The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1931
Page 3
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Bl.YTniEVH.l.K. (AUK.) COUiUKH NKWS Will Administer Oath to Son Richard Russell jr. Will Be Youngest Stale Executive: He's a.Baclielov. liy Ni:A Service. ATLANTA, Os—If Richard 13. Russell. Jr., of Winder. Ga., turns to his handsome, gray-haired falh- er, Chief Justice Richnrd TC. Russell, any day atlcr June; 24 next and say:;. "Well, uoveinor—" the senior iiK-mbrr or the Russell family very likely will turn right .hack and ask, "Well. EOicrnor, what is il?" For Richard. Jr.—only 3S years old—on June 24 is going !o become governor of Georgia mid Ihc yoiini:- cst, governor in t^c United Slu'.es. Ills own father, Chief Justice Uus- «•!! of the Georgia supreme cosiri. will administer llic oath of ollicc nf thft inauguration ceremonies. Young Governor-elect Hu^ell. who was elected last urtober. Isas other distinctions, lie is a baehc- k; He is one of 13 sons and daii'jh- i^s of a family whose forcbeur; ftve lived \vllhin the boundaries f Georgia since colonial limrs. He clt the University of (J^oigia to n]isl dining the World War. nade his Ilrst political campaign riving fro~m house to house in u econd-hand automobile. On assuming the olfice of chief xccutlve he gives ui> the post of peakcr nf the Georgia Ifousc? of leprcsentalivcs. He served as ncakcr for three years. ' Ills I'luns as Governor Some insight into the personally of ihis unusual young man may gained from the fact, that he ios stated publicly he believes «ov- •rnment should be simplified. Speaking of the work of a special cgtMativ? committeo of the Genral A?S!nebly not long ago he p'.tt lis views thus: "The machinery of government .hould bu so simple (,hat the hum- jlcst. citizen can understand it. Here Georgia we have more than 100 liffcrent agencic-s to carry on the .talc's business and I venture to ay there are very few who can stl iown with- pen and paper nnd lame them all and outline the du- .ies each is supiwscd to perform. "Co-ordinate and combine the Jepartinenis of state to n mini- um," he urges, "and thus give the |;lc of the state the economical ciienimenl Georgia today so bid!;' leeds." It is doubtful if his own insm- uraiicn will make so glamorous an •npressicn on Richard Ri'.sscll. Jr.'s nirrt as did a visit to Atlanta when was nine. On that occasion Mns- er Richard arrived as Ihc guest oi Sovernor and Mrs. Joseph B. Tcr ell. intimate friends of his father mrt mother. The boy slept in the :ovcrnor's mansin and sal in the ;ovc-rnor*s chair at the capilol. Started as Lawyer Young Russell was graduate: rom an agricultural and mechani at college in 1914. Ho spent a ycai it Gordon Institute and attended he University of Georgia where he as graduated with an I.L.B de- ree in 1918. He lelt scnool to en- st. during (he World War. After lie armistice he began practicing iw at Winder. In 1921 he was elected to rep- esenl Barrow county in the state :gislalurc and he lias served in he House of Representatives con- inuously ever since. During two :rms he was speaker pro tern, and ir three more lie was speaker. He as never been defeated in an cite- on. When young Russell began his rst campaign for the legislature e hired a second-hand aulonio- !c and visited every family in is county. Judge Russell, one of corgia's o!dcst and most succoss- il campaigners, gave his son hole-hearicd sunnon, but did not :tcmpt to rui his son's campaign. 