The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on May 6, 1947 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1947
Page 17
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i. ?!'fe II1T. 17 THE OTTAWA : JOURNAL, TCESDAT. IAY . The Journal's Cross-Word Puzzle of. Love . Your Legacy ndiidual Horoscope j ; 1 Armadillo 23. For - By VUM By FRANCES .DRAKE. 1- 3. Strong wind 2. Classifies Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what 26. Long, slen- 4. Land- your outlook is, according to the stars, for Wednesday, May 7. HURST. ., '. unfair. Granting that I have no right to object but assuming I do,. why did you put your arms around Hal's neck instead of pushing him away?" y S J-Caught she retorted, "Suppose March 21 te April 20 (Aries) measures ; B. Condition 6, Moccasin-like shoe 7. derfish : 27. Cnetny scout ; 29. Clique 32. God of earth " (Egypt) ence should )bt toned down. s ... Executive ability when you hate learned -diplomacy, v Rather in- ; -clined to be secretive about r plans, personal iaffalrs. -; Take your time, refuse to be hurried, J don't rush without -fuU "knowl- , edge - or preparation: Succeed in' science, invention,) managing big . business, , banking, ' farming, aet- ' ing. Tabu sell-wlli, stubborn- . ness. ' : ' '. ( ;-; i ;;.;; V MAKING DREAM BOAT. :'f" TORONTO May 5.A dream i. boat is taking shape pa Dawes j - CHAPTER 13. ' -, Several hours passed but Warren had not returned. At two o'clock Kay decided to so to her room. - GrandmotJ?crTayIor wakened early, which meant Kay had to be, dressed, before seven. : Inasmuch as Warren had displayed so little interest in her himself there was no reason she should for the sake bf the argument that tepi oriTAB BW Hrlokk 1 1. u e rfi I iwiEioi JbTatr ni I thought he was someone else?: ACROSS t. Legendary -. tales' " i . Steps U. Aside 13. Fragrance 13. Tropical tree . 14. A desert animal 13. Part of . - "to be" 16. Sign of . Inflnitiva 18. An Egyptian, "'goddess 19. Giant v fennel - S. Begin "But . who else-could it have 9. Ostrlch-lika 33.Blrd's rest (Capricorn) Not too niuch encouragement for either money or important issues, unless thoroughly understood .and sanctioned. Forethought! Artistlcx and. social affairs rate fresh ' Incentive.;. : , ; ' : t. , January 22 to February 20 (Aquarius) A real; breather day. You can, by following sound routine and:, common sense, get better-tban-good results. Heart interests favored. , Avoid too n.uch insisting, even if partially right. - t ' ; ' - .. . ; February 2t to March 20 (Pisces) Uncertain influences part " Of . day. Check: well, give plenty of thought to planned action. Be on guard against avoidable traps. '. j , " YOU BORN TODAY: Innately tops for anything worthy - you Care to go after. Weed out nonessentials. Look for real help and Important news. j October 24 to November 22 (Scorpio) ' Very promising' aspects to assist. Bring out your best ' qualities, ; smother over-positlvenese or skepticism, they retard progress, corrupt good disposition. : 1 , : j November 23 to December 22 (Sagittarius) Take a show-me attitude toward those who would exploit your talents selfishly.! Investigate' money Meals. Legitimate business, personal-or other been? There were only the two of us here." : . "That's right and YOU had been playing the piano in the nexjt room. I had almost fallen asleep' listening to you. I didn't even know Hal was downstairs."! Yuterfejr Aaswsf - I-v 41,, Pieces out -' t 43. Permit , : 44. Before , .' ' ; - 4.'A aoologtcal . 'N garden - (contr.) - 1 bird wgPce 10. Seasoning 38. Form 17. Grampus 37. Pilaster 19. Fragile (arch.). 20. Eskimo tool 39. Woodland 2L Narrow deity 5 roadways 40. Scottish. 