The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1950
Page 9
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FRTDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS f AGE NINE Agri Aviation Conference Set National Meet-ing Is Scheduled for Fort Worth Mar. 7-8 FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 3— Agricultural aviators— fliers who are engaged l» such activities as applying insecticides and defoliant.', s,.wir.g IcEumcs seeding range lands, etc—will wing their way from nil parts of the country for the National Agricultural Aviation Conference here next month. Approximately 300 persons Interested tn the agricultural phase of aviation, are expected for the meeting, March 7-8. These will Include farmers, as well as represen- tatii'tf "I DIP U.S. Department nf Agriculture, Civil Aeronautics Administration, National Agricultural Chemicals Association, laud grant colleges and agricultural aviation companies. Objective of the meeting Is (o make available to the persons using planes in agriculture, information which will help them in better servicing their customers. Latest minding* in aviation agricultural research will be discussed by experts from the government, educational agencies, trade associations and private companies. Legislation and regulation, research and education, Insect control, cotton defoliation, and dc- Jkiption of the various materials Willed from the air are among program subjects. Conferees also will see a demonstration of latest-type ecniipment and planes for applying agricultural chemicals nnd other materials. Many of these materials will be exhibited and explained. Included among program speakers will be: D. W. Rentzcll, civil Aeronautics administrator; Ernest Hart, president. National Agricultural Chemicals Association; Dr. S. A. Rohwer. assistant chief. Bureau of Entomology «nd Plant Quarantine; Dr. K. Starr Chester, supervisor, agricultural division. Battclle Memorial Institute; Claude L. Welch, director of production and marketing. National CotUm Council; Lea Hitchner, executive secretary, National Agricultural Chemicals Association; Dr. L. S. F.llis. dean and director, School of Agriculture, University of Arkansas; Dr. M. H. McVickcr. chief agronomist National Fertilizer Association: Dr. W. H. Tharp, senior physiologist, division of cotton and other fiber crops, USDA; and Arnold Nicholson, managing editor, Country Gentleman. :„- ... ,- ,:.. . Subititute for Plasma Is Madt from Gelatin NEW DELHI, India —yp)_ A gel• Hn preparation is being evolved in Indl. »s » substitute for the blood plasms In the treatment of pa- tlenta In need for blood transfusion. The rese»rch Is being done in the bio-chemistry section of the NattonU Chemical Laboratory in Pooni, south of Bombay. Pro!. J. \v. McBatn, director of •hi Institute, told newsmen recently that If It Is successful, the preparation W ill largely eliminate urgent calls on blood donors to treat cases of shock, burns and loss of blood. Trap Nests for Hens NEW YOJlK-W-Tmp nests, In wiucn a hen can enter alone but is unable to leave without help, are -widely used In the egg industry. Trapping a hen enables the owner to keep an accurate check not otilv- on the number of eggs she lays but "iso helps to keep closer track of f >-lay«r.,. Hens used in trap-ncst- usually bear leg-band Idcntifi- 'on numbers. The friction match was Invented in 1827 by John Walker, an English apothecary. How to Win in Garden Gamble with Jack Frost This tJ. S. Department of Aurlculln Chances of Dxinafe From Temperature is the most important limiting factor in all outdoor norliculturnl activities. Soil can be improved, water can be supplied artiflcally. But planters are at the mercy of the temperature. A key-day in the spring, wliich governs all operations, is the dale when In your locality it becomes relatively safe to set out tender plants. In other words, the frost- proof date. This does not mark the beginning of gardening, because seeds of hardy vegetables can be sown as soon as the ground has thawed out ami become dry enough to work. Tins is usually 30 days before the frost-proof date. .The term frost-proof, moreover, « hardly correct. The weather is too uncertain for that. There Is always the chance that in an exceptional year, a frost will occur long after the average lime and many tender things will be nipped. But some risk must always be accepted in gardening. On the basis of long experience, the \vealher bureau has prepared a map which divides the country into re Map Shows