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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 22
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 22

The Provincei
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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BOt Tint 1 1 SLEEPING eifcJfcN year. eve seMt Tite I STORAGE Eight or Nine Vessels Will Vessel Loses Lumber After Having It Readjusted Once Before. The Kirk wood Line SS. Torhamvan Is reported at Balboa, en route to Atlantic ports with lumber, with her deckload lost. The ship left here In January for New York with a full cargo and when off Victoria took a list and had to turn back for adjustment of the deckload.

She came to Vancouver and when she had rebuilt her cargo to give her a NOVN YOO. I SU GRovaJ WIEU. WHEN BOOC SAKE STAV Ut 6ftV iVOO DO NT PAY OF I WAY XOO ACT QtT 1 nonthS bCNoE. UT'S AAJONDE NOuvi Von. FBOtA Voott APPPAtJANfP ftr- wetD.

ajll wfrf Lay TMF OimiCij KTUCE IiiVT UCCOUbt. NOU HAUC A WU-VUITW fiTl IDC noMir Cla UeV i i vwi. cjii r-v -evrvetir THt FLOvWERS A FIQrTnNCyVy; CHANCE. Figures Show Is Still Very Yoo the Linial I nraJ la ar rtC I Au-il 1 WOO Rt STARTING To WELL CO eWf 1 100 CANT MY LAWN NowJtR. SO Jo "YOO OMIV GiVJfc.

ME A TROUBLE AND VOU PONT AN UWHERC I we. SOrtC AKt CHERRY TREE I BSLIEUE, WHATS TVe. MATTFB AMTM LAYINC A CERBV Oft "TvtoTfi.S ANNUM JUVT Ah4 DONT STAND THFBF EfTtlNG YOUR WE AO OFF FORNOTMINQ IT'S NOT NOT FAIW yr, A Jy rlous watersheds Is most unfortunate, according to Mr. Smith. 'The tall timbers materially retard the spring melting of snow," he asserted, "and should be preserved In every area." TUlfWBL IMPORTANT.

Endorsing the plan for the tapping of Burwell Lake for storage purposes, Mr. Smith, In his report to the Provincial Government In 1916, stressed the supreme Importance of using tho Burwell scheme. 'The situation Is an Ideal one for a reservoir, where water may be stored in large quantities and for long periods before being delivered to the city," he stated. "The purity of the water Is vouched for by Its source, and If a diversion dam was constructed at the crest of the Seymour Kalis, It would collect and divert as required lot only the waters liberated from tho proposed storage basins, but also the flow from the rest of the ivatorshed." Kxaminatton of the whole of the lake storage facilities on the different wa tersheds adjacent to the city of Van couver has conclusively shown that with a comparatively small enpendUur an abundant water supply can be secured, Mr. Smith declared.

LaROB SUPPLY POSSIBLE. "The total storage possible, accord ing to my Investigations, ts Imperial gallons, and that Is a con servative estimate," he asserted. "As- lilted by the low-water flow of several Hi reams It Is possible to store water In iiuillclcni quantities to serve a popula tion of people for a period of U.ree months, and the actual supply will then depend on the number ol mains and the capacity of the distribution system provided and the amount of money which the citizens are will ing to spend to ensure to themselves und their neighbors a proper and per manent supply. Pugsley Slightly Batter. TORONTO, Feb.

26. Hon. William Pugsley, who has been seriously HI of pneumonia for the last week, was re ported Tuesday night to be slightly better. DynsmiU Itolsn at Montreal. MONTHKAL, Keb.

25. Hlxty sticks of dynamite and 600 feet of fuse were stolen from a local warehouse, It was reported to the police, who fear It may have fallen Into the hands of bandits contemplating some outrage. Tot fof th By-law. Editor Province, A carefully considered and well digested bill for the creation of a Greater Vancouver water district was presented to the Legislature last lecembcr. The bill had been agreed to by South Vancouvur, Point Grey and tho city of Vancouver, in rn stead of passing this bill, the mimt substituted another one, unworanius one, ion, in pi wiuua practically taking away from the three munlcltwil les the right to administer CORRESPONDENCE.

Lot A t)FF i U. did no Is on I LONDON. Kcb. 25. In a report niwlfl to tlie office of tlifi Prime Minister, replying In the allegations of iihnorniftl mcreaso In foreign Immigration, It Is Btati'il that for tho three and a half years which entled Seiili'inber 1 lust, the annual excess arrivals over departures was: lirltish-crs 1W.12I) and foreigners 4010.

