The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1950
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, Our Boording House with Moj. Hooplt (AUK.) OOUHtgH NKWt OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAOI E6AD, BAVtteR t REST V - SURE, TM <£OM>** TO TVUT OLD pwce OF LJM- OS-ELH* AMP Alt,? TRAP WAS OKI rr— AMP EVEN THAT'.* TOO ClOSf TO A MOOSE KK Me.' lit «V PEDDLING eoo^f AFTER POSIMG ABODMD AS A BIG- WHEEL ANt> OXFORD MAK). *U TO 80Y AMY/ ALL NfcXJ P0?6 OM€R IS GRA9S sects AMD v;eeeTA«.e PAMPHLETS — DID SWO < EVER VW6LL, TO LET WOMEN LOOK THAT BAP/ KJO.WAIT HAND ME TH*T w%%3& l &* i * ( 2-"~ \VHV MOTHERS SET SR«V FKECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOMUI SaKy hu REFRIGERATION • Service • Sales, • Engineering • DIAL 2241 City Electric Co. FOR SALE ret* e«Jvertx 12 Inch La 48 t»ch pUin 01 re«nforced A!«J C*Bcrelc Haildini BUctu cheaper tbao ivnibei tot harn* ehl^keD to •••««, pump bo*§e». ienJinl ho UK* too) sheds Wr dtUfet GUI w l*r (TC« Mttmate. OSCEOLA TILE A CULVERT CO. Ml mt** FRCX By Edwin Rutt AUTO GLASS Installed Blytheville Glass & Point Co. 136 E. Main Phone 6716 1 FARM LOANS Cat*s WI'RRS Co. xxx T KWIS NORTKCOTT turned and faced Ed« Frey. "Suppose I were to tell you that right no\v-^this minute—-I practically control 25 per cent of the stock of Frey & Company?" Through a hind of mist she saw i him nodding, Hie cold smile light( ing his sharp chiseled face. "1 could be a very strong minority, Miss Frey." "Lls^n, Mr. Northcolt.* Anger suddenly got the better of Ede, clouding her brain, preventing clear thought. "I don't know what you mean. I haven't had time to— to think it out. But I'll tell you this, definitely. Frey fc Company belongs to the Frey family. And it'* going on belonging to them. 1 don't understand your remark at all, I don't know what's going on or what you propose to do with your account. And I don't"—the words rushed out—"care *ery much, now. But I'm keeping control of that agency. No matter what happens.** ' He heard her out politely. Then he turned away. , "Very well, Miss Frey," he a "Nevertheless, I advise yo* think it over." Only when he had gone, Iwving her breathless and perplexed, die the full import of his disturbing statement flash to her brain. Then was but one person, other thai herself, from whom Lewis Northcott, or anyone else, could obtain SERVICES K«mp NA'hisenhunt & Co. • Sand & Finish Hardwood 9 Ijiy HardwoorJ Flooring , M Asphalt Tile Call » today for > free estlnutt. We g1r« yon prnmpt, courteous *errl«. Easy FHA Payments. C«rae In Today. Kemp Whisenhunt&Co 199 E. Main Phone 4469 control of 25 per cent of the Frey & Company shares. That was her brother, Jeff Frey. TM-IE next morning F,de learned, A to her vast relief, that the cruise was coming to an unexpected end. Storm warnings had been received by radio. On the advice of the vessel's captain, Northcott was putting back to New York. It was a welcome turn of events. In Nortbcott's presence, on his U^at and receiving his hospitality. 1»» by WU $«m<e. Inc. fell ciistinelly uncomfortable low. And there was another, even more urgent reason why she wanted to get home. Jeft was due to reVmn from his vacation. She could hardly wait to confront htm; 0 gel to the truth of this business. Jeft arrived early in the evening. He looked brown and rested. Hde let him enjoy a drink before j tackling him. Then she took both I Jefl and Myron into a litlle room that had been her father's study. I'm afraid, JefT," she began hesitantly, "that I've got to spoil your homecoming with . , . well, office troubles." He was instantly on the alert. "Now what? Can't a guy go away /or a week without trouble breaking loose?" "Apparently not. You see, Jeff, 1 -Tpent thU week-end on Mr. Northcotl's boat" "Oho," said Jeff. "Getting in rJghl with the client, eh? You . . ." Something in her face drove the levity from his tone. "Well," he finished suspiciously, "what about it?" "Jeff," Ede saM sharply. *1 simply wnnt to know whether you've sold, or are planning to sell, your shares in the agency to 1 NorlhcoU?" A hunted look came into Jeff's eyes. They swerved, looked at the floor. "How did you find out abotrt he muttered. Ede felt suddenly weak. AH was heavy with disappoint ment-* "Myron lins only 24 shares. So — you're the only one, b*»ide