The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1950
Page 7
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MGHDAT,,SEPLEMBER Jg, (ARK.) .COURIER NEWS PAGE 8EVEW 16 Are Found Safe On Missing B-50 In Labrador Wilds HALIFAX, J*', S., Sept. 25. (#>— A U. S. Air Force B-50 bomber,' mtss- ! Imt three days, list night was rer ported found in' the Labrador wlld- e MP< with til 16 men aboard >Uve. A w. S. Air. Force (»»m hopes to evacuate the survivors by helicopter today. : The Royal Canadian Air Force Mid an HCAF Lancaster spotted the plane some 95 miles southwest of Ooost Day... : The U. S. Air Force unit : at Goose Bay began Immediate preparations to evacuate the 12 crewmen and four passengers, missing on a routine rlliht from Goose Bay to Tucson. Arizona. All are military personnel, '. • A helicopter is expected to make the tricky, flight- today to pick up the survivors and transfer them to the'shore of a -nearby lake. An amphibian, plane 'will 'fly them to Goose Bay. . •It was-presumed evacuation could be' completed today, barring bad weather. Finding of the ml.w air giant climaxed * vast air search extend ng, from the wilds of Labrador t» ;he Arizona desert. Scores of Canadian and .American planes took the hunt. Smoke signals attracted a Lancaster to the area where the 16 survivors had constructed a shelter Signs on the-rocky ground asked for food and supplies. No medical supplies were requested. Official interpreted this as signifying n' one was badly hurt. News of the discovery came over shaky Air Force wireless service muffled by static. Cause of the crash remained undetermined. The plane had a gaso line.'su'pply to last 17 hours. Normally . the flight from Goose Bay to Tucson would take 12 hours. Officials had suspected all along the plane was down not far from Ihe start of its flight, since It had not reported to any station after Its takeoff. CAB Begins Hearing on Pilot Who Caused Crash Killing 55 Moon's Eclipse May Be Seen at H50 p.m. Today NEW YORK. Sept. W. l/Fi-'-lt it, Isn't cloudy tonight, go outside and watch the total eclipse of the moon.' ' Weather permitting, It will be visible tor all North America. The timetable (EST) runs like th's: . ' .. '-Moon enters earth'i Incomplete Khadow (Penumbra), B:20 p.m.; moon enters complete shadow (Umbra). 9:31 p.m.; total eclipse befeins,< 10:54' p.m,; mid-point, '11:17 p.m.; ends. 11:40 p.m.; moon leaves Umbra, '1:02 a.m.; leave* Penumbra, 2:13 a.m. Astronomers say the moon probably will be a deep coppery red during the total eclipse due to red rays of sunlight- bent Into the shadow by the earth's atrrib- •phere. But if world cloud condl- tioni are just right, the moon may get a complete blackout. * WASHINGTON. Sept. 25. (AP) — . The Civil Aeronautics Board called earings 'today on whether to, re- oke the U.S. pilot's license of F las Bridoux. Bolivian flier Invol- ed in a crash here m which 55 per- ons were killed. Rios Bridoux piloted a fighter lane which'crashed Into the tai f an Eastern Airlines DC-4 near 'ational airport last Nov. 1. Al board the airliner were' killed. The CAB, has charged the Boll- Ian with failure to -follow Ihstruc- ions from the traffic control tow- and with "careless and reckless lying. Rlos Bridoux. who wu critically njilred In the accident, has denied esponslbility, saying the . airline was being operated In a "careless nd negligent" manner. Unclm Sam's Payroll Incrmates by 77,000 ^WASHINGTON, Sept J6. *ffle government'^ civilian (AP)— p*yrol NO REDS IN AIR, SO AA-CUNS TAKE TO FIELD-New U. S. oo-mm. anti-aircraft gun* went into action for the Art* tim* during UM big push past Waegwan in Soulh Korea. For the lack of Red plane* In UM air, the -mew AA pt*c*a doubled as field artillery. They are seen In position on th« Waegwan front- (Exclusive NEA-Acm* Telephoto by Staff Correspondent Ed Hoffman.) Sheriff Nears End of'Whistler's Hoax Case PARADiS, I,*,. Sept 25. (fl 5 )— Sheriff Leon Vial &aid he had more. ev.dfriice today to support his contention th'»t the mysterious whistler who frightened Jacquelyn Cadnw, 18 - year - old, Is an "inside Job »nd a -hoax." The sheriff's statement came after Mrs. Clifford Cidow, the girl's mother, disputed h(s deduc- tion.that the reporLs wer* m hoax^ "If it Is an inside Job, r don't know how it could be or why anyone v,m.ld want, to do It/' the mother said. Vial added that he wai winding up his Investigation and expected to make t full statement, possibly by tonight. That, he said without elaboration, would be the end—he hoped—of the whistler. / Meanwhile, preparations continued lor the wedding next Sun- tiny *{ nearby Taft, about 25 miles west of New Orleans, for Miss Cndow and Herbert Belsom, 26-year-old state trooper. The whistles around Ihe'Cadow home—which began as wolf calls last February—changed to mournful funeral dirges when Jacqualyn's enjia(lenient wax