The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 12, 1946 · Page 7
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The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 7

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1946
Page 7
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July 12, 1946 THE WISCONSIN JEWISH CHRONICLE 7 HBchiml the SBrhisIi Actions in Palestine By Bernard Lerner "VUT in Jerusalem, in an of- niting rebellion in Iraq against the war-shattered Allies; when his aide-de-camp, Jamal el Hus-seini, assisted the Mufti in a coup d'etat to help the Axis wrest the Mediterranean from the democratic powers, Moshe Shertok, chief of the Jewish Agency's Political Department, -vas traveling across the face of Palestine calling upon Tina r-1 1 . , n ,J : 1 1 fiiuatt-u ironically on Bethlehem Road. cording to Jewish legend Mother Rachel weeps at midnight over the plight of her children, the people of Israel, I met Achmed Shu-kein, chief of the Arab Office who restituted in his conversation the words of Goebbek. the murder of six million Jews of ; Jews to volunteer for the British Europe because Hitler could not forces, irrespective of Britain's HaV4euCen-511 wrong" and warned past and present policy towards that his side was ready to "play the Jews of Palestine. Moshe along with Moscow." They al- j Shertok, as an individual, and his ways are ready to play along, the : Jewish Agency colleagues as a boys of the Husseini-Shukeiri i group, recruited, rallied, mobil-moJ? . , , iized the thousands of Jews who Outside the oung men's Chris- I held Rommel back in the western han Association building in Jeru- i desert, and the reserve guerilla Salem, Where the hearinps of Ihoi fnrrps ivhn innt mi ti'iftl.i ofoH,M,o Anglo-American Inquiry Commit- in the hills of Judea and Galilee. even as the British were burning Government papers and evacuating Palestine. When Haj Amin el Husseini and Jamal el Husseini again are plotting against democracy in the Middle East and terrorizing all Arab leaders who prefer moderation and common sense to the fascist-gang methods of the Husseini clan, Dr. Bernard Joseph, Canadian-born, legal advisor of the Jewish Agency, is in jail with Moshe Shertok. Joseph was alongside Moshe Shertok, one of the foremost leaders of Jewish recruiting for the British forces during the war, even as British politicians wero rejecting the help of the Jews which the British military so sorely needed. David HaCohen and Dov Berl Repetur are also in Latrun. But there were other days only a few years ago when British shipping was sunk on its way to the Mediterranean areas, and Britain could obtain neither technicians nor material to build the bridges, the roadways, and other military installations needed to speed reinforcements to stem the Rommel tide. In those days David HaCohen and Dov Berl Repetur, as directors of Solel Bone, the Contracting Cooperative of the His-tadruth, Jewish Federation of Labor, worked indefatagibly recruiting workers and undertaking tasks which the British technicians regarded as unimplementable with the limited material and against the challenge of time running out. But nothing was unimplimentable and impossible for HaCohen and Repetur and the thousands of workers Solel Bone. Had they felt as the British did, Rommel would have swept forward, and the war might have ended much differently than it did at any rate, much later. Now these men are in Latrun. r X ' V mm tee were being held at the time, I met Jamal el Husseini; he issued the same warning as Shukeiri (he being Shukeiri's chief) of playing along with Moscow, and reiterated his justification of the mass murder of six million Jews "for Hitler couldn't be all wrong . . . you have got to see both sides of a question, my man, both sides of a question." Jamal Husseini saw both sides so well, that he joined in igniting, at a time most critical for the Allies, the Iraq coup d'etat in an effort to gauleiter the Middle East into Hitler's Welt-Raum scheme. And now those gentlemen have been joined by a third. It is a matter of minutes and they get straight through to Cairo for instructions from Haj Amin el Husseini, the former Mufti of Jerusalem. The Mufti, the man who plotted the Iraq uprising and the arch-author of the plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe, is now biding his time. He is waiting for the British to accomplish "phases one and two" of their conspiracy against the Jews of Palestine, phase one being the arrest of their leaders, and phase two being the disarming of Palestine's Jews. Then he will stop in for "mopping up" operations. With the British having laid the ground work, he hopes to be able to complete "operations". That is why he arrived in Cairo just several days before the British began their work. The timing is no accident, neither on his part nor on the part of the British. But knowing Haganah, I know that the conspiracy will not achieve its pernicious aims. Having been introduced to the Arab-fascist co-plotters of the Bevin-Attlee - conspiracy against the Jews, you must now meet the Jewish leaders detained in Latrun: When Haj Amin el Husseini, former Mufti of Jerusalem, was ig- feKi J: I 0 An Artist's Conception of Jewish DP's In the drawings reproduced here, George Biddle, the noted American artist for Look magazine, pictures some of the old and the young survivors of Hitler who are still living in barrack-like 1)1' camps waiting for deliverance from a twilight existence. TllT! South American Arabs J. AJ. 1 IDlllllCllJ 13 lili; t-Jll.llljr. lOUUb Grenbaum, the leader, whose people has been slaughtered in Poland, is the enemy. Conversely, Haj Amin el Husseini is Britain's friend. (Copyright, 1946) Agency Officials in London Fly to Jerusalem