The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1950
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. Marines to Keep Reserves in Uniform PAGE THREE PBARi HARBOR, Sept. M, «')— Th» u. S. Marines Corps, which icrambled men together from &s far aw»y as the Mediterranean to meet _the Korean emergency. Intend! to keep all reserves In uniform. Its 'commander made that clear yesterday. jjfaret has aliown us the neces- dW*ol having ready forces available to fight anywhere," said Gen. Clidbn B. Gates on a stopover en- route to Korea. Th« general said the corps' lighting arm, the (leet Marine (orce. numbered. only about 25,000 when the Reds Invaded South Korea' June IS. To'get the necessary men, Gates said, some were taken trom security forces it naval bts*s. Some were veterans of World War II »nd Joined the division sent lo Korea without any refresher training:. "The thing that's remarkable Is the way that division was assembled," the general said. "It was thrown together «nd it made a damn good team," He put present strength of the Marine Corps at 120.000 and said he' b o p e d, to reach authorized strength ol 160,000 men by the end of this year. "There is no plan whatsoever for releasing reserves," he said. "International circumstances do not warrant releasing anyone." Cohen's $16,000 Armored Cadillac To Just Lounge Around on Wheels 1X36 ANGELES, Sept. 29. (AP) —. Mickey Cohen has a brand new armor-plated Cadillac but it may have to stay In Ihe garage. The highway patrol—which passes on armored vehicles in California — yesterday denied the gambling czar a permit to operate the custom-built car. Cohen—several times a target of gunfire bursts In recent years- was taken aback. "I don't care about myseH, understand," he said. "But what am I gonna do for instance 'When tny mother conies to visit? . . . , And my wife! I gotta have some protection lor the family, don't I?" The ear has eight-inch thick doo,rs each weighing 100 pounds be- rf^e of a slab of bullet-proof fib- erlTass .Inside. There are steel armor plates inside the seats and the extra-thick windows won't'have to be rolled down. The car has an »800 air conditioning system. But it will just have .to stand awhile on ils $400 worth of bulletproof tires. Says a highway patrol spokesman .explaining permits are granted only to 'armored express eompariieE and bank messengers: "If a' permit is Lssitert to one giuribler, there will be 10,000 armored car»"'on the road and the police would never be able to stop them." French Plan Territory Guard As Red Defense PARIS, Sept. 29. (AP)—Prance Is planning to strengthen her hand agnlnst a Red fifth column In case of war by forming a new "territoi'ial guard/' The defense ministry sard the guard will protect internal communications, oppose attempts at sabotage, assure maintenance of order and right Infiltration of foreign^ elements. French officials—and foreign observers here—have been concerned over internal danger from Communist dissidents should war break out. The cabinet decree announcing decision to establish the guard did not mention the communists, but the wording clearly Indicated it had them in mind. "Ce soir," the Communist Party's semi-official paper, quickly dubbed the scheme the "Moch Plan" after Defense Minister Jules Moch. Moch, a Socialist, IK hated by the Communists for breaking their big A'ar strikes when he was interior minister in control of police. Arkansas School jilding Okayed SHARP THINKING—Signal Corps photographer Sgl, Ray Turnbull, of Miami, Fla,, now serving in South Korea, demonstrates how he uses his bayonet as a unipori lo support his camera. The bayonet is also handy for close-in fighting. Photo by NEA-Acme Staff Photographer Ed Hodman. '50 Polio Total To Be 3rd Worst On Record WASHINGTON, Sept. 29. W)—It But last year the disease reached I nnniV 1 ' k^iiiiwH n.., ovxinn,-,- H.