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Fremont Tribune from Fremont, Nebraska • Page 6
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Fremont Tribune from Fremont, Nebraska • Page 6

Fremont Tribunei
Fremont, Nebraska
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vnvnAT. 'APRIL 13, PIT rmrojrr daily trtbttm. ntnroNT. kebraska Pioneer Nite League Votes To Play 1942 Schedule Chtejo Sox Me Deciding in Series With Cubs Backdrop Of War For Baseball At Start Of 103rd Season Tuesday Six Teams In Fold; Tekamah Drops Out BT JAMES MOACKLER Stanley Cup Hockey Game Ends in Riot; Leafs Beat Detroit DETROIT flJ.0 Th Toronto Maple Leaf still held out faint hope of winning th Stanley hockey cup Monday after beating Detroit, 4 to In a wild gam that ended with most of the 13,694 fans In Olympla Moreland Winner in Playoff for Crown; Beats Gus Novotny FRENCH LICK, IND. (UFO US Moreland. Peoria, I1L, golfer and former Walker cup star, defeated Out Novotny, Memphis, Tenn, In a 10-hole extra playoff Sunday to win the 11th annual midwest golf championship. It was Moreland' fourth midwest title. He also won in 1837, 1939 and 1M1. They were tied at 233 each ti a iS 1i f. i BT GEORGE XIRK8ET CHICAGO U.R)-Chlcago'e cross-town rivals, the Box and the Cubs, take a one-day respite today between the end of their spring series and the beginning of their regular new york w.f9 Against a backdrop of a nation girding Itself for total war on far-flung battle- season schedules. By JACK GlENTHEK Cnlted Press Staff Correipondent NEW YORK OJ.m Master Ml- stadium clamoring for Referee Mel Rarwood's hide. The Sox-Cub exhibition series of 11 games, which started In Lot An after the regular 84 holes. Pioneer Nit league baseball was given the green light Sunday as league representatives voted to continue through the 1942 season Other leaders were Johnny Leh The victory Toronto's first in flews, baseball start It 103rd season Tuesday. It has survived other van and plana to see this one through to a finish, too. Even with th nation In the midst of th greatest war effort vln Thomas (The Boy) Ott, who pent hi tint thre months a manager mastering the mysterle geles and wound up yesterday tn Chicago, ended with the Hose beating the Cubs, 4 to 1, and captur man, Chicago, 237; Hunter Hicks, Chicago, 238; Chick Evans, Chicago, four start In the final playoff aer. lea-ended In a furor as Manager Don Warner Grand Champ in Marbles Don Warner of Trinity Lutheran school la Fremont's grand champion marble player. He won the title Saturday' at the playoff of the YMCA marble tournament by defeating Roland Scott, fish champion, Warner waa winner In the triangle division. Both boys were awarded watches Saturday noon at the YMCA by HJalmar Anderson, Fremont Jeweler. I on a JO-game schedule basis with 231; Ben Conforti, Chicago, 239; of bailing wire, liniment and the ing the series, 6 to I. With the score tied at three all tn Jack Adams and several Detroit players mobbed Harwood for a decision called with slightly more than a minute to play In the game. various glues, win unveil the 1942 New York Olant tomorrow and six clubs participating. Tekamah waa war's lone casual ty to the loop. A B. Rice, nem the eighth, the Sox pulled a double Walter Cisco, Louisville, 239; James Frislna, Taykmrille, HI, 241; Russell Martin, Chicago, 341; Perry By-ard, Terre Haute, 242; Jack Hoerner, Chicago, 244; Edwin O. memberi of the Junkmen's ind steal to score the winning run. In history, the public stlU has a soft spot In its heart for the national pastime. Som 200,000 will turn out to see the two major laagu get away on their five and The trouble started when an an Salvage Dealers' union, local 999, Aa Ed Hanyiewskl stood ready to ber of th Tekamah association, gry fan threw a hot water bottle IrJormed League President Walter pitch with two out and two en, Luke Appling on first and Jos Schlldberg, Chicago, 248; Henry half month eamnaums. unless Ttoibrook, Columbus, 247. B. Sadilek of Schuyler by telephone that the Burt county nine would Kuhel on third, Appling started for weather Interferes, and there are second and stopped midway. Kuhel indications that th turnstiles