The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE SEVEN HADACOL'S BLESSING ASSURED FOR MORE MILLIONS IN 1950 DUDLEY J. LeBLANC HAS MODERN $250,000 PLANT K«llif for thoM aufferlnf from B Vitamin »nd Mineral deficlen- dei \M »s»ured for 1950 by th« txpenslon of manufacturing facilities lor HADACOL—on« of th« greatest scientific discoveries of the ••niurjr. 1849 wa« i momentous year for HADACOL becausu It marks «h« jreatest growth of sales which before now had been counted in thousands. By the end of 1948, HADACOL sales could he counted in millions. Throughout the nation there was amazement at the stupendous job HADACOL had done in supplying these precious Vita- mini »nd Minerals to an ever-increasing area of the United States. 1950 will assure HADACOL's blessings for countless suffering people because the HADACOL folks will soon be moving into the great new I^Blanc Corporation plant. It will cover 35,000 square feet of ipace in a great $250,000 building dedicated to bringing HADACOL to more lufferers. Dudley J. LeBlanc, Founder and President of The LeiSlonc Corporation, laid that no expense Is being spared to make tho building the most modern and efficient of its kind. Though tile building wai constructed in 1945, mor« than $50,000 is being spent to remodel it as a perfect home for HADACOL. Completely air-conditioned with «uper ipeed automatic machinery, !l will be a model of efficient production. A modern laboratory will conslanlly maintain the quality and purity of HADACOL. Th« little plant which has worked so valiantly to keep up with the demend for HADACOL will become a garage shop to service the ever Increasing fleet of HADACOL trucks. Constant additions art being made to this fleet, as qulte.often the trucks must he on the road day and night so that two men are needed, one driving while the other sleeps in a special compartment. This realization of Mr. LeBlanc'j dream Is a far cry from the • srly days of HADACOL when most of the sales could be directly traced to his personal recommendation, and word-of-mouth advertising. From these small beginnings, Mr. LeBlanc coiitinral his efforts because of his interest in alleviating the sufferings of the many vho were sick or old. As president pro-tern of the Louisiana State Senate, he was a leader in the movement to get increased pensions for older persons, and his study of the pensions system made him a much sought-after authority on the subject. Last fall, Mr. LeBlanc directed the most Intensive campaign in the history of southern merchandising on any one product in an «ll-out effort to bring to more and more people the story of HADA- COL and the relief it has brought to so many suffering the disorders of nutritional deficiencies. More than 2500 daily and Weekly newspapers, 250 radio stations, hundreds of signboards, and millions of pieces of direct mail were used in this gigantic campaign. "HADACOL will be in reach of many more people throughout the nation during 1950," said Mr. LeBlanc. "Our little plant has been pressed to the limit, but with our new facilities we will be able to draw closer to our dream of helping those who are suffering throughout the nation." New, Modern $250,000 Hadacol Plant at Lafayette, Louisiana Hasbco! Helps Srocer Work Hard Long Hours There is plenty of hard work and long hours in the retail grocery business and this is especially true for Paul Enrnhanlt, 810 South Church St., in Salisbury, N. C. Mr. Earnhardt works long hours at the Earnhardt Super Market in Salisbury, one of the largest and most modern grocery stoics in that thriving section of North Carolina. The grind began to tell on Mr. Earnhardt about three months ago and he wondered for a time whether he would be able to carry on at the same rigid pace. Hadacol Helps 17-Year-Old Girl Countless thousands have proved that HADACOL Is beneficial to folks of nl) ages. That is the reason so many purchase the large economy size bottle Hadacol Helps Textile Workers HADACOL HELPS FOLKS WITH STOMACH TROUBLES the family can benefit from nature's Vitamins and Minerals in HADACOL. For instance.'MEss Ethel Guidry, 122 Montgomery St., Port