^f IDKn ,,,{11 Ka +li« He n*i!ll- in 111IH - A i\ol let o >lH Ihn,-, " ullu:> < ls CaUSCQ 20 years except for 1932. The cumulative total since the di sease started its upswing last March is 18,403 cases. For the corresponding period --year—the worst polio year on re cord—30,350' cases had been reported Voters Approve $9 Million Plan For New Construction LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 29. <fl?|—A 19.000.000 construction program hns been approved by voters In Arkan sas's public school districts. Education Commissioner A. H. Bonds said yesterday only four districts turned down proposed bond ssues In last Tuesday's annual .chool elections. Those tailing to approve bond Issues are olllett. Huntsvllle. Center Ridge and Stamps. Mrs. Thelma Splnnenweber. act- ng supervisor of the school loans and records division, said the approved funds would allow; Completion of construction already begun In 13 districts; purchase of new equipment asked by 73 districts, and buildings In 34 districts to be remodeled and repaired. Mrs. Splnnenweber said the new bond issues would bring the total outstanding debt of Arkansas' school districts to JGO.000,000 an increase of $41.000.000 in the past five years. FLAT ANSWER—Here's what Robert Thomas, of Man rolled on this half and the second half is pul on. I'liolo by NEA- Acmc Sliifl Photographer Rene Henry. rMprrUtown.. N. J., once an iron •rneiimg center; fc now largely residential.- - TOP COP—Thomas F. Murphy, assistant U. S. attorney who successfully prosecuted charges against Alger EJiss, is New York City's new police commissioner. He succeeds William P. O'Brien, who resigned following expo- •ure ol alleged $3 mill ion-a-yeai jpolice shakedown of bookie rings. Loborites Take 6-Seat Majority LONDON. Sept. M. (/P)—A parliamentary by-election victory gave Britain's ruling Labor party a six- seat majority In the House of Commons today. A. L- Ilngoed-Thomas, prominent labor lawyer, was chosen to fil a vacant seal from the industrial city of Leicester by an 18/777 to 13,642 .vote over Conservative H. A- Taylor, London Journalist .The election was held in a working class district, The Labor party's hair-thin margin In the 652-seat House of Commons had been cut to five last August with the resignation of Labor M. P. Albert Raymond Blackburn. The Labor-it*;! also retained ft London council seat in another by- election yesterday. Crying for RELIEF from Fight tne»e agonies t Take clinically tested C-Z223 for quick-relief. Wonderful C-2ZZI contains fa- Tnou*. beneficial herb "Black Snake-Root"; Us Iodized to activate Salicylate action for better, more «f- fective poln relief. Price of first bottle back if not satisfied. Don't wait-*o to your drug store—get C*777T. now appears thut 1950 will be the hird worst polio year on record, the Public Health Service snld yesterday. The worst are recorded as iS19 and 1016. There were 2,110 new cases of po- Ito last week, 1-1[2 per cent more than lu the preceding week—which, ia turn, showed a 22-L2VS per cent increase over the week before. Furthermore, the service said, the peak of the disease Ls occurring later than at ivny time in the past its peak in mid-August, and then went Into a steep decline almost to the em! of the year. This year the disease has kept increasing for 18 weeks. There is still no assurance that the peak has been reached. "Because of the unusually late peak Incidence this year, the total number of cases reported in 1950 will probably exceed those of all ether years except 1949 and 1916,' the service said. ltatr(tncy Session Set LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 29. </IV-An emergency session of the Arkansas Board of Education has been set for sometime next month to consider ways of finding an extra S4.000.000. Arkansas Education Commissioner A. B. Bonds said > request for the meeting came from board chairman M. E. Bird of Earle. who wrote that the slate's public schools "are facing »n extremely difficult problem." Bonds said school operation during the 1950-51 term Is expected (o cost about $4,000.000 more than It did last