will have to suspend for the year. Te raced for home. click merrily all season. kamah was not represented at the I will turn out In foro to catch up I on their laughs. I It aeemi only yesterday the few I hardy optimists who atlll follow, the 'fortunes of Manhattan's National i league entry were hailing Master I Mel's appointment with cheers and i touts. They Interpreted the switch I si i sure sign that prosperity was I just around the comer and that In Hanyaewski became panicky and But th war will bring many meeting. JAMES M0ACKXEK8 onto the Ice. Eddie Wares, Red Wing lineman, picked up the bottle and banded It Jestingly to Harwood. The referee promptly slapped a 10-mln-ute misconduct penalty on Ware and refused to answer Adam demand to explain the severity of the penalty. Harwood then ordered Linesman Sam Babcock .1 start play and, because Detroit had too many men on the Ice, aent Don rosso, the change In baseball. Next October baseball will still be played but Following considerable schedule dickering the group passed a mo eouldnt decide where to throw the ball. He played for second, but Appling was safe and Kuhel scored the som of us may not recognize It. Across the tion made by Charles Yost, Fre mont's board member, to play i wtnnlns run. The two major league hare con 3 another, year the pennant would The Cubs used Val Eavea and tributed 76 men-the American 48 Hanyxewski on the mound, while Memoriet Nut ted and the National 28-to the armed JO-game card starting May 10 and ending the final week in August. At the request of Millard the Iood moKuls decided to play the fly again over Coogan'a Bluff. Now the brave exclamations have died away and the Olant rooters so compete In the same event In force and many more will go. Spring football or no spring the Sox used Bill Dietrich and Ed Smith. Smith, who took over In the fifth, pitched five hltlesa Innings. track. football Midland's students and Who and when are matters that'll play a tremendous part tn deciding the pennant races. Wings' top playoff scorer, to the box for two minutes. Grosso protested and Harwood added a $23 fine. He also ordered a 850 fine against Wares, who continued to protest 'Spring Football Practice Ends (or Nebraska's Hiiskers LINCOLN (UJ9 Spring football practice was at an end for the 1841 Cornhuskers after Coach Glenn PresneU's Army eleven drubbed th Navy, 20 to 18, In the final scrimmage Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium. Army won by a comfortable mar-gin but Navy gave them a battle all the way. The running of Wally Hopp and the kicking and toting of Dal Bradley, Roy Long and Wayne Etranahan carried the. offensive and defensive load for the Navy. Strana-han was powerful at center. Vic Schleich kicked three point after touchdowns for the Army, and a 20 yard field goal. Zlkmund and Howard Debut teamed up for the most thrilling play of the game when Debus flipped the Ord flash a pas and Zlkmund carried it for 70 yards and a touchdown. Zikmund seemed bottled up as he received it, but he sidestepped Army chargers and streaked tor the goal. Not a hand was laid on him. Frances Hilgenkamp, Harry Carlton Win Mixed Doublet Event Frances Hilgenkamp and Harry Carlson won the mixed double bowling event Sunday by rolling a score of 1.148. In second place wer Lona Dunker and W. Thiede with 1,128. Dorothy Smith and V. Jensen rolled 1,085 for third place. Scores: Frances Hilgenkamp, Frances Hilgenkamp, Harry Carl-son, Lona Dunker, W. Dorothy Smith, V. Jensen, Hazel Owen, Henry Pugh, 1.078; Mrs. E. Novak, Jake Karri, 1.060; Nina Elslnger, C. Cherry, 1.045; Clara Pfcherer, Dale Kettle, A 1.029; Alice Adams, Harvey man, 1.028; Helen Tillman, Ed Novak, Winifred Johnson. Herman Stange, 1.011; Mary I. Anderson, Harvey Owen, Mrs. W. Thiede, Jimmy Smith, 956; Marl Longacre, Fred Pscherer, 947. Brownt Edge Ahead Of Cardt by 5-4 ST. long range hitting with which the St. Loui Browns hope to attain a first division berth in the American league, was good enough Sunday to product a 5 to 4 victory over their homa town rivals, the St. Louis Cardinal. have gone back to the atom cellar! they occupied during the regime cf Col. Will Terry. Owner "In Midland's recent Interclasa track meet Virgil scored 19 points fans are still nursing the recolle first round on Sunday night only, moving Into games two nights a week Sundays and Thursdays Expand Night Program At the request of President tlons of that glorious 1941 football campaign nine straight victories after the opening round. By mu his penalty. Horace stoneham believed that in elevating Master Mel to the top Job he was rewarding him for years tual agreement early games may be The clamor subsided to enable the and the first Nebraska College Ath Roosevelt th majors hsve expanded their night baseball program so that the neatest number of fans they happened be piece furniture, but a ball players they don't Interest the member ef local pi even la the day ef scrap shortages. Ott 1 left with only on choice that of digging In and trying to do the Job through Inspiration. played in the afternoon. League entrance bond or cash letlc Conference grid championship of faithful service. The fans tus- pect now that he merely slipped guarantee was lowered from $100 In all history. game to end, but with the closing buzzer Grosso Jumped from the box and began slugging at Harwood. Adams rushed across the ke to Join to, and Uoaen of fans also tried to can attend games. The National league will play 84 night games and the American league 77 a to $50. Members of the appeal To our desk this week came the first Warrior Whoops In many months. Distributed to papers over the state, the brief Items have total of 161, more than twice as get into action. Police finally broke I have always been dubious of the values of inspiration board were given power to decide whether or not a club has made an honest effort to continue and would refund the bond or guaran and Joy 18. Virg edged his brother In both hurdles, the 220-yard dash and discus, while the younger half of the combination triumphed In the high Jump and the pole vault." Paden Givet Promise Some more on track: Midland's recent interclass track meet may have brought to light a new track star, Bill Paden, Fremont sophomore, donned track clothes for the first time this year and Jumped right along with Joy Knackstedt, varsity Jumper, up to feet 7'i inches. i many as Ust season. Twilight games it up and escorted Harwood and probably will be played In Indus among mature athletes. The Oianta, President Frank Calder of the Na most generally run along with the trial cities like Detroit, Cleveland particularly, have been aged In tional league from the stadium. tee under those conditions. Minimum Price fixed seasons. Not the ones that were mailed out most recently, They and Pittsburgh wood so long that It Is Impossible Master Mel a triple-Mickey. The new manager haa applied himself vigorously. Ha haa sweated Md master-minded Ilka a veteran. He has taken stitches here and tied knots there. Ha has nibbed players like a football coach, bathed Big Jawn Mix In all standard linament and wed wp the baling wire at a rata which almost panicked the prlerltlee board. Despite these efforts, the OlanU till look something like that China The world champion New York have to do with the fall sport. to envision them scampering about like schoolboys and dying for dear Minimum admission price were fixed at 40 cents for men and 20 One of them point put the loss Additional Sports On Page 7 old Stoneham. Yankees seek their 13th pennant, opening In Washington before a distinguished which will of four veterans to Uncle Sam's Baseball men dont xecute that cents for women with clubs allowed to offer bargain nights with the approval of the president. Fred Wheeler, Fremont, was ap forces: "If Midland college's "Little 01' Include President Roosevelt, If he easily. They are to be rated more can spar the time. ante" fall to repeat last year's nine- With five pennant In six years off their fielding and batting average than their potential capacity for Inspiration. Active leadership (hop after the bull moved In. Dur Ing fielding practice you cant hear Nelson, Hbgan Tie For Masters Tourney Title to their credit the Yankees are one of th shortest-priced betting favorite in history at 3-5. Only once before waa any club quoted