The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1950
Page 8
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; 1LTTHBT1LLI (ARK.)'. TTTBBDAYi StrTtiMBKK Paps, Poplar Bluff To Meet Saturday • lliuiuippi County'* football schedule for this week Wt*iv«d a. couple of. alterations yesterday with the announcement* of th« change the date and site of one game and th* d*U of another. Th» 'f«iB« Inwlvlnt the Blythe- *flfc Junior Pipoo»e«-»nd the Pop- ter) Bluff, Mo., junior eleven, scheduled to be pUyed tn poplar Bluff FrMay night, hu been changed to fetuntar afternoon, Bar! Stabler, Papoox eo«h »id yesterday. Th» rtuon for th« change, Coach Stabler a*ld,. wu that the game would interfere with classes at the two athool« If It was played Friday night and It also would con Tunney Predicts Louis Will Win ftlet with hl»h jchool games in the fewfl rltlft* ' The game will be played »t Pop- Mr. Bluff High School Stadium it 3 pjn. Saturday. •; Coach Tye Adams of Luxora said yealerday, that Luxora's game with Lepanto scheduled for Luxora Friday aft«rnoon, will be played under the lights of Osceola's Hale Field Thursday night. The game was moved to'Osceola because of the night facilities there. Luxora's field is not equipped with • lighting system. All other games Involving Mis- aissippi County teams remained as originally scheduled with Blythe- Yille'j Chlekasaws meeting Benton, HI.', at Benton; Otceola playing West Memphis at Osceola; and Shawnee playing Keiter'at Keiser Friday night and BurdetU playing hoit 'to State "High of Jonesboro Friday afternoon. fnp tor Trip* The Chicks and Paps begun preparing for their road trips yesterday afternoon. Coach Stabler sent his Junior tribe through a stiff scrimmage session while the Chicks took things, relatively easy with only i light workout. Coach Rust Mosley had his senior aquad working on itx pass offense ' during yesterday's session and st rh« , urnt . !!m« drtUed the backs •n pass defense^ Armed with scouting information obtained by v Coach Bill Stanci) at aft. Vernon. III., Friday night, the Chicks planned their strategy a- talhst the Hangers' nplit-T oftense. They are expected ta use approximately the same tactics they did against poplar Bluff's Missouri T last week. Th» Rangerc have Men beaten ki their first two outinci thu set- ton. Thfr Ipct' th« opener to Ed, ffl., bj » w-ll seo« and , Friday night Mt. Vemon mea- < Ex-Chomp Installed As 1 to 2 Favorite; Age Big Difference Gefz, Canny Win Second Grudge Bout B1H cj«nny and Al o«t« toe* their •aoond straight grudge ta; match decision over Boy and Jack Welch In the main event of the American Legion's wrestling bout* at Mem •rial Auditorium la*t night. Canny and Gei« won the return bout with Ttetories in the last two falls of thi best two of three lulls winner tale all, affair. ^ : Several week* ago, Canny am Get» took a similar match from the two Welchs but. unsatlsfiet with the decision, Roy demanded and got a return booking with thi two toughiet. Tha Welchs got off to a quick •Urt by winning the first round in 10 minutes with Roy defeatin; Gets in eight minul«s with flyin; mare* and i body pin. jack then defeated Canny in two minutes wit 1 ft body pin. Canny and Gets begajrt their win nlng rally by Uking Ihe se:ond fal Canny defeated Jack Welch in eish minules with a stomp leg bar an then returned to taie Roy in fou minutes with flying mares and body pin. The third fall listed but 11 min utes with Qeli defeating Jac Welch In eight minutes with Sport* •COM By MURRAV HOSE NEW YORK, Sept. 26. (/P)—With the Joe Loul.s-Ezzard Charles fight only « day away, fight experts still werfi disagreeing violently on the outcome of the heavyweight championship bout at Yankee Stadium tomorrow night. Gene Tunney. the only retired, ndcfcaled heavyweight champion