year. The higher cost, snld by a large In- system. Bonds saw Dial lo provide ml- ditlonal teachers a $2.000,000 Increase would have to be made in the teacher-aid fund. And, he said, this would not provide for an Increase in salaries. crease In the number of students attending school this year. He expects school enrollment lo Jump 10,000 annually during the next three years. This year alone. Bond: satd, an ddllional 1,000 teachers are need- d In the state's public Jchool or KHIUMATI1M A»rn«rm Jjoao KEEPS WALLS DRV.' KEEPS WALLS YOU SM IT COMES IN PURC WHITE ANO 12 MORE «>COPL£ USE 6ONOEX THAN ALL OTHER WUWTS COMBINED/ «rf«d (or protecting and b*oi/ti- brick, rton*, concrvt*, MocV, out* Comn In Miy-to-mix powdvr form. 8r\Ah*t or wravt on banili w?rti *w pwrfoc* ... fry ftONOCX Kxxrf Xl-lt. Mil. whit*. ELDERLY FOLKS/ Accidents add (o your discomfort, nulUply your miseries, divide your income said subtract from your pleasure. French Ready Battalion PARIS. Sept. 29. (AP)—The dc- ."oiuse ministry said today Prance Is forming n bnLlnllon for service will Ihe United Nutloiw forces In Korea. The unit is scheduled to leave I sometime next month. | 3ov. Dewey Takes Hand in New York Graft Scandal NKW YORK, Sept. 29. UP)— GOT. Thomas E. Dewey, New York'i racket-buster back In the 1930X Lodny took a personal hand in tht city's gambling and police fraft scandal. State Intervention In the widening probe of corruption becam. a possibility as the governor scheduled an extraordinary conference . (10:30 a.m., EST) with the actmt mayor and police commissioner. Dewcy's secretary said the governor is "gravely concerned about disclosures of widespread corruption." DR. BUCK'S EYE WATER, FOR PEOPLE, HORSES, DOCS. AND POULTRY Contain. No PoLton HAUMLESS AND PAINLESS Will nol Injure. IVlle.r. qnli kly. It for InrUmitJon at th* Kvrs, For Burning, Strained, or Aching byes, and Pink Kycs, For Sale »l l>ru( Store* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores LEM£ tota IT tod *»* itiMctfc **4 p«pl Vaar t!r«l fe*Liti([ may conic, from low btoo.1 count. S S.S.I LonjCfM* right itr«i|rhL to work li nft*n h»in*j hetix th* body I TIRED ml. blood-rti nnd • drug i S.S.S. TM rwtrfti ftm»f IM~Ti4c Fv 11 YMH IF YOU WANT TO VOTE, YOU MUST PAY YOUR I'OLI, TAX by Saturday. Your check must he in The Sheriff's Office (not In (he mail) by noon. Dud Ciison Post 24, A. Speck McGregor, COM. An announcement by Henry J. Kaiser GET FAST, SUPERFICIAL MUSCLE PAIN-RELIEF WITH Tfav DOUBLE- KM. * ARTHRITIS • RHEUMATISM • NEURITIS BURSITIS • SCIATICA • LUMBAGO ' And Muscular Aches of Simple Colds Temporarily Relieved at Point of Pain Ko Internal Dosniifwith"sUBIK! Use It locally! Modern Research Drug, Methacholine Chloride Used Today, at your Knlctir-Froxor doator, TOM wifl ; nee wo be)tav« to bo Ihe moat Impoilant car that America has produced sines lh« aulomob!l« bocama a necessity of (iafly living. It fills iho needs, the wanls, Ihe purchaiSng pow« o! ail Amoilca as no other car has done In lh« ' ' lasl ton yoEita, It Is nicgrjod. II haa ontalanding maneuverability, hcmdloa and parks easily, and la powered with our now Supoisonlc Engines which de!Ev*r up t* 30 to 35 tnlies to iho gallon. Tha Henry J [s Iho lov/ost-prlced car in th» lav/-piica Hold, It has Iho full, generous proportions to which Americana ciio accualomod. V/fi havn given it the best comhlnalion oE performance^ comfort. • lyling, and economy ol operation. It IB 1ho car lhal you and ovory Ameilcan lamllT tan a^lcid lo buy, 16 opeicrto, \o,malnValn...and be pioud to c-fin. PHONi ANY WESTEIN UNION Off 1C! iky ANYWNIRI in Hit U. S. A. ASK FOI "OKRATOR IS" Scores of elderly folks on whom SURIN was used, for the local relief of rheumatic, arthritic, ncuril- ic, bursitic, sciatic, and lumbago pains received speedy temporary ease at ihc point of pain from these long-standing symptoms. Older muscles are usually more , troubled with superficial rheumatic pain. 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