The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1950
Page 7
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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 7, 19bv McMath Plugs Arkansas Valley Governor Seeks Power Projects, Navigation Aid ST. I.OUIS, Feb. 7—W 1 )—Governor Sid McMatn of Arkansas plug- f" gcd for development of the Arkansas River at a meeting oj the Mississippi Valley Association here yesterday. In a speech prepared for delivery at an afternoon session the governor advocated carrying out of an overall development project, for the Arkansas Valley as prepared by the United States Engineers. He' recalled that Congress already has approved In principle the engineers' plan, which would provide flood control, hydro-electric power, - and navlatto'i from the month of the Arkansas to Tnlsa, Okia. Arkansas Valley Aid Askcil He told the association that "I am now asking your continued help to bring navigation and other benefits to the valley ol the Arkansas." Resides other resources, McMnlh said there are 30-bHllon tons of coal reserves in the area through which the Arkansas flows. These, he said, may not find markets in sufficient volume for low-cost production due lo high transportation costs. It the Arkansas River development is carried out, coal could move by water all the way to its consumption points McMath said. He added: "The benefits for navigation will be enormous, it is estimated that benefit* at the time the study was made by the engineers, would approximate $3,1,000,000 per year. The benefit. 1 ; are now jjj estimated (o be In the neighborhood W-ot $50,000,000 per year." 1'ower Sales Would Pay Cost Of hydro-electric developments, McMnth said that returns lo the government from sale of power would repay the cost over a iwriod 01 40-ycsrs. "And it is therefore not a public, expenditure, but public investment necessary in national program," Of flood control, the governor said that the valley sometime.'! ha; o.s many as three floods annually and added "it Is to my mind inexcusable that every year in the area between Forl Smith and Pine Bluff. 3.000 acres of top soil float down the river." , C. "i. Palmer, Texas and Arkansas newspaper publisher, was to preside at the session. Silver Shirt Chief Granted Parole WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 M>)_Thc U. S. Parole Board yesterday gran- ^tetl parole to William Ddi'tey Pelley P founder and one-time leader of tin Silver Shirts of America, who wa? convicted of sedition during World War II. Tlte <!ft-y«ir-o1d Pelley has been In the federal penitentiary at Tc-r- re Hmite, Ind., since late in 1D42 serving a 15-year sentence imposed by the federal district court nt India n a noils. He will be freed Feb. 14, the hoard said. His was the first majnr seditioi case in tins country during th second world war. His conviction on 11- counts c criminal sedition ivns based upo, his publications put out by Uie Fellowship Press Inc. Ind. at Noblesville THE WIZARD - Sam Roper, Imperial wizard of the Association of Georgia [Clans, poses in Atlanta for his Brsl picture In the Imperial haberdashery. Roper succeeded Ihe late Grand Dragon -Samuel Green. Court Ponders State's Power Over Liquor LITTLE ROOK. Feb. 6. (API — Tho Arkansas Revenue Comnm- sioncr's authority to revoke export liquor permits may be decided Monday. The Arkansas Supreme Court today took under submission litigation over Commissioner Dene Mot-ley's effort to cancel the permit of the Sun Export Co.. Lnkc Village." Under a 1019 act authorizing issuance of wholesale export liquor permits, several firms went into the bii=lness of exporting mostly to dry Oklahoma and Mississippi. In October, Morlcy asked the firms to surrender their permits, but Sun refused anrt oblnined in Pulaski Chancery Court, an injunction lo prohibit, the commissioner from interfering with its operations. Morlcy appealed to the Supreme Court, and ;he case was taken under submission today. Generally, the court hands down its dcd-ioiis the week after a case is submitted. AIL-GRAIN-HO