Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 16, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1897
Page 23
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California Limited. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Lotus and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Bufiet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address C.B.MEWEll,Agt. First THR National Bank Lroeanaport. Indiana. CAPITAL §250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PRESIDENT. W. W. KOSS, CASBTEK, J. P. BROOKMEYER, ASST. CASHIER. BIKECTORS: A. J. Murdoch. 'V. H. HrinKburer, Denaii Ch , R. S. Kice. U. F. Yantis. I M. -iarwood. W, T. Wilson. ^^^^^__ Banking In nil iw Departments promp:!j and coreliilly done. Safety 10 Cuatomera and stockholder nofgbc for. Strong He«erve Fund Maintained. Loganeporl, Tnd. Do ,011 Love If go, lecuro oi.e of the latest and prettiest Two-Steps oft eday. by inallloif Ten Cents (silver or stamps) to cover mulling and postage, to the undersigned for n copy uf the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Stop.) We are giving i his music, which Is regular fltty-cont shn t music, »t this exceedingly low rate, for the purpose of advertising, imd teetr Img the value of the different papers as adver- tiling mediums. K. O. McCormlck, Passenger Truffle Manager, "Big Four Koute." Cincin«»U. O. Mention thl§ paper when you write. ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents ot the Pennsylvania Lloes •wjll furnish Information regarding Home- 8eeker>' Excursions to various points In the Northwest, West, Southwest and South. It will pay to investigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. W. Hicbardson District P»6*er»icr Ajient Indlacapolis.Jnd Stafloo. RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. MILEAGE Tickets to Wash- ngton The Pennsylvania Lines are now ssulng at all their principal ticket offices, for coupons uf une tnousand mile Interchangeable tickets or the lentral Passenger Association's issue, exchange coupon tickets to Harrisburg, Baltimore and WasaiDgton, at ;wo cents per mile, short line distance of Troth Gleaned From the ings of All Denomination*. Education means not what man gets, bnt what, man can give; not what he ' knows, bnt how he thinks.—Rev. Leon Harrison, Rabbi, St Louis. I One Model- I Choose one model—Jesus Christ. He WJO in developing character becomes Christly achieves success.—Rev. C. S. Warner, Methodist, Kansas City. Specific Direction*. ' As the railroad guidebook would give ; directions from one state to another, so ! the word of God gives specific directions ( from earth to heaven.—Rev. Edward Mount, Methodist, Medford. God Hovers Over U*. God hovers by his spirit over us, and the tired child is wooed to rest and , soothed to slumber even in the midst of j earth's throng and press. Truly we 1 have a near God.—Dr. J. W. Weddell, Baptist, Philadelphia. Onr Afflictions. Affliction makes heaven more glorious and adds stars to the crown. Onr j present light afflictions, which are but | Hints In for a moment, work out for us an eter nal weight of glory.—Rev. Theodore H. Compton, Baptist, Louisville. A Better Way. People are coming to see that the world is God's world. And so long as LOAVES AND FISHES. Tbe creed will not be wrong, if the life is right. A good man is a man who knows how bad he is. Asking for "Our daily bread" Includes all things needful. The time is lost that is spent in looking for an easy place. The man who has truth for his friend, will be helped of God. It is as necessary to cut down the weeds as it is to hoe the corn. One of the b«st offices oJ education is to teach us how to teach ourselves. Many a loud amen Is nothing more than a brag by the man who makes it. The n. an who can get good out of a good book, already has some good in The man who sets out for a gold mine too often leaves his fortune behind him. The ox standing idle in the shade, has more trouble with the flies tlxan the one wearing the yoke.—Ram's Horn. Absence lessens small passions anfl Increases great ones as the wind extinguishes the taper and kindles the turning dwelling. It is more honorable to the head, us well as to the heart, to be mislead 's our eagerness in the pursuit of truth blundering bj WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO HUM A GENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood to All. The Greatest Discover* of the Famous PHYSICIANS' itiBTITUTE, of Chicago, lll.\ GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all i>ven who n»«l It and who will write for It. " x A larce percentage of the men of today are sadly in need Nrf the right kind ofSStrwnncnt for weakness peculiar to men. Manxes are fue toe^y ^Htucrs to «**»,. white ^nyof the cases ar^due to overwork Urrt-lnd general nervous debility. It matters not. h S£ Uproar nave been, the factstm remain. th« they all proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. ' and tone to every portion and crgun of the body, stop al » to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure is impossible with. our method. menials from all over the world. sees that there isabetter way than ; than to be safe from the one he is treading he will press i contempt of it forward to it. -Rev. Mrs. Mary T. I That which we acquired with the Whitney Church of the Disciples, Bos- j most difficulty we retain the longest; as ton those who have earned a fortune are Thought For the individual. | ng aally more careful of it than those Let not one of us think for a moment who have inherited it. that he is not welcome to Christ. Nay, he would draw all to himself. We have Temptations are the strength of a Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly in the newspaper that the people read, and in language they ™ :ni °" 1 ' h ' understand, and among will easily others prserve the following Advertising Points: Profitable advertising results from o-ood goods being offered, well. your rival's advertising OHICAOO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chicago's :05 n m:' C.: 00 a m ;*1:25 p m •2-00 D m: *4:80 p m. Arrive from Chicago «12:30 a m:«12:80 pm;*l:00 pm:*l:40pro;*i5:lBpin. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Le»te for Bradford-1:10 a m;-t7:40am; *1:45 Arrive from J^dford "2:45 am; t!0:20 am: *l:20pm;-t4:15pm. KIFNER DIVISION. LMve for Bffner+8:15 a m; f»:09 a m-12:05 p m 5 p m Sunday onlv. Arrive from BtTner'7 :SS am; t)2;50p m; 18:45 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AHU CINCINNATI. i»«vo for Klchmond+ia:!V5 »m; t6:SO H m; *l:0u pm;-t2:20pm. ArriTefrom Richmond *2:30»m: tU:OOam •1:50pm; tlO:50pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOUISVIlil. L«*T« for L«ul»vllle 12:45am: '1:10p m. Arrive from touiiville «2:40 a m: *1:56 p m. J. A. MoCULLOUGH, A^ent, attention, but give your rival no advertising. Advertising prestige is lard to win, but not hard to lose. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it will be understood by a reader of little understanding. Your advertising should be complete in itself. To secure the best results, use the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAKOS. with its large circulation in both city and county. crises which test man's character. but to yield ourselves to his attraction > whether we stand or fall at these and -we shall find ourselves getting ever j cr j se s depends largely on what w» are nearer.— Rev. B. Ezia Stiles Ely, Jr., b e f 0re the testing comes. Some folks, like tug boats, seldom accomplish anything without a sreat •Teal of pi:.f3«C and blowing; but unlike Home Seekers Excursion.. , FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- LOQASBPOBT NO. 3 Kastern Express daily .................. J:33 a m C Mat! «id Express dally ............... 9:«» » n. 4 Atlantic Express daily .................. ? :1 ? ° m » Fort Wayne AccoKx Sunday.... G:>2 p m 74 Local Freight Ex Sunday .......... 4:18 p m W«8T BOUND. Western Express dally ......... - ...... 10:24 p Faat Mall Daily- ........................... £:« p m Mail and Express daily .................. J:«> p ra Pacific Express dally ..................... 11. •& a m Decatur Acoo Ex-Sundav ...... ----- 7:35 a ru Local Freight Ex-Sunday ...... - ...... ~:S5 a m BKt, WV»» DIVHIOH, W»BTgID«. B»*WliKI LOO^MftPOBI AND OHFU. WIST BOUND. Ho. tt,_- ...... __ «^.rrivei_.-~ ...... -. 8:80 a. n. HO. ST ___ ..— — ...... Arrtvee ------ ~ ........ 8:80 p. tt • AST BOTJKD Mo M ........ _____ Le»vei ............ ---- »:05». ir •o.M ............. — Le«Te» ................. X:« P VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Dec. 5.1S97. Presbyterian, Rockford. The Greatest Force. Character is the greatest force in the world. Some say money is the greatest force, some say brains, some say love, but character is the greatest force because it is the force which determines the direction in which money, brains and love shall be used.