The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 21, 1948 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 7
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Lords Reject Compromise On Hanging . XONDON. July 20. (Reuters) The House of Lords, where the Conservatives are In a majority, tonight rejected a Government compromise proposal on banging in Britain. This would have di-. Tided murder into two degrees, one carrying the death penalty and the other life imprisonment The vote was 99 to 19. . It is thought in political quarter that the Government now may drop the clause from the Criminal Justice Bill and introduce it in another session as a separate bill This would , prevent the holding up o a, bill which all parties agree contains many valuable judicial reforms. Among first degree murders would have been that of a policeman or prison official, a second murder, murder after rape, aod systematic poisoning. ' The Government's compromise arose roan the Lord's rejection of an earlier Commons proposal. This, passed on a free nooperty) vote against the Government" advice, wvuld have suspended the death penalty alUfrther for murder for teat period of five years. The Leader of the Opposition, the Marquess of Salisbury, MM' The Government's proposal could only result in the grossest disequilibrium of penalties for murder. It has been drafted to get the Government out of a Jam." Lord Geddard. Lord Chief Jasttee. said that If the Gov-ernment's prepeaaj became law It weald "reduce the law of Britain U a laafhtn stock". Be was supported by several other Jfldj-es whe pointed eat the .anomalies which V toco not Jewttt, the Lard Chancellor, admitted, particalarly the dif-Seany f drawtnc . a line be-tweea ftrst and second decree aaerdcra. Lord Jowitt said that like all compromises this compromise had not got the Justification of logic behind it Wherever one drew the line, there were cases falling upon one side of the line or another which were difficult to reconcile. The Government felt the death penalty should be retained for those murders which might- act as a deterrent The proposal might not have been well drafted bat it was "a rear effort to end what may become a great public misfortune by the. continuance of this Unhappy controversy". i-Maai . . t r r un hoi me oiuiion Eire May Withdraw Its Application " DUBLIN. July 20 WV-Bre may decide to withdraw Its application for membership In the United Nations, Foreign Minister Sean-McBride said tonight "The United Nations organization has not provided a solution for the world's problems", be told the DaiL Former Premier Xamon de Val- Xa.i ivi m JUNGLE WARFARE SPREADS IN MA LATA British colonial officials in Singapore blamed organized Communist gangs for violences, which, rampant on the Jungle peninsula since the war's end. broke out into open warfare recently with lootings, murders and the pillage of wealthy plantation areas. In this picture, men of the 1th Gurkha Rifles are shown in their sweep through the Jungles against Insurgents near Kuala Lumpur, capital of the Federation of Malaya, a few days ago. The Gurkhas have been pressed Into service to assist police, 'i ' M Widow of Goering Tells German Court She Was Never a Nazi GARMISCH, Germany, July 20 UP) Before a big but unsympathetic audience, Actress Emmy Goering defended today her role as first lady of Nazi Germany. A German denazification court placed the widow of Reichsmar-shal Hermann Goering on trial as a major offender. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a 10-year prison term. The courtroom was jammed with ' Germans who showed -by their grim attitude and occasional expressions of disbelief what was In their minds they'resented the woman who had special air raid shelters" and armored trains. Alternately smiling and weeping, the 35-year-old Emmy blamed her plight on Adolf HiUer. She said she never joined the Nazi party, but that Hitler ordered her name put on its rolls at Christmas time In 1938. . Nazi rolls show - her listing to be numbered 744,606 and dated 1932. Frau Goering said this number was held by an early Nazi who had died and that it later was transferred to her. She blamed none of her trouble, on her 'husband who committed suicide by poison an hour before he was to be hanged as a war criminal In Nuremberg Jail in October. 