Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on August 29, 1892 · Page 2
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Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 2

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, August 29, 1892
Page 2
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(BS&rrTi. TfJW W)r 'j P :rir'S8w 'TPpwjjpvf ,V"igij'ppRs:: ."!ft," -vj -fyyiyii? "'Wfr "F'a',.'PSFf .'aKBSfflkyT """ '" 4T ,r " s r'f'fv-','''', SSUk ' 'K '-" " -by r j.i i i .'I' Ml! Ill fl ll )l !) mi . 11 .1 AUTHORITY. ; Foreign OiUco Notico. VimniiN Oi nri:, I Honolulu, Aug. 1H), IMU. S This ilny luul iiitdioneo of tlio Queen, His Kxucllonuy .lolin 1.. StovuiH, lnivoy Kxlru-onilimry and Minister I'lanlpotutiliary eif the United State. Cnptntu 0. C. Wiltvo, ooiiiiuaiidliii; IT. S. S. "HostOll." Paymaster .1.(1. Hobbs, U.S.S, "I'.oston." Lieut. -Commander Win. V. Swiiilmino, IT. S. S. "lloston." l.ieut. 15. K. Mooni, IT. S. S. "Itoslon." Surgeon A. V. Magrudor, IT. S. S. "lloston." Lieut. Lnolcn Young, IT. S. S. "ltostou." Lieut. Charles l-aird, " " Lieut. Albert Glenvos, " 1. A. Kngineer (loo. L. Willits, U. S. S. "Hoston." l.ieut. II. 1,. Driller, U. S. M. C, U. S. S. "Boston." Knsign Cloland Davis, IT. S. S. "lloston." Naval Cadet A. X. Kliou.li, IT. S. S. "Boston." Nnvul Cadet W. B. Krotliciton, IT. S. S. "Boston." Naval Cadet .1. K Carter, V. S. S. "Boston." KavalCailet W. Lv.ms, U.S.S. "Uniton." Naval Cadet Geo. l'.ieliaids, U. P. S. "Boston," anil W. Porter Boul, INq , United States Vice and Deimty Consul-tJunirul. To which aiiitieme His i:celleiii .Mr. Stevens was introduced hy His lKiolIuncj Hon. Sainuel Barker, Her Majestj 's Minister of Foreign Allairs, Mr. Stevens then presented Captain Wilt-e and his olllcers and Mr. Boyd. Her Majesty was attended on this occasion hy His i:celleney Hon. Samuel Parker, Minister of Foreign All.nrs, Major the Hon. James W. Bobeitson, Cbamber-lain of the Household, Colonels the Houor-nhles Curtis Piehu laukea, 1, K. Liliknlaiii and John Kichardson and Colonel John Dominis Holt. Indies in Waiting: Mis. Wilson, Mis. Carter and Mrs. Claik. SAMUin.PAltlCr.lt, Minister of Foitign AM'aiis. fitrl lt-Wi It OFFICIAL NOTICE. Her Majesty the Queen will hold an Olll-cial Itecejition at lolani P.ilaeo on FI'l-DAY, the 2d of Sontomher, from 11 o'clock . m. to 12 o'clock noon. Tho order of tho Presentation at Point for that day w ill ho as follow s: At 11 a. m. The Chancellor of the Kingdom, Her Majesty's Ministers, the President of tho I.igishttivu Asscmhly and the Justices of the Suiieme Point. At 11:10 a. m. Tho Nobles and Uiiio-sentatives of the Legislative Assembly and tho mcinbers of the Privy Council of State. At 11:20 . m. Government Gllieials. At 11:40 A. ji. Caiitain (iilhert C. Wiltse and the Olllcers of the U. S. S. Boston. At 11:15 a. m. Tlio Consular Corps. At 11:55 . m. The Ijiplomatio ltmtiie-sontativcs accredited to the Court of Hawaii. The ladies will be inesented to tlio Queen immediate aftei each ollicial iiieseiit.i-tiou. "Full Dress" will bo the dress to bo worn on this occasion. JAMi;S W. ltOBKBTSON, Chamberlain of tho Hoiil Ilousoliold. lolani Palace, August at, lfe!). eo-wt It has jile.ised Her .Majesty the Queen to appoint PAUL NUILMANN Attorney-General, vice His l)cellenc