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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 15

The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada • Page 15

The Provincei
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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THE DAILY PROVINCE, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1922. DR. HITLER THE 6 MUSSOLINI OF BAVARIA Granville Street Opposite) Gordon Drysxlale's Calder's Heads Reactionary and! Anti-Semitic Movement Now Dangerous. PHOSPHORUS CALCIUM IRON MANGANESE SODIUM POTASSIUM Feared by Some, Ha3ed as Prophet and Savior by Others. Shoe Store RETIRING SALE Storms German Towns vi iui uioiui auu uttuvr.

iroops. Is the Talk of The Economy of Wincarnia The prescribed dose is one to two table-spoonfuls. Thus Win. carnis is cheapest in the Ion? run, for as the ingredients in it are highly concentrated, a little Win-carnis does a great deal of good and a bottle goes further than other tonics, so called, requiring a much larger dose. the Town His Followers Armed With in Blackjacks Rifles Reserve.

Your Body Needs these Mineral Salts It needs Iron and Manganese for enriching the blood. It needs Phosphorus for Brain and Nerves. It needs Calcium, Sodium and Potassium because these Phosphates are essential for Bone and Tissue-Buildings BUT, alas, yrfur system Is using trp these mineral salts more quickly than your food and rest Is restoring them. You must supply the deficiency. How? Through WINCARNIS, which contains them all In scientific proportions and which, with the extracts of Malt and Beef and Wine, forms a tonic which has no equal in the world.

Wincarnia Will Give You New Health and Strength (By Ctsle tt PrrrftoaJ (CoprrtiM. 1922. tn Unltd Staui ud Oenedt lin Tort rum Co.) MUNICH, Nov. 12 Next to the high cost of living and the dollar, "Dr. Hitler" and his "Hakenkreuzlers" are tho popular toplo in Munich and other Bavarian towns.

Thl reactionary, nationalistic anU-SemlUo movement has now reached a point where It 1s considered potentially dangerous, though not for the Immediate future. Hitler today Is taken seriously among all classes of Bavarians. He Is reared by some, enthusiastically hailed as a prophet and political economic savior by others, and watched with increasing sympathetic Interest by the bulk. who. apparently.

are merely bidding the psychological Here are names and makers you can depend on Gold Bond, Saxone, Slater, Owen-Elmes, Murray, Smardon, Blackford, i Hurlbut, Pussyfoot, Macfarlane The Second Weekof Oar Great Quit Sale Finds Us with More Astonishing Specials Thousands oi dollars worth of Men's, Women's, Girls' and Boys? Shoes of the better quality are being sold at prices that are so low as to make the public marvel at our being able to offer them. We are not able tobut are forced to. We must sell out quickly. We are going out of business. We want to sell everything before we go.

This is your opportunity save at this Quit Sale. moment to mount Hitler Dana wagon. Undoubtedly, the spectacular success It if a Tonic, Restorative and Blood-builder all in one. That is why it promotes new strength, new blood, new nerve force. It builds up it tones up it Doctors recommend WINCARNIS.

Thousands of people the world over testify to its wonderful results. YOU try it. Buy a bottle tt-Jav. At all druggists. Price SlJO for Hxn.

bottle. IW IMA of Mussolini and the Fasclstl brought Hitler's movement to the fore and gained popular Interest and sympathy for It. Another condition favorably to the outburst of the movement Is the Wincarnia la A eemblnstton of Ertrert of Bl. Extract of Malt, Iran Mid UinitiiH, Glycerophosphates of Calcium Potassium And Sodium with spot tally Satatad wis. A Teals., Blood-baUder and Ntrvo food. Prs-serihed by the Medical profawfon tor Anaemia, Debility, Slatplaunaw. Brain Fsg, Nerrousneas, Lowered Vitality. La Grippe, Mattrnity-weak-neat and Convalescence from an dlnest. widespread discontent with the exist ing state of affairs among all classes in the towns and cities under the In creasing economic pressure.

