The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 9, 1918 · 18
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 18

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1918
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18 THE DAILY PROVINCE, VANCOUVER. BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, XOVEMBEB 9, 1013. 'tr Labor Man of International Reputation Victim of Influenza. Gordon J. Kelly, vice-president of ths International Xiong-thnre-mea's Association, died at Seattle at 18 lis o'clock today niter an attack of Influent. The douth of Mr. Gordon J. Kelly. . president of the I'aolfic Coast district of tliti International Longshoremen's . Association, in fcjeiutlfi today, is re-' Krettfd hero not alone by his associates In the lnttor movement, liusi-ness men ftrnerulb will regret the Ions of man who, while unrelenting In his f-ri'orti tor labor ornnization, was, at , th same time, regardud as eminently lair unci reasonable. Now that he has passed away, a ' story of his refutm! of one of the most .' tttupendous bribery offers of the Germans, may "he published. Von Berns- torff. through an ngitt some two years Bjtu. uppi-oiiehed Kwlly with ft flat uifer of a million dollars to finance a strike J which would prevent the shipment of munitions out of American ports. J While the Inside details of the proposed scheme of the Germana have not been niti.le public, they probably Included ; the port of Vancouver In a great Pa- elf ic Const strike. Kelly, though he ; no doubt was tempted to kill the man i who made him the offer, remained as I cool and collected as hud marked hia conduct In all the emergencies of his I organization. Instead of attacking the German awent, he quietls reported the proposition to the secret service, and It was no doubt due to Kelly that the , secret services of Canada and the I I'nlted States were enabled to knock the el:,!''iiv.te scheme In the head. This i story v.,' i related today by a friend of Kelly jii Vancouver. . WAS VASCOSVE OITIC1AL. At one time Mr. Kelly was president of the Vancouver Tniales and Labor Council, and It was while he occupied that responsible position with the labor movement that he' wiis selected as . president of the 1'aclfic Coast Council. During- his term of office the affairs of tabor in Vancouver were exception-" ally well conducted, and few dlsturb- ances arose. A good feeling existed i between employee ami employer, genii erslty speaking His efforts i t the Pu&et Pound dis-t trlct were being directed to getting - employers and employees together on J the closed shop principle, the open f shop system navins been In force - there since the longshoremen lost their J Mtrike in 151. For four months he had been laboring to bring about a, settle-I ment of the disturbed waterfront con-i dittons. Overwork in this, undermined Ills constitution, which was very robust, and contributed to hia Illness and death. Ha was stricken with In-, fluenm about a week ago. and following thia pneumonia pet in. Since his elevation to the presidency of the i touncil of the 1. I.. A., he had made ; his headquarters In Seattle. j WAS EDUCATED KAB. TYell educated, and a. born leader, Kelly had been known for the past ten years, since he was roost active In the labor movement- as the strongest man i in the Pacific Coast organization of - longshoremen, and his Iohb will be al-a most Irreparable. A feature commented upon by hia union associates In Seattle today as regrettable is that hia efforts to bring about a better understanding between wmftwi worker, and their employ- era seemed about to be crowned with I success when lie was stricken. I Kellv was born thtety-nltie years ago In' Birmingham. Knglund, of a T socially prominent family and received a rood education, lie icri me on t Country in early manhood and came S to Canada to seek his fortune, and S siuce IMS had made his home in Van-f couver. 