4 One of 14 Children H;:=. Russell, his mother, tells an iiusing anecdote about Richard, •. He was the fourth of 13 living rothers and sisters. "When lie came into the world." ivs Mrs. Russell, "we had three ysolf rather despaired of a son. lughters and Judge Russell ami inch as we loved the littb girls. GflTlDIDTO Richard B. Russell, Jr., Georgia's incoming 33-year-old governor, is shown above. Below is his father, Richard !i. Russell, Sr.. chief justice giti supreme conn, who administer the oath lo his ov:n son. D] r rlane tonstruction in U. S. Shows Increase Dr. C. B. Almond of Winder was our family physician, lie was hol'.i- our firsl boy in his arms when Judge Russell came In ;he room timidly. With n broad grin Dr. Al"U]>on hearing this ne\vs Ihe judge gave U:e doctor such a ciap mond announced, 'H's a lx>y, Dick! 1 across the room and Ihe baby barely escaped being dropped on its head. Right then Ihe youngster was I informally chrislened Richard ilre- var:l Russell, Jr." The boy was reared in an almos- phere of politics. HLs faiiier. who was once a defeated candidate for governor. ?crved in the state legislature as n young man and was solicilor-general of Ihe western circuit from 1889 to 1906. In 1S07 he was elected lo Ihc Georgia eouri of appeals. From 1913 to 191G he re- j tired to practice law. Re-enlerins I public life .in 1923, Judge Russell j _ The Russell boys—brothers of Ihe governor-elect—have met with success. Robert Lee Russell is Rich- WASHINGTON, (UP) — During Ihu firsl Ihree monllis of lliis year B'll airplanes were manufactured in Ihe Uniled Slates, iC'onlinucd from Pane One) clly of Hlyihcvillc »t (he dale of ! said election, but admits lhal SUT;ling Miiilin and Xppli O'Drlcn were wiihoul i»ll lax receipts al said [dale ami were not qualified elcc- ' lors of Ihc city of lilythevltle. | Denies Hint. Irn B. cmtsvood. I Clarence linrch. I.. D. Ctianibllii. J. 113. David, lilain De.ile, J. N. Resell, J .A. Holly. Slicldon Hall. Rush llolli|H-t?i, Miss Monln llughi-s. liess Hall, Mrs. Max Meyers, Mrs M. n. Menard. M. B. Mcnard, K. H. Matthews. Mrs. J. H. Morrison, Jim Niinii, Earl E. Parker. Mrs !K. C. Patlon, E. C. ration. II. L. ! Reynolds. Mrs. !f. I,. Reynolds, Mrs. U. O. Wickham. C. C. Wood unc 1 |j C. Webb, all of whom voted ut Ihc Ford Building hi Wnul No. ' were willrjul poll tax receipts, or thai either of them was noln qunli- !icd elector, of Blyiheville. al the date of said election, or thai Brnvi- ford Chllv,ood paid the pull tax of |J. B. Anderson, .Mrs. J. IS. Anderson, Ei-erett Kcjlh, or W. E j Kcilh, or that Ihey or cither of thtm were nol qualified electors of i Ulylhcvllic at th= date of falii clir- I lion. Eul ihe defendant admits thai Will Cniiillr. Mrs. C. E. Couller Mrs. W. W. Hawkins, Mrs. Maw Little and C. R. Morgan were without poll tax receipts and Hint each of them was not a qualified elector al 111: date of said election an; ihnt iheir voles should be declared illegal. Denies Hint Bruce Collier or J P. Kincannon, who voted In Ward 3 did nol have poll tax or thai he failed lo pay his poll lax or tha he was no: a qualified eleclor n the dale of Ihe election, bul, ad mils lhat Pearl I*o. Herman Lane Mrs. O. P. Moss. O. P. Moss George Smiley. Mrs. W. M. Sailer field and Grace Arwood were nri W. A. (irlmiul'.t nil voted for ills : nlnlntm. Tlint uiry ami each of them dlil nol have Ihe n.iin!l(k.i- llons lo make them eligible lo vote In sniil i-leellon, Unit Ihey and each ol ihctn vixxl whnl purport -i! .10 be iilxcnicp vous: thnt ihry nnd neilhci of ihrin were present in Ihc city of lilyilu.ville on the 7lh (lay i'f Apiil. i<m. and lhal ilii-y east no oilu-i-liallol hi said nloc- lion r-irt'pi jiuiporled ntsMire voles, 'thai iliey |md no aulhonly wider t!ii- law to \oli' In the '.'ire- lion •.!