The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNK 9, 1931 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB CLASSIFIED ADS Two conn a word (or flrsi insertion and ope cent * <rord '01 eich luhMqutnl Insertion. No advertisement. taken for less than 50c. Count Hie words uid Kiui the easn. I'hone 306 fr'uit KENT FOR RENT—5 room house, bath. Mirnisned. Newly decorated. 401 North 5th, I'hone 292-W. 5C-K9 FOB HEHT—5 room, unfurnished aiMruuem. Moaern. West Mom St. Arcitia, heat- Phone in or 419-W. 5C-K9 FOR RENT—5 rocm bungalow and baih. Jsewly repaired and deco- raUd. Reasonable rent. Close in. 118 S- Frunklui St. L. A. Waters, Phone 7«-W. 6P-K10 FOR RENT — Bcautilul cottage, bath. 4 bed rooms, garages, servant house, chicken yard and shade, large lot. Rent to gcod parly at 527.50 month. See it Sunday, Call I'll, Thomas Land Co. CC-Ki) FOR RENT—Furnished 3 room Hal, 1013 West Walnut. 9C-TF FURNISHER Apartment 305 Dougan. for rent. P-K17 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- cnery, 210 8. Fourth St. 9C-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Vizull, 2207 18th St. TF _ WANTED — Hay 10 bale. C. Smith, Phone 827 or 1502-F2. C-6C-TF iiKiiix ii KIIE TODAY m:iiYj, jiomiKN, teetfUr '» love nllli 'lOJl.HY VVII.SUN, kuim. he null kcr Lulf.»l>. •vr, mi:xB BvKHK'i-r, mmM Bevrr l»* hiivyy luKrlkrr MB* trlra Iu prevtnl ikrlr nmrrlnsr. Irene !• JrnloHt when *he falli mid Hrr>l ktfurei ti rndlu cun- ir.ii'1. IlrrjTn vulcc irln> Ijcr ni-w frlt-nd* nnil fcTie trie* to lurerl Ijcr luv« liy RnlnK to panic* uJIH JU-.HIB riu:.vnss CAVi.oni). Irene Ir.iru* 1'rrnlitk U rkh ami trlcK iu uln him from Herjrl, 'l'r:ini!l}'K iiuiil illfM uiitl he loir* liolh Jub nnil uiimcy Ihrouuk her hiibljaitd. He tell* lr«ur nud «h« I»r:i1i» ikclr cusiiecittrx. W lira 1'rcnllxK u*U« bpr Iu ninrrj blui • hr ,-in-i-i'C. In tlrtpnlr Tummy ilrlnliH bo:i\ll]r nnil llcrjl UnilM him. Sin- Ulr. I,, vliri-r him uy titiil trl]» Irrnr »he niu»< cu tnrk Iu Tumruy ur Intoriu I'rciilli* hii^v »l't li^M iiclrd. Irrup |irorHE«r», llii-ti kll[>^ unny nuil m:irrlpq I'ri-n- ll.-.i. 'I In) tflfiiliuiir llif nri». I1LT>I tli-Y.-lik.iM :i »rrliitl^ IhriKtt m^Lldy und n uult-i) Hiii-dnM*! ad- vlxp.% real nnil e.vtrt-tin« r.-intlnn. llrryl alM,lu-y» nlirn »lic hrnr. 'rninniy lin* Joint-:! n KW-H <>< luuxu In nil kind* or ivr.-itlu-r lo IjfK T«]iiinijr In IjrcnU nuny frntii thi* K:in^. Her mis ivnrne nnj Klie lr:ira» tlint lit-r klnAlnK ciircc-r IK ovrr. Upryl K o c -J lo tfll 'I'omnir lirr Irnulilp nnil lo brp; lilni fur Itic I:IM liisu- in lenv« all xovv r:o o\ \vi-rn P I'IIK STOIIY CIIA1TER XXXVI V. ,\ I.I.'S rlsht with tl'e world— V. A I ri WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIE'- PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Walter E. Taylor, as State Dank Commissioner, PlaintilT, No. 4«07 vs. Msrllo Colbrrt Ellis and R. A. Ellis, Defendant. The defendants, Myrtle Colbert Ellis and R. A. Ellis are warned to appsar within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer Shu complaint _of the plaintiff Walter E. Taylor, as state Bank Commissioner. Dated 6-1-1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. . Marcus Evrard, Atty. Ad Litem. 