a slay retired, was among those on it Louis bandwagon. "Joe will knock him out in five ounds," said Tunney. If Jack Dtmpsey is not the reatest fighter who ever lived. ien Joe Louis Is." said Tunney. There Is no reason to think be- ause Louis Is 36, that he has'not elalned the skill and power that ,e had when he retired." ' Tunney and the others who pre- tct a Louis victory, believe that oe is Boinc lo catch Ezzard at least nee. and that will be enough. The Charles ' backers, headed b> ight manager Vic Nfarsillo. wail hat Ezzard Is the most unrier- ated heavyweight challenger since %mney, himself, first stepped Into he ring sealnst bemDsey. To B« On TV Marsillo. ji cnnny Judge of boxing tyles, not only believes that the. M-year-oW Cincinnati Nepro will win. but that Charles will knock ,ouls out. "I like the well-ollert. machine gainst one that hasn't been tsscd or a time," snid Marsillo. "Siire Louis can punch, .but he's going In have (o catch Charles first. What do you think Charles is going lo do?.Wait U> gel tagged?" Charles has looked fast and sharp all Ihe way. . Louis, on the other hand, has >een alternately "terrible" and 'very good:" His last three workouts have been on the sensational side, however. The bomber has been jetting in those feared combination munches which have, sent 52 of his >l opponents (o drcamlan'd. His latest drills have caused several writers to switch from Charles :o Louis. Both battlers finished training yesterday. The bookmakers atitl haw Louis the favorite at 1 to 2. Nasty weather could hurl the gate. The bout, starting at 8 p.m. (CST), will be broadcast and tele- vised'by the Columbia Broadcasting System. About 25.000,000 people may witness the fight by- television. NEW YORK, topi. M. (ft— Aaron Robinson's failure to tag Bob Lemon l the home plat* Sunday likely will KO down ai on* of the cele- jraUd All-time "ikiills". . . Base- jail fans like to remember such things, whether or not they agree that Aaron can't be blamed if ne couldn't see the play at first. . . . But Robinson, at least, will be in illustrious company. . . . Way bock In 190*.'Jack Chesbro. one of the most famous of all pitchers, lost "a pennant for the old Highlanders with » wild pitch In the ninth inning on the last day. . , , Four years later » Giant rookie named Fred Merkle failed lo touch second base » certain well-remembered play, precipitating a pennant playoff. He never has been able to live it down. , Fred Snodgrass' "$30.000 muff" In the tenth inning of the deciding same is remembered as giving the Red Sox Ihe 1912 world series, although John McGraw maintained It was K worse boner when Merkle and Chief Meyers let Trls Speaker's easy foul drop, . . . And" as recently as 1041, another fine catcher Mickey Owen, tailed to hoW one of Hush Casey's curves and that cost the Dodgers a game and eventually the World Series. Pluc for Sparkj A recent visitor to the IJ. of Missouri rampufl was Inspecting the new athlellr, department offices tinder Ihr. guidance nf Hus- inn Bettv, Tiger line coach. , . , "Pretty fancy," Ihe Tlsltnr commented a* they paused In front nf a door marked "Wllhur N. Slal- r ii p, basketball rAacb." . . . "Yeah," commented BMIr. "You've seen the schedule— CCNY, Ohio Slate, Arkansas, etc. ... They Jiist put Sparky's name on here In water colors so it will wipe off easily." ;—rr>iHer News Fho4« KXTKA GUARDS—Furnishing re«crv« powir for the Chicks at the guard posts are Harold Koonce (left) and Mack Koonce. Both boys were squad members last year, but failed to letter and both have seen a considerable amount of service in the Chicks' first three games this fall. Mo j. Hoople Gives You Upsets; SMU, Purdue, 'Bama Will Win One-Minute SpoHs Page The close American League race is giving the Phillies a headache, too._ Preparing