Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 2, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1895
Page 2
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!w^!$?5'lt^ ' ' - ' ' " •'' '' •'"'"' " ''' '' • '•'•'• '• " ''"' ' ' ' -! ' '•' '' ' He Pots It Strongly. Bat He Simply Echoes the Thoughts of Thousand!. Tlicre i« tbo Ring of Truth and Sincerity in Hi» Words. And He Will be Believed by All WLo Bead What He Say*. The sincere words of truth is what the world wants. No one can read the following earnest words and oot be struck with their truthful feincerliy. W« have no doubt also that they echo what la in the minds and hearts of thousands Tbe younjj man who utt.erod them, Samuel W Thompson, is one of tbe brighter-1 and beat known of the many brlpbt younp men of Ablngton, Mass. "I thank God," bo said, "that at 1* at a cure ha» baon found for nervous dlaeasee. They are certainly the moat turnblo of all dioorderg, for they affect tbo mind and depress the spirits as well as weaken bad exhaust the body, "I was almost cruzy at times, I was BO nervous, weak, bleeplesa acd dla couraged. "I tried doctors and medicines, 'bat never found relief for more than a few dajs, and then the troubles would oomo on asraio worse than ever. been In my grave but for it. Raised M it were from tbe dead, and allre and well! Only thick of it, friends. "I hare gained ten pounds in weigh and am feeling strong and vigorous It It Indeed the remedy that oures, and I think it the king of all medicines. ; cannot express thanks enough for the wonderful good It hag done me." Mr. Thompson IB certainly an earnest believer In this wonderful dleoov. ery of Dr. Greene, Dr. Greene's Ner vura blood and nerve remedy, and he ban reason to be. Nervous diseases are tbe most terrible of affections and lead to insanity, paralysis, heart failure or complete nervous and ph) steal prostration. Whatever will cure nervous disorders and save people from theS9 awful results, Is the greatest discovery possible to be made. Tbls great lemedy does cure It doea give strength and vigor to the nerves and re&toree vitality to the blood and body. It cures, and this is axaotly wbat the people v/ant. And they especially want it at this season of the year, for this grand spring tonic and Invigorator is necessary if one would keep In perfect health. Dr. Greece, its discoverer, la the most successful specialist in curing all forms of nervous and chronic diseases His office la at 35 Weat 14th St., Nt-w York City, where he can be consulted without charge. Those* who cannot call at the office can have consultation by letter .free. CURRENT EVENTS. JIB, SAUUKL W. "Finally 1 neard of Dr. Groeoe'e Nervura blood and norva remedy, and J used it and now I am perfectly well Hpfaln. I owe It all to this wonderful medicine, and I say with all my heort, God blocs Or. Greeno'6 Nervura blood nod nervo remedy, for I wonld have The log cut on the St. Croix, in Wisconsin, for the season is estimated at •150,000,000 feet. Jlissouri Methodists propose to erect a statue of the late JBisliop Matthew Simpson in Chicago. It is expected that the legislature of Michigan will vote upon woman suffrage during the week. Mrs. C. Spaight Iverlo has left a legacy of ,902,000 to the Protestant Episcopal diocese of Maryland. A Memphis seed house will donate 10,000 packages of garden seeds to Nebraska drought sull'erers, Six stores and residences and a number of barns were burned ut '\Vonewoc, \Vis., entailing a loss of 5510,000. For the first time in. the history of Ohio women are to be permitted to vote for members o£ school boards. Silver City, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wis., wa.s visited by f.ro which destroyed property worth S23,000. Tho smallpox record for the winter in the United States cities shows Milwaukee, Wis., to have sulfered the most. Chris Scott, a German coal miner, ivas crushed by slate in the mines at Taylorsvillc, 111., dying a few hours THE UOOCHOO ISLANDS. When the Women Are in the and Do tbe Harden Work. These islands are situated in a southwest direction from the province oJ Satsuma at a distance of about five hundred miles; the group consists of several large • islands and many outlying small islands. The largest of all is popularly known as liondo, its en? cumferance being about two hundred miles. The natives are roushly numbered at ten thousand, and the number of Japanese residing there is only three hundred. The women are supposed to outnumber the men, the sexes being prosent in the ratio of about five to four. As the potato is their common food, men and women spend much of their time in its •cultivation, this and sujjarmnking being their chief pursuits. Tli'j average annual production of sugar is estimated at forty million casks, each containing about one hundred pounds. Weaving, 'lacquer working and distilling a liquor called "awaraori" must also be named as industries. The materials for making lacquer wires, however, come from Japan; the warm temperature of the islands has much to do with producing a specially bright color. As a rule with uncivilized communities, the women do the hardest work, and they are seen carrying large baskets full of fish on their