Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 14, 1891 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1891
Page 11
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'^'"'^^y^^>^^,r^y^^f*« -W*SS?T^^^ a ** * * '-• -r v _j STANDARD GOODS Cleanfast Black Hosiery G. S. P. Double knee Hose for Children. Maqgiona Francesca Kid Gloves, E. and G. Black Corsets. Windsor Silk Umbrellas At the Corner Dry Goods Store. SCHMITT & HEFFLEY, GOLDEN RULE. REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES CJmiMuully Well Attended and OTncli Interest Delceatcw to Hie City Convention and Candidates 1'or the Council. Wise, Bridge, Mluthorii, Hadlcr and Truman Named. TRAVELING MEN, Please Take Notice I have Secured a Choice Line of G-ray Mixtures for Business Suits Just the Thing for the Road. Call and Examine Them. Besuectfully, JACOB HERZ to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. You [will find all the Latest Novelties in Spring Styles. Yours Truly, PlTCK. FACIAL BLEMISHES. *Tb. lirgtil eitmtliihm.nt In the world for iha trtat- n»t-of the ikln mdtcalp, tdeaia.raolel.w&ru^ > ,. bi,.red noip, rod v«ln», oily iklo, ftcoe, t>]&ckb"d» terbtn* Itch, Kfcri, pitting!, powder m&rki, facia] levelopraent, «tc. ConiullattoD Free, t.1 office or by , . /•ttor. 128-page Book on all Skin and Sculp Affec Uoui »nd th«lr Twunmt unl («al.d) for lOc, JOHN H. »wm»loloiirt, 1*5 W. 4*4 St., N.Y. City. For Sale tiy Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin and Scalp. Prepared by a Dermatologist with 20 years' oxneriance. Highly indorsed bj' the medical profession; unequaled as a remedy for eczema, scaldhead, oily skin, pimples, flesh worms, aglr complexion, etc. Indispensable as a toilet article, and a Bore prev»nt- ive of all diseases of the 0kin and scalp. At Druggists or by mail, Price BOc. ?FoIthe Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for $22.OO CASH. do"this to;make*room forthe finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL. 14. pro- Delesatott Take Notice. The place of holding the Republican City Convention has been changed by the committee from the Council Chamber to the new court room. Pearl Street. Tinware at the Bazaar. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure, eod&w Patronize Tailors 1 Union label. 4ml A girl wanted at the Chinese Laundry. aprOdSt For rent, three rooms. Inquire of J, Here. apr!2d3t Postal supplies at the Logansport Wall Paper Co. Plenty of onion sets and sweet potatoes, at Foley's. Confirmation suits in great variety at the Golden Kule. New dress goods, gloves and mitts, at the Trade Palace. If you want a nice spring dress, call at the Golden Eule. Room for rent over Harry Frank's store, Fourth street. Hon. Sidney Moon of Rochester, was in the city yesterday. Our 25-cent decorated cuspidores are immense.—The Bazaar. See the latest styles ic sash draperies, at H. Wiler & Go's. Spring jackets in all the newest styles, at the Golden Rule. California evaporated pears for 15 cents per pound, at Foley's. A 10-quart retinned dishpan for" 18 lents to-day, at the Bazaar. Broad toe, flat bottom, comfortable hoes, at Walker & Ranch's. The next regular K. of P. dance will be next Thursday evening. Musicale soiree at the Broadway 3 resbyterian Church, April 20th. Lovely new outside wraps, jackets and capes, at the busy Bee Hive. Remember the Bazaar is the only louse furnishing store in the city. Go to the Broadway Presbyterian Church, April 29—musicale soiree. For sale, a good family horse and urrey. Inquire at this office. a!2d3t Trimmings to match all the latest hades in dress goods.,—Golden Rule. ' The Bee Hive will be ready with nother special bargain in a day or wo. Attend the musicale soiree at the roadway Presbyterian Church, April Oth. Two dollars and forty cents for a hundred pounds of Monticello flour, at Foley's. Have just received a shipment of fine stationery at the Logansport Wall Paper Co. Jackets at prices to surprise. See the new novelties just opened at the Trade Palace. Homespun ail-wool camel hair, 39 cents, at the Bee Hive—20 cents per The Republican primaries last evening were better attended than any for years. The action was harmonious and enthusiastic. While several difficult and almost impossible contests were to be made no trouble was found in getting good men to make the fight and the Republicans' will be well pleased if success should favor them. The convention will meet at the new court room instead of.at the Council chamber. The following is the ceedings: FIRST \VAKD. Chairman, Alex. Barr; Secretary, Bert McMillen. For Councilman, James H. Wise was nominated by acclamation. E. C. Throekmorton was selected as committeeman for the 3d precinct. The following delegates were selected to the City Convention, Alex, Barr, Chas, Longwell, Geo. Barnes, John Beatty, W. S. Stalnaker, Arthur Finigan, E. C. Throckmorton, David R.