The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1952
Page 8
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EIGHT League Asks Tax Reforms LITTLE ROCK (* — Th» Arkan-* •as Municipal L«*cu» wants more turnback tssaonf and borne rule for-its members, removal at the •Uto Iran certain "areas of tax- aad tax aa**um*nt re- ' Za Its final.meeting of a 2-day • session bar* yesterday at which Mayor Tappan Horner of Helena was named president, the League also said that towns aod cities should have all the three mill road lax collected from taxpayers wlth- fa their limits. "At th* pre*«nt time it fe admitted that city streets arc earn- kig X per cent of the motor vehicle taxes," the League said, "yet • sbe cities receive less than one per •ant of these taxes." ; The League, composed of mayors and etty officials from municipalities throughout , Arkansas adopted a complete report of a special Financial Study Committee whlah also delved into home rule, tax assessment and other matters affecting local government. (1) On home rule, the League recommended "that the stale re- IMC some at Ua restrictions on the rights o( cities and towns to levy, asserts and collect taxes; license fees and other impost*." • (1) Tax assessment: A "reasonable limit" on property fax rates v tor municipalities, counties and schools — to be set out in a proposed constitutional amendment, under a constitutional amendment adopted Mcently, school rates may b* of any amount voted by. patrons 'of the various districts. Taxes would be assessed and collected the same year, rate of tax on intangible personal • property .would be fixed at a percentage of flbe rate applicable to other property; and a full - time 3-member a4ate Tax : Commission would be charged with ."carrying out property tax aasesament laws. \ l%e League also resolved to oppose any law allowing write - In Tote* In elections and urged that ,*M: I99C Legislature make adequate appropriation for the state Public Serriee Commission. The group' elected Alderman C. R. Ray of Texarkana secretary and named the ' following district vice president*: Mayor H J. Bosler of '.Jonesboro, Mayor W. I,. Ward Jr. of Msrianna, City Clerk Carl Atkins of Ft. Smith, City , Clerk B,C. Graham of Little Rock, and Mayor Walter Laney of Cam- d«n.\ STEVENSON rOontmned from Page 3) Stevenson departed irom his recent approach —- a lead from the campaign book .of president Tin man, who picked Elsenhower a: the main target days ago and set ootito sell the Voters on his vidkvs. , It .was expected, to be a prominent part of his speech - making barrage a* he moves from New York state Into' Massachusetts pver pretty much the same trial Elsen- hower followed earlier this week. 'in Massachusetts he will stop at Flttsfield, Springfield,' Worcester, •Frsrnlngham .and finally Boston where, an aide said, be will deal with the! Republican record on Communism. MeCarraa Draw* Fir* • Last night ln : Troy, N.Y., Stevenson took time out in his attacks on the Republicans to take a backhanded slap at a member, of his own party—Sen. Pat McCarran ot Nevada. A few hours after McCarran issued a statement calling- for the election of Republican Sen. George Valone over Democratic senatorial candidate Thomas B. Mechllng, Stevenson sent Mechllng a telegram saying: ; "Congratulations on your fine eJean campaign. You have been fighting against great odds but all good Democrats are rooting for you. As I told you In Sacramento last week, I am hoping earnestly for your election. Best wishes." "Crusade Derailed'' Speaking at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute field house in Troy, Stevenson asserted the Eisenhower "crusade" had been derailed after It became a program of "calumny and fear, platitudes and preachments, epithets • and abuse." A good-sited crowd welcomed Stevenson to heavily Democratic Albany at the end of a day In which he had made 14 speeches in 14 hours, the heaviest schedule of his campaign. He was cheered by crowds as he rode in a motorcade along the 10- r-"~ -mi'n 1 0 Trov, nnd a howling crowd of almost 8,000 greeted him '. . .