The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1950
Page 10
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.PAGE TB!f ' BLTTTTEVTLLE (ARKJ OOUKTCT TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER M, IflJ* No Drastic Curtailment Seen Of Home Tilt defense production ' program DOW under way will not require any inch drastic curtailment..'of home building and other civilian con- rtructloh u'' was put Into effect during World War II, according to i iipokesman'of (tie National Re- tall Lumber Dealers Association; "Although the supply of steel, copper, lumber, and other strategic materials used In housing and other buildings will be lower than In th* last few years, because of the allocations program, there should be enough of all materials to permit a considerable amount of private construction, Including repair and modernization work, unless defense production Is stepped considerably beyond the levels now being, contemplated In Washington," the spokesman said. '. "The latest information Indicates that the partial war mobilization program now under way will require construction of relatively few large war plnnis and far fewer barracks and war housing developments than were put up during the second World War, because most of those facilities remain available for use In this emergency. Thus, the demand for building materials for defense purposes promises to be considerably less than it was then. "The government is endeavoring to hold down construction of homes and other new buildings through tightening of mortgage credit terms but, as of now there is every Intention that a fairly large volume of new'civilian building will continue. "Officials in Washington hive expressed (he hope that it will not be necessary to sel np any sort of permit system in connection with private building and are keeping close track of tile trend in housing starts with an eye to tightening mortage terms still further, if necessary, io keep the demand . In Inie with the available supply of materials." Sprucing Up Neglected Floors Adds New Beauty to a House ;Are your floors lying? down on the Job or are they working full time for you?',If performing only Ihelr •Iructural {unctions they are shirk- Ing, and you \vould do well to get •fter them. floors can play a leading role In beautifying , the home. Unless they do so. they are working only part time. By spmctng them up you can pi't them on^a full time basis and thereby enhance greatly the appearance of your room*. That Is particularly tnie If the floors are j>t hardwood, such as oak. * Easy to Rejuvenate One of the advantages of oak floors, In fact, is the relative ease with which they can be rejuvenated after years of wear or neglect. It is t characteristic, Incidentally, which la worth remembering In con.sider- tnr flooring for a new home. Bulld- «n_ §ay It accounts in part for the wid«P r * Hd popularity of oak floors Among home owners. / ', .If your^floors have not been ne- fleeted too long, and ar« suffering principally from a case of worn finish, a simple reflnishing job should restore their splendor. A little preparation Is necessary before apply- hif th* finish. • ShoaW Be Cl**« ; Rnt, sweep the floor clean and remove all rax ': and spots. Either naphtha or mineral splrlte.s usually can b» employed effectively for cleansing. Especially atubborn spots umialiy will disappear when rubbed with s***l -wool/Then apply the • ew flnffh, making certain that you follow the manufacturer's directions: Generally, It is ; ocivlsable to the same type finish R.i thai being covered. An exception to.this rule Is that varnish applied successfully over shellac. After the finish has dried thoroughly, put on a good grade of paste or ^liquid wax of a type r eco mm ended espccia 1 ly for hardwood floors..Then Dolish, •'ff your oak floors have been neglected /or a long lime, coincide reconditioning, including sancting, wil] recapture their original brilliance. Given moderate cnre thereafter, they will remain strikingly attractive. Beautifying your home interior, they will be working full time at their appointed task. Professor Builds Hew Horn* in Old Grist Mill DECATUR^ Georgia—<A 