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Warren Times Mirror from Warren, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Warren Times Mirror from Warren, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Warren, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

EIGHT i 7 yv ARREN, PA Forgers Win Three Away, Lose Two Here in Weekend Locals Win From Brookville And New Bethlehem on Road; Bow Twice at Wilder Field Target for '48 The National Forge and Ordinance baseball team won three games on the road on B'riday to return to its home field to drop Saturday evenini? to the Cleveland Buckeyes, 6-0, and lose to the Warren, Ohio, Ramblers, 5-4, Sunday afternoon. The Forgers defeated 8-3, at 10:30 on the morning of the Fourth of July, trounced Bethlehem. 16-7, at 2:30 in the afternoon and came back to defeat that team in a twilight slugfest, 16-13. The Forgers delved far into the bag for pitchers in the games away, being forced to use Emmy Morrison and Red Hajnik in relief roles. The r.ame through in fine shape, however. Morrison getting a win for hinificlf and Hajnik being a big aid to Hines as the latter was scored with the win. The Cleveland Buckeyes invad ed the Forge field on Saturda.y evening after the Saturday afternoon game with DuBois was rained out and took the Forgers by overvv-helming force. The imnman stunt of playing three games in one day was endently teHing on the locals as the rolled over the Forgers whil- holding their big bats at a Cleveland collected nine tingles including two doubles and an in- the-park home run by (jeorge Jef ferson. Buckeye first sacker In game the Forgers looked unbeatable as they scored three runs on four hits and free in the bottom half of the first inning The edges were evidently still dull, how'ever, and the Ramblers scored one run off two and a Kacrifice hit in the third which was checkmated as the Forgers equaled this feat in the bottom of the fourth. Warren really went to townn with .1. 1 1 1 0 2 fi 0 four runs in the fifth Inning with I two men out. Two 'singles, a fielder's choice and an error comibined as the Ftamblers I pushed their tying and wmning trun.s across. The Forgers got men third base in each of the sixth land ninth innings hut the Ramh lers held tight in their deiense of as Caffrey pop flied to the Creola picked I third and rolled out to the I pitcher in the last of the ninth. Game WAKItK.N. O. F. P. Sisler, 3b i Litz, 2b Puskar lb If Beaver.s Savanyu, cf I Spencer, 3 i K. Sisler, rf Totals Fetrewskl. 3b jx Caffrev li i LM arri rf Hajnik. Tb Rosequist. Randinelli, cf Murpln 2 Hines, 1 0 2 0 0 I 2 0 1 non 0 0 38 5 8 3 AB 0 0 0 0 1 0 OUR BOARDINC? HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPIE HOT SAV. A8013T VOO -ro SUPPOSED TO SE 6 i ME'S Of hASrt, TO AMD VOU AT SO tO DSV'iSED A TUE LOOK 11 LAST AS cvAeeey AS so-oGe. By J. R. WILLIAMS Penn State tv. distance running star.v, Cuit Stonp left arid Karvcr make no secret of v.anluig to lornpete id Olympic games London take tnn. out from to put an arrow through an poslfr uj eye of archery farget, Stone ran the Ui whiie has run tlic best inler-collegiale mile in five yeais' ITI.f) 34 i POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT I wish to announce that 1 am I a candidate for nommation for the office of County Commissioner subject to the decision of the Rc- I publican voters the fall Pri- I 9 1947. Your support will greatly appreciated. Orrin E. June 24-1 mo. I wish to announce that I am candidate for nomination to the office of County Commissioner, lub- ject to the decision of tJie Republican voters at the fall primaries, Sept. 9th, 1947, and will ap predate your support. George E. 6-20-tf I wish to announce that I candidate for nomination to the office of County Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Democratic