—i nouse, where Elsen- hower had spoken two nights before. Eisenhower drew an estimated 10,000 In the Republican stronghold. Stevenson ripped Into Elsenhow er as a captive of OOP Sen. Robert A Taft of Ohio. He recalled the breakfast meeting of the two In New York City last month and said: . "When it was over, the genera! had accepted a new statement ol Republican principles as written by tbe senator—and the principles he now accepted were identically the principles he was supposed to have defeated In Chicago (In winning the OOP nomination)." Stevenson said his Republican opponent had begun his campaign by saying the time had come for ca^t'n? out "evil men" in Wash ""•"n. r>» said, the Rcpub- . . .. _.i,^ J2gan using such terms as "quack doctors," "fear mongers," and "bare-faced loot- era" to describe the democrats Othen Are Me«-S1ra«1ngT He said, "I mention these words Politic* Hunt Poor Fourth Behind 'Horn* Girls' Talk In Kona WASHINGTON W>— American soldiers In Korea talk polltlci, but as a topic oC conversation It ranks a poor fourth behind "home, girls, and Oooks (Chinese Communists)." That was brought out yesterday in sn Interview with a newly-arrived group of wounded Korta veterans at Welter Reed Army Hospital. By far the most popular topic among combat OIs U "home and everything that goes with It," said Lt. Kenneth Senior. X, of Newton, Mas*. BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 8ATUUJJAY, OCT. M, 1W1 •NOW VOTEBS, LETS TALK TURKEY' - Independent Candidate Gobbler De Cook spoke before a whistle stop campaign rally at Taylor's Turkey Farm near Long Beach", Calif., srllklng at spaclal Interests that feather their nesta at public expense. "To heck with thl* Idea of a bird In every not; don't lei them pluck us clean In November," he shouted. (AP Wlrephoto) 13-STATl ALIKT CONT/NUf J Sadist Sought n Coed Attack Girl It Kidnaped, Raped, Abandoned In Hotel Restroom LOS ANGELES W—Police today ought a sadist accused by a pretty 7-year-old coed of kidnaping and aping her before abandoning her n a rcslroom In downtown Persh- ng Square. The girl, Joan Leila Burrls, a tudent at Compton College, apparently had been drugged, either with chloroform or ether, police said md "X" marks had been scratched in her body, probably with a piece >f glass. Investigators said she de- icribed her assnilnnt as about 35 i <cet, 10 Inches tall and weighing' IS pounds. Miss Bnrrls said she was kid- naped Thursday by the man and aken to a hotel. After blacking out a couple of times, Miss Burrls wns 'ound half-clad and semi-conscious n the reslroom yesterday. She said her assailant had "put out cigarettes oh my stomach." A physical examination disclosed she had been raped, officers said. ATLANTA tffi — Three fnst-mov- g bandits, who snatched hos- ages In wholesale lots and traveled In stolen cars, may have »pllt ip and gone Into hiding around itlanta. That was a major possibility onsldered by state, local and fed- r«l officers today as a 13-stnte alert continued for two ex-convicts rom Florida and a teenager from Nashville, Tenn. During a three-day spree through Georgia, Into Tennessee, and back o Atlanta, the trio kidnaped 20 Bandits May Have Split Up, Sought Refuge at Atlanta NASHVILLE, Tena. (!P) — The untMt ol three wupecte tourbt in .the kidnaping at 2* peruna ud theft of four automobile* wu arrated here early tod»y. A. I. Means, »gen< In charge of the Memphis offke of ilie FBI, announced Virgil Lrmij, l«, wi* eited »i a NuhTille home lut nljht. persons and stole three cars and dicated the trio has disbanded and gone under cover. Kline Weatherford, special agen In charge of the Atlanta FBI office agreed with Cowan. But he addet .t could be a trick—that they In tended to team up again and re sume their trail of terror. the Republican candidate announced virtuously that he was, n tils words, 'leaving to others the ob of mud-sllnglng and name-call- "8-' " . •...'