1 )--A |>ro- .fessor and his wife have a new home phen W. Gray la professor in Emory University, his wife ^ an Instructor. The old mill they are turning in(o a home was bviilt in 1830. Us grent oak beams .and stone fomtrinUons are still sound. The couple has done most of the wo'rk of remodelling themselves .although they have had the help of some of their students. The building, four miles from Decatur, houseti a mill that was Important in turning out supplies to the Confederate Army during the Civil War. A Real Oil-Base Wall Point That Covers With One Coat! This wonJcr-working new wall ' paint covers almost any surface thoroughly and uniformly with one coat. It washes without streaking. Vi'allhidc is available in x wide variety of colors. 4193 fLAT—• real professional finish thai givei HUOK ^ v»Us » rich iVtern. _ SEMI-GLOSS — Aniheniic Willijmshurg uuc D Restnralion colon that give a soft, mellow >h«n. P\0 GLOSS—l>irt.re3L5tinK finish th« t»« b« Mno>. V wftshed qukktjr and casilf. Zl 3 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OI5 Ventilated Attic Cools House Short of Installing an alr-coollnf stem, probably the mo«t effective ay to cool • home during the "dog- ays" Is to see thai the »Ule k ven- PKIVACY ASSURED—when homes adjoin on narrow lots, working or dining In complete privacy Is frequently a problem. This kitchen was assured real privacy from neighbors by the installation of a glass blcck panel in a corner location. This Installation offers excellent seeing conditions for the work area without sacrificing seclusion. Real Estate Transfers Hahard and Mary Freeman to Aaron J. and Oln Blrickwell. Lot 7 In Block 2 of Country Club Drive Addition. y/,500. fra and Rssle Oiler to II. G. Partlow and Gene Bradley, west 46 acres of hoithwest corner of Section 8 ami one acre hi southwest corner of original survey of NWV't of Section 8 with its southwest corner 259 feet east of intersecting government meander line mid north line of Gravel Road of original survey Of NWVJ of Section 8-15-N-10E and containing 47 acres more or less, 45,800. Arthur K. and Nancy J. Chapman to Julius Malcolm and Virginia Walters. Lot 4 in'Block 2 of Clos- nell Estate Addition. 510,750. T. A. «nrt'Ella Mizell to Eugene and baner Layne, Lot ft according to replat of O. S, Rollison Subdivision, $5.500. > O. S. and Ellla Rollison. to T. A. Mizell, Lot 5 according to replat of O. S. Rollison Subdivision and part of SEV4 of NEW In Section 9-15N- 11B. $1 and other consideration. William E. and Dorothy. Griffin to Bud and Corclie Wright, one acre more or iess carved out of east half of SW'/i of SW',4 in Section 36- 16N-10E. »500. .,. V. K. Snider Io Eddie R. Anderson, Lot 20 in Block 5 of E. M. Bryan Subdivision, *l .and other considerations. Eddie R. and Ella D. Anderson to Thomas H. Menley. Lots IB and 20 in Block 5 of E. M. Bryan Subdivision, »1,500. Hussell K. find Marguerite Marr to -'James Otis and Ro?>je Baker. LofCJiand 8 In Block 5 of E. M. Bryan-Addition. »6.000. Jess and Beatrice - Allen Io Charles C. and Dorothy Langston NWW of NWVi of Section 9-I5N- 13E of : fifth principal meridian $9.008. M. C.:,and Iva M. Robinson to Buford Martin, Lot t in Block 5 of Maybell Subdivision, (1 and other considerations. ; E. T. and 'Prances Giles to Pan and Lucille Hinsoli, Wilson, begii at point 225 feet south of north west corner Qf SW'J of NE',1 o Section 17-15N-8E; thence east 21 feel. tl\ence south 15 feet, thenc west 276 feel; thence north "75 feet $1 and other considerations. Bennle A; and Mary F. Tounge to Monroe and Earnestlne Barren Lot 11 In Block 7 of David Acre Subdivision, $1,200. Ezra and Exa Hodge to W. G and Jlianlta • Rambo. one-half acr carved frbm northwest corner o NE". of NE'l of Section 10-15N 12 E. »1.200. Ollle Johnson and Lizzie Brink ey to Blanche and Sallie Rhodes /)t 12 In Larry's fifth addition 150. William C. and Mary W. Hynd nan to Max and Annie Laurie Lo an. Lot 2 in Jackson., Addition 2,963.53. . : , Luther and Ruby Gray Io Vlcto R. and Osa Belle Dowery, part o "S'WVJ of SW-l of Section 16-15N IE of the fifth principal meridian seginnlng at a', point 250 feet wes f the southeast corner of the NW 1 -' I the SWV1; thence north 150 feet, hence west, 50 feet; thence soutl 50. feet; thence east 50 feet; oint of beginning, S5.000. ; Myrtle K. Smith to Mary C. Reese ast two-thirds of Lot 12 In revisec of Block 2 In Blythe Addition 700. W. C. Gates to Jake and Dovl 'one, Lots a and 9 In Block 7 of El iott Addition. J500. Daisy Marler, Mallett to Dewey Elmo and Iris Dale Jones. Lots nrl 10 of Block 7 in Ruddte HehjhU idditlon, »2,000. 