•. :ib.seiitee voters ur lo easl the puipiiricd absentee ballnis. 'llic clffoniliiiit nvfis Ibat he re- celveil a pii^.ility ol llic le^al voles cnsi .u said election nnd was leu.»l- ly elortcd mayor of tlie clly nf Illy. Lilhs and Germans I World "Y" Conference At Odds_0ver Memelj To Bo Held inToronto according - lo an announcement of qualified electors al the time of said the Aeronautics Branch of Ihe Dcpailmenl of Commerce. This figure is an increase of 81 over the Whni-foic, ilr-fendnnt prays ilia', ich ii] tl:e voles mentioned In the omphint. ami in ibis answer ie.\- ept l!:os? admitted lo be tlir-aah •i I'xnniined and Hie qualification f the persons casting llicm be In- cstlga'.cd: that the illegal votes be ocl.ircd illegal: thai Ihe court us- criuln Hie Irgal lesnll ol Ihe elec- ion I'sui e::ler un order drrhiinx lie dcfcnJam Icg.illy elected; dU- uissliw Hie plaintiff's coiuiiliiliii .ml allowing dip ciefemhni his osl, nnd for general relief. KOVKO. l.ltinianla, iUP> — Oer- tn:in-l.ith:]:inlan ivluiloni. are gradually dilfiin;. loivnnl la dead- look ovei (he iini'Mmi of Ihe former Cii'rnv.ui t:ni(ory of Menu 1 !. ralluivhi!: a mmilxr of expnl- .••loiis i>t liiN-iunu clli/ens from the torjituiy, (icrmany h:is iiddrcssed a ii»l:- lo 1 IthuiinlH ssarnlnx lhat if the i-xpiilsimis continue-:! .-.hi 1 would have iwomsc to Ihe A|>|>o:il I Court provided in Ihe Gcrmau- Ijllhnanian umli' treaty. LllhitMiia answered thai thii com I was not competeni lo drill with the Mi'inel i>x|«dswns. nn;l tefused inbitr.uloii on Hie cases. 'flic expulsions followed dnirijc.-i by Lithuania thnt Clvrimins weiv cundiictliiB Nationnl Kochihst pro|!- :i3iind. i. (onMlliiltn:* a llnval to Ihe Inleinal jieace of Ihe country. TORONTO. Ontario. iUI>) — Comparison of thi- nrublcins of yoiilii in nil lands, pooling of tho i-xpTli'iices of men who arc InCfr- c.slod In yoiiiig manhood, and promotion 'of Inlmnitlonal frlendll- mid imderstandlnx are the alms of Hit 1 Worhl Conference of the Yuiin/ Men's Christian Asso- ilailun lo br> held here late In July. Ti:r riiiifric'iin! will draw prominent Y. M. u. A. workers from nil parts of the world. Sp:ukors will imlude Dr. David V,. Yul, of China; Dr. 'I'. Kntvnfn, of Japan; Biiiliop As.nlan. of Iiulla; Dr. Jolui Mitc- PAGE |kny, of Soitth America; Dr. John 1< Molt, of New York; B. L. Ilallln-Rtnii, of India; Prof. Andre Selgfrld, of France; BWiop Rhoda, of Sweden, anil Bishop Nikolai, of Jngo-Slnvln. " Another meeting of Y. M. C. A. men will be held in Cleveland after the Toronto conference. PHOENIX, Arl7. (UP)-Owwrs 111 Phoenix have |ios(al aullrorilles of vicious ilous been v.-nrned by thai Uncle Sam Is not lo blame if Ihey fail lo receive. Umlr mall. Carriers. It was said, need not deliver mail nt homes where vicious dogs are nt laiw. Cornier News Wont Ads Pay. I'HOKS'IX. Arl/omi, i UP) — Not even Aii/una's Pules Imd it |K>.s- flblc In ciillcl^ Piter Mlchalc/.o- wski. i'liceni\, who pHltluncd llic f:dernl court lino for permission lo chance his name lo ivtr-r Tom Conrir, ; iC ws Want Ads Pay. j Then air- 15.COU,COO deaf iw- jscina In Hip Umlcd Sla\ei;. iiccorcl- 1 ing to i;oveniment e.sllmales. