The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 7, 1953 · Page 22
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 22

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1953
Page 22
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r - xata. .i, lappasamix ' ' - - V j . . THrRSDAr.MAT7.1955.. . j n I- .1 at ' t 22 (The Sport ffieizllisi IT you wer to Judgd by what happened last night, thee T "-'Athletic ( ours mort a littlV belter defensively la the fooler weather which tu prevailed for all of their gamer pnttl yesterdays' return from Buffalo. The sua war out with far brilliance yesterday and It was quit -comfortable at Lenadowne Park laat night, but the As found it hot to their liking. ' ' . , - They made their way home by train and but after Sunday's ooubleheader la Buffalo and they aay it waa rather rough from fhe ilecplng standpoint. Some of the nightmares seem to have extended into the evening. At any ratr.they haven't yet looked anywhere near as shaky afield as they did last night Zven Jack Llttrell, who: usually can be depended to rate with, any Shortstop la Triple-A baseball, bad a bad night ' Things Went from bad to worse for them during the second and third Innings. There were Ave iniacue in these two frames with another borderline play that came close to rounding out the even half-dozen for hat particular stage of proceedings, They added a Sixth later and never quits got out of the rut . Frank Skiff wasn't too happy whea the club returned, and his state of mind by the and of last night's game you can Judge for yourself, The club hadn't been hitting with men on, nd even while they cam up with a doiea base hits last night, they weren't pumping them at vital times oa Tuesday either. , All of the dub should be bsppy to get that on behind them. ' MOTES CNDEB ADVISEMENT MOW. i There are 'some quit authentic stories going the rounds hf baseball about moves for next year, u seems uui committees already have been formed to work on the re-alignment lf some minor leagues, and while there won't be anything jlefinit an the decisions for some time yet, it seems certsin that some moves In this direction will be taken before another season rolls around. Certain It Is that th International League and American Association figur in any such re-alignment thoughts at the fnoment Some currency has been given stories before this of sn amalgamation of the two league. And from what you hear the feeling is that Baltimore will b in the American League next year. " . The talk among tome high ranking baseball figures is thst Serious consideration Is being given st the moment to next year's Triple-A plans. It revolves around selection of the top four plubs from both International and American Association for re-grouplng. Mentioned prominently in th International are Rochester, Toronto and Montreal as three certainties with the fourth club a loss-up, th situation at th and of this aesson having a direct bearing on the latter choice. Considerable concern has been expressed over th new Charleston club of the American Association. The financial situation there Is ssid to be fsr from promising, and waya and means are being considered of taking in Denver, hot haaehall centre, into th nroDoeed new set-UD. ; Most reliable sources claim the plans hsv reached more than Just the "hope" atage. The word la that committees are giving the situation close study right now. ' . I - . ONE OP HOCEEY'S GREATEST SHOTS. Old time hockey fsns will still tell you with a glesm In Ihelr eyes of the scoring feats of Harry Smith who died her yesterday. Harry was one of that noted Ottawa hockey family that included Alf and Tommy of professlonsl hockey fsm nd Billy, a star amateur, in th early part of th century around th era of the Sliver Seven, Harry Smith was with few peers as a marksman. . There are some rather remarkable stories of his prowess at a hockey shot. . Northern hockey fsns saw him in the fabulous old days around Cobalt when high salaries for