Neches, Texas, only 17 years old, was 'feeling nervous, hail lillle appe- .ite. her 111 j The great textile mills of the Hut that before he heard the blessed news about HADA- C.OL '1 have been taking HADACOL for three months," said Mr. " Read what these users have to sayl From Fairfield. Ala. when as so often It Is due to Vitamin B and Mineral deficiency. HADACOL I suffered with aches and pains. r used to sit around in the house and was unable to go out places, but now since I have been using HADACOL, I go (Uiytvherc and feel perfectly well. HADACOL has helped me so much. I am living a nc\v life, and I am thinking of getting married. Mr. B. H. From Wadsworth, Tex., Mar., 1919 Prom Lucien. Miss. May, 1949 I have been suffering from stomach trouble for almost 4 years, I could not keep anything on my stomach more than a few minutes at a time. I started to lake HADACOL and I began to improve after the first bottle. I am so much bettor. Mrs. Barney Ballard Vom Jcanerette, La, Dec., 1S48 I suffered with digestive dis- I had been suffering from and not one did me very much ;ood. I lost many working hours nervousness, weak spells, lack of energy, and never felt like working. After faking HADACOL f HADACOL I fee) 100% better. I am doing my work better than I am not so nervous ani uumg my wurK ueuer man 1 alil 'mi so nervous . . . I steep have in years. I don't have weak good and I eat plenty. I work as Knplls anvmnrp: T put n'r*M at»H hard as a mnn nrm *,mrL- anymore; I eat well, and sleep like a log. My little girl didn't eat very much. After taking HADACOL she eats two help- couldn't sit up. My weight had A BEAUTIFUL COMPLEXION . dropped down to 130 pounds began to take HADACOL and on the 3rd day, J sat up in bed and began to gain my strength. I now weigh 175 pounds; I feel fine and I have gone back lo work. Mrs. Homp Perkins From Hammond, La. Mar., 1<M9 •I suffered with stomneb trouble since 1935. Even if I ate just a little my stomach would swell and nothing ever gave me positive relief. I have taken only 4 bottles of HADACOL and now I can eat anything I want and get up and go rif-ht to work. So I can not help hut praise HADA- COL. Mrs. E. H. A beautiful complexion Is your most precious charm. You know there is something about * lovely • kin that KttracU attention und admiration. People with isllow, colorless f«ces, who look pal« and drawn may find their blood cells arc »'eak, puny and faded caused by the lack of Calcium, Vitamins B •nd Iron; then too, * loss of blood fnay MUM your color to fade Thes« conditions are observed »ery often in young sirls »nd aiiddlt-aged women. Of course, continued pallor may tome from other causes—see yout doctor regularly—But don't waiti Start taking HADACOL now — and as vigorous blood carrying Vha 5 B Vitamins and Minerals Uron, Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese) surges throughout your whole body, bringing these nourishing elements lo your vita' organs, digestive system, heart, Jungs, kidneys, and to your skin, to repair or to replac* the cells and tissues that have been sickly then greater freshness and new pep should make you sleep sound er, feel younger, look better, and hav« « healthy looking complex ion wilh firm tltsb iUling «u hollow place*. 3 down, nervous, h a rl difficulty gaspains '" around my Mr I jrnlnrdl heirt After the third bottle, I started gaining weight, was relieved of sl'omnch bloating, had nn gastric disturb- .teadachcs or gas pains. I never felt bolter and work long hours. T recommend HADACOL " Vitamins and M i n e r a I s which HAD. ACOL con-' tains and Ibis may cause di- Hiss Cuitlry Mr. Earnhardt, so many thousands of other suffering people, had tried many preparation!! without beneficial results before he heard the wonderful about HADACOL. Mr. Earnhardt puts In since 1 started to take JSMjam^SaSa-jfStt Ills friends comment on his improvement he advises them lo give IIADACOL a trial. Mr. Earnhardt was suffering from a lack of B Vitamins and the Minerals which HADACOL contains. HADACOL comes to you in liquid form, easily assimi- the blood stream so that it can go lo work right away. I sleep lard as a man