2-9-1G-23 Ucryl turned Tommy, "isn't tlial a woiiclerlul litn';" she exclaimed r.irilnrmisly. "Look at thai harbor! .No. don't, for you'd surely drive us blraialH into Ihe sunset. You couldn't take your eyes from II." Tommy grinned anj swerved the car, pretending to lo?:c control of It Itoryl hius'neil. "II knows which is Us sunny side," she said. "1 never knew a ulcer brought-up car, did you?" "I never did. It curtsies every time it sees a Lincoln." "So much better behaveil than its uru to college— to ntKlu classes, iiE tlio new Job, uiaking lita wii way anil yroving to lieryl's nttro satisfucllou that lio always iald lits debts in full. It had not been easy for lilm.' Pol >orkln had giren hint a nnsty icatliiB but Tounny consiilcrcd htm- elf lucky to esi^iio wlihoul a :rackcil head. And h!s uucle'B nttl ude •••lien Toimuy \vcnl back honto lad made It Impossible to iisk help of him. Tommy lind siaycd 0110 ilfiht, reluslug to nccetit lieryl's olfcr. The next nlKlit he slept at tbe garage. In fact, lie slc|il ol Ilio ca- rnge until he received Ms tlrsl p:iy. I'heii ho took a cubby-hole In a ucaruy rooinlug \\a\ae. Like many a net son who seems negative al times Tommy could seo a thins ho believed in throned to a satisfactory conclusion. And ha was dctcrmiued uow to be his own muii. • ; • T)i-:RYL loved him deeply.' Sho •" wondered at times If Totinuy realized this. She'd tried to placi all that had passed upon a bast of friendship. Tommy wasn't con edict 1 .. She bad llici lo cou:il He'd always accepted her In a mat ter-of-(p.ct way. it was Irene who occuple Tommy's thoughts. She waa a swee fragrance In bis memory Ho ill not blame 'her for iliscardin^ him Lcryl. hopelessly iu love wit him, lied alwnl Irene. When b asked (or news of htr sister an there wtia no news she invenlc 10 j some. Oh yes, they'd had a letle from Irene on Tuesday (but iniBht have been two Tuesdnj ays wo ain't no business botherlm; ene." A few days lalcr Mr. Everett tip- eared at the aloro with a brlchter ace than Ucryl httd seen lilm wear- IK (or some time. "Your mother's rllten lo Irene," ho explained. "Thnt'3 treat," she said, nod uritcd hastily away. S tl'u daya p.isnci! und iiollitiiB was heard from Irene the Tightness vanished from Mr. Kv- rell's face. Beryl knew that ho fid quarreled with her mother, bin vhen eho was present Mrs. Everett .'ould say nollilng. Tliero was a ook of stubhornitess on her moth face Hint Ucryl beard Mr. Everett describe as mulish. Perhaps her mother didn't real- ze how things were. "I guess,' )eryl suld to her one. dny, "you don't know how serious It la with Dad. He's prctly badly In debt, le'f; f;ol lo have a l!Tc line ov ite'll a ink." The lines of stubbornness deepened nronnd her mother's com pressed lips. "Von might 'Never mtml Iho Icing," she said. "I'll whip a bottle ol cream at tlio slore." "And Biiunaso tho cuko doesn't bell? 1 ' "Mrs. Barstow will take half of U. nnd Tommy will buy the other half. We're going on n ulcnlc tomorrow lo celebralo Tommy'! return to colleiio." Ucryl could not lio depressed with tho prospect ol a picnic <vllh Tommy, ejpcclnlly when it narked a signal tilumph. licforo starlit!!; fho rosolutely put Irouulo Iwhlnd her, And Uio whipped cream enko was eolil na a whole, bssldes nil tho fahd. Heiyl decided Bbo must make, moro of tho salad since people, had begun to ask for It. I'er- baps tlio Everett crad could lio I'oiUcil on snhuls and cukes. Sho remarked lo Tommy when she served him slore cookies lhat ships onr.l.t to have spires mado of s]>uu sugar and keels o( clin.-o- laic nnd mirs of peppermlnl slicks and he asked her if sliu were ra- OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AhenT have "What's that about llio path to Ihoiiqht of jour door?" sho said dreamily. "1 thai," chu answered, "when you; Ililnk I'm going lo slarl ono on wouldn't lake care of yoiirB.