The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 5, 1932 · 21
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 21

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 5, 1932
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THE SUNDAY PROVINCE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, JUNE o, 1932 21 Auctions J Auction Sales By r.nn St Tiimhull During the Forthcoming Week COMMENTING 2 p.m. MONDAY, JINE 6, 1932 Instructed by the Owner We Will Sell, Without Reserve, the Contents of the Bungalow at 4320 West 8th Ave., on Behalf of the Owner, Who Is Leaving Country. for the Old Very handsome tiire-piM cnestsrneia suits, aolia walnut frame, two small Chinese iuj. solid walnut dining-room table with ix chain to match, four ZerouH mala, large mirror, two walnut finish beda complete, n--K.n t.h: nt chain and the usual mis- i un. iwui, nn hand aewlnl machine. one tent a bicycle, uwnmower. etc. Terms cash. Gaze li Turnbull Auctioneers Auction Saie Tl ESDAY Instructed by Mrs. McLaughlin, 1295 West 11th Ave., We Will well te Contents of the Above Premises, Which Includes the Furnishings of 13 Rooms, on Tuesday, June 7, at 1:30 p.m. Including In part: Kroehler ches terfield aultea, dinette suites, very handsome Old English wardrobe in solid mahogany. Saxony, Wilton, Donegal and Axmlnster carpets, walnut finish beds and dressers, good kitchen ramze. Bed linen, unoteuni, easy chairs, card tables, curtains, pictures and dishes and the usual miscellaneous household ellects. 1 All of the above sooda are In llrst-class condition and have been well kept and looked after and are well worthy ot your consideration. Now on view. ( Terms cub. reserve I Gaze li Turnbull Painter Is Disturbed From His Rest By Radio Voice DALLAS. Tex., June 4 (CP) G. T. Brown, painter, weary of his work In the hangar here, sat down to rest on a plank. An instant later, from a loudspeaker hooked up to the radio from Chicago, came the words: "Go ahead. Brown." The aged painter rose quickly and started swinging his brush. "How'd that Chicago operator know I was loafing," he mumbled. After a good laugh, the local operator explained that Pilot L. C. Brown, flying toward Chicago, had asked to transmit a message from his plane to the Chicago station, and the operator was simply telling him to "fire away." ( Auctions Astounding NO SPECIAL AID FOR INDUSTRY Auction Sal Auction Sale WEDNESDAY Instructed by the collector of customs of the port of Vancouver, we well sell, without reserve, all unclaimed goods, consisting of furniture, auto parts, pianos, radios, i musical Instruments paints, trunks, grips, machinery rugs, tools doughnut machine, etc. All articles are to be sold as; they are with all faults and errors df description, and no reclamation wllr be made if the goods are misnamed. The , sale will be held at I'vnDTlirpv U'aRFtini'KR CO. LTD. 110 WATER STREET Wednesday, June 8, 1932, at 10 a.m. Gaze & Turnbull Auctioneers IS LIKELY Ottawa Legislation Passed Only for Use in Case of Emergency. 'Special to Tne Province. Bv (HARLEH BISHOP t Southard News Bureau. Ottawa.) OTTAWA, June 4. The days after the prorogation of Parliament find the government dealing with three particular matters. First, there Is the Economic Conference and the arrangements essential to It. Secondly, Is the national situation particularly In regard to Industry embarrassed by the business recession and thirdly, there are certain Investigations related to both of these subjects. One aspect concerns the contribution which Canada should make to the conference, in order to help ensure Its success. Another Is whether, to what extent and In what particulars, financial aid should be extended to corporate concerns which are In trouble, either because of the prevailing conditions, or because their financial setups contemplated far more prosperous circumstances than are now being encountered throughout the world. To a certain degree, after a hard session, cabinet ministers are scattering, but cot to the extent that is usual, lor any one connected, directly or Indirectly, with government at Ottawa, this year presents scant prospect of surcease from labor. AVOID- BARGAINING M'lRlT. In the recent session, when the conference was the subject of a very disjointed discussion, one of the points stressed by the opposition was that the gathering should not be approached in any spirit of bargaining. While this process may not be overdone, few here appear to entertain any Idea that It will be avoided. Tiie British, It is pointed out, being the foremost race of traders In earth, It would be surprising if, In a trade and tarlif conference, that Inherent tendency failed to have some