The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1952
Page 9
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•OWDAT, 0CPOBBB If, rAMCJ COOMB* the Two Parties See- The lies and the Answers (EDITOR'S NOTE: Aa the presidential r«c« corn** down toward the fini.h, the word "lie" is htar dfrom both Republicans and Democrats with increasing frequency In the following di«patches, NBA Service* and the Courier New« have given official spokesmen for both parties a chancfc to answer the outstanding accusations against their own candidate*.) What the Democrats Say: Whatthe Republicans Say: THE LIE: The U. S. Government Is honeycombed with Communi»U, and plays footsie with Stalin. ! THE ANSWER: The U. S. Government has enacted laws against Communist encroachment at home, has screened lovernment employes «nd fired Communists Outside government employe ranks, the U. B. ha* indicted and jailed prominent Communist leaders. Abroad, the U 6 has strengthened anti-Communist forces aH over the world. The Marshall PJan stopped the growth of communism In Europe and strengthened anti-Communist government*. The Truman Doctrine helped save Greece and Turkey from Communist conquest. The North Atlantic Treaty knit tree nations of Europe into a defense alliance mgalnst the Communist military threat. THE LIE: The Democratic Party has been leading us into the bond- He of socialism; and plans to carry Us further. THE ANSWER: What Republicans call "socialism" Li represented by the Democratic advances In social progress over the past 20 years the minimum wage law, Social Security, and for the aged needy, dependents, the blind and for children. Private ownership and opportunity — the opposite of socialism.- have greatly increased under the Democrats. Private businesses today number more than Tour million - a million better than in 1929, the best year of Republican control of the government. ' '. ' * THE LIE: The Government is corrupt, and the Democratic Party has tolerated corruption. THE ANSWER: Exposures of wrongdoing within the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Justice have been carried out by Demorcatlc Congressional committees, aided by the Democratic government's Intelligent units - nof by Republicans. President Truman has given wholehearted •upport to these exposures and to the punishment handed down by Judges o* the courts. The Democrats have refused to smear victims indkcrimi- nately with (he tar of dishonesty, and have acted when and only when Investigated facts Justified action. • * . THE LIE: Democratic prosperity rests only on war spending THE ANSWER: For the drst time in history] after a major war NO depression followed World War n in the United States The Democratic Administration maintained full employment, despite . drop in arms spending of 90 per cent THE LIE: The Korean war is a "useless war," and we jot into It through "bungling policies." ! THE ANSWER: We got Into the Korean conflict because the North Korean Communists' Invaded South Korea. Not only Congress but General Eisenhower himself, approved She action of President Truman in summoning m.liiary forces of the Free World to stand against Communists In Kmea. 'General Eisenhower. as a member of the Joint, rCh.efs of staff, ,n 1947 Joined In a statement to the Secretary of State that the US. had no strategic Interest In continued occupation of Korea Troops were not finally withdrawn until after Qeneral Douglas MacArthur advised the Pentagon that South Korean forces were ready to defend their land. J THE LIE: The Democrats have led us Into three wars and mil do it again. 1n t l HE f, AN ' SWf:R: - The Germans, under Kaiser 'wilhelm, forced us Into WoMfwaT° rId War '. The Ja P anf * e »"»•* on Pearl Harbor drew us policies - not the Democrats - which today threatln^Qr'^^'! "** * » • THE LIE; The Democrats are responsible for inflation. THE ANSWEH: Democrat* have steadily moved against Inflation Tnd S traregr S » a "ri Pa l sCe a/w,V nd """ ™ lr ° l *"™ * controls. " C ° ngms U one °' >">n««Bln« opposition to all s u c h men , H men wanted THE LIB: Ike is a "captive." *?' ^""^ Eu * nhower *" "««*«* fhro UE hout the 1, * ° "*" l "" ld " Ute - "«• Atolnistration spokes- him to ,tarl a c.vil war within his own partv He hasn't engaged in such conflict because he believe, in the two-party system not in , foreign splinter-party system. He believes that p.rty unity s, ~ "'" nU Unit >' - h « ta '— " " - '«to ,o C tha y *•" not require thought ™™ -« - THE LJE: ike is "plain dishonest," "r. orally blind," "unfit to be President," is "living to the p«t," and so forth. THE ANSWER: Such typical Truman- Stevenson accusations are no mor. worthy ol answer, than the peop!e who made them are worthy of puolic support. But It is .Unmeant that that the man who «,d most of these things about General Eisenhower in recent weeks »a!s perfectly willing to entrust the future of Western Europe to hK hands He even offered to help make Ike Pr«ident-on the Democratic ticket. V • • * THE LIE: Ike will bring on a depression because he Is the candidate of "the party of depression." ' THE ANSWER: General Eisenhower is clearly on the record with a pledge to use every power at his command, both private and public to prevent the people of this country from eier again being exposed to' the ravages of mass unemployment. Incidentally, the Implication Jn this accusation that only the Democratic Party knows how to cure depresstons 1 H , 1 '? 