SUGAR G"esedieck RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere Von Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER Sex Slayer Gets Death Sentence Stroble Is Ordered To Die for Death of Linda Joyce Glueoft LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7-WV- Fred slroble yesterday, was ordered lo die in the state's/gas chamber for the brutal sex-slaying of six- year.old Unda Joyce olucoft. Superior Judge Charles W. Prlcke pronounced the sentence, abruptly ending the 08-year-old ex-baker's Sht for a new sanity trial. Stroble was convicted by a Jury of murder In (he first degree, with no recommendation [or leniency. This made the death sentence mandatory. Judge Frtcke subsequently found him sane. Stroble had nlead- mnoccnt by reason or Insanity. Defense Attorney John D. bray contended that Stroble did not Miow the meaning of "waive a jury trial" at his sanity hearing. But Public Defender Ellerey Cuff testified today he explained it lo stro- We. who said: "I can't expect anything from that jury, r would rather have the JiirtRe rule on my sanity." Cuffs office handled the trial. Strobtc admitted choking, fonc-k- inir, slabbing and bludgeoning little Linda Joyce to death last Nov. 11 when she fought off his advances Cripple Admits Circus Judge Mourns Loss Of Dog,'Court Attache' LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 7. (AP)'— One of the Pulaski Circuit Court's most faithful attendants was absent yesterday for (he first lime in years. Biggy, a small brown and white dog, inseparable companion of Judge Ous FuH: and who has come to have full standing as a court attache, wii.s missing. Bigpy has attended almost every session of the criminal court during the last 10 years. But, attracted by a member of the S.AN .ANTONIO, Feb. 1. (API -r James Wilson McMichen. 37, crippled cirrus worked from Charleston, W. Va.. said in a signed statement yesterday he killed a fellow circus worker at Lnmar. Mo., in tfH8. because the man taunted him by calling him "Crip." MrMirhcn walked up to detectives Steve Salas and Joe J. Newman yesterday and told them he had something on his conscience. At headquarters he described the slaying In a statement to homicide detective Fred San Miguel. McMichen he ran a circus -wajon over a man he knew only as "Hutch." Officers at Springfield. mo., said i40 persons, including McMichen, had been questioned about the death ol William Pctttt,. ID, circus roustabout mind dead In a circus wagon at Springfield. The circus had shown the previous day at Lamar. McMichen told detectives he would w.-iire extradition. No charges have been filed again-st him. The word "volcano" comes from the Latin iorm iVnicanus) of tb name giret; by the ancient Roman, to their god of fire, Vulcan. oi)]x>site sex .he wandered away from Ihe judge in a rural area Sunday. So the judge opened court without Bigi:y. "I sure hope he comes back," ihe judge said. "He has ,= n v- cd me from at least a dozen rattlesnakes. 1 ' Sheriff Continues Jail's Electricity With Extension Cord from Own Home HYDE PARK, VI. Feb. 1. (AP>— The lights are on and the hot water heater Is running'in Lamoillc County jail because Sheriff Kenneth Potter says he has the determination and the extension cord to keep his Jail from "total darkness." The four prisoners—minor offenders—in the six-cell bi'lck Jallhouxe can have their baliis and clean linen, loo. says the sherltl even though tile jwwer was turned off Jan. 28 because the bills weren't paid. Where is the power coming from? The sheriffs house Is next to the jail. "I've eot an extension cord rim- in« from my pantry through tin- food window into the cell block," lite sheriff explained. I'olter, who Is 49 and has been sheriff since 1M1, -says he thinks the whole cause of the trouble Is that Vermont state auditor David V. Anderson is "trying to dictate to us." Auditor Anderson says that ever .since Potter Installed an electric hou water heater about a year BEO ihe Jail's electric bills have been climbing and for the past six months have averaged about $75, Before