The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on August 8, 1950 · 14
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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada · 14

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1950
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J' siaiiswrnaaaijaMyni i V ,-. PAGE rOCRTTEX- St. Laurent Text on Resisting Reds THE WINDSOR DAILY STAR, WINDSOR, ONTARIO, TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 195K f OTTAWA. (CP) Text of Prime Minister St. Laurents broadcast: 1 would like to talk to you tonight about recent serious international developments, and of the relationship of our country to them. I am thinking as you are more particularly of the Communist aggression in Korea. But we have to be even more concerned with the menacing implications of this aggression. There was. of course, nothing really new about the Communist aggression in Korea: The same kind of thing had happened $50 to O 31000 Borrow from Household Finance on your signature No endorsers or bankable security needed. We specialize in prompt cash loans for mny good purpose. 3 out of 4 prefer Household Finance for fast, friendly service. Phone or stop in today! HOUSEHOLD FINANCE two WINDSOt ImdM 457 OasUatto Aw s Floor Pfcooo 4-004 lo4o St Wost at Victoria Are. Frost Side. Hurl 2-7269 Horn 910 5 or by) o mdt to n.Uinti of morty Iowa a 1870 though not in the same way over and over again since the end of the war in 1945. What was new was the prompt action of the United Nations, led by the United States, in resisting the Communist attack on Korea. Prompt Resistance Of Aggression Netc The action of the United Nations in Korea Is not war; it is police action intended to prevent war by discouraging aggression. That is why Korea is so important to all of us who want to avoid another world war; and that is why the government at once pledged Canadas support to the United Nations action in Korea. Everyone knows, and every honest person will admit, that all the free countries in the world want to avoid war, and most of us realize that the only way to avoid war is by positive action to prevent it. That is why we set up the United Nations. That is why 12 nations joined in the North Atlantic Alliance. Peaceful Intentions , Policies Not Enough The last five years have shown us, however, that peaceful intentions and peaceful policies are not enough to avoid war; and that we must also have the strength to meet and to repel aggression. You remember what happened before 1939. One successful act of Fascist aggression followed another, until the Fascist tide of conquest could be stopped only by a world war. That must not be allowed to happen again, and it seems clear the only way to prevent it is to call a halt to aggression. That is what is being done now. There is a real chance that the final defeat of the Communist aggressors in Korea will discourage aggression in other places because the risks will appear to great. It is going to be hard for nations hungering for peace and not yet recovered from six years of total war, once again to give first place to rearmament. But events force us to be realistic. If we are to avert the danger which threatens the free world, we must marshal and increase the Welchs Gropelade is economical and so naturally good, youll serve it often. FOR PURE ENJOYMENT SERVE GRAPELADE AND GRAPE JELLY resources available to resist aggression; we must build up military strength backed by industrial strength; we must accept the economic and financial policies which will enable us to maintain our strength. Must Expend Efforts , Copy U.S. And U.K. All Canadians have been impressed by the expansion by the United States and Great Britain of their defence programs; and we in the Government feel the security of Canada requires further expansion of our own efforts. Obviously it is essential to overcome the aggressors in Korea; it is just as urgent to make the free world as strong as collective efforts can make it to resist aggression anywhere. Thus far in Korea itself, the main burden has fallen on the armed forces of the United States. This was because the United States alone had forces immediately available to throw into the struggle. These American forces have resisted a well-armed and well-trained Communist force with outstanding heroism; and the strength to turn the military tide is being built up with the greatest urgency. Sending Destroyers , R.C.A.F. Transport We in Canada took our stand with the United Nations against this Communist aggression. Three Canadian destroyers were at once dispatched to Far Eastern waters, and placed under the United Nations command. And we know they are giving a good account of themselves. The government at once considered what other effective immediate help Canada could, give in response to the appeal to all the United Nations to contribute to the necessary col-lective strength. On the 19th of July I was able to announce that Canada was providing a long range R.C.A.F. transport squadron for immediate service in the Pacific airlift at a time when transport planes were urgently needed. As you know, the squadron is already engaged in that difficult and essential task. We decided at that time to announce only what we