The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 4, 1950
Page 9
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1950 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams TUB TOWH IS TALK- IMS A6OOT THAT TV ACT, MA30R/ YOUR BROTHER DOING OKWV FOR A SOY WHO HAS HIT PICKS A, loo-TO-1 SHOT - KUIPE- TO JAKE'S HIP POCKET/ OMW HOPE THIS FLE6T1MS SUCCESS DOESNT POFF UP HIS FAP/i NOW EOT HIS TrtOMB/ MOT DOST 6ROTHER.LY BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Mai. Hopple 5-DAY SERVICE DHEIFIS \1p.ct Dreifus . . . llinnuni I Love My-Doctor, Bv Evelyn Rarkirts <***<* * i-v «-u-. — "7 cYgryn .parRiire o*fr*,« t, WE* sityjcr. »*c. *^ Jot Wanted Farm manaper. 18 years p^pcrlc wLth mule and traclor equipment. Good rrferenccs. No drinking. Write Box CDE, conrJer NPWS. ]|30 pk 2|5 frlyate Rooms Room & board. 126 H. Ash. $12.50 per •see*. Ph. 4382. 2]3 pjc 2[17 Bedroom. Lady only. Phone 3557. 2,1 pk 2[a Bed TOOrr S12J with kitchen prlvplegK. Ph. 1[25 pit 2[25 ComrortablQ bedroom. Phone 2338. 1124 pk 2;2 Bedroom, close In Men only. 310 W. Walnut. ^24 pt 2|2-S Klccly furnished large bedroom, private home. Ph 2483 l-18~pk 2-ls Bedrtram. convenient to bath Steam heal. Pa 3325 611 W Main. 1|U pk 2(11 Nicely furnished front bedroom Bteara heat. Oenuemen Ph 326-1 1(5 PH 2|5 Mce steam Ijcntcd bedroom «<Uolntng Si 1 Mcn only 603 Wcst M»'". P 1 ' "•'^- 1-21 clc tl •NEW GLENCOE HOTEL" Personal v.. blbKNS STUDIO photostntlc Game in Idaho Idaho's primitive area has an estimated game population or 13.000 ntcr, 500 elk, 400 sheep, and 300 goats, besides numerous bear, birds, nn< predatory and forbearing ani- xxxrv AifV business did not end with x law school either. First, Ihcre was our annual anniversary which came next. "A whole year!" we would exclaim whenever there was a respectful pause during the day. ;''Incredible!" I John bought me a complete set ;0f legal stationery, beautifully en- i graved with "Counselor-at-Law." I "That's me!" I said happily, run' : ning my finger excitedly over the praised lettering and feeling more convinced and proud than when the Dean had given me iny di- ^ploma. I gave John a leather wallet (Ihe storekeeper's best), as a symbol of our increased prosperity, and that night we had a big party •at home to commemorate what 'Bob in his initial toast called, "The founding ot the H. Republic." "Dynasty wouid be more like .it," 1 giggled. There was a moment's silence lor station identification. "Well, what do you know!" gasped Bob. "A baby!" exclaimed Agnes, as U she were solving a cross-word puzzle, and had just hit the missing four-leller key word, top row across. "Congratulations!" said Gert Shaw, for once too startled for profanity. Everyone seemed strangely -touched, as if 1 had announced .that John and 1 were going to try to swim the English Channcl- "We've got news, too," Bob said, after the first wave of wcll-wish- .ing had diminished. _ "Yes," said Agnes, "we're getting married at Christmas, and you'll all be Invited." There was another hubbub for •this, in which I worried about how il would attend at that late date. "Yes, sir," said Bob importantly. "It worked out fine for John oot to wait until he was complclely finished at the hospital, so we're doing it too." •Whal a party!" said John, when the last miest loft "Nice," 1 agreed. "Anyway, Ihc news is out now. and tomorrow, I'll tell my mother." r PIHS was a heroic job, and I had to keep twisting my wedding ring on rny linger, to convince myself that everything was proper. My mother, when she heard me out, was lorn belwecn the inherent pleasure of R prospective grandmother, and the apparenl worry and consequent displeasure of a mother. lint she was cxciled loo, and in a (ew days had circulated the news all over town like a special edition of a newspaper. "Why don't you take some law work?" John asked. My diploma was framed and hanging in his ollice, along with the enlarged photograph of In e in full graduation regalia, which lie fondly called "Mother and Child." "It'll do you good to keep busy, especially with school behind you," he added. "I've always noticed that Ihe women who hold on to a job as long as possible have the least complaints and are the happiest." "I have got my pretty stationery," 1 said thoughtfully, looking upon ttiis equipment of rny traiie like feathers to a fan dancer. "But 1 don't have clients." "That's easy," Jolm replied, and knew he had already gone over the matter in his own mind. "A number ol patients have noticed your diploma, and when I tell them you're a lawyer, they ask if you'd handle something fee Ujcrn. If you're willing. . . ." The very next day a Mrs. Pritchclt came in with her 8-year- old son Percival, demanding to see me. "I've got rights," she bellowed before 1 could even question her. "Imagine