Dates on Which the Frost Arc Only One to Ten. zones, and established for each zone a date on which the chances 'are 10 to I against a killing trust occurring in the spring. The map accompanies this discussion. Look up jour location and talk to your gardening neighbors about their practice, »nd you will find it easy to d«cide on the dale to accept as safe from froit in your garden. Of course some years you may win with a long-shot and'ijet a crop from an early planting of • tender crop because of an exceptionally warm spring. If you want to figure' the odds against this kind of chanc. taking, you may estimate that Ihe risk of losing lender plants Is exactly doubled, when they are set out (Ut > e WeekS belor " lh * 'rost-prool There is nothing to be gained moreover, by taking this risk with plants which have been started indoors, since they may be lerlously injured by a hard frott which does not kill them, and always do best when they continue growing withoui a check. Pre-Martial Sex Relations Ban Hit by Professor NEW YORK. Feb. 3— <jT,~ Society's taboo against pre-marltal sex relations is causing untold harm, says Prof. George !>. Murdock, Yale University anthropoligi.'it. He appealed to Protestant clergymen to lead the way in helping to reform conventional opposition to pre-marital sex experiences. In the'history of western civilza- tiou, he SHiti.'the prot'estant clergy led "the first sexual reform of modern times" by wiping out the ban against marriage of ministers. Murdock said a world-wide study of 250 forms of society showed that 10 per cent permit sexual experimentation before marriage. Such relations, he said, would remove a major cause of divorce, lessen perversion, and provide a good basis for marriage. Aftirdock's views, voiced at the 37th annual meeting of the American Hygiene Association, were opposed sharply by some other speakers The Hev. William J. Otbbons, secretary of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, said sex would "mil wild" if prc-marital sex freedom were condoned. Subsequent adjustment to the stable patterns of married life would be difficult in such a situation, the priest said. Daffodils Honor Poet COCKEKMOUTH, England — M>i — "A host of golden daffodils" such as poet William Wordsworth wrote about is expected to blonm here for the century of his death April School children' plnnlcd more than 1.000 daffodil bulbs on vacant Innd overlooking the River Cocker In this Cumberland fishing village where Wordsworth was burn. Pennsylvania Governor Should Join Democrats Truman Tells Newsmen WASHINGTON. Feb. 3. (AP) — President Truman suggested yesterday that Republican Governor James Duff of Pennsylvania "Join the Democratic Party." The president made' the suggestion at a news conference when he was asked about Duff's proposals for a GOP policy statement. Among other things. Duff suggested that the Republican Party become hard-hitting and progressive and broad rather than exclusive. Giving reporters permission to quote his words, the president said he suggested "thai the Governor of Pennsylvania join the Democratic Party." And he added the "Democratic Pmty Is the sort of party he (Dtlff) described." Truman Says He's Pushing For Action on FEPC WASHINGTON, Feb. 3—<rtV- President Truman said yesterday he Is doing everything he can to get Congressional action on Fair Employment Practices Legislation (FB PC). That was his reply when « reporter asked at his news conference if he had any plans to get House Speaker Rayburn (D-Tei) to recognize Chairman Lesinskt ID- Mich) of the labor Committee to bring up the PEPC bill. Then he hinted that he has been putting some pressure on Rayburu. He said that if reporters could sit in on his weekly meetings with Congressional leaders they would kno» how hard he Is working to Bet FEPC action. An average of 10.000 sea! pells are taken each year from the Prib- ilof Islands. Organic Matter Essential to Spring Gardens MAGNOLIA, Feb. 1—In addition to fertilizer for that spring garden you'll begin preparing soon, you'll need to apply plenty of good organic matter. This Is the advice of Ijmm E. Golden, agronomist at State A&M College here. Good organic matter, Golden advises consists of manure, well-rot- led compost m'.ide of leaves ami other materials, leaf mold and other types of humus. Golden thinks of organic mutter as a "soil conditioner." It nets as a moisture-holding a«ent with the soil. In (he well-iirnineil snuffy soils it acts somewhat like a blotter tn holding plant food tn solution for a lonper period for the plants (o use. In heavy soils, organic matter prevents crusting and st!c,kiscss. In J-nur 1950 plans for a successful garden, plan |j nse organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers in the proper proportion, Golden advises. Missourian Requests Carload of Surplus Spuds ST JOSEPH, Mo.. Pel). 