Pnprinmt COLEMAN XOTZItlST UBBAJT. Hitler's "Hakenkreux" movement is NORWICH, ENG. Canadian Often 67 Portland Su, Toronto. Frank S. Ball, Resident Director.

essentially urban In character. It has not yet caught a foothold among the hardy Bavarian peasantry and high- 171 lanaers wnicn wouia man It really dangerous. As a highly placed personage put It: "Hitler organized a small Insignificant group of national Socialists two years ago, since when the movement has been smouldering beneath the surface. Now it has eaten Its way through and a conflagration, of course. Is not only possible but certain If this now free flame of fanatical patriotism finds sufficient popular combustible material to feed on." Hitler has been called the Bavarian Mussolini, and his followers the Bavarian There Is nothing socialistic about the national socialism he preaohes.

He has 30.000 organized followers In Munich alone. His total following throughout Bavaria Is uncertain, since the movement Is In a state of rapid flux. He Is wasting no time working out political programmes, but devotes his whole energy to recruiting fresh forces and perfecting his organization. OLD! VBSTXVCrS. "Hitler regrets ho is unable to meet you as Is leaving town on Impor you would finish the day right, vou must start it right by eat EVERYTHING is marked down because we have to sell out You can buy $12 women's boots and pumps for most of them have Louis heels.

The quality Is exceptional. You can get the newest strap effect for women in plain patent sandal effect and combination; beige, brown calf, etc, for $5.20, a saving of about two dollars. Gold Bonds, Slater's, Saxone, and Leckie's for men are all reduced. No make-believe but a positive saving of 20 per cent, or more on each pair of shoes. All the Hurlbuts and Pussyfoots for children are all on the toboggan slide.

In Conclusion IF YOU want to do business on the fair basis as set forth in this advertisement, we shall be glad to see you. IF YOU want men's and women's hand-stitched $10 boots for $1.00 you will have to go to a bigger store. EVERYTHING is reduced. There isn't a single item but is cut down to less than actual worth. YOU CAN depend on getting all you expect and in a good many cases a little bit more.

CALDER'S SALE is a real sale. It is appealing to the best people in town. Moreover, it is appealing to those who have lots of money. And the reason they have got lots of money is because they know how to spend it by not buying cheap, trashy shoes so much in evidence around town that are bought for sale purposes. WE COULD go on and tell stories of the men and women that you and we know who are coming to this store to buy shoes for themselves and their entire families.

They are not questioning the values at all. Indeed the name of Calder Limited is standing the store in good stead during this sale. Here's the Point THERE isn't any marking up of the shoes before it is marked down, and there isn't any effort to tell anything but the plain, blunt truth about it. THAT'S why this store is busy. Last Saturday we had more people than we could comfortably attend to.

And the reason is that this is no fake sale and everyone knows it. The reductions are genuine and the shoes are good. ing the proper breakfast. i 1 mi i And the finest morning meal is the) most inexpensive. Everyone should tant business for several days," was the answer received by your correspondent His Important business was going to Regansburg with three special train luads of Munich admirers for the purpose of holding a series of reactionary, Inflammatory meetings, and Incidentally to beat up protesting Socialists and Communists with blackjacks, If any dare protest, which la bfcoming Increasingly rare.

His method Is, first, propaganda, then efficient organization. He personally conducts patriotic revivals for this purpose, frequently descending from his stronghold, Munich, on other Bavarian towns, with special train-loads of followers. He has the rare oratorical gift at present unique In Germany, of spellbinding whole audiences regardless of politics or creed The new converts made at these ru'lles. those who absolutely and unconditionally pledge themselves to Hitler and the cause, are carefully sifted throughout, and the pick of them who pass the standard mllttary muster are organised Into "storm troops" with gray shirts, brssslerea in the old Imperial colors, black and tan. anti-Semitic Swastika cross in a white circular field on red.

also with blackjacks and, It is whispered, revolvers. xmii is sxsBKTa. According to a reliable Informant, there are probably 400.000 military rifles and 150 cannon still eoncesled In Bavaria. So that some fine day Hitler's legionaries might well make their debut with rlKes. Hitler's strength Is In the combination of his undeniably great gifts as an orator and organiser.

