The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1950
Page 6
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FAGI tnc Yanks Look at Korean War With Humor for First Time (AM.)' COURIER *f HAL BOVLE OK TH1 ROAD TO SEOUL WR— There Is * lift of laughter along the front. For the first lime the American Midler can look at the Korean campaign with a real sense of humor. He has lost his grudge against his country. For long weeks he was dazed by .the realization thai he was an outpost warrior of a Innd wealthy beyond belief—but a land to weak mllltarly to quickly settle a peach-threatening war In an ob»cur« »ud backward oriental nation. Men and machines now have ap- , peared on the battlefront to end ! the days of sacrifices and to muscle through to victory. And that has restored (he fntth •of Army men In the American homeland. Some of them have been overseas so long that subconsciously they had come to think ol the United Stales chiefly as a supply base that had helped them occupy Japan In comfort. The middle and upper level Army. • brass, however, is less happy than the average rifle-carrying foot sol- dier. Casually R»U ii Hl(h The casualty rate, as usual In warfare, has been particularly high among junior offlcsrs and jion- coms. They are the ones who must generally tell the men to get up and go—and w ho must then personally lead the privates into battle. At the combat level the army feels It has lost, in a small-scale war, too many trained soldiers who ought to be saved for a possible large scale action. These include the battle experienced sergeants from the second wroli) war and the young graduates of West point, in whom the country has invested thousands of dollars to learn the tactics and the strategy of warfare. A cynical officer of the National Guard would put It this way: "The war In Korea came up so fast that the regular Army had to fight. They didn't have time to corral and tralnt he civilian draftees." "We Hart to Right" But a staff officer of the regular Army said: "We hati to fight with what we dad. We have lost In combat men who ought lo serve u a tr*lnlng corps for the future. "And we have kill off future leadership here during a n emergency that we may need later In a bigger war. The west Point class of 1940 In particular has been hard hit. We have lost lieutenants we might want as generals 10 years from now. And they ore gone," This doesn't concern the average soldier in an army he joined for security and which suddenly had plunged him into the insecurity of battle. More signed up to learn A trade than signed to hold a hill In Korea. But they're finding fun again now—just as the drafted soldiers died In the last world war when the tide turned. They've got back to quarrelling about the team that will win the world series. , "The war Is all over, "jokes a veteran. "Really—no kidding?" says a recruit hopefully. And the answer comes: "Yeah, all over the next hill." But It is true. The United Nations has won a short war In a long grope for world peace. 85 Per Cent of Naval Enlisted Reserve Have Been Called Up .' ORLEANS, Sept. 28. (AP) — .The chief of the naval reserves says about 85 per cent of the men and 50 per cent of the officers among the reserve* have been called up. Rear. Admiral Ralph Rlggs marie that estimate here yesterday during an Inspection trip. He planned to leave today for Pcnsacola. Prom there h« will proceed to Jacksonville, then to Charleston. He Is visiting reserve training centers. He told newsmen here that the majority of the callups have gone out. and the main problem now is filling the reserves with men not in the draft and those In voluntary, unorganized reserves. • "The picture may change, but I don't think It, will" he added, with 'reference to the callup schedule. The Japanese volcano Fujiyama erupted in 1707. Strike Disturbs Town ROME (/!>) — A one-man strike causes great Inconveniences In San Vito al Torre, a 1,600-lnhabltant hamlet In northeastern ttaly. The striker Is Ferdinando 'Mlanl, 10, sexton and church clock winder, who struck for a pay Increase. The town's clock on top o( the belfry Is stuck on 0215, Laborers sleep late In th« morning, husbands arrive home late (or dinner. All this for Fcrdlnando's strike. Explaining why he asks a pay increase, Ferritnando said: "How can the mayor expect that a man of my age and skill should climb 250 steps daily for 11.10 a year?" Iron Goes Begging GOA, Portuguese India W|—An estimated 10.COO tons of iron ore have piled up here because of a sudden fall in foreign demand. The decline In exports Is attributed to foreign competition, failure of Goan ex|>or(ers to furnish guarantees to importers, and unfavorable rallr ates In Goa. The press here is campaigning for government assistance to counteract competition and provide nil possible facilities to exporters. Ooa's- exports of manganese, an Important- dollar-earner, have not been affected. The iron-exporting Industry Is relatively new here. Conscience-Stricken Thief Gets 60 Days in Jail DETROIT, Sept. 28. W|—Adam Howard Bell stole » bicycle, intending to ride it nome to Atlanta, Ga. In court he was conscience- stricken. 