voters at the tnW pH manes. Sept. 9th i947 and will appreciate your support, William H. Oiftey 6 21 tf I wish to announce that I am candidate for nomination to the office of County Treasurer, subject to the decision of the Re publican voters at the fall primar tes, Sept. 9th, .1947, and will appreciate your support. Warren J. Kay. 7-2-1 mo I wish to annouTice that 1 am a candidate for nomination to the office of Sheriff subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the fall Primary Sept. 1947. and will appreciate your support. E. Linder 7-2-tf TRUCK TIRE SERVICE New and Used Recapping and Repairing Road Service Calls Emblem Oil Co. 303 Third Ave. Phone 2554 batted in 9th 001 040 I 100 rinrt 4 at 500 001 002 14 Brookville 000 200 001 3 6 l' Summary: piccher losing pitcher two base hits Randinelli (2i FVisina. on balls, off Hines 2 4 At 116 103 mi 16 21 fS Bethlehem 050 001 010 7 13 2 Summary- Winning 11 Morrison, losing "pitcher, -P. Shaefer; two J. Hajnik; three base home runs---Creola Randinelli- hft four-for-five, Hajnik a single and triple for at Bethlehem Vorgt. ..000 163 20 0 Bethlehem 400 OOi 0 Summary. Wmning pitcher Hines; losing pitcher -V, fer. two base Rosequist, Ananea, J. Frisina, Hajnik, Morrison, three base hilA J. Frisina Hines 2 home notes Creola hit three for three; Hajnik for five, including a doubV; Randinelli three for including double and homer. Hajnik aided Hines in the win going on the mound in the 7th. Wilder rield eianrt cf Williams, if 3 Smith Troupe 2b Harri.i. Bregana. rf 1 Saylor, Totals Forgft Petrewski. 2b rf 3b Morrison. 1 Rosequist, Frisina, ss Urtereiner, cf ajnik Randinelli. If 'affrey, Totals Brooklyn Boston Yo-k St Chicago Philadelphia Pittrburgh SI AM Va lio nal w. 40 3S 38 36 37 30 I 31 31 30 35 36 38 44 43 -New York Detroit Boston Philadelphia Chicago Washington St, Ameriran .47 37 oh 36 31 35 30 25 26 32 Or 36 32 39 38 43 Pet, .563 .514 .500 ,493 .391 Pet. .644 .,536 .535 ,500 .492 .473 441 .368 An 0 2 0 5 0 0 0 4 0 0 4 0 0 2 1 4 0 1 0 1 7 0 4 3 2 4 0 376 9 4 VR F. 40 0 0 3 0 1 0 4 0 0 4 0 1 .1 4 0 1 0 4 1 1 3 0 0 i 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 1 0 300 5 3 ei 9)v I SCHRD! National No games scheduled. No games scheduled. HI RF.Sl National New York Philadelphia 3. Brooklyn 4, Boston 0. St. Louis i 2, Cincinnati 0-0 Pittsburgh 6 10 Chicago 2-0. AmerirjiO New V.irk 8-9 Philadelphia 2-2. Boston 7 10, Washington 4-J. Detroit 10-8; St. 2 4 Chicago 3't, 2 5, HEIM i N'o games -icheduled either leacrue. MINOR t.KATfl r.S 8 6 Jersey City 6 Montreal 6-2. 4-6. Baltim.nrc 5-2 Rochester 2-9 Amenran Louisville 12-2. Indianapoh.s 4-8. Kansas 4-6. Milwaukee Paul 9, 11 Toledo at rair hit for Lnlerei. By innings Cleveland 202 001 102 9 4 000 5 3 Summarj. Two gana. Jefferson, Saylor home by pitchcd ball Troupe, Smith (by walks off Saylor off Saylor 3. by Caffrey 9. borrow unneressarily, but if cash loan the best to money kam, it from Pci sotted company that to say QSSi Pick Your Own Pajfmefits 1 Me. 15 Me IS S95! 300 600 8 4 29 6 54 2 7 24.60 44.10 6.31 21.26 W.36 or married men end women can get: vacs ti loans quickly pri- rately on jtwt their salary otily, ftjmi- tare, or eri friends tives involved- NATIONW1DI CASH-CREDft for immediate cash at nearly 400 affiliated Personal from coast-to-coast- Not necessary- to borrow. Apply for yours at once. No cost or obligation. poymtnti (mm pnr.dpol, inftrtd Sepojrirwnti oft clhet ioor.s, far periodi, am lo halts tttmpf from Rtgulalion W. comp nj I of Tlarren, Fa. 216 I.iberty St 2nd Floor Over Shoii Ce. Phone 111 jlt-iS ni Clade Cv( a.ngr- Side, i I 1 5. 0 4. Olran 2-10. fiorneli 2-4 4-3, '-kport b-2. Anierieaii Kew York 7-4, 3-2. Piiiladelphia 8-0. Bo.ston 6-4. 13-1, Detroit 6-4 game tie, called end 9th'. Chicago 6-2, St Louis 3-JO. iimal 16-4 York 7 3. Boston 10-7 3-1, St J.ouis 7 4 Chi. ago 0-5, Cincinnati 8-6. 