The annual excess of births over deaths was 82.001). It Is pointed nut officially that, assuming that British subjects and a similar number of aliens were admitted yearly for the next decade, the British population at the cud of that period will represent 96 per cent, of the total population. Move To Divide Australia Into Many Smaller States NFAV Y0IK, Feb. 25. Dr.

Earl Page, treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia, who arrived here today on his way to Knglanrt, said he was one of th proponents of a movement, now under way In Australia, to divido Us present six slajes gradually into a union of smaller states, twenty-five or thirty. "Slates. rlghters," ho said, were raising opposition, but the "small staters" were a good scrap of it." "A letter which I read in the paper bout Carter's Little I.iver Pilln fined my own case so closely that coulj not help trying them and am very happy 1 did." So writes Mr. rank Trumbull of Jersey City, N. whop letter Roes on to say, "I had heard but Carter's Little Liver Pills for years but never knew they helped overcome poor appetite and sotir until I read about another man in the same plight vtho took Carter's with pood results.

1 tried thern and ran honestly say that they freed me nt nasty gas on stomach, so that I can now ral without getting bilious, and (hey improved niv appetite fully Von can rest assured that from now on 1 will boost Carter's Little l.ivet Pills whenever 1 ran." Recommended and lot talc bj all druB tor A new automobile tiro pressure gauge resembles a watch, having a curved nerk that fits over valve Nteme. Great Britain la obtaining much of Its gasoline from Persian crudo oil distilled ln Scotland and Wales. BILIOUS and SICK HEADACHES ABB CAUSED BT CONSTIPATION Once you allow your bowels to be- otne constipated you will become trouDieO witn oinous and sick and fur relief you must help your liver to remove the poisonous bile that ts circulating in the blood and upsetting the entire biliary sys-tern. For tnls purpose there Is no other remedy to equal MILBURN'S LAXA-LIVER PILLS Mrs. Nethercott, R.

R. No. 1,, writes: "I was awfully troubled with constipation, and sick and bilious headaches accompanied with severe vomiting spells whleh made me very miserable. 1 tried different remedies, without relief, but since taking Pills the headaches and constipation have disappear-, ed, and I am very thankful for what they have done for me." For sale at all druggists and dealers; put up only by The T. Mllburn Limited, Toronto, Ont.

(Advt.) AND HAVANA. i Larotst and fastest Stiomer, i Coast to Coast Serrkt. MONGOLIA MANCHURIA FINLAND SeuTincs bom Su Fnacuoo Mar.7-Mar.21-Apr.4 gPf- --auijfj SAILINGS TO EUUOl'E make n5KR.YATIPNIL?i2v--l FROM BT. JOHN Ts Cherbaurt Southamp tn Aatviro Star, li Maiini Mar. ID Apr.

10 Mailt llit. Mlnnrtloea Llvereeel Star. 1 Ajir. 3 Mar. 1.1 Alir.

1u Mar. 'J" Aur. 17 Mar. SI Aur, 2'i Mer. Mar.

Apr. 23 Apr. 4 Mutitrni Mnnlealtn Ui'lltruyel Marleeh Itatagauie Atanireel Ts Olaiio rraio Na Verk ts llvireeel Mar. St Uonlrevll Station, Ml Tl 1 aawwerer reeve ra IM eater reaileilaMe At i ralfkdol i ket S.5V Vancouver Bliiii Of eJ 1 Mm CV.R Station, Vancouver, Canadian Pioneer Is Badly Damaged in Accident on Scheldt River. HAD HEAVY WEATHER Stormy weather and a collision coni- btned to make an exciting voyage for the G.O.M.M.

freighter Canadian Pioneer, Capt. P. S. A. r.obertson.

which arrived at 1 a.m. from Antwerp via San Pedro and San Francisco. This Is the first ship to make the western run In the recently Inaugurated service from Holland to Vancouver. rORCED TO BEACH SKIP. On her way into Antwerp, on the Scheldt P.tver.

the Canadian Pioneer rammed the Belgian steamer Alexandre and the latter cut across her bow. The pioneer bad her stem so badly crumpled that practically lier whole bow had to be rebuilt In the drydock at Antwerp. The Belgian vessel was struck amidships. ller hnll was crushed and water rushed Into the engine room, forcing her master to beach on tho river bank. After five weeks in Antwerp while undergoing repairs and loading cargo, the Pioneer again put to sea.

