The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1950
Page 8
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•AGB EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWT MONDAY, SEPTEMBER; IB, 1»M Notion Todays Getting Communists R»gitt»red — 3M\ Administration of Anti-Subversive jSv/r— ' 'O 1933-1942 /.aw May Require 3 or 4 Years '"' Not': Thk U Ihf first • of two storiw «pli!nbi|t (he «ov- trri«*nr» problrmi in trying U | f fi Cemmunlsls MfWertd uniJtr ' th« MIT >R(l-Communli4 law.) • ' By JAMES'MARUW ' WASHINGTON. Cept. 25. (AP) — Under th« anti-Communist law—it " became law Saturday—Communist* «re supposed to register with the «government. They are supposed to do that within 30 days from Sept. 23. But - leaders of the Conununlst Party •said Saturday night they will re•fuse to register. - Can they—at the end of the 30 1 days or In fact any other time— be jailed or fined or punished in any "way for refusing to register within ! 30 days of Sept. 23? No. They not only cannot- be punished for this refusal, b'nt they can-, ''not be arrested or even questioned about it. Is the government then t 'helpless to make the Communists 'reai.sUr at all? ' No. Under the new law—once the 30 days are up and the conimu- - nlst.s ' haven't registered—there Is illegal machinery the government can use to make them rcgUler. It cnlls for findings by a new subvert sive Activities Control Board, re- viewable by the courts. , No Trial Kraili«l - But—tills doesn't mean the gov- •', ernment puts the Communists on "trial for refusing to register. It - means only that the government uses legal machinery to ffcrce them to register. If at the end of all that the Communists still refused, they could bo STORE MANAGER—Maurice Wiley, (above), formerly of Memphis, is the new manager of Kitzpatrick's Jewelry store. I'll West Main. He succeeded Jimmy Gill as manager. iiiuui^>v£> jviii »t»i-'»«, v>"-j _>."»*.» ~ | -i ne vjijiYcrsii arrested and tried for refusing. And J f a i[ en j n jj ne U. of A. to Feel Economy Pinch; Budget is Cut LITTLE ROCK, Sepl. 25. (/T>— University of Arkansas has that would mean a trial nnd long court fight. So allofffther U may -be Ihre* or'four years before any Commu- nl*t cniiltt h« *pn( lo Ihe penti- j • : , tenllary for refusing to register :. •'nnirter' the act which ,be«am« law , Saturday when Congress overrode President Truman's velo, . , All this means something else, I. too: . -. V ; t--- The new. law says that Conirmi- V-nisLs and members of the Comimi- -V'nlst' front organizations can't work for the government and that Com- t muiilxts - can't work ... in defence -'plants.' ~; •' . '*' : . It says further that Communists "'and Communist fronters can't put but propaganda—by, mail, radio or f - 'television—without' distinctly label/ Ing it as coming from Communists. ;-.•'•: Violators M»y Be Jallwt !« And the law says that anyone riolating these orders can be Jailed and .fined. But— • . None o| th!<r applies until lh« i rcrrernment has Rone through the i legal BftMhinerr mentioned above, ; Ko, nniH all j 'th»t \s finished^: C xnayl»« three 'or four years from won't be possible to pnn- !i tah any CommunKi whn m*y :' work for the government, or in a • defense plant, or who may put t «nt propaganda without a Comi mnnht l»hH. ' If you read the law you could 1 »<« why th« Coimnutiisls would \ not register under Ibis taw. ; The law says there Is a world. wide con-spiracy of communism to take over every country, it says -'this conspiracy is directed by a ;• "foreign power," meaning Russia. • This foreign power, the law says, •"sets lip "action organizations" in , various countries to help carry out \ the world-wide conspiracy. And— it says these' faction organizations : are controlled by the foreign pow- • r In,turn, the 3aw goes on,-these * Communist "'action" organizations i set up Communist "front' 1 organi^a- * tions to help carry out their plans. S Differences l>efinert 5 (The difference between a Coni£ munlst action organization am! a 4 Gommuntst front—winder the defi- i nitlon given by "the new law—is ; thte: i 1) Action organization—, it's see's retly planning forceful overthrow ^ of a government, and directed anc > controlled by the foreign power 2 2) Communist front—. This 1 controlled by the action organiza- ' tion, to help carry out its plans t but may have members who are *" innocent of its rea\ purposes, * ..