The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on November 27, 1943 · 21
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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada · 21

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1943
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i THE WINDSOR DAILY STAR, WINDSOR, ONTARIO, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 194J FACE NINE r7Mowcr Advised to Pick New life From His Own Age Class 1 I 11 Be Much Happier Than With Woman 20 Years j Younger; Older One Will Care More Purple and White Rule Again As Assumption Entertains College Colors Form Effective Setting for Annual Scholarship Fund Dance at Norton Palmer Hotel Fresh From the Kitchen By Mary Moore ry 4 JAR DOROTHY DIX: I am a widower In my late fifties, has been dead many years. n are In col-, I married and very lonely ish to marry , . I am greatly I 4 acted to a n, : woman who ears younger I am. She Is vivacious and .r t and Is v in teres ted and my fam- My My t J d so have a ' ot lon DOROTHY DIX dig a ho Is about my own age, v. quiet and poised, with quali-:of heart and mind that would her a comfortable companion declining years. However, I younger than she is and that I t enjoy a few more years of travel ? interest. ich. in your opinion, do you , the best venture for me. pro-a, of course, that they both care Jly for me? I wish to make no ake and do not want to Involve jrif In problems. PUZZLED WIDOWER. j ANSWER: I think that the woman :T tun is about your own age is your f st bet. In fact, she is practically a t -ere thing. Whereas you would be : iking a long shot at happiness If you I flamed a woman 20 years younger khan yourself. It seems to me that nothing Is ore Important in marriage than arrylng In your own age class, and is is particularly the ease when we e past our first youth, for there no denying that our ways and our 'es and dislikes and our opinions irden along with our arteries, and at It Is practically impossible to ange them after we get fiftyish. 3oys and girls who marry may taV: bhance ora adapting themselves to b other, though even that is risky. X when elderly people marry they Aust choose mates who are already 'hat they want. They cant make j-iemselves over and alter their methods of life to please someone whose whole background and interests are different from theirs. That is what you would have to try to do if you married the woman who Is 20 years younger than you are. She would want to do things that belong to her time of life. To gad about, go to places of amusement, do a thousand things that you have done so often that you are tired to death of them. Her points of view, her beliefs and opinions would not be yours. CANADA KNOWS THE VALUE OF VISION Thera is no rationing or restriction in ths manufacture of fine lenses. When eyesight needs assistance, it is folly to dspend on anything but tho best. Be sure your eyesight is adsquate ... havs you r eyes examined now. (B fH IB U) 5 OPTO m ETR I ST 1364 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-9-107 r r FOOT-AID WAS DISCOVERED! 13 years ago. Miracle Foot-Aid was discovered because 1 of the urgent need of the Inventors safe for relief I from feet that I were so painful I and sensitive that I life was becoming 1 unbearable. All re-I gular methods had failed. S o m ething i a e w must be found. Through I Derslstent work, by 1 trial and error, the inventor of Miracle I Foot-Aid discovered the principle of exercise plus supra 'port. and applied it 1 to the feet. It gave the comfort I J in walking no other method had I accomplished. I I Through the years. Miracle Foot-I I Aid has been perfected, has been - T able to do even greater good than before In helping those afflicted with Foot Pain. Today, Miracle J Foot-Aid standa alone In its field T in giving foot ease and comfort. You've heard about Miracle Foot-Aid, why not enjoy the great foot relief it can bring you? Find out. .today, about Miracle Foot-Aid-1, iouil be glad you did! FREE CONSULTATION PiiraclD WYANDOTTE E. 2nl 4-8434, Windsor 9 AM. - 12 NOON 1-4 P M. ! - LONDON - HAMILTON I because the whole world has changed In the last 20 years, and after your brief romance was over and you settled down you would have very little in common. And you would find out what every old man who marries a woman younger than himself dJ covers to his sorrow, that a young wife will not make you feel younger, as you thmk she will, she will make you feel older. On the other hand, if