that short and it was the Ysnka in 1939 after they had won three straight flags. Despite the Yanks' short price, Joe McCarthy Isn't sitting on top will help rid them of the doldrums of the last few seasons, but there la a limit to what mental attitude can accomplish If It lent stoutly backed up by base hit. Master Mel always has been a popular figure In hi town and tn pointed to draw up the schedule for the year with Sadilek offering his aid. The adoption of the 30-game schedule was largely the work of Yost. He pointed out that teams must play often In order to keen up gate receipts and explained that constant expenses including Insurance and park upkeep would remain unchanged whether the schedule was cut or not. Kremke explained to the group game undefeated and untied football season, they can lay part of the blame on Uncle Sam. For four members of the starting lineup, including fullback ReVoe H11L who received Little All-America honorable mention rating, have already left school for wartime duties. "Hill Is stationed In Arizona as an army air corps aviation cadet. Oeorge Mrkvlcka, all-conference center, Is a mechanic with the air corps; Ramon Little, leading N. C. A. C. scorer, was drafted In AUGUSTA, GA. (U.R) Byron the crack of the bat for all the creaking bones. There la a reasonably accurate facsimile of a player at all nine positions and when you've, said that you've said everything. Matter Mel haa fielded a team. What sort of a team? Well, let's be kind. Mickey Wltek, who per-formed with such a remarkable lack of luster last season, will be back at second. MLse, or la it mis Nelson and Ben Hogan, whose golf rivalry started 15 years ago hi sport He ha been popular since th very day John McOraw they were caddies at the Glen Gar tapped him on th shoulder and den Country club at Fort Worth dispatched him Into the outfield. ed In a trap. He blasted out and two putted for a bogey five. That left htm needing a birdie on the 18th to win or a par four to Me. Off the tee, his booming drive veered in a slice into the woods and the gallery of 7,000 groaned. But he made a great recovery, lofting the ball straight toward the green where It landed 12 feet from the pin. His putt missed by Inches and of the world. He hu only half an Infield and starts the season with first and third base up unsettled. Ed Levy was bought from Kanaa City to play first but he Is still on trial. He does not look meet today tn an 18-hole play-off that Mlllard'a request for games and he is Just as popular today as on of the three survivors of the for the Masters golf tournament ti January; and Dale Newsham, all' ery now, will debut at first with a conference guard, left school to anouiaer tnat is sorer than a run his father's farm when the or act like a Yankee ball player. Oerry Prlddy hu been playing Dodger who has hut been bounced latter took a defense Job. None old man's last team. As a manager he Unt likely to drop In th fan's estimation not for a year. Th fans will give blm a year and then will ap to CoL Tarry and Owner Rtoneham to glv him torn players. The big he had to be content with a par. tle. In 192T. when they were 13, Nelson defeated Hogan for the caddy championship at the Glen Garden club. Nelson's first prize was a mid-iron and Hogan got a mashle. Today the prize will be $1,500. Nelson and Hogsn, probably the finest golfers in the world today) of the quartet were seniors." Schedule Identical "Trap" Shot Costly Nelson said his approach shot in only one night a week at the start was due to transportation and player problems. He said Millard would be unable to enter the league under any other conditions but believed that It would be possible for the club to play twice a week after the season got under way. Yank Sign Levy For Firit Sack Job third baa but there Is a question whether hell hit. If Red Rolfe regains his health he will return to third and Prlddy may be shifted to first Otherwise, the Yanks to the trap on the 17th cost him the The deciding tally was a home run by Harlond CUft. Brownie third baseman, in the fourth Inning. Th victory. by an umpire. The two Bills, Wer-ber and Jurgea, are old enough to play for Casey