He exerts an uncanny control over audiences, possessing the remarkable ability to not only arouse his hearers to a fighting pitch of fury but, at will, to turn right around and reduce the same audience to docile calmness and good order. A typical instance is related nv the Informant mentioned. At the height of the recent Bavarian Government crisis Hliler was holillug a mase-mcetlng In Munich and had worked up a big audience when a rumor spread through the hall that he had planned a ooup and that he would overthrow and seize the government that night and was about to give the slgniil at this rally. His fol-lowers burst Into an enthusiastic uproar, drew and brandished blackjacks and revolvers, and with shouts of ''Hell, hell, hell," prepared to follow Hitler and alarm anything. With a few electrk) words hs worked a maglo change In the audience.

Theli duty, on whluh the success of the cuu depended, he said, was Iron discipline and Implicit obedience to orders when orders wers given, The time for action had not come yet. And the riot was nipped In the bud. VUZ 1X00. TKOOPB. A different exhibition of Hitler's power was given during a mass-meeting In Nuremberg, a stronghold of Ba-1 start the day on oats, the greatest food that grows, and the most economical.

The oat is more nourishing than any other grain food it makes bone and brawn. But the maximum of oat nutrition, flavour and value is not found in ordinary rolled oats sold in bulk it comes only in the Quaker carton. We buy the very cream of the oat crop, which in turn we sift for the best grains. These rich, plump, perfect oats are milled into very thin flakes, and packed in sealed cartons. The Quaker package protects the Oats, preserves their original flavour, and prevents waste.

Perfect Oats perfect milling perfect packing are the three simple reasons for Quaker's exclusive purity and wholesomeness. Yet Quaker Oats cost less than a cent per dish. Everything Marked in Plain Figures NOTHING marked up to be marked down again. You may depend on that much. We realize that to sell out quickly nothing but a charge of dynamite will have any effect.

So every price has been dynamited. Everything tn the sale Is guaranteed this way; you carf get your money back any time if anything you buy proves unsatisfactory. We can't think of anything stronger or we'd say It. Calder Limited, 566 Granville Street ZX Ask your grocer for the Quaker package. You can't get Quaker quality any other way.

sets ai.d Ideas like sntl-semltlsm. It Italia auotrl aUUway, Italy owns th Iobsmi would be politically all wrong to tell them ths tmth about where you really are lend ng them" The Killer movement is aot of mere aleotrlo railway tn Europa, oovning dlstano of about 178 mllea, over whictj viirlaii Socialism. The radical elements undertook counter-demonstration, massed outside the meeting hull and sung "The Internationale." The Hlrslns of the hated tune heard In the hall en-niged the Hitler followers. At his word of command shock troops of grey shirts i ih fin. iliarlnllne marched from the positive aaeet; he Is a man of ths "common people." snd hence has the makings of "popular hsro," appeal-lug to all claaae.

It Is reported that he was a worker before coming; ss a leader of ths Bavsrlan Social Nation, altsts. He mi-vwI durlni the war aj common soldier and won thy Ir Cross of tha first aad swwnd olass, which, for a oommon soldier, is ai- 1 noo-l or ph'turemiue Interest. It 1 bound in. oni mm ui two and thre. quarter hours.

to bring 1'ivnna into a ranewea oiasn with the Merlin government aa long as the flermsn republic foe through th motions of Irving' to ltving up to th Versailles treaty. V'or It Is certain the Allies till lake umhrag at th Hitler In Sealed Cartons Onlt tlnotlve avldenea or scention.i orj hall, pulled their blackjacks, charged i land dispersed the crowd with many I broken head. I Hitler Is credited with having a rap. I Idly-Increasing following among the DIABETES ery and daring. TO navmnan.