-lf. i stepping stones ot hrowuh'S mid Irene- is married and gone. It seems lo me the ones to help'are those at home." llerjl bll her lip to keep tack a sharp answer. There would lie somelhlns in what her mother said, were il not [or (he ninny,".dollars of her earnings ilial bad gone inlo Ihc family exchequer. "1 nm doing all I can," she sa'ld IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR.., KANSAS, CHICKASAWEA. DISTRICT. ' ' " The Prudential Insurance Company of America, a corporation, Plaintiif, vs. Marvin K. Robinson and Elizabeth W. Robinson, his wife, Edna Perdue, and Henry Perdue, her husband, International Bank of St. Louis, a corporation, George A. Meyer, Charles M. Rice, Gus Reismeycr, Jr., Edward Horman and Kenry Brennerl Trustees ol International Bank of St. Louis, Company, a corporation, The Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of St. Louis, a corporation, LaFayette South Side Bank and Trust Company, a corporation, Bankers' Mortgage Company, a corporation, O. C. Campbell, Aclmm- islraior uf the Estate, of W. M. McRca, deceased, Mrs. Mnry E. Glenn. R. B. Nolcn, Trustee, P. A. Robinson, doing business as Robinson racking Company, Clyde T. Demon, Trustee, and Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, a corporation. S. J. McDearmon, Trustee, and P. A- Robinson, Dctendants. WARNING OKDER The cictciidams, Edna Perdue, and Henry Perdue, her husband, International Bank of St. Louis, a corporation, George A. Meyer, Charles M. Ric;, Uns Retsmeycr, Jr., E(t(var<l Horman nnd Henry Brenner, Trustees for International Bank of St. Louis, The Elcclric Paint and Varnish Company, a corporation, Federal Intermediate Credit Bank ot St. Louis, a corporation, Lafayette South Side Bank ami Trust Company, a corporation, Bankers' Mortgage Company, a corporation, c. C. Campbell, Ad- mhustralDr of the estate of W. M. McRca, deceased, Clyde T. Denton, Trustee, R. B. Nolen, and Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, a corporation, are warned lo appear in Hie Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas Chickasawta District, within thirty days lo answer the complaint of the Prudential Insurance Company of America, a corporalion, in tin. above cause. Wilncss my hand as the clerk of said, court and the seal thereof en thlj 18th day of May, 1931 (Seal) R. L. GAINES, Clerk By Harvey Morris, D. c Gco. W. Barnaul, Ally, ad Litcm. I9-2C-2-0 uew brothers and sisters," Beryl said snootily. • "Belter get your nose down before some bee mistakes it (or a buttercup," Tommy lold her. And so they rirovo along, carefree and merry. If each bad a dark cloud In memory It was kept (or private viewing and never brought out to spoil the sunny hours they spent together. Eeryl was particularly happy this day. It was Sunday aud the eery store was closed. Tommy loo vat released from his labors iu a garage. And tomorrow he would re- Sho could Irusl her mollier not I give her away in Ihls practice to Mrs. ICverell said little of Irene communications to them. M Everett was less reticent, bi Tommy rarely encountered tiitn. for: Mr. Everett was working tale at Ihc slore llicse days. Ilia helper had been lei out for lack of funds and work thai Mr. Everett had done iu the day lime he was doing now al nichl. Beryl and her mother made the salads and cakes to increase the family income but most of Deryl's time was sucnt iu the. slore. Sliorlly after she resumed her tlulies as cashier she. realized with sinking henrt that the business was headed toward disaster. All her own (imils vero exhausted, spent in large sums to the New York specialist. When she spoko to her father about this state o[ affairs he acknowledged wearily that he knew it as well as she did. ''I've b ynur mother to write to Irene to help us out," he confCosoi, "but 5 be ? lli ^ | i';.,. v .,,,-, v ,,^.i.-. ..,,i'-"f if "And I've ilona "all I can," her mother retorled. "I've stood this Kiovo and baked until I'm bhicji deviled eBSB. Maybe I'll get a aliiiid oul hero somewhere. In Iho country and servo hobo sandwiches . . . you know, Tommy, people have to CLU and If you make It a pleasure, fur them—If I uiiidc somtlhing bel- ter (ban anyone else inailo It r.r.d . . .!