Hon. 11. A. Wldomann, Attoiuoy-Gcneial ad interim. lolani Palace, August 2(t, 1MU. SOJ 3t-.'5ti It Kill DAY, tho 2d luy or fet'iitcmlior, hi'ilig tlio Aiinierstry of the 1th tli of llci Majesty thu Qiuun, will liu olistrvcil u a Xutioiiiil Holiday, ami .ill fluvcriuiKMit Otllces throughout tho Kingdom will hi-i losuil on that lay. O. X. SJT.NCi:!!, Minister ot thu Inlriior. Interior Olllce, Aug. IM, Wrl, fiol-Dt Jill. DAVID NAOXi: hue this .lay luen appointed u Memlier of the l!oad ltoind for the Taxution District of Koolauloa, Oahu, for the unexpired tenu iiiiulu vacant hy tint resignation of liev. H, Kapil. C. X. Sl'UXClJH, Jlinister of tho Intoiior. Interior Oillee, Aug. IS, 1WU. ftKit THE DAILY BULLETIN. Pledged lo wither Sect nor J'urt;i, liut Establish d for the Benefit of All. MONDAY, AUG. 2i), 181)2. Tho Advortibur will probably eon-gratnlnto itbolf on being tlioeaus-o of Mr. Neumann's olovalion to (ho Cabinet, as it has ofton boasted (hat to its opposition was duo that (jon-tloman's election to tho Logislatnio. Woll, tho J'ncifiu cablo has btarted thi& way from tliohonth, A font met has boon signed with a Fronuh ooin-pany to lay a cablo from Now South Wales to Now Caledonia. Now South Wales and Queoiiblaud divide tho oxponso of tho enterprise. It is tho intention, with tho expei-tod cooperation of tho other Colonies, to extend the line from New Caledonia to Fiji. From Fiji it is uuticipatod, on good authority, that the cable will bo extended to the Hawaiian Islands, and from here to liiitish Columbia, Harbor's "WcoUly, in tliei'iisMng a pioposiiion for a now I'lwliip railway niMoss Now Yoik, says of the iiollov ".vsIjmii (tlitit inii'iiili'd in tlio fiant'lii'-o foi olf'fl ric inotois In-ld by tlio Hawaiian Traniwais Co.) thai, "UioHgli the nioflianis-in is awkwatd and nnyainly, it is b, far tlio I'lioap-ust ninth o power (lint ran be tisod lo propel .st toot i-ais." The Wookly add, howevet, thai to join snbni ban neighborhoods together theie can bo no soiions objeelion lo tlio Hys-tuni, but to us-o it in ennvded streets is most daiiKetons. Mr. Ashford is reported as saving the Postal Savings Bank is, 'i lnennce, whieh .should bo lonnned or niate-rially modilied. The. b.uil; would be all right, and as useful in promoting thtift aniony (he people heto tis similar institutions ate elsehtte, had it not been used for purposes not oi initially designed. JVoplo owniti"; sutplus eapilal hao used it as ;i dumping gtouml for inonoy tlioy could not employ to eipial ad-an(age, or a( all, olheiwise. With duo rostih'tioiis on tho liauU'b use in that way, it should bo maintained as a useful institution. Tho bank was stalled after a good deal of agitation for it. and our legislators should le-niember tho aneient truism that it if easier to destroy than to build. ADVERTISING NOTES. W. Ali'Candloss has Iwo cottages to lot. I?oot lleei on di aught at nenson, Smith & C'o.'s. C. .7. AlfCVuthy has lots on Liliha .stieot foi sah. After shaving use Ciicumbm- Skin Tonic, lionson, Smith iV; Co., Agents. Sunburn relieved at once by (Ju-oumlior Tonic. Benson, Smith & Co., Agents. Extia large sixe bath towels at 2" ct--., dining tho cleaianco sale at Saehs' store. .I. II. Haiiison will not he lespon-sible for any debts not authoiied by him in writing. Ollicial