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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada • Page 16
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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada • Page 16

The Windsor Stari
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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PAG lIXTtDP THE WINDSOR DILY STAR. WINDSOR. ONTARIO. WEDNESDAY. JULY 23, 1947 1 Assists With Zonta Club Supper Eat Plenty of Fresh Vegetables Pyloric Stenosis Occurs in Infants TWO-BURNER HOTPLATES Two Separate Switches s495 MACHIII BROS.

429 Wyandotte St. East saucepan over boiling water, not over direct heat. Fried Corn box quick 6 tbsp. butter frozen golden c. sliced sw eet corn pimentoes c.

sliced green 1 tsp. minced peppers onion Dah of pepper tsp. salt Saute the corn, green peppers and onion in butter, covered, until corn is thawed and green peppers are tender. Stir frequently. Add salt, pepper and pimentoes and cook until pimentoes are thoroughly heated If you like, garnish with sprigs of parsley when serving Serv es 4 weeks of age.

causing vomiting, followed by loss in weight and. eventually, starvation. Apparently, pyloric stenosis varies greatly in its severity, that is, the closure may be more or less complete. Thus the type of treatment varies with the seventy of the condition. When pj loric stenosis is present i in the new-born baby, it is important to recognize it early so that it can be treated at once before the child's condition becomes worse through lack of nourishment.

TREATED MEDICALLY Mild cases, it appears, may be treated medically. This medical treatment, according to Dr. Wil-j fred J. Pearson of England, con-' sists washing out the stomach with a warm salt solution, regulating the feedings, and making sure that loss of fluids from the body, or dehydration is corrected. In ad-d i i atropine, a preparation which relaxes muscle spasm, may be employed, together with pheno-barbital which is a sedative or quieting drug but is used in these conditions because it relaxes the stomach and intestine.

By HERMAN N. BUXDESEN. M.D. Persistent attacks of vomiting in the new-born baby means that the doctor should be consulted at once because they may indicate the condition known as congenital pyloric stenosis. Pyloric stenosis occurs because of a thickening of the circular muscle, known as the pyloric valve, located between the stomach and the first part of the intestine.

Ordinarily, this valve closes to keep food in the stomach until it is ready to pass into the small intes tine, but in py-loric stenosis, the r- valve remains closed, blocking the opening so that food does not get through. PRESENT AT BIRTH This disorder may be present at birth, particularly in boy babies, though usually it comes on at six Of course, these preparations must be carefully administered under the direction of a physician, so that the correct dose is used. As a general rule, the atropine is given a half hour before each feeding. If there is any evidence of loss of fluids from the body, salt solution may be given either by injection into a vein or under the skin. As a general rule, breast milk is the best food for these babies.

In some cases, however, it may be necessary to give thickened cereal feedings. The amount of food given at each feeding should be small, and the feedings given at more frequent intervals than usual, that is, every three hours. In severe cases of pyloric stenosis, operation is required. If the operation is done early, and the baby is put in the best possible condition before operation, the operation is usually quite successful. Any dehydration present must be corrected before the operation is performed.

Blood transfusion, that is the injection of whole blood into a vein, is often helpful. After the operation, small quantities of food are given at each feeding, and then the amount gradually increased. fJislie-CremeSImSioo tBAVES YOUR HAIR SOFTER. MORE TO MANAGE rei'oMtoiarZ mtt cj. I i-i i 0 By BETSY NEWMAN One of the first questions your physician asks you, when you go to him with an ailment is, do jou eat your vegetables? At this time of year, when fresh vegetables are so plentiful, there is no excuse for not eating plenty of them.

Maybe you have a freezing unit in your house; if so. splendid! You can freeze your own home grown vegetables and fruits for next winter. If you are not one of the lucky ones, however, you can still use the quick frozen foods your market can provide for getting quick meals now and later all the year around, in fact. In the broccoli and fried corn recipes, given today, you can use either frozen or fresh vegetables. TODAYS MENU Breakfast Bottled Prune Juice Ready-to-eat Cereal Milk Bacon Omelet Toast Coffee Milk Dinner Broiled Hamburger Cakes Mashed or Boiled New Potatoes Broccoli w'lth Mock Hollandaise Sauce or Fried Corn Peach Pie Coffee, Iced or Hot Bacon Omelet Add 2 tablespoons diced cooked bacon for each egg used in the omelet, either the French type or the ordinary omelet.