—Rev. James J. Dunlop, Presbyterian, Boston. The Lives of Our Children. All of us ought to live more in the lives of our children than wo do. They will not be children always. The little feet will not be pattering on the stairs very long. Be patient and loving and tender. It will be quiet in the house soon, and you will say, '' Would God they were back again. "—Rev. George B. Yosburgh, Baptist, Denver. Where Heaven In. Where God reigns there is heaven. Heaven is not a local place away beyond, the stars. Heaven is not a place with tug boats, fiey often puff and blow READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY t I**li!ut,, Chicago: BLASCBAKD. WASH., March 2S, ISM to praise and crpnp**, DEAB SIBS,—I hare nearly finished my ~ ' find words eno self B different man. I cannot Rrautude 1 feel towards jon. ... fectly cured, and thaok you a honu'<~ can. May God blens you and your work. imt» and will help you all I Yours only, C. «j~i«o«y I^tituu, Chicago: LOTEX. lA., Jons 19. MBS. Mz DEAn FBIZSUS.—Ploaw o««pt mr thunks lor the kindnets you hare donemo. Lossoa ha™ entirely etoppod and vigor Una returned. I am aliu. *. lambatisrtbimlhuTObeenforloyBars. I donotfeallilwthenaiiieman. All 5,y f rionds nhfm they miei me, str, " What hure you b«n doinur Never MW a man come out lika you." Everyour friend. SL- f- <--• Ph*iiti*»if Inxituu: HAT AS*, N, !»., Jan. 3.1895. GlWTLEMKS.-I wiBh to eiprew mr hMrtfalt thanks for the result of mj treatment. Uurimi the last two weeks that I took your treatment the imprOT*- Sent ma remarkable. I have had no emiwionu or othar * ympton ? «nce Utanit TOUT medicine My friends are all surprised nt the improvement in my ceneral appeorunw. Hoping that you may ever uroaper, 1 remain, iocrj sincerely. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file in our business office, and all are bona _ expressions of permanently cured ire*. Do not delay writing to us, and remember that we are not only a responsible institution In :vsry way, but ours is the largest medical institute in America that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose fi cents for posts^ on medicine, which is always plainl., sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL The modern age is marked aoove «rerything else by its love of the fact. Art and literature, as well as science, are intent on discussing nature's laws and reproducing life as it is—Mrs. Celia P, Wooley, Independent, Chicago, 111. There was never a time when the preacher and the people need more ta distinguish the true idea of preaching than at present. The pulpit and the pew need to get closer together.—Rev. R. T. Matthews, Christian, Louisville, Ky. The synagogue, like the heart, is an institution for the moral uplifting for the people, for the dissemination of truth and the cementing of relations of brotherhood between man and man. four square walls, with God on a throne _ Ra [, D i j ac ob Voorsauger, Hebrew, as a personal being. God is everywhere, San Francisco, Cal. What boy has grown to manhood have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C. G. Newell, Apt, Logansport, Ind, No. «... No. 8,. FOR THE NORTH ............. ___ _ .......... — 10:S5 a. m. ...................... _ ...... _ ....... S:85 p. m, FOR THE SODTH. No.: No. - m For complete Time Curd, plvlnfr all trains *nd rt»tion«, and for full information aa to rate*, throuRQ ours, etc., address J. C. XDGXWORTH. apent, Lofransport, or I 4.. FORD, G«neral Pagnenjrer Agent. St. Lou. 1 *. Mo. & W. Time 1 able, Peru, Ind. Solid trains between PeorH, and SanduaXy and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct con- oeaUonii to and from all poinM in the United Itate* and Canada. iRRTVI SOUTH BOCSD DKPABT No H Indianapolis Exp daily 7:10 a m " Mail&Kxp-ll:S8am ioept Sunday) No » Indpl's Bip ei 3un,.._ ! -3& p m »:« p m No » Pas»6iis«r eieept Sun No 151 Rochester local arrive :« p m except Sunday, NORTH BOU1TD. Sun... f P«u on Sunday. B^ 1 * *™^^^^ K " PERFECT ____ • The -world admires tlie perfect Man! Not %^^£K££S33^^ SEXUAL VITALITY the riory of mannooa— the nrida of lSd young, butthcrc are thonsandsof men the menial tortures of a we»kfn«l manltoo*. shattered nerves and sexual p«*ver who can be cured by our Masfical Treatment ho bh to«,c here. If « fall to cnre. ^e. bavo no free TTCscrlrtions. free cure or C.O Si. fa^e. Wa have *230 000 capital and cuarantce to caro every "'o wclreai. or refund every dollar you pay ^ or fee maybe .-"eposited In any btnk to be paid ni When a«rf .Inflected, ^rlte ftrftU partlcu^a, STATE JIKD1CAI. CO., Omolja, >el>. LGDD POISON ™""™™"""^ Pruna-T, Sec ondarrorTer- IcuredinlStoSodays. Ton can be treated at Ihomefor same price under same ifuaran- I ty. If yon prefer to coma here vre will cca- ^^— tracttopayrailroadfareandhc>telbiIls,aD(l DOtharte, if we fail to core. If you have taken mercury, iodide potash, and still bare aches and pains, M ucous Patches in month. Sore Throat, Pimples, Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers oa any pan of thebodr. Hair or Eyebrows falling ODtTlt » this Secondary BLOOD POISON wo Rumrante* to cure. We solicit the most obsta- natc casea and clial}eiii«.