you marry the woman who is your own age, who is calm and quiet and poised, she will make you a comfortable companion for declining years, because you will have everything in common and be able to say to each other "dont you remember? And you may be very sure that the older woman will care a great deal more for you than the younger one. - DEAR MISS DIX: I want very much to join the WAVES, but my family opposes my doing so. I am 22 years old. Am not married. Have no dependents. Do you think I would make a mistake in joining the WAVES? I have been working in a defence plant for the last ten months, but quit m order to join the WAVES. They sav that every girl who becomes a WAVE releases a man for active dutv. I cant see why it isnt as much a girls duty to do what she can to help win the war as It Is a boys duty. Am I right? , I WANT TO BE A WAVE. ANSWER: Well. If you do. why dont you join up? Uncle Sam is calling long and loudly for women to come to his help, and certainly the ones who can best respond are girls like you who are young and free. I think a woman who has children best serves her country by staying at home and taking care of them and keeping them from running wild, as they are bound to do without a mother to watch over them. But with a woman who has no such responsibilities the case is different. And if an unattached woman can free a man for active duty, she should go to the help of her country. So join up if you have the call, and long may you wave. DOROTHY DIX. Craig-W agner Nuptials Today Sailor To Be Married at All Saints Cliurcli The marriage of Miss Eileen Wagner, daughter of Mrs. William Wagner, Mercer street, to Able Seaman Alfred G. Craig, son of Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Craig, Hickory road, will take place this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, in All Saints Church. Capt. the Rev. R. Charles Brown to officiate. The bride, who will be given In marriage by her brother, AC Howard Wagner, has chosen a lovely floor-length gown of white brocaded satin, fashioned with a sweetheart neckline, and her veil will be fingertip-length. She will wear pearls and will carry red roses and bouvardia. Miss Dorothy Ray. as maid of honor, will be in blue satin, made with a bouffant skirt of matching chiffon, and her heart-shaped halo will match, and she will carry pink roses, while Miss Edna Craig, the bridegroom's sister, as bridesmaid, will be in pink chiffon, and will wear a matching halo, and carry yellow roses. Able Seaman George Atherton, R. C. N. V. R-. will assist the bridegroom as best man, and Mr. Bert Milson and Mr. Ronald Clifton will be the ushers. Mrs. Grace Cail will sing Because during the signing of the register. A reception will follow, at the home of the bride's grandfather, Mr. A. T. Brydges. on Elliott street west. Mrs. Wagner is wearing for her daughter's wedding a gown of black crepe, with a small black hat, and a corsage of pink roses; and Mrs. Craig will be In blue sheer, and will wear a black hat, and yellow roses. AS and Mrs. Craig will leave later for the West Coast, where the bridegroom Is stationed. Out-of-town guests for the wedding include Mrs. Willis Kirby, Grand Blanc, Michigan; Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Butler and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bly, Fenton, Michigan; Mrs. Vernon Sin-cerbeau. Flint; Mrs. Wiliam Horning, Hamilton; and Mr. and Mrs. George ManderviUe, Detroit. Rainbow Girls to Entertain Tuesday Windsor Assembly. No. 6, Order of the Rainbow for Girls, will hold a card party Tuesday evening, at 8 oclock, in the Moose Temple, on Ouellette avenue. Miss Phyllis Turner, general convener, promises attractive prizes for the winners at each table, as well as four door prizes, and Miss Doris Gillespie is in charge of tickets, and Miss Joyce Maynard, of tallies. - A special display is planned, of articles suitable for Christmas gifts, and a cordial invitation is extended to the public to attend. , , k , (mm mm1 Valuable new safeguard against DIAPER RASH, CHAFING, CHAPP1N6 Yes. mothers, today you caa actually help prevent Diaper Rua and other skm irritations keep your babys skm healthier. safer from Rerras through daily applications of Cuucura Antiseptic Baby 03. Pure, medicated, stainless. At 60. more for your money than . , other leading brands. Buy v; today at your druggists! CUTICURA ANTISEPTIC BABY OIL Christmas . Goodie Time Is Nearing THE preparation for Christmas " and sometimes the fun lasts