Soon after leaving the Channel she encountered heavy seas and strong winds. Several times before the canal was reached she was forced to fight through severe gales. LITTLE DAMAGH. Inuring one storm, mountainous waves swept the decks time after time and the crew feared she would founder, However, the staunch craft was" built to meet such contingencies, and weathered the gale with little damage. The after binnacle was the only part of the equipment to be dislodged from Its place.

The Canadian Pioneer Is discharging 350 tons of Iron and pipe at Ballan-tyne pier. She is expected to move'to Fraser River on Thursday morning to load with lumber for her return trip. MARINE NOTES. The American Htejim aohooopr Sttnn. wood Hrrvp(i at 7 a rom California to load lumber at Barnct.

The V.K.K. win have the steamer Klnryo Maru In on March 14 to load full with logs, spelter and lumber for JapHii. The Japanese steamer Snmedono Maru will sail late today for Japan with a full cargo of lumber, pulp and general. The steamer Prince John sailed for Queen Charlotte I-'nmU at midnight on Tuesday wuh a good cargo for camps and settb ments there. It is understood that the old coasting steamer Chaslna has been disposed of and may be broken up for junk.

She has been idle for many months. The B.C. Marine Ways has the steamers Cowichan and Chllllwack for overhaul and Is completing repairs on the tugs Masset and Moresby and the coasting steamer Westham. C. Gardner Johnson Company, agents for the Johnson Line of Sweden, will have the motorshlp Balboa ln port on Thursday to load 6000 tons of wheat and somo general for Scandinavian ports.

The new towboat of the Harbor Corn- mlssloners, now building at North Is progressing rapidly. Vp.nc0UVer, her power plant will give her at least ten knots. The fish carrier Kltgora, Captain Bascom, came ln from Oabriola Island early this morning with a cargo of herring for halibut halt. She discharged at the New England docks. The little vessel had a rough passage.

The new Canadian Pacific Railway steamers Princess Kathleen and Princess Marguerite will run opposite on the triangle service, commencing this spring, shortly after the arrival of the Marguerite from tho shipyards in the Old Country. Reports from sources In the Orient which reached here with the arrival of the Empress of Russia, stated that the new S3. Polydorus of the Blue Funnel line will probably be placed In the transpacific service within a short time. The operators of these vessels have stated their Intention of piecing two new vessels on the Pacific run, and the Polydorus, a ship Just off tho building ways, may bo one of them. CANADIAN FACITIO STEAMSHIPS LIMITED NOTICI TO CON8IONZBS rpHB R.M.S.

"Kmproia of KtiMlt," Captain Hdihtn, from Hongkong, via China inj Japan Dnrli, It now entered ltiivanl at the ruitmim. Con aigtieei will plume pan their eiitrlei witlwut tjeliy. J. (j. MrNAH.

Foreign Freight Agent, Canadian Pictdc Bull war. C. G. M.M. LIMITED BAILINGS roOM TANCOUVBK CANADIAN MILLim rot Kufaa rob.

as CANADIAN FBOSPZOTOB for Orloat Morob 7 CANADIAN rEIORTBJl Por United Xlnrdom Marob 10 CANADIAN OTAOXVX Por Aaotralla Karob 18 A tmil oaoh BatartUy for California. BAILINOS TO VANOOUVB CANADIAN BJBIONEUR I'rom Antwerp rob. 86 CANADIAN SCOTTISH rrom Hollfaa rob. 80 CANADIAN INTBNTO rrom Orient rob. 88 A vooiol oaoh SatnrtU from an rraaelooo.

CAN. OOVT. MKXONANT MAKINN X.IM1TBD 10S O.M.R. Sopot Boy, 8430 CALIFORNIA ban FraiMlscai, Uit Auurlita Han lilreo KHM SY. SS.

AllMIHAL SGllLEY Thursday, Mnrch 3, at p.m. tl ivi iti SS. HUTU At.KXAM.EH Sunday, Murcli at 0 a.m. LUW UMi-WAl ANU BOUNU-THIP FARES NOW tN EFFBCT Inrnrmiillon anil Dcketo 005 Hiistlnm HI. Ueil rhone Hot 5 Visit Prince Rupert This Year.

Five large coast pansenger liners will be pn the Skiiifway run thin sum-nii-r, anil eight or nine will be on the Prince Iluiwrt schedule according to Hchedulos now being preiiarcd by the tratiaportatlon companies. The Canadian Pacific Hallway coast-wine service will run ihe steamers Princess Alice, Prince Louise and Princess Charlotte to SL.igway, niak-j intr the Prince Rupert stop, The Canadian Government Merchant Marine Limited (C.N.H.), will operate the liners Prlnco George and Prince to Skagway, via Prince Hu-I pert, and will have the new steamer Prim Charles, ex-tit. on the Hupert run. visit Prince Itupcrt. In nddition there will be two Union i-'H.