& tliQ world for 9 case wo cannot curt-, Tbts dlseue ho* all TS tefrtadtbe skill of the most eminent phjsi* eiana. V5OO»OOO capital behind oar ancondi- and heaven may be iu every heart, kingdom of God is within you. That is Christ's teaching, and that is the truth. —J. .T. Cornell, Society of Friends, Bal- , timore. ! Standard of KiffliteousHes*. j We should measxire ourselves by the standard of righteousness set by the, Saviour, aud the difference between our i lives and his is the measure of our shortcoming before God. All fall short of the standard now, but by perseverance men shall some day rise to the fullness of the stature of manhood shown iu Jesus Christ.—Dr. E. W. Brickert, Christian Church, Washington, Ind. Tlie Greatest Books. There are certain books which no mau can read without being a larger and wiser and better man. The greatest books are those which do not need anything outside of themselves for their interpretation. They are the books which live on and on without any reference to the time in which they were written. They are written at any time for all time.—Dr. John Paul Egbert, Presbyterian, St. Paul. Sin'* Harvest. The wild oats sowing may be forgiven or repented of, but many a man has been cured by the inevitable harvest of ruined health, impaired vitality, shattered ambitions. JIauy a man sees daily the revelation of his sin in the ghastly reproduction of a son's career. Hell is on both sides of the tomb. Sow to sin and reap destruction. Sow to righteousness and reap righteousness.—Rev. W. F. Irwin, Presbyterian, Chicago. God's Hiirli Ideals. The stone which was cut into form to make part of one of God's temples spoke with the harmony of beauty of God's high ideals, and the emotions on which many of the disciples of the school of mddern ethics base their theories of man's high nature caine to them throngh lines of Christian ancestors or were imparted to them through the Madonna- like influence of a Christian mother.— Dr. K. A. Holland, Episcopal, St. Louis. Power of Faith. Faith enlarges the mind, strengthens the will, purifies the heart, lifts man up to new worlds, and if we justly praise and glorify modem scientific progress because it enlarges our knowledge of the material universe how much more should we praise and glcri- fv faith which not only makes ns certain of this life, but of the life to come. Rev. Dr. Stafford, Catholic, Washington. ]Lea.dlii;c Motive In All Reform. The great work of the Christian religion is to save men now from the commission of sin—save ns now because God loves us. If he finds us in a sinful state, he comes not to judge, but to point a better way. This is the leading motive in all reform movements. From love to God we bind up the wounds of oar fellows. If we realized this more folly, there would be no room for contentions about theological ideas and no time lost in preparing papers on matters •which, cannot be proved, but rest simply on opinion.—J. J. Cornell, Society of Friends, Baltimore. has grown to without feeling the soiling touch of the world, the darker The longer it becomes. a river flows Man left to himself becomes worse the longer he lives.—Rev. James B. Orr, Congregationalist, San Francisco, Cal. J. Charles Daris and F. C. Whitney, who lately bought Theodore Kremer'a new musical piece, "In Gay Old Vienna,'' have decided to produce it under the title "3eils Out of Tune," with Robert Milliard and f !cW.!e Knott in the chief roles. Anthony Hope Hawkins, author oJ "The Prisoner cf Zenda," is one of the handsomest men in England, six feet tail and 33 years of age. He was educated in a school founded exclusively for the sons of clergymen and graduated from Oxford in 1SS5. The ballets in "The Fair in Midget- town" are of unusual attractiveness and originality. They are called "The Seven Senses." "Newspaperdom" and the "Rulers of the World." The Lill- putians take part in them as chorus of the Spaniards and newsboys of New York. A number of Romaa graves hava recently been laid bare at Cologne. The Buffalo has more ^hsji doubled, al- place has been secured from spoliation by an extensive incdosuf e. | "I don't see how a brilliant man like Professor Dusentraia can put in so much time talking to that insipid Mrs. Moktaque." "Oh, he's only stropping his intellect."