.' He asserted Elsenhower had 'taken unto himself men so ob- ectlonable that tie cannot bring himself to mention their names.' In previous speeches, Stevenson imde It clear that in speaking of these men he was referring among others to Sen. Joseph B. McCar- hy of Wisconsin anrt Sen. William Jcnner of Indiana, both Republicans. Slanderer* Endnned He endorsed the slanderers of ien. Marshall," Stevenson said. Stevenson assailed the speech by ]isenhower in the same hall, in H'htch : the OOP candidate attacked nflatlon and called It a deliberate policy of the Democratic admlnls- atlon. He said Eisenhower knew tna.1 nflatlon hnd been the result of American production being turned making of guns nml munitions defense—Wilh less output of htngs people buy. AIos, he said, there "has been a die-hard opposition bloc In Con- ;ress which has opposed every step we have taken to keep prices down. Us added: "the man who stood icre on Wednesday night and bemoaned inflation' with you has isked. that you return all the mern- »rs of -this die-hard, pro-Inflation iloc to Congress. Expecting these men to stop inflation would be like calling on Al Capone to stop a crime wave." He accused the Republicans of laving no program. "Go on down the list," Stevenson said, "you won't find any programs — because the general doesn't have any and tbe Old iuard don't dare reveal Ihelrs — >r very pvactlal reasons. They want to win. "So we have, instead of a program for America, calumny and ear, platitudes and preachments, epithets and abuse.". pick-up truck. All hostages apparently were released after a short period. . B.naiU Leave Car The latest victim, Herschel Myers, 20, of White County, Tenn., told police he was forced at gunpoint to drive the trio from Spencer, Tenn., to. Atlanta yesterday. He aald one of the bandits got out about 20 miles from Atlanta and the other two at different .places In the city. A federal warrant charging kid- naping and transporting a stolen car across a slate line was Issued last night against James Francis Hill, 39, of FYnmlngJmni, Mass.; Charles Edwards Hopkins, 19, of Jacksonville, Pla.; ana Virgil Lemoy, 16 of Nashville, Tenn. Hill and Hopkins were released from the state prison at Raltord, Pla., In August and'April, respectively, after serving terms for armed robbery. Mother Tells Story In Nashville, Ijemay's mother, Mrs. Willy Lemay, said she believes her son was forced to go with the other two men. "I know he wns kidnaped. Virgil would never Join men with guns in holding up people," she said. "I'm about crnzy." ; She snlcl Virgil wns released in mid-September from the Jordoniu State Training School for boys where he had been admitted for truancy. , . Atlanta detective Supt. alyn Cowan said Myers' statement in- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY "ROAD AGENT" Tim Holt * Richard Martin SAT. OWL SHOW 'Abbott & Costello Join The Legion' SUN - MON - TURS CARSON CITY" In Warner Color Randolph Scolt Spivak to Settle Taxes Cheaply WASHINGTON (/P) — Because 'name bands have lost, their vogue," ;hc rnternnl Revenue Bureau rc- Dorts It will settle n S42,<|26 Irack- a\ claim agnlnst bandleader Clinr- fe Splvak nt less than 25 cents on .he doHnr. "' Besides, snys the report—Issued yesterday under the burcnu's ne\v lcy of making public current compromise tnx settlement* — It finds: Splviik's personal popularity Is waning and his financial position Is not good; there were doubts he jwcrt nil he wns charged with, nnd Is In nrrenrs on alimony Rnci support payments to his llrst wife. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Comniunily Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 5S SATURDAY 'JUNCTION CITY" Charles Starred SAT. OWL SHOW "HOE DOWN" Eddie Arnold SUNDAY * MONDAY 'Cripple Creek' George Montgomery Jerome Court land TUESDAY "FRAMED" Frank Alb«r<son Time's Face Red in Cover Date Mixup NEW YORK WV-Time magazine's editorial face was red yesterday because n mechanical mlx- up featured presidential campaign results many days before the election.