1946. "I loved my man to the last evening", she said. era, who has visited many countries recently, said there was a "general feeling everywhere that war is ultimately inevitable". "If war. does not come now It is because neither side Is ready as yet", he said in debate. "It Is no time for disarmament" Eire may have to take a big and serious decision soon.." RAF Planes Shoot Up Insurgents in North Malaya SINGAPORE, July 20. iReuters) RAF Spitfires and DC3's flew into action at Malaya trouble centres today, shooting up insurgents In the far north and dropping troop reinforcements, arms and ammunition to anti-guerrilla columns in other parts of the peninsula. tj' Rocket-firing Spitfires made day- long attacks against guerrillas in the Gua Musang area, Kelantan States, where a British major and six Malay soldiers were killed in an ambush yesterday.. A 'six-hour battle followed the attack on a troop and police truck convoy to Gua Musang, where a police station was raided by 300 insurgents, Saturday. The British major, In command, was killed Immediately. It was believed the other occupants of his jeep, which was leading the convoy, were also killed. Four Malay soldiers were also wounded before the column could escape the trap. Spitfires gave air support during the battle, but each time the fighters flew over the at-, tack era stopped firing; to conceal their positions. The Asiatic Inspector and 14 Malay police constables captured in the Gua Musang police station raid were released unharmed today. It la believed - la Sing spare that the Chinese guerrillas freed them as a propaganda gesture, telling their prisoners they were net fighting Malays, but only Britain. Military authorities reported today that two British artillerymen had deserted at Tampin. about 60 miles south of Kuala "4 OIlEJa make m jouuse If simply wonderful . . . the difference in jam and jelly-ipjirinf, when you use Certo. You get jams and jellies that look better, taste better, are better . . . and much more of them. That's because Certo is "fruit pectin" the natural substance in fruit that makes jams "jam" and jellies "jell" extracted and refined ready for your use. THE CERTO BOIL IS SO SHORT With Certo you boil only ono-to-two minute tot jams a holf-minute-to-m-minuto for jellies. NO prolonged, tedious boiling to make sure your jam or jelly will set. Certo makes all fruits set "just right'. This extremely Certo short- boil means : . 1 You get 50 70 more jam or jelly because practically none of your precious fruit juice is boiled away. 2 The time you spend is cut down to a fraction. 3 The natural colour and taste of the fresh fruit are retained. The Certo boil is too short to dull the one or spoil the other. If you are only a beginner, don't worry. -You 11 have no Imilurm if you follow mimctly the recipes provided with Certo. Since different fruits need different handling, there's a separate, kitchen-tested recipe for each one. tl ECONOMICAL -U SMAIT MAX! JAM AND JIUY THf QUICK f IAIY MOM IN CMTO WAY. ASK TOUR OROCU 0t CERTO TODAY. ITT r h rim - pi? A 4w f Md. w Can. S-3S Lumpur, driving off In a jeep with Sten guns. Two terrorists today shot dead a Chinese schoolmaster eight miles south of Kuala Lumpur. They fired over the heads of children as the teacher, a Kuomln-tang (Chinese Government) supporter, tried to flee. One of Malaya's largest rubber and tin mining firms . Is seeking arms from the4 United States to protect its employes against terrorists, a director of the company said today. Several hundred revolvers had already been purchased in Australia, but two weeks ago the authorities refused to grant the firm's Brisbane representative permission to export them by sea. The' Leaning Tower of Pisa drifts about a third of an Inch every 10 years. 110 Out saw team will enable you to trifoy the beacon ot a Connor n your bomt loday. la few anontr your iMrmgi will pay (or roar Connor, and thta your final wash will represent wclaane dmdend cadi week. lARQ.CQ.Ui RAMSAY'S Paints Varnishes Enamel J. E. MARTIN Bank & Albert 3-5195 GOODWIN'S Unfailing Service for Twenty-Seven Years GRENVILLE W. GOODWIN Optomttrist 42 Bank Street 2-5361 COMPLETELY OVERHAULED USED WASHERS r way raw wrw m ee harry corwon APPLIANCES LTD. sC 168 Bank 5-7288 Believe Labor Party Weighing Five-Year Consolidation Plan LONDON. July 20. (Reuters) A five-year consolidation plan involving several new nationalization projects Is believed to be under consideration by leaders ot the Labor Party, it was learned today. The projects are said to be of a social rather than Industrial character. The party also Is said to be considering official control of the distribution of the "essentials of life". Labor