that time lured eome of th greats of th game, such as Art Ross, to th North where the enthusiasm was high and the batting higher. . Of all Harry Smith's scoring fests. undoubtedly his most spectacular was the scoring bid he made to keep th Stanley Cun in th Caoltal for th fourth ftrslght yesr. That was back In lOOfl when, after Ottawa'a Silver Seven had held the Cup for three seasons, Montresl Wsnderers shocked red, white and black followera by whipping their favorites -l in Montreal. BIX GOALS HIS . Although their club was eight goals in arrears, Ottawa " hockey followers packed old Dey's Arena 00 Glsdstone avenue to th rafters for the second game. On th night of Msrch IT Lester Patrick scored an opening goal in the return game to give Wanderers a 10-1 lead on the round. Th Immortal Frank McGe got one back for Ottawa before Harry Smith aUrted a scoring stresk that has few equals In Stanley Cup history. Before this gam was over Ottawa rammed In nine goala in a row to tie the score on th round, and of that total Harry Smith scored six. " ' - It waa a tremendous comeback of which many veterans still talk, but It was . doomed to failure. . In the late stages Lester Patrick broke the deadlock In Montreal's favor and then fired the goal that clinched victory for them on the round. Patrick was a star on a Wanderer club that included eome top notchera including goalie Doe Kennedy. Lester Patrick. J Pud" Class, Erni Russell and Ernie Johnston. . The Ottawa lineuo In that Art Moore, Frsnk McGee, Harry Westwick, Alt and Harry Smith, with Billy Hague and Percy LeSueur as goalies. ...a .. ... e .. e y-r BOULEVARD BANTER. ' The hockey season, with the exception of few more all-Star teams or trophy winners', seems over . . . The East wound - up scoring double triumph In Allan and Memorial Cup plsyoffs last night with Kitchener and Barri ending their respective sessons . . . The Quebec Lesgu Is slsted to meet next week, and the feeling la and-out professions! set-up . . . ; for next sessnn Is very clouded . . . Hamilton players cut for 'the Senior OHAeeaeon amounted to five dollars a gam per '" tnari . . - rM nlaver alnted for Ottawa' la Rob. Uortfin . - . . ' Overheard was a recent conversation between two ball players -- - - in the visiting dugout at , admiringly: "If you notice, there is a driveway running right I through the centra of Ottawa." . a. Replied the other:' "And if you notice, there's one runs right through this ball park too." . . No statistician can prove it, of course, but there possibly - never hai been any argument of any extent with any umpire !over s decision thst th expression "You need help" doesn't ; pop into It somewhere ... A few of the other expressions that drift up to the roof at Lansdown ar ' better left : to the ' Imagination . ,. - v -Marciano Promises-: i'No Bulling' I f Jn Title fight t HOLLAND, Mich:, May t- .fllPl Heavvwelaht ehamnion Rock Marclano dismissed In' ne bresth yesterdsy th sub - . . . , . , . . . ,,e wnicn ngni puouniy mm,t m Jilm". Noble Ssid. vhav used, overtime for 10 dsyt"He's punching much sharper i build a big gate for his title, :defenc against Jersey Joe iWalcVl at Chicago May 15. j 'TherXwon't b ny hutting :in thla orte", Marclano aaid. i "Not Intentional anyway", he said. There Wasn't any In ! the lest one." . J i Th rival fightampa have Iheen waging a verbal battle ' for days, itinmli ;Walcott charge that ' i hutted .him severely ; flhl at P h 1 1 a d e 1 p , September. Rocky Marclano returned ' Ing yesterday for the flrst time ' sine 8 u a d s y and belabored .his two sparring partners, Billy Noble and Willylwilaon, : for four rounds. '; He weighed 130 pounds, live 1 more than he registered after his Sundsy workout ' V ."He'a strong a a bule", Nobl said. "That's th way he from a; Marclano In thelri kllW.D denied itJ to train. Mr By BLL YVf SrWCK CONTRIBUTION, Menard, Billy Strachan, Rod series Included Harvey Pulford, that they'll decide on an out The hockey outlook lh Hamilton Lansdowne