- , In Toronto, Can., this week a man bought a copy of Time. On the cover appeared pictures of Democratic nominees Gov. Adiai Stevenson nnd Sen. John Spark- ninn with the caption, "election results." The Issue was dated Oct. 21. bvit the cover ivns dated Nov. 10. Explained Time publisher James A. Llnoil: : • "Obvloujly there has been a mistake In our bindery." He nddwl Dial Time hns read- led two million alternate covers for use after tho election—half showing the Democratic nominees ami half the GOP candidates. Apparently, Linen said, somebody picked up the wrong batch of covers since the correct Oct. 27 cover showed a picture of Stevenson with the caption: "Candidate Stevenson — docs he make sense to the American people?" Linen figured only a few hundred wrong cover copies were Involved nnd commented: "The gentleman ui> in Toronto probably has a collector's item." Russians Work on Jet Fighter That Takes Off Vertically LONDON Wl — The Dally Bc- pre»s said today Russia It experimenting with a rocket-jet fighter pUn« that Ukes off and lands vertically to Intercept global Jet bombers. Group Capt. Hugh Dundas, the papers' air correspondent, said the plant, "needs no airfield and could operate from a forest clear- Ing." Dunda» said the fighter, called a CZ2B, In 54 feet long, has a wing span of 42 feet. Is 21.7 feet high, and weighs 3.874 pounds c :p'.y and 6.387 pounds loaded. First Information on » cam« from a microfilm from a Polish technical Institute, where it was designed, he said. v Dundas aald It m-s« "«u«?Mt»d" that a parachute released from the nose of the plane and tall rocket engines may be used to cushion the plane ai It settles straight down to the ground. The Germans experimented with a similar Idea during the war, but the only such plane they turned out disintegrated in the air, Dundas said. Witching Hour Loses Appeal for Americans Obituaries Father of B/yt/ierif/e Woman Dies in Missouri Services for Elnon Murphy Tice, who died yesterday at Bakersvllle, Mo., will be conducted at 1 p.m. Simcfny at NEW Hope Church, Hamilton, Ala., with burial at New Hope Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lydla Tice, Bakcrsville; four sons. Newman Tice, PortagevUle, Mo., Darling D. Tice, Bragg City, Mo., Jack Tice, Steele, Mo.. James lice. Bakersville; four daughters, Mrs. Veller Ray, St. Louis. Mo., Mrs. Opal Rapcr. Blythcville, Mrs. Olean Graham, Osceola, Miss Dollle Mae Ttce nnd Miss Eula Jean Tice, both of Bakcrsville. By TOM REEDY BERLIN (.iv-The witching hour is losing some of its attraction for American soldiers and officers in Germany, A command order from Lt. Gen. Manton Eddy Imposes a midnight is to get the uniform curfew. The aim off the streets and out of public places by midnight. Purpose is (o cut down the number of "Incidents" Involving Americans and Germans, most of which seem to flare only late at night. The military police have been given unusual.power to act. They Police Arrest Man Wanted in St. Louis Police yesterday picked up Elbert C. Wlmpc'e, wanted by St. Louis police on u charge of non-support. He was working near Blythevllle as a cotton picker. Sheriff William Berryman said Wimpec had signed a waiver of extradition. Arresting officers were Deputy Sheriff Holland Alken and Jailer Herman Oden. MORSE Sparkman's Throat In Shape Again; He Will Resume Campaign WASHINGTON (ff)— Sen. John Sparkman;. the Democratic vice' presidential candidate, leaves tomorrow for California to resume his campaigning which w'ns inter- runted by an attack of laryngitis. Sjiarkmfn left Bethesdu (Md) Naval Hospital yesterday—he had been receiving treatment there for three days—apparently rested and fully recovered from the J]Jn<?5s which caused him to temporarily lose his voice. (Continued from Page 1) cause of freedom In Asia." Ike tteached