3n/y 3 Permits 'ssued During Week Per/be/ Only three bt].]dlng", r p«Tnifs were «ued the paat week at-the olUc< t Joe Carney, city engineer. One wax to E, M. Abbott to build & ont story building on'East Main ;o be luted as a machioc shop. Thl« building bs to be 50 by IOC 'eet »nd will have con crete foundation, metal roof ani masonry exterior. CoMlta estimatei *t »8,000. f Other perm.U were Jssiterf to th following: ' John Mayes, move barracks fro; air to rear of 300 Dougan an repair *arhe. ^ C. B. KJene. add U by 18 brie and tile room to residene* at JO E. MLssoxiri, ; '-' Roof Firms Outlawed In T 1 r I u » \ \ y Ml commim which have building codes, a=pha shinelcs or other fire-resisUnt roo ing U prohibited. First Window in Egypt Th« earHest known window were built by the ancient Egyptian nnd were narrow slits lor IJRht the stone* of the Temple of Kama PITTSBURGH PAINTS ^cr^^^&mae^/ Before You Buy * STORM WINDOWS check the many features of STILE-CRAFT (to ALL ALUMINUM STORM WlNOOWS • Fi«i|« Tip l»H-llor>T» Str,,,, • Na FoFntin^ or Mufnftnonc* Wort • EcoAomicol Y«ar-Reun4 ComfotJ • Fv«t Sarinq* up l« M% • Emily IrUolUJ • lutll l«f Yx>n < aled properly. Then, instead of cluttering It with asl-off garments and broken-down rnlture, It can be converted Into Inexpensive game room, an at- ictlve guest, room, or a bed-slt- ng-room ft'hich the younger mera- oers of thr family will enjoy. If the altlo h»s no windows, in- all louvers or vents In opposite ibles to allow a free flow of air. save the doorway to the attic op- l so thai war downstairs air can i drawn upward and o«t. This will lake Ihc house several degrees ooler. Screen each louver to keep it summer Insects; in winter cov • with a wooden shutter. : If the attic has windows, install- ig an exhaust fan will help to keep It comfortable and ako bring cool «lr downstairs. Winter or summer, tht attic make* an Ideal recreation space. SUeniioui activities call for wall and floor covering that can withstand rough-and-tumble play. If the attic walls are unfinished, panel them with plywood, plasterboard or fiberboard, and then decorate with washable paint. The floor should clean' easily, look handsome and resist wear and tear Indefinitely. Asphalt tile meets all these requirements and has the additional advantage of being so easy to Install that you can lay It yourself. North American Indians seldom kept dogs as peU In early times, but as hunters and sentinels and sometimes as food. Used Paint- Rags Are Fir« Hazard All paint' material* ar< highly flammable. The rags used" to wipe up spilled paint or even the palnl- spattcred clothes worn by the paint- cr can Ignite through' spontaneous combustion if stored to confined placet. • •' . • . ; '• Prevent any possibility of »uch. lirea by placing the rags in a gal- r*niz«d st««l pall of water. Ui them soak. Then . rinse In clear water and hang outside to dry. Hang , paint-spattered c!othln« in an a^ry place overnight. .When th* painting Job Is finished, wash the clothing thoroughly before storing In the basement or attic. ,^fc Consider lV.e »»»« cr nountU on your ro vou KNOW ther. wiU m ,.l«ak«, no expend ot redecorating. We come, to top. liy typ* ot house, The jo*' ll<me a i CU " mi we look over your v" l el) , and submit «n male? MID-SOUTH FAIR AND LIVESTOCK SHOW SEPTEMBER 21 £ERjAiNTEED ROOFING SHINGLES Arc Millerized for Long Life 10% \ Down 30 MONTHS TO PAY E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "Friendly Building Service" We've Moved Our Offices from Main & Division to 418 WEST MAIN GOFF HOTEL BLDG. i ... See Us for Complete Real Estate Services David Real Estate & Investment Co. For Prompt Service Coll 3633

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