announcement is made of tho appointment of lion. 1'aul Neumann as Attoi wy-(-ionoial. Enibroideiy edging-, II inches wide, 10 3 aids foi .!, during the clearance sale at Sachs' stoio. Queen Liliuokalani will hold an ollicial loception at lolani Valaco from II to l'J o'clock on Fiiday. Tho meeting of the Ameiican Ue-lief Fund was osti)oiied fiomSatur-day till Wednesday at 10 o'clock. Ladies' white ombioidoiy die.ss 1.1 inches deep for .'5.75 a dics, dining the clearance sale at Sachs' .stoic. Wong Kwai has been olllcially lccogni.cd as tho Assistant Coin-meicial Agent of China lor this Kingdom. Ladies' .shampooing and hair dressing done at their hou-es by Miss Wolf, 7.'? Tieretnuia stieel. Mutual telephone (i!)(i. Mechanics' Home, fiflaud (il Hotel street. Lodging by day, ucok or month 2.e. and nOc. a night; SI and .?1.2," a week. Propcity of (he Hawaiian Pacilie Cable Compaq will be ".old, under orders, fiom T. May, trustee, by Jas. F. Morgan at 12 noon Wednesday. Her Majestj to-day leceived Captain Wiltso and ollicois of the U. S. S. Hoslon. An ollicial notico of tho audience appeals in (he usual place. Dr. McLennan has lenioved to Ala-kea street, opposite the Y. M. 0. A. hall, picmiscs lately occupied bj- Dr. Lutz. Olllce hours, (I to 12,2 to J, and evenings (1 to 7 ; Sundays 10 to 1. Boll telephone 107 ; Mutual (.82. Charles l.eonaid has opened the carriage stand at King and Nuiianu streeln, which he will operate under the name of ''I. X. L. Carriage Coin-panj'." JVoplo who use caniages should make a note of his cud else-wheie. An oppoitunity isollbied tosiiure biirgains at the annual cleaiance sale whieh begins (o day at N. S. Sachs, The sale is bona (ide. It does not mean a icduction of a few articles, but a general icduction of (heentiio stock. This sale lasts for two weeks only, and during this time all goods aie marked in plain figuies and sold onlj' for cash, A special featuie of the sale this jear is that all trimming in the inillineiy dopaitmont will be done gratis. Now, ladies, this is j-oiir chance. Take Good Caro of tho Ohildton, If you hao I'hildion 3011 will ho intorosti'd in tho osporionoo of Mr. John Cook, of Pilot, Vonuillion Co., 111. irhiin: "Two joars ago two of my fiun!l,, a young man and a girl, had hmj s(.oi( and daiigorous attacks of bloody llu. Tho dootor horn wan unablo, aftor a wook's timo, to chock or lolitno nit hor caso. 1 tlnow tho iloctor ovorlioaid and bo-gan using Chninlxn Iain's Colic, C'ho-lora and J)iauhii'a lfoincdy. J111-pioMMiiont was soon Miry soon and my uhildiou aiiwi in a fow days from what I feared would ho tlioir deathhed, JI is a grand, good inodi-oino." J''or salo hy all doalurs. Bun-son, Smith k Co., Agonts, A Cow-arclly Burial. Not ft sound was hoard hut a hideous roar, As from church" lo Mnklkl wo hurried; Nol n creatine around hut soleinnlj swore That he'd die or that cow should he hurled. Wo hurled her sljly, at dead of night, The sod with her two horns turning, By the mist uioonheaiiis' dreary light, And our hearts with inuider hunting. No useless coflln enclosed her hrcast, Nor in sheet nor in sluoud wo wound her; She laj like an Amazon taking her rest, Minus skin with wh'lch nature had hound her. Manj and long weru tlio cuimis wo said, And wo siioke not a word o' soirowj Wo