their World Series souvenir program, they've had to compile and print data on all three contenders so the right one. can be stuck in at the lust moment. . Maybe they'd better do something about assuring the. Phils * place the book, loo. . . . Roundabout report from Notre Oame is thai Frank Leahy's secret weapon Is A 21-year- old halfback from Pittsburgh named Dave Flood. . . . Story Is that he's the hottest item since Rome burned . Boston Celtics got the jump onVother national basketball association teams when Coach Red Auerbach called his 'first workmil yesterday. . . ; Might, be the last time they'll get it all season. Jonesboro Nine Beats Luxora 4-2 LUXORA, Ark., Sept. 36 — The Jonesboro. Tigers gained revenge from the Luxora Tigers for the defeat Inflicted on them In the District National Baseball Congress tournament at Manila early this summer by downing the Luxora Tigers here Sunday 4-2 in an 11 inning thriller. Haywood Watts, Luxora ace hurl- ShoHs From Long Range Is It trne "th»t Ihe. While Smi tmtws hare I old General Manager Frank I,arie. U> stay out nf the etubhmnt »n<! off the beneh Before and after g*J«*s? . : , When Virginia's football Irani upset Penn last fall, the hi;hi;-touted Johnny Fapit -was just a Aeeoy while Whltey MichMh iJIrt the work. ConW b« that another Pen- nsylTantan, Stere Osisek, wltl team up with Fapll nn a utmllar irtunt . nrx* Satarday. . . H'hen the "Bine Line Club." rnmpoterf nf Rovers horsey fans. cnilMn'l meet tn. ihr-_Karden the nthrr rfay. they hehfjYtielr gathering In a funeral porlic,;. . . Prnphetie'T Snow is never seen in Adelaide the capital of South Australia. stomp leg. bar and Canny defeating Roy Welch in three minutes with a crab hold. In the two one fall preliminary bouts, Jack Welch defeated Canny In 19 minutes with Hying: tackles and a pin and in the second. eGU was disqualified alter n minutes for fouling. , WEDNESDAY 8 P M. er, and big Jerry Dean. Jonesbor hlllsman, hooked up In a tigh pitching duel all the way. Eac pitcher was touched for nine safe ties, and each issued three passe. Watts struck out ten batsmen, an Dean whiffed fourteen. The Luxorans will close out the: current season on tht home dia mond next .Sunday with the Armorel Tigers furnishing the opposition. By MA.IOR AMOS H. HOOPLK PeerleM Upset Specialist Egad! My zillions of new reari- s probably "ill be aghast when hey read Ihe Ircmendous upsels 1 m plckine for this sunny week- ndl But my old readers, faithful tandbys for ihe last 33 years, smile •isely and nod affirmatively when say that Ohio Slate, the Rose lowl champions, will be beaten by iouthern Methodist, 20-11. My word I After that one the londay morning quarterbacks will ,ivi: a field dav in Columbus—heh- ich! Another amazing upset- is In store, labama will knock off the last ear's champions of the SoulheasU rn Conference, mighty. Tulane, by score of 20-13—harrumph! 1 have chosen two other juicy psets as rather more than liVely o happen, unless the cpnstella- jns which I read daily have gone cry cock-eyed. These are: Maryand to beat Navy. 12-7. and Purdue o trim the touted Texans, 14-n. Now you may pi-occcrl ami peruse he rest of my sterling forecast: Army XI. Goljale 1 Maryland 12. N^vy 7 / Dartmouth 1.1, Holy Cross 7 Pill 21). Duke It Yale 1.1. Brown 1 -M Penn 21, Virginia 13 ' Notre Dame. 27. No. Car. 4" Michigan 13, Mich. Stair 8 Indiana 19. Nebraska n N'WMlern 27, Inwa Slate it Minnesota 34, Washington 19 Wisconsin 20, Marquetle 7 Purdue H. Texas 1.1 . Iowa 20. S". Calif. 11 So. Melhiwilsf 20. Ohio SialeTl Missouri 19, Clcmson 7 ... Oklahoma 34, Boston College 8 Tex. Chrirt'n 33. Okla. A. i- M. 18 Colorado 20, Stale 13 Florida 14, Duqllesne 6 G*. Tech 19. So. Carolina 12 Kentucky 20, Mississippi: C- ' Tennessee 13, Miss. Stite 7 Vanderbilt 2(1. Auburn 'l Alabama 2fl, TuUne 13 ; Caifnrnla 2fl. Oregon li' Wash. State 27, ITCL.Vi'H Rice. 13, Sanla Cara ^ . Ypstrrdav's Results NATIONAI, LKAOOE Philadelphia 12-3. Boston 4-« Brooklyn 3-3. New York 1-4 Only games scheduled AMKRIUAN I.EACltlF. NeiVjYork 8-7. aWshington 3-4 r.