0-4. Middle Voungstown 14-8, 12 1 Oil City 9-3, John.siowi? 8 Ix. Butler 3-14 Erie 0-12 Vpndergrift ,14 11, Niagara Falls 12-10. Saturday New York Philadelphia 1. Boston 7. Washington 6. Chicago 6, Cleveland o- Detroit at St Loui; rai.n National 4, Brooklyn 1 1 iir' 5 g( 4. Pittiiburgh 3 7 Si Iv'iui 3 New' York 4. Philadelphia International Newark 10. City 2 at Toronto i2i Bait in fire at Syra. Onlv schc-duled. it Soft hall Bakers Beer at West 2 8, 16. Bradford 10 5. Clean S-2. ffontell Batavia 8 Haniilvun 3. Second gsme "ai; Hamilton at Batavia at Bradford I am town Olean Uell.iville at Hornell. 'k Scores Frte 11 2 9. Oil N'iacara Falls 11, 13 in' 4 Saturday niglil last-plar-e I'ialtfd Voungstowns niri-gan winning streak longest of -liC s-ason. d.fealing me 13-5. Resuits of other Sat- night Oil City 2, Jo;^;''.'"*:. 1 7. F--iUs 2. 9- Var.ue-grift 7. ionlgbt tendera vs. Vets at Russell field at State Hospital pdnesdav's Starting Second Half Greenes at 5 ell field f'larendor vs. at State Junior Tomorrow Clarendon vs. Sugar at Stale El ospitai fc Mi' V', at field, I Forge. Oames Bye. Gip de at Conev. ango est Side at Games Thursdav ending first half LEAGUE tiu- ialc-d Meni ion ihe fons' lead caased 0 other Pony League to their helplessly thf-y looked at the leader six weekend ictorie; The Falco-iS lengthened t'leir lead to seven and a half gavaes the Bradiord Blue Wix.g>i by beating the Red So 2-i and ye.sterday and 7-5 Satur- aay. Tiie Uaniiiton Red Wings were the "tin-s, 11-0 Friday, and tlie LKDckport Reds bowed, The scMjres yesterday made it 21 t- tlie 28 starts for the tuhon.s, dropped Wellsviilc i.r^i.<= til'th plare fron, a fourth rotch tie Red 'Vings. In otli'M gaiiica vesterda- Bradford flinciit'd a 10-5 win ov-r tlie L'jckjiort with a tive-run raid, ill the eightli. tiic olean oeaf the Hornell F-irates 8-3, squcc7.i;;g out a secon'l game, 2-0, and the Batavia downed the Red Wing S-3. A seeon-cl Bata game was ed ruin YESTERDAY STARS 1 Bv 7 he R'jy Cinlenbinf and Pa? Mulhn, Culiennir.e fin- int.s in live rmis, and ii.Mulli-.- four hit.s two homers in first gan batted ij six runs and two Detroit took double headf Pitching. Raloh Brar-'a. and Ficar i Branca 4-0 on hits to pit' Oodgprg National lead, Hearn 3 0. also on aid who also won to m-- piace Letters to the Editor Spori.s Fang of this art- quiry as to v.hat keeping the Forge booking ago-it front bringing the Janristov.n, or other team of the Pony league to iider Field for exhibitiori gaii.e. We have enough confidence in the Forgers to think they can taice anything in the league and a game witJi 5 Pony league team gOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN AV Pl.tftib'tI VtT 5 PVW -----T ---i i VOli i A TOV i 1 VOU vniLt 6 LtfVRM TO i Rua TT BUT TO ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN he THSS CN SCREEN -CRMED BY THE SuSJECT I tei uccess 5EEMSC OK Ay uP TO His CN The But then scmeth i me nder MIND OF i rvE ET 6CME POISONOUS- TA. 5 1 4 in Time, but ABOUT TW UGPH 1M7 iv lucrr. i FOOLS 1111:31 Much damage to telegraph wires make a fine draw'ing card. It really ought to be done to keep w'c in the proper rnood. hj; the western United States is done by bears that mistake the I humming of the wires for bees and i to find the honev. I NO'OCF- I will not be responsible for any There were two percent bills contracted by anyone but i cows on U. S. farms in 1947 than I myself. in 1946, but the 1947 cows sup- Clifford Vaughan K. 2, Warren July plied three percent more milk. Btl r. 8. BONBS, ALLEGHENY SHEET METAL SHOP 425 Hickory Street Phone 3353 Props. Barone and Ed. Mansfield Imiitediafe Service on Spouting, Roofing. Furnoces, Blower Pipe Systems, Penna. Furnace Heating Equipment sek ice free estiimates

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