n. talks rough, shaggy, sound, organisation a a violation of th military clauses of th treaty and demand dishnndnirnt, even as In tha case of Its predecessor, ths Orgesch. keynote of his prorsgsnds. In speaking and writing, la vlo.cnt niitl-semitism Ilia followcts am popularly named "th llukenkruusler." rVMCiraTlOMa TX0X.8VT. Bo violent are Killer's fulminations against ths Jews that a number A prominent Jewish oltlsens ar reported to he sought asylums In th bavarian highland, easily reached oy fast motor cars, whence they coud hurry their women and children when turn-warned of any antl-semllto Bartholomew's night.

But several reliable eourivs con. firmed ths Idia that Hitler sntl-mliiam was nut as gcnulno or vio. lent a It suunded, and that was merely using anll-semltlo propaganda a halt to catch masses of followers and keep them,, and In line for the tune when hla organisation Is perfected and sufficiently powerful to he employed affectively for political purposes, A snphistli aled politician credited Hitler wits pi culler nulltiral cleverness workers, aisgrunuea oy nign cosi or living. It Is also said many ultra-rsdl-l oals, Including communists, have flocked to his reactionary banner. He Is be-; ginning to draw support from tin politically sluggish middle classes which I In Bavaria however, are not so sluggish a In Berlin.

Even mors significant, I there Is soms active, mur passive sup. A Leg Ampatated. OS th BtreeV Kred urant, a nlno-yaar-old boy of London, was knocked down and rue over by an automobile and hla leg was caught tn part of th mechanism so QUAKER MILLS SASKATOON AND PETERBOROUGH A Uo makers of Quahr Flour, Piaffed Rice and Puffed Wheat, TiUton't Aluminum ktt, etc Visitor! to Saskatoon are invited to come and sec the Quaker mills, and, aocordlnj; to present Bavarian publlo opinion, a strong active leader equipped with horse-sense Is ths need of the hour. Hltl.fs programme Is of lss In terest than hla person and movement. Mis programme consists chiefly or half-a-dosen negative Idess, clothed In g.nerallllMv He la "against th.

Jews, Bolshevism. 'Merln socialism. Hepsr-atlsts, the high cost of living, existing condition, tha week Berlin jovern. ment snJ tha Versailles Treaty." ha stands only for "a strong, united Wermsny under a strong go-urnmoiit." He Is credited with being actuated by lofty, unselMsh patriot lam.

Hs AnmM not know himself lust Is not incurable If you diet with Jireh Dietetic Flour and Foods. Superior to Gluten Flour and more palatable. Recommended by phy-icians and aold by leading are cers. Literature and Diabetie Cook Book with Menu Table lent free on request Jireh Food Co, BrockviJle, Ont. For eale by Hud-on'l Bay Co.

and David Spencer Limited and Owl Drug; Co, Limited, port ana to a. smi iii pathetic interest for th Hitler move-ment among the Bavarian loyalists, among mnnsrohlsui and militarists and In government and political circle, an DAiriitly coupled wllli the Idea thst ths movement would prove useful tool If It could be uontrullml by their special Interest. There Is also latent fear that the movement might get beyond control, Hitler, In addition to his oratorical and organising abilities, baa auotlior that It was Impossible to extrlcsl him, Th boy bravely gav directions hy which thought h. might be released, but tt wsa finally decided that th only hup was to amputate the leg, This was dons by thre physicians who wer summoned lu th spot The surgeon who did th work wse compelled tn work wb.ll lying upon bis back with hardly room to smy. fur Isylng emphasis and ovcr-emphasl on antlamltlm, saying i "Ynu can't expert th masses lu utniorind or sp-Dreolat your finer real alma, You must (d th snassts with oru4ar bor what he wants to acwniylleu.


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