laughingly gurcil on tho form of tho dead, As we thought we'd li.ivc quiet to-morrow. Wo thought as we hollowed her shallow hod, That now we'd quite stopped hoi hollow : Tho owner and tnilkci might, stand on his head, But we'd Imvo good lost on oitrjilllow. Lightly we'll talk of the milk that Is gone, And o'er her eold carcase unhiald her; But little she'll io.tr if we let her sloon on, In the gt.ivo whore we raiders have laid hor. But half of our heavy task was dono, When wo thought of tho hliss of retiring, Without the roars which that son of a gun At out oars for a week had heen llrlng. Quickly and llcriely wo stamped hcrdown, For tho laud all aiound was quite gory; Wo stuck ui a horn so tho cow s of the tow n Might take heed fiom this terrililo storj. Tin: M kiki Con hi un. Departure of tho San Frnncisco. Promptly at .'1 o'clock on Saturday afternoon (he U. S. flagship San Francisco (timed as if on a pivot and pointed her nose towatd Wai-kilvi. FJ erybudy lomarked as (o (he pietty (urn she made. Tho tug 131eu, on which was tho Koyal Hawaiian band and a number of prominent people, escorled tho flagship out of tho harbor, accompanying her to sea. His Excellency S. Parker, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Col. G.W. Maefarlane, Hon. Paul Neumann, Allen Herbert, and others wore on I lie San Francisco. Tho tug ISleu put on a spurt near tho P. M. S. S. wharf, which almost capsized smoral boats in tow. It was laughable to see the occupants holding on to tho sides for dear life. The fair ones wore along (ho wharves in large numbers, ami as (ho San Francisco began to move the ship's band played "Will he ever leturn?" The flagship steamed as far as Diamond Head, then turned round and went down oil Bather's point. She cruised ofT some time bofoie finally leaing. Those on boaid weii bioiighf in on a steam launch of the U. S. S. Boston. The bouquets ol lloueis sent on board woie nunieious and many weio the tributes of aloha sent to Admiral Brown. Tho syron whistles of tho Boston and San Francisco filled tho air with their parting shrieks. A Japanese Nowspaper. The Ihn.u.TiN welcnnes an addition (o local journalism, being (ho Vamato Shinshi. It consists of sixteen pages neatly lithogiaphed in .lapaneso characteis, and will bo issued oorj' fivo days. Accompanj'-ing the initial number is (ho following note for (he benefit of the unlearned editoi of this paper: ''.lapaneso YaniatoNows publishiod in 2Hlh An, this is maj' be interest of the 2."),(W() Japanese now is the Kingdom, and the all news to be righted by Japanese Mr. Watanalu, Espicial a inteies( is (ho best for aihertis-nient." The Ihn.r.miN wishes its Japanese eontonipotaij' success. Mr. Lander's Koconimendation. Mr. J. A. Lander, a jiroiniuont citi.on of Clnrk.sliui'f,', Mo., and widely known in Hint Stnto, stij'.s of Cliiiinlioi Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrlio'a Woinedy: "I liavo soon its good H'.siilts and i-.