the time of the new heater, Anderson says, the jail's power bills averaged $|8 a month. So, Anderson said, he refused payment on l wo bills and the Morrisvillc Liirht and Power Company halted service. The sheriff says that treiiise of the extension cord from his house the bills will now be in his name. Wilt he pay them? "1 will pay up," "until I figure they've had a rea.sonabie time lo iron this out." Hush-Hush is Put On.AAF Exercise FRANKFURT, Germany. Feb. 7. ( AP) — Strict security measures were imposed on Frankfurt's Rhine- Main airbase yesterday as the US. Air Force began a top secret exercise officially called "Operation Readiness." Air Force officers and public in- foimtuion officials declined to comment on the troop carrier and .supply operations, apparently de-signed to test all men and equipment which could be needed on a moment's notice. They declined lo say whether the exercise was designed to sharpen up men who might be called to supply Berlin by air lift. Armed guards patroled hangar areos and stood sentry by Installations. News of the exercise leaked out when n newsman was arrested when he. entered a hangar. He was kept briefly in custody, then given a pass, and permitted to leave the field. Officers refused lo talk ahoul the operation and said it was "classified." Sets Shining Example WALNUT RIDGE. Ark., Feb. 1 (API—Mayor E. K. Rirlrtiek has set a shining example for the March ol tudebaker reduces prices on all I9SO passenger car models SAVIN6S TO VOU OF _^^^^h. $ to 141 IN FACTORV DEUVERED PRICES Sensational!/ lower prices now give you the benefit of Studebaker's all-time peak production! Come in now! See for yourself how the strikingly beautiful 1950 "next look" Studebakers excel in sleek modem styling - in gas economy -in restful ride-in handling ease-in freedom from costly repairs-in solid values vital to you as a car user! STUOESAKER'S x&iur See your Studebakcr deafer now Anti-Trust Suit •lied Against battery Firms WASHINGTON. Feb. 7 M')_At- orney Onernl McGralh yesterday nnoimced a blanket indictment at <ansas City charging: n criminal nil-trust conspiracy in the sale a'nd islrll/utlon of used storaee bat- cries. The attorney ecneral said the d as defendants In the action 22 rand Jury at Kansns City had tinm- •uge concents and 21 Individuals ccuscd of an illegal coinblnnllan 1 both Ilio used storage battery reiness nnd Hie handling of lead i.lvnged from such batteries. Mcaralh sold that with (he rc- nrn of HIP Indictment, he Is fillip civil anti-trust action aaninst the ame group ID the Kiinsns Clly ederal Court. This, he said, asks or an Injunction against the DIs- fal Company of Chicago, III. MrCirath described the Chicago omiwny as "an admllllstrailvo onrcrn ojRaul/etl lo effect n na-! lonal proBrnm for disposal of used alteries." He nsertccl it Itad aEi'ce- lenls will) .srrnp concerns dividing he nation Into Rooj;r«phio ureas in which ench such concern is to ncrnlc and among other thlnes. rovldlnir lor the payment of uni- orm prices (or used batteries." •hoe Company Says Vet Profit Halved ST. LOUIS. Feb. 7_Wj_Thc In- •rnational Shoe Company has re- orted a drop ol 'H.i per cent In iclr net profits lasi year. The firm's annual report showed et profits dropped from S1B8201S7 >_ 1!H8 to $6.882.850 last year. "The year recently ended was one f readjustment, from nn economy t scarcity lo one of plenlv," the ••port stated. The company laid off 2,000 em- Ici.ves during (he year nnd closed hree slioc factories. The re-port redicted continued high prices. imea campaign. He lias offered to shine the shoes >f evei-y $5 contributor to Ihe in- antilo paralysis fund campaign. Real Estate Transfers IChlrkxawW Dklrlot) Ida Mitchell Barr to Thomas Y. Chin, nil of Lot 1 In Block 10 of the Ed,,^ Robinson Addition, $100. Eiuniclt Colemaii and Sarnh Williams to George W. WtRgs, Lot 20 '.' _!? lTCk '•» «' the Brawley Addition. ?n&. E. n. Shannon' and F.ilecn Shannon (o John L. Buck, Lot 12 and 13 of Illock "A" of the O. J. Hoiiter First Addition of Leachvllle, $-1,100 O. J. and zllinh Heuter to E. R Shannon, |. 