next week begins its fourth year of office as the Government party and. with only about 20 months remaining before the next general election. Is working intensively on a fresh program to capture the imagination of the electors. Most of the key schemes of nationalization of industry will be completed before this Parliament ends and there will be no comparable " program of fresh legislation for the general election. A basic feature of the provisional proposals will be an all-round safeguard of a minimum living standard. Labor quarters are understood to be impressed by the operation of the Government's "freeze wages, prices, profits" policy, which now has been in operation for several months. It is claimed that the policy already is reflected in a marked fall in prices of certain essential commodities, as well as the gradual disappearance of various "rackets" and black markets. The Government is expected to hold Parliament "at the ready" while tension over the Berlin situation continues. The Cabinet is not at present planning many meetings for the short reclss, lssting until September 14. But Government djs- THE OTTAWA JOURNAL.-. WEDNESDAY. JULY-21. lStST 7 1 their consent; The ; House of Lords already has thrown out the Parliament Bin. They ran do so in two fur- leaders will be within easy tance of London. 1 If necessary, they can! be reassembled at the Prime'HIriiater's official residence, within- a (ew hours o( any summons to discuss new developments. ' The Parliamentary session which should end July 30 will probably be officially closed September 14 first day of a 10-day session being called to discuss the Parliament Bill, a measure which cuts the House of Lord's powers of delay. The Government is determined to ensure the nationalization of the Iron and steel industry before the general election in 1950. - It can only do this by controlling threatened obstruction toy the peers and the Parliament Bill is designed, to cut the delaying powers of the Lords to .one year. The bill will be retroactive. Under the present law. peers can obstruct non-monetary legislation in three successive sessions. Involving a maximum period of two years, after which the legislation can be made law without ther sessions, of a special Government But by the device 10-day session, the. Is telescoping the period of Upper House resistance. 19 A.N KIN' UiV UAPnUABF , liniWTTnnt) ALADDIN Mantle Lamps Provide s i g h t - s a v i n modern white light from Kerosene.j Uses 94 Air, 6 Kerosene. TABLE LAMP . . . 10.45 HANGING LAMP 12.00 410-416 Bank SL 2-4241 ISM PCTa v-1 - w fs - y h a r,:. t . ' :t & r L I .jm ,7,m i r . - i sr'- . ft, ' r V . "J I ' a s ii er t i IJtwkjk)Fv,," , ' "Y v j FRESH ICEBERG LETTUCE Sc Ontario Garden Fresh Young, Tasty Ideal for Summer Salads . . . Low Priced! Fine Firm Head large Size Head 10c Home Grown Crisp Tasty Laraa Oririnal Bunches ROSEBUD RADISHES 2 -9c Garden Fresh Tasty Large Oririnal Bunches ROSEBUD BEETS 2 9c Ontario Garden Large Slse Head lSe Fresh Caulif 1 3c Home Grown Freah Tyf EET tbe Ontario Farmer! 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ATLMM NEW PACK STRAWBERRY JAM 39 C KELLOGG'S RICE KRISPIES -2 Pttfc27c NlTSWEET PEANUT BUTTER 33c ONLY A FEW MINUTES TO PREPARK KRAFTJDINNER Pkf. 17C SANDWICH OR SLICED WHITE LOAP, lie RRFAD Whita or Wo Wheat fl A FESTIVE FLOCK GBAOE 'A' MILKFED NEW SEASON'S FRESH ROASTING CHICKENS rXZhr.u. 53c BONELESSPOT ROAST La.37c PRIME ROLLED RIB ROAST Tender, Juicy. Ib. 73c Uner End Cy lb. 1 v LEAN PORK LOINS SASCO BRAND CANADIAN Grada No. 1 PURE HONEY 29i CCT PROM FRESH LEAN BEEP HAMBURGER STEAK" 39 PROM ENGLAND Aatortcd Vartotli JACOB'S BISCUITS SUMME STORE H 9.30 arf; 'o 6 p.m. TUfS. throueh SAT. a- 3c ! EUher End asty, Delicious SMOKED COTTAGE ROLLS la. 65c HALIBUT STEAKS - 39c Delivery Service: 10c Delivery rharta oh mlnlmnm' order of ll.SS. Snmmer DellTery tor Jnly and A a fart to CneUea, Klnsanaro, Maaeh Lako and Old Chelaaa. . oaeb Friday 15e charge. 7 ' P maiiak aaaaaaaaa t..k m r- i:iiniir Mil iiiiii "".v a . pt x?G vwnva wnuiiwii " - r- - -m r r ' a i T l r a OURS! (Cvln Lrvm a -ve w a a i i r a v m m. j W Y?4E Mm I f w 1 V --JTSk m m m m mm m mm mm mk m m at m w m ' .. xav. m .bp - mm m mw m mm mi mm rmr m. jlv ar a m w : i . mz m ssa. m miwm m mm. n en -r m mm ,v L.ii.i. i-.frik. J mr -mmmMMmwmmmmww- kaCr''iiT.,'Usar.9iin irm a Ji't ' ' OTTAWA. OUT.! LOCATED IN WHOtllAU COOTIRLA, UMITCO J iiJUe 1U Stpf Qemt emU'4 CfiU

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