heads, and barefooted. Itomen, which is the only fishery in the islands, produces all the fish, needed; the men engage in fishing, aud the women hawk the catches about the 'treets or dispose of them at fish mar- tets, Carrying the baskets ou their leads, their faces and necks are soon sainted red with fish blood. They carelessly wipe it away from their eyes and noses with their sleeves, and they quickly become indescribably dirty and intolerably repugnant. But the dirtier they become with fish blood the prounder and happier they look. The women are said to be usually stronger and larger than the men. When at work they are not at all likely to be passed by unnoticed. • The natives are very dull and stubborn; but they are very polite externally. The males and females alike have dressed their hair up into round queues which they ornament with hair pins made of metal. Formerly distinctions something like Indian castes were signified by pins, nobles wearing only gold ones, the next caste silver ones, and so on with other inferior metals. But since the islands were put under the Japanese government the caste system has been abolished, although the custom lingers on among them. In Shuri, the capital, and in Uaha, the second city, morality is not kept on a high level. One very curious custom condemns a newly-married man to leave his bride for some days and to spend his time in a house of ill repute. There is DO written language, and so there are no authentic records of their history. It is supposed that Shunten- wo or King Shunten, son of Minamoto Nervous People should realize thit the only true ind penn*nent cure (or their condition ii to b* found in hiring Pure Blood Becauie.the health of ererj organ and tiiaua of the body dep«nd» upon the purity of the blood. The whole world knowi the itandard blood purifier if Hood's Sarsaparilla And therefore it IB the Onlytrueand reliable medicine for nervoui people. It moke* the blood pare and healthy, and thus caret nervouincii, makes the nerves firm nnd»trong,(rivei sweet natural sleep, mental vigor, a good appetite, perfect digestion. It does all this, and cures Scrofula, Eczema or Salt Bheum, and all other blood diieases. Dtllc easyto buy. easy to take, 1 r I11S easy In effect. 20c. uafoetoiiio, a lamons nrcner 01 japan, who flourished in the reign of the Emperor Toba about one thousand years -o, was banished to these islands, married :i nittive woman theve, subdued the natives and \viis made their king-. The natives, it is thought, emigrated from Japan, but their language isqnitc different from .lapane.se. Some authorities think they came from China, and numbers of them are said to have pone back secretly to China. They have really uo religion beyond a kind of ancestral worship. They have a very strange custom of worshipping the dead bones every three years, and they spend a great deal of money in keeping their tombs clean and magnificent all the time; it is said that they spend most of their incomes on the tombs. Buddhism and Christianity have been introduced, the former about thirty years ago and the latter later. Both have gained a few converts, lint natives are peculiarly averse to educa- YOUNG MOTHERS .... We Offer You a Remedy Which Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Child. "MOTHER'S " 0 ^ Confinement ___ TT -«L T ,-^,1 of its Pain, Horror FRIEND and Risk. Aftor uiln? ono bottlo of "MOTHERS' FIUEND" I suffered but llttlo pain, and did not experience that weakness afterward, niual la »«oh cases.—J1B3. ASMS GAGE, Baxter Sprlnzs, Kan. Sen.*, by Mnll or Exprosn, on receipt of price, fl uer bottlv, Book: to JIotluM-si mailed Fmo. Sold by ull Drucclsti. BKADKIELD RECmATOH CO., AtlanU, On. tion, and, th.oug-li there are a groat many government schools, very few have over attended them. Special inducements, even money awards, have been oSered to get them to school, but still they will not enter. Some fifty thousand yen lire expended annually at present "in educational experiments in the islands.— Hyogo News. A LESSON IN ECONOMY. The Victim of » t*>mb!n*UoD of Mlifor- tun«t Itlolce* a JDUcoTtry. He was before the police judg« for being drunk and disorderly and resisting an officer. As a result of this resistance he bore several marks ol the arresting 1 officer's club, "As this is your first appearance here." said the judge, after ho had heard the story, "I'll fine you ten dollars and costs." "May I explain the situation slightly, your honor?" inquired the prisoner. "Be quick about it and you may," consented the judfre. "Wei!, your honor, you see it was this way: My wife objected to me with a stove lid, and did it so emphatically that I had to fro to the drug- store for repairs. They ffave me something- of a stimulating' character to restore my broken spirit, and before I g-ot back home I guess it must have struck in on me, for when I met the policeman I was feelinfr like tbe strong man m the circus and tried to five the oificer an imitation of .Ajax defying the Jijfht- nir.