manifestation. Liberal concessions on both sides are hoped for. Rt. Hon. J. H. Thomas' statement that the basis of negotiation should be "less of what we can get and more of what we can give," seems to have a responsive echo here. Million Dollar Plant Site 1 W-.v- 7 111 -v i i ; . s. ) il I n - a i I to Il I SI I ' ' J ComPiTt' " O I S ' 1 j m wowt , O VV I 31 f -. eianTNonwa,' Taws ) I 7 r- 1 1 Sim, 1 ki Stock and Fixtures Having Been Disposed of by the Bailiff. We Will Now offer to the general public the entire contents of the Stock and Fixtures by PUBLIC AUCTION of the ASIA IMPORTING CO. 914 Granville St. Commencing Monday Morn ing at 10:30 a.m. and Con tinuing Daily Until Sold. Stock includes Silks, Brassware, China, Reed and Rattan Furni lure, Novelties, Oriental Rugs, etc. Fixtures include Safe, Cash Reg T. .. -;n..o Twte cl 'although domestic industry, if poten wr"!""!-! "vo""' """" tially affected, may not be entbusias- and wan cases. rrHIS diagram gives a splendid Idea of the layout for the mllllon-1 dollar refinery and distribution plant on which the Shell Oil Co. of B. C Ltd. will start eontmctlon work Immediately. The site covers 80 acres with nearly 1300 feet frontage on Burrard Inlet east of CaDltol Hill and the first unit of the plant will be completed In about eight months Mr. C. E. Anstle, manager of the Shell Oil Co.. announced on Friday that tenders will be called immediately for clearing and grading, road work and construction of the 470-foot deepsea dock. Contours and soundings and preliminary surveys have been completed. It Is expected that several hundred men will be employed on the project shortly. Genius In Jail As y ? -t- Scientists Urge Pardon EXPERTS SAW the game of checkers KIDNAP NOTES Examined Scotland Yard Documents in Lindbergh Case. CURTIS PLEADS REFERENCE BOARD "1" ri P! r5 P "0180 19 20 "0220 2302413 O 250 WQ 2728 Auction Sale THURSDAY 'instructed by the Imperial War Vet erans, wno are t-orcea to vacate. We Will Pell the Contents of Their Clubrooms, 716 East Hastings, on Thursday, June 9, 1932, at 1:30 p.m. jj Two English billiard tables (like hew, originally cost 1500 each), upright piano, 200 bentwood chairs and fables, lounges, bar fixtures, cash, 1 register, heavy, good Inlaid lino '.hroughout the building, office safe, typewriter and office furniture. No eserve, everything must go. Terms u.l. Com..... OIIIT I Gaze & Turnbull I Auctioneer! Entire Stock Valued Over $10,000 Terms Cai-h No Reserve Ccme One-Ccme All To be sold by the J. M. Bailiff Service 740 Nelson St. Sey. 6231 4 ")TJH organization, together with its r exceptional service, which excells III others, costs you no more, Is at our service. Our auctioneer has a ifetlme of experience In antique and nodern merchandising. Appraisals re free and cash advanced to any mount on our valuations, and a phone call will bring our appraiser to (Sour door. Gaze & Turnbull Auctioneers Bailiff's AUCTION Ladm' Rradv-to-Wrar Fsftnry ml 31 Hfunrr St. (Rooms 300 and 301), Tunday 2 a.m., June 7. 1932. Undrr Distress for Rent, we will sHl without reserve at the above time and place trie tallowing goods: 8 Singer power sewing machines with pulleys and shaUs, an Osunn fur machine, one Reece-International bu;wnhole machine with pulleys snci shafts, one universal cutter (Agile), one Rolfman Press machine with boiler complete, V work benches, one IS ft. by i ft. cutter'a work bench. 6 models, one pipe coat rack, Z otfice desks, wicker chair, one mirror (5 ft. by 1 ft I and stand, -h.p. motor, fur skins and fur trimminfrs, 2 rolls of cloth suitable ior ladies' coats, swivel ehalr, gas plate, electric hat-blocking outfit, etc. Bevan li Co. Auctlonecri and Appraisers 1313 Granville St Sry. 1309 GEORGE MALTBV. Bailiff 615 W. rntrr SI. SfT. 3 AUCTZON Furniture of Kmir-room Apartment, Removed to 1313 Granville St., for Convenience of Sale, on Monday at 1:30 p.m. tic unless the element of giving has well-defined limitations. TO KOREISTALL EXTREMITY. In the purely domestic sphere, the recent act of Parliament enabling the government to financially assist corporations, permits of a broad construction, which -certain industries are not particularly backward in seeking to invoke. The government, however, is most unlikely to agree. The legislation was designed to prepare for some possible extremity, in the event of economic disturbance, from without, rather than from within. It is difficult to find here, any one Interpreting the legislation as Intended to aid the ordinary industry of business, caught in the tram of economic tribulation. Once that were started, no one could quite Jor-see where it would end. Raiher, the Idea seems to have been a