•• Tommy reached oul anil took tier lir.nd. "Cnl It out," he said huskily iti Ihe face. Irene was the only one with sense enough lo look out for herself and I'm not going to hurl lleryl said, "Making a success of anything la thrilling. Tommy," over for sho know lhat ho wan contrast- UK a career running u lunch stand WCLL T IF WAS US, WE COULD GE-T UP A HMF OWL'S CUJB ( GA^AVBQS VxiERE I USED "TO B6 A A BARREU. 7AC-f QFV ! - IF CAM SETT -rife I'LL. SIMPLV To MAKE -trie BeS-f IT! Me VJHAT -feu. MRS. CF UoDLP BE -raitev se ABLE VCli A PASSIM 1 FAIR with one as a singer. She had lo be very careful with Tommy In some respects. Ho had her pride (or Ihe sate ol some who changed. To lleryl ho was vually criticized ber." more interesting lliati he had been lioryl was iinieled by Iho fiiiallly ] htfoie. He was rcpenlanl and get>- iu her tone. The task she'd been i lie and sympathetic whcu be was about was finished. She took off j serious, her smock and rolled down her. After a bit she managed to turn sleeves. I Ihc conversation Inlo a discussion "I'll lake Ihc Eiihiil lo tbe store," I of Tontmv's future. Sho had she said hurriedly. " Iced?" "No, you'll have lo come back for il.'"I haven't much time. It's Satur- 'Is the cake beautiful liuw listening to him, and wnlrlilng Ihc sun glint through Iho day, you know," ber. "You don't Beryl reminded Hasn't every need lo Br.tnrilay lell nic! seen me chained to this kitchen for a month? 1 ' • • * T>EUYL felt suddenly very sorry for her. -Perhaps she was suffering iu silent disappointment— too loyal to Irene to complain. autumn leaves on his hMr. Tommy TCould be somcliady some day. They drove in,fr,t In mellow dusk. .Most of the way they had tho road lo themselves. Ueryl's old car shot past other vehicles -easily. Some, drivers ssvorc at and others envied the young couple. Ucryl closed her eyes that nteht with n happy High, and did not- wnko tho ni-xt uuiin'ihg until her mother carac to show her a telegram (rom Irene. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT'S JUST By Martii (To Do Continued) Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. June 0 (UP) — Cotlon closed barely steady. open high low July 839 855 822 Oct 877 8M 0Mb 930 Closing Stock 1'ricei A. T. A; T. Anaconda Copper .. Auburn CatcrpilUr Tractor . Cr.ryilcr Cities Service Cucal Cola Continental Haking General Electric .... General Motors Montgomery Wnrd . Neiv York Central . Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard, of N. J. .larch May 947 801 312 992 934 043 83S 879 905 028 close 822 858 380 9091) 911b 928 SpoU quiet at 797, off 22. New York Cotton washing the fruit you will find that | tine, 2 tablespoons cold water, llpisht district boy scout comiuis- wormy cherries flcat in water and ! cup Ijoiling water, 4 tablcsixxms : sioncr. sound ones do not. I lemon juice, 1 cup cherry juice, 1' sugared cherries for slraw- NEW YORK, June 9 (UP)—Cot- ion closed barely steady. open high low close July Oct Eec Jan March May 838 874 803 909 D20 948 853 889 013 922 941 960 low 818 855 878 830 909 931 Spots quiet at 825, oil 20. 