announced two months ago, Mrs. Cadow laid yesterday the whistles had not been heard for several nights now and her distraught daughter,- who . required medical attention last week, Is feeling better. i 15-Year-Old Girl Held for Shooting Backwoods Man UTAH, Calif. Sept. (/Pf— A 15- ea'r-bld .'girl, .a onetime mental patient, : held today for the fatal shooting of" a TO-year-okt bucli- oods, pensioner. , .: Sheriff Beverly Bro«ddu« M ld blonde Helen George calmly told him: "I h'ad a desire U) kill. I wanted lo kill my father <Melvin George), but he's way down in Santa Rosa. The victim was Samuel C. Wai- itch. He was found dead, a bullet hole behind his esr, after the girl hiked nearly 30 miles and told her story to an incredulous pastor at Willils. The preacher. Piter North, called Broaddus. The sheriff said Helen related: Saturday, she took a pistol, walked to Walitch's place, chatted with him, then shot him when he turned his back. She discarded the pistol and walked to the North home. Helen lived with her grandmother, Mrs. Helen Heltz, two m from Walitch's place. Her mother Is in Sonoma County Hospital, Santo Rosa, with a broken ankle. Broaddus said records showed Helen had'.spent-periods In Nap State Hospital for mental observa tiori. He said she would be held at Mendocinb SUU Hospital pend Ing investigation. -ederal Narcotics Agent Dies 'n Shooting During Opium Raid .Increased ritarly 77.000 during Alii list to a total of 2.060,400. the Civi Service Oommis-sion said lodny. The toUI includes employmen In the executive branch ol Ihe gov ernment both In thU country »n over««3. Annapolis became the capital of Maryland In 169*. ST. PAUU Minn. S«pt J5. (/n— One federal narcotics . agent wax illed «nd itnothcr wounded In • iunrtay morning opium raid on - fc iowntown hotel here. Four men—one or them wounded an exchange with the agents— were ; taken .u\to custody. Killed by a bullet through the heart wai A. M. Ban«, 50, chief if th« U. S. Narcotics Bureau for he northwest area. Joseph Winbeg, 27, a narcotics agent, was shot hrpugh the ilde. John Wong, M, is held under guard at a hospital. He was wounded fivt times. Doctors jaid both men haye a chance to recover. Bangs, WlnocK and a third agent. Virgil Magnufton, found Wong and three othei men In a hotel room authorities uid. Some were invoking opium. Leaving Magnuson to guard the other three. Bangs ind Wlnbeg took Wong to his own room afler he told them he had more opium there. OplDm Jar Irand He went into the closet—and brought out lhl« Jar of opium." said Winbee In a statement from his hospital bed. "Bangs asked him If that's all he had. He reached back and whipped .out a gun. "We both Jumped him and he shot me first and I fell and the three of us were In the closet and wrestling around and he shot Bangs too. I grabbed his gun to keep him from shooting any more and Bangs finally pulled out his gun and he shot Wong." The three other men were booked oil charges of suspicion of murder and a_s material witnesses. They gave their" names >s Jimmy Wong, 43, Mason City, la.; Leo Wong, 53. Minneapolis, and Yee Wong, VI. St. Hollywood Paul. They said they were not related.' Charge* against John Wong *wait* completion of an investigation conducted by St. Paul police, treasury agenU and FBI ngenta. 2 Sailors Perish In Heavy Ocean C006 SAY, Ore., Sept. X. (API —Two *allo« perished in heavy x that battered the destroyer Mcorl U.S.S. Gilttgan yesterday at the harbor entrance here. Three Seamen were injured. The accident occurred ajj the GU- ligan headed acrowi the narrow channel bar coming In from a two- day tralniriB cruise for naval reservists. The ship was tossed agninst jetty rocfcs and then twisted broadside to a huge »'*ve that crashed down on the deck and swept the two crewmen overboard. The U. S. Forest Service estimates profit from rational forests at »354,000,000 "a year, 1X6,000,000 cash and the rest In Improved recreational .'facilities, etc. Continued from Page 0 . feature Dinah Shore, Dottle Lamour and Tony Martin »s table-singers—a song for a contribution. Endurance note: Johnny Mack Brown is .slarrfn.?'In his IGOth ; cm. ... Barbara BriUon Is being paged for a New York show—A new rewrite on "Salome." . . . Brian Donlevy and UI are talking about a deal to film his air .<;how, "Dan- geroiLs Assignment." . , . Columbia will build .Frankie Lalne and Bob Crosby into a film team. "When You're SmUIng," Lane's second picture lor Ihe studio, Is cleaning up at the boxoilice. A Contract Instead Paramount and Glgi Durston, the nlghl club warbler whose broken | romance with Elliott Roosevelt i made headlines, an talkuig contract. '. . 1 • * .