simple, precautionary preparation for any possible contingency affecting those institutions whose connection with the financial structure of the country Is basic and fundamental. Happily, as Investigation has disclosed, the banks are in a sound position, their coffers are lull of the savings of a cautious public and their position exceptionally liquid. Undoubtedly, some oi them have made large advances to industry which re. Tu?i Be No Good For Him to Sing The rnsoner s Song KANSAS. June 4 (UP) "And not a chance to escape, either." mourned Andv Podeorny, as he sat In a cell In the Wyandotte County jail, to which he had been sentenced for two years after a plea of fruilty to liquor charges. "What do you mean," asked a curious guard. 'Say, I know this jail." was the reply. "I can't break out of here. I helped build it." Seven Universities Are Interested in Fate of John Mellish. REGINA BROKERS F Galloway and Cleary to Be Sentenced Wednesday Mercy Urged by Jury. REGINA. Saik. June 4 After considering the cafe for four hours, the Jury trying J J. Galloway and E. J. Cleary, former stock brokers, found them guilty of short selling of securities; conspiracy to defraud customers, and misappropriation of funds amounting to $548. These were three of thirteen counts preferred against them. A strong recommendation for mercy was added by the jury. Sentence will be pronounced Wednesday. In a rider, the Jury recommended that "serious consideration" be given to the setttne ud of a special leciUa. fleets the stress of the times but, : t!on to regulate general brokerare banks are accustomed to exact both ; firms and thus safesmrd and Drotect an adequate seurity and a preferred j the Interests of the general public In position. This condition is now said to prevail to an almost peculiar degree. In the event of poss.ble, and as some here think, desirable liquidation here or there, they are fully protected. The same thing relatively is stated to apply, generally, to the Insurance companies, even to one which has been, and continues to be the object of a persistent and rather malevolent Tavorfd with Instruction from Mr. OMirge Hiumanson. who la rcturnm to Wlnn'.nrs we m sell regardless of cost. Imperial A Hud son Bay ti-ho'.e coal ranttr, new; t -p:e assault from certain quarters tertieli s-t. -picce solid walnut Jacobean period dining suite, cost over t','00. 2-burner Onrney pn stove. like new, Simmons slnirle bed complete, sanitary couch, dressers. Barrv-more Axmlnster ru fl by n. like new, atele tnble. sln'ost new refrigerator and msnv other useful household articles too numerous to list. On view from ft a.m. BEVAN a CO. Auctioneers and Appraiser. Sey. 1309. AUCTION Jlgh-eluss Furniture, Bed Chester j field and Chair, etc., Mnnilny (To morrow) Afternoon at 1:30 sharp. at the Auction Room, 13!). Grim vllle St. (Granville at Pacific). . Consigned to us for immediate sale 1 It hunt reserve. Including a-pli t e i riestcrflPlrt suite, 9-plece walnut dlit-U-rmim suite, wnlniit-fliiMiert tied-i m suite, carnets. mats, rues, beds impletc. bureaus, chiffoniers, che-,ts f drawers, droit It cud sewlne machine, idles, graiiionliotie and reemils sy chairs, roekrrs, chlnsware, glass-ore, bric-a-brac, books, picturps, nttary eonrhes, davenport, d-sk and ehatr, a dlninc-room inttea, hall stand, standard pp. Cor aoleum ruga, linoleum, poa! ranaes. s ranges, hestra. cot buggy, showcase, cb-H kitchen table and chairs, and large qibt. y of miscellaneous effecLs, On view morning sale. No reserve. A. E. Betchley urlaa 2873 Auctioneer 1395 Granville Street Auctions by Harold Matthews Ltd. Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.. at 529 render St. W. Wednesday, 1:30 p.m., at 362(5 Carolina St.. large quantity of tools, furniture and effects. Hcrold Matthews I. Id. (F.A.I., Loudon. Eng.) 52! W. Pender St. .Seymour 2977 Wednesday, June 8 at 10 a.m. Northern Warehouse Co. Ltd. 110 Water Street TINY PLANE FLIES FOR MANY BLOCKS; this province and the Dominion. OCEAN TRAVEL BOOMS FR0MNEW YORK (Continued from Page 1) Discovered Comets and Is Telescope Lens Expert. By RAY BLAC. fUnited Press Staff Correspondent) QT. CHARLES, III, June 4. yj (IF) A meek little man who, as a boy, discovered four comets with a home-made telescope, bent over a lens in his parage today, praying that penitentiary gates will open for him so he can do penance for a criminal offense. A sjuard stood beside him, ready to take him back to the jail a few miles away at Geneva when the day's work was done. Meanwhile, leading astronomers of seven universities pressed their plea that John E. Mellish be saved for science. At 4S. Mellish a farm boy from Cottage Grove, Wis., is a sort of 