The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on May 23, 1953 · Page 40
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 40

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1953
Page 40
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JOURNAL "SATURDAY. MAY 23. 1953. I -K-;W;,w:i:'c'- ':t:::r -vvff -i, .' ; the ottawa 7 : 'W Liwi ' i 1 j . . ., .. . ,' . ; rhea Mil STORE HOl'RS: l.3 a.m. t . . PaUy . Sqdn.ldr.Greenaway Wilis Cbveted Thousands of Orangemen To Attend Ottawa Rally SUMMER I i ,i ' i , ' -a.j.FuEi:.:Ah Li::iTEd 1 : MALS FOR . rnVnJim'.6rder' 1 olsrW ning to make ,thie year ceJfrl fcrattoa ol July 1 J and IS In, Ottawa a oieinon! affair " with attendance ot thousand espected. according to Thomas Devison, County Master of, the Loyal Orange Lodge lor Carle-ton County. Lodge from every part of Eastern- Ontario and -Western Quebec. Montreal' and many Independent lodge will take part. Dean Cowan..past louniy Master lor Ottawa. Mr. Davl-eon. and R. W. Sutherland. Grand Secretary lor Ontario THE SHOPPING CENTRE OF CANADA'S CAPITAL .r- ' TloetVinto KradTuatibn"darKC Corbfiafion - , , . festivities, wedfjmg partiesand Summer f ., "tormdls in a cloud of sJk organra; nylon . ( i', , marquisette, rustling taffeta, nylon net or ny lori tulle. Our collect ion of bollerina, woltz and 'floor length inodels in a white, blar k.'jrwwy and a rainbow of pastel , i shades, b'ack and whtte wili fill your r ' . Summer programme with sheernchantment. . A. Nylon net with lace bodice, ruffled net capelei. Pink. JUit, will be In charge. 1 The "Glorlou Twelfth" fall on a Sunday1 this year and a church parade will be held after a parade to Lanadowne Park where the service will be conducted by Rev. J. W. Pat terson, BA," BO, of Lachine, OlN. - r- T - Special traina and buses will brln thouaand to the Capital en Monday, July-1 J, which will be featured by another giant parade' fin: Lanadowne ; Park, but epeehe-will- be nlven in the Coliseum there will be an International League baseball mg4 between Toronto and Ottawa beginning at 1 30, There will be another game . between the two teams at $30 p.m. - At the Coliseum the speaker for the occasion will be Con trailer Leslie H. Saunders ol Toronto. This will be alter the close ol the parade which will assemble on the Driveway at 1 11 P.m. and proceed via the Driveway, Elgin, McLaren1 New x Summbr ! Millinery Models" by Woodmere r From New York to us alone In Ottowa . : ' ' Blue, Orchid or Green,. 18. B. 'f C ' 27 nhf? . V ""V -1 4 I 'JVrO' ftVr W ' ' -i O - - "REV. J. W. PATTERSON, Vol Lachine. Que, who Will conduct the Orange Order service at Lanadowne Park In Ottawa on Sunday, July 13, commemorating the .'Glorious 12th". , and Bank street to Lanadowne Park. A huge dsnce Is plan ned at the Coliseum at nine P-m.' .i - ...I-' . . . -.The church parade on Sun day. July 12. will assemble at Commissioner Park, corner of Preston street and the Drive way, at one p.m. The parade will leave the park and pro-. ceed to. Lanadowne Park via the-Driveway and enterrth south gate where, the service will be conducted by - Rev. J. W. Patterson. t London the charge ws "horrible lie it lust did not happen". 4 denied the charge. He said three ol Wheelockfarden's vessels have been seized by the Communists and the firm no longer own a fourth mentioned as engaged in " Communist trade. rj . ,"79156$ 1311303$ ' Air Defence Plans . HALIFAX. May 22 (BUP) Air Vice 'Marshal A. L. Jamea aald today that Canada i building a modern air de 'Not a Shred of Evidence' To Back McCarthy Charges LONDON, Msy 33.Reu-ers "Not a shred of evidence" has been found to sup- SUe " OH . .... MTVV W Ballerina length gown of nylon marquisette, with: cover-up Jacket and mlt tens. Matching embroidery trim on strapless bodice. Green, - Orchid, Pink or fo"r..f...l.0."39.95T 1r . . floor lengtK danc town and stole. trimmed with' aprlnkled White que. Creep. Ore ,Tha bodice rhinestone lac appli- Orchid. Pink or ci.u in i) aa v Others From ' ' JJ.00 to U$.0 -5 m Ja - "port allegations that . Britlahljr,onf msnager for the' firm. 0 . L- 1 Aviation Trophy1- An RCAF squadron leader. recoirlUed at' one of ' the! world' leading authorities on Arctic ' aerial navigation, ha been ' awarded the " McKee Trans-Canada Trophy for 152, Defence