194 ° the " "" 5t "! m ° re than I0 »"Mon-un,m- ployed in this count,,. This was seven ye'.rs after the Democrats came to power. The De mocratl( . Party only cured mais unemp , ovment by golns ™ 6 bigot !ke " * ntl ' Cathollc and >nti-Semltlc-In short, he is a THE ANSWER: Such accusations, direct and indirect, ma&ed a new low in American politic, and brought immediate outbursts of in- dlgnaton from leaders of ail religious groups. That th« great personal friend of Catholic .eaders and the liberator of Buchenw.ld sh^T* so^accused shows how desperate the Administration ,s in the face « vesevcer-'sor"" '""' ^ ™ "* THE ANSWER: This la a false accusation which Is parbcularly vlciou., because of Eisenhower', long service in the Army and c'o e association w,th Gts. w hlm ans , er thL , one , )n ^ y ^ ! did for a young man about ,o,be drafted who asked him about "'on television program to K,ns« City in September. The Genera, rep iled the A ""* ? Jny CUt '" thC SOWier ' 5 pay who ' s -"'ing today to he A ™,d Forces. I am against his doing any more service ,n uniform TH *v« e " THE ANSWER: This i, . typical fabrication by the P.rtv of r, n -» THE U^JThatJlarry Truman and Adlai Stevenson are budget- THE ANSWER: Republicans wrote Into thrir 1952 P ~ l . L '* : """ "'Publican Platform plank on national defense '•^S^K™^-" ,-«.. ,.,.,,.„ 0 s;? B ";;; "•»•«—^-^sruz^."™- m •* balaaeara, , . • •.«... ™* ANIWtt: Bf luvlnc «* tfc, flni iru i j^, crat todfer the *• billion* of uvin«i arh!«ved by the •' C0;rv<rr*«* Tvii«»_ >.• _: ___'.;. . ! - - . Tft ™ "** tor tht Konomles Congress ll would h . ve bttn w WB Zdttue Tm\ Udge * Sh °* ed """** °' '" m '"'"" " «han expendiluies, making in «nmul deficit of slightly nioie than 421 mil ta» . yea, On paper, however, he . cnta £ ;r, ce rL ri * us iett ">• ws d *• dimcuit to com New York Po//ce Seek Slayer Of Banker and Clerk in Forest TUXEDO PARK. N. Y.' '«•)' - A renewed hunt (or the slaser of a banker and a (own clerk In a mountain forest was planned today by police, some of whom believed their quarry possibly 'van' a deer poacher State and local police tramiied Ihiough the woods in a search for clues ill day yesterday ifter two 17-year-old- squirrel hunters stumbled upon the shotgun-blasted bodies The two dead men. who had left their homes Saturday afternoon' to shoot >qulrrel arid partridge, were Robert Nugent, 43. a footless war jetcimi and town clfik of namapo, N Y., and Charles E Simpson, 38 a banker from Saddle River, N. J. Between Nugent and Simpson on a nnrrow path was the CHI-CMS of an Illegally killed deer. Their jeep was parkeil nearby. Investigators believed Nugcni't Job may have contributed to his death. It was thought he may have recognized the Illegal hunter or hunters since he Issues many of the hunting licenses in this area. Pravdo Soys Both Ike and Stevenson Are Servants of American Monopolies MOSCOW (*>)— Pravda gave Riis- an readers a half-page summary oday of the U.S. presidential cam- laign, calling both Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Gov. Adlal Stevenson "true servants of American ino- OpolieB." The Communist party organ said both the Republican and b«mo- ratic candidates are: "Leaders In the aggressive policy if the Imperialist warmongers." "Insplrera -.of anti - Communist lysterla." ( "Preachers of reaction and aggression." Pravda'a article—the most ex- enslve commentary to date on the American election — • condemned both candidates with what appeared to be complete impartiality. It said the two'have' restricted Travel by Air Appeals to '52 Candidates WASHINGTON <JP) — The Air fVansport Association presented statistics today to show that -air ravel has been used far more ex- ensively In the 1952 presidential campaign than In any other. By election day, the ATA estimates, the candidate: for president and vice president and the leading senatorial speakers supporting them "111 have flown more than 200,000 miles. v About half of this total Is being clocked on regularly scheduled air- ine nights and^ the other half In ilrplanes chartered from associa- lon members. ATA represents the cheduled airlines. The association's "summary Indicated-the rival leading candidates are using air transport In about o.ual amounts. The two preslden- lal nominees, it said, already have accounted for almost 45.000 miles, with Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower having flown only about 1,000 inijes more than Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson. Bolivian's Tin Companies Owe Wore Back Taxes LA PAZ. Bolivia Wj_The Bollv- an government says the country's Big Three" tin companies owe another.»67,S62,«7 in back taxes ind customs duties. The amount is n addition to more than 485 mil- Ion dollars claimed from the companies three clavs ago. The Patino, Hochschild and Aramayo mines were seized earlier this month and arc being operated under government supervision pend- ng formal nationalization. Missouri .'City- Is Not on Map MO. m _ Y bur if V T?" CIt - v on tne "-ap but If - you drive down Mitsoirf Highway 21 it's hard to mtsi d« pile itji lack of people- r Metal signs boldly ' proclaim ihe JS5TS"!" 