20th century epitome of the genius of Roger Bacon and Rousseau. CIlARTEIt COMETS. Although he never went to college, he Is recognized as one of the leading astronomers and naturalists In the country. He has spent his life slaving eighteen end twenty hours a day grinding telescope lenses or threading the woods in search of a new bird or flower. "But I want to go to the penitentiary," he said today. "I trangressed society's laws and I must do penance." Mellish pleaded guilty to the crime a year ago. Now State's Attorney George D. Carbary and Circuit Judge John K. Kewhall of Kane County are in a quandary as to what disposition to make of his caBe. "His hard work broke him down. I b?lieve," aaid Dr. Edwin B. Frost, head of TTerkes Observatory on Wil- liamsb&c. Wis., where Mellish spent six months as an assistant in his youth. "He wrote to us when he was 21 and asked us the name of a comet he had sighted with a telescope he had made in the basement of hla farmhouse, using his own charts of the heavens. We told him there was no The Checker Editor will be pleased to receive Items ot interest, problems, criticisms, solutions, etc. Ail cominunKauona intended lor tills column should be addressed to Cheater R. W. Mswdey. Vancouver Pleased to know of vour appreciation. Best Lhanlu tor pria. problem. Dr. Coates. Hampton. N B Pleased 10 hear from you. Note solution In our la&ue of the 21st ult. ti-lt sllors a Whit atn by 10-B. 4-K, 1-5. D-14. 14-1S. 15-11, 8-15. -l. etc. W. Robb We will attend to your request. C. Perrler. t.vnn Valley We have the matter tinder consideration and hope to be able to announce detail, in our next issue. Solutions received from P. Orty, Dr. flwlai. kooo. s. stcneiia. Jai. Ml. ms, as. ferrier ant H. Buchart, FLEMINGTON, N.J.. June 4. In three hurried minutes John Hughes Curtis ernergea from his cell In the county Jail here today, pleaded net guilty to an indictment charging obstruction of justice in the Lindbergh case, and was escorted back to Jail to await trial June 27. The plea actually was entered by Editor, TUe Dally Province oiliee. his attomev. and th nnlv unsure SDoken hv t"h Nnrfnlf Vi .hlnkuiM.I Answers t. Crrespandenta. er was a polite "thank you very mucn" to Judge Adam O. Robblns. CHARGE OITLINED. "With force and arms," Curtis wilfully gave false information "for the purpose of preventing and hindering" the arrest of the kidnapper-murderers of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.. according to the legal verbiage of the Indictment. It was understood, however, that this was merely court phraseology and did not imply the confessed hoaxer had used physical force or was attempting to protect any specific person by his Imaginative story of contacts with the kidnappers. Lloyd Fisher, local counsel for Curtis, said after the arraignment he believed his client would be acquitted. W. C. Pender, defense attorney from Richmond, was not present. LAST BILLET1N. With the Issuance of "bulletin No. 252" the state police contact bureau set up in the state house at Trenton shortly after the kidnapping, went out of existence today. In his last official message to the press before the bureau closed. Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf finally revealed the names of the handwriting experts who had comeared the oritti- nal Lindbergh ransom rfote with the Jalsie letters sent to Dr. John F Condon of the Bronx. New York City. "The handwriting on the notes shown by Major Schoeffel was ex amined by Chief Constable Ashley the White side on this lis In th recent city tourney, t) 4-8 can be played here but In 'Jew of the inevitable break up by 24-20, etc.. we think th text 1 stronger. c Forma position given a problem 880. VARIATION 1. 19-16 7-10 10- 7 52-26 12-19 18-14 2-11 7-16 28- 23 10-15 9- 3 12-19 19-26 14- 9 27-31 20-16 30- 5 3- 7 23-18 28-30 15-18 26-23 31-27 16-11 25-22-d 8-12 18-14 30-25 18-25 23-19 n-22 11- 7 29- 22 7-10 14-10 25-21 10-14 32-27 27-23 7- 8 22-18-t 11-16 10- 7 19-23 14-23 27-23 23-18 2- 7 27-18 16-20 7- 3 p-14-17 i 8-11 17-14 18-14 31- 26-f 10-17 28-24 4- 8 19-10 14-18 21-17 20-27 3- 7 Problem No. 983. A Prine Study Black: 1, 8, 7. 12, 14, 15, 19. J 'k . 9. : 'A.'t '"'A 9tfH ft,.-M. O ' o "o a" a White: 16. 21. 26, 28. 