(So with the new law the haste f difference between the two is this; f a Communist action organization * is made up ol Communists; a front 5 outfit is really run by Communists J hut may have non-Communist 1 cmber.s or even members who don't •) know it's tied up with Communists J at all.) « The Commvinlst Party in the 2 United States is made up envivc.y £ of Communists. But if the party f members stepped up nnd registered J B-S an "action organization" they Governor McMath's state economy ' pro gran v The university's trustees, meeting icre Saturday, authorized budget eductions totaling $253,500. The board also: Authorized its assistant comptrol- er to handle funds of the Ra?x>r- back Club, Accepted an annual Journalism icholarship fund from the Fnyettc- ,'llle Northwest- Arkansas Times. Authorized its Buildings and Grounds Committee lo advertise ant! approve sale of bauds for caiisUiic- .ion of the Lnmbda Chi Alpha fra- ,ernityihouse. Approved alteration mid repair work at the graduate center at Little Rock at :i cost of about $30,000. Approved Dr. Hayden C, Nichol- an's appointment as dean of the rneriicnl school. ' Attlee Replies 'No to Idea Of'SOEIection I.ONtXDN, Sept. 25. OF) —'Prime Minister Clement Attlee has replied with a firm "no" to demnnds raised n some sections o( the Labor Parly for another general election this year. A source close to No. lo Downing Street said nothing short o! n parliamentary defeat for Attlee would bring elections In Britain before 1951. This Informant said [he final decision rests with the prime minister and Attlee prefers to hang'on with his paper majority of seven In the House Of Commons, particularly in view of the unsettled Internationa situation. A group of leriwlng Labor supporters have been reported advocating an early election with the hope of Improving Labor's majority The Conservative opposition press has freely predicted an election this yea r Party leaders said today they ex pected no disciplinary action against Labor member of common R.VV. G. MacKay, who publicly East German Purge Begun Communists Launch Sweep off Western 'Gangsters', Spies BERLIN, Sent. 25. M>-Communist-controlled East Germany was ushered Into the Soviet satellite circle yesterday and marked the vent by launching a purge of spies nd "Western ogenls." East Germany'has been working er way I n t o the Soviet orbit hrough a series of treaties with 'oland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary ml Romania. Yesterday the, of iclal Soviet newspaper Taegllche cimsrhau formalized Ihe union by nnounclng the East German state ad joined "the mighty JKBCC front icadrd by the Soviet Onion." There have been recent hints that Russia may soon 'grant a separate eace to.East Germany. The three Vestern Allies _ France, Britain nd the united States—have an- .ouncert plans for ending the state f war with Die government they ponxored in West Germany. "Hoot Out Gangsters" Runschau said the new purge nust bo, stepped up to "root hose (Western) gangsters—these ncmles of our Democratic repub Ic." The paper said the chief aim f the "gangsters" Is to wreck the •tost German economy and torpedo he Oct. 15 elections. The Communists have assured hemselves of victory in the elec- ions by controlling 70 per cen >f the places on the "no couest' rallot." Wave of Trials Reported A wave of new arrests and trials i'as reported at various points In he Russian one. In Prina, Sax >ny. five industrial technician were sentenced to jail terms of up 10 years on sabotage charges Other defendants faced trial to lleged anti-Red activity In Leipzig 3orna In Saxony, and In Eas Berlin. h Western observers sain the new Irive against sabotage was part o a Communist scheme to steam u an apathetic electorate and to car y out extensive purges In Indus try, agriculture and political life. would be admitting: 1) That they were directed am controlled by Moscow. 