could do at once. As to future effective action, we have been giving urgent and constant consideration to every possibility. Dispatching Of Troops At Once Rejected Everyone knows that ground troops trained and ready for immediate action with the existing United States forces would be of assistance. The government considered whether any part of the Canadian army should be dispatched to Korea for immediate action. Having in mind other obligations for the employment of Canadian ground forces and the uncertainties of the whole world situation, we reached the conclusion that the dispatch, at this stage, of existing first line elements of the Canadian Army to the Korean theatre would not be warranted. I announced that decision on July 19 and that remains the view of the government. Let me tell you why. Since our wartime forces were demobilized we have not attempted to maintain, in the Canadian Army, a fully trained expeditionary force available for MADE IN CANADA FROM CANADIAN GRAPES WELCH GRAPE JUICE CO.. ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO fO SLEEP SLUGGISH ? Heres SURE RELIEF Tou are sure of relief with proven cientific FRUIT-A-TIVES famout doctors prescription proven in tens of thousands of cases. FRUIT-A-TIVES are made of natures fruits and herbs. immediate action outside Canada. We wanted to get the best value we could for the Canadian taxpayers defence dollars; and for the army, the first requirements were for our immediate territorial defence and for a basic training establishment. Airborne Brigade Trained For North We have developed an airborne brigade group highly trained for operations in the north and designed to share in the immediate protection of this continent. We have also maintained an establishment for the rapid expansion of the Canadian Army in the event of a general war. But, at this time, we have no expeditionary force in being. Moreover, before the aggression in Korea, no definite plans existed for the creation of a United Nations force. And that was certainly not the fault of Canada. As early as 1946 I myself stated to the assembly of the United Nations that the people of Canada were anxious to know what military contribution they would be expected to - make to the - International forces to be established under the United Nations charter. But, in spite of its obligations under the charter, the Soviet Union, by its wilful obstruction, prevented an internation- - al force from being set up. The action taken by the United Nations in respect of Korea is in fact its first effective attempt to organize an international force to stop aggression. Ttco Questions Faced People , Government In consequence, the government and the people of Canada were faced with two questions. First, how much and in what way should we contribute to the United Nations police action in Korea and, secondly, how much and in what way could we increase our ability to participate in other common efforts, either under the United Nations charter or the North Atlantic Treaty. We have considered several possible courses. It was not too difficult to decide that some courses would certainly be unwise, but it has been much less easy to determine what positive course Is likely to be most effective. I have already said we could not send the trained brigade group, or any worthwhile part of it, to Korea without dangerously weakening our own immediate defences. Later Would Allow Recruiting By U.N. There has been talk of a United Nations police division of volunteers and this may in time work out, and be of value for areas other than Korea. If and when such a division is formed along lines considered practicable, the government will recommend appropriate Canadian participation. But we feel the present situation calls for something more immediate. The government has therefore authorized the recruitment of an additional army brigade which is beginning on Wednesday. This brigade will be known as the Canadian army special force and it will be specially trained and equipped to be available for use in carrying out Canadas obligations under the United Nations Charter or the North Atlantic Pact. Naturally, this brigade will, subject to the approval of parliament, be available for service in Korea as part of United Nations forces, if it can be most effectively used in that way when it is ready for service. The way in which it could be used in the United Nations force, is being CD Canuck De-Icing Plane S2 for your ideas wo prtnt. Write Jerry LangeB co The Windsor Daily Star J " M a m .1 (?L OPEN TO 6:00 p.m. TOMORROW m - ALL DAY TOMORROW - - COMPLETE FACTORY PURCHASE REG. TO 2.98 They cost much more to make than this spectacular low price! We took the entire lot all are top quality and first quality! Silky poplins in the popular boxer style, with elastic at waist and with full inner support. Choice of handsome printed patterns or solid shades of fawn, brown,, blue and green. Sizes 8 to 14 years. Look at the saving come tomorrow at 9! TRUNK 4' ' v?y -4 - f?' vSf-J J. rfs BOYS T-SHIRTS 47 and 67 Reg. to $1.49 . 01 MENS T-SHIRTS 66,o 1.99 Reg. to $3.50 . 