7 He is unmarried and la not known to have any relatives In this country. Ills relatives, ro fur as known here, I are a brother who Is In the Komtiti 3 Csthotlo priesthood In India and an- other brother who 1s the holder of an ' important position in the British secret service. DETECTIVE SPOILED CIGARETTE PARTY The "flu" has been blamed for many things. P It was because her husband was a "flu" victim and she wan unable to smoke In the apartment, that a lady, living In a building on Richards street, decided to go downstairs to the sidewalk for a few refreshing puffs at midnight r'rlduy. Her enjoyment was ahaied by another young woman, garbed In the uniform of the TV. (V. 11.. ajid the two of them stood there, Inhaling and exhaling smoke from the fragrant weed. Pleasant meditations assisted by "Ididy Nicotine" were rudely Interrupted by the sudden appearance of a city police detective, who stated his mind plainly so plainly that the ears of the two women were shocked. As a result, the officer will go upon the official carpet to explain some of the very emphatic statements charged to him bv the two women who paid officio.! visits to heailiiunrters this morning and announced their determination to Insist upon courteous treatment from police officers, even while exercising what they deemed their constitutional rights In public. An official Investigation la now under way. JAPANESE STEAMER HAD ROUGH VOYAGE The Nugnto .Marti, one of the new ' steel freighters of the N. Y, K. I.Jne Is In porl twenly-three days from Kobe. ' Mis brings 1400 tons of tapioca flour, rubber kiiiI hides for Vancouver, and 30 tons of freight for Kentlle. Cunt. M. Tomlta reports m rough voyage all the wav across, and tin es-1 pecially severe stniffgle in the North . Pae.flc, where the ship passed through m two storms In succession, onn of them , being of two days' duration. There was no damage done the ship, but the . , pitching efmsed sorno of the cargo to shift and some damage niny have been created there, but. this hits not vel i I"""", ".covered and will not he known mull lh entire loud hus been dla-. i'harged. . i i Marine Kates, ' ''':. J- M''V,,rt-1"', agent for the rae'lflc riteamshln l ompuny, returned this rnornlng from Victoria. The Tancted with 1500 tons of sugar , f 11 in Hawaii Is dischuiglng at the sugar refinery. . As adjournment of Another wetk for th Vaiiooiivcr Asi was dochl d . noun bv. Mr. Justice, (iramnrv iuim morning, siui" notice communn ated to Hherlft Charhm Miolin)d, His lord- "ship's action wen Inken after constitution with Ihe puhllc health authorities, I An adjournment was ordered last Tues- - riay until Tuesday, Nov. 12, The addition! adjournment will rnske the date (if reopening Nov. 19. lr wllifli time It . Is hoped the city will lis entirely f-ee .from the epidemic; Appeals bT wr of eertlorsrl pro-iillngs aguiiwt two corivlotlons made hy Maclstriitu Itaney of Point Clrey )iav been eijteed on behalf of Oe Voiitig Oaiiif, Chlnase truck ugrdener. ;e Vouii Uang was iinegea to nave refused to furnish a true llt of per sons In Ids employ trt Mr. TV. Jt. Kelly f the tux collector's of flon, aiifl was further convicted on a clmrge of show lug s wrong poll-tux receipt to the official with an Intent to defraud the gnvernmeni Mr. W, Hums Hohlnson t appealing the convictions for Gee List of Dead Coming South on Steamer Princess Alice. Treparttlcns for the reception of the dead from the Princess Sophia disaster are being completed at the temporary morgue at the outer end of C. P. It. Pier "D." The Princess Alice left Juneau at 6 o'clock this morning, and Is expected to make the run here In between tit and 0 hours, arriving some time durina Mnnilav afternoon. All arrangements for the handling of the budles, the funerals and other duties arising In connection are in ciinige of w. H. D'Arcy, of Winnipeg, general claims agent fur the C. P. K. The temporary morgue here has been duplicated at Victoria where the bodies of