--:-jn 8-3, Philadelphia 0-0 Only games scheduled Yanks Pulling Away On DiMag s Big Bat \ Hf KALPfl BOOKS' Aiuriated PnM ftp*r<U Wrtiw Peerless Jo« DiMaifgio is playing the leading role *gam in the New York Yankees' mud dash to their 17th Am«ri«*B League pennant. DIM«g«io'ii booming bti h».« bl«r,-» — i _ «i the Y»nks Into tht commending J'i tamt l«td they «njojr todty. Only * mlr«cl« will prevent the Y»nk« from winning their Mcond straight championship. i Casey Stengel's m>rnxjer» have six games left to play «nd ne*d to win only four to ww up the. pen- 'Got Good Offer/ Rickey Explains BROOKLYN, Sept.! 26. <Pl Branch Rickey says he.'sj still avail able as Brooklyn general manage —but the chances are slim that he' be back with the Dodgers next year The bush-browed baseball gcniu called a press conference late las night to explain why he.sold his 2 per cent of the Brooklyn stock fo > reported Sl.000,000. "I received a very fine offer." said Rickey who admitted he will be fi9 on Dec. 26. "Health was not a f;\c- The old bo; himself. "My health Is good and I have no plans for retiring from baseball. I am still available if they want me Brooklyn." Embryo Financiers MONTREAL — MV- Three store keepers marched Into .Red < Cros. headquarters recently with a donation of J10.27. • The business men made their money in a four-da> sale of home-made popsicles. fudgi and soft drinks. Average age of thi Irio was 10 years. '• The pasque-flower is ..South E>a- :<ola's ofliclal flower. Today s Games NATIONAL LfcAGIJB New York at Brooklyn Philadelphia at Boston , Cincinnati at St. LouU Only games scheduled AMERICAN Washington at New York (2) Si. Louis at Detroit 12) Chicago at Cleveland night Only gzmes scheduled Vols, Missions To Clash Tonight NASHVILLE, Telin.. Sept. . 2S. "API—San Antonio stacks It* power against Nashville pitching tonight. The Missions. Texas League champs, and Ihe Vols. Southern Association playoff winners, clash in the Dixie Series'opener in-Sulphur Dell. Vol followers expect nothing but triumph after a playoff performance that amazed players and tans alike. To enter the Dixie Series they took eight of 10 games from Atlanta and Birmingham, who finished one- two in the regular season. But the Missions .stood dopesters on their ears. too. They closed th season with a rush from sixth to fourth, and marched through the playoffs for the pennant. In the Texas League the bunting goes to the playoff winner. nant. If they win only three the runner-up Detroit Tigers would hive to take ill of their seven Just lo lie Ihe Bombers. Three .Yankee victories would eliminate Iht third pl*c< Boston Red Bos. Ai a matter of fact, with a little luck the Yanks can eliminate the Tigers today. All thev have to do is, beat. Washington twice while St. Louis knocks off Detroit twice. DiMagglo has been knocking the tar out of the ball since the stretch drive besan Sept. 1. The big guy has hit safely in his last 17 games and in 21 out of 22. Reynolds, Ford win Allie Reynolds and Ed Ford, sen- .sational rooKip. lenhander. were on the mound yesterday as the Yanks turned back the. Washington Senators S-3 and 1-^. The Red Sox kept, their faint hopes alive by sweeping a doubleheader jrom the hopeless Philadelphia Athletics,.D-D and 3-0. in the only other American League activity. . The Philadelphia Phillies made fame, hay In their National League pennant drive. The Phils divided doubleheader with the Braves'in Boston, winning 11-4 and losing At the same time ,Brooklyn could do nn better than split a pair with the