30, 81, 32. White to play. What Result? The above position arose In a gtme Superintendent George H. Nicolls and i played recently on the big board in Chief Inspector J. E. Horwell of New ! Stanley Park. It presents fairly Scotland Yard," he announced. .... , ... ,.. Problematical situations are always enhanced by their rising In actual The state police superintendent also lfsued copies of the posters announcing a $25,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the Lindbergh kidnappers. WASHINGTON. June 4 There Is no reason, despite the attitude of Col. Schwarzkopf of the New Jersey state police, why the original Lindbergh ransom note should not be made pub lic, ur. William Souaer, government handwriting expert, declared today. Dr. Souder. one of three Federal experts who examined all correspondence In the Lindbergh kidnapping case, said he believes the writers or writer of the notes received by Col. Charles A. Lindbergh had nothing to do with the kidnapping or murder of the Lindbergh baby. "Even If we Identified and apprehended the writers of these letters. ' Dr. Souder declared, "we would not necessarily have the kidnappers or murderers. "I rather think we would have the person or persons who got away with Col. Lindbergh's 650,000." cross-board play and for this reason the above Is recommendable. I discovered later, that (while un known to me at the time of playing) the position had received previous attention some years ago irom uruisn analysts and critics. 8 Forma the following fine position. "J u. Janvier ana 1 worthy of diagram. Black: 1. 23, kings 21, 17. 0 JJ :':. r-", ... , mvr, i A i A . '.4" White: 9, 13, king. 3, 7. Whlt to move and draw: continue: 13- 9 8- 3 8-11 7- S 23-26 31-26-n 17-14-J 17-13 3-8 3-8 11-15 16-18 26- 31 26-23-1 31-17 drawn A 31-27 24-20 16-13 7- 8 3-8 11-8 11-15 drawn 27- 24 20-16 12- S 8-11 8-11 126-22, 8-3, 17-14, 8-3. J 23-19, 9-6. 1-10. 7-14, 17-10, 11-15 drawn. Notes from Variation 1. d 21-17 at this point waa Introduced by American analyst many years ago In an attempt to prove th sacrifice by 14-18 was a loss. They failed but the play arising from this move Is aa tricky as cart load of monkeys and we have cored many wins with It. It la worthy of study. e 22-17 is better here. f 32-27 can be played and leads to some fine endings. OTTAWA TO SQUARE S2,400,000 ACCOUNT Marshall Sharp Wins Contest With Flight cf Two Minutes. "That is how Mellish Comet No. 1 was discovered. Since then three more comets have been named alter him as their discoverer. "We taught him how to use our charts and maps. He knew only tlio mathematics he dug out cf arithmetic books and high school algebras. "Cne of the reflecting lenses s use now In our 40-inch telescope was have (or must have had) money m the banks. Sieamshlp and travel repretentatlves expressed confidence! such comet that 1932 was going to be a scd "trippers' " year. Among the incentives influencing the exodus were: The rate cuts of from 20 to 50 per cent, made by virtually all the lines in the spring which makes it possible to go to Europe comfortably and in style for less than 1100 each way. The favorable rate of exchange which In England, for Instance, pe.'- mits visitors to enjoy a holiday for i ground by this remarkable man about 25 per cent, less than last year, i Dr. Frost said Mellish knew nearly One London hotel has advertised i all the flowers that grow and that he that six days may be spent in the ! wes so ardent a bird lover that if lie British capital for a little less than heard a bird call across a lake at t20. the amount covering a tour of i night, he would strip off his clothes, the c.ty, hotels, meals and travelling , hold them above his head, and awlu Marshall Sharp. 17-year-old leader , expenses. ! across to look at this bird. The fact that many in the wealthy PnM.NTlr M.RIII., r cltss have found it as cheap or K" 1 IC M;,RRI At,t-cheaper to close their expensive rsinb- The only romance of the scientist's lishments and travel at least during i life was bizarre as his genuis. the summer months. seventeen years ago ne ar.swerea a personal notice that appeared In Chl- VICTOR1A. June 4 - New certificates, covering the settlement of accounts between the Domln'on and provincial governments on 1931 unemployment relief projects, will be forwarded to Ottawa next week. It was stated today by E. D. Johnnon, deputy minister of finance. The certificates will Include many Items formerly objected to in Ottawa, but now approved. The final settlement will comprise payment of a sum estimated at some t2400,000 by the Dominion Government, on account of its obligations under the 1931 Relief Act In regard to unemployment relief In British Columbia. Receipt of the certificates atrreed upon will release the first of a srrles of payments due to this province on this account. Motel Belfved Corner of Burrard and Georgia Streets Tomorrow (Monday) at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., final sale of bedrooms, No. 61 to 80, including high-grade dressers, chiffoniers, oak wardrobes, upholstered chairs, Wilton and Axminster rugs (all sizes) curtains and blinds, toilet