818 856 880 891 910 931 Fresh cherry shortcake is delicious. It is made jusi like strawberry shortcake, using a baking pc-.vder biscuit donah and sunsti- titing berries. Pitied cherries dredged with sugar and thoroughly chilled make a simple and most refreshing dre- sert. Cherry salad uses the jidce of red chcrri?s lo make a sparkling gelatine and adds pitted while .jt cherries. Serve on a bed ol ialtiice with a cream mayonnoise. Cherry ice and shcrbert are delicious hot weather desserts a deserving the highest commendation. Cherry ice has a distinctive flavor ami if made with bright red cherries has a beautiful color. Cherry Ice teaspoons cup sugar. Heat one quart of fresh cherries and stiain off juice. Soften gbla- llne in cold water for five minutes and dissolve in Iwiling water. Add lemon juice, cherry juirc and sugar. Cool and turn'into freezer and freeze until firm. KITCHEN Marble Champ Followed Strict Training Rules BRISTOL. It. I., (UP) — When Edmund "Sunny" Lnrue, 13, of Bristol, won Ihe right to represent Southern New England iti the annual national marble championship tournament, at Ocean City, N. J., he adopted a Iroiniiifc; akin to (hat of a prize fighter. A trainine; ring was constructed in Ihe back yard of George H. Mandril,' "ai Msh and Erasmo assistant scotitmasler, became Eel niund's advisers. Paul Casligllego and Josepl Travcrs. both 14, and John Mad c-iros, 13, runiters-up to Edmum in the elimination tourney, con- scnUd lo he "sparring parlncrs." first managerial hitch came when i'sh rulctt Hint all practice sessions would be private. "Sunny" wanted to keep playing "with every kid lhal wants to meet me," but nis chief adviser feared lhat by so doin? he would "go stale." Btu Ediiiunu wants to become a boy scout, so he abided by Hie commissioner's ruling. Ilotlln Itiiscd Wildcat MONROE, Louisiana. (UP) — A baby wildcat found in Ihi' swamps near itere lias been raised on a botlle. I ^rVCK16r^\ r\E WW. Too MUCH Mt U\<t TttfsT '. \VX WrXVSO VT 10 H\ COUWT Tr\K\ BftW SORt \& HfsViOY W\T» f\ SWOUO 16B 121 D-3l US I-2[ 23 1-4 1C 1-1 11 1-8 HO 1-2 II 1-2 30 1-2 33 7-8 18 1-4 80 1-2 6 1-2 15 1-8 .12 35 Texas Corp 20 1-4 U. S. Steel 83 UV SISTKK MARY NEA Service Writer II is well worth while to tan cherries for winter use, for thcro arc many delicious ways to use them aside from the proverbial pie. Frozen .desserts, hoi puddings and pudding sauces are excellent made with Ihc canned fruit. Sour chorrics are usually liked 'or canning, for pies and for preserving, when the fruit is wani- ed especially ns a "sauce" or in a fruit cup or salr.d. large. SWCD: cherries are desirable. These cherries arc very' Jirm-flcsheil and much less juicy than the hour varieties. In selecting fruit for tab'? HMI or canning, there are a few poin!; to keep in mind. Firm fleshed irui with n small pit keep its shape well when canned and tlicrc is less waste from ttonlug. Luvgc. per- Icclly shaped fruit should le chosen. Cherries which arc developed rm one .side only arc ;ipt to fce wormy nc.d of inferior flavor. Ovr-r- eiiew must be looked for as well as brown rot, which is often hard to detect. This bro\vn rot ollon attacks the fruit fust arour.d tile pit and spreads rapidly if Hie clmrics are kcpl In a warm piarc. A low Icuipcrnlurc checks the decay, keeps the fruit firm and ro- laids ripening. If the fruit is to be kept (or several days, put it in a cool dry place. The ever-present wormy cherries cannot always be - discovered in the market, but they can easily be picked out at home. When S'FKEUv GETS \ND HIS K1UKNDS MV STAPS! I CAM HARDLY BELIEVE EVES / i HAVE HIS RUBY, RIGHT HERE GOT IT PROM (UNttLEY, WHO WAS ON THAT TRAIN -i"0 HOBOrtEN. WELL, HELLO FRECKLES/ MR5.CULLE.R HO'N DAD---' VOU CERTAINLY OiO A &RAVE DEED 3/M &OIN& OVER tO to MP.HECTOR OETECTWE STEELE 11, CiOOP LUCK, OL9 TIMES- VCURE ,TV SWEET TO HttP ME THIS PDN'T FORCitT U) SET OFF TrtE. Trtooeie HIM ONDERTUt Bib OAK AT SUSK TOMORROW. i«E« rlE'S fINISHHO, U&VVT TW5 flABE. 1'XE kSAWOTlC A&EMTS WD COAST tUAHD'LL DO rr 1-tLL TM<t DC*! BY SWP.TttWP. Al 1 \OU SO IS To CE£ THW HE &tTS IM THE. MOUSE VJE'U RUM THf WIRE- TO 01.0 STOREROOM. WLE WERYOK16 rS KCTHE mE, vifSSH AND JEAU UtittUjEOLV INSTALL TtVE . By Crarw

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