The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1950
Page 15
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THURSDAY, FKBRUARY 2, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEH OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WHATSJWITHA IDEAL WEAPON LIKEABCOOM VOL) LET A COUPLE OF UVTTL-B KIPS PO THAT? WHY DIPM'T YOO SLIP IT OT-F OVER. YOUR HEAP AN'GO ;;> v AFTER •? KIRS ARE SMAETTBR THAN INMDURPAY-- THEY POT TH 1 BEOOM UNDER MY CHtN AM' YANKEP UP TH' ZIPPER.' .'IT T5EFIES MAGYN«|bfJ,AUTW6 OWLS ?KOTHEKS DE6ERTIMG 1W\S "eACEFUL. CLUBEOOM. TO SAsWti AT TeLEMlSlOM IK! -[U6 A\I3STV GROG SHOPS.' WHAT ATTRACTS THEM? MOT THOSE . MISTAW MA30RJTK6V SAYTUey GITS TOfJIGHT IHeV'SA rtEAU COMICAL ACT THAT'S S'fOSED fo 86 POLLING THE \MRONG' AMD IKE ? THOSE ? OUR 80Y5 = THE W3ERY WART FKECKLI5S AND HIS FK1KNDS BY MERKILL BLOSSEB Nol a Jet Job wn ,, h «> high ' ime £'«-^&"'. JST-- '^ ' ileeil I Love My Doctor. By Evelyn Barkins ^ «=•—- — •— — J b, NLA SI4VICI, I Job Wanted Farm manager, IB years experience willi mule initl tractor equipment, noort references. No drinking. Write Box CDE, c]o Courier News, 11.20 pk 215 Private Rooms llertcoom. Lady only. Phone 3557, 2jl pk Hcclroom with kitchen prlvcless. ph. 423. 1(25 pfc 2,25 Comfortable bedroom. Tlione 2338. i xxxii | 'COCIOLOGISTS nave long been P attempting lo fix the exact moment when the honeymoon ends nnd the basic murriage begins. Anything from the (irsl quarrel to 'the first unkissed farewell have been ollcrcd as precision points, ;btit from personal experience, I ;\vould like to suggest the first baby. '•From the very start of Us expected arrival, nature, with the finesse ot 'a Forty-Second Street subway (platform guard during rush hours, vhas an uncanny, unerring way of Burning a nice, romantic couple •into a pair of serviceable parents. | Our own metamorphosis began • soon after my illness. The few •weeks immediately following my •recovery were the last,, blissfully ;quiet days John and I were ever lagain to know. At first, of course. ; my mother was determined upon 'sending me oft to convalesce [some isolated countryside, ! "But I want to stay home," I insisted loudly, realizing, as she muttered about my "pigheadedness," that the true test ot stubbornness can only be adminislerec (by an equally stubborn individual !"Look\" I pleaded, trying to make lit sound like a geometric theorem | "I promise to do nothing but eat [sleep, and rest. Freda has agreed to look after everything until I'm fully recovered. Won't that do it' Thnt way, T won't have to leave John alone either." "Nonsensel" said my mother making rny proposition seem ridiculous as if I had suggcs sending Mae West to a Franciscan monastery. "People have to g away to recuperate. As tor leav ing John, lots of couples do lha sort of thing. In fact the moder advisers all encourage husband and wives to get away from eac other for some part of the year vacationing or otherwise." """ • * * JOHN, who was sitting near by •' smiled, and I started to laugl [That decrepit discussion about sep arale holidays for young couple Bctlroai Wai tun. Men only. 310 1;2.4 pfc 2 ; Nicely lurnlshcd large bedioom, private home. Ph 2483 1-18 pk 2-18 Ocdrooin, convenient to batli 3teain hc:it. Ph. 3325. Gil W Main, \\\\ pk 2|V1 Nicely furnished icam neat Ueiitlcn front bedroom i en Pb 3264 Nice steam heated bedroom adjoining filli Men only. 603 West Mntn, ph 4a2 - 1-21 ck: U GI.ENCOE HOTEL guests ph. 'He-J or Personal inlniuc pliotostaDc survlrc l|8-ck-tl Game in Idalio Idaho's primitive area has cMimntcd game population of 13,000 rioer, SOD elk, 400 sheep, and 300 yoats. berries numerous, bear, birds and pi-cciatory and furbcnring animals. as like most of the marilal coun- •lor bosh. "If it's so bad that they need a est front each other in the first lace," John would say, "why then me o(T atone will only convince lem how much happier they are mrt; and if it's not bad al all, nd they'll only miss each other, icn ceiikmly the senseless scpa- n is a meaningless form ol bstinence/', "That's right," I would agree- Rules in marriage are fiuilc ab- urd. Maybe you can reupholster B old sofa from a set of printed irections, but in marriage, it's norc than whnt you do. it's how oil feel. Emotions don't follow 'lucprints." Now, for my mother's sake, I ried lo explain how John and I eH, but it was like talking si anguagc to a blind porcupine. "Never mind," was her final re- ponse. "1 understand completely You mean to stay home. Very veil. I won't say another word 'm not one to interfere." Despite her forebodings, however, the next two weeks were like he softened, silvered sweetness ir .he winter air before a heavy ;now. I lounged comfortably, ati jrodigiously, and slept xvilh thi soundness of a hypnotized, subjcc in suspended animation. When ever John could spare the time, wi drove to the park nnd walke< along the deserted trails, baskinj n the cold sunlight, and lalkiri; endlessly like a pair of rcpatria'tec Frenchmen. 