The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1049 BLYTHEVILLP <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELETEH taw-Baked Hash Balances Budget Beef and Rice Can Be Combined Easily For Flavor Treat When care and discretion con J'erniitg the food budget were tossed Lo the wind, retrenching time ha Pome. Making a 'little meat BO th I (hole trip Is vital during this re l.'upcratloii period. And of course I mowing how to use up every bl lit leftovers Is un Interesting man lier is worthwhile knowledge at a" |;lme. By linking a little left ove I)ot roast, the end of a steak or an3 hooked beet with riee to make bakc< Itiash, economy become.'; a plea'sur I Lost Is its savory goodness, yo I family will never suspect that I are saving money, I Ingredients II cup cooked while rice 11 cup chopped cooked beef 11 cup milk 12 tablespoons minced onion 12 tablespoons butter or margarine 11 teasixxm salt 1 egg I Pepper to taste I Fluffy White Riee Put 1 cup of white rice, 1 tea- I spoon salt and 2 cups cold water I In a two-quart saucepan. Cover with a tight-fitting lid. Set over a 'oo Many Spuds; School afetctia Cuts Price CLEVELAND, March 3. (K'l—Pa toes and gravy are only a nickel helping now In Cleveland public chool cafeterias. And the helpings •e bigger than those given at the d price of a dime. The board of Education announc. d it had pared ihe price of spuds i half Monday after receiving Its lilrd carload o( surplus potatoes rom the Department of Asricul ure. deflation Hits Zoo LONDON (If) — The London Zoo nov/ vahie^ its common frogs an toads at threepence apiece (liv cents). A year ago it put them at six pence. The shrinkage was disclosed in report oti the zoo's year-end slo^'k taking. This showed 0,331 birds, man mals, reptiles and fish worth 89 517 pound.'; (358.308 dollars). Included were a common hippo tamus and a black rhinoceros at .. 000 ixninds cacli ($8,000). Cheese, Fruit Go Well Together rate and tender. Makes approx mutely 3-H3 cups fluffy white vi Keep left-over cooked rice in a co ered bowl in refrigerator—you'" f i(, handy next lime you're in a hurry to fix a quick meal. Preparation Melt butter or margarine In a saucepan and add onion. Conk until hot"fiame"untii' it°bolls vigorously, the onion ^conies yellow and nans- Then reduce the heat as low as pos- parent. Add chopped beef cooked m i, lu t e s I rice and seasonings. Stir to heat I sible and simmer for 14 1 more. During this time the ioked Lima Beans jive New Sturdy }ne-Dish Meals Sturdy mid delirious one-dish leiilK save lime, energy and, usuul- moiiey. Lima lli-.ins with Sour Two cus« dried 8) hmu beans, rice [ will absorb the water and come out. deliclously tender. Remove the lid Ato permit the rice lo steam dry. ("Lift lice with a fork to test its con- i sistency. Never stir rice while cook- Jng—and the grains will be sepa- for about a minute. Add the egg, well beaten. Mix to blend. Turn Ihe hash into a shallow, greased baking dish and bake In a 350 degree oven for approximately 20 nlimllcs. This will make about four servings. Glass Can Add Table Glamour Too Assorted domestic cheeses, served with fruits, U a dessert treat. mild to very sharp flavored, aged Cheddar, or tansy Licderkranz. from the soft creamy cottage and cream cheese to the hard, dry Parmesan ype, used only for grating. Some .11-0 preferred Tor cooking, others are always served "ns h." In these days of piolcln problems, It will pay is one ol the most widely used foods in the world and may be served in countless ways from soup to dessert. Today more ami more Americans arc using it at the end of a meal with fruit. Remember this nutrition hint: Cheese is first-quality protein. "Something icw"—that is old, something 1 the part of the quotation that conies to mind .when we set our table