the Victoria cltlaens who died when the Sophia sank will be taken. All other bodies w.ll be left at Vancouver. Attendants will be on duty In the reception room to assist the relatives of the deceased, and preparations have been mado to meet auy contingency which might arise. MUST HAVE PEEMXT. All relatives of the dead on the Princess Alice will require a special permit for admittance, this permit b-'lng issued by Mr. D'Arcy. No person can expect to be admitted until all the caskets have been pinced. None other thiin relatives will be admitted. The bodies oi 71 Identified passen-oers' bodies, and five unidentified In cluding one man, one woman and three girls, are on the Alice. Those bodies for Victoria will be sent there immediately. All other bodies have been placed ashore at the morgue here. LIST OF BODIES. The lint of Identified passengers' remains up to 8:30 Friday evening was as follows: Anderson. .1. P.: Alexander. Capt. J. H.; Ar.thonv, Win, A.: llridges. Mrs. If. M.: I. tack. C. J.: linker. George J ; llioomquist. Capt.: leeton. .Mrs. J , piirncs. Allan u.: Bourne. A. 8,: Ben-ret, Hugh (15 years); Came. C A.: I'urtw rieht. Alfred; Clark, J. A (hatauit. Chas.: Chant'! met. Sam- ul. rnlhv. S. M.: Pall-is, C.eorge Aiisn; Dibble. Chas. W.: Katies. Murray S Fades. Mrs. Thomas: Flndlay, p'oht ; Gibhs. Frank L. ; Hall. P.oberl Mc'ircgor: Harden. H. E.; Haws, plch- srd Culvert; Hanson. I,ars A.., of .vei- on. Larson A.; ironsides, t- e.i non- ides. Mr. Harry; nan. ire. jhs. Krfga'wa. Chns. T. ; Kilway. rha B. i Kenvon. H. .1.: I.nird. John: Lewis. A. T T.t es. I,. M. ; Maskcll. John: Mabins, Ar.tone: Myers, V. C; McTavish, Roy; Mlonatd. TV. Herbert. .Mcuonaio, Iluth; McDonald. Ecice: McLenraii. NT. r K!!su. Tho.: Porter, '. TV,; Paddock. Geo. A.: HUisell. Henrv Randolph. J. C: Rutherford. Harry- A.: ltcbinson, i. f-oun, .,.,., s-h-iai-tts. Harry ft.: Kmith, W. P.. Smith. W. P. Jr.: Sotumyer. Havl'l; Somerset. H. A.; Thoriwn. Th.eo. fc.; Tackstroin. O. R; Tackstrom. Mrs.; Trutnor. J.: Verrill. C. H.; Wright, Wm Wares, TV. (lei.; Wlieeliion, l.rl-ward (leorge; Watson, Chas. Edward; Wilkinson, Brooke; WhlteLioss, Victor C; Young, J. II., Zylstra, Charles T. Alleging details of sl years of i- leged continuous physical cruelty, .Mrs. Alexandra Vasilehuk hns entered suit for divorce from her hushand. Sam Vasilehuk. Mr. 1. I. Rublnowltn is acting for the wife. The parties were Lmnrried In Harbin, Jlussia, In May, but removen to Vancouver many vears ago. 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An Interesting point In connection with the interpretation of the Canada Shipping Act arose this week over the JapauefA steamer Kalytl Maru, when Capt. Worsnop, port warden, asked the Collector of customs to refuse clearance to the vessel yesterday owing to claims of cargo. The agents for the steamer, C. Gardiner Johnson & Co., asked the council of the Hoard of Trade to appoint an arbitration board, and following the decision of the special committee, Capt. Worsnop last night allowed the boat to proceed to sea. The Kalyel arrived In port several days ago with cargo for eastern consignees consisting of burlap, goatskins, ten and ore. lVrt of the cargo, accord ing to Capt. Tvorsnop, was damaged, and before givirff permission to clear tne steamer he requested that the master should give him an undertaking th tt the claims of the absentee consignees would be. met. The port warden acted under section ES of tne Canada Shipping Act, which states thaf'the master of any vessel which has broken bulk, for the purpose of lightening such vessel or other necessary purpose, previous to her ar rival In any harbor for which there Is then a p-.o t w '.rdeu, shall Immediately on the discovery (if any damaged cargo, procee ' to have a survey held on the same. 1 i the t:. aimer described In this part, before the s.inie Is moved out of i the pla i stowed.' in wmch it was originally ,Ke"io:-. of the act also