—Chicago Journal. Caller—"Nellie, is your mother in?" Nellie—"Mother is out shopping." Caller—"When will she return, Nellie?" Nellie (calling back)—"Mamma, what shall I say now?"—Harper's Bazar. He—"I understand Scribbler has made a big hit with his novel. I didn't know he was clever." She—"He isn't clever; he's shrewd. His charactsrs don't talk about anything but bycicles." —Philadelphia Record,. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and^Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE .... FOR... Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Khenmatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrotula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities oi the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 25 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW; YORK. 1897,1898. For the Christmas and New Year Holidays, the Wabash R. R. Co. will sell tickets for the round trip at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good going on date of sale only, good returning up to, and including January 4th, 1898. Tickets can be purchased December 24th, 25th, and 31st. 1807, and January! SamedlSnes: 1st. 1898. For further particulars, call on or address. C. O. NEWELL, Agt. Wabasb R. R. Co. The Central'Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is for lale at principal Ticket Office* 0 The Pennsylvania Lines. ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. Tieyilsordicvc Distress from Dyspepsfa, Indigesiion and Too Heartj Eatiag. A per- feet remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowii- neo, Bad Taste in the Month, Coated Tongne Pain in tie Side, TORPID LIVES. They Regulate the Bowels. ?ure3y Vegetable. tmaU PHI. Small Dr. Wood's Norway Fine Syrup is ^ c , CU m U ^_.^..~, pleasant to take, positive! 7 harmless . Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Ann Arbor, Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern. Chicago & Eastern ILUnota, Chicago &;west Michigan, Cincinnati & Mugkingum "VaJtoj, Cincinnati, Hamilton i Dayton, Cleveland & Marietta, to the most delicate constitution,and absolutely sure to cure tne most ob- boon. Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago * bt L Cleveland. Loraln i wheeling-. ^^~ j Cleveland Termln»l & v»iiey, Stloate COUgb. or celd. A household ;coi um tjus. RocidngVaUey* Toledo. Col umbus, Sandusky & Hocking, Detroit;* Cleveland Steam Navigation. Detroit. Grand Bapidg * WeBtem. Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley i Fituburr. Advice from Canada. ETansville & IndianapolJ*. Following are creamery items that Kv«i:£yilie & Terre Haute, appear in a Canada exchange: ) Finder. Fort w«yne 4 Wwtern. The people of Great Britain are Flint & Pere Marquette. great butter eaters. THey like theirs j Grand HapHs i initana. mildly salted and not nighly colored. If the creamerymen of the United States do not secure their share of thla fine butter market, they -wili be wick- *dlv negligent, that's alL Lack of cleanliness is the cause of seven- eighths of all the bad butter, milk and cheese upon the market Never l*t eteam go directly into milt to heat ft This spoils the flavor of the butte* that is made from the milk. Wnea butter is the size of grains of whea.t In the churn draw off the buttermilk care-. fpjly and wash and salt the butter. \ fine' wire strainer held under the bnt^ -•wTnilk vent will catch any particle* ol butter that try to escape. In hiring a buttermaker let the proprietor of a er«ain«ry require him to lire a gn»r- •ntee th*t h« wlU make flrat-class butter. Th%n let them on tieir part him a guarantee that th«7 ^11 fnrnl*fc fcim with notking but flr»t-class milk to wort on *»d flrst-elaM jnacal»«ry t& t*« creamtry besid«a. Indiana, Decatur & Western. Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nashville, Between Louisville * Cincinnati and between St. L and Rvwurrflls Louisville, Bvangvffle & 8t Loui*. Louisville, Henderson & St Louia, Michigan Central, New York, Chicago & St LOuift, Ohio Central Lines, rennarlvania Lines West at Pittiburr. Feoria, Decatur t Evansvflle. Plttsburg & Lake Erie. Pitttbnrz i Western. '. Uslxm & We*S«rn, Toledo. St Louis & Kaott* City Vandalia Line, Wabiuli BailroBd, Zaneiville A; Ohio river. Tbe price ft tbi»e ticket* are Thirty DollMi e If thvl _^. Tbeysje nottramrfentbte ^ —, ,,, ; .. iiused in it«ectlretj and excbuhrelr by tfc* original purchaser, a rebate of Ten JJoUan It paid by the ConunlMioner of the Ownl n» fenger A«ociatJon, j B. A. Ford, Gen. Pw». Aft.

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