<r, or some other of them old classics. I disrcmcmbcr just which now, and the lirst thing I knew he was as- saultinfr m\i with his club. P'raps I resisted. I wouldn't say I didu't, but if I did it was not in the leg-ill sense. I did it as 0:10 man to another, and not because he was au officer, because I wasn't in a condition to tell a policeman from a highway robber, and, he- sides, I had a sort of an idea I pot back home, and it was rny wife; see?" "I think I do," said the judge, "and in view of your explanation I'll remit the costs and make it ten dollars straight." "Is that the best you can do, your "honor?" inquired the prisoner as he moved over toward the clerk's desk to get his pock^tbook. "Pay yonr fine," commanded the judprc sternly. "I'm going to, your honor, but I want to say that hereafter I'm not going to take my cases to the courts. That officer hit me four times, and I've got the bumps with me to prove it; I've got to pay ten dollars for them; that's two dollars and a half apiece, and my wife | will hammer mo all day for nothing 1 ; ! there's your ten dollars; and that's : what a man pets for thinking what he gets at home isn't good enough for I him."—Detroit Free Press. KNOW Brings comfort and Improvement and Sends to personal enjoyment when dghtly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, t^ more promptly adapting die 'world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to tsalth of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in tbe remedy, Syrup of Figs. ' Its excellence is due to its presenting js the form most acceptable and pleas- fuit to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- itive; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers s.nd permanently.curing constipation. it has given satisfaction to millions and •not Titli (the approval of the mcdicaJ profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without \TC:IK ining them and it is perfectly free from ?^ery objectionable substance. Syrup of Fics is for sale by all druggists in oOc nucf $1 bottles, br.t it is renn- ijfactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syvup of Figs, ind being w?ll informed, yon will not Accept any substitute if oflenx^ l.'oalli of Viscount IIin. Loxixxv, April 1.—Viscount Hill is dead. His son and heir, Charles Rowland Hill, is uo\v in the United States. TACOMA, Wash., April 1. — Misses Anna K. Wells, Eugenie Armstrong- and Majrgie Farrelly, of Elleusburg, Wash., left here to seek their fortunes in the gold fields of Alaska. The young women were school-teachers. I'riKou for Life. LONDON, April 1.—A dispatch from Tokio to The Central News says that Koyama, the young Japanese who shot I-ii Hung Chang, .the Chinese viceroy, lias been sentenced to imprisonment for life at, hard labor. The Stronitbold of Health Is soon carried by (lie usir.uHs of mahirla, tut If Hoftetter's Stomach Blttor* 18 emplojed as a bnl- wark against tbe (disease, absolute safety Is attained. Tl»e most virulent forms of disease bred by iiilaama. tainted olr snd wnter. goon TieW to the creative and-conibatlve tr.flucnce of this ellc- lent finfpguard, wlilcli rortlflcs the system asno olbep medicine up to dnte has ever done. It conn tracts a tendency to rheumatism, neuralgia and kidney computing overcenirs lodlceailon, nervo»«ncss. constlpailon and liver troubles, Improve« tlie nppellte nnd promotes digestion. Taking for nil In all. It Is probably tbe inostnsa- ful family remedy In existence, tno Is popular us well as effective. Use It systematically, not et Irregular Intervals. STATE OF INDIANA, CASS COUNTY, ss: Mr. M. Shoenfiel(£ manager of the N. Y. B, Co. appeared this day before me, a Justice of the Peace of the above State and County, and being duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that the foregoing letter is an exact copy of the letter received from H. Sehoenfield, Philadelphia, Pa,, Proprietor N. Y. B. Co. M. Shoenfield. I SEAL.} Geo. W. Fender, Justice of the Peace; Mr. M. SHONFIELD, Manop;or of N. Y. B. Co., Logansporr,. Dear Sir:—[ have bought today, tbe whole stock of I. Broe^raan & Son, of this city at 30o on the dollar. One half of the purchase amounting to r$31,000, I have shipped by fast freight to Logaruport, so iuangurate a big sale at once. You can sell the goods at 23o on the dollar. This will allow us 3 per cent and at the same time this will give you a chance to sell first-class merchandise to the people of Cass county at such ridiculously low prices that -will make the N. Y. B. Co. known, and get you the trade of the whole county. Respectfully Yours, BERMAX ScnoKXKiELD. THE ABOVE TELLS THE TALE! 1 *• THIS SLAUGHTER OF PRICES UNPARALLELED! * Never equaled before, never equaled again. Note these Telling, Daring Low Prices: A gentleman's fine Dress Suit, worth $18, $20 $5 73 A workingraan's suit, worth f 12 and $15 at $4.98 A nice suit, worth $10 at '. $2.98 Boy's and Children's suits at these same low prices Men's working pants worth $1.50 .; 59 cents Men's hats worth $1.50, $2 and $2 50 at. 33 cents Men's underwesr. woith 75c and $1 at 19 cents Men's heavy bJue overalls worth 50c and 75c at 29 cents Odd coats for boys, ages 14 to 19, worth $1.50, 82, $2 50 and $3,... .48 cents This Sale Starts Friday, March 29th, and Continues Until the Stock is Sold! The New York 324 Fourth Street, Loganspor t, Indiana. . Y

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