Minister Brooke C lax- ton announced yesterday. ' y inner of the trophy, which date back to 1B27. I Squa dron Leader Keith R. Greena-way, 37. of Woodville. Ont. now deucbed by the RCAP to the Defence Research Board lor' Arctic research work. The. McKee, Trophy is pre sented annually lor meritorious service in the advancement of Canadian aviation. Selection of each winner ia made on the basis of hi contributions to Canadian aviation daring the year concerned, with em phasis placed on performanK throughout , the year rather than on a single' brilliant exploit. Previous winner of the trophy, forl Ml. was Philip C. Garratt of ' Toronto, vlce- SL GREENAWAT. president and managing director ot the DeHaviUand Aircraft of Canada Ltd. The latest winner, Sqdn. Ldr. Greenaway, ' has made many notable contributions to Arctic flying and his 'Twilight Computer", perfected In 1932, has been adopted by the RCAF and RAF for standard Issue to crews engaged in northern fly ing. Hat Is also the author of numerous papers on aerial navigation and hi book "Arc- tie Air Navigation 1 now used by the RCAF as a text. and by both the RAF and n Governor General's, Awards Announced For Two Authors 1 LONDON. Ont., May 23, : (BUP) The Governor Gener al's ' Awards board1 honored, two distinguished Canadian author today . for humorous and biographical writing. Lawrence Earl's book 'The jBa'tlfle of Bshinglass won him the Leacock medal for humor for 19S2 while Bruce Hutchin son's biography ot Mackenzie. King. "The Incredible Cana- dlan" won him the University; ot British Columbia medal for popular biography. ; . J 1 Dr. Frank SUling, chsirman; of the board, , announced the1 awards. V Humorist Earl of Saint John,' NBrstarted his Journalistic carreer with the Montreal Standard and in 1M4 was sent to tour Europe as s war corre- spondent and photographer.- - HI winning book "1 - a humorous report on the battle the village of-Baltinglass. in Eire put up to see Justice done; In Its sub-post office. Filmi rights have been sold to Ealing Studios In England. v PLAN BARN THEATRE LETHBRIDGE. Alta- May ; 23.- CP) A Summer or barn! theatre consisting ot 10 professions! actors and actresse fromws far away as London! and New York wl be estao-lished here this Summer. Call ed the Canadian Professional Theatre Guild, it ia headed by Dean Goodman of London ai , - Dd fence system ''which will notjusAF as a telerenc manual. i mi- r ARCHIE C. TALLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Taller, who received his Bachelor of ' Science degree from ' Carleton College at the recent, convocation. '" j (Plta r UnpalJ Eastview H and S Re-elects Mrs. E. T. Wilson ' Mrs. E. T. VVilsonwas im- elected president of the East- view Home and. School Asso- elation at this Week s meeting. The Installation of omcers was conducted by Mrs. Earl Quarrlngtoiii; president of the Ottawa Council t Home and School Association. j - Others on the 195JS4 slate arer first vice-president. Mrs, C. D. Becklngham; . second vice-president, Mrs. C-.- John son: third vice-president, Mrs. E. P. Watt; recording aecre- tary, Mrs. J. G. Jackson; corresponding secretary. Mrs. Wilson Larmonth; treasurer, Mrs. D. Powers; " Executive committee mem bers. Miss V. Bonter, Mrs. M. Ibbett, Mr. J. Mavis, J. Pen-nock, and E. P. Wstt. Mrs. Wilson, presided at the meeting, and ' the outgoing executive were thanked by Mrs. C. D. Becklngham. " -h concert of- musical, vocal and comedy number was presented by the pupils of the school choir. Mrs. J. Hare was in charge of the program. Refreshment were served under- . the convenership of Mr. If. T. Morrow. OSLO. Norway, Msy 23. (UP) A Norwegian Air Force DCS-B Super- Cloudmaster took oft todsy on t flight across the North Pol to Tokyo with a . contingent of Norse medics for a field hospital In Korea. Listen to The IIVMI1ARY .- V' Broadcmst Eutry SUNDAY Tl 11 a.m. U Over Station CFRA t.j.r faverlt krsiaa ay lalaata liltn kaaslllal ac- Brought to Ton With the Compliment .,' W-a-,,,,.. J I .W. AIUal L Limited , FUEL MERCHANTS 214 BANK (Cor. Lbgarl ' pspyoor JffAllTHfOCK tm n) itliii atoaatt, Dmt'i anwauka Hit cseeart sf tns Xiffl ft HiUk 5rt it tat srtfmat usw ttt-t freal tasck sttsrter kr ywr Its). Alt ht M t a(la ! ia(f.itts Mtsey fast MtUtt Sock CuriHraS rm mt essr nmtMt . IlllilTlltil Mlait Mi nts m f 1 3 aaps-saaT m V 7 AT), h i , 1 t ships transported Chinese Com munist t troop Ust year, a fovemment spokesman aaid yesterday. - The government Inaugurated an official Inquiry last Wednesday, after VS. Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed two British hips controlled by the Wheeloek-Marden tompanv in SJSWSE coast. I A Foreign Office spokesman aald detailed Investigation of all record here and In Hong Kona had failed to support Mc Carthy charge. Ha aald Britain w o u 1 d . not formally - answer the charge. f The spokesman (aid a de nial Issued Thursdsy by the company "adequately answers the allegations He aald the Inquiry would tx dropped unless further In formation 1 provided to support, (he charge. . . WASHINGTQtiT ' British denials of testimony that Brlturh-owned ship hsve carried Chinese Communist troops during the Korean war flooded In from around the world but counsel tor a Senate investigations sub committee which produced the testimony atood pat. Francis D. Flanagan.1 chief counsel to the investigations - sub-committee headed by Sen ator Joseph McCarthy, was ' asked II the charge could be "documented If It came to a ahowdown, and he replied: - ."If It came to a showdown the Information could be sup plied .To British complaints about , the vagueness ot the testimony; : rianagsn said; . ."All we can aay I whst we ligve aald. For security ; . jon. we .. can't go . ny further. .. McCarthy himself was undergoing a physical checkup In a hospital. and Wa not available lor comment.. . : Robert Kennedy, a staff in vestigator, - told - McCarthy's tub-committee Wednesdsy that BritUh-owned shins - of the Wheelock-Mardeo Company of Hong Kong transported Chinese Red troops on. two occasions during the Korean war and laid there may have been other instance, but he did not go Into .detail. G. E. Mardcn. chairman of Welock-Marden, aald In t oe lurpaaseo oy any similar system anywhere . He told the Engineering In stilute ol Csnada there have been some drlsy but "no real ly serious disruption" to the plan and "there Is no 'doubt! that the program can be com pie ted within an1 acceptable time of the original target date'. ... . . .-.:- Jamea,-the -sir oMicer com- mandine Air Defence Com. mand. RCAF, St. Hubert, Que..' said that one ot the. develop ments in which , "our great interest is centred" la the air- to-air guided mUalle. "Ultimately fully- automatic weapon will replace those In use todsy but the transition, 'to my mind, will not be sudden but rather a gradual process",' ne aaio. . Bury 33-hour-old Siamese. Twins INVERNESS, NS. May 23, C The Wyrwss Siamese twins, who lived for 33 hour, were burled Friday In a home made casket .Hundred attended the funeral for the twin boys born Tuesday to a 10-year-old mother, wife of garage mechanic Max wyrwas. One ot the pallbearers Was Edwin MacLean, the .local woodworker who labored "for 2 Vj hour to make an incubator in which the twins fought for life and then later built the casket. ' .. ' DENIES REPORTS. MOSCOW,' May 33. (Reuters) Charles E. Bohlen, U.S. Ambassador to Russia, tonight denied press report circulated abroad that he has been invited to attend the- Bermuda- Big mm 1 4 -1 v. . I . I m m & t n. .w mm 1 f.. 1 Frelmsn French Rsesj Fashion Fleer. the See. asTsal IaasTnnaTsnnnWTsnnal a m i 1 -l. I ' 1 ; ' ' ' ' Tnieeconierence: iNcw York. : .y. J I ODOR.-ANP SANITON1 t (rH-lJI I 11 - A it ' pS&i ,vssi A 1 1 M a 1 1 A t U 1 ft l i l l- l i. a. "-Tv m.. i - fl m : . .satwsamw 3nV A - w- MA i.X -: f 0V5'" . . 30.00 esch It take the touch of genius to v design such delectable summer hat' .. . and Woodmere of New York ha that sure touch , . . with beautiful straws: with new feather Hats. They'll delight you, they'd flatter you. ... you'll trr them! . " Freimsn's Millinery Salon, ' - Second Floor. '-1? j -"m -' Tt tltyWMa, Hull-nd . , "v ' V. , ' . Suburban Pick-up Service f in aW ak to r owe irleeiiow.' - j J l' ' . ,11 u rE&TT& A ' - PRESCRIPTION "OfTICIAN ;Wjm . JHh I park SU-3-1U3 . Ill Metcalfe 81 2 747 I 1 L V m TTnTT mmmmmmmaimmmmlmmm. . . . ,. 7 ' For ill tyt mmslri (ssnlt vosr rw dortsr ' r-f is-aa.aaaaaaa 1 AaAa4aA-aaa.saa' a A a a aa a l i avav A-axA. k sua uun a n a A.A4

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