* Hollywood dre-^ designer Lili witl'wcct-a movictown hat designer known VA Yar. Woman-ot the Yar? Wil.iam Powell gave the signal that took "My Mother'* Husband, 1 ' his radio show, off the air when a .hrcat ol a lawsuit from the Clarence ("Life With Father") Day estate was hiirted at the program. Powell, who played a blustering, qiitck-temperecl family head In the .series, explain* It; "I'm not of a mind to get mixed up in a controversy, but I was a bit surprised at the charge of' plagiarism. Clarence Day, Sr., am sure, was not the only Irascible father in the world. The radio stories were written by Charles Taswell, who Ls one of the best radio radio writers atid a man of high standing who has never stooped to plagiarism. "I'm sure that the. fact that I'm Identified with 'Life With Father 1 on the scren had sovrietVting to do with the lawsuit. But until the various forces working in New York come to some conclusion .about the radio, I'm Just * hired hand In the fn&tter." Shelton Gang Member Slain Coroner's Jury Adds New Chapter To Bloody History HERRIN. 111., Sept. ZS. lif\— The coroner'F jury wrote snother («- mtllnr chanter in (lie bloody history of Wllllntmon County— death due to gunshot wounds "at the hands of parlies unknown." I'hls time It was Roy fumes. 32 brother o( a slain member of the rapidly dwindling Shelton gang. Hie mob whose wnrs with rival gunmen were the (error of Southern Illinois In Uie Ws. Hoy iva.s blasted to his rte.ilh early yesterday morning by shots from • hlsh powered rifle and « shotgun. The shots came Irom ambush, Jusi os they did when Carl. Bcrnle nnd Roy Sliellon vert shot to death 111 gang assassinations In the last three years. SlaylriJti Bring Question* The sla.vlngs of the Shelton brothers brought up the unanswered qi estions— who Is slaying the Sliel- tons and why? Similar questions remain unanswered In Armes' Armes was a brother ol Monroe (Hlaeklcl Armes. who touglU a gmi duel with Thomas Castle In Castle's tavern In JSJU, Bolh died In (he exchange of shots. IBIackie was one of the Shelton gangsters. Armes had Just climbed Into his car parked In front of > tavern yesterday morning when the shots hit lilm'ln Iht face, neck and chest Buckshot and ride bullets crashed through the car windshield. 10 Sliots Are Fired ( The killers— there were two them. the coroner's jury said yes teiday— had crouched behind • pic ket fence 45 Icel away. M least ten .shots were fired. By a strange coincidence, Jame Scott. 37. the man who was v,ltr Blackie Armes when he was killed also was with Roy Armes. Bot times. Scott escaped. Scott, wh said he was an unemployed bar tender, was the only witness to yej terday's ambush, Leading watermelon - prodiicln slates are Georgia, Florida, Texa and California, In thai order. REPAIR JOB—Set. Keith Horn beck of Stow, O., a Signal Corp. photographer, enjoyi tht whimsy of an unidentified engineer who erected this sign on a tree In South Korea: "B-Ball Express. Built 1492. Rebuilt 1950," Name of engineer unit responsible for th« job hat been deleted for security reasons. Japanese Raise Fund To Aid Wounded Gl's TOKYO. Sept, 25. M*)—Japanese employes of the Far Kast mnlei'lc) command have raised 300,000 yen (S837) for comfort gifts to wounded Americans returned to the com-' mand's hospital. Brig. Gen. John P. Doyle approved the nlniV, which Japanese employes suggested. Georgia leads In melon production. U. a. water- PRESCRIPTIONS Tr*«h Stock ' Guranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "WAGON MASTER" Iten Johnson & Joanne I>n Also Warner News * ShorU SEWING MACHINES IT'S OFFICIAI,_City fathers of the famous Isle of Capri. Italy, officially okayed this brief bath- Ing suit as "standard Capri beach wear for ladles." Nina Twea, a visitor from London, makes th« jijlost. of what there Is of it. • Fistula May Often Result From Piles FREE BOOK— Give* F«cU On Associated Ailment* A new. Illustrated 40-page book on Fistula, Rectal Abscess, Piles and other reclnl and colon disorders Is now FREE to all suflerers. Write loday—a card will do. Thornton Minor CUnlc, Sullc 2172, Sit E. Un- wootl, Kansas City 3, Mo. Last Times Tonite -. Double Feature ADMISSION 50c —'AM. KIDS KRBE STALLION CANYON GEM THEATER OSCEOLA ARK. Your lost chancy to see this great picture before it is withdrawn from release. Today Thru Wednesday ADULTS—MATINEE 75c; NIGHT $1.00 CHILDREN—MATINEE—25c; NIGHT 35c The ' Greatest Lnvp Rtarv i Since The Beginning Of Man... And Woman' With Th« LIFETIME GUARANTEE Come In and s*« our complete selection, (here's a model for evtry need. Or, if ytm prefer, juxt call and we'll lake one out In your home for a free clemnn si radon with no obligation whatsoever. Yc^ be- for* you buy «e STATE. Phone 2660 For Free Horn* DemonHlrallnn Moore's Furniture Co. ,106-310 Kant Main Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center* MANILA, ARK. Matinee* Sat. 4 Ph. 58 SUB. I,Hal Times Todaif "ROCK ISLAND TRAIL" Forrtsl Tucker Tuesday Only "Come Out Fighting" East Side Kids SHOW STARTS 7:00 P.M. 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