Park . . . Said one He'll quitworking next week for twQot ihre day before the fight and when he goes in he U be real strong. Noble, who has trained with Marclano sine the . champion flrst opened camp, said th tiUeholder was "much better now" than he' was In tn(: miorhnuta herora tha flaht ,.'nccl in at an request postponed on April 2 due iMcI',0' injured nose. - I csn see jot of Improve- and much faster, now and !"" n im that, you cant TZJTZr tlncm ne .ed -training th Uecond time. Before that he was kind of lethergic." , FEATIRE. ' BOSTON, Ma 7. (UP) Supreme'! Bub, the odds-on choice of HIM , . 1 1 away from hi rivals in the stretch yesterday at Suffolk o w n s. to win the featured Reading Purs, by three ngths. ." ; ; ' -.V- 'irat-fiV A's Bow to Six Errors Hurt Red Wings Seize League Lead ' mt mm. waerwicav. . jMiaU Saarta Haw. Mild weather may b good for baseball oa thai whole, but It did nothing for Ottawa' Athletics la th opening game of their home stand against th champion Rochester Red Wing at Lanadowae Park laat night Given their best break by th elements since returning from the South, th A'a bad a bad night in th field a ad Rochester, winners of laat year'a LitU World Series, moved into top position - in - th International League standing today on th strength of their t-4 victory over the A's before a crowd of Bad Night la Field. Ottawa hitting equalled that of the champions with 12 safeties to th even dozen collected by th visitors, but th A's cam up Vith a half-dozen errors thst Just about told the story. Five of these Ottawa mieeue were grouped in th second snd third Innings and helped the Red Wings pile up six of their nine-run total in the two frames. In addition the Wlnga put four hit together In their five-run uprising In the second to wipe out a J-0 lead. From then on Frank Skatfa aquad couldn't produce th blasts with mea oa to close this gsp. Southpaw Vine Gobi lasted until the sixth and was relieved when Hee Meyer hit th game's only homer and pitcher Bob Tiefenauer follow. ed with a triple. Gohl gave up 11 hits, Meyer's homer scoring th eighth run off him. before giving wsy to recently acquired righthander Joha Hofman. The latter went two befor moving out for pinch- hitter Jo Msnginl, and Bill Hockenbury pitched, th hit-lea final Ira me. ft Waa a Rearh On. Their wretched second in ning Just ' about ruined the night for th A'a. Th Wings got two men on. Kress with a walk and Burgess wttn a single, befor th A'a cam apart at th seams in that Baseball's Top Congress to Regujate TV; , WASHINGTOH. Msy 7. (UP) BasefaeJl's top braas asked Congreas yostcrday to help - re full IS major league television and radio broadcast before they, destroy the entire gsme. . Indiscriminate radio and tsl-vision broadcasu are forcing th majors to "eat our own young", th .baseball -spoke man. decUred, by klUing off the minors, source of big league player material. I . 'The-major league cannot; exist without tne minor leagues , v oaseoaii .omniis-sioner ForoV Frick testified. ' ak' far Help. Prick. National League president Wsrren Giles, and minor league boa George M. Traot-man were among those asking a Senate commerce subcom-J mitte for help in protecting minor ' league areas from, a "saturation" of major league broadcasts. . Trautman testified that minor league attendance has dropped iw'n 1 AAA AAA - 18,000.000 and IT,' 000.000 sine 1M.- He said many league and club have disbanded.' Of 373 minor league club reporting, Trautman said, only 10 showed profit on leoperatlons.!Fir,fJ AutOITlobiU He said trouble is not.,... .. . "ezchulvely" : the result of. Of. MlSSing .agtT radio-and television. But he stressed the plight of a minor league team which must compete with major lea rue tele casts. . "The subcommittee Is' con sidering legislation to legalize a rule banning broadcaata and telecasts, without permission, by one baseball dub la th horn territory of another. Baseball Junked a rule to this Giles said that "under the present situstion" th major leagues are "helpless to, cor rect the situation" because they still . are being subjected to "harassment" by th Justice Deportment . Oataid IntersUte. The Justice Department fears th nil mighty violat fh. nlgnU. The raembers. Tom Mo anti-trurt laws. However Sen. CnUoufh Md Joseph Murphy. John W. Bricker R O Bij they diacuaaed baaketball committee member. saldhewItn Lofgran several hours believes baseball . I ouUkle; Sund,y ight without knowing IntersUte conameic as defined: hi. . . i . . a . . 