3-W)- nr. j. 'A. Gray, Atcliison County representative, yesterday nskert for a carload of Department of Agri- culiure-held potatoes. In a telegram to Secretary Brannan, Dr. Gray said: "I will accept one carload of p'n r , pol " tocs >'<"' «•""' t" clump, f.o.B. Atchison, Kas., via Burltn"- ton Railroad, transportation charges pledged, provided you permit me to gjv,, tllcm nwny tl . co l(j the poor people of this cotinly who lost their crops, including- spurts. by the Hoods from the corked-up Missouri River." Dr. Gray, a Republican and long time member of the legislature once s t a gcd a one-day sit down strike at the ciipilol to enforce a for a list of employes on the legislative payroll Size of Community Confusing Question LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 3-W)—Arkansas Public Service Commissioner Charles O. Wine asked a witness at n commission hearing about the size of Ben, a small community In southern Stone County. ' "Oh, there's 12 houses in holler- In' distance of the road; 10 are enough you could throw a rock at 'cm," was the reply. There were no further questions Five Babies in 33 Months is Record Of Chicago Couple CHICAGO. Feb. 3. fAP) — Mr and Ma. Joseph Bytmm of Highland, ind.. have had live babies within 33 months. Nat and Cecily, their nine day old twins, yesterday met Paul and Lloyd (a girl). 22 month old twins and Collie, their 33 month old iis- ter.-t .. -, . .-, Dynum is a 38 year old truck driver. His W jfe t ]jym , r )s 24 l.V THK D.VITKI) STATICS DISTRICT COIIKT KOK THK i-iASTKKN 1 DISTRICT or AHKAN'SAS JONKSHOKO DIVISION In Ihe mailer oi Earnest Horslcy, Bankrupt, In Bankruptcy No. B-2158 NOTICE OF FIRST MEETING OP CREDITORS To the creditors ot Earnest liorsle.y of Manila, Arkansas, a bankrupt: Notice is hereby given tint said Earnest Horsley lias heen dulv adjudged a bankrupt on a jietlHon filed by him on Jimuary 27 1(150, and that the first meeting of his creditors will be held at the office of the Hefmro In tho Pest- Office Hinldlng, Joneslmro. Arkansas on February 10, 1950, at ten o'clock a.m., at which place and time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims .appoint a trustee, appoint a committee of creditors, examine the bankrupt .and lian.sacl such other business as may properly cotne before said meeting. Dated at Little Rock, Ark., January 30. 1950. Lee Cazort, Referee In Bankruptcy. IN' THK I'liOHATK COUNT FOR TDK CHICK ASA WHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN TKE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF SOLON DAVIS, DECEASED NOTICE TO CREDITORS Last known address of the decedent, Hornersville, Missouri. Date of death. January 0, 1050. The undersigned was appointed Ancillary Administrator of the estate of Bolon,Davis, deceased: on the 1st day of February, 1950. All persons having claims aiiaiast the estate must exhibit them, duly ver- ilicd. within six (6) months of the date of the first publication ot this nolice, or the same will be forever barred and precluded from any benefit In the estate. Tlik notice first published the 3 day of February, 1950. George Davl.% Ancillary Administrator Holland and Taylor attorneys. 23-10 ARE YOU GAMBLING WITH UNNECESSARY DELAYS? Eliminate (he risk of lasl minulc delays. Take time —TODAY (o clicok over your farm equipment and see what has lo he done lo assure the best possible service during the coming season Tf your John Deere enuipmenl needs replacement parts, order (hem now. You'll be assured of gellinjr Genuine John Deere parls in plenty of lime lo put your cquip- mcnl in good working order. W it's reconditioning your tradiir or odtcr equipment needs, ynu'l) find our shop is well-equipped with np-fo-diile precision lonls to do good «»rk. Our shop is staffed by experienced mechanics wlio kmw how to do the work quickly nnd nt low cost. The Next Time You're in Town, Coime to Missco Implement Co. **.