myself, who could sell 25," JerT managed to me*t h«r eye* then. "Northcott's lying," he said desperately, "He doesn't control my shares." "Then why on earth would he say such * thing?" Myron spoke, suddenly, unexpectedly. "Better tell her, Jeff." along she had refused to accept the idea that Jeff would negotiate with Northcott in secret. Sh* had confronted him, hoping, expecting, to hear his Indignont denial. But now he was virtually admitting it. She sat down abruptly. "I found out," she said dully. "when Northcolt tried to buy my interest. When I turned him down, he tried to frighten me by saying that—that he practically controlled 2fi per cent of (he stock already. Well, Jeff"—her voic« swung on him. "So you're in this too?" "No," Myron said, almost com- forlnbly. "I'm not." "All right," said Jeff, frowning. '1 suppose you'd have had to <cnow, stx>ner or later. They did approach me, Ede. They wanted o buy my shares. And I ... well, told them I'd think it over." "You know perfectly wel) Fa;her didn't want any of u> to sell he stock. Why didn't you refute?" "Because," said Jefl guiltily, 'they offered m« • whacking price." • * » . A LL at one*, she knew precisely ^* when it had happened. A Saturday on which Jeff and Norlhcott played golf. A Sunday night following, with Jefl Frey drunk )n his room and Myron, stubborn evasive, pacing the floor. She jttrt the picture. Jeff, ;n an agony of indecision, torn between tacular offer and a moral tion. "And where 4oe« ft she asked. 'Just where it always has,*" Jeff said. Tve never fW«n them n definite answer.* 1 "Then why," Ede was Northcott *> positive th»t H* controls those shares?" "1 don't know. Becauie h* offered m« *o much, I cuppocc." Ede turned to Myron, "Aw! where are .y-ou in all thi*?" "I'm rtot in it," Myron said stantly. "They . . . I'm sorry, -7«ff, hut she has to know . . . they mad« me an offer, too. Through Jeff. But I wanted no part of it. H — it didn't seem right to me." Kde looked at him gratefully. "I'm glad of that, Myron." Jeff was pacing the floor. pose this makes me the heel," he said bitterly. (To fte Continued) WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Our Work 5 work • Woodwork during • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing Try Velvet's TASTE TREAT OF THE MONTH "Coconut-Pineopp/e" BARNEY'S DRUG STORE West Main CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing or repair of your car, hrinft It to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics are specifically trained to care for your car. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phon. 2122 DIAL3391 FOR TEXACO HEATING FUELS R. M. tOGAN. C«nRtgn«« Tank Track Sftleymen: Henry Thomp»*n, G, E. F»rrt»h, Barrey D arris RED & SPOT -WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blind*—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207 — II2 S. First — BJylheville PIANO For Beginners and Advanced Pupils Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 807 Chickasawba OK»Y, So ive STAU*I<J WHILE My CX.D SHIPMATE UUlfif GOT AWAY/ HE'S ear PRIVATE . BUSWESS/ On inc. DUKB of JUS GLIMS OH Ms/ 'lv» got a fleeing chano* to'past in Latin again this year, Tom—the new teacher la crazy about football 1 " I'RISCLLA'S I'OP How Green Is Her Knv BY AL VBRMEER SOMETIMES I THINK WU'RE JEALOUS OF ME BE1HO POPULAR I C7AS YOU AND THAT SILLY DREAM! 1 DREAM AGAIN... -LONOES CHASING HY MICHAKI, 0'MAU.EY and RALPH LANE I PONT VVVJT THEM 3 »IM7 A T LOOH# LIHB o«AX CHESTM TMCVlLL THAT IKfau -z iconic oy T** WHOtt WALL tKx>* ttir urtwm. CAPTAIN EASY Out of th« Mud I,KSMB TURNBR rnii» TXE ntsrjmt at urn PUUPOUTOE ^ wotrr ^—1. OUOHOU fY ruuw WHILS VOU WEBt i.Y nt LO<W MM CHftSlHB D*W»0»r\ WTH6 PVM* STILETTO CAME TO. I AND HOP C»F so i wiaet> HIM / wmie w« HMO UP A SIT MORE surt. ITM THeOTTLE DPIN THE PtftNE STJWIMs AT IT* IfkSH CAR WMSELSCHUEN MUOMlB A6JW IftPSWUCKS UPOMOeVlS' 3... BUGS BUNNY THIt PERISCOPE 61M.VMCK I MAOI . . . I C'N COLUCCTOtt* COW1N' AN' BE MI«TIK BONNV AIN'T HERE... t WINT TO OH, VEAH V/ELl., Hf COME* BACK... BY V. T. HAMLW Phon« 2994 "I Sell That Stuff' FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Bulk Plant _ Promised Land BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Simple I)Y BDGAR MARTIN

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