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The. association of the new brigade with these historic regiments will have numerous advantages. Seek Other Recruits, Speed Jet Output In accordance with the policy announced on July 19, we are also pressing on with recruiting for the other active forces of the army, for the navy, and the air force which are all being expanded, and for the reserve forces which form such an important part of the defence system of Canada. We are accelerating the pro- duction of our new all-weather I two-seater jet fighter, the CF-100, now known as the Canuck. j Its tests have exceeded expectations. This week will see the test . flight of the first of the F-86 Sabres manufactured in Canada. We are greatly expanding our capacity to produce the Orenda jet engine. Navy Ships, Arms, Ammunition, Radar At the same time, we are stepping up our production program for naval vessels, armament, ammunition, radar and other types of equipmenL We are working in the closest co-operation with the United States to the end that our joint resources and facilities are put to the most effective use in the common defence effort. We have in Canada a capacity for defence production far greater than we need to meet our own defence requirements, heavily Increased though these will be. We are looking forward confidently to an acceleration and an intensification of our joint production efforts. To this end, the joint United States-Canada industrial mobilization planning committee is meeting in Ottawa tomorrow. Will Call Parliament To Expedite Action On the closing day of the last session of Parliament, I said that if the situation in Korea or elsewhere should deteriorate and further action by Canada be considered. Parliament would be summoned. The situation of our defence program will require parliamentary action. The government has, therefore, decided that Parliament should be summoned as soon as it is possible to gather the fuller information and to formulate the specific plans we will wish to lay before Parliament. It is now felt that the date is apt to be six or seven weeks hence, though naturally Parliament will be called earlier if it appears that an earlier meeting is required by international developments or would expedite effective action. It should be remembered that in addition to the developments in Korea, important meetings of the North Atlantic Treaty organization are now going on all the time. We want to place before Parliament just as complete a picture as possible of the entire world situation, as well as details of the expansion of our defence program to meet that situation. No time is being lost. We are pressing on, in the meantime, with everything useful that can be done to increase our effective strength. Try But May Fail To Prevent War In taking these actions and in formulating the program to be laid before Parliament, our objective is not to make war. We are, as all our people wish us to, doing our best to prevent war. No one can guarantee that, through the action we are all now taking, the free nations will succeed in preventing a general war. We do know that no one of them can do this alone and that our best chance of doing it is by following wise and progressive international policies and by building up onr joint strength with speed and determination. We owe it to ourselves, to each other, to our children, and to each others children, to do everything human foresight can suggest to prevent the disasters of a third world war. Under Providence I hope and I trust we shall succeed. OTTAWA, (CP) Allying 'weather station of all-Canadian design will shortly cross the Atlantic under its own power to be exhibited in England for about a month. NORTH STAR It is a four-engined North Star airplane, converted by Canadas National Research Council into a flying laboratory for de-icing studies. The only one of its kind in the world, it is operated for the N. R. C. by the R.C.A.F. experimental and proving establishment at Rockcliffe, near Ottawa. The aircraft has become known in aeronautical research circles as the Rockcliffe Ice Wagon. The ice-wagon is used for dual-purpose test flights. On the one hand there is the very practical object of finding out how experimental anti-icing and de-icing equipment performs under natural icing conditions. Another is to collect in actual flight scientific data on certain basic weather conditions. STUDY OF CLOUDS For general research on cloud physics, including such problems as artificial rainmaking or the use of radar for cloud and storm detection. the ice-wagon is equipped , with many instruments designed in the N. R. C.s mechanical engineering division. There is, for instance, a special high-speed spark camera to take pictures of the water or ice par tides in a cloud, together with various photo-electric measuring devices and automatic recorders. One striking feature of the ice-wagon is the large sharks fin on top of the fuselage. This serves to test the new electrothermal method of wing de-icing. developed in the low temperature laboratory of the engineering division. On either side of the dorsal fin are two blister-type observation domes for study and control of the ice-shedding process during flight. The propellers, too, are fitted with experimental -blade - heater elements. London Argon Attempt Turned Over to Police LONDON, Ont.. 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