1 feel wonderful," I totd Fred one day, as I sat munching a eel cry stalk while she cooked dinne "I am not only 'he laziest thin in cre~ation. but I have the soli approval ot the whole world, i pursuing this course." "You might as well make tV most of it," snid Freda cheerfully "Another few days, 'and youll h bade at this," she pointed to th chicken in the pan, "and schoo and everything: And after lha you'll probably start tying you: If down with a family, and that's r keeps." "A family!" ,1 repealed lo John .at night, making it sound as if ic had advocated our joining a .idist colony. "1 never even loiiBlit of that." "Neither did I,** he confessed. And so we started to think. * • » |fc7E treated the idea like a pro* posed new hatrack for the nest closet. To have or not to avc, how much, when, why, and ow? Wild the filibustering art f an opposition party debate, we m ployed full parliamentary pro- cdurc in arriving at our foregone onclusion. John knew all the easy nes, and I was jvist his "feed an," like Jack Benny's Roches- err Did we want children? Of oursc! Sometime. Even 1 knew ic line about the pnller of little eet and the empty home. Was it xpcnsive? How could it be? The hospital would give us n liscounl, and (this was John's) low much milk could a lilttc baby Irink? Well then, should we wait? ^or whal? It still lakes nine nonths fheh hch!); and (three iheers for the red, white, and blue in this one), if you have your ihildren while you're yocing, you joth grow up together, you arc ike brothers, friends, et cetera, the final balloting, the motion vas unanimously carried. "But school." I remembered, just before I fell asleep, "Oh, John, I can't have a baby while I'm still there!" 'Thai's all right," John sniti promptly. "You're finishing your aw course in three months, and t won't begin to show until much .ater on." . My deeper thoughts came the next day, but even these were not profound enough to really disturb me. "Who wants to grow up with children?" I thought. Certainly, children prefer parents who fccep their place. The general competitive spirit is bud enough for youngsters, and while the sister act between mother and daughter may flatter Mama no end, I bet Janic, if she could, would probably trade mother in for a more conventional model. (To Be Continued) Columbus' Landing Columbus,. in 1492, landed at San Salvador, an Island in the West Indies, now generally identified as AVathng island, in the Bahamas. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Druq Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 inch to 48 inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber fov barns, chicktn houses, pump houses, {man I houses, tool sheds. We deliTer. Call us for free estimate. / OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. LISTEN TO BOYD McKAY'S "Songs That Are Different" Station KLCN 5 P.M.—EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY Sponsored by DRIVF-IN "Oh, don't worry, Dear. If anything does happen to him, we can borrow money from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION fo pay the hospital bills." KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 • NOW OPEN • OfferinR Complete Kloristic Service VER MART Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specially RONAI.l) WEHI.KR M. C. STILKS Soulh Highway 61 Phone 6M2 Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your friendly Studcbokcr Dealer" | RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 EVERYWHERE! WINDSHIELD VISIBILITY ZEROF ' THE BOYS MAVE TURHEDTb By POT.OTF . CONTROL ! "Trouble is, we've got so many labor-saving automatic gadgets, I'm always working overtime to keep them going!" PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER UESS WHAT? WE'RE GOING TO A MIGHT CLUB WITH EVA AMD BILL! I WON'T DO IT! I'WON'T FRITTER AWAY MV MONEY &T A NIGHT CLUB! THERE'S. A SWELL FILM AT THE BIJOU! [ GUESS THW'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR HELLO, EVAT IT WORKED LIKE VDU SA(O...WE'LL5EE YOU AT 1HE BUOU TONIGHT.. VIC FLINT DEZ Mother ;md Sou J!Y MICHAEL O'MALLEY and HALPH LAN! WHO WAS THAT YOU W£RE TALKING TO, MUMMY ? ISH'I IT ABOUT TIME . . WUWERE BUNNIMSA|Ot)G FOR YOUR BOXING IESSOH, CHRISTOPHER ? VE5.VOUDO.' VOUR FATHER WAS A COWARD, BUT YOU'EE NOT GOING TO BE OWe IF I CAN HELP NOW GO ALONG. 8n the Swanky Chicago apartment of Mrs. Rose MX.MAHG\I, THE MAW WHO WAWASES VOUR FATHER'S ESTATE. HE'S COMING OVER TO TALK BUSINESS WITH ME Every tiling Under Control BY LESLIE TURNER WE WAS R'JNM'U OUT OF WIRE, SO WHEW TH' BUGS liUNNY ELfAEK IS A \NUTS/ HE W-WONDEEFUL] AIN'T EVEN FANCY SKATER/ y^f-^Sa AMA.T6UR' I'M GONNA SHOW VA A REAL HUNK O' SKATIN'. . . TH' BUGSY SUPER SPIN.' I COULD KEEP SPINNIN' < LIKE THIS PER HOURS.' DEVELOPMENT.' PHOOEY,' ALWAYS TclliiiL' II lo Ouolii SEE. WE OWT RISK PULLING THE BUILDING CtAVN ON HIM... WELL, HELLO.' MY STWiS. PdCTOe. THOUGHT YOU'D LOCK. CKX3LA. WE SOT CO? INTO JAM AND YOU'VE. GOT TO GO GET HIM OUT.' A BUNCH OF HARD- BOILED AMAZONS HAVE BOY FRIEND CHAINED UP IN THINK IVE BE A SUCKER-AND I DON'T LIKE BOOTS AND HKU BUDDIES EDGAR MARTIN

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