London (JTA) Two leaders of the Jewish Agency office here, Joseph Linton, its political secretary, and Harry Sachar, the political adviser, have left for Palestine to confer with the still unarrested members of the Agency. British press reaction to the arrest of the Jewish leaders and occupation of the Jewish Agency premises in Palestine varied from complete agreement with the government's action to bitter attacks on what one newspaper termed a blow against Jews the world over. Hail Mufti as Leader Buenos Aires (JTA) A paid advertisement praising the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem as a loader of the movement for Arab liberty and independence has been inserted in many prominent newspapers by the "Permanent Executive Committee of the First Pan-Arab Congress in America," which was established last year at a conference of Arab groups from several South American countries. The advertisements say that in recent months there has been an attempt by certain groups to "confuse" public opinion by spreading false rumors about the Mufti. South African Jews Close Shops in Protest of Palestine Policy Johannesburg (JTA) All Jewish shops, offices and other places of business here closed for several hours in protest against British raids and arrests of Jewish Agency leaders in Palestine. The Jewish community adopted a resolution demanding release of the Jewish leaders and "all unlawfully detained persons," immediate reversal of British policy in Palestine and implementation of the Anglo-American Committee's recommendation that 100,000 Jewish immigrants should be permitted to enter Palestine. CONGREGATIONAL j Temple Emaiiu-Iil Il'ne Jcsliuriin 2418 E. Kenwood Boulerard Sabbath services, without musical accompaniment and sermon, will be conducted regularly throughout the summer, on Friday evenings at 8 o'clock and Saturday mornings at 11 o'clock. Temple Ueth El 2190 N. Forty ninth Street Rabbi J. Swiolikow will speak on the Sedra of the Week. Morning Minian at 6:00 a.m., Sunday at 7:00 a.m. Evening Mincha at 7:00 p.m. and Maarive at 7:30 p.m. Saturday morning services commence at 9:00 a.m. The Chevra Mishnais class meets daily between the Mincha and Maarive service. Cong. H'nai Jacob N. Thirteenth and W. Brown Street Rabbi DaTld Becker Friday Evening Services Sabbath Eve services are conducted throughout the summer at 7:00 p.m. The services are brief and do not include the customary sermon. Formal Friday evening services, beginning at 8:00 p.m., will be resumed after the High Holidays. Sort ices Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Cong. Iletli Israel 2433 N. Teutonla Arenas Rabbi Harold Baumrlnd Daily and Sabbath Services Morning minian, held daily in the Beth Hamedrash, at 7 a.m. Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Evenings at 7:15 and 8:15 p.m. Saturday Mincha at 7 p.m. Eyn Yakob is studied daily after the morning minian. The book of "Job" is discussed every Saturday morning at 7:45 a.m. The Mishna and Gemora study group meets daily, Sunday through Thursday, inclusive, during the interim of Mincha and Maarev services. Cong. Aiishc Sfaril 1124 W. Garfield Arenu U.tblil Churli't Kubpnatcln On Saturday, July p.m. Rabbi Charles 13, at 6:00 Rubcnstein Morning services held daily at 6 a.m. Saturday at 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Evenings at 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. Rabbi Becker will speak every Saturday at 6 p.m. on the portion of the week. The Oszeroner Rabbi's society will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday, July 2, at the Temple vestry. Cong. Anshe Lebowieh N. Elerenth SI. and Reaerrolr Ave. Rabbi S. Schulaon Morning Minian held in the Beth Hamedrash, daily, at 7:30 a. m. Evening Minian, Mincha service 15 minutes before sunset. Misnayoth Is studied daily before the morning services. Eyn Jacob is studied daily 20 minutes before the Mincha services. Saturday morning services at 8 a.m. Sermon on the Sidrah of the week every Saturday, 45 minutes before the Mincha services. Montevideo (JTA) More than 5,000 Uruguayan Jews attended a mass meeting here to protest the British attacks on the Palestine Jewish community and the arrest of Jewish leaders. The meeting was sponsored by the Jewish Central Committee and all Zionist parties. Rumanian Jews Protest Jewish Agency Raids Bucharest (JTA) The first national conference of the Jewish Democratic Committee heard Dan Eshanu, vice-chairman of the Zionist organization urge the delegates to protest the seizure of the Jewish Agency's premises as an "act of aggression which will never succeed in breaking our people's resistance." v Juwumii ft. j X 'for' "Two Girls From Milwaukee" Enter Gimbels exciting contest now . . . (closing date July 16th). Maybe you'll be the "date" of DENNIS MORGAN or JACK CARSON who will be here July 25th for the WORLD PREMJLRE showing of the picture "TWO GUYS FROM MILWAUKEE." i ' . : f "v - ' 'v1; r'j""""" - Iff I 1 " MP .s i ) ' mm if imli els . . . for Women's Sizes Above (Joan Leslie starring in the motion picture "Two Guys From Milwaukee"). Do YOU look like Joan Leslie? ... do you have auburn hair and hazel eyes? . . . and are you around 5 feet 4 inches height and weigh around 118 pounds? IF so, bring your picture to Gimbels "Two Girls From Milwaukee" booth on the second floor. Just think ... if you're the lucky girls, you'll get to attend parties and banquets . . . take a flight in a CAPITAL AIRLINE-PCA plane AND go to the premiere showing with honest - to - goodness motion picture stars! Bring your picture to Gimbels "Two Girls From Milwaukee" booth on the 2nd floor now! Abov (Jams Paige starring in the motion picture "Two Guys From Milwaukee"). 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