1 1 , yuiimiiv, . , i-u uv uwa . Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D Colo ), president of the Western League, heads ' the subcommittee considering the legislation. s RCX)FINC T SHEET METAL WORK J. D. Sa!iderso;i COMPANY STMcLo4 St. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Cause tram. At this point Gobi trlmA -l.k W . I i4M -mmA - - - Burgess scampered back and piled into Umroer as th ball amvea. . dimmer xaiiea hold it and both men scored, the second when th throw-in escaped catcher Neal Watling- ton at me piai. i am a a argued the ball had gone out ik . of bounds snd that the second .Si'u.::: run shouldn't hsv scored, but Gr, ri "... th umpires, rulrd otherwiae. 'JilJje' However, th Wings follow ikii sa ed right along to acor three more" in 'that frame on singles, .-Muxmi ." bv Mever. sUrtlns rirhthsnderi Floyd. Melllere, ' Wally Moon and an error by LittrelL Th usually brilliant Ottawa shortstop had another raise ue In the fourth and so did Taft Wright who dropped Kress fly In left to account for another Hoeneaier run. .( From , then Chester's gsm. up 'With three H WmM Ro- I Th A'a Came OOubl- pliyl . I forced to and Rogers was fin catch of a line drive ry Tiefenauer with the bases loaded t - prevent further damag in the seventh. ( . DIAMOND DCST. ; J Starting' pitcher Floyd Mel Iter, who had a 13-10 record Columbus lait year, waa relieved by Tiefenauer In the fourth after Co hi had singled snd, Rogers wslked . . . Rogers, Greco and Sea la each bad two hiu for Ottawa . ; . Greco hit the centre fVrld fence with a 388-foot drive for two bases and threw s atrial to th plat to cut off Mierkowicx ... rleet Gerry Soala hammered out a triple and a singi and Wright Doled a long double ... But th A' weren't-pumping at the right time to acor more runs - , - . . . Tommy Burgees s, the - . - t Rochester right fieldeKwlto'Bwwehr . had two hit. Is a CanWUn and halls from London, Ont. . . . Due mainly to th t second Inning It required an hour to nlav the first three innings . . . Rochester pitchers' were potent at th plate, Mel-1 Iter cracked out a pair of. singles whll Tiefenauer hit; a triple and was rooeea ox another hit by Rogers.. . . Brass Asks He said baseball has een denied" th right to control "monopoly' la its own ranks by "an ovorxealoua antl-knist division". 'Johnson said there never has been any question about th legality of th old broadcast rule that protected "bom territories" for a 30-mlle radius. Th baseball men agreed. - National League attorney Lou Carroll produced the catch' phras of th session when h commented that the unlimited broaocaaUng amounts to ask- ing u,, msjora to "eat their young". Frtck, Giles- and others later, used th ' phrase with variations.: " r . - Junior Softball Meeting Friday Annual meeting of the Junior City Softball Xesgue will take place on Friday of this week at J34 Lsurier avenue west, . ' Though the league already has- aDDllcations from seven -'""'" . . a team lor tne season is aixea to be represented. ... . . The meeting ia set to begin at t.00. HARRKBURG, Pa., May 7. (UP) PoUc Chief Oscar Blotifh said yesterdsy that a 1932 automobile owned by Don Loigran, missing Philadelphia Wsrrlors basketbaU' player, Waa found on a dawntowa Har- risburg Street . tagged wtthH parking tickets dating back to last Saturday, j V Meanwhile. In Philadelphia,, 100 miles distant, a VFW Club steward and tw club mem-be ra told police they had seen Lofgran in the club as lata as 1.30 a.m. Monday. Th 24-year-old OaklandCalif., native die-' appeared from hi Wayne, Pe home last Thursday. - The steward, Emil Vencke-leer,. told police he saw Lof s..,j.. .