The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1950
Page 17
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2*, (ARK.)' COURIER N1SW8 PAGE SFVENTEEW Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioim 1 BOOKS ? WHAT.IhiTHE ViORLOl WOULD X DO WITH BOOKS ?WITH A FAMILY OF SEVEN! TO SCRUB, IRON!, CLEAN AMD , COOK FOR,i HAMESVT eyesj « GOT Tl MB To READ THE , DIRECTIONS OM A BOTTLE OF i S?-r «7ftZ EGAXX MAT3AM.' ^OUR PLIGHT JOUCHES ME -DEEPLY/ -~ BUT THIS IIV.UMIMATIMS ENCYCLOPEDIA VJOOLO LIGHT YOUR WAV OUT «= / JTHE SUBTERRAHEAH §VMURK, LIFT YOUR <*4eAR.Y FEET FRON\TH6 r VJIT3ETHE PORTAl ^tO HAPPINESS ,AND-^ , BANG.'" EhiT THE DOOR- / I PUT MY FOOT OW ' THIS CAKJpy BAR PAPER. TO SIT rr or? TH TOO--AM'NOW IF I TAKe rr OFF MY FOOT WITH ONE HAND I'LL HAFTA TAKE IT OFF THAT HAMP WITH THE OTHER, AM' OFTA N WITH A FOOT AW' ON Trf DOG/ BELL. <SGT FT OUT Of THIS THE. \VORHV WART REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales • Knginccring DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. £ FOR SALE Concrete eulvrrts VI inch In 48 inch fiJaln <n reenforced Afao Concrete Building Hlock> .^heap- ei than lumtiei tm barns chicken hoasea. pump hnnsr*. If nan I houses .inn) shrrts IVt deliver Call as f»r fre* tstlmate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. By Edwin Rutt AUTO GLASS • Installed Frompt • Bcrrlne XXXI J7DC PUEY'S eyes searched Jeffrey's face. She wanted bulb to sympathize with his uncomfortable position 'nnd to punish him Suudcnly sympathy go* the upper hand, Jeff was weak, but he was her brother. Against a strong, dominant personality like Norlh- cott. he would have tittle chance. "Listen, Jeff," she said slowly, "you aren't the family heel- You've just been worked into a corner. You say you can't make up your mind. Well, III make it up for you. You're nol, JcfT Frey, going to sell one single share of your stock to Lewis Northcott—or to anyone else.' Ho blinked at her. Then, as if lo save face, he took refuge in r NEA $cm«, he. was thai if I sold my shnrcs, they would be bought by Oil Summerfield." •"T had cotue tike a terrific blind- in<> blow, stunning hor, rendering her praclicnlly powerless lo think. Even as she rode down lo the agency the next morning, Edc still felt numbed and shorkcd, Gil Summer field? Elegant, smiling, rather indolent Gil, whom she Triad come lo look upon as perhaps her best friend, conniving behind her back? And yet, knowing how her father hnd felt and how she felt, Gil had entered into collusion with Lewis Northcott. And for what purpose? Surely not to make money. Gil Summerfield was al- 1 suppose," said Cde, "when i'.lrjoU look over Frey & Company you were to have the same | FRECKLES AND HIS FKIENDS BY MERRILL BL088BB Animated Wiener ^(OUR ATTEMPTS TO FOLLOW ' LUDICROUS, MASTER. LARO / I AM TOO WILY A FOX FOR YOOM&- UOUNOS / Blytheville Glass & Paint Co. •»136 E. Main Phone 6716 ?ARM LOANS Pr*m*t Clocin* Cult's VVi^KS Co. REALTORS Phnne 21 SI BIytehvUle ( Attthorixrd Mortgage Loif* Solicitor lor futile bluster, "That's for me to ' say, isn't H? After all, I've got a perfect legal right , . ." "H isn't," cut in Edc, "a question of legal rights. It's a case of whether you're going to let us — and Father—down. And you're not going lo do that, Jen*. I'll fight you every inch of the wny. I don't know what NorlhcoU's promised you in his—his proposed new order in the agency. But, whatever it is. it win never come off. There isn't going lo be any new order. IE worse conies to the worst, I'll throw Norlhcott and his account out altogether. I moan it, JefT." "She's go't you, .Ieff f " Myron said. "And she's right, you know." He gave in then, flinging up both arms in a helpless gesture. "What can T do?-You're both solid ng.iinst me. All right: You win. They'll raise the dickens, but 1 guess I can take il. JI " 'Thcy'?'^ Edc said suddenly. •"You've heen referring to 'they nnd 'them' fill along. Who's 'in this with Norllicutt, Jeff?" .Fefr looked at Myron and Myron nodded. He turned bock to Ede, a reluctant expression on his face. "All .right," he said. "Remfim- hcr yon OFk«?d fnr H' T'-^ ~ SERVICES Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. • Sand & Finish Hi\rd- wood • Lay Hardwoort Flooring Tile Call us today Tor a free estimate. \\c Rive you prompt, courteou service. Easy Come in FH C \ Taymcnts. Kemp Whisenhunt 8? Co 10!) R. Main nost fabulously rich. There were people who could never get enough of money, and power. But Gi! SummerfieUl? She shook her head. Then, suddenly, she thought again of the week-end just passed, ind of Lewis Norlhcott. It was now clear as crystal that Northcott did not do things without reason. Definitely, he had invited her on Lhe cruise with an ulterior motive in mind 1 . Suspicion swam into her mind. Why hart Dan Reagan been invited as well? The thought seemed to clear Kde's brain, set it Lo working again, swiftly, normally. She arose, went down the corridor to Reagan's office. He WM ritting nt his desk, his huge shoulders hunched over • "Dan, y she snid abn.iplly,*"whcre were you in Lewis Noilhcott's plans?" Reagan started. *1 don't know that r follow . . ." And then lie slopped. Ti wai useless to try lo pretend, or evade. under the hard bright searchlights of Edc's eyes. "I see," Ede said coldly, "that you knew he had—plans." He nodded slowly. "Yes, I knew ob, but at a higher salary?