Broccoli with Mock Hollandaise Sauce 1 box quick- 2 egg yolks frozen broccolis tsp. salt 3 tbsp. butter l1 tsp. lemon 2 tbsp. flour juice 1 c.jDoiling w'ater tsp.

paprika Cook the quick-frozen broccoli according to the directions on the package, or, if you use fresh broccoli, cook as usual. Drain, if necessary, and serve with sauce. Serves 4. Mock Hollandaise Sauce Cream melted butter and flour together without browning; add boiling water slowly and cook for 5 minutes. Pour, stirring continuously, over the well-beaten egg yolks, add the seasonings, and serve immediately.

If it is necessary to reheat the sauce, place the Answer Is 4iYes NEW YORK Someone has raised the question as to whether or not it is good fashion to wear a full back coat over a dress with a long full skirt. The answer is yes, and stylists point out that the narrower shoulder creates the right balance for this shoulder-to-hem fulness. The greatcoat should, however cover the hem of the dress. If the coat is not full length, then a slightly shorter or seven eighths length should be avoided. Three quarter length is by all means the smarter if the dress is to show.

Grab-Ba nr One-Minute Test 1. What name is carried by more U.S. counties than any other? 2. Who was the first president of the Continental Congress? 3. Which of the United States possessions was once knowrn as Sewards Folly? Miss Edna Nairn, new president of the Windsor Zonta Club, is assisting with plans for the picnic supper to be held Thursday evening for the members at the home of Mrs.

H. H. Eager on Riverside drive. Will Reside on Riverside Drive -y Aer 07 ffoazay Words Of Wisdom Good will, like a good name, is got by many actions, and lost by one. Jeffrey.

if- S3- Hints On Etiquette For formal and semi-formal daytime weddings, a man wears an ascot tie, or four-in-hand in plain colors of blue, gray or black. He may wear stripes or figures in combination with white, light gray, blue or tan, or a bow necktie in the same colors. e.f' '4 fr 'y S-F at i i. fray- 1 f- 3 yfk i i fr -JQ 'S Sf fr V-Y ySi 7, it, ESC' .4 A Todays Horoscope A birthday anniversary today means that you are energetic, vivacious, and rather talkative. You are very fond of gaiety and social life and like to have an active part in everything you undertake.

You are not demonstrative in your love and require affection and understanding from your mate. Todays influences are adverse. Don't commit yourself. Lack of harmony or sociability is indicated. Your fortunes and happiness in your next year will grow apace.

Utilize the same fully. Court, marry and make new friends. Intellectual and social pursuits are well signified, also new business adventures. Todays child will exhibit great charm of manner and be a general favorite probably a genius in one of the arts. A long, happy, successful life is prognosticated.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosaire Deschamps, who were married at St. Theresas Church, will take up residence on Riverside drive. Riverside.

Mrs. Deschamps is the former Miss Florence Dionne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dionne of St. Louis avenue.

Sandwich East, and Mr. Deschamps is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alcide Deschamps of Joseph Janisse avenue. SEA-GOING HOME NANAIMO, C.

A floating house is being built by Capt. Thomas Higgs of the Nanaimo Towing' Co. The six-room dwelling will be aboard at flat-bottomed landing craft purchased from War Assets Corporation. One-Minute Test Answers 1. Washington, 29 states have counties so named.

2. Peyton Randolph of Virginia. 3. Alaska. 'f 4k the yeuaeud WAY TO BETTER MEALS See Aour so? Aous sAenzty Aoze easy mazaye yozzr Azzzz'r can 3c zezVA Zzzsfre Creme SAanpoo TOW millions of women have softer more radiant and glamorous hair thats aho easy to manage thanks to a remarkable cnam shampoo discovery Lustre-Creme Shampoo by Kay Daumit Out of Kay Daumits wealth of cosmetic lore, she selected lanolin with special secret ingredients to achieve her magic new formula; Youll find Lustre-Creme Shampoos abundant, pleasant lather offers these advantages compared to soap and liquid shampoos youve used before: 1.

Lustre-Creme leaies hair glouing soft, brilliant as if it had ban uell bruiheJ. 2. Sot drying. 3. Leaies no dulling soap film.