-a k-j.. gran in tne mia-city cum on I ....... . i - - Tonight, 8.30 PiCCKESTER RED WINGS , OTTAWA Ithletics J. steaervaUoas I-I2IS ' LANSDOWNE PARK Rochester After Shedcy Display! , . . , ; ; , ; ' ; ' -( Box Score! lataHtiir. . An n o ? i ! ef : Bicnmand. S II ;ii;For Tonight Kraas, OtttM. Burin., n iupp. c .. 1 ! i i il alt' Tiwn, a : : Tata SS IS ST IS AS B 4 I aocxawy, Totakj as 4 is r is e.rue eui tor vtocmb m mm. k-Raa lor Wniu tnm m Sik. niiin nr . .. aiiaiieoe a (Huoi soiataoeo 4 av auUMre. Ltanmr. wuuisa. UllU 111. Wrtht. KaU. RBI Ummt. Mellier. Moon. RlehmoB a aeoio a. Sum M. in-. Seals. TMHuatc. MB Mayer. DP LjiuvU, KcU mmd Ummor ill. u- .-j Knm. Cmo and Watunsion. 1' Ottawa IX. BochaalM a. BB Goal L, Hoi man 1. Mallwra . Tlele- MIM io-cea,L noiman i. MaUiero 1. TweaaauaTj. mfoni M.i u-r. a i . 1 Tlafanauar I Jn i B an EB OoM a ea S. Mallwra a ana a. Ttalanauer 1 an I. MBT Umymr (alelmaai. r a, T. f ... iit Vuyur Tlafanauar. Learr tioki. U riafearlr, rataraaj. BnlU. X 131. A'$ Averagel Batatas. Oil! NHBBBI A s i a tee 100 wrwM Jr a a uuraO J waumewa . a I Kail LHtralt. WrtfM, two; WaUiastoo. aaoi rttohtas. O IP N BO 1 Imtmar Banbury. Lehman Hot Long For International ' ; " ;. y vaue Kenny ' Lehman, southpaw who pi World Series for Brook FaU but was back In th this Soring, indicated that be isn't long for th International League as he posted hw third straight victory for Montreal. The 1 4 -year-old lefthander from Seattle. Waah.,' limited Toronto to two hits laat night, on of them a second-inning homer by Mik Goliat, to pace the Royals to a 4-1 triumph. Montreal snapped a 1-1 tie by getting to veteran Stubby Overmire for three runs In th ninth, thereby knocking th Leafa from first place to third. Springfield knocked out Al Yalian , of Buffalo with an eight-run burst in th third Inning and then coasted to a 10-0 triumph. Rookie Don 13 ston limited the Bisons to four hits. Montraal .... looaneaoj I Toronto aionnoooo 1 1 Lehman an Tbompaoau Over mir sad Kaiiar. - Home Collat. BprinrlUM .. aiSIMSOS 1 is Buffalo ..... aoo ooo aoo a Elatan ana Meae: vaiisn, coppasa fll. MaMavan Ul. Bunnln S anS Katt. CtUttol IS I. H uah mwenmr I Valla , BaiunMre eatem na a Syracuae one nna 41 7 10 Thompanm. Bowara ( 7 1. Sanfor (Tl. Taylor (Si and Lannett: tan-dark. BudH7 IT), Ciiflora I SI an Bonatiaon. Homa raa-Karna. Win. nine, pitcher Crl flora.- taam plt ahar anfar. ' Nth blond letted in a lynlast minors today imnnmmiiiHiimi 4 Remember ';. Tftotfot' .STOCKINGS UNGERlf HANDBAGS GLOVES SWEATERS HOUSES V ' I ' a. Stbrt Howrt " ; ' t'.tavjm ,: V any . L 1 wTTtl J. -:- uiiiniinimiiminumniiiiiw Skaf f Names Hrirnhnfon ihiiiiiiiiwh ! 'mmm S ' .c-.- nrM:Mi.i V Billy Harrington, the right- bander who mads his start of the aeaaoa in ButtmioGrmmmm. caa. la ae a is jae last week-end. baa been named; to start tonight when th - A's continue their :. three . gam erlas with.( Harry "Th I ," Hat" Walker's Wings. I' After thstL 1-4 decision L i; last night, the , , A's will b At v v 'I saxlu to Jj V j J break even In f ; ' I . i thia series by L mL-i taking to- . night s gam . nun Walker. 1 ncy u nave to do so against One Of Rochester's best hrlr.;fr-- ' George Condrlck. ' Condrick, who wound up "'". ., season last yesr witn s iw- record, and beat Rochester bom me park, is a, righthsnder, . Tonight's contest and th on set for Friday" ar both night game. aUrUng at It. Montreal Royals are her Saturday, and that's a mi tine performance that be fins at Bbseball Records INTERNATIONAL LIAGCJC Rochester, Ottawa, 4. . Montreal, 4; Toronto, 1. . Springfield, 10; Buffalo, 0. Syracuae, 7; Baltimore, t. Standing. W L Pet. GB Rochester S J .714 ... Montreal .... 3 .667 ... Toronto ..... 7. 4. 636 ... Buffalo S .343 1 Syracuae .... 3 3 JM0 1H Baltimore ... 4 7 .384 1 OtUwa . 3 .333 3 Springfield .. 