0 ( S 9. jo; u. 13, 13 of Block "A" of ihe O. J. neuter First Addition, $2,000. T. H'. and Aleihea Dean to Oenrge W. and Uuby Trwln, nil of Lot 5 of Ihe Jolly Addition. $300. Pleas and Bessie Yarbro to A. J nmt Bertha May Wicker, all of Lot •< ol Block 10 of the Hugg Addition, $2,000. Max and Annie Laurie Logan lo Harold n. nnd Marie O. Wright lo Clyde and Maxlne. Davis. Lot 15 of Block "I-- of the John I! Walker Second .Addition, J500. Max and Anulo Laurie Ixignn an.l Harold is. and Marie D. Wright, to Phillip J. and Cornelia Harris. Lot 3 of mock "F" ot the John R. Walker Second Subdivision, $900. Max and Annie Lauie Loga" Hain't' II. and Mnrlc n. Wriuht in Jnri- E. »n M«rlha Trusler, Lot '22 ot Block "F" of ihe John B. Walker Second Subdivision, filflO. If. K. and Rser Thompson to Max T. and l.udlne Nadlne Koonce, Lot 2 Binek II of the Ruddle Heights Addition. $5,000. Ike and Gussie Miller to Johnny and Izora Fleitz. North 125 feel of Lot I Block 2 of the P. B, Dorican Addition, $3.500. Howard nnd Mae Webb to Amelia Robins and Hawley r,. Anthony, 10(1 feet ol West side of Lot S of Block 2 of (lie R. L. Hnys Addition to l.eac-hville, $1 and other consideration Clnrencc Clean and Rachi\ol Genii lo Florence Crawford. Kast 75 feet of Lot 25 of (he Original Survey of Blylheviilc. $1 nnd other consl- <lpi nilrtii. Mnbel o. Williams (o II V and Gladys Smith. Lot •! ol' Block •>!" of the Wilson Second Addition $3,000. Ethtl Hancock to H. V. and Gladys Smith, Block 2 of the Stanley Hancock Traction the NlC'-i of Section 17-15N-(E, part ot Block •I or the R. u Hays Addition lo l.cachvllle, $1 and other consideration. All-in E. and Irene Prichard to Ivan and Mary R. Warren, Lot 1 of Block 2 of the Bugg Addition sio and other consideration. Ruth Lee Key to Bessie and Charlie Chlsm. Lot 14 ol Block 31 of the Blylhe Second Addition, Sl.coo. Joe W. and Pauline Ncedham 10 Mrs. W. A, White, tot 9 of Illock 6 of the Wilson Third Addition. Section 1«-15N-11E, $1 and other consideration. Alice 11. Oullaw lo J. H. Craln trustee lor Lee Wilson and Comp- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Oiiiiranlceil JJesI Prices Kirby Drug Stores PAGE SEVEN any, 1!4 acre In NW|1 of the SE4 of Section 16-15N-11E. $10 and other consideration. H. O. and Margaret Campbell to Richard and Dorothy Viileneuve Lot 3 of Block 8 ol the Park Addition, J'J.ISO. Three States Lumber Company to t* H. and I.ucile S. Stitry. W 2 of (i-HN-HK, containing 38.87 acres $1 and other consideration. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas to William E. and Mary E. Stilr'i- land, all of Lot 8 of Block 4 of tiie David Acres Subdivision of Blv- thevllle, $0,700. '. Bill Reid Company of Arkap- to Robert I/, and Jean Tcrrv••' ' • 4 of Block 4 of the David ; , Subdivision, $11,700. <K' , ' WIN EVERY HEART/ ^JJT all rjilis recogniz«d lo be the finest, a Wurlilzer Piano reigns supreme. Moderate in pric» — unoqualed in quality nnii potlornjqncn. Stop in al our slore and let us demonstrate lo you Iho pleasure and educational entertainment a Wurlilzer Piano orfors your Iqmtly and loved one». For Complete Prices Writ* BEARD'S TEMPLE OF MUSIC Poragpuld, Arkansas It's a and we trick can do it Electricity is somewhat like an old-time juggler—keeping a Inl nf things going at. once—ami doing it mighty economically. Here are just a few of l|,c lhin K s a penny—invested in electric service—will dn for (he average family: wash a half week's washing, light a 100 watt bulb lor more than three hours, vacuum clean six large rugs, run n sewing, machine all afternoon, or supply you radio entertain meal fora whole evening. Yes sir, when H conies lo doing a lot of things—all nt oticc and at bargain prices-electricity tops the list. It's high in value hut Imv in price. Actually, if yours is Ihe average family, you're now Retting twice as much electric service as 3'ou received twenty years ago fur the same amount of money. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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