Stengel at Boston. Hank Lieber has returned to the fold after a sojourn In Chicago and ha will work along with Master Mel and Rookie WU1 Marshall tn the outfield. Kay Berrea haa come tn to spell Harry Dannlng behind the plate. The pitching Is such to the grid schedule And one for '42: 1 was shooting at the pin, of victory gave the Browns an even came home tn a dead heat Sunday course, and break In the annual spring should have Nelson said. used "But look all aet- Ttght National Rae The National league promises another thrilling dog-eat-dog race among the champion Dodgers (re afternoon with scores of 280, forcing seven Iron." the Cards having taken the opener the play-off. Saturday, 7 to 2. town canst UUI abort losers and prefer to get It langhs In th theater rather than at th ball park. Ott wiU tide th Giant through 1942, but In ISO th players mast be laid on th Una. Wher will they eotn from? Well old Doe Oaenther Jntt write eat th preacrtptloa he decant try to fin It Needed Three Far Next fall's football srhedul for the Midland Warriors Include exactly th same teams played In exactly the same order aa last year. The only difference will be that this year1! home game will be played away and vice-versa." that 39-year-old Carl Hubbell Is Hogan finished his round first, Donald Chavatal two under par 70, and a glance at member those Beautiful Bums coming down the stretch last the Cardinal! and the Reds. The Cardinals have been established a slight betting favorite at the scoreboard showed that Lord Byron had three holes to go and needed only par on each for a 279 thought the eight Iron would get me there. As it was it lacked Just a yard of clearing the trap." Hogan closed a gap of eight strokes which separated him and Nelson at the halfway mark. The slender Texan, leading money winner of the year, shot a 87 on the third round Saturday to Nelson's par 72 and then made a 70 yesterday against Nelson's 73. Third place money of $800 went atlll the meal ticket and Fiddler BUI McOee may be the strongest Ban on the staff. It somewhat ef a shame that Master Mel most make his aiu-gerial debet ander discouraging conditions. His collection of knick-knaeka would command stiff price on the antique market If and the title. NEW YORK UP Rookie Ed Levy signs a contract with the New York Yankeea Monday and automatically becomes favored to open the season at first base Instead of Buddy Hassett. Levy's purchase from Kansas City of the American Association was consummated for cash and a player yesterday and Rookie Ken Sears, a catcher, and Alan Gettel, a pitcher, went to the Blues on option. The optioning of Sears make another freshman, Aaron Robinson, a 310 hitter with Kansas City last season, He did all right at the short 18th. getting on the green with hla Iron Descendant of two families which settled there only a generation ago are the S65 Inhabitant of the Bahama Island of Abaoo. 13-10, a shade under the Dodgers at 7-8. The Reds are 8-1 but must be rated a contender because of their tremendous pitching array. Brooklyn will battle the Giants In the National league's big game Hurt While Vaulting 0 MORSE BLUFF Donald Chavatal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Chavatal, suffered a fractured right arm while practicing pole vaultinf with other members of the Mors- Bluff high school track and field9 team. was taken to the office of Dr. J. C. Hubencher, who set the arm, and also was x-rayed In the office of Dr. Frederick in Nortb Bend. Brother Combination The brother combination track and football: "Virgil and Joy Knackstedt rere the only brother combination on Midland's 1941 unbeaten gridiron team. Both handled end or half-bark positions. Besides playing the same positions tn football they al-i to Paul Runyan, former P. O. A. ti and getting down In two putts. But his mistake came on the next hole. The 17th Is a 400-yard par four with aand traps In front of the green. Nelson's drive waa about 280 yards down the middle but his approach waa short and the ball land- tle-holder, with a total of 283 and of the day at the Polo Orounds before an expected 50,000. The two Sam Byrd, former baseball player, HEAD OF U. S. CIVILIAN