Company liners, h'S. I'ardena and S.S. Catala on the Prince Itupcrt route, while the C.C.M.M. Limited steainer Prince. John, of the Quern Charlotte islands service, will make Prlnco Ku-i pert one way.

Last season the Skagway run was maintained by two steamers, i-nncess i.ouiae ana princess Alice. Capt. Smith to Bring; Out New U.S.S. Vessel Captain Smith of the Union Steamship Company of Iiritish Columbia will bring out the new liner Lady Cecilia.

Captain Klnlay is to bring out either the steamer Catala or the Lady C'jnthla, depending on which of the two vessels Captain llxon, veteran master of the fleet, brings. Captain A. Johnson of the steamer Venture Is also to go to the Old Country to act In a supervisory capacity In the finishing of the north run steamer Catala. SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE DEEPSEA SHIPPING. IN I'OItT BKItTs SHIP Kmprtgi nf Rusita.

FOB Orient Kurupa Plr A Hrr II SB oklilKims Ptonetr mllantyni Antwerp Japan lUIUmyna Kingiionl Hallaiiljiie Urit-nt U. Australia Sugar Dock Cuba Weil I. Iln Cinidlan Vuriteur H.y Clilinu bli iiruer SlmuMHl iirnet mm California) FOR Gmrc OnlUr AUK, cnimiiiim eitiiter Mliiliilppl CUuieiii Lamaater Roliln Adilr Cmi'Man 1'ruipcctor I'ruis Kryi (. F. Tolmlt Feb.

2S Kfb. 27 Mar. 1... Mar. 5...

Feb. 28. Mar. II Mar. Kb.

iii. New York Oriini Australia Continent AHuittlo 0.R., Atlantic Atlantic llalllai Orlint Ordira Orlint Orlinl AUKtraita Kurope Continent Contltiont U. Ktnitiloni New York Continent Atlantic Japan Japan Auatralia Clioyn Mm hmiireu of Auitralli Mar. 1 1 laurakl Fb. 28 llallaia Dlnleldtk Cummerr.

Canadian Planter Margaret Dollu tla Htrathftllan Yonan Mars Yoku Mem Feb. 211. beb. 27 27. Mar.

15 1.. Mar. 8.. 2N. Feb.

27. Mar. 2 6 Mar. 14. 22.

28. 30 0.. Mar. 1 (1.. 10.

Mar. 14.. Mar. IS. 23 Mar.

Mar. 2(1. Mar. 27. Mar.

2S. Mar. 18.. 1.. Mar.

1.. Mar. 10. IT. lit Mar.

20 20. 25 Mar. 22. Mar. 25 Mar 15 ilakura Dollar Atlantic Atlantic an Spinner Atlantic I IT Atlantic aiainc llakata Maru Talthylilna SOIdauolia Maru Araola Maru Canadian Inventor Emort'M of Aiia City of Stiokan.

Toklwa Maru Arizona Maru I'yniiareui Writ Navarrla :an.lldate Canadian Freighter AilttuT Kuril a tiromke Monleller Lo. (loll I)iiilon stdpner Canadian Highlander Klnryo Maru South A me tic Urh-nt Orinit Orient Or I rut Orient Orient Orient Orient Orient Kinoioin Cniinent IK f. Klngilnm Continent Conilnent Continent Klnc.turu Klntic.m Ctiiuifn-nt Janan COASTWISE SHIPPING. DEPABTT HKM Trinreia Beatrice Norlli Porta 0 p.m. Lady fcrelyn F'imell Hirer ft'ttft a.m.

rrlnee.i Adelaide Vlrtorla lO'HO a.m. Crimean Allt Vlrtorla 11:45 m. Prlnoemi Vlrtorla ..11 p.m. AHHIVAl.H rnnceia Adelaide Healtle rrtiiocsl Alice Victoria l'rlneeti Victorlt Seattle Onlrlian Hock Hay Chllcu Hllllwater 7 ..7 pi. p.m.

.5 p.m. WHEN MAILS CL0SI HERC. Ortent Marrb 0, Empreil of Ituula, from Vancouver. Auatralia March 11, Makurl, falling aalltnc from Vancouver. SS.

Canadian Pioneer arrived at 1 a.m. from Antwerp, via San Francisco and Victoria. F. J. Ciosllng of Victoria has left for England to take a berth aboard the new Canadian Pacific steamship Princess Marguerite.