says that If the consignee- upon whose requisition proceedings shall be taken can not be communicated with by the port warden, etc., the port warden may Initiate proceedings .... On behalf of the owners of the boat, Messrs C (lardner Johnson & Co. appealed to the council of the Board of Trade for nn arbitration borird. The council, acting under chapter 113. section ? of the Shipping Act, appointed a committee of the council, consisting of President P (.. Shallcross, Vice- President Chris Spencer, John End!, ' ' R TV. Greer. J. K. Macilae and TV. K. I Payne, who heard ah parties concerned I I on Friday and rendered the following! I decision: I j "We hold that the port warden was' , nuite justified In protecting the Inter-- ests of consignees under section I but in such case he must follow the ; same procedure as could be taken by I suen consignees I "We further hold that section 5 I refers only to preceding sections S82 to SM, and that the port warden was not entitled under the said section of uie act twrenuest collector of customs to refuse clearance (Signed) "J. K. MacRae. B. TV. Greer. P. il. Khallcross. C. Spencer, John Eadle. TV. K. Payne" Capt. TVorsnon contested the Hcht of the council of the Board of Trade lo hear the esse, claiming that the matter was one or procedure only. In the meantime he will have a survey made of the damaged cargo and notify the consignees of the result. A somewhat similar case arose re cently when the Yevoshl Mtiru arrived in port witn damaged cargo. Capt. worsnop ruiea tnni tnis cargo was damaged through stress of weather so inai no ae.uon could be taken bv hltn. The steamer Thordls also arrived In Bort at one time with damaged esreo. not through stress of weather, faction was tnkcn nt that time by the jon warueii. The parlor show of Belgian hares which the Vancouver Rabbit Association had arranged to take place in the l.oo Puildlng on Wednesday evening, hns been adjourned till Wednesday. Nov. 20. Prove the wonderful merits "Harlene" for yourself without coal The oifta referred to above will tx sent you immediately you post ttu coupoa below. mm? " -v - iff. C After a Fret Trla.1 you will hi . , . , I ftble to obtain ! Mi supplies of "Her. their nerv- lene" from youl " . 'h fhe siren-Drug Store t j uou ,(ruU tic, 11.10 and ' of the great 1.80 per bottle. I b u ms3 Lremex hnam. poo Powders S2o per hn of seven shuiupoos. 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Ill -A FORMER GERMAN SHIP FOR VANCOUVER RUN The formir German freighter Huihu, which was interned in the harbor at Shanghai at the beginning of the war, will ?oon. be on a regular run between Japan and Vancouver. The Chinese Government seized the ship when It ueclured war on Germany, and has now chartered the vessel to the N. Y. K. Company of Japan. This company will put the Huihu on the Vancouver run. .She Is a steel freighter of gome 4000 tons. This Information comes via the X. V. K. ship Nagato Maru now in the harbor h3ro "Srys" Wars Leading. 6T. PAL'l.. Minn., Nov. 9. Returns on the state-wide prohibition amendment, which were neartng completion last night, showed the dry forces leading by about 1000 votes. Nuxated Iron Should Be Prescribed By Every Physician Says Former Health Commissioner William R. Kerr Attributes His Own Great Physical Activity Today at Over 60 Years of Age Largely to His Personal Use of Nuxated Iron. It Will laerease the Sfrengrth and F.n- diirnuee of Delleate, Nervons, Kun-dim I'olks lu Two Weeks' Time, In .Many lastaaers. Investigation shows that the advice of Commissioner Kerr is being 101- lowed by many pnysicians ana iv is conservatively estimated that over three million people annually. In this country alone, are now taking Nux ated Iron lis a tonic, sirengm sno blood builder. Dr. James Francis Hulllvnn, formerly physician of Belle-vue Hospital lOutloor Dept.), New York, and the Westchester County Hospital, says: "Commissioner Kerr Is to he