* Reagan's eyes dropped to the desk pad. "You seem to know everything. How did you find out iboul all Ihis?" "Prom Northcott himself. But that's neither here nor there. The [joint is that you and Jeflrey and Myron all knew that »orthcoll was trying lo get this agency- You nil knew how my father would have felt about a thing like that nnd how I feel about it. Hut not one of you—not even Myron who turned Northcott down cold—had the decency or the—the loyalty to come to me about it." Sh« laughed. a short hard laugh. * « • T>EAGAN drew a breath. There isn't much I cnn say for myself," he said, in a low voice. "Except that . . . well, I guess it isnl worth saying." "Whatever it Is," Ede said recklessly, "I'd like to hear it. It night, just possibly, make me feel bettor." Reagan braced himself. "1 see what you mean and you're abso- titely wrong. The way I feel about —about business and things like that hasn't a single thing to do with the way I feel aboirt you. You know I'm in love with you, God knows I've made that clear enough, But I thought of something else, too. Yon—this Is kind of hard to say—but y«i aren't sure how long you want to go on in this business. I thought that . . . well, that if what I hop« is going to happen does happen, we —we'd be all set. At least, I'd .be in a better position to—to . . .** Ede said gently, "I understand a good deal more than yoti think I do, Dan. And I don't blame you very much. You'd naturally have a—a different outlook." Reagan raised troubled blim eyes, said rather awkwardly, "Well, where do we go from here?" "I know exactly where I'm going from here," Ede said evenly. He managed A smile. "I don'f 11 I'd just like to get my hands on that Joe Stalin—our • cook left us again today for th« bomber plant!" KAEESTERIOUS WMY DID YE wo' s*w so i MOM? 7, o •¥ MO mvicc. nc. r. M. 1'RISCUjA'S POP 'IPs I.alcr Than He Thought BY AL VERMEER 1-, ,__ WITHOUT CHILDREN DON'T KNOW) WHAT THEY'RE MISSING! PLAYING WITH (THEM LIKE THIS WHAT KEEPS ME SO __..._....- TO BELIEVE THAT IN 1O OR \2 YEARS VOL) COULD BE " GRANDFATHER! f^ '--' r fr 'C w / LJL VIC FLINT Going In I!Y MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE know that I get yovi, now." "I don't either, Don," said Kd« nnd left him to figure rt out. (T* Be Conltnned) CHESTY, THE CUAW7 1$ JOHAY. HITHER. WHAT A COINC!C7ENCe., I JUST FOUNJP THE KEY COM'T MDU VM3PWV 1 VEHV SOWiY, IWSPECTOft, CALLIMd FKOM THE AKHST A HARKAWT; J^KJT WE CDMY HAVE &4TDHOLBE. HE SfMS 1 HIPPEM. LET WISE 6(-V. I'fA LOOK-THE K&/5 HEBE. I'LL THE COfS WANT TO (MS FOB A AUJW7EK£!VCALL THE CLU& LOOSEK1 THAT CHAIM/ CAPTAIN KASY Afler Diiwson I1V LESLIE TURNER WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Our Work CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, bring it (o T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics ar« specifically (rained lo care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phon. 2122 DIAL3391 • jMiirh'nc wnrk 9 Manulai-tunng • Woodwork BARKSDAIE MFG. CO TEXACO HEATING FUELS R. M. f.OGAN. Consljnw Tank Track Salesmen: Henry Thompson. G. E. Parrlsh, HarTtj Oorris mss GKKCifi wii£-X rit GET (k PPSS& BE HERE WITH TH 1 \AFTEe.'IM,AW stltL* S<M=6 SU ftH HOUK AW SCOKf WITKTHW OK. TWO. SOCEV / VARWINT! [F GAKCIA 1 LET DMYSON /HftDN'r FI«ftlWHENU> 6ET AWM- /ME POUND1N' OH W5 IC6 BUGS BUNNY Training Pnys Off ARGUS CAMERAS We've jusl been appointed your cxclustvc accncy in iUythnville for Ar?us Cameras. Stc our complete selection Inclun'ma; the famed Argus C3 and ArgoMex. Come In today. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main 1'hone 3617 RED W SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blind*—Auto Glasi AUSTIN & WICKER Phone R207' — 112 S. First — Blylheville PIANO For Beginners and Advanced Pupils Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 807 Chickasowba Phon* 2994 YOUNG FELLOW/ \ NOT SO YOU'RE VtfeSTINS JLOUD, DOC, -fOU« TIME y TH' BOS3 HBRK / I— [ TH.NX'i I'M I'M IN THE MOVIE BUSINESS.. I COULD USE YOU.' • ( Y«i COULD? V*. JUST HIKED LF A BUNr^Y/ AU.EY OOP Otrcfii!, Sislcr BY V. T. HAMLIN \ LOOK AT MY TAVERN.' ) f^NO I THOUGHT ) S —\ / YOU'VE MM3t K *• S VQJ V.'EP6 V { US.'1 '\ Pia STY.' *-^r'\\ cuLTu^Erp \ V / "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Bulk Plant -1- Promised I-and HO 1 // COULD I ^\ EVES HAVE BEEN SO STUPlP AS TO HAVE THOU3HT YOU TO BH KING f ME...A. I THE RENEGADE MNQ KING? / RICHKRP <PP IT'S KNOV.N HE'S BOOTS AND HBR BUDUIKS Pessimistic BY KDGAIl MARTIN

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