He will be purser of tho vessel. lie left on Monday. The Coughlan steamer City of Vtc- i tor a. out of Antwern with canto lor San Pedro, Is reported past the Canal the Mexican coast for San Pedro. She may be up here for cargo after she Levy's Studio "Sly first exporltnce with lr.

Plerco' Favorite I'morlptlon was ahout tho time I wan growing Into womanhood," oh Id Mrs. Hilda Hod Kins of Aylmitr Windsor, whine picture atpcara above, "I had hcrome rundown, my nerves were had and 1 not very weak and trembly. My mother gave nic Ir. fltirre'o Favorite rrencrlptlon and It completi-ly built nit up In hi'alth, KtrrtiKthcud my nervri and made mo fiel well and Mrnng. Since I tnnrrlrd, wlinnrver I have folt niynrlf goliig down In hralth, or my nervca brBlnnlin.r to bother mo, I have taken tho 'Favorite I'reHorip-tlon' and every time It ha done for mo Jliet what I expected It would do mo up In health and otrennth, ouleted my ncrvea anil made me feel Ia Grlhood and Womanhood TOOHAvJCTwe GLl-TOe Come OP AT HULLO NATORE1.


POSITIONS IMiit Urtjt ltaln, treth ao.02; 41; bull Harbor Rain, (rnh S.E.. 20.87: 40: I "ail Tree Hatn. Itroni 20.00: 87: niugh. Alert uaj Rain, frrih I.e., 3D.D2; 40: r. rarhena Pnlnl Orerrail, 29.

411: 47; rourh. rUteran Orerrait. fre.n B.K. lfl H.V an? routli. HerJIna, tirayi ltarlinr fnr San Priltn; Inavlni San FranrUro for Vancouver, tl riiweii llivrr lor Han rranrUro, 11(11 mllra from San Framlaro; Knipreia of Canaila.

IIIII2 lull, from Vnitmiiv.i-r I I. u. Il.riiett fur San Pedro, 545 mllri frum llarnril; Uinlliilyli, Kan Franrluo for Victoria, 2112 mll-i from San Fratnliro; Canaillan Ruler. Attorla for San reilro, SSII mll.i from San Pfdro: Melwu yarn. InlO mllet frm ErteTan; M.S.

Ihillar. and for San FrnnrUm. Frinilei-o; Ailiulral Walton, Kelrhlkan for Seatlla. nillei from Huallle; Orare Dollar, San Kran-hi-ii lor Hetillle. Mil north Cr.n.i.....

In.lra, Kan Frimhm for Healtle. 172 mllaa from' faille; (Ton Km, Palten for Vanmmer. 4llj Ml fa from VunriKM.r: leallle. II7MN li.n v. miya for Portland.

UNIItl mllri Irom 'ciunihla Rlter: 'lealilrnt llranl. Saatl a Inr Y.Ji,.l,-m. ii: from Seattle. MERCHANTS' EXCHANGE REPORT. VanentlTer Fall.

2A. fan.H-n from Vloluris 1 a.m.; Stanwood from San Fran. laco 7 a.m. Ho ad: tloolivalla for K.n i Fell. 24, arrl.eil; Boobjalla from Moallle! 2 S.RI.

Sailed: Tonaklnl tor i. seattie Fei. S4. areieesv e. Afriia Marn from Hhanthai; steel K.nimeer from ilnirnm; Mumleiaia for Anacnrtea: Hilieradn fr Anri Jetieaa for Aiienleen; Hteel Knuineer lor Nan frMirlaco; I ort Angrlei lor Han ren.

ye. aa ej: Jacoe r.ip It. W. Haater for Bar. Flamlacti; Steel tnmneer tot Seallla.

Taroma Fen. 24. arrived: A nine Cnm norlli Silverado from Seattle; aalled: Alaaka' for Seattle: (or Port Uranvllle; Akafatui Maru lo- seallle. Aalorle Fob. S4, tailed: Crlckett for San rranelM-n.

AiwrdMnrtri, Kofuko Maru from Orient, 11 e.m. i. 8. ereleed: Uotrbon frun San I'edrn; NcunoTl from San Pedro; K. A rern from Cooa lljj; aalled: Alaaka standard for San w.

S. Miller f. San Pedro. L'o Anteiei reb. 84, arrived Lua Alainoi from Portland.

Arlc. F.b. ittlMl: Pacific for R.ettle. Malalirlgo tilled: Orrua (0P Tacemi.

naiiina nnerlal, Feb. arrlvnl? from VaneiHiver. Uit part of bar en rente. Ainlon Star from Seattle: YoiliKle 3, aa ciculi (or Senile; Monlprller (or Seallle. Baltimore k'eb.