commended on handing out this statement on Nuxated Iron for nubile Drlnt. I have strongly empha sised the great necessity of physicians making blood examinations or tneir wesk, anaemic, run-down patients. Thousands of persons ro on year after year suffering from physical weakness and a highly nervous condition duo to lack of sufficient iron In their red blood corpusolus, without even realizing the real and true cause of i tholr trouble. Without Iron In your blood your food merely passes ' through the body, somewhat like corn through an old mill with r o Hers s o wU. , ' (hat the mill I can't grind. in ny opinion, there is nothing bolter than organl' Iron Nu xated .Iron for e n r i r u ing the blood and helping to Increase Ihe strength and endurance of men and women no mini u too rupi'U who burn ud c ompetltloit of the dnv." lir. Fsrdlnanl K Ing, a Now York physician and Medical Author, sas: "There can he no sturdy Iron me n w 1 nou i Iron. I'allor means iinae The slim " n'r,lM" M"'. 7. . '",', ,nV 1 . ..T y, 1110 hiuui irn nervous, irriiante. " ' ' melnni'holy, When from the blood of women. the ruslliS go from men imeena, , "I linve tided NuxatPil iron widely In my own pruntlrn lu most eyra, BMKfitvattjil conditions with unfaiim ri'eulln, I havu induced many othor ph.vMiotiitis to stive It a trial, all of wtmm huve iilven me moet surprlBluu reports In regard lo Its great poer lis a health and itrength builder." . - . . J.- i.i. nr,M. ... lir, A, ,r. Newman late police . ir. Ki'ini, .iBlTerson I'arR llospltlil, t hi- ciiro, In vummePtliiK on tlis value of Nuxated Iron, ald; "Thli remedy hat proven, throtmli my own Teels of It, to exrul ativ remedy I have ever used, for ..reminn red blood, bulldlua up tl, berves, stre.iathenlnK the mu.cle, sod roi reetlnn dlaefllve dlsordnrs. The iiianufaclursri ua to b loiigrulu. p I Milllinn ilL ff Of- T. Alphnnsns '. rerdlnanil I . J Newman 322 pi SAYS SWITCHING DELAYS WORKERS Aid. Frank TVoodslde, in belligerent mood, informed the City Council on Friday that something radical and Immediate would have to be done so that the Interlocking switch system on lower Powell street would not be permitted to tie up early morning street car traffic. The gates were down from seven to fifteen minutes while the switch train was away out on the dock ofttlmes. he said, and workers were losing their Jobs, being censored, and being caused needless inconvenience In general. The city solicitor said that the city's application to th ltailroad Commission for relief last June had never been answered. It was decided, therefore, that a renewed telegraphic application would be made, followed by a letter stating the facts and an appeal for Immediate action. "As health commissioner of the City of Chicago I was I m p o r tuned many times to r e o o m mand different ined-irlnes, mineral waters, etc. Never yet have I gone on record as favoring any particular remedy, but I feol that In Nuxated Iron an exception should be mado to tho rule. I have taken Nuxated Imn Inyaalf and experienced its health-giving, strength-hulldlng effect, and In the Interests of the public welfare, 1 feel it my duty to maku known the results of Its use, I am well past my three score years and want to say that 1 believe my own freat physical activity Is due argely today to my uso of Nuxated Iron, and If my endorsement shall Induce anaemic, nervous, rundown men and women to take Nuxated Iron and receive the won-derful tonic benefits which I have rerelved, I shall feel greatly gratl. fted that I mude an exception lo my life-long rule In recommending It. From my own experience with Nuxated Iron 1 feel that It Is such a vnluabio remedy that It ought to be used In every hospital and prescribed by every physician in this country," Inlpd In having: glvrn to the public a liinaf-fflt want, a true tonlo, supply-Inir Iron In hh easily dltrpsiml ami assimilated form. A true health bulldr lu every sminn of Ihe