^Miller, James Lara way, Reed Shuman, Wm. Carter, J. B. Kerlin. SECOND WAKIX W. T. Wilson, Chairman; W. S. Wright Secretary. J. C. Bridge was- nominated as a candidate for councilman by acclamation. George Gons.er was chosen as committeeman for the third precinct. The following delegates were chosen to the city convention: Dr.' J. Z. Powell, C. E. Taber, George Gonser, Charles Spry, Lewis E. May, George Barue?, Adam Penzel, Albert Hawkins, 0. J. Stouffer and Bert Weaver. THIRD M'AKD. Chairman, John B. Grover; Secretary, John B. Smith. W. D. Minthorn and Allen Lewis were placed in nomination for councilman. Mr. Minthorn received 11 votes, Mr. Allen 9. Delegates to the City Convention were selected as follows: W. C. Grindel, John B. Smith, Weldon Webster, John B, Grover, Michael Fornoff, jr., James Foley. FOURTH WARD. Q. A. Myers Chairman; S. B. Boyer Secretary. J. B. Winters and J. C. Hadley were placed in nomination for councilmoa and a good natured congest followed. Mr. Winters has been an efficient councilman for the past four years and his nomination was supposed to be a matter of course but some of his constituents desired a change and as a result Mr. Had ley was nominated on the fourth ballot the first three tieing at 23, 24 and 25. The last vote was Winters, 26; Hadley 28. The following delegates were selected to the city convention: D. H. Chase, A. W. Sterens, Solomon Wise, J. E. Barker, W. F. May, Rufus 'Livingston, J. G. Powell, Henry Stevens, Chas. Enyart, C. R. Green, Al Merritt, A. P. Jenks. FIFTH WAKD. Chairman, D: B. McConnell; Secretary, C. W. Graves; Assistant, Chas. Kerlin. For councilman L. L. Truman and N. R. Donaldson were placed in nomination the vote standing 33 to 29 in favor of Truman Chas. Lispenard, was chosen committeeman for the 4th precinct and John McCarty for the 5th. The following delegates to the City Convention were chosen: I. N. Crawford, Robt. T. Johnson, Henry Montfort, Thos. Austin, Chas. Lee, Wm. Hagenbuck, Jno. F. Long, Wm. Hilton, Jno,-.Blassingham, Ed Anderson, Patrick Dolan, Thos. Griffith, Samuel Bricker, Chas Les- penard, Jno. Hollering and L. L. Jacks. This Cut Represents Our New Styles of Spring Overcoats Which, for elegance of trimming and general make up cannot be surpassed and are equal to merchant tailor work. Ve have them in all shades, in Meltons, Kerseys, Cassimeres and Black Cheviots, prices range at $7., |9. ; $10 .and $12. We Guarantee Them To be fully 25 per cent below in price, from what others ask. Our line of childrens', school boys and men's suits are nearly all in. We will speak of them in our next advertisement. HARRY FRANK, One Price Clothier of Logansport and Delphi. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAXATION? Procure a Copy of the New Law at Wilson, Humphreys & Co.'s. yard under value. Forty yards straw matting, §3.20; cut in any quantity 8J cents per yard, at H. Wiler & Go's. Balls and bats free with boys and children's suits at the Bell Clothing House, 405 Market street. We show the best line of wall paper at 6Jc., 8c. and lOc. a double roll in the city.—-H. Wiler & Co. We have- a few. of McG-rath's best 3-pound can of table pears. We offer until sold, at 20 cents a can.—Foley. All members of the Iron Hall are requested to meet at their hall to-day at 1 o'clock to attend funeral of friend W. B. Lancaster. By order of Chief Justice. For sale ; _brick house of nine rooms, and thretTlots^with. fruit trees, or exchange nor small farm .in country. Address Charles Eight, box 187, Logansport, Ind. aprHd6taw4t A Meritorious Work. The canvas now being made in this city introducing the Americanized Encyclopaedia Britanica upon its merits is one possessing new and novel features which can not fail to secure the earnest attention of the limited number to whom the work is to be'offered for a short time prior .to placing it on sale in the regular channels of trade at prices far below any other work heretofore published towit: The complete set in handsome and durable bindings in cloth at $40; sheep at $50; half Morocco at $60, which is less than one-half the prices established on other works of this character making-it within the reach of every household. The liberal discounts made to place the work in the hands of a limited number throughout the entire country offer to the citizens of Logansport for a short time an opportunity to- secure this great work oa wonderfully advantageous terms which will be made known by the canvassers now calling upon our citizens. Don't forget that my prices are as lovv as the lowest and my stock all clean and new.—Geo. W. Lucy, Bell Clothing House, 405 Market street. Have You Found It? You every day need coffee. There are a dozen places to obtain it, but if the kind is right, perhaps the price is wrong. There is a place where every kind is kept and every price is right Have You Found It? Almost everyone drinks tea, and tea is costly. There is a place where every tea is carefully selected and purchased direct from the importers; when the 75 cent tea of elsewhere is sold at 50 cents. Have You Found It? Soap is an every day necessity. There is a place ' where seven 1 "".' ; 20oz. bars are given for a quarter. Where eleven kinds of" fish ,are kept, and twelve kinds of canned fruits and sixteen kinds of'dried. •' Have You Found It? Flour makes the staple of life, and everybody uses it. There is every kind of flour though, and the same brand is not uniform. There is a brand of the whitest flour in Logansport, and the best-^and it is Alvvays the whitest and Always the best—Yet it costs but' $2.45 per hundred. That brand is but up in pink sacksjand is called McCaff-, •. 'rey's "Snow Ball." : ' �� ; .'.,', Have You Found It? M. MeCaffery &M

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