1 "^" ««S iL m pip! ulatfon of three. Actually It Is a restaurant run-by Lester ranil*. «. just « mne, iuft^gJS 1 " , ln ^ nrt . e . ns fo "SM M an amateur under the ring name of "Kit Carson, and the name stuck wh*n h» emered tartnew. He "rmed ihe •city' easily l.,t December by slmp- y placing a large sign on the hulld- ln e and smalJer signs at the entrances. , neeorj ;»ve Indicated they Would Ilk* n ) m to extend his "city limits," but he plans to limit It to his wife, carol their son. KeLth, 18, and himself. DofMrte Books MANILA {(P;—Americans, prlvste- th«n 280,000 books to the*PhntD^ pine* Library of Congrew. Courier Mem classified A-f WHERE HAPPINESS COSTS SO LITn,E BOXOFFICE OPENS 6:45 P.M. WEEKDAYS OPEN'S: 1:30 P.M. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS LAST TIMES TONITE When milk cows are given free access to water in hot weather their production may be as jnuch as 4 per cent higher than when they are watered only twice a day the campaign (o sccond-cla.-w.untm- portonl issues and both are all aid to pionose any real solution for the Korean War. Each, said Pravdn rears to propose an expansion or Intensilicatlon of the wn r , since it Is so unpopular. On the other hand. said the paper, each fears to propose a peaceful solution In Korea since this would arouse dUsntlsfac- tlon among "Industrial and 'financial magnates." Pravda said the presidential campaign tins not succeeded In' arousing the interest of the Anierlcaii electoiate. which It ntlded Is show- Ing great Indjifercnce and apathy. Every 4 mellow drop... » TOP 3 KENTUCKY BOURBON NOTICE There will be a Social and business meeting At Th« CITIZENS FOR EISENHOWER CLUB HIKKS 40 JI1LES — Mrs. SyTvTa" Marie Cai-lcn,- Detroit's 84-year- old hiking grandmother, soaks her burning feet In a tub of water In Detroit after htr annual birthday hike, this tlriie 40 miles to Al- Eonac, Mich,, from Detroit. Wearing a jacket bearing names of the towns she has vlslled afoot in MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sal. Sun 1 :()0 Always a Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE Double Feature — Plus — *> THE DAY EEARTH OOD STILL Cartoon & Shorts TUBS-WED' Double Feature PA8B JCTWl No Turkhens' Expert Cloims RALEIGH, ^f. C. (jry-Thtn Isn't any such thing aa a cre«. between a chicken and a turkey, say« B. w Glazener. professor of poultry i*. netici at North Carolina SUte College school ol agriculture. What farmers are probably raising when they speak of their "turk- h'ns" is (he Naken-Neck low!, known variously as the Tranayl- vanlan Naked Neck. Bare Necka and Hackleless. The breed has no feathers on most of the neck, and the area of skin lacking feathers becomes loose, thickened and deep red ln^ color at tjmejs. he says "Attempts to produce such a cross have been made at Kamis State College and at the Agricultural Research Center. Beltsvllle Md," Glazencr said. "Experiment!! there have resulted In the fertilization of some of the eggs, but the embryos died In the early stages of incubation." many years of hiking, Mrs. Carlen managed to average about 4 1/2 miles an hour. She returned to Detroit by bus. (AP Wlrepholo) NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 LAST TIMES TONITE "Cripple Creek" George Montgomery . Jerome Courtland TUESDAY "FRAMED" Frank Albertam WED -THURS "SOUND OFF" , Mickey Rooney Ann* Jamea RITZ THEATRE Manila; Ark. MON.-TUES.' 'CARSON CITY" Iii Warner Color Randolph Scott 'THE TANKS ARE COMING" 105 East Main St. TUESDAY EVENING 7=00 Evtryene interested in the candidacy of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower for President i» invited Refreshments >oHtle»l AdrcrUKinetit >aM for by Citizens For Eisenhower Committee JtiM* JIB1, Jr, Chatrmu WED - THURS ' Cartoon & Shorts +* Pint *T 4-5 Qt He knows, who has th« cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, nid-fashioneri methods. How do you rate? I>o yon know our delivery man? We think you should . . . for he can he!p you to a new way of living. Let him take washday drudgery out of. your house . , . let us show yon the results of professional laundry service . . , and you'll look forward to his visiti every week I Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners r»K«ne 4418

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