New Low He said Elsenhower "reached a new low In political compalgn- Ing" when he "stooped ir; dcinn- gogic fashion to raising false hopes in the hearts of (he mothers and fathers of the boys In Korea by leaving them wilh the impression that if he were elected president, he would bring the American boys home from Korea and train'South Koreans to fight against Cornmu- nlst Asiatics." "When Eisenhower played politics wilh the cause of freedom in Asm, lie lost my vote and my support." Morse said. YOU* FHWNDLY THEATRE H'HEHE HAJ'l'INESS COSTS SO LITTLE' DOXOFFICK Ol'BNS b':4a I'.iM. WEEKDAYS OPENS: 1:30 P.M. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS SATURDAY, OCT. 25 "Riders of the Pony Express" in Color Ken Curlis SAT. MIDN'ITE SHOW "Pirate Submarine" The True, During Exploits Of An Umlcrsea Killer! SUNDAY AND MONDAY, OCTOBER 26 - 27 EISENHOWER (Continued from Page n can forces were left there. 3. Rep. John:Lodge, Republican, now governor of Connecticut, told EDSON are picking up officers, ranging in rank up to colonels, and reporting to their headquarters when the curfew has been violated. There have been several dozen court marlials. The night spots are growing accustomed now to the nlgfHIy visit of the MPs. They stroll' in, in pairs, shortly before midnight and again after that. The masters of ceremonies have added a few Jibes about the "controls" to their nightly repertoire, wise cracks which tickle the German patrons but hit- a rather sour note among the Americans. Army men say the Eddy order was inspired by the State-Department which was anxious to reduce any friction between the occupa 1 tlon soldiers and the German population, especially with the Bonn agreements about to ' be ratified. The gag line on a night out now for American soldiers is: "Synchronize your watches, men." from p*» '4 military reumimcat proem* _ to find fault with them for not te- le* enough, »o that they would b* spired to do * )ittl« mor«. . :. :.,. How can you ilgur* p«opl* Mh» that — or get m«d at Utemt •„., , Example of B*,| rrftcitBey O*n. Matthew Rldgway's Inijwe- Uon ot r«eent North Atlantic Trtt, ty Organisation maneuver* Ua wemt«rn Europ* turned up urn* good accounts on the use of American military equipment by foreign troops/ : : - :; • One of th» best reports cam* from observation of a parachute drop on a rainy afternoon by, a battalion of French paratrodpiri with full equipment. Within 25 minutes from the tlnk the first of the +80 men had Hg the ground, they had all cleared the drop zone and were In action- Including one Jeep that blew a tlr« which had to be repaired. 75 Million Now Qualified to Vote WASHINGTON «•)_ Late official reports on final registrations 'In five states boost to 75,324,849~.,the estimated number of persons who have qualified to vote. In the nation on Nov. 4. "•.*•;.• This is a net Increase of 514,288 over earlier unofficial estimates, made by state officials and other sources for The Associated Press last weekend, of . those registered and otherwise qualified to vote, Since then, official registrations have been completed by New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania. Arkansas and New Jersey. U.N. the bearing that . the presence of American forces in Korea "Is tremendous deterrent to the slans.'' Rus- treat from situation." 4. Five Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee issued a report on July 26, 1949, declaring "our forces have been withdrawn from South Korea at the very instant when logic and common sense both deinand'ed no re- the realities of the 5. Secretary of State Dean Acheson, early In 1050, "announced his famous 'defense perimeter' — publicly advising our enemies that, so nations outside this perimeter were concerned, 'no person can guarantee these areas ngainst military attack,' Under these circumstances, it was cold comfort to the nations outside the perimeter to be reminded that U could appeal to the United Nations." "These nations, of course, included Korea," Eisenhower said. (Continued from Page 1) prisoners be returned whether they want to or not. Although reaction the Acheson speech was generally favorable, some delegates said they wanted to study it more carefully. India's Mrs. Viajayalakshmi Pandit said cautiously that she thought it was "an excellent-outline" of the Korean situation.