4. Your hair is easier to manage and arrange. 5. So tinegar or lemon rinse. 6.

U'orls per fitly in hard uaterx See how soft, how naturally lovely, how brilliantly alive and well-behaved your hair can be. Ask for Lustre-Creme Shampooatdrug and cosmetic counters. 4-oz. Jar $1.00 Better Finishes On New Furniture CHICAGO Finishes are important at the summer furniture market. Impatience on the publics part with inferior workmanship of wartime, and the availability of good materials now, has put better finishes on much of the furniture.

There are innovations, too, such as comb graining in an oak veneer modern bedroom set. Some mahogany veneer pieces in this same showing were finished in silver fox black, in coral, and in turquoise. The color was ingrained. The grain of the wood, in other words, was not hidden by the lacquer. COCGATt ACTIVE PENETRATING FOAM GETS INTO HIDDEN CREVICES BETWEEN TEETH-HELPS CLEAN OUT DECAYING fooo particles stop stagnant SAUVA ODORS-REMOVE THE CAUSE Of MUCH SAD OPf4TH LAJo SAUCE COLGATE DENTAL CREAM Former Windsor Boy Is Honor Graduate Tom Drayson, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Fred T. Drayson of Villa Nova, formerly of Windsor, was the honor graduate of the entrance class in Villa Nova School this year with 93, according to word just re ceived here. He formerly attended the Frank W. Begley School here.

New Skin Tightener does Wonders! Surprise! awaits your first trial of New Saxolite Astringent Cream! It not only gives more youthful appearance by temporarily firming, tightening soft skin surface but likewise tends to close up premature fine lines and wrinkles, subduing their prominence! The effect of this skin surface tightening is thrilling! This cream dries smoothly and evenly, forming an excellent powder base, and makes soft skin surface of face snd neck look and feel youthfully firmer! Saxolite Astringent Cream Sold at Cosmetic Counters Everywhere Cleans Your Breath Mw While It Cleans Your Teeth! -7 i- i le-47-l 25 40 Brides Father Officiates At Nuptial Rites With the brides father officiating, a wedding of wide interest was solemnized at Cottam United Church when Miss Mary Johnston, daughter of the Rev. Stanley Johnston of Cottam and the late Mrs. Johnston, was united in marriage to Mr. Albert Wortley, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Joseph H. Wortley of Essex. Given in marriage by her brother, Mr. Lawrence Johnston, tHe bride was lovely in a gowm of white tulle over satin, the bodice featuring a dropped shoulderline and a peplum, and the skirt bour-fant. Her hip-length veil of illusion was caught to her head with a white rose at either side, and she wore long lace mitts and carried a cascade bouquet of red roses.

Mrs. Margaret Lefebvre, the bridegrooms sister, as matron of honor, wore powder blue eyelet sheer and net over taffeta, and Miss Helen Wortley, another sister, as bridesmaid, w'ore blue silk marquisette over taffeta. Both wore blue tulle half-hats and carried cascade bouquets of pink carnations. Mr. Jack Murray of Chatham was best man, and Air.

Lawrence Johnston and Mr. Arthur Haggins were the ushers. During the ceremony, Miss Marguerite Cosens of Toronto, sang Promise Me and Love You Truly, Miss Dill Burgess of Kitchener playing the wedding music. RECEPTION FOR 40 A reception for 40 guests followed, in the church basement, the brides table being centred with a three-tiered wedding cake. Mrs.

Wortley, the bridegrooms mother, wore for the occasion an aquamarine frock trimmed with black sequins, and white accessories, with a corsage of pink carnations. After a short trip east, Mr. and Mrs. Wortley have taken up residence in Cottam. PfUCKV mr Waitten-mmsams TWICE-A-YEAR CLEARANCE SALE SUITS nTS3s Extra for Thursday! i WEIR Jm 1 Price If you are looking for a dress you can scoot around town in from now until fall look no more Here are silk prints, shantungs, jerseys and mesh frocks deliciously fashioned in luscious summer styles and shades now reduced to half their original price.

Broken sizes' Beautifully stvled and available in gra, blue. tan. brown, green, aqua A value without equal anywhere. ALL SIZES i 'tr ft mmsim" Treat affected areas with soothing, healing Mentholatum. It gently cools inflamed, burning skin and reduces itching.

Jars and tubes 30c. At. THE NEW AIR CONDITIONED S'e MENTHOUATJJM' ttGrVblVt ronfiDaiyHt 553 Open Daily to 6 p.m. Wed. to 12t30 noom CT'1 A.

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