Giant*, winning 3-2 and losing 4-.1. In Philadelphia's second game the Braves spoiled Jim Konstanty's record-tying loth relief appearance. Koustanty, In making his loth relief job, tied Ace Adams of the Giants for most games pitched in a single season. Adams set the maik in SWC Teams By In jury Jinx STOCK CAR RACES Sunday, Oct. 1 at 2:30 P.M. Walker Park Speedway South's Greatest Racing Show! Tim* Trials 12:30—^-^Rocing 2:30 p.m. THRILLS, SPILLS AND FUN FOR ALL when he worked In B5 games as relief pitcher and five as^a starter By virtue of splits in both the National league doubleheaders the standings In that league remained status QUO with the Phils leading by five games. Philadelphia no' needs to win only four of its remaining seven games to clinch it first pennant since 1915. If the Phils win only three the Dodger would be. forced to take all of their nine to tie with Whiz Kids. Two Halfback* LM» By TCU; Longhom* Lo«« C*nt«r, Back DALLAS, Sept. 3«. (/P)—Tht hi- Jury Jinx has struck thre« South. rest Conference football nquadi. Texas Christian has been hanleat hit. losing «t least two of Its left lalfbncks and with Another on tn« doubttul list. j • Texas, which plays Purdue of the Big Ten at Austin Saturday, coimt- (I center Dick Rowan definitely out, with a chipped elbow and half- lack Bubba Shsnrls likely to hug the bench because of j knee in- ury, Smilhern Methodist will play Ohio State at Columbus. O., Saturday without its ace safety man Bill Richards, out with ankle hurts. None at ArkanuR T.exas Christian moved .lohn Morton from second .string fullback to right half to plue the gap left by injuries to John Medanich, Marvin Fowler and .lie Hickey. Hickey may be able in play against -'a'.. ^ A. and M. Saturday at Stillwafl He's the team's punter. There were, no Injuries at Ba.vloi, Arkansas. Rice, and Texas A. and M. Baylor, which was upset 7-fl by Wyoming last week! play's . University of Houston, which was beaten by St. Bonve'nture 39-H. Arkansaa takes on North Texas Slate at Fayetteville. .Texas A. and ,M. .clashx with Texas Tech at Sa.n Antonio. Rice will be playing Us first ganit of the season, meeting Santa Clara Saturday night in the new stadium »t Houston that seats TO.OOO peopl«. HIT Dates Announced NEW YORK. Sept. 28. '>*)—Th« National Invitation .Tournament, one of/college basketball's premltr post-season events, will be held in Madison Square Garden. March !•17 next year. JOE LOU! EZZARD ¥3, CHARLES WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP SPONSOMD BY onJ.V. WMCT Channel 4 on Radio WREC Sec Professional Boxing Every Wednesday, 8 P.M. Televised By WMCT — Sponsored by Pabst. FRED S. SALIBA CO. Distributors of Pabit Blu« Ribbon Pricni Art Right on Our USED COMBINES 1 & 2 Row Combines With or Without Motors USED COMBINES Many Mokes and Models USED COMBINES S«« Owr Fin* Selection As Low Ai J%llll Easy Terms ru INTERNATIONAL 'WARVESTE 312 South 2nd Phon* 6863 The Hambletcmian. run annually at Goshen.N.Y., is an American trotting classic. Whiskey at t Pick the Winner! Name the Score! And Win o Pair of $10.95 BOOTS SHOES Hill and Hill will not make you an expert sulky driver, but it will treat you to rare drinking pleasure. It'i "whiskey at "it* best"! Winner Will Bf AMowtrl To Choose Any 10.95 Jarman Shots in Stock , m M (KW*fB' Just Follow These Simple Rules: (orm )w)«w. ftn ta whul ;<n think the Anal KOTOT f will to. »nd mill or brliu ;»v oflmtlnn trt BAD-.' •. tsx HAW wimu. McR««on * Rabbtni, Int. - Eutail'n DWrlt»nt«n - UUh Rmk ,»n«l flip •r the im NET'S rnrKNDI,V SHOE STORE. Th« nrorert rmr»ct will r«- |i>lr Af JftmMiR *K<**. An vntr1«« mnirt W n»i htrr th.n S:J« P.M., Frlrt»j. Wlnnrr Team BlytKevitic Score Team — Benton Arkansas N. Tex. Stale 209 W. M«in

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