1 "!t was wrong," he said. "I ought to get about 60 days In jail." The ludge obliged him. *¥ * « 1 THEIR BATTLES ARE OVER-United states First Marine Division dead are prepared fofbuHal in impressive sunrise setting on the road from Inchon to Seoul In Korcn. (AP Wlrephoto). ABSOLUTE PROOF HADACOL HELPS FOLKS SUFFERING STOMACH DISTURBANCES when due to lack of Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin in the system! Mrs. John w. Geary, attractive <nd charming n-oman of 840 Ursuline St.. New Orleans. Louisiana: "I'd been sick nctte »ome time and Ihe doctors told me it was a nervous stomach. I couldn't eat regularly and lols of times I was unable to hold the food on my stomach. Then I heard about HADACOL. After the first few bottles I could tell * definite Improvement, Now mv stomach doesn't trouble me at »ll. I eat anything I want, and my nerves are fine." (Give HAD- ACOL a chance to help you.) WHY CONTINUE TO DOUBT These are Just a few of thousands upon thousands of letters thai constantly pour in telling of the wonderful results the great new HADACOL Is living. It's only a very foolish person who would continue to 'doubt' HADACOL'S effectiveness and continue to suffer In view of such overwhelming evidence. Relieves Hie Cause ol Stomach Distress Due to Such Deficiencies Bo If you are suffering from stomach disturbance (gas pains. Indigestion, heartburn). If the food you ?„ ,,,V f "'?* 5 ^ ith you t**""** yur system Is lack- itig Vitamins Bl, B2, iron and Niacin—don't delay Mrs. Hiltnn Sluiff, a loving mother of Rl. 1, Box 42. Ville Pintle. Louisiana: "My 5on Mark Wendell has been sick for some time. A lot of the lime he could not hold anything on his stomach. He was very weak and pale. Then I started giving him HAD- ACOL, and he improved in iu e * n short time. He's gained weight and has more enor«y than ^ en wild Indians." (HADACOL is groat for puny, nervous kiddles with easily upset stomachs riuo to lack of Important Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin. Mrs. Alm» Kinralrl, 2125 E. Adelaide, St. Louis. Missouri: "I've been taking HADACOL for over ft year. Before taking II. 1 had stomach distress for some time. Nothing seemed to help me. Then I took my husband's advice and took HADACOL. A good friend of his told him of the wonderful results he had from HADACOL. Now that I'm taking HADACOL 1 eat anything. I recommend HADACOL to all my friends." (A big improvement Is often noticed within a few days.) —stall taking HADACOL today. HADACOL Is not a quick-acting antlacld which Rives symptomatic relief—Instead, HADACOL actually relieves the REAL CAUSE of such stomach misery due to such deficiencies. And continued use hpl|« prevent such painful distress from coming back. Hundreds of Doctors Recommend It Hundreds upon hundreds of doctors recommend HADACOL. U not only supplies weak, deficient systems with extra quantities of Important Vlla- mlns Bl, B2, Iron and Niacin but also beneflclM amounts or precious Calcium. Phosphorus and Manganese-element* so vital to help maintain glorious health anrt guard against such deficiency Ailments. And so Inexpensive. Costs only a small amount a day. Trial-size bottle, $1.25, Large family or hospital size, $3.80. THUK5DAY, SEPTEMBER M, 19M AT THE BARRICADES IN SEOUI--A U. S. Marine Corp. tank plows through a break In « North Ko- rear, sand bag barricade In a Jtreet in Seoul. South Korean capital, followed by a second tank U S Seventh Infantry troops captured Seoul capital yesterday. Photo by Max Destor. Associated Press staff photo grapher with the Marines in Seoul. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Tokyo) 4 Arkansans on War Casualty List Release WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, (ff'^-The following Arkansas Army casualties of the Korean War were aniioimwd loday by tile defense department: / Wounded: Cpl. Bill Lee Denton, son of James Hamilton Denton, Rt. 3 Waldron. Pfc.flill Joe Simpson, son of Oliver H. Simpson, Rt, 1, wattensaw. Cpl. Floyd G. Wreyford, brother of Mrs. Wilma Syaggs General Delivery, McNeil. injured: Pfc. Foster Decoy Ulles, son of Mr.. Annie Llles, BOO Arkansas Ave., North Little Rock. Pekin Pier Pounds Democratic Towhoats PEKIN, 111., Sept. L'8. IJfl— The tOM'boat "Franklin D. Roosevelt" struck ana damaged a pier on the railroad bridge on the Illinois River south of Pekin Jan. 31. A few days ngo another towboal struck the same pier and finished the job of flattening it, The boats name? The"Hnrry S. Truman." Do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip'? PAb'l'KfcTl'H, an improved powtlci 10 be sprinkled on tippet 01 iq,we: plates, no ids laJse teeth mure flrrmy in place uo t.oi slide, Blip 01 rock No gummy, gooey pasty taste 01 feeling FASTEETH tK'alkatlne innn-acld] Uoes not sour Check.* "plate ndnr • 1«enture urcmh) Get rASTEETH at any drug ntcre. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS SMASH! Strictly Modern 6-PC SOFA Hubbard Presents lnotlier Outstanding GROUP Beautiful Blond Finish! Upholstered in Combinalion of Tapestry & Plastic 6 Pieces as Shown HUBBARD & SON Furniture Phone 4409 Blyfheville, Ark.

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