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 election and that (heir voles shonl; be declared illegal. Denies that a great majority, o preceding census for "thc"lalt"lhree a!1 >' niajorily, of Ihe persons nnm? months of 1930 ''" the complaint nnd the amend Of the total' number built for mml Iherelo voted for Ihc defcn domestic civil use 230 were mono- dnnt " Nci " HDcd ' or "'»t 'f Hid plants, 85 biplanes, nine auto- v ° ics lvcrc thrown out woula leave giroB, one helicopter and one scs-1 l l!;u nliff elected or lhal the plain quiplane. : Planes conslrucled for Ihe Unil- ed Kiales Army-'in the thrce- month period ended April 1 to- talled 302. which compares favorably with the figure of 2"; PE1PING. China. (.UP) — The arri. Jr.'s, law partner. Henry Edward, anolher brother, is prcuarinn for Ihe ministry. Fielding Diilard, twin brother of William John, is a high =chool profossor. Wll'iam John Ohinese reports lliat the on the back he'almosl knocked him Kuomintang (Halionnlist Party) is in business in Hcnrtersonville. N. ! has decided lo suspend subsidies C. The sisters arc ail married ex- j to Chinese propaganda news ccpt Ina Dillard Russeli, wiio lives! agencies and newspapers in wneiiinvtnn. M. C.. ar.i Cr.rcV.Ti I T'"; report says that 'hn lute- tilt wivs elected. Further answering defcndanl says lhat B. L. Eaton, D. M. Enlon. Tiiurinan Clemons. Mrs. Tlmrinnn Clerrnns. E. C. Jfarper, Vinlon Bass, Bruce Barham, Henry Hales. John Rhodes. J. A. Bomnr, Mrs Francis Cnrpenler, A. B. (Sonny) Pierce. Rulh Blylhe. Robert Cum- tlie Ihrce-montli I mi " e3 - L - Holt ' Onnlc l^ivelncc, Uel almost a 5ol (Doc!c ' n!>v 's. Mrs. Ed.d'Mayo. Jamie Fox. T. W. Uovctt, Mrs R. E. ! Boyell, P. J. Crawford, H. Highfll! Joe Baker and Myrtle Webster. W. S. Barnes, oil voted in said elec- V Ci.l, 'J* lion ror thc Ploin'ifl- That none PfCWS OUDSlOieS O f them had paid their poll tax nt Ihe lime Ihey were required to pay constructed for military use in the last three monllis of 1930. But the exports of Americnn airplanes -. . China to Suspend Lewis Russell. Ihc youngest, a slu- dc-nl at Agnes Scot! ' College in Georgia, Carolyn is not allowing her brothers lo excel her. She won an oralorical contest a year ago and was chosen to represent Georgia at zone finals in Pittsburgh, where she won second honors. In (he United States last year, more than -10,000.000 do/en handkerchiefs were made. . .report says lage period has now been well started, nnd il is no longrr necessary lo subsidize news agencies. Lump stuns equivalent lo six months' subsidy will be paid in advance to enable the newspapers hitherto supposed to become self- supporling. Several English-language newspapers are tindersloud lo have been under Kuominiang subsidy, ns \vell as; Chinese-language pa- pcrs and news agencies. same lo make them eligible lo vole al said election and that Ihey and ncilher of Ihe were olherwisr qualified lo vote in said eleclion. .Tlie defendant avers that Bruce Barham, Johnny Rhodes, Daniel Webster. .7. A. Bomar, O. V. Bushy. Mrs. Ed Mayo, and H. Highfill. W. S. Barnes all voted for Ihc plain- liif in said election and lhal. lliey and ncilher of them were rcsi-Jtntr or citizens of the city of Blythcville. nor qualified electors therein: thai Iheir votes were illegal and should be so declared. The defendant avers lhat J. A. Leach. C. W. Afllick. Mrs. C. W. Alllick. W. B. i Bruno) Tanner, Mrs.- Russell Phillips. Mike I5om- bolaski, Bruce Barham and Ntrs. Flavor is just Right \ WARNING In the last few days we have had considerable criticism of the slot machines being operated in the county. It has been brought to our attention that many so-called "Jack Pot" machines are in operation. I want to warn all who are operating unlawful slot machines that after June 20th, 1931, the sheriff's office will vigorously enforce the law on slot machines and all deputies will be instructed to confiscate all unlawful machines and to arrest the operator. I wish to give you warning and a chance to dispose of your machine. W. W. 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