for a waffle parly. Waffles, the epitome of modern food, and our shining, modern silverware provide the "something new" while the lazy Susan and the shimmering slender-throated glass bottles lend a dignified note of antiquity. Actually the glass bottles pictured here are replicas of an antique whose history dates back to the war of 1812. This bottle now comes to you as the brand new container for a well-known maple-flavored syrup which is back in plentiful supply once again. This sparkling glass bottle not only adds style to any table setting bu when empty serves as an orna merit as decorative as it is util itarian. Stack the plates hifih u-ilh vaffles and make sure there are seconds. For the combination of this popular maple-flavored syrup with waffles and Canad- an bacon will bring insistent cries for jnore, more, more! Dixie Waffles 2 cups sifted flour 2 l ,i teaspoons double-acting baking powder }« teaspoon salt 2 eggs, well beaten l',' a ciips milk 5 tablespoons salad oil or tnelleci shortening. Sift flour once, measure, add baking powder and salt, ond sift again. Combine eggs and milk. Add to flour mixture, nnd shortening, then mix only until smooth. Bake in hot waffle iron. Serve hot with maple-flavored syrup. Makes about five, 7-inch waffles. easpoons salt, 1-2 tcLi.sixwn dry mislard. l-'J cup rturk com .syrnp. poppiT, 1 cup sou crciun, 3 strS|\s baton. beans omnlBht. C<«k sliiw- y tllllll Kmler, mill 1 lnulo.s|X)Ol salt, 1-4 ti'jisixxm -mu.stard. Ui'ali and plaee hi a i;'d y-qiiart cas- crole. Add syrup, I tcu.s|xxm .sail 1-4 lons]X)OJi nm.slard nnd poppi) and mix well. Add (ho cream niu lay strlivi of bacon over beans, Cov cr. Hake for one hour in prehcutc< 315 degrees F. oven. Here's an inleieslhij: ton-inn dtsl ideal for tiervlni; with left-over meal. This, llk'e the above, Is from the HoJnc Kconomlw Institute: Romnnlau Potato Caki'r. vvllh Creamed Cooked Meal (.Series 0-8) Four Ol' 5 inrge raw jxitatoes (1 quart shredded), -I ITU*, .s!l(\hlly beaten, 1-1 cup eurk-hi'd our, 1--I tea.sviwn pejijn 1 )', 2 t\Mi.s- KKJII.S all, 2 tcas]>co!i.s bilking IKJW- er, 1-2 cup faiinu. cream ot wlieat similar cereal uuccxikcd, 1-4 cu ry bread cnuulxi, 1-3 cup render- l chicken lat or olhor subtlUite. Shred ixitiUoeji. Add CKKS, mixing loroughly. Mix di'y ingredients aud dd to Ihe ixjtulo-ci;g mixtute, Mt-lt at and ndrl. I\uir into c.reasi'd IILIII ixnit B inclK-.s by 10 hu'he.s and •.ike at 3^0 (U'ni'ci'.s F. ttJr t>nc hour. Cut Into squint's and serve with Emanuel P. Adler, Pioneer Printer, Dies in Davenport nAVENPOET, !»„ March 3. W>— Mmmicl Philip Adler, 7Ui prcsl- cnl of the Lee Group of Mldwrs- ern Newspapers since 1807, died it 6 a.m. yesterday. He hurt been 111 for several weeks. Adler—netvspnper publisher, bank- ni! official and civil leader—began ils cnrccr ns a $1 » week tppren- iri> printer on • German weekly. Ills life \vns full of contrasts. At JO lie WIIK a Iramp printer, traveling In box cars when he was penniless. Al 68 ho pledged hl» person «J fortun* to §t*m * bank panla. In 1B34 Adler frustrated an attempt, to kidnap him In Chicago. He warded off his nltiickera In a hotel corridor «ud escaped although ituimcd from blackjack blows. Adler wu * pioneer In Inter- *ltli understanding. Honored by how of hi* Jewish fnlth, he also w»s a director of the Y. M 0. A., a patron of » cathollo college find «n official of St. Luke's, an Episcopalian hotpltal. His last innjor civic effort was chairmanship ol the drive which raised (1,140,000 from St. Luke's, A ipeclw of South Amrritm WMp mixes earth and wood pulp to m*fc*~ ) nest with walla tolld as itonfc "I /* Creamed Cooked Meat. Crf»nifd Cooked Meat Two cups ground cooked beef, ' cii|v> isrnvy, 2 lableapoons mlnccc onion, a tnblesl>ooiis chopped giec Witter requires more heal to