-iu ii'coinniond it." For salohy all doalois. J'onson, .Sinitli & Co,, Agents. "Bank of Hawaii." Thuro iJPsomo foars that Ifornoi-'H "siiieidal" Banking Uill will pass tlio Li'gislatnro. To piovunt this, all should got a Bill fiom tho Hawaiian Nows Company, study it, and show up its woak points to all you moot. By Iiowia J. Iiovey. ASSIGNEE'S SALE! I Hy order of Ml!. I KUHKNBTKIN. A- HiunuR of tliu Jlimkriiiit l.stiito of Nino llinj,' J.iiiib. I will Mill at l'lililk' And Ion, lit Hi bulusiooiii, On WEDNESDAY, August 31st, AT 1(1 O'CLOCK A. M Tho Wlioli- of tliu Stoi'l; of MeridiuudlHO ot wild llslatt), I'oiihlrttiiigof DRESS GOODS, flint, blii'i'tlii(!i ClotliH, ('iiissliiiDri'H, I.iiimis, Vi'lvutd, Bilk Iliindkori'liioN, hliiitH, Collars, Uinlurrtliiilri, Driiwura, BOOTS and SHOES TiiuuN, Iloiery, fstiuw ITuts A Chjh, Clotliing, Ciitlmy, .Mosijuito Nets, Perfumery, Ribbons, itlnnki Is, Quilts, 'J'iumI;s, Sewing Machines, Etc., Etc, 0- 'JTlt.Mri CASH! Lewis J. I-iev-ey, fjo-yo. AUOTIONKlilt. "German Svrup" Those who have not A Throat and Lung Specialty. used Boschcc's German Syrup for some severe and chronic trouble of the Throat mul Lungs can .hard ly appreciate what a truly wonderful medicine it is. The delicious sensations of healing, easing, clearing, strength-gathering aiuh-ccover-injr are unknown joys. Jjor German Syrup wc do not ask easy cases. Sugar and water may smooth a throat or stopa tickling for a while. This is as far us the ordinary cough medicine goes. Boschee's Get man Syrup is a discovery, a gteat Throat and Lung Specialty. Where for years there have been sensitiveness, pain, coughing, .spilling, hemorrhage, voice failure, weakness, slipping down hill, where doctors and medicine and advice have been swallowed and followed to the gulf of despair, where there is the sickening conviction that all is over and the end is inevitable, there we place German Syrup. It cures. You are a live man yet if you take it. By Jas. F. Morgan. TKUSTKE'S SALIS OK Gable Tcii.ipli Lines. Uvonlei of Ml!. T. MA Y, Tufsteo, I will sell at l'uhlif Auction, at my S-ales- room, in Honolulu, On Wednesday, Aug. 31st, AT VI OOI.OCK NOON, All the Uiglit, Title and Inteiost of Hie Hawaiian Pacific Cable Co. in and to the following piopcity: 1st. 13 Miles of Telegraph Line fi mil Honolulu to Koko Head, CABLE HUT, (ilau.iuui.i 1 i ) 2d. 35 Miles of Telegraph Line fioni N.ipili, Maui, via Ka.inap.ili, Li-liuin.i, Uionulu, M'ialae.1, Stv.iiuui Landing lo WaiK.ipu .mil W.iiluUu. 3d. TELEGRAPH LINE fiom Kaunal.nUai to 1'ukoo, Molokai. 4th. 13 Knots 1150 Feet, Submarine Electric Cable laid hetween l'nl.oo Cuhlu Hut and IC.i.iu i-)i ili I'alile Hut (hoth Huts iiii'luiiM-). &F Vat furthei jiirlicul.ir, tijiplj to T. .MAY, Trustee, or Jas. F1. Morgan., cm-'j.t AiKTio.i;i;i!. Household -:- Furniture -A.T A.TJOTIOJSr. On WEDNESDAY, Aug. 31st, AT 10 .O'CLOCK A. M At tho llt'sidfiico of CUT. A. KULLKU, Kukul Mtieet, 1 will soil at I'uli- liu Aiirtlon The Houseliold Furniture Coinplisint; Parlor Sofa & Chairs, Upliulsti'ieil In I'lusli; Wii'l.ur itoi'Kors, Luathur Knsy Clmiis, 2 Black Walnut Marbletop Bedroom Sets, Wattrnsscs, SIiikIi' IluiUtcadi', Jtlai'k Walnut Wanliolie, B."W. Marbletop Sideboard II. V. IMonsion Tabli) ('.'I fi-ct), J)inlnj;-ro(iiii Cli.ilis, Cliniiili'lli'is, 1 Cottage DPia-iio, Ciocki'ry and (IIiihswiuu, Kiti'lu'ii UtcmilN, Ferns, Veranda. 