The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1950
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEYILLF, (ARK.) COUKTER NEWS 'Frank' Rolls Make Easy Luncheon By CKCILV BROWNSTOVE AwocUtrd Press Food Editor Pleasant and easy for luncheon fare are long, &oft mils—commonly called frankfurter rolls — stuffed with savory or sandwich salnd filling. They can b« prepared abend »nd they look so attractive they're just- RK pood for romp.iny as for family use. When egg salad Is used for the filling tlie rolls nre delicious served with tomato aspic and stuffed green olives. I first encountered these rolls In Ne«' York where they »t>. s*rved at & famous chain of j restaurants and I've always fell they should be better known. Potato saiad Is Just as good In (he fall as H is hi the summer. Try R variation of the usvnl recipe, using sauerkraut. You can prepare the salad ahead and serve 1L with bacon or cold cuts for luncheon prefaced with a hot soup. Kfig Salad Rolls Ingredients: 5 hard-cooked eggs (coarsely chopped), 1 cup finely diced celery, l + cup finely dieed pic- JcJe, H teaspoon salt, dash of pepper, U teaspoon prepared mustard. dash of Worcestershire sauce, | cup real mayonnaise, 6 frankfurter i rolls, lettuce, tomato aspic. Mefhnii: Mix thoroughly egg, eel cry, plckte, salt, pepper, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce, stir in mayonnaise Well. Pile Into partly sp]l' frankfurter rolls, Serve oil luncheon plnte.s with Je((uce and tomato aspic Makes 6 servings. SnurrkraiU* Potato S:i!a<! Ingredients: 1 No. 2 can sauerkraut (drained) or 2't- cups bu)k sauerknuil, 2 cups diced cook potatoes, U- cup grated carrot, '.3 cup diced encumber, 'i cup diced green neppcr, 3 tablespoons minced onion. ;- t CMIJI mayonnaise, suit and pepper to taste, !i teaspoon celery -;eed, .salad greens, 1 cup cooked ^rccn peas, Melluid: Mix sauerkraut, potatoes, carrot., cucumber, green pepper, and onion, Add mayonnaise and toss lightly with fork. Season to taste. Arrange kraut, mixture on salad greens making a hollow in the center for the peas. Makes 6 to 8 servings. Dairy Food son Government's Abundant List for September Milk- i-s one of September's p!en-» If/ill foods. So also are other dniryl foods such as butter, cheese, cottage, cheese and non-fat powdered milk These dairy foods are economical tources of top quality proteins. Other lootfs on the t/nilcd Slates Department of Agriculture's list ol abundant: foods In September include stewing hens, eggs and locally grown vegetables. Being so plenti/nl, these items should be moderately priced. Use them generously in your family menus Here's the complete list: Frulls and Vegetables Cabbage, Irish -potatoes, sweet potatoes (last halt of month), peaches {Northeast, Midwest), locally grown vegetables.. Protein Foods Milk,, dairy products, eggs, hen.s, fish (fresh and frozen). - . Panned Veffrtablr* tTM cnbbnge, Me. collards, spinach, okra, or summer squash. Finely shred cabbage, kaJe, collards or •pinach. slice okra or summer squash thin. For four servings use 2 quarts •pin»ch; 1 quart cabbage, kale or coUardi; 3 cups okra or summer •quuh. Measure vegetable after cutting, Heat J tablespoons table fat or drippings In a heavy fry pi\n Add vegetable and sprinkle with aalt. Cover pan to hold In steam. Cook over low heat; stir once in *h!!