The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1950
Page 2
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FACT TWO BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER », Tt» Natbn Today: It May Tak» Communists May Stall 4 Years Under New Anti-Subversive Act (Mi tor"« N<4c: Ttiit It ikt a« •> •«*4 W tm atulM FipUlalnc live t .,«r»*».«t'. >»M«n* ID tnrinj: the a*w *nU-C«mui«ni*t '>*.)"' ''-.'. ' *T JAMES MAS LOW WASHINGTON, Sept. 26. M>>— Here i* a step-by-step explanation of .why--under the new anil-Com- munist law—It may take the government years to make Communists register, If it ever can do so. In the first place, this law Is aimed at two groups: Communist "action" organizations and Communist ''front'* organizations. And the law itself explains what It means by both: 1. A Communist action organisa- tion i& one which Is directed and controlled by Moscow, as part of a world-wide Communist conspiracy, and secretly plans to overthrow the government by force. 2. : A Communist front is run by a Communist action organization. Although perhaps concealing 'its true purpose/and "may even have members who nol only are not Com- jnuniat but may be Innocent of its nature. -Who'. Goinr U Decide" But who's going to decide whether some organization Ls • CommunJai: action group or a Communist front? The Subversive Activities Control Board, a five-man board to be appointed by'the President. This board won't go out looking for Communists, it will decide whe- organization Is Communist "action** or "front" or neither only when-the attorney general— Complains to the board that some outfit la art action group (or front) and a*ks the board to order it to register as such. If he can prove his point, in the board's opinion, It will order the outfit, to register So much for the background. Now here's how it probably will work. The law say* all Communist ac * Uon or front organizations musl register within 30 dnys after this act became law over President Tru- man'a veto, which waj Saturday Sept. U. But—there's no penally I they don't. . And Saturday night Communls Party leaders said they won't regls Mr.: (If they did, they'd be admit. ting they were a Moscow tool) run by the Kremlin, plotting inli government's overthrow. Mr. Tru man aald asking Communists ti register and give information abou themselves ig as practical as asklni thleres to register with the sheriff. Attorney General'* Action When tne 30 daya are up and the} haven'i registered, the attorney general'ran, lor Instance, »sk the board--to ' declare the American to do »o Immediately? ttptml May B* Mail* No. It can appeal to tlie U. 8. Court of Appeals, asking the court to rule that the board's order. Is Illeiial and its decision wrong, If the, appeals court upholds the board, the Communists still can appeal to the supreme court. And all tills legal sparring might take three years at more. But If th« supreme court upholds the board and the appeals court, then the patty finally Is considered an action organization and must register. But— If the communist* still refuse to register, the government a't last can arrest them and put them on trial for refusing to register. That's not the end. If convicted, they can then appeal lo the U. S. Court of Appeals, It turned down there, they still can appeal to the Supreme Court. If Ihe Supreme Court turns them down, then they must go to Jail. But by this time maybe four years will have elapsed since Saturday, Sept. 23, Iflso, when this anticommunist law went Into effect. And—something else might happen: Suppose the Supreme Court upheld the board's order for the Communist Party lo register. As explained, If they then didn't register, the Communists could be arrested and tried. But— Suppose Just before the Supreme Court gave Its ruling, the parly suddenly dissolved and bobbed up under a new name. Would the Kovernment have to start the whole business all over again with the new party? Or would some U. S. court rtile that the new party wns really the old party? No one can give the answer to that one yet. But in 1940 when the Communist Party In Canada was outlawed it reappeared under another name and Is still doing business. WARNING OKI)K» The defendant, Ruby Joyce Motley, \f warned to appear In the Chancery Court, Chick**awb» Dl»- trict, Mississippi County, Arkunsas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, James B, Mosley, Witness my hand, u clerk of thU court, and the seal thereof, on this. 25 day of September, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Syku, D.O. Frank C. Oouglaa, ally, for plaintiff. , : • IM-10;3-10-IT M other) coffee has a flavor «A>\ quite So different.. . MOUNTAIN CROWN Iron or« «ttr*ct«<i th« first stt- :ler> to Morrutown, N. J., In 1710, i»y* the NiUonAl O*ogr«.phlo Society. 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