22. Perched ' - Gaelic , explain Hal's kiss except ber own I "desire, for Warren's respect ' But '.no sooner had 'she -.reached this conclusion than she heard his car.; Mimi was out too but this must Honest surprise shone like a Each of us has toi share some portion, of confused conditions. Try giving up instead of taking, helping, . not hindering. We are all in the same boat at times. ,' April 21. to May 2 (Taurus)-f-Fine outlook j for you who deserve. Many I intimate problems will melt before honest, sincere effort Assist ambitioM that point a safe, sane course, j, 1 May 21 to June 2lj (Gemini) Too much individualism or self-centred thought arid day's good will be spoiled, "practise what you preach. Little telling and all truthful acting 1 stressed. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) We ' have yet to find; the perfect man or woman? - Then why all this looking askance at the other fellpwl Things jwill become better more truly liveable if we all hiake them so. : f July 24 to Aurusti 22 (Leo) Still .. some unfavorable indica be- Warren as he drove into the 1 i iz-w n .... hi. tt: J . rvyaa iicrc, suinc nuici iiuui uiac Ontarioi lts a twe-masted ketch, estnated to. be" worth 87,000 in the current market and built so' sturdily by Fireman . Bill Price that he says he could sail it to the South Seas. . garage and came upstairs on the . ... Inside stairway. l;ay waited HVW L.. ed. wise, can make headway. that you thought that I . . - that December 23 to January 21 practical, energetic; - Persist .1 ' ""Silly of me, wasn't it?" ' "Silly?" he repeated .drawing her into his arms. "If you only knew how many times I've wanted to kiss you. Beginning with that first time we talked, sitting jon the ground in. the grove o v- 22. Box scientifically . -r 25. Sounds, aa metals . 28. Tapestry 30. Remove. . as a cap 31. Adversaries -of the Whigs 33. Weird (Var.l -34. Changes 38. Receptacle nn) 38. Board of Ordnance (Abbr.) 39. Charge for ' services 42. Corner 48. Mountains (Ark. A Mo.) .47. Guide 1 48. Drench ; 49. Test the flavor 50. Musical V sounds DOWN r 1. Ancient king . dom (Bib.) tions. Quietly j feelj way-until things .clear to more favorable outlook. Sho-v you grit, keep trying, but conservi, especially ; leaving it to fate. If he continued - to the next floor ; by the back V stairs she would make no effort to see him but if he came through ' 'the halL. . . A : door opened and closed. Ka" heart was beating faster as X his footsteps approached the library, i At sight of her he stopped but his eyes evaded hers as he said. "You still up?" Kay j switched oh" a lamp be-side the davenport.-'-?FVe beefl waiting for you, . Warren! Please sit down.: I want Jo Ulk to you." - i. J s Kit's pretty late", he reminded ;..ler glancing T at. his watch. . "I- shan't- keep you long. I just V-ant to e.xplain.". 'No Explanation is necessary", be' said curtly; "I, saw what hap- ' pened but it really doesn't concern me as you informed me once before."" ' 'V- money August' 23 to September 23 Col Yes, Pepsi- (Virgo) Personal whims, uh ar" S5 ! I 1 WV XT a, gives; necessary work should gyve way to the urgent, useful matters. In dulging one's desires with ex cuses is tabu, as is lack, of pep, ambition. Be your natural self. tor more September 24 . to October '23 (Libra) Rally I youi .. resources, get out your best plins; today is your mone) S- Solution of this puzzle will be published tomorrow. - "This is different. '- I can't bear ' for you to misunderstand or think i -that there is- anything between ! it, who was it that stood between them? , It's 8 and worth it! reawootu. uo yqu rememDer; Could she ever forget? . Kay thought yielding to ecstasy of which shc iiad not even-dreamed. SWhy have you beeav so - dlt-:nt since we came, back to the city?" she whispered.; '' . The shadow of a cloud crossed his face. . .', "I was afraid I'd fall in love with you." , . '1 "Don't you trust me, Warren?" Before she could answer the front . door opened .. and - voices were heard. Mi mi and her fiance, Edwin Black, came toward the library. ' Finding it occupied Mimi 'cried, "So sorry to disturb you. We're just hunting a quiet corner to say good night." 1 ' "I just got In .myself". Warren said shortly. - "And Kay just happened to come .-downstairs tor a book?. Mimi ' continued. "You'd better go home Eddie before you get the same idea." ' " " , ". .