4, arrived: Jinet Duke rrom Seattle. New Vork Feb, 23, irrtred; Bturneo from sen crenel. co, Phiii.if.phii rrb. 23, MttaJ: LUilin Lurked' Yiimmt--nh. 22, tailed: Tdihybtui, ren.

81, rTircdi Uikiihlkt Mini rrom ru get Hound, 22t Um'' Hm tot 0r," reb. 28. arrlTtd: Mihukona froi BeltliiKham. Hi.taik.-nf Feh, 31, iilletjj Cmprtit of iui-tralla tut Vanciiufer. a I.

irrltd: lliwatf Maru from Sftttle; JrT-r-rm froru He.ltlt. U3, KtB M-ru fr" Ht'iuHim SI, irtltd: Lrvh Kitr(n ironi Mn feriro ami Mydiieyrtb. arttied; Rifl ttom Kan FrAncUivj, MCRCHANTI' "iXCMANGC HA 010. Roniavtit, Hthfii for gan Vunrltcv, 2'Ht mllen fri)m lettnratiftr, Nw Vnrk lr San Franc. ico, 403 mllra rrfiin Man VvnneUrn.

Nutiln Utny, Halitaiur for Ban Ditto, 613 niltai from Han City nf Mnnrti, DiIsm for ViOfouTtr, 863 Oil lei frm rti llfr, riniiiin tor, Tub fttf nrourtr, 1748 mile frt.m TarM Klattarr. anlifi Tfinptrtar, Vtctotli fof Balhoi, 1IV07 milrn fr-im VkiorU. Minriiurii, tmuml iin Dloio, 1811 ntlti from flan IMP lt, lllriKl, MiMl.kli.pi, Man rrinclica for Belt tla, 8D0 ml lei from Hn nr I Krelgatar, fJlaifrnf for Vlrtorla, 802 nlle (mm Vletitrla. Watt Mfer, Nagnvi fof rortUnfl, S883 ftttm I 'oliimtla Hirer, HamM lllar, Manta for Ban FtanrltM, 309 mtlri rmtn Hin rraitrU. The IlKKtliiftK Mill barquentlna S.

F. Tolinto loft Huva for Vannouvor on Feliruury 14 and will arrive about tnltl-A tirll. On March CS the Amerl- can hnrquentlno 'nine no will arrive from Healtle to loud with lumber for Auntralla. Mho will take her cargo at llaritliiao Mill. Tho Tolmle, It la un dcreloiHl, will Ibu load for Auntralla I i I W.

C. Smith Was First to Make Comprehensive Survey of City's Watersheds. Says Seattle Timber Is Unnecessary to Development Of Future Supplies. Spent Three Years Investigating Seymour, Capilano And Lynn for Government. Tunnel to Bring Burwell Lake Into Use Is Recommended.

Concrete support for the waterworks development proposed by City KwkI-neer Charles and approved by the City Council In the bylaw for Jl, 250, 000, which will be voted on by the ratepayers on Saturday, Is given by Mr. William Chester Smith, B.A., C.E., A.M., Can. Soc. C.E. city engineer and utilities manager of Oshawa, and former engineer of the water rights branch of the Provincial Government, Victoria, who la a visitor in the city.

Mr. Hmlth, who spent three years compiling Information regarding the available sources of water supply for the "City of Greater Vancouver," submitted an exhaustive report to the Provincial Government In 1916, and many of the recommendations contained In It are being used today as Important arguments In support of the by-law which Is now before the citizens. PURCHASE TJWNECSSSAB.T. Purchase of the timber limits on the Seymour watershed, now held by Heattle interests, Is not neoessary for the development of the water supply, according to Mr. Smith, all the water required being easily obtained without spending a lot of money on buying the timber, in his opinion.

"This timber represents only 3 per cent, of the total on the watershed," Mr. Smith declared, "and It would be a very foolish proceeding on the part of the City Council to pay a big price for it. While Seymour Klver watershed Is the logical place to develop the water supply for the city, that can be done without buying the timber referred to, and the money required for the purchase would go a long way to cover the cost, of water storage development, which la necessary." SITUATION SERIOUS. Mr. Smith pointed out that In 1 91 8 when his report was submitted to the government, the situation regarding water wits serious.

