is anticipated. Woman 94 Calls Modern Living Rather Foolish TRURO, N.S., Nov. 7. "The young people of today are living a little fool ishly." was the most censorious pro nouncement on the rising generation that Mrs. George W. Kennedy, native of Stewiacke. N. S.. would make when interviewed by the press on her ninety - lourtn birthday. The aged lady gave as her recipe for a long life, "work hard, eat and drink in moderation, early to bed and early to rise." She is opposed to excessive drinking and excessive smoking. young man. and moreover. Shoulder has grown so fond of the youth that she cannot bear the thought of giving him up. What should she do. tell him that his case with the other girl is hopeless? Continue going with him and say nothing, or give him up before she gets too fond of him? She feels that the latter course is selfish, as he needs her. Of course all your Inclinations are for a continuation of the friendship, now. Shoulder, as you hope whether you acknowledge it or not that he will grow as fond of you as you are of him. If you are sure the girl said the things about him that you say you heard she did. it might be well frankly to tell him, so that he won't cherish false hopes. Although, of course, he may not believe that she said them. STAND THE SHOCK It is Just as fair for you to leave him now. after his frank statements, as for him to desert you later on when, or if, the girl comes back to him. If you feel that you can stand the shock better than he, keep on going with him. It will show your unselfishness. But better expect him to leave you eventually and train yourself to get along without him. - If he has any sense, however but who has when they are in love? he will let himself grow to love you and forget about the one who jilted him. LONELY MARIE: Maybe the young man will pay more attention to you when he knows you have your divorce from your husband of one month. At least you will then be 'free to receive the attentions of other men. i - - - J rm Hill aaawaa v w a BfyfiwMmMcawah r. BgMMBiiiin- ni'MBf a jaaBaHaawKVHaavaMawjaaaMaK THAT'S WHY I KEEP ON USING i Sometimes it's hard for a girl to know just what to believe ... But when 20,000 beauty experts agree on Palmolive for keeping skinlovely and young-looking ... well, that sounds like the real thing to me. Don't you think so too? I like Palmolive's soft olive-green color because, I guess t reminds me that Palmolive is made only from pure vegetable oils... a secret blend of olive and palm oils. You really couldn't buy a better soap at any price: tVS,,' VH'S"!, I'm not fooling myself either, when I insist that Palmolive'i lather is different sort of creamy and velvety-feeling. You can actually feel it getting down into your pores and really and truly cleansing. You'll love it for baths 1 w .'ss..:-;:''.'." PALMOLIVE BEAUTY BOX THEATRE Listen to lovelv Gladvs Swarthout celebrated Metropolitan opera star, supported by John Barclay and a cast of over 10O including Nat. Shdlkrct's orchestra. A full hour of glorious melody. K.B.C- Nertfork Coast to Coast Every Tuesday 10 toll p.m. .--.-v '-.A ES.T. am

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