word." Jt Is surprlslne? how many suffer from Iron deflolency and do not know It. If ynu are not stroll or w nil, you owe It to yoursolf to make the fol-lowing- test; Kee how lona you can work or how fnr you ran walk without lim'oiiilnet tired. Neit Ink two flve-mnln tablets ol' ordinary Nuxated Iron, tliree times per day after menu for two weeJ.n, Then test your strength attain nd soo iov much snu hsve ifiilDud, Many nn athluie and uru.tlglifur hns won the day simply te ause ho km w the seret of Kreat strnnKlh and enduranie which romen from hnvltut plenty of Iron in tho Mood, while many another has gone down to imtlorluus defeat simply for lack of Iron, Dr. Schuyler C. Jacques, formerly visiting" surxenn of si, Klirulietlr.i Hospital, New York, ,in also asked what lie thouaht t,f Niijt,i ii.n i , rpn v Jir. Jacinus .111,1- "i h. k. reply jir, jacijuos sulil Wore .Vf out nuv mert'r-ai mfnrm. .,l .. i. . would be ramies la rd , LJ (.:'",., n niysrit ' aurprlslntj and satlsfaotorv re- suits. 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Wc AMM i big cjja- Whkliofthese World-Famous Proverbs fits this Picture 1 Thi hrpocrii, hepi ihitl swlah. Hailf elimbwt havs Hidden falls. Hs Uiil Iniquity hil rtas sorrnw, Paaca blniwhrambitiM smfa. Wbcrs nllaInT Mt bafort. VSD- lama followa aflsr. Falsa corat it last lo tba furrlar, Bi baada hara big schaa. Wbo lakca op tba award shall pefiiil bjr tba award. PunUhmtnl follawa claaa as lbs biela af criroa. Ta tha wickad, rniJarluna cants triple. Fares can narar dastroj rlf bt. Tha wicl.d shall ml inherit tha sarib. TbapuniahmaQl shall fit tha crlma, EtII conduct la tha roat af miaarf . Ill deeds heap an th; soul. .VAUstMtVl .......... SECOND PRIZE value VorM-Piuaoua Cerlllun Plsyrt l'uno. Value BO0.00 , Wee ami ,4 THIRD PRIZE BrauHful HrutiAwiok PhonogmpU Value M1.00 FOURTH PRIZE Iively tli-IUnd THI3 Is Vtlue S 100.00 "l"' 'urlil. ei". it is " r Jsnn1 Tonrlet Cal, toma Blcvs, f.nttslla. Onl I Bui.; torn Tourtiuj o.r. W. K Oild... Slnhiirn. (ml ; oi rioreni- t'l.i k tiniitreall Sim io, Mrs.i'lios ClulToril 1 WM1T-. 1 T.l",iLANJ..S-E!iD YOURENTRY IN TO-DAY; THIS IS THE aii i-Movtiita icnrroK, com iw.y FACTOBV BRAKCHl GRANVILLE AT PACIFIC ST., VANCOUVER, B. C. What woman hasn't asked herself this nitoctiAtr Q T-Tnr sff-tn liavA vrvii wnrrif You have heard it said that oeaury is oniy siun ueep . j-uu i utucto it. The key to good looks'is health, end the first essential to good health is to keep srtsj" DAOBITT ADJUSTABLE SPROCKET RIM t Ont. TWELVE pmverht proplifsy the dovenfall of Ger-many in this Great War. Some of them were wnurn centuries sgo, omen an ol more recent origin, but they all point the Rime way to the destruction of arroeance, tyranny, villainy, vice. We have represente 1. these twelve proverbs by twrlve pictures without the titles. U,SO0.O0 In grsnd can be von by those who can fit the correct proverb to each picture. How to Enter thia Great Contest Only the first of this tcries of proverb pictures will be published in this paper. It Is shown on the right, and a clue to It may be found In s list of a few of the Hun Beatinn Proverbs opposite. Write out your an wer tu this proverb picture No. 1 on a oliivt of paper with your name and address and mail It to us to-tlsy. If It is correct we will write and tell you to, and you will receive liv next mail FD 171? Pur 4-Pf book of Hun Beat, r IXElEl ,n P'overba and tha aeries of 12 Pro. vai b Plcturaa complallnf Ihe conta.l The publishers of Canada'! Greatest Monthly M.iea-tine are conducting this great corne.t. Therrtore con. testantt are assured of its. absolute fairness, and noiiare-neiw. In order to give an chance lo every corn-pntltnr they luve publishi-d a line took of Hun BeaUna Proverbs, and all the proverbt represented by the serir5 of twelve plcttuei liave ben chosen from this book" Answer proverb No. 1 correctly and this fine book will he mailed to you free. With it you will receive