longer and is better than The Day itself. In our kitchen w-e have had two baking orgies: one for the cakes and cookies we sent overseas, and another to make our own cakes and rookies in plenty of time to test them before printing the methods on the cookery page. This year I am giving you some cookies straight from a Czechoslovakian woman who made them for a council meeting of Canadian women and they nearly stopped the show. The honey cake is a little different from your traditional Christmas fruit cake, but the most delicious morsel of fruitiness you can imagine. These two little cookies are noted for their delicious flavor and good keeping qualities make them now for Christmas. Vanilla Kipfels I (Vanilla Crescents) (I have had to transpose these amounts from grams, then to ounces,', then to tablespoons so you esn be patient enough to measure them out by measuring tables ponnfu Is, etc.) Tkenty tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon (using standard measuring spoons) flour, 10 tablespoons butter. 10 tablespoons ground almonds, 8 tablespoons sugar, 2 egg yolks, and 6 additional tablespoons sugar for rolling crescents in when baked. To make, scald the almonds, slip off the skins and grind them through fine knife of grinder. Now make the dough: My Czechoslo vakian friend says to pile the flour ora your baking board and make a hole in it and put butter, sugar, almonds and yolks In the hole, and knead the whole thing into a nice smooth dough with the hands this takes patience, but is very nice when done. Form into tmy crescents about inches long by to '2 inch thick, by rolling between palms, then bending a little to form a crescent. Put on ungreased cookie sheet (they contain so much shortening cookie sheet does not need any) and bake at 375 deg. Fahr. for about 10 minutes watch closely and do not let these little crescents bum. WHILE STILL HOT roll in the second lot of sugar which should be powdered sugar. This rolling sugar is flavored with vanilla in Czechoslovakia, but white powdered vanilla is too hard to obtain for me to suggest using it here. If kept in airtight tin these are at their best after three weeks. Finger Cookie Thirty-one tablespoons flour (these are worth the patience this measuring requires), 10 tablespoons butter, 6 tablespoons sugar, 2 egg yolks, a few chopped almonds, some jam preferably apricot or strawberry or red currant jelly, and some extra sugar. Pile the flour on your baking board and make a hole in centre and put the butter, sugar and yolks in hole. Knead to form a nice smooth dough with hands. Put in refrigerator for 2 to 1 hour. When chilled form into tiny balls not more than 3; inch in diameter. Place on cookie sheet ungreased and with forefinger make dent in centre top. but do not flatten cookie. Brush with egg white, sprinkle top with a little sugar and bake in moderate oven of 375 deg. Fahr. for 10 to 15 minutes. When done sprinkle top with chopped almonds and put a very little dot of Jam in the indentation. Or fill hole with a quarter of a candied green or red cherry. These are very decorative on a plate of assorted cookies. Dorothy Honey Fruit I Cake I (This is a rich medium light fruit cake easy to make and oh-so-easy to eat.) One-half lb. butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons honey, 3 cup milk, 1 teaspoon cream of tartar,,! teaspoon salt, 1 2 teaspoon soda, flour to make a stiff batter about 3 cups, 2 lbs. raisins Valencias when we can get them but Lexias seeded will do, at least . lb. mixed peel the addition of another 1 4 lb. citron peel Is optional but good. 2 lb. candied cherries these are nice if half are green and half are white, 2 lb. blanched almonds (if these are not available try cashews or blanched Brazils). Sift together the flour, cream of tsrtAr, salt, soda, then take 1 2 cup of this and mix it with the fruit so that all surfaces of the fruit are floured and separated. Cream the butter until your arm aches, then sift in the brown sugar a little at a time, until you have a light creamy mixture. Beat in the egg yolks and honey. Add the milk and floured fruits and nuts, mix well, and sift in dry ingredients last. Then fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. 