can work. Mrs. Dewey Owens. hours at the'"Earnhardt HADACOL is made wilt, the greatest care from the finest ingredients obtainable: "Theoretically, Calcium fily- cerophosphate should, for many ) 'disturbances such as heart urns, indigestion, and often times Miss Guidry says she could not eat the kind and type of food she wanled without feeling terrible afterwards. Miss Guidry, who recently graduated from high school, is already working in a bank. She said that after taking several bottles of HADACOL she is now feeling wonderful," and has "lots of pep and energy." Most folks lake HADACOL because it has worked such wonders or relatives or friends. Miss jllldry took HADACOL because her mother "had taken 12 bottles with excellent results. HADACOL contains not only one but five of the most impor- .ant B "Vitamins and four most important Minerals. HADACOL comes to you in liquid form already dissolved so that your sys- !em will not only quickly assimilate these vital elements, but will absorb more than if they were taken in powdered or tablet form. Learn the full facts about HAD- ACOL. Vitamins work better when taken together. That is why we have five of the B Vitamins. Minerals also need the cooperation of one another to function successfully in your system, and Vitamins work betler when taken with Minerals. U U easy to understand, therefore, why countless thousands have been benefited by th ; s amazing tonic, HADACOL So it Carolinas are booming again wilh shifts working day and niRlit to turn out tiie nation's finest materials, and HADACOL. is doing its part to keep folks on Ihe job. Mitny textile workers have re- orted the wonderful relief which been brought them by HADACOL with its five 13 Vitamins and four important Minerals. A young father employed by the great Cannon Mills at Kannapolis, N. C., recently told how IIAD- A C O L had helped keep him on the job. Jny W. llarn- bardl, Route 3, Box 3-13, Kannapolis, N. C. is 30 years old and the proud father of U\o children. H i s > work in the Cannon Mills well and ha^f plenty of energy Mr. Barnbnrdl has taken se >ial boltlcs of HADACOL ar low lakes the famous Vitnm ind Mineral preparation to he stay well. lie has had his wi lake it with wonderful resul and has recommended it to I friends in the mill. Mr. Barnharclt was suffer! from and 1IADACOL contains. calls for a great deal of standing up. "I bad been ill for several years," said Mr. Barnhardt as he explained how close he came Ic having to give up his work. suffered - Hariiliarilt h a weak stomach a deficiency of B Vitaini important Minerals whi HADACOL conllhu five B V imiiis anil four important Mini ils. It gives extra vitality In lire "in ilown folks. IIADACOI. is a family medlci bringing valuable B Vitamins a Important Minerals to folks of Accepl nn substitute*. Dema the genuine HAIIACOL. DUDLEY J. LeBLANC President, The I.eUhmc Corporation Preslilfiil. I'ro-lcm, Louisiana Slate ScnaU It became worse and worse will gastric disturbances. 1 just couh not hold food and no food agreec with rue. 1 could not sleep and) finally I became so sick that rhy legs got weak as I worked in the mill each day." Mr. Uarnhardl, like so many sufferers, had tried many preparations without relief, when he heard about I1ADACOL. ' "After the second bottle of HADACOL I began to feel better and to regain the weight I had lost," said Mr. Earnhardt. "My. digestion became normal again' atid today I am as well as ever. My legs no longer bother me. I eat ami enjoy my food. 1 sleep purposes, be superior to most mailer not how old you^are or olhor Calcium sails because it who you are ... it matters not represents both Calcium and Phosphoric Acid in a soluble combination. 1 ' U.S. Dispensatory, 23rd Edition "Ferric Phosphate p. 23-1 Soluble s one of the best preparations to use when it is desired to exhibit Iron in solution. It is as free from astringcncy as any of the official salts of Iron, has little tendency to disturb the digestion, and is an active chalybeate." U.S. Dispensatory. 