sets, bedroom tables, etc. LINEN TUESDAY, AT 10 A.M. AND 2 PM. 523 lots of good linen and curtains, the majority of which was purchased new in November; including white wool blankets, bedspreads, sheets, pillows and slips, new bath towels, face towels, tablecloths, serviettes, curtains, etc. Guilding z FoIIey (For a Successful Auction) 521 Pender Street Seymour 7411 564 Richards Street Trinitv 2S52 of the Dunbar Fllfht of the Model Aircraft League, won the city championship In the Wakefield fuselage contest at Connaught Park on Saturday afternoon. His model plane, fighting a strong wind, remained in the air for two minutes and 40 seconds and travelled several city blocks In Its flight. Walter Dwyer was a close second with a splendid flight of two minutes and 20 seconds. Mac Thomson was third with one minute and 57 seconds and Vic Stevens fourth with 1:32. Most of the models showed excellent workmanship and It la thought that In still air some ot them would have set records better than four minutest Sharp and Dwyer, along with Stevens and William Doe, first and sccoiri In the Mulvihlll flying sties event held last week, will receive free flights in alrorait operating at the Sea Island airport. Wells Air Transport Ltd. has oonated two flights, the Aero Club of B.C. and Aircraft Services of B.C. one each. Other model contests for the city championship win be held at Con-naught Park later In the season. It Is announced. B.ClliEl FULLY SUBSCRIBED VICTORIA, June 4. British Columbia's return to the London market for money after an absence of nearly twenty years lias been attended by an outstanding success. It Is apparent from reports in the hands of the treasury officials of the government. An Inscribed stock loan of 1.500,000 was underwritten In Its entirety. It was offered to the public first between 99 and 99.25 per 100, and was In brisk demand among Investors. The government has been congratulated on Its move by leading financial authorities of the country, and its example will most likely be followed by other Canadian Interests In the neur future. It was stated at PARADE OF MN'KRS. The crowds along the waterfront at noon were greatest on the French cago newspapers. It read: "Wanted: A perfect, husband, one who wants the happiness not of a day but of a ltle Line pier. The Hie de France led the I time, who would receive the fullest parade or liners down the bay and ! pleeauie In staying home at night out through the narrows. She car- talking to me and would be Just as ried 1471 passengers. wrapped up in me as his work " The Swedlfh-American liner Kungs- Mellish answered the AiveitLsement holm carried 1600. and he and Jessie Aood were mar- The California, of the Anchor Lina, ried. Nine children were bora to the had a pafsen-er list numbering 1115. couple. The first was born at Yerkes The White Star Line Britannic car- Observatory. There waa no doctor ried 1000 and the Cunarder Carln- available. Dr. Frost and Mrs. Frost thla 998. Approximately 1000 add!- helped the baby girl arrive In the tlonal voyagers are to be picked u. worfd. at Boston by the Britannic and Car- No more oddly assorted couple liithla. The five liners sailed between couid be Imagined. MelliFh weighs 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. about 100 pounds. Greying hair en- The celebrity list on the He de' circles a bald spot. A lean, sensitive France Included Beatrice L'lhe. iie1 lace accords with his soft, apologetic actress (Lady Feel); Alia Nazlmova.i voice. screen and stage star; Miss An ,e Morgan. Mrs. William K Vanderbill. Dr. Alexis Carrel, Ellsworth Vines tue tennis star; Arthur Samuels, editor, who Is looking for new artists and writers abroad; Mrs. Kenneth Collir.s, the advertising man's wife; and Harry H. Smith, George P. Putnam's secretary, who Is going over to answer the flood of mall showered on Amelia Earhart, Mr. Putnam's ocean flylna wife. Vllma Banky, the screen star, said she was rushing to her native Hungary "before I forget the language." Miss Juliette Nicolle. New York modiste, reversed the usual procedure and carried a design for a New no snyiine nat to Paris. Mrs. Mellish is 35. blackballed. black eyes, vivacious and large for a woman. It was on her complaint that her husband spent all his time at his laboratory and neglected her that the investigation-was started which resulted In his plea of guilty to a siatutoiy offense. Mrs. Mellish had expensive artistic tastes, neighbors said. Her husband asked only moderate recompense for his work. "He could have been a millionaire but he chose to be a poor man," Prosecutor Carbary said. Funeral on Monday, Funeral services for Monica Caro- u,ui on otner piers