2) That they were really plot ting to overthrow this governmen by force. With the Courts Jhjtncery: Ruth Virginia Walker Walker, suit fir divorce. Only about 70 per cent of egg placed in commercial Incubator latch out. according to the U. S Agriculture Department. Annapolis, Md., is laid out like wheel, with the state capital In th center. accused .tjie British government lOtagingr-Biiropeati cooperation b rcfusinK;-to:-Joln In the Schuma coal-steel pla'ri. l«#f Truck lit Yfrtck N««r Drnw About .$8,000 damage wax dont lo b««r truck Saturday when It o«rturned south of Drivel-, Stale Trooper Don Walker said today. The 24-year-old truck driver, B. H. Copeland of Long view, Tex., told Trooper Walker that the accident happened when he met a Lruclc acro.w the center line and nulled over to avoid a collision. He said he dropped oil i ledge near nn Intersecting gravel road and control of his tractor-trailer in swerving back to the highway. The truck belonged to Oallobb Distributing Company of. Longvlew. Deputy Sheriff Dave Young assisted Trooper Walker with the investigation. No charges were filed. FEMALE COMPUINTS Art you troubled by rilitreM of femat* functional periodic dlsttirly- ances? Doe* Ihl* make you surter from p*ln, feel *a n«rt>ott>, tired — »t anch tlm«c? Then DO try LydU, E. Plnltlmm'j Vegetable Compound to r«U«v« inch *ymjit«mK. Flnfcham's has A grand *uolhlng effect on one of toorruin'J most important" organst 100 1941 1950 1942 U. S. PRODUCTION PICTURE—The Newschnrt above shows how U, S. output grew in the early years of World War II and how it stands now In certain industries. The broken line on each chart traces the rise in production from peacetime 1939 io full war production in 1942. A comparison with the output in the same industries from 1948-1950 (shown by solid line) gives a £alr picture of our present production potential for all-out defense. Most seiv- sational expansion in World War II was in shipbuilding and aircraft production—industries which, until recent expansion brought about by the Korean \vnr, bad declined in production. Data are from the National Industrial Conference Beard. - Allied Forces Battle To Find Good Defense From Air Superiority SENNELAGER. Germany. Sepl. 25. OPj—Allied ground and air forces engaged In a. vast practice battle today .to find a defense—If there Is one—against a theoretically superior air force. "' The ground-air conflict was the first major phase Mn autumn maneuvers which began yesterday. Tactics were based on allied'mili- tary belief that any attack against Western Europe would be backed by ah air fleet far larger than anything the Westerners could at first put in the skies. On the ground today were two British occupation divisions, a Belgian and a Danish brigade and an American battalion. Harassing them from the air were the Royal Air Force's second group and two naval air squadrons. f V» am - m - n \ Syrup of Slack Draught! Not as amazing as it may seem, because R young child knows that it is good. Children never mini! taking Synip of Black-Draught when a laxative \& needed to aid elimination. Syrup of Black-Draught has a spicy flavor! It's pure! It's scientifically prepared from the finest imported herbs known for centuries for laxative use. Syrup of Black-Draught Is Increasing: Its popularity steadily. So, do as others rto when youngsters aro crying, fretful nnd out-of-sorts because they need a laxative, give Syrup of Black- Draucht. You will he satisfied .with the positive, plensant results. Remember, for grown-up. 1 !, Black-Draught Is sold In powdered or granulated form; costs less thnn one cent a dose. You can always get Black-Draught at the dealer's nenrcst you. UKI'T L £"H SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT Were Among Hosts Included among the Mississippi County delegates to the state Democratic Convention who ~ were ho=i to Gov. and Mrs. Sid McMath at a dinner in Little Rock Thursday night were Mr. anti Mrs.