23rd Edition p. 451 HADACOL is now known and recommended because of ils ab- solulc purity and effectiveness. where you live or if you have tried all the medicines under the sun, give this wonderful preparation, HADACOL. a trial. Don't »o on suffering. Don't continue o lead a miserable life. Be fair to yourself. Temporary relief is not enough for you. Give HAD- ACOL a trial. Accepl no substitute. Insist HADACOL. Sold at all the leading drug stores. Trial she only $1.25 but save money—buy Ihe large fam- ily.and hospilal she— only $3.50. We are^ so^irm fn our belief ""~ help you lhat HADACOI, that DRUG STORES BLYTHEVILLE WHEN nYOU FIEk WELL! on Ihe genuine HADACOL on a money-back guaranlce. If you don'l feel perfectly satisfied after using HADACOL as directed, just return the empty carton and your money will he cheerfully refunded. Nothing could be fairer. HADACo MOTHERS FIND NEW WAY TO INTEREST CHILDREN IN HADACOL Wise molhcrs In many parts of the country have found a new method of getting their children to be Interested in their health and growth by giving them the Captain Hadacol Comic Book This full color comic hook, Just as the kicls love to have, not only tellj »n exciting story, but show* the children the importance of getting enough Vitamins and Minerals in their daily diet. , This comic book tells a fascinating story about the adventures of Captain Hadacol when he encounters the Gray Gang, and how he defeats them. And best of all, this book is offered absolutely free lo all who write In for it. • Just send « letter or post card telling us where lo send ths book. Address your Ictt.r to The LaBlanc Corporation, Dept. H, Lalayette, Louisiana, and your free | copy will b« rushed to your child. 'Supplies »r« limited to tend for /your copy today. Unable to Work For Year; How Is Back On Job Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Patterson, 503 Dennis Street, Houston, Texas, thank HADACOL every week when Mr. Patterson brings home his pay cheek. Mr. Patterson fs a member of Houston local 213, International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners bill for more than B year was unable lo work, dtspile frequent wonderful offers from con- Iraclors. Then last September, Mr. Paterson heard "the blessed news" ibont HADACOL and the wonderful relief it had brought u, countless thousands. Since then he las taken more than 20 bottles of IIADACOL and has worked steady. Here is Mr. Patterson's statement:" "I had been unable to work for : 1ADACOI. last September, Since then I nave taken moro than a ; ear when I card about about 20 bottles. I am doing carpenler work every day. 1 W a s troubled wilh digestive disturbances, gas on the Mr. Patterson stomach and bloating. I have recommended fi A D A C O L to about 50 people and most of those Who followed my advice are feel ing better. I am sure that I owe part of every pay check to HAD- ACOL, and the blessed relief that it brings. Mrs. Patter-on, who listenec while Mr. Patterson made hi' statement and incidently help: him raise unusual types of roses commented that since he has beer taking IIADACOL that he is eal- ing her out of "house and home 1 He used to eat only bread ant; milk but now even eats frank furlcrs and Vienna sausages. There is nothing miraculous about IIADACOL but some lime' results like'that of Mr. Pattcrsoi seem almost that way. Your doc tor can tell you that the con tinned lack of certain Vitamin: and Minerals in your body cat cause much suffering. There I; no known treatment ... no mcdi cine that will bring relief frorr the suffering caused by a lack o these Vitamins and Mineral: except the administration of th< Vitamins and Minerals them selves. Mr. Patterson suffered ,from a deficiency of thess Vita mini and Mineral!, A Million Bottles of Hadacol in 17 Days Dudley J. LeBlanc, President oj The LeBlanc Corporation makers o/ UADACOL, predicted that many million bo!t!e.s o/ HADACOL would be sold in 1950. /[ required only ', ,',','?'