In- line Larsen, aged 7 daugher of Mr. clud3d fewer nationally-known fig- , and Mrs. John R. Larwn of 1763 F-sst fJiH , y. h;id Ju'v as many Eighth, who died on Friday, will be friends down to speed the voyage, i hrld In Grandvlew Funeral Home, Their passenger lists were made up i Monday at 1:30 n.m. Interment will MILLIONS TO COME 0FFB. C. BUDGET Finally a definite conclusion was arrived at by these. In order to test that conclusion the position is placed before Province fans In an attempt to support or upset their contentions. The first correct solution opened by the undersigned will be presented with a copy of Richmond's "Single Corner snd Alma" as a little memento. In order to widen the scope and give distant devotees an equal chance to compete, the solutions will not be opened until July 1, and the game and winning solution will be published In this column on July 9. Address solutions to Robert W. Mawdslev. 95 East 52nd Ave., Vancouver. B.C. We commend the above end-game study to our renders, with the caution don't ta!:e anything for granted here: test your play at every stage. Things are not always what they seem. Editor. Problem No. R4 By L. J. VAIR. Black: 16, 20. 28, king 27. ! 5'-', V ; O ' 1 O White: 23. 32. kings 18, 22. White to move and win. A practical study manoeuvres. In end-game Game No. 1653 Single Corner. By B. F. Sivetts, Harrisburg, TJ. S. A. Thla game Is taken from the Stirling Journal and will prove Interesting and original. In addition Jt give various openings from which position at a can be formed. 11- 15 29-25 15-18 8- 7 22- 18 3- 8-a 24-20 22-25 15-22 24-19 6-10 7-10 25- 18-b 16-23 32-27 5- 9 12- 16-1 27-18 10-17 10-15 18-14 11-15 25-22 25-30 9-18 18-11 17-26 15-18 23- 14 8-15 30-14 30-25 10-17 31-28 2- 6 27-24 21-14 1- 6 19-15 9-13 6- 9 26-23 6- 9 Draw. 26- 23 4- 8 15-10 9-18 28-24 9-18 23-14-8 8-12 10- 3 ""i , 8-11 23-19 18-22 a Leaves all book play, b 26-17, 12-16. 17-14, B-18, i3-14. 10-7, 21-14, 6-10. 25-21, 10-17. 21- 14. sHnie as trunk S. Double Corner thus: 9-14, 22-17, 11-15, 23-18, 15-22, 25-9, 6-22, 26-17. 12-16, 18-14. 10-17, 21-14. trunk at S. Cross thus: 11-15, 23-18, 9- 14. 18-9. 6-13. 22-18, 15-22, 20-17, 13-22, 25-18, 12-16. 18-14, 10- 17, 21-14. trunk at 8.. or 9-14. 22- 18, 11-15. 18-9. 6-13, 23-18. Same as above cross at seventh move. Dundee thus: 12-16. 21-20, 11- 15, 20-11, 7-16. 23-1D. 16-23, 27-11. 8-15. 21-17. 15-18, 22-15. 10-19 s-tme as trunk at S.. colors reversed. Bristol thus: 11-16, 22-18, 10-15. 18-11, 8-15. 24-19. 15-24, 27-11, 7-16. 21-17, 16-19. 23-16. 12- 19, trunk t S colors revened. (Continued from Page I.) gO! 11 IONS TO Pltoni.LMS. No. 9X1 By A. M Peteck. Chicago. it has never thought of. or changes j Black. 3. 13. 22. king 15. which the government has privately j White. 12. 21. 23, king 16. favored but would be Impossible of Black to move and win of public opinion behind them. 16-20 Unless the government or the Kidd . nn committee or both are able to dis- j ' only the existing appropriations but the next budget the taxpayers may as well make up their minds to another stiff incense In taxes twelve months hence. It will be quite Inevitable. Here. In a word. Is the problem fared by the government during the next eighteen months, and it Is a problem which will exist rek'ardlen of what government la In office In thnt period- The current year's revenues, based to a considerable extent on lndus-trml operations in 1031. may be sufficient to cover the current year's expenditures, if tlie e expenditures are reducrd. But next year's revenues, based on this year's Industrial operations and profits, will certainly be Insufficient, by several millions, to cover next year's expenditures, unless tho' expenditures are pared far below the present figure. 3- 7 31-27 23- 19 27-24 B wins 15-11 28-31 24- 27 24-20 a-22-26, 21-17. 13-22, 23-18 drawn. No. 982 By Fausto Dalumi. New York. Black, 5. kings 29, 31 White. 12, 22, 30 White to move and win. 12- 8 5-f) a 8- 3 9- 13 3- 8-e 31-26-b 30-f3 29-25 22-18 25-22 18-15 22- 28 23- 19 26-23 8-12 6-14-2 26-17 11-18 5-7 18-9 11-15 92-23 28-24 5-14 24-19 15-24 19-15 2r-?5 15-24 28-19 24-27 8- 11 27-20 30-24 7-11 23-22 8-11 5-1 21-25 -&-c 28-24-5 24-r8 15-10 22-18 11-16 1-5 25-30 1-5 20-11 2-6 10-7 26-22 7-16 31-26 30-25 4- 8 21-19 28-32 7-3 30-26 3-8 23-22 12-16 9- 13 17-13 32-28 11-20 18-9 6-11 22-18 25-22-3 5- 14 13-9 6-9 Drawn 22-17 16-20 21-17 13-22 9-5 14-21 c 4-8, 22-18. 1-5. 6-13. 24-19 5-9 26-22. 11-15: ri-30-26. 15-24. 27-20. 9-14. 22-17. 13-22. 26-17, same as Variation at S d 27-21. 9-14. 30-26. 8-11. 22-17, 13-22. 26-17, 11-16. 24-20, 15-24. 20-11, 7-16, 28-19. same as Var. 1 at 29. 