•••.. _ _ ^ South Highway 61 Phone 4434 fAST TO THf FIELD QUICK OH THf rUffJVS BACKS WTO COBMEftS b*cavs« Dearborn SPRING TOOTH HARROW To* don't have to carry this Jutrrrrw on a wa£nn «• rfrag M to the field. II can be attached to the K»rd Tractor in a minute or less. Lift the harrow hy Ford Tractor Hydraulic Touch Control and drive away /«*. Touch Central raises (he harrvw {or twnw, protecting graMe4 waterways, clearing lr»»h, «r hacking Mto corner*. The three-section mode! shown above tan be converted inU • two-sectM by aaeuu •{ a two- drawbar. The hi|r» r»rW\ iprinr teeth *n «r wved? trA, ftiej Wtp fct J W4. Tettk »r« w-TYlcv. We are anxioits to rei Vetter acquainted so we can Russell Phillips Trader Co., Inc. A,,T,K\ HARIHN, Manager Highway fil Soulh m.vlhcvitle RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. l.KACHVIT.T.K, ARK. J. A. DAVIS, IMgr. IN THK MISSISSIPPI COUNTV CHANCKKV COIIKT, ciitrkusaw- ba District. State of Arkansas Plaintiff vs, No. 11,205 (1915 Tax Suit) UeliHtuient Lands in Mississippi County - Chickasawba Ulst. County forfeited for non-payment, of taxes and sold to the State of Ar- knnsns Defendants N O T I O B Nolice Is hereby given Dint pur- innt to Act No, 119 of (lie Oenenil Assembly of the state of Arkansas of 1035, and amendments thereto, there has been tiled In the olfice of Ihe Clerk of Mississippi County Chancery Court the Complaint, of the State ot Arkansas lo tiulet and confirm In said Slate and-or redeemers, purchasers, donees and assigns, Hie title lo certain lands mentioned In said Complaint, and lying In the County of Mississippi and Slate of Arkansas. All persons who can set up iiny rlslit lo (lie lauds so forfeited nut! sold arc hereby \viinicd to appear in the Mississippi County Clmnccry Court at Hie May, 1DSO Term, alter the publication of tins nolice, lu-wlt oti the y> day of May. 1950, mid show cause, If any there lie. why the tllle to said forfeited lauds should not Ijo confirmed. Dieted and vested in the State of Arkansas nud-or redeemers, purchasers, donees nnd assigns in fee simple forever. The description of said lands and the nainr-s of the persons, firm or corporation lust, paying taxes thereon are as follows: St. '& u S *•= v u n c 'ri < :- T. ise II Kasl West Kml Sub. Dlv. Unknown g 4 \Vllson 1st Aildlllon Unknown i i Unknown 2 2 Town of Manila. M. L. Downing i M i 150- x 300' S\V Cor Lot 2 NW NU - Irregular, Original Survey Turner te Hosa Brown ... W',4 194 H 017 Turner A: Ilosa Ill-own ... K. \ 195 n 217 Witness my hnnd and sr-nl this the lit day of February. t'JJO. IIAHVKY MOIililS (Sen!) Clinnci'i-y Clerk IKR MU1J11V Attorney Cicnoiul. FRANCIS W. WILSON , Assistant Attorney General. 2,3-10-17-2-5-33-10 Coal Operators Plan Advertising Campaign WASHINGTON, Feb. 3-fjP)— Soft con! operators yesterday made pluns (or a imljonwlde adverllsing antl Infornmtlon cnmpalgn lo put Iwtore the public their side o( the I'oiil mining dispute. More than 100 com men attended a meeting to discuss the campaign. John. D. Rattle, executive vice pre.sUlonl or the National Coal As- Noclaltuii. i.ssned a statement aay- i"B the cnmpnlgn v.'ll! seek "the widest ijasslble puWla un<l«t5tand- Inu or piTjbieinn growing out, o( the citj-reiit conl ciilsls." rt is estimated that American slii|ipififr spent Jii.OOO.COO on radar equipment since the end of the war [is an aid to navigation. Township IS Nnrtli - Kai R. H, Young K. 150' S. 10' S'» Lot 21 SE n P«rson. I'irin or Vnrp. Last Lot 1.43 Tax. Taves 'I'hereon TOWN OF HI,V ; i : ilKvir,t".K Rravilej- Aililllloii nlly and Blot'li Cost Huful Allison .... 12 2 James Willis 15 3 Lucille Bci\l .. NU 25 2 Lucretla WDUI> S'.i 25 2 KIIRK Adtlillim Mrs. I. M. lieutley 5 4 Falrvicw Addition Jim Mndkin 5 j I.arrj- 4th AtlilHInn Henry Ijnve 57 Henry Lowe SB Henry Lowe 59 Larry 5lh Addition Eugene Sims 25 Eugene Sims 27 $1.43 1.4:< 1.43 1.J3 21.01 1,80 1.13 1.43 1.43 -FARMERS- When You Have Your Tractor Serviced INSPECT THE REPAIR SHOP And we cordially iuvilc you i () Inspccl (he cx- cellctil shop c((ul|uiibiil nvailnhle for servicing your traclor—resiirdlc-ss of make or model—at Jack Itnliin.snn Implement Co. DON'T LOOK OUTSIDE —LOOK INSIDE Jack Robinson East Main Implement Co. 'Your Genuine Ferguson Dealer" Blytherille This Little Piggy is Cute... .. but Care/ess/ The bank and the Piggy Bank arc alike because neither will refuse a deposit—no matter how small! But the comparison ends there. The bank offers the utmost in security to your savings. The Piggy Bank is merely a pretty ornament. Save to protect your future; start a Bank Savings Account, today. FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank in Mississippi County MEMBER: FKDKRAL RKSKKVK SYSTEM FKDEUAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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