01ia,iis, i:tc, i:tc, Kii'., liu-. Jas. F. Morgan, nos-iii , a no noMor.it. Hooting Notices, MEETING NOTICE. rpiIK MKKTINd CALLCl) KOH LAST J Saturday for lonrgunUiition of tliu Anit-rlcaii itnlliif Fund was, on ai I'ount of duiinituiu of tlio mall, liostimui'd until Wi:i)Ni:BnAY, tho Hlbt liiHt., at 10 oVIoi k a, m,, at tlio Cliiunbor of Coininori'i) ltiioiu. rari-iit CHAB. It. JtlHllOl. SPE0IAI. MEETING. A hi'i:cj.L mi:i:tin(I ok thi: Stoi'klKilduirt of the lloiioiuu .Siiuar Compaii) will be held on SATUKDAY, SiiiitembiT ilil, at 10 o'i'look , m., at thu olllce' of C, lliewer A Co., (L'd). A. u. j,uvi;m.. Keeretar lloiioiuu Sugar Co. onolulu, Aug. IS, l)J. Wil-Jw Ji NOTICE. 1 WILL I'AY NO DKIiTH NOit UK Itl'.H-J ponslblo for any goods puuihaseil la my liaiiio unless Midi dehts orgooilsaie authiiii.iMl by mo in writing. .1, il, JIAHitlSON. Jlouolulu, Aug. 'JU, iftU.'. fiOU-H SEPT. 2, 1892. ?':"' REGATTA AT PEARL HARBOR PROO-RAMME : PART I. YACHT RACES. l-VACHT IIAC13 1st Ci.u.1. Coi'nsi:: fetin ling fiom aline drawn in evteiisiou of the Pcuil City whaif, down the main ehamiel, to the mouth of the linrhor, ne.ir the reef, taeKing around the stake hoat; thence up the main channel lo tho lloniiuliiili l.oeii, up the lloiioulluli Loeli to and tacking mound a stiiko hoat at the head of this i,oeh opposite Itohin-son's landing; thonee out ot thu llonoiili-uli Loch up the main ehannel, passing hi'twien Ford's Island and the Mamma Peninsula, to the windward of Ford's Island, thenee down theehaimet Iviim east of Fold's Island, making a eiii'tiit of Ford's Island; thenee to thu point of ooiiinieiiLO-ment. a-YACUT JIACU a Ci.vcs. t'ouitsi:: Stinting from a line diawnin evtension of the 1'eail tlty wharf, down the main eh.umel, to the mouth of the h.ulior near the leef, tauking around tho stake hoat; thenee up the main ehannel, passing hetween Ford's Island and the Miitmnu Peninsula, to the windward of Ford's lshiml: thenee down the ehannel hing K.ist of Foul's Island, making the Liieuit of foul's lslnntl; thento to the jmint of commencement. 3 YACHT UACi: :il fi.vss. Ilo.its under IS feet length. Koi open 1st Pure, .f jo; u i-uze, tiu. roiiiisr: Pioiii staiting point, same as in lfaees 1 and 2, to windward of Foul's Island, making eiicuit of said Island, thenee to point of commencement. Yachts will asseiiihle oil' the foot of f.e-hu.i Avenue in Pe.ul City Peninsula atil . .M. A picp-iratoij gun will he Hi oil on the .lodge's hoat at it: .I) . m. The st.irtmg gun will he Cued at 10 . M. sh.np. The stait will he allying one; the time of each j.iuht heing taken as she cios-es the line! hut no jacht shall he allowed moic tli.iu ten minutes within whieh to start aftei the signal to st.ut has heen gicn. Time allowance, one minute to the ton. K.ieh jnelit must e.irij at her lnaintop-masi head a distinguishing Hag of a suit-ahle su wuich must not he hauled down unless she gives up the race. Hncli jacht must carry during the race no moie than the usual aiiehoisaiul chains, which must nut he used as shipping ballast 01 foi altering the trim ol tho jacht. No hags of shot shall he on hoard and all ballast shall be propel lj stowed under the pl.itfoims or in lockeis and shall not he shipped oi tiiuuiKil in any waywhatevei during the i.iee. No icstiiction as to ipiantitj of sail. PART II. ROWING RACES. I-SIX OAltni) liOATS-SuniM. Si its. Coim-r: Staiting from a lino diawn in cxti'iisiou of tin- IVarl Citi wharf, to and round a staku lxt.it at tin- head of Vaiio I.Ol'll, tlll'lK'C tO liuilll Of l Olllllll'lll'OIIIVllt. .)