« do keep from sticking. Cabbage will be done in five to 10 minutes; other vegetables take longer. Look fo Canned Meat Shelf for Variety in Menu Exploring the grocer's canned meat shelf, homemakers may discover numerous tempting main dish ideas. Along with being handv lo use. canned meats provide many food nutrients needed daily In the diet. Reb* Stagg», home economist. •uggesU that homemakers heat ilices of hUKheon, loaf in » vegetable gravy or » barbecue sauce. Or the loaf may be diced, added to a cream sauce and served over Chinese noodle* or toasted corn Frozen Chocolate Forfeit Is Taste- Tempting Dessert Desserts that can be prepared ahead of lime are always popular vrilh busy home-makcra. The chocolate partatt recipe below can be made in the morning or a day or two in advance. What's more it's -efreshlngly cool and rich enough' please tlie most sweet-toothed member of the family:' Pro/rii Chocolate 1'artait I Cup sugar \-t cup water 1 tablespoon light corn syrup 3 egg whites, stiffly beaten 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate 1 cup heavy cream, whipped I teaspoon vanilla Set temperature controls of automatic refrigerator to coldest setting. Mix sugar, water nnd coin syrup in small, deep saucepan. Cook until 240 degrees F. Pour In a thin stream over stiffly ben ten egg whites, beating constantly. Continue beating until the mixture Is cool and will hold its shape. Add melted and cooled chocolate and mix until smooth. Fold in whipped cream and vanilla. Pour into refrigerator (rays and freeze until firm. Reset controls to normal and continue freeing for at least 3 hours before serving. Makes about 8 servings. bread. Luncheon loaf kabobs are another clever serving. The clil:»1 are threaded on skewers with minute onions, green pepper squares, stuff olive halves and mushrooms, brushed with mustard and rolled in melted fat. then slowly broiled. Chili con cnrne presents more mnin dish possibilities. Bun halves may be spread with thickened chill, topped with cheese slices nnd half bacon strips, then broiled. Two more favorable- combinations are spicy Vienna sausages arranged over a rice or potato casserole or ansage slices combined with pens in cream sauce and served over split biscuits, shortcake style. IS THE SECRET OF A ™ ° cn r an - (NO WATER) R 0ilst in a s l, )w ,,ven (.«5"F.). The fat covering melts and bastes the meat during cooking. ROASTING TIME: WEIGHT TIME , THAWED , 1 lo 4 poun«»» 3 houn FROZtM 4 hour» ... , 3'/j lo 4 tiourt 4y, | O i hour, » V^"' * '° 5 hou " S lo 6 hour, 1«» pr ,°r°='f.r."'| 'wo^F™ t olw'^. 1 m°.°'t •n',"™,^. et May rose VEAL ROU I Hom» Ctonomtif, ' ST. LOUIS {INDEPENDENT PACKING COMPANY SMouis, Mo. BEST BISCUIT BAKERS—Imolce and Imogcne Brown, identical twins from Lclioy, Kan., both won blue ribbons for Ihcir bread and biscuits at the Topeka (Kan.) free fair. The twins are high school sophomores and members of the 4-H Club. Food Prices Show Decline NKW YORK, Sept. 28. W>) — The Dun and Bradstrccl Wholesale Focd Price iiulex this week praleA I Is largest weekly drop of the year, and the first appreciable decline since the Korean Wnr began. The index dropped to to.Ol from SS.67 last week, and was 16.6 pr-r cent above the year-ago week's 55.01. The Index renre.seni.s tlie total wholesale cast, of a pound each of 31 foods In general use. Umvrap meat as soon as It conies from the market; never wash it before storing it in the refrigerator. Before you use It wipe it off with a damp cloth. Wide lamp shades spread li^ht well. A white-lined shade is move