DEFENSE carried off $500 for finishing fourth Dodger crlpplea, First Baseman Dolf Camllll and Second Baseman with 288. a surprise third-string catcher. Billy Herman, who have been nurs. 20 He heads U. S. HORIZONTAL A newer to Previous Puttl Civilian 11 Pictured US. 3 Ing back ailments, will be In the opening day lineup as will Argy 1 23 Type of metal Frosty slippto that cmsck VlUlifal, That was TUe pgkt Thing ay, FREoaes but 0 MAVI COMB ANYWAY ARS VOL) TAKJKJO Me JUGTTD sprrtr WHAT CAM YOU IN THERw just so 0 Vaughan, bought from Pittsburgn OUT 1 I DO ABOUT IT BALANCCf Vauahan wholl Play third, add! I CAM TAX VDO To lUkr OANce AND POP HIM ROUT IN TH? fF A rmIXw EF7 R'E ft; EMTwqE ft KB I.qW.a Ho I ki ri5 5im fastener. 25 Actors' part. 27 August FRECKLES 7 il 9 considerable authority to th Dodg TOO Mxwer tOU'R 6bcaus vtxras er batting order. MICXXg CP HI 29 Compass point SCHNOZZ I CUTE i i i i Th Cards will base their bid on speed, youth and pitching. They have th league's fastest club, Its 32 Deserve. 34 Comment. 10 Undented. Jl Long fish. Verbal. 14 Domesticate. 15 Low chirping note. 16 Ardor. 16 Tear. 19 Pair 21 Creek letter. IVORS' Nly 36 God of lov. vnunffitst and bow only to the Olbl 38 Substsnc formed by Reds In pitching strength, Three New Managers Mr 51 1 ININglRL- ZJE 1M eh Thre new managers make their RINI romuiuuun, HH 40 Music note. 41 Negative debut popular Mel Ott boas of 3 Myself. th New York OlanU, 60-year 01a iir 22 Article. 23 Theater sign (abbr. I 24 Symbol for Hana Lobert as pilot of the Phil 44 Fish eggs. 46 Grain. 47 Unit 48 For. lie and 34-year-old Lou Boudreau, erbium. youngest manager In major league 26 Print measur 49 Knot history, aa leader of the cieveiana Indian. Luk Sewell, who was appointed manager of the St. Louis NAWP AAISTAH MAJOR AIN'T MOME 'WELL TOO BMS THERE'S TWO Pi PCS IN IT'S BOTH TH AND NOW W'S 60T mrt ts a avtrtr1 a 42 Finish. 43 Ship's JalL 45 Type of chees. 48 In addition. 50 Vanity. 51 Winglike part 82 Australian bird. 84 Variation of Shu. 85 Pronoun. 86 Symbol for lithium. 87 Therefor. COAT WITH THE ME FLEW OPP SUDDEN tell whem them both take Browne last June 8, will begin his 4 Fasten by stitches, 5 Sheltered place. 6 Beverage. 7 Accomplish. 8 Anger. 9 Act of selling. 10 Suffering: 13 Tardy. 14 Snare. 15 Stepped on. 17 Appellation. 19 Compositor. WHUT SOU 6MBJ. ON VOUR LPS NISUT TEND A REUHlOU COME9 MOMS I first full year at the helm. COATS BUT THIS OTHER COAT IS TH' ONE PA USES OB DE HOOPLE FAMIW ST DE SOUP ABSENCE COST 52 Elisabeth (abbr). 53 Labels. SS Sick. 87 Primly neat 58 Hilly. VERTICAL 1 Leap. 2 Exist 27 Sour. 28 Enemy. 30 Scorch. 31 Otherwise. 33 Obtains, 35 Born. 37 Like. 19 Tiredness. 43 British Many new 'aces will be seen in PIPES WAS MAN (a ING OVER MV COAT ANDTHf STABUH COAT OVER MA'S THAT OUT OP VOUR, MOUTH ANPHAN0 THOSE ON THE BACK PORCH WHERE I'VE TOLD VOUR PATHES OM Dfi WAV BACK UE 25 WE WANTED TO GROOM TH HOUSE AN th major league lineups. A total of 79 rookies still remsln on major AM TO STOP AN SPEND TW HlNAtO 3UOSE A CLEAN TH MAYBS-. WE EACH SMEU TO SUMMER IN Siberia o. THOROUGHBRED, league rosters. Among the lead Ing candidates for the rookle-of DIFFERENT MEXICO AN OS PIG CONTEST DEM the-year award are John Peky, Red Sox shortstop; John Linden, Yankee Ditcher: Stan Musiai, Cardinal outfielder; Vernon Steh ens. Browns' shortstop; Bert Haas. Reds' third baseman; Les Fleming. Indiana' first baseman, and Wll-lard Marshall, Olant's outfielder I In th American league the two Sox. Red and White, appear to have the beat chance of heading off the Yankees In an upset. The if 1 17 aaaa- mm, imi mm -aa. 1 mrm tj. 37 38 40 141 4i 4T irjr 1 11 1 I I I 1 i Red Sox with Ted Williams, may surprise if their pitching measures up to expectations Long on power for years, the Red Sox now seem to have some semblance of a pitching staff. The Whit Sox. on th other hand, are loaded with pitching and can be a dangerous threat only If their hitting improves. 1-3 LSVERVTUlrJG t-i WRONG REDOES WELL Th clove tree Is a native of the Molucca Islands and Is cultivated extensively la th tropic. bdRN Thirty vearj too soon TO

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