-K()UKO.Vi:i;i)ItOATS-Si.n1MiSi:r.s. Coi'iisi': Same as in UaioN'o. 1. (! SIX OAKLI) HOATh brvnosM Bi.mk. 1st fnf, fJOj L'il l'lii-, IU, Couimi:: S.niiu as in It.u-es rourse to bi' jiulled ovi'i twiiu. I ami r; X. B. Tliu Iti'Katta l!ais will bounder the rules uilonti'd l the llawaiian liowini; it Yiuditini Association, lonies ol w hieli can be nbtaineil fiom V. (1. Amii.kv. In all i .iiTs, two or mom boats must st.ut to iiiaki) a hut. The lowing r.iees will take jilaee at 1 r.M. .sharp. The signal gun will bo lired from the Judge's stand at V!:'M o'clock. Signal for the competing boats to assemble at the starting line w ill be the firing of a gun ten minutes before tho still t of im'h I at e. XF List of ontiies will be open at the olllce of the burl iilMl'MU M of the Omiii itll,U NI L.M COMIMNV, Until lii o'clock noon, August .'list, lt'U. Tin.(.i's:-C. U. Wilson, W. JI. fiillard, Cunt. J. A. King, m iMi.ui.1 i'i a: Jos. llub.isli, W. K. Love. ;r"Iiliiof the above raecs are now on Inhibition at the I'uinr IImiiiumu: Co.'h Sriiiiu, Kurt htroot. Trains will Leava IIouolulu for Poarl Cily Poniubtila at 7:30, S, 10, 11, 12, a. in., and 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4:30 p. m. Returning will Leave Pearl City Poiiinsula lor Honolulu EVERY HOUR. Grand Picnic (t Ba AT REMOND G-ROVE On the Millie date ghen hy tlio Sons of SI, (l"0re Society faSP-MlIfilC will bo iii attendani'o for Dancing dining tho day and evening, WdAJICS for the Ladies and Child' ion, with i'rues, tW Ample pioviiuu has been made for Jiefreshincnts both on tlio Peninsula and Iteiiioud (irovo. Popular Prices! 50c. -ROUND TRIP-50c. 607-0t 1 ' S?n THEO. H. DA Have Opened China, Glass and Furniture Salesroom on Kaalmmaim St., Ground Floor, WITH Large Assortment of New S1T.CIA1. DISPLAY OK ROYAL WORCESTER, CROWN DERBY, WEDGEWOOD, and Other Fine Ware. KTe-w Rugs and Carpets, Engla sla Fviriaitvir , ; Rattan "War. Fine Show of Glassware, Ivoryware, Bohemian Vases, Wine Glasses, Tumblers, Cut Salads, Etc. Prices IRecLu.oecL- PACIFIC HABDWABE C0.5 LUL Cummins' Bloolt, inort Street. Hardware, Agricultural Implements AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE China, Crockery, Glassware, Cutlery ART GOODS! PICTURE Ei'RAillNG IN Pacific Hardware Co., Ltd. S2 cs. "3 R 09 o H m ICE in. in lite e f-4 Automatic 2 Cylinder s, r.iiHuen. Temple of Fashion COlvNEU OF FOKT AND HOTEL STJtEETS. Wo Just Rsoelved ETe-w Dress Goods, Ija.oLies' Beollorol Caps, Belts, Lsttest Style. Also a Large Line of Traveling Trunks and Valises. S. BHRLIOH 8c CO, 3STe-w O-oocLs ! USTe-w Goods ! I'U.N'(ii:i: DltAl'LltlHH-l'OUTILitKK- I'lNL.W'l'Li: TIS8UU SATTl'.KXK WillTL DltKSH (JODDH IN OIIIXIKS AND BTltll'KB, .lAI'A.NLfeK COltDDI) OUKl'K. Ladies', Childrens' and Infants' Wear IN UK WAT VAK11JTV AT LOW 1'KIOKS. A Fine Line in Zephyrs, Cretonnes, Etc. BattLing Suits in Cotton, and Wool I'OK LAi)li:s, tiL.NTb, ANI) OHILDJtKN. OJiJULi -A.3STD SEE OXJK. 3STEW C3-OOZ3S. Dressmaking under the Management of Miss Clark. B. F. EHLERS & CO., 99 Fort St, VIES & CO. Their New A Goods, ex Beninore. ALL ITS BRANCHES J& efriscerators AND CHESTS Mountain, Gem AND Ice Cream Freezers! & Barrel Churns. S. LEVY. H, 1 s y ! XX mim 4. Jsaua -ft-ta . ,

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