"1 pointed out that there was a population of 208,720 then In Greater Vancouver and that the supply was hnrdb adequate, at that time," he statist "Now the population la hear the 250,000 and there has Ixmii no development of any -kind In the wuii Mipiily. of the lands on the va- THURSDAY ALL DAY SPECIALS of Choice Meats and Provisions It Tays to Shop Here MEATS RUMP ROASTS- SIRLOIN ROASTS T-BONE ROASTS Lb. me AYRSHIRE BACON 00 Sliced. Lb Home cured bacon CON 30c Sliced per lb. Choice Alberta Creamery BUTTER 98c Ask to taste this.

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On February 2 she put Into Ran Francisco and sailed again that night. After leaving there she probably ran Into the severe weather that has been prevalent off the California and Mexican coasts for tho past few weeks, and was forced to jettison her deckload, or else the waves broke the lashings and caused the loss. Exchange Radio to Handle Marine Work Entirely, Is Report Alterations are to be made shortly In tho Point Grey radio station, it Is understood. The Intention of the govern- jment radio department, It is said, Is to i eventually utilize Point llrey for shore commercial business and devote the powerful station at the Vancouver I Merchants' Kxchango to marine work entirely. Mr.

W. Stephenson, district engineer of the government wireless on the Coast, and Mr. G. Gilbert, are In the city in connection with some work that Is to be done at the Point Grey station. Admiral Line Vessel Is Due Here on Friday On Friday morning the first Inbound American-Oriental Line freighter to make Vancouver inward In months, will arrive.

It Is the steamer Crosskeys in the Canadian Robert Dollar Company service. She is from Imlren and has North China freight for this port and for Seattle. The Vancouver consignment totals nearly 000 tons, most of It being peanuts for the spring and Fummer fairs, picnics, parks and baseball games of Western Canada. Constipation Hastens Old Age Internal Rathtnfi Adds Years of Health to Klilcrly People. "A man Is as old as his arteries" is an expression often used, and It sounds a note of warning, but also of hope, to those who heed It.

It may seem strange that there Is a directly beneficial connection between Internal bathing (with the new J. B. Cascade) and the condition of the artery walls, but It Is so. The act of regularly flushing the entire colon or lower bowel with warm water by this new scientific device makes It impossible for waste to lodge there. Constipation becomes a thing of the past.

The blood can not absorb Impurities, from that of all sources of poison a constipated colon. Tho result Is that the blooil stream becomes pure, It does no: lodge Injurious elements In the arter walls but, Instead, feeds ana strengthens them. Because you are elderly Is no rea son for being sick, morose and blue Bead an Inspiring message of per feet health in the booklet "The What, the Why, the Way of the Internal Bath" which Is sent free. Addresh Tyrrell's Hygienk; Institute, 181 College street, Toronto. Entirely no obligation, and no canvasser will call on you.

The J. li. L. Cascade Is also now being shown and explained at Woodward's Departmental Stores Limited and Vancouver Drug Company Limited, (Advt.) CALIFORNIA nnuire annul tne world'a frealnl alegt due frMrj porUetHt to Meio-o and Tela The tiiihtvae tn Han ramlai'( and is la (tie wnNI'KH RiM'Tg Nes lumirlnue ear. ncahvl Ver una -in.

anc round trlr faeea Aak fin dearrliulee folder 'KltWIlh Abh.MS 734 Hastings Btroot West 86 Vfsnoouver. B.c Or' Piefcwiefc Stelae Syat.m, 1S2A thir, Ureal Perllerd Ore. STEAMSHIPS SS. CAM0SUN LEAVES UNION DOCK THURSDAY, 11 P.M. for Rivers Inlet Canneries, Ocean Falls, Bella Coola and Surf Inlet Via Powell Ulver, Topaz llrirlinr, Alert liny, Tort Hardy, lltilrdale, titvaiison Huy and way iiolnls.

For nrwrvatlon and All In-formal ion: Phone Scy. 30G. TIcKcf or Freight Aficnl, Union Dock, Fool of Carroll Street, or Hry. BjI, IIioh. Cook A Son, 723 ticnrulu WomI.

Harold Urowo, Oea. Managur. Ki ANTONIA, eji0P(lIWy' From Practically i. i mors to promote commerce and decided It would bo useless to sub- try. wft S.

Secretary of State Says It Has Stabilized European Currency. NEW YORK, Feb. 23. Frank B. Kellogg, retiring ambassador to Great Britain, who becomes secretary of state on March 4, returned on the Her-elldarla.