wnrn It and more cold to cool It thru any other common Mibstance. Practically &11 of the world's Julc comes from Indlii, , , Combine nil InGvedleiiU. Add «al iitl popper to la.ste. Therefore, when yon serve It as a dessert loocl, yon cnn reduce the amount of other proteins, such as meat or towl, served earlier in the Arrange your favorite cheeses at- Iniclively on a tray and serve with them a bowl of heautinil flint and cribli crackers—plain or toasted. That arrangement makes un Ideal dessert course or it can be used for rctreshmenls alter cards 01 lor any her evening gatliciing. Sliced pears or apples "dunked' a creatnj cheese spread is a vnrl- ion on the cheese-dessert theme Live each quarter, core, and ice his own pear or upple. Then ewe him a heaping mound of tlic mowing spread: Creamy Chcrsc Spread for Kruit One large package cr,eain cheese 7 ounces^, or 2 small ones, 1 tablespoon heavy cream lapproxi- mately), 1 tablespoon grated orange rind. 1-4 teaspoon salt. Work cream into cheese with a ork, add reasonings and whip with the fork until fluffy, adding a little more cream II necessary. "Dunk" lices of npplc 01 ripe pears into the mixture. In selecting cheese, remember that there are some 200 domestic varieties ranging from the very you to look over the array of domestic cheese at your neighborhood store. Get ncfiunlnted with unfamiliar varieties. They will often dc ight you. Poland Expects Boost In College Enrollments WARSAW, Poland HI')—Poland ministry of education expects a 2 percent boost in enrollment ol stu denU in colleges and univcrsilic. durlng I94D The ministry estimated resist™ lions would reach around 100,000 compared with the previous to post-war figure of 60,000. The rapid recostrnctnlon ot educational institutions damaged or destroyed during the war Is credited with steadily increasing facilities for expanded student enrollments. FOOD COSTS CLOVERLEAF ON r<DRY MILK sbi^s Dainty Dolly's SATURDAY SPECIAL PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY Dainty Dolly Sweet J. D.'s Meat Shop & 2123 Chickaiawba Phono 832 Phone 500 Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptom! el DJ»tr«« ArHlmfrom STOMACH ULCERS DUETO EXCESS ACID FrMBookT»H» of H«m«Tr«l» • ntlh.t Must Hilp or it WIN C.»t You Over tliro •1'nrATMr .>in'm<"iu; uillllon !)Otll<,.or tlic T Imve boon sold for relief n i]rilistrc»s»rUlnsftom*tom»ih When dls ot kidney function permit* ant Poor Dilution, lour or UpMt •t»m»c G»lln»>, H.»rtb«irr>. *lMpttl«n»««. • •Imito t.c.l. Add. Sold on IB rtMs lrJ Ask tor "Wllt«rd'« »•«••«•" whicil full •*ulaiuslUiB trtfnlinool — !«r i>ainR, loss of rep n ni Klits, swelling, (iiifli ht>n»fic):c5 and (JiizJnt pass^wcs with smnrtin timta ihows tiicre is « your kiiineys or VlaiM llon'tivaill Ask ytm Tills, a stimulant diur by iniilionB for , an'l Ijur mrtliiiig mnjf so rong ilnijjcEstfor Donn's ic, usoJ Bucccs^fully ycnra. Daan's give Imppy relief and will help tho 15 miles of Viilney tubes flush out nni-onoua waalo from your blood. Get Doan'a Pills. CITY DRUG CO. KIRBY CEttIO COMPANY KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. KIRBY HI-WAY ORUQ CO. OWEN REXALL DRUG CO. STEWART'S DRUG STORE WOODS DRUG STORE Armorel: ARMORKL DRUG CO. Liixora: PBTTY'6 PH^HMACY Dell: CAYCE'S PLACE RED HOT FOOD PRICES! Pure Pork SAUSAGE ----- Ib. 35c Delicious, tender PORK CHOPS - - - Ib. 49c For an inexpensive meal SMOKED JOWLS - - Ib. 25c Good grade SALT MEAT - - - - Ib. 29c 3 tall or 6 small cans PET MILK 37c 2 No. 2 cans GREEN BEANS 29c Tang, Snack, or PREM - - - - 12oz.tin43c Chocolate Covered Cherries CANDY - - - - 1lb.box59c Blue Tag SEED POTATOES-100 Ib. sack $4.29 Red Heart DOG FOOD - - - 2cans29c CITY SUPER MARKET 109 West Main 4 Deliveries Daily Call 2668

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