- The Indian delegation chief, Prime Minister Nehru's sister, hinted earlier at a luncheon lhat she is in the center of delicate secret diplomatic negotiations on several U.K. problems, including Korea. This bolstered diplomatic reports here that India had been approached by high U. S, and other officials to make another effort at bringing about a Korean settlement. Australian Richard G. Casey declared he intended to have Acheson's speech reproduced textually and circulated throughout his country.•"No more terrible indictment could have been possible," Casey said of the speech. "It was a restrained, unadorned, factual story, fully documented, made more telling by the absence of invective." France's 'Little TVA'Dedicated^; • MONDRAGON, Prance OP) dt Prance's "Little TVA Project" came officially to life today to pump two billion kilowatt hours of electrlo power annually Into the country's power-hungry industries, ••; "^' President Vincent Auriol w&"pii hand to dedicate the .big: French and American-aid project ln : the presence of foreign diplomats, newsmen and neighborhood Frenchmen. " • ^ - With the Courts Chancery The following divorce decree* \ Foreign Secretary Cantor a Cabby How HOLLYWOOD Wj—Eddie Cantor Is now an honorary member of the Boston Taxi Drivers Association. HOSPITE PEKTS WANTED BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. $2fiC "0 lo SWW Far For Your Spare Time Experience Not We want FULL or PART .TIME agents in every locality of your County to sell ourjbrand new Hospital and Surgical Policy. You can earn from $200.00 to $300.00 per month fn your spare time. TOs new Hospital Policy covers both wliite nnd colored from birth to 80 years of ORB. anrt I* written on indivicii-zli or family group plan. It (3 good In any hospital In tho world and Davs th« tolio\vins benefits: : *IOJX> per d»y for hospital room and board. Pays 3S5 d»}» tor «ch entrj in the hospital. No limit on number erf times used each year. Cove™ all accident* and every dista»0 (tacludinc poto) Tajs full benefits for Female dE*ea»s. Pays up to $350.00 for lurjfrj. Pays doctors' calls fat homo or hospital). Childbirth, Nuninj E,pen»e, Operating Room, Anei- llMtKs, X-Rays, Medicines, Surgical Dressing and Sopplie* l-nbornlory Service, Oxygen Tent, Iron Umg, Blood Trmaiv fusions, Ambulance Service. Financial Aid, ROO.M Cash. It payj back the full return of premiums for Natural or Acd- flenUil denth. s« * burial benefit. v Wt tffer i« yMK * High Commnimn Monthly m4 Ywrfy C»h Production lomw L«»4t fvnin«i«d Fr«« from Ou Benefit] of our Policy nev«r reduce on account ef in Our rales never Increaw as the insured grows oldtr. Grace period allowed on th« payment of all premiums. An Arkanjw stock Company. Serving ArkinsM Peeplt. SffSSI ArkaniM Money in AchanjM. "WHAT ARKANSAS MAKES-MAKES ARKANSAS." It JIM an latemled In w-IUnj for aa, wr!1« to ts» RonM Oftlfo t«» fnB hitMrmtto*. Home Security LKe Inswaice Hem* Office—SH, Hoe, WiMmi Little Rock, Ark»nj» •>•«• 12-2324 have been s grantert: Pauline Wright and Wello'n Wright, Carol King and Herbert B. ' • vs~: V. A. Circuit Court, JCivil) 'Everett W/ Russell . Teague and Graners Market Association, /damages. " MOX* Show Starts • Weekdays 7:00 Sat.Suni:6> Always a Double Feature SATURDAY Double Feature il - 0 •M) Mourn kuurrM — 1'lus — "RETURN OF THE LASH" 2 Cartoons & Kit Carson Serial SAT. OWL SHOW ; . Starts 11:30 Also Cartoon Roar of the Iron Horse Serial SUN • MON Double Feature — Plus — THE I DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL 1 Cartoon

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