8 NOTE: To make this cake larger, you may add a jar of pear or peach jam not more than 8 oz.. when more flour will be needed about 1 additional cup of sifted flour. - Pour batter into deep lined cake pans, lined with several thicknesses oiled paper or 1 thickness heavy brown paper well buttered. Bake or steam. If cake is steamed it requires 5 hours COVERED ALL THE TIME and j hour in oven of 350 to dry It off. If cake is baked, stand it in larger pan containing hot water and bake 22 hours at 300 deg. Fahr. Steaming and short bake period are preferable. Shortbread (Every year I give you a shortbread recipe this is a little different from last years in that it contains cornstarch the cornstarch gives a smoother texture.) One cup butter 02 lb.). 4 cups sifted flour (I lb.), 7 tablespoons cornstarch (2 oz.), 2 cup sugar (4 oz.). Beat the butter to a cream and then dredge in gradually the other ingredients. Work this paste with the hands until quite smooth and divided into 3 pieces. Pat each piece n a 1 -4 4 1 IfJ' n A i!; Tlie Bride Learns to Cook An Impressive Company Dessert 1htr lovely dessert, s chocolate refrigerator cake will serve five or six A people. For a cake twice the size, just double the recipe. Line the sides and bottom of a loaf or small spring form pan with halved lady fingers, rounded side out. Steam 20 marshmallows in the top of a double boiler with 1 square (1 ounce) of grated unsweetened chocolate, 1 cup of milk and teaspoon of salt. Remove from the heat, beat vigorously with a rotary beater to blend the Ingredients and chilL When cold, whip 1 cup of thick cream until it is thick and light and fold into the chocolate mixture. Alternate layers of the chocolate sauce and lady fingers, arranging lady fingers on top. Chill In the refrigerator for at least six hours, or overnight. Serve In slices or wedges with a topping of slightly sweetened whipped cream. This Weeks Best Wartime Recipe Contributed By Our Readers TYEAR MARY MOORE: I went to a lecture last week and the lady who was addressing the meeting gave us some recipes for stretching our meat rations. X tried the recipe for beef loaf because I have ten in my family and while X have enough coupons I have to make my money stretch too. X found this loaf so popular I thought It only fair to pass It on to your readers quickly. NEW IDEA BEEF LOAF (For 10 People) (If you have only five in your family serve it hot once and cold once.) Two lbs. hamburg or minced stewing beef. 1 egg, 1 cup milk. i cup rolled oats, 1 teaspoon salt (pinch of sage and pepper are optional and more onion may be used if well liked). Mix all ingredients well and press into greased loaf tin or glass casserole. Cover. Bake at 375 deg. Fahr. for I1 to li hours. (Sent in by Mrs. Vance.) This is excellent the rolled oats give it s fine flavor bread crumbs never had. Of course a whole cup of rolled oats could be added If you wanted to make the loaf go further, when the milk would be increased to 1) cups, and salt Increased to Hi teaspoons. This is delicious served with horseradish cold or hot. See our Cheese Souffle elsewhere on page, calling for rolled oats. out into a square, or pat into a layer cake tin evenly. If desired, score with lines in a pattern. Prick well all over. Bake at 325 deg. Fahr. for about 25 to 30 minutes. If shortbread is baked in cookie shapes, roll it out, pressing edged together where it cracks, until it is smooth 'enough to stay intact, then cut out . j-inch thick cookies with well floured cookie cutter. Bake at 275 degrees Fahr. until just baked and hardly browned at all. NOTE: If you would like other Christmas cake, cookie or pudding recipes, write to me immediately, naming them. Allied Youth to Hold Hop Dec . 10 Allied Youth, Incorporated, has plans under way for a Holiday Hop to be staged at the main Y.W.C.A. Building m Detroit at Witherell and Montcalm streets, Friday evening. December 10. Square dances. Congo lines, a song feast, with Mr. Herbie Sham as leader, and refreshments are planned, with a grand march as a special feature, and members of the armed forces wnll be special guests. All young people Interested are invited to attend. Sweet Thoughts Foods eaten hot taste sweeter than they do when cold. So. when the ; sugar ration runs low you can save ! by serving baked apples or apple sauce 1 hot instead of cold and by using more of the hot desserts which take less ! sugar. Stear clear of frozen desserts until the sugar stockpile is up for they take most sweetening of all. Try FORD CLEANERS Now A FAMILY TREAT SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER OPEN 11 A.M. TO 8 A.M. WHITE RESTAURANT WINDSORS FINEST 33 PITT STREET EAST W 'Jf ' LADIES TAILORED SUITS Distinctively', Styled V- r of s- j-r - SEGUIN Oucllatta r To Meet Monday