-E. C. Fie em an of Manila and Faber White of Osceola, Their names were inadvertently omitted from a report given the Courier News Saturday on the dinrier. '•- Kansas City was known the "gateway Vo the vest" during -the golcirush days and later. ':'-'• -Announcing OUR FIRST PUREBRED I When Acid Indigestion, | Poor Appetite Leave You : TIPFH WEAK • 11 REV RUNDOWN X S.S.S. Tonit Helpt Stomach t Digest food-Kettoret Appetite i If you worry about a bothersome ilom- - "eh, or»u!Tcrfroni nervous indication— { >l you fw\ yo\u food docs you no good — f here u thousands hnvt done for I generations: they l.ikcS.S.S. to help the ! itomach mpply vitnl digestive juices J Food digceU better und you may «pccl i locntbcllcr.fcelbolter.Tlicverylirsldoso 1 of S.S.S. introduces you to the grand t warming comfort that million* enjoy I OKIT S.S.S. Clv.i T« UJi JpetJ.I I Stimflttiff, 3tft**tlm,t, f tdit, J S.S.S. forraulfl, distilled from natural • m«dicint« of field »nd forwt uhitt they i trefrtfkt _h"8 nevfr been excelled. S.S.S. j toe* Almight to work whfre stomnch » *T«kne» often begins, gives blessed 1 relief from non-organic stomach ail- l, menta. Ask ntjiny drug store for ROC HOG SALE Thursday Night, September 28,1950 /,. 7:30 P.M. '**« I" Featuring • 25 SPRING BOARS • 25 OPEN GILTS • 10 SOWS WITH LITTERS JONESWAY FARMS KENNETT, MISSOURI » •ial« (o be held at Farm l'/a wile-s Southwetrt of K«nnttl on Highway 25 Mrs. Delores Brown, who was surlcring from a dcflclcncy-ot Vitamins Bl, B2, Iron, mid J^iaciii, 1628 Central Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, says she wants to congratulate those folks who read this who are feeling first rate—hut she has a word ol advici, for those folks who are feeling miserable. Her advice Is "take HADA- COL," If you want to feel as gooc as she noes if they are suffering from such deficiencies. Here Is Mrs. Brown's own statement on how HADACOL helped her by relieving such deficiencies "Before I Varied taking HADA- COL .1 had Indigestion very bad Sometimes t would not go to sleep »l all during the night, and if I ; tiid it was only for a couple of hours j When I did sleep I got very little rest. I had Just nlioiit given «p hope —I had ulcii so many, many things and nothing helped me. Then on .day I heard how other folks were i being helped by the blessings o | HADACOL nnd after the first few bottles I noticed an Improvement Now I have no more indigestion The best thing that HADACOL ha: done for me Is that I sleep all nigh long—nnd when I awake in thi morning I know I've rested. I Jus can't praise HADACOL enough." "Wonderful" Describes Ihe Way HADACOL. has helped thousands o folks whose systems were dcficlen In Vitamins 111, B2, Iron, and Nia cln. HADACOL. can give yon help loo. If you will Jusl give HADACOL a ehnnce—If you snfler from slom ach distress, indigestion or Insom nla, constipation, aches and pain of neuritis of a general run-down condition, caused by such dencien clcs, let HADACOL help yon as 1 hns helped others nil over the conn Iry. Even hundreds of doctors recommending HAUACOL to thei patienU who arc suffering fron such deficiencies. Give, remarkable HADACOL chance to help you. Remembe yovi have nothing to lose. HADA COL will make yon feel Erest atle the first fe.w boUics yovt lake, your money will be refunded. Onl SI.25 for Trial Size, Large Famil or Hospital Si/». $3J:0. I llO«. '• ' "'' MOM! MY COID NEEDS DEEP-ACTION relief from coughs, chokey stuffiness with every breathf* • Mother, here's a special way to liUle Every breath carries YapoRub'i famous combination of tinie- nrovcd medications deep into give -your litile proved medications aeep WHO one wonderful large bronchial tubes. 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