efficient and provides more light than any other type. Try Oysters For Succulent Autumn Food By CKf'lI.Y BROWNSTONE Assoclalrd I'rrss rood Editor One of the good things about September is that It brings oysters back again into our seafood markets. Tlwe succulent delicacies nre easy to prepare. Two delicious w^ys to serve oysters nre either as a first course (with a cocktail snilco or teamed with other savory foods as a main dLsh lor supper. Oysters. Baltimore style are delicious .served with a green salad, adding baked potatoes if you like. Oystfrs, Baltimore Style Ingrcdlcnis: 2 thin slices boiled ham (cut In half), 4 tablespoons butter, I pint bliicpolnt oyner.i (drained), V4 cup chill sauce, 4 BD =Been Delayed and BD tn<«n* Olaek-DiiUgM, Ifie /rleurtly l*»»the that helps lo <j|;pcJ llrt.lncsj, loclJiHi a/id hfsdiflies of orrtlmry rorullpsHorv. jo ofl- fn th* ciuse of d*l*jr an*] Idleness. BUck- [)r*ueht t» pure; made o( Imported heibs. Tahfri IE directed. Mi Action Is senile anil iiMural UKr Get powder or sranulaUrl. Costs * prnnr or les? BLACK-DRAUGHT 'JI.^.'? , teaspoons Worcestershire sauce, 4 tablespoons heavy cream, 4 buttered rounds. Method: Fry ham in a little rendered ham fat in skillet until browned. Remove; set aside and keep'hot. Melt butter In the skillet. Add oysters nnd saute gently until j Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away .... A» w« set oiler, jlrcas an<l slram over Kprlion. executive <uniifciii K or mioture lo ••;j|,l xynntunu ,!„>« ,[„„.„ ki,| nc> . ,,, nc . tn>n. Ehu mRy Irnil many folks tu cum l.lah, ,,f niiiclnii l.»rt«cl,,: In,. "f ,,,. f , ™, i energy, licd.lath™ »„,) Mninni. GtuSit in. nlk-Kli or frcjiuriil Pns« B ,. 3 ,, m - ,„„],. frtir:i .-nintfr hlaiMfr irnlnlH.m rluu to cold •lnmiijms or ilietary iinliscrt'tiiina. edges begin to curl-U»U take, only ^J '£%?„*£• ^ITl T_ " u * a few ininutfs. Remove ind set aside with the ham. Ml* chili »auc«, Worcestershire sauce, «nd cr«am in skillet. Hcnt thoroughly, stirring constantly. Arrange oysters on toajit THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER X, 1999 oirer oysters and h»m. Serve at once. Makei 4 «rving«. To make a wWt« sauce a beautiful pale yellow color, add a very , little termeric. Thfe li good wilh in center of serving p'laUer. Oar seafood or vegeublai. •Mak« Skim af Abouf HtvuiuvnsiinaKMn* VALIXSASKA UHNfS YOU OUNMC >: ,,: v rm mo us WHK or mar SLICED B*COB Tender, T«rty S#rv« it for br.Jrf.rf, lloan'j I'rlli. » rul[y by millmn. i'im tojayl OAV AFTER DAY MONTH AFTER MONTH YEAR AFTER YEAR MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LOVE AND ENJOY 5 LOW, LOW PRICES Everyday! SPECIAL! Friday and Saturday FREE! FREE! Aluminum Strainer Sauce Pan with every $10 purchase. It'ig a $1.50 value! Satisfaction Tomatoes 8 r 1°° Welch'*, Pure Apple Jelly DelMonta—Halves or Slicfd in heavy *yrup Peaches 5 N ;r Mayfield or Sweet Cream CORN Cream Styl '* 100 • I Clrtis, Stringiest Grn. Beans DelMent* Pineapple H 1°° Red Delicious APPLES 2 Lbs. Z5c Fresh Golden CARROTS .led Triumph Potatoes 10 Lbs. 39c -MEATS- picNic HAMS - - Ib. 39< Fresh Dressed Hens - Ib. 39< REELFOOT SAUSAGE - Ib. 47< SALT MEAT - - - Ib. 26< PORK LIVER - - - Ib. 35< Plenty of Parking Space At Your IGA Store Pure Cane SUGAR 10-89' Seaview SARDINES 4 M 1.00 IGA Evaporated-Homo DOG FOOD S CANS OOi FOR ^ J NAYS' IGA SUPER MARKET 421 S. 21*. r, It toys *•

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