*, /0r the /irst " li!!ion lmtlle * <>/ l»s prediction to b. /Honied. Air. LeBlunc received the order which included Oit symbolic million!Ji uollle of HADACOL either ordered or sold during I fie first 17 days of IflSO from Mr. Lloyd Alt (Jiq/er /or IV/ej/er Bros. Drntj Company, a large toliolesaU drug house in New Orleans. Mr. LeBlunc when tnlerulciucd, said: "Taken Into consideration the orders for HADACOL that were entered on the books of the company as well as all of the unfilled orders wring the first U dtujs of January, amounted to over on« million bottles. We are running several weeks behind and we hope that our friends and customer* , 0 jU (,car with ut as we are now increasing our production capacity. In ths meanwhile, I urge our customers not to be misled and not '" accept any substitute. Demand (he genuine HADACOL' is the choke of so many Weil-Known Americans Senators, Congressmen, Ministers, Lawyers, and Business Leaders TURN TO THIS NEW MEDICAL DISCOVERY, ' ) ' i! "'• ""'"' '"""'''-'or IIAOACOI. U , i f,,, '"' "» wcrc lat '" ''" p°'«'««d o, l L .t 1m ,"",f' lI! -I-,'" •"'""," " AI)AC01 - Vitamin, ,«,rk btllrr „!,,,, .t , "fl" !!''' ", " lly ,''< llilV " ' iv ° "' "'" " V ..... """• »""«•''" • 1», nr-Ml tlin to<,j,cr«li,,n of one ,,,oll,cr li> funrtin,, inrrrMfullv i* jroiir «>,ici,i, „„] V,!.,,,,,,,, ,v,, r t („„„ „,,„„ , akta „,.„, .,,,.„,.,„(,'" IIADACOI, will l.iiri; you renewed tnrri:)-. IIAIIACOIi will rellcvi: lllc |l:i!lis :. rid ;,i:l,rs sn nfli-l, ruusril llj milritinlliil ileli- ricnclc.i. IIADACOI, "ill llc'Ili prevent durslivc disturbance] and Mil! aid Nulitrc hi tliscslinj,' your fonil, antl afti-r UkinR IIAI1ACUI, u while, you \vill sl<ic-ji belter, you will feel Letter, you will cat tidier, and in a few- days ytiu nhnulil ftol like your'olil self imce npiln. Uc.icl what n lex of Ihcsi: ilhliii s iii s liccl lenders have to say annul lliis wonderful scientific inciliral discovery. a trlnxl, O l „„,!„ „.„ | , , , . h f /.nr* K l,o n n /r,<. Imlllf, „/ ll,tl),i nnnr ,„ li te /,„,,, ,),„, ,/,.,. ulll KX , lcr li> Ihi, l, r n r f,l I .,„„ ,„ ,/„;„ j ro >ou priTiniiilf protiiltd me. rend Kl.lcle Cl.l,,,,,,, of t..f»jr«lt», J,.., T. a S.-,ll c Srl,n,,l -»ri> l.n ,l,c ,,„„ r.rr/ro „„„ i ttnra ,,,f, K , r ,l „„,,„, „,„•„; In ,,,v la;, ,„„( „,„„/,. / ,.„„,,, „„, erfn knffl la n,f prn,*,, fnr « l,, ng ,|,,, e . f ,,;„, „„ j.^,,, of mei ,j cilia, t tea, ni/r/«crf la f o on a r,,y Uriel rfi<-r,-f,lll mr />n.,.» lff ,,, f :l 10 „„,,, „„„„. ; ,,„,, no „ , it n «n r /tr -"I I ,rn, fr n , c i,, K vfl ,) ifr „,„! , cr ,,k e r. I «„, ln,,nf ,,c v hl, <•",< I thought ,,,rc !/<« ,:„! ,r,,j „„„. At thai l,n,f I „„, I,, Hnnlrrnt, Caiw.ln, „,„! I ,,a, mlrlvj In chantr climate nnd fa to tl, e ,„,„,•„. / ,„„, ,,,„, "t'lftrln"' "* "'"'"'"• ' c """ "> touiifona uill I ,ir,r.r,l , n Ink, II ,lt),ICOI.. I h nr . „„,. , afifn „<„ Itrrnty Itnlll,, onrf ,„„, ,„ / p , ,„„ knmr ,,,„, nna , pvrjealr irrf/. / Anr. o gwj » r p f ,i, r . I l, at , I,,,, „/ •«"*!• I ""' l>«'h to m? „<,„„<,! „«,,•„;„. | Ao „„, • Hffrr from arhtt null fitiiut. iht li<,p, //ml my , x ,,c r i f nc* i,!lh ll.tD.ICOI. ,c»I hflp torna I',if ItII S. ... ,c " '""'' ' "'"'"' P """' '"" '" "" 1 i!" l / tn1 ' Dr ,?* S<0 "' 8rmi '' Trnne»«, ,„„ !!,<, fcr.l ,M,, , tf ,,„„ fn , ^ J " «e -r. .«.«,„, mn , f tach rfn/ . ()ur „„,„„„„ ,,,'„ Jni. fao ,l I I, rfo,-,,,, ,„,,„,. „ ,., f , ,a,l,tl ,,Uing tonic* I hare en-r ,aU. ft li «MT to i,n,U,,, a nJ Ihcrcfor., W J,, , 0 , lrl ,I c! , ,h 0 ,, !and! j,, n „„„ hfnclile.! h, lln, ,„,„„„, tonic, IIADACOU So it matter, not h" ol,l you are or udo >ou .r. . . . it ,,i.ilicn nol vhfrt voa live or it TO,, h»vo tric.l ,11 ,l, e m,,licin« under il,e tun fht if,""»ond r/, pr.p,,.,!,™ IIAIJACOr. . lri.L Don', to ' .""luH ri^ 'l?.",^^ inu« tt. 1».I , m ,,,,M« Re fnir to yoi,r«lf. Temporary relief I m,l enough for you. HADACOL . trial. Accept no ,uljuTn V Iniut on ll,e genuine HADACOL. lun.ntnte. SolH it ill the leading drug ,| nr «. Trial ,l,e ant, fl.25 b,,, UT , Qioncv-buy the l, r ,. family ,,,d hoipital ,i«-only ».5l). .^il "lliil'lfm '" °" r '"•""', lll » l "ADACOI. »ill help you ,!,.„ ST. ell I1ADAI.OI, on • money.lmk eunr.mlec. 11 you ,li,n't l fc l nor. tectly ,, lls tic,l ,f,er minj IIAUACOI. 3 , .lirectej, ),,„ rJS'n ,h. oinpty carton ind your money will h« cheerfully refundej. Nothin. *ould be fairer. ' ' •

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