a hit-and-run driver knocking down my Percivall I'll sue him! I got his license number all right, before 1 picked Percy up. My poor Percy!' While she was 61ow..ig her nose, 1 started on Percy. lie was playing ball, he told me, only partially coherent, and he ran into the gutter after,his ball, when Die car came. "Almost killed him," Mrs, Pfilchelt waited at this point. "Did il hit yon?" I asked the surprisingly healthy looking child, who resembled a fullback for Noire Dame rather than an acci- dc-nt victim. "Almost," said Percy import- anlly. Tool!" shouted Mrs. Pritchct! clubbing him over the head with her handbag. "I loid you it hit you hard on your head!" "This is almost as bad as starting a medical practice," I told John thai night. "Only, thank heaven, we don't have to count on it for our living expenses, or else it might not be so easy to turn down those phonics." « • • OUT the next case that I got was a wonderful, real taste of unadulterated law. A Mrs. Slater, 50, gray haired, and respectable, came in to see Jotin, practically in nervous collapse. It appeared that her husband had had her arrested for stealing some of his personal properly, and the case was coming up next week. "He said he would get even with me for leaving him," she sobbed, looking as much like a thief as Sister Kenny or a Salvation Army colonel. "Oh, doctor what will I do?" John was diplomatic. "Have you a lawyer?" he asked. "No." she answered, "but Mrs. Ryan told me that your wife was art attorney. 1 can't pay much, but would she take the case for me?" Would I? At Ihe exact moment of acceptance, I was the spirii of Justice herself, scales, blindfold, and all; and Mrs. Slater went home with the happy assurance the new criminology wizard, none other than the famous Mrs. B. hers ell, would rescue her trorn the dragons at the hearing next week. Then I sat down and tried lo figure out just how I would accomplish this Dimming fcut. (To Kf Continued) _ Columbus' Landing Columbus, in 1492, landed at San Salvador, an island in the West Indies, now generally identified as Wdtling island, in the Bahamas. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock friiaranleed Best Prices Kirby Druq Stores FOR SALE Concrete culvert*. 1Z Inch lo 48 inch, plain or rccnfnrccd. Man Concrete Building nlocXs cheaper than Innitar for barns, cliirkcn houses, pump houses, lcn.inl houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estim.ite. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone Bill. "t LISTEN TO BOYD McKAY'S Songs That Are Different" Station KLCN 5 P.M.—EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY Sponsored by Lthe RA7nPRAfK DBIVF-IN RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NiES & NIES (All Types Except Cancer) Clinic 514 Main. Blyllierille, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATEROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIOS. BIYTHEVILLE ARK KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 • NOW OPEN • ^Offering Complete Florislic Service PLOVER MART Bnv,, Wcddlng & Corsage Flowers Our Specially RONALD \VEIII,KR . ' M South Highway 61 rhone 6002 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studcbaker Dealer" j RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Crow's Nest j <i >T~A •-•/: COPB. IMP 5y »E« SCDVICf, f*c. T, fct. HtO. U I , "We're not ready to announce our engagement yet, Mom—why, we've only got enough saved for an electric dishwasher!" I'RISCILLA'S P0l> Reverse Knglisii HY AL VERMEER ( SEE ? YOU'RE v WHEN I CAME IN IT SA\n PUSH I.ct Kiisincss Wait HY MICTIAIOL O'iMALLEY and RALPHTIwi 'MR.AWrJGLE,Y YOU SHOOIDM'T 1'AA w/n n r> i r 1-1 * ».-»...-— ^_ _: ^BUTI Vims IS DIFFERENT/7HE\ JUST GOT \ UJmoin'^ AA/ICT C^QIIIAI.I- \ I'VE GOT CONNECTIONS AND B01HER ABOUT FlflAN *'?. !il e' S «OST FABULOUS SURE, WE CAN DISCUSS BUSINESS AT PARADISE PEAKS. I'VE/AADt-RESERVATIONS. 1U I BACK FROM/WINTER RESORT IS OPENING GO AHEAD AMD YOU AND CHRJSIOPHER CAN FOLLOW, PEOPLE Will BE THERE. A ( WOMAN OF WUR STATION CAN't AFFORD TO MISS IT WELL, IT DOES SOUND EXCITINS, BUT CAN'T WE DISCUSS CAPTAIN EAS? MY LESLIE .TURNER W?T ABOUT SCWDIW HIM T SURE, WEIL " " tWSIDE PAGES WITH TW ) IT ALL I GETABIG 00.10U.tMtJ ENVELOPE,.. T UEftRLV THRU WITH ' LETTER THROW TOO UAUV COPS ouu woe*! HUGS RUNN\ I WOWPER IF WED WIDIN6 HOOP WOULP LIKE PERFUME FOR A BIRTHPAY PWESENT 1 THIS STUFF IS A I'M ALSO 60NNA GIVE YA TWO OF OUR SPECIAL -^r—< THAT'S PREMIUMS...)VEWY NICE FEK »X_OF YOU/ NOTH1N'.' THEM CU3THE* WNSU. COME IN HANDY WHEN THAT PRESENT SHE'LL NEVER FORGEIT/ 6 KAY, I'LL TAKE IT/ I.nnk Out, Ladic.s BY V. T. HAM LIN TOOK ALL X'M GONNA TAKE.' DANGED IF I MN.'T BEGINN1N' TGET MAD.' HOOTS AND HER IlUDniKR On Second Thought »Y KDGAK MARTIN SOU CAM

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