The regular meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary to the R.CN.VR. will be held Monday evening, at 8 o'clock, at the Norton Palmer Hotel. All members are requested to be present. WEB fiMWTl (MMM03 KEUDlMiliMj Compliments of SUN MON PRESERVES COUPON VALUES (D Coupons ia Now Book) 8 fluid ouncos jam. lolly. Marmalado. Applo Bailor. Maplo Button Honor Button or 12 fluid ouncos Extracted Honor. Maplo Syrup or I) lb. Maplo Suqar; or 10 fluid ouncos Canned Fruit or 14 ounce Corn Syrup. Cano Syrup, Blended Table Syrup; or 1 lb. Comb Honey; or 20 fluid ounce Molas or it lb. Suqar. m M) RATIONED MEATS ARE: Beef. veal, pork, mutton, and lamb. Tho weekly ration variee from cne peund to two-and-one-halj pound, depending on the type oi meat purchased. A iHrrrg (Effnatuma S' Mix Biscuits Fast; Bake In Hot Oven Czechoslovakian Recipes Are Offered ; Can Be Made Now QUESTION: Would you mind sending me a good recipe for baking powder biscuits? X never seem to have any luck with mine. They never seem to be light and tasty. Thanking you, Mary Johnston. ANSWER: Baking powder biscuits must be mixed quickly and very little, must be baked in s very hot oven. Baking Powder Biscuits Two cups flour, 5 teaspoons baking powder, '2 teaspoon salt, 4 tablespoons shortening, i cup miiir. gift the flour, baking powder and salt together. Rub shortening. In with the finger tips until It resembles coarse oatmeaL Add milk slowly mixing with a fork until you have a soft dough barely enough to mix in the milk. Roll out or pat out on slightly floured board to --inch thickness. Cut with floured biscuit cutter and bake at 450 deg. Fahr. (very hot) for 10 to 15 minutes. Current Meat Supply Adequate MONTREAL, Nov. 27. Officials of the foods division of the Prices Board here yesterday admitted the m-at supply Is plentiful at present for home consumption, but they said that 25,-000,000 pounds of meat a week are being consumed in Canada, and a reserve must be maintained to offset any seasonal decrease in supplies that may be experienced. They refused comment on a statement of one wholesaler that he had been told a short time ago shipments of meat to Russia would be started in January. Miracle Cure Is No Miracle LONDON, Eng., Nov. 27. The Lancet, British medical journal, said yesterday that three army doctors had tested patulm, which had been hailed in some quarters as a new miracle cold cure, and in 100 cases found that the patients treated with it showed substantially the same clinical improvement as those treated with othet remedies. On the basis of their test the three doctors decided that Patulm had no demonstrable effect. the Journal said. v qp CE3 TUE WED 7 Mtolitu Dor Is Public CcliBf FIocn 71 Meatless Day La Public Eatinq Places Meatless Day in Public Eating Places Meatless Dor La Public Eating Places UNRATIONED MEATS ARE: Heart tongue. Heet sweetbreads, cooked sousago bologna, weiners. spar ribs ostails. pig's knuckles, and other meat not listed in tho Chart displayed in butchor shops WISH YOU Purple and white, favorite colors of thousands of Assumption graduates, formed the theme for lat nights successful dance staged at the grill room of the Norton-Palmer Hotel by the Assumption Alumni Club. A.C." crests and alumni banners bedecked the pillars at either aide of the Orchestra shell and were also used about the ballroom. Opposite the band stand bouquets of purple and white asters and chrysanthemums were cleverly arranged on the mantel of the chalk-white fire-place. Splendid music was provided by a popular dance band, featuring Miss Ruth Reid as vocalist. Proceeds of the affair will go toward pajing for the Alumni Clubs scholarships at the college. This scholarship fund dance was the bc-'t ever, with everyone carefree and full of fun from the beginning until . the last chords faded away. Novelty darces provided variety, and Mr. Neil Veil was the lucky winner at the drawing of the beautiful chest of silver. Mr. Jerry Hartford was the genial convener. Mrs. Hartford was wearing a red wool dress buttoned to the waist with elbow-length sleeves, the skirt being gathered. Assisting Mr. Hartford was Mr. Larry Go selin. whose date" was Miss Mary McGowan, chic in a black crepe gown with an oval neckline and elbow-lei gth sleeves edg"d n jet-studded black lace. Miss McGowan wore a m.ure orchid in her hair Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gignae were tlire. Mrs. Gignae attractive In a bright red two-piece dress, the front of the jacket effective with braiding. Mrs. Gignacs corsage was of white chrysanthemums. Mr. Allan Mc-Eachaa escorted Mas Shirley York who was lovely m dramatic black crepe, the Jet trim at the high neckline repeated at the waist her corsage being a pale mauve orch.d. Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison, Mrs. Harrison having chosen for the occasion a rose-toned coral wool dress with a dirndl skirt and black nck-rack effects at the bodice and hip-line: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Marcotte, the latter wearing a lovely pale blue wool crepe gown with peg-top skirt, the pockets of which were gold-studded, as were the covered buttons: Mr. Jack Kennedy, with Miss Betty Howard who was smart in blue wool with square neck and silver buttons to the hemline, and a corsage of bary chrysanthemums and white gardenias, and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E, Mrs. Blonde wearing an attractive black crepe gown with V-neck, a gathered skirt and s Jet sequin flewer at the neck-line, were all seeing to the pleasure of the guests. Also noted at the party were Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Gignar. the latter wearing an ultra-smart red gabardine dress with saddle -st.tched jacket top. her white sheer blouse very feminine with its flounce of lacy fnl.s. and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gervais. Mrs. Gervais stunning la s gown of deep purple wool with an open collar, buttoned to THU nr Meal Coupons 2t are valid. Q Sugar Coupon. 21 J and 22; Preserves Coupons D8 and D3; flutter Coupon. 40 and 41: Meat Coupons 29; or valid. M Tea-Cofloe Coupons 24 and 25; and Meat Coupons 30; are valid. M Butter Coupons 42 and 43; Meat Coupons 31. are valid. Ja m Meat Coupons 32 are valid. RATION BOOK NO. 2 EXPIRES COMPLETELY DECEMBER 31st, 1343 the waist, and braided pockets. Mr. Reg. McGarvey escorted Miss Doris Coleman, who chose black crepe with an oval neckline, s gathered skirt, and spaghetti" trim at the neck and on the short sleeves. She wore an orchid corsage. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Reynolds, the latter in air-force blue, the V-neck effectively figured, and edged in pink net ruflles as were the three-quarter length sleeves, were noted, and Lt. Max Mousscau dated Muss Lllban SmiUt. w ho wore a beige crepe tailored dress with an open collar and walnut buttons, her corsage being of dainty pink roses. The following lent their patronage to the successful event: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Walsh. Mrs. Walsh exquisite in a black crepe gown, tho front of which was trimmej with sequin-studded black lace, with a black sequin butterfly m her hair; Dr. and Mrs. Evarist Durocher. the latter lovely m an air-force blue crepe gown with long fitted sleeves and accordion pleated skirt; Mr. and Mrs. James H. Barth. Mrs. Barth attractive in blue crepe and lace, the sleeves elbow-length, with gold accessories; Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Brockenshire, the latter stunning in a w ine velvet dressmaker suit, the pink frill being ao-cordion-pleated. her hat also of wine velvet : and Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Hrmorad. Mrs. Hemond having chosen for the occasion a gown of blue crepe with side draping, and sequin butterflies glittering at the neck and waist-lme. Begley Pupils Enjoy Program An excellent presentation of Tschaikoa sky's The Nutcracker Suite. was given before an attentive audience of pupils, at the weekly assembly at the Frank W. Begley School, by a group of young artista under the direction of Miss Eugenie Cox. music teacher at the school. Present from Cameron Avenue School were Mary Moms, who played the Overture" and Russian Dance; Marilyn Thomas, who rlayed the March" and Candy Fairy": and Audrey McDowell, who played the Arabian number. Participating from Gordon McGregor School was Bernice Rooney, who offered "Reed Pipes. followed by the "flowers Duet. by Miss Cox and Mary Morris. Barbara Miers, Hugh Beaton School, acted as announcer for the performance. Scout Mothers To Meet Mondaym The Mothers Auxiliary to Boy Scout and Cub Thoop 22 mill hold a business meeting Monday evening, at S oclock, at the home of Mrs. David Watterson. 767 Windermere road. A large attendance is urged. FRI SAT 0 n m Butter Coupon. 38. 39. 40. 41; Meat Coupons 26. 27. 28. 29; Sugar and Toa-Cofleo Coupons 1 to 13; All Canning Sugar Coupons EXPIRE. be ML v J ) (

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