uie complete ei leu of twelve pr-.verb pictures which rom-"ili"';'' T,'"-, ""W he no waiting or delay. AH the pletup-s will be presented to you at once and you can set to work to find the answers tlut can wvuuuenui prmrt. FIRST PRIZE MaZ(icentChevrolet Tourins Car Wi.uu,and Over ?1,500.00 in Other Th other M:im.rWt.f ffl f- ti-i- . ... thing ever o.H-red la Canada" MOTffi -" I7oa... dr dt tvi IIJWUU R...,elf. I n T UIS 1 lay,r Pian. $800.00 I !4i:00 S,n?r rawing Machin,, Franttt-PremleV V,m w rT a "- , rrantz-rrem or PonrirTltur.' X"- t!Jam W-Uhes, Lovely Shetland r r m r".rnit1u,, Kitchen Cabinet, Stoves, Bookt. C.C.M. Btcycles, Eloctrlo Cooker, and Many Other. CONTEST IS ABmTZTSSSTZZTZZZS" xmr S"sr, ,im,i T,!uu, Ti?. ,1 i. i'" bou"" I" twioSs, iwlna em,Ujtd win, Hi h , , , ", J ,n "nii"w.riinot(.. iumi s wtt u ,1 urtHilns sua ia a suuhhuw sa not. i-iL.'.T- MwHB DiAS IU m tXCiV nnri sk s)l-i a tlttsln b. r,?. r?001"""": A tre.,iTOIlh..H,rr.litn.irr,h.r will kln A,?.1? '"ul chnrsa. heeausa ws w.l ,o to W iZr!?, , " t"liecl n aiilrr is ti,Bb ym hrisa. In tills r. . """rwnn ur suowms your ww in intt ii lZ J.i"! ,'!,""''!', ?" "llibou's. who will aiwMlata I. . "Csiniwtlan m.ssrlns, and want II lo ISI.? ,J S !" eioiilh. Tin. slmMs tuvrrr mi will ormit lr your o( thn.s weuoVrtnl lirll... Ws wlU .-ii won ion . ic. ioe o.rri of rum OTHERS HAVE WON Rfea a lha names uf ontv a r.w l oM o,i,l. XWt n ii'1,, l!'e Sim. '..Is' in olli.r sruitt prise, anil awurdsi.v, slr.Mlr heon sir.n:-" T.Jr w". if 'WIS.' rtl ',h'. ,Jt";i l'""' Iomim Cat, J. 11. k'olr, )(H4 Wlnmees Z e J??.'mVj.?-Kw 9"f".m- J""d Toiirli. far. Hiujll A. Uiaa, SmlUi's falls, out.: tlM flaia. al'a tal vi runiii.xu ro. itd, i coxtixestai. suiLti'isto, Toronto, out. the A VISIT WILL MEAN DOLLARS TO YOU TRUCK CO. Wtthoot apenfl. Inn a I ti 1 a pwmy you can aaillv obtain thla haauiiful ' renrfiHit and Chain, a at rk. Unit .'IJ (tiled r!!tliki.t ntnd and a hand noma ImponM Braeeleft Wakh. fri Ifk th 1 10 O0Mh. Thla bandaoma gold flnfiherd Pendant Utfct Twyneweefcctwrtln. aodhaa a aparkling Lvanufuirarrd Ituoyor 8aruhirHUIn, wfth lovely fWlal flrop. Ita cliata hit fin eloee Unkiand ) foil 10 Inches long. Th beanUM plug la wafrantod gold filled and la sot w'.ia thrw (vutuul brlUianta tml ararkla Ilka diamonds, hacorti. l ran also win the bwutllui laila Wrlatnatekj wlln tw reliahlB lmrorted mowmwl and porcwlaln disl Jliat th DfeUieat sinrf riMbnait wakth nn V- (irls write to-Uar and we will end yoq Juit U hit handfloma liottlM of our delightful "Prfnewia Hoysj'1 nf fumi, which wo waul you to Introdusn among yotig friends a only 10c per bottle. We send sis loYelr odori, hltIto, Lily of tho VMtT, Wond Vlftofc, Carnation, etc, and they ara so sweat Uak aTerybody Uiya e botUa of two at once. Ilutorn qui nifwey, enly tlM, when h tMrftuns tg sold, and we win ,& onP gnj, m siiji,,,, py, lh Want if ul Pnndatit and Chain, and the gold flUed Rlntf" oiiu xvwvij niKn, u wen, yon BftnalBorerirewtthoiiB selling any mora goods lor it snowing your fine prliesto your friends and getllngonly fl of them to nell qitr g'.ia and earn Una srUes as roe did. ltrt dri v. Vi'rfUtfndflv. Ktrm THE HKRAIi MAlitPArTrnTNO CO. UKVr, Cm IK, TOHOXTO 17 A SHIPBUILDING ir you wish to know all that's go ins: on I In this important industrial fieldiirogrem 1 !n the Hrltlh (oluinbia yards, eto. suu-i errlbe Uniay to Canada'a Bhlpbullillnf j MflSMlne, $2.00, I bhlpliulldiDfl Hint Harbor f oovtrurtlmi I I'iihli.hlfiK (n. 171 St. JamvN at., Montrpul 1'ROVEHB P1CTIRE No. Grand Prizes SIXTH PRIZE 1 Famous "lloosler Beauty !J Kitchen Cabinet wlio l.mi .nd lntro.lur.lnii Kru p.niij, of t,ur inmtsj' FIFTH PRIZE Irlsmls II yuo wlu, BIG PRIZES tK&vSSltl&f" or II,. hi. o-i. win.-M i. maia. Mi.-a K OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME ,' M3U CWOt CSk Thb)' VvwoftO ts) ZS-O! t I -su.i.Jl'5 I 1 - .JB llul 9 i -

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