23-26 12-19 W wins NOTKS AND CRITICISM. from tourists gathered from all sec tions of the country. G. S. Howard, 'Frisco, Kills Himself in Paris PARIS. June 4. (UP) George S Howard, of San Francisco, committed suicide In his hotel by shooting himself with a revolver, police announced today. He arrived from Spain yestcr- be In Ocean View Burial Park. Be sides her parents, she Is survived by a sister. Grace, and a brother, Reginald. A whist drive will be held In Odd Fellows' Hall, Fender and Hamilton, Tuesday at 8 p.m., under auspices of the Vancouver Pioneers' Association. Tickets for the annual picnic will be available at the meeting. Judge J. A. Forln, president, will act as chalr- MANY Will. PAY .NO INCOME TAX. For example, few of the large In dustries of British Columbia will show a taxable profit during this i year. Next year their Income tax will j n-15 be down to a new low. In many 23.19 cases they will pay no income tax at 9-14 all. 22-17 In the same way, private Income 5. 9.3 taxation next year, bawd on this n-13 year's earnings, will show a Blump. 14.1s even If world conditions start to take 21-n-a-l a turn upwards during the present 8-11 year. The year 1933 will thus be the 25.21 testing time of provincial finance and 9.14 the crisis of provincial taxpayers. 2-25 Reducing existing expenditures to 3. g.Q balance the present budget will not 26-23 be enough. Reductions only suffi- 1 1-16 cient to balance the current revenue 30-20 will balance the next budget and avoid another heavy Increase In taxation. That. Is why the Legislative Buildings await with eagerness the recommendations of the Kidd committee. If It can offer a way out, the taxpayers pocketbooks may yet be saved. Re problem 980 by A. Newcomer. A correspondent writes: "In your footnote to above you say 'this position seems familiar to us. If any of our readers have sern It before, we should be pleased to hear from them." In answer to your query 1 beg to state that this problem Is an end game arising from the Fife opening, the piny being credited to the late John Diummond of Denny Scotland." Here Is. the game. e A pretty finish.- Variation 2. 7- 11 5- 9 7-10 15-22 18-15 17-13 30-28 IM-IB 10-10 14-18 4- 8 11-15 23- 7 27-23 21-20 19-10 3-10 13-27 11-15 22-26 29-25 32-23 26-23 31-22 9-14 10-14 8-11-f 13-18 25-22 26-22 28-24 22-15 8- 11 2- 7 12-16 22-17 22-17 22-18 F. Has any expert seen this poslllon? (iaiue No. Ki.VI Fife. Notes by the Editor. Mr. J. G. Turgcon will addrehs Ward Seven Ratepayers' Association tn Horticultural Hall, orty-flrst and Fraser, Mondr.y at 8 p.m. He will 7- 11 2t-20 15-24 23-19 11- 15 20-11 15- 24 27-20 18-27 32-23 8- 15 20-16 12- 10 23-16 14-18 16- 11 18-23 28-19 15-24 17-14 10-17 21- 14-0 24- 28 31- 28 28-32 25- 21 32- 27 26- 22 6- 9 14- 5 27- 23 22- 17 23-19 17- 14 19-15 11- 7 2-11 13- 9 15-18 21- 17 18- 22 17- 13 22- 18 14- 10 18- 14 10- 7 11- 16 B wins. z Forms the Fife, a great favorite with the late herd ladcle. Since the advent of the two-move restrlc-t.on many of these . fine old formations have been somewhat neglected but in view of the Introduction of the three-move ballot wc would advise the student to study them. a The three for two is the move usually taken by White at this point (e var. 1) but 21-17 Is lour Mne Restriction. We are pleased to note that the very able and constructive article wrlttcu by E. O. Taylor, Vancouver,, and published In our Issue of December 26 has been reproduced In the April Draughts Review and has been favorably commented upon by the editor of that Journal. This question of restriction is of the utmost Importance, and can not be left In Its present unsatisfactory state. We believe that the solution offered by Mr. Taylor Is the only logical and equitable way to deal with the matter. We should be pleased to have the views of others on this subject, particularly those of our American and English readers. We hope also that the Canadian Checker Assocla-; tlon will give this matter of restriction that serious consideration which Its Importance undoubtedly deserves. ANNCAI. RIO BOARD CHK.CKER COMPETITIONS AT MANl.tY I'AKK JII.Y 1. We are pleased to state that above event will be staged as heretofore. It is entirely due to the kindness and generosity of W. G. Murrln. Esq., president of the British Columbia Checker Association, that we are able to run these competitions, and we are sure that all lovers of our ancient game will be grateful to Mr. Murrtn for providing suitable prlsees. We hope to have three classes, but full particulars will be given lu our next Issue after we have had an opportunity of consulting with Mr. R. W. Mawdsiey. secretary of the Vuicouver it 1

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