Mr. Kellogg declined to discuss or forecast his policies as secretary, but assert that he was bringing back plan for a limitation of armament. Asked to Indicate whether his official attitude towards Russia would bo similar to that of Secretary Hughes, he replied: "I do not care to discuss that question at all. So far as our government concerned, that Is In the hands of the administration." "Tin Inwes plan," Mr. Kellogg said, "has had much to do with the stabilization of tho currency of Europe.

Germany Is now on a gold basis. England soon will be. South Africa goes a gold basis on July 1 and many of the smaller countries of Europe are tho gold standard. "Thre 1" nothing of greater Impor- tancs to tho American people than that i 8hould 1(J Noth," could do Fluctuating currencies make It Impos- commvt t(, we lmve UnrtRrdi gonii to httV ln world on that basis. Mexicans Capture Two Suspected of Southern Pacific Train Holdup san- FRANCISCO, Feb.

Two imen tho description of Roy and Ray d'Autremnnt, formerly of Eugene, Oregon, suspected of having held up a Bouthern Pacific train In tho Hlsklyou Mountains near ths Oro. gon-Carfornla lino on October 1 1. 1923. have been captured In Mexico and aro now being held for Identification In tho Jail at IlermnNllln, according to word received by Southern Pacific of ficial here, A third man, said to resemble Hugh d'Autremont, In under surveillance In the Htato of Snnora, and also will be arrested, the despatches said. in mo nisKiyou holdup, tho bandits Killed three members of the trnln rrew and attempted to rlflo tho mall and express cars.

K.K.K. in Canada Not LinkofKlaninU.S. TORONTO. Feb. "guch Individ uals as aro reported to be propagating the doctrines of tho Knights of tho Ku Klux Klsn In Canada do not direct ly or Indirectly rapresent this i.rgiml laiton," says a sta'-ement, mails public hers hearing ths signature of "II.

w. Evans, Imperial Wiisrd. Knights of tho Ku Klux Klan. Incorporated," and dated from the "Imperial Palace, In-vlalblo Empire, Atlanta, tla." Ths statement aayst "Ths organisation Is nisuneuy an American institution, In teresten in and working only Anioriean Idoala." fur Tolephoni 8eywoui WO, JBev Can. Pae.

0 ejtx. TrtWe Agtnti nut the act passed to tn voters, it would undoubtedly hav. been promptly snowed under. In my opinion tho council displayed good judgment In so n. ny-iaw win De sunmilien to me taxpayers next Saturday for 11.250.000 for the Improvement of the water supply.

This will take core of the situation temporarily und 1 hops will receive favorable consideration. In any event the money will not bo wasted, as tho suggested improvements can be ltii.nrnnl.(l In water scheme. Tho by-law at best will, however, only take caro of tho situation for a year or two, and wo will still havo to consider the whole subject of our water supply, still think a tlreater Vancouver water district Is tho only logical way to handle tho whole situation. Instead of being always short of water, or up to our unpaclty, wo should havo sufficient supply ahead to havo 10 or IS million gallons dally more than our anticipated average demand.

Wo should look years ahead snd havo a good scheme worked out, not only for storago reservoirs, but Improved methods of conveying the water from the source or supply to tho salt water and from there either by a bridge or tunnel to tho Vancouver side of tho harbor. Wo all hope our city will grow. Hut It can only grow when wo provide facilities for It tn do so, By all means voto for ths by-law on Saturday next as a beginning of tho Improvements absolutely necessary for tho permanent betterment of our water supply, R. TtSDAMa. Vancouver, February lar.

3. 9. Inrni, assistant ehlof of ths Investigation department of tho Canadian pacific, Is In ths city. Mr. W.

a. rajrno, secretary of tho Hoard of Trade, will attend tho monthly meeting of tho freight traffic! bureau of thn Associated Hoards of Trade of IJrltlsh Columbia al Victoria I'rldny. CUMARO ANCHOR-DONALDSON HEW STEAMSHIPS MONTREAL to OLD COUNTRY a wtcih ttrvlci cammtnclnt May I AUfONIA, AUR AN I ASCANIA ALAUNIA, ATHENIA, LETITIA A Ono-Clooo Cabin Canard Aehlovomont One, There len any medicine a woman can take for her Hie that can compare with 'Favorite Hetid 1 0i) to Dr. l'lcrce'a Laboratory In llrldgehurg, for a trial pkg. Favorite Frcucrlptlou labial.

I AdvU 1 ror ItKlrri Ikrh, Roto Full lulonrntlee. Brphr lo locil nel, or Phono Sormettr Hit CUNARD STEAM SHIP CO. 622 Hastings SI VANCOUVER, 8.C. an noun ai alio lino undergone ovor haul..

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