3 7 J00 3Vs -AMERICAN LEAGUE, Chicago, 6; Boston, 3. Detroit. 3; Wsshingtoni 4. St Loufk, ; Philadelphia, 0. (Only game scheduled,) Standing. . . W L Pet. GB New York ... Cleveland . . ,. Boston Chicago ..... St Louis .... Philadelphia . Washington .. Detroit .684 .... .623 m B .956 2V, ASQ 3H t J26 3 .326 3 13 JSO 6H 16 .238 t . -NATIONAL LEAGl'E. New York, 8;, Chicago, S. Brooklyn, 7; St, Louis,-. 3. (Night) - Milwaukee st Pittsburgh (night, rain). . . Cincinnati at Philadelphia (night, rain). - ' I :gtaading. :- W L Pet GB Philadelphia . 12 3 .704 . Brooklyn-.... 13 6 .667 H St Louis .... 8 6 .371 Stt Milwaukee ..8 I J71 14 PitUburgh ..n 8 10 .444 4Vi New York ... 7 11 J8B Jrt Chicago ..... S t J37 8Vk Cincinnati ... 3 10 31 7 -AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Minneapolis, 3; Toledo, 1. ' Indianapolis, S; St. Paul," 4. Other game postponed. STRATHCONA PRACTICE, A practlc for Strathconas , of th RA Juvenile league wtjl i Kj. held at Strathcona Park .......... this evening at 4 30. AU last yesr ' plsyers and any newcomers ar sskrd to attend. Th club will praetie every Tuesday and Thursday nntil further notice. ' The air team loop will commence play- May 1. .. , iiiiitttntw JUit I .:T.. : Hit Shops for Mir-. Who Shop for Woniin ;i. Way fyfo Our Bauer Grf-3osas ana CM W apneas of i Bo asfra cnorpa . -is. C3 tfrnSST. Fftaaa.aa na fa axa. 1 ll!.: i.a,va. Major League Pace Setters i hen (baM em,ta em. MATIOMAI. LKAOt'K. naMr,Cluk: O l I I Pet Wrraawh. rtlk. II M I as ) US Jbin.t i. St. t II M . I II J ran..... la h .m u m I AMaaicaH uaava. , fPIane. Clufc: O AB R H Prt. VIUU. mmm... I SS IS ST .IS . (Bam. Clmy... II H S. SS J7 N v WaodHae. NV... IS SS' S SI Jl imutoy. PMIe... 1 TS II II JM ' Wlm DMna.'ll as 14 XT .111 14 ST Home nana Camanwona. Dmtrarm. a: Matnaoa. Bravaa. a Bnidar, Daee-ara. 1. Bmun. PhlUlaa. a: Warta. J.Brawna.. .J I Baa haMa te CaaijMnalla. i ' ss; Biuila. Phiiiiaa. ia. St- ' i tutu n, ii i a- au-. n-wtn-H 11: Warta. Brown. 14; MaUtawa. Bravaa. IS. Buna MaMle. Yankaaa. Set Bnl-Sar, Dorfgarm, IS: Bootnaan. Oodfara. IS: Cilluua. Dadsan. Ill Mianaa. White Sox. IS. Hita Kuann. Tlaars. SS: PUlla. AUUaUca. SSi Kaik Bad Bna. ST; Niaman. Ttears. S?: aaudae. Dedeara. raUhhit (lull oa Tkiaa Beclalaaa. ParnaD, Bad Bo W-t. Pet. I ana I one I soa i aoo I. soa isiuan. Bronna t - - -Z.T..Zt B.E Goodrich 4 STORE 4(4 Bank St. ' Pha I-716I 11114411.1 iianriiuni LIFETIME ffh t (e Fnslier's Ottawa' Largest Mea's and let, ease sV ms, A ordinary apsrf Jack at nusM wall teak Dae ana ef aura a ant taw timaa reu trr tt aw. We trt ear tallh In th tan-raa at an .my an enduring aaae took! s raahlna-Crari Jaekat Ariar alualn. a roar j aaaw raw u asra. ' 29-50 .145 Moael for Tll, Short. Stoats ana! Regulars in Stock FOB THE RAINY DAT s. See that remous "Alligoror" Rtiricoats 19.50 - 36.00 mm a The famous English comfort-In-action trousers famous in five -continent tor their superb cut snd comfort. Self-supporting no belt, no pretiure round th waist. ...; Tropicals and flannels In fawn, . lovst. heather, blue-grey snd - grey. III. sad IZS.t. Other f aataw . Slack Kelthi f:il7 UfeCTn'siiER . Charge Account 6 Months to Pay Bridge United and Victoria.' tboth winners In their opening" tarts of th soccer season.! wlU meet in an ODrA fiBtur at Brewer Park tonight. Start- f tq, urn is jo.' . - .FISHER'S. DO XT 3IISS 'THE . SCOUT SHOW ... - ... Th Coliseum, Lansdown Park May 8th and 9th Tickets . At th Deer . , i - - . ' . .. (1) Badge Demonstration 83 Scout Proficiency Badge cover almost all subjects. Active dem n nst ra tiona of 40 will be put on. Nightly CIS U LIS p.m. (2) Arena Display Nightly 8.33 to ) p.m. E. R. FISHER Ltd. 111-113 Spark St. T' Beys' Wear Specialty Star Try ea a Pair af Sacks "Palm Reaeh" aheee, . tIJS. by Paaalaa-Craft, Daalea, . .".V. I 7 " : ii E aw- - us S i ghlfsrvHillaua. Priced f If Jt to ULM M - .aaa. a XMJUXXXJUWXXXtMAWU? fkM2S as alway after he get a rest ,

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