- Her fiance, blond-haired scion of one I of San Francisco's "fine old families" was in a belligerent mood, i ; --."I'm not going anywhere until you answered a few questions' he declared. . Mimi sighed. ' . "Oh all right I suppose we can go to the living room or do you prefer the kitchen?" . ; Kay said, "Don't leave on 'my account .I'm going to bed." She thought Warren looked re- lieved as she said good night and hurried upstairs. Presently he followed. She could see the ifght shining beneath the locked door connecting their rooms.' It was still, there when Kay fell asleep. Perhaps he was disturbed about something which had no relation to her yet why had he said he was afraid to love her? What was To Be Continued Dally. MONTREAL, May 5. Rt Rev. Anthony Tereschenko yesterday was enthroned as Russian. Orthodox Bishop of Montreal and Eastern Canada at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul here. 5 mm 11C1 C 5 our brother and me. I was lying . fcere with my eyes closed 'and he thought it woufS be amusing to ; ,is me." " His black ' eyes burned s he replied, H seemed to be mutual. ; You certainly .werent. repulsing Jam". -J .-- ' ' ' - Pride. forbade her telling him that she thought it was Warren yho had .never shown the 'Uignt-; est desire to kiss her. Baffled by ; her own stupidity no. less than hiM attitude; tears rose to her eyes : as she said, I guess it's useless. ,' 1 ibould have known better than ; toi try to explain." -I - She rose to leave the room but i be; stopped her. . : " ' "No. r Kay! Now that" , you've RE-ROOF NOW Specializing in Asphalt Shingling. All Types of Roofing. MONTHLY PAYMENTS UP TO 18 MONTHS v - LOWREY & O'CONNOR Ycs,Pcpsi-Gola now costs eight ccnts-y-and that price is your best guarantee of a drink fratenfli HM hmm miU.Htmttmikt'W tluiim omZSfkL ; muqstow 90 Richmond Road 8-2201 tnade an issue of it let's finish it-You. sound is If 1 1 were being that is truly BIGGER and BEJTER ! You; sec, the price you pay when you j pick a Pepsi today reflects bur refusal to lower Pepsi-Cola standards of value, purity and flavour in the face of. greatly increased costs of production. H .i . : I standards, vye s r 1 n refusing to lower these rely upon the Canadian public to 4 recognize the true economy, of buying only the f best the best in quality) the best in quantity. For over 1 2 years, Canadians have agreed .that Pepsi-Cola is 41 - tops tops tor retreshrncnt, tor purity, tor value. rl hey have enjoyed repsi-Cola s matchless, "hits-the-spot" flavour; they have bciught . 12 full otinces for the price of six. 1 V H- Now in common i with Canada's housewives, we face .the, r problem of rising costs. The increased costs they meet in their kitchenjs1 we see : in four plants multiplied many times. a- i Compare, ; for example, the price of sugar in 1939 with what ''we I must all pay today I ; . - : ' i ' Ifi spite of these ; costs ' we continue to ofFer you the best. Rather than lower our standards, of quality or quantity, wc ask you; 'to pay eight cents for a drink which is still 'mm BIGGER and BETTER. : ' ;- .' At cluh, mountain or sea-eide resort . . . wherever you .drive your beautiful new Chrysler so many people you meet will payasubtle compliment v,;vt;.-' I. ' i i - . ; lifts ' (iMff Yes, . Pepsi-Cola ' ! now costs eight centsi It still, enables you! to enjoy the to your discrimination-- very best in flavour, the best in purity. r . stilt brings you SF YOU DRIVE A ( y j a lot more for your money I QmCOD (KDOCXDOaiflQQ OG GQ&QQQri 0(IIIJ00O mtteXaor, oocr.tio PAT TER SON MOTORS LT D. 245 R I DEAU ST.; OTTA VA WILLIS 'AUTO SERVICE . .North Gower, Ont. A. G. McCREDIE.............Shawville, Que. S. D. SMITH, JR.. ............... Quyon, Que. J. S. HEWS. J .............. . .. .Thurso, Que. BESNER S GARAGE. . . . . . . . . .Maniwaki, Que. C G, DOWDELL.'. . . . ... .Carleton Place, Ont GAMBLE MOTORS. .... ....... . ...Carp, Out. YORK'S GARAGE .... .Metcalfe, Ont. 'PtfA-CW U lit rqlMrtJ fJimmi in Cm-i PtpH-CU Comps? tf CJ ZJmkU i 1

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