Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on January 21, 1892 · Page 2
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Evening Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · Page 2

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1892
Page 2
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2" - " iws". Hns?-" r. WR. -Shi," ilSO?i n if at ml' BY AUTHORITY. w$ -.. . .llTK-7 .- w AftsSk 'wsxszvss. . AnimmsTrainrs w ' Hf ri-5.ui ti.'t.-m 4 ' Relation or Hog siaugimr House?. h'' ' ..J-. No Slutiflitor Honai's foi Hogs fhall 'K', 'IC uiiuulniueil in tlii! District, of lion MAk'oIuIu, Ouliu, on or nftor llio 20tli of ,(x' iKeliMiiiiy, 1SU2, without n wiittcn por-X mil fiom tlio Boiud of Ilciiltli. V "'- David Dayton. - President Htuuil of Health. Honolulu, Juu. 21, 1S02. 321 at RATES OF POSTAGE. Hereafter the Rates of Postage for letters to nil Countries mid Colonies in the UniveriMil Postal Union will be, for each oz. or fraction thereof, 5 cents. For newspapers and other printed mutter, to the United Slates, Canada, and Mexico, for each packet not exceeding 2 o., 1 cent ; for each additional 2 0?.., or fraction theu-of, 1 cent. To all other Countries and Colonies of the Postal Union, for each packet not exceeding 2 o., 2 cents; for each additional 2 oz., or fraction thereof, 2 cents. WALTER HILL, Postmaster-General. Jan. 20, 1SD2. 321 at lit jljailu $tiillefiti Pledged to neither Sect nor Party, But establi?ied for the benefit of all. THURSDAY, JAN. 21, 1892. DISTRICTS AND PRECINCTS. "Citizen," who probably repre sents many, wishes to have the boundaries of the electoral precincts described. They are laid down in the Election Proclamation 'published in this paper once a week (Saturday). The Government issued maps of the city in 1887, showing by colored lines and figures the districts and precincts. There are not facilities in Honolulu to get up n news-. paper map, without greater expense than any olllce can afford, for showing the metes and bounds. However, we shall try to describe them verbally, in words different from that of the proclamation, so as to help out an understanding of that document in this particular. Fihst DisruicT. First Precinct All the teiritory east of a line running from the mountains to the sea through Ptinahou street. Polling place, Government nursery, King street. Second Precinct All the territory west of Punahou street line to a line running down the ridge between Pauoa and Makiki valleys, across Punchbowl crater at the ofd battery and down to the sea through Alapai and South streets. Polling place, Ueretania street schoolhouse. Si'.cond Distkict. First Piecinct Rounded on the north by the mountains, on the east by the above described west line of First District, south by a line from Punchbowl llag-polc to junction of Emma and School streets, and by School street to Nuu-anu avenue, west by Nuuanu avenue to Judd street, sou'th again by Judd street to mountain range west of Nuuanu valley. Polling place, Store at Nuuanu and Pauoa streets. Second Precinct Rounded north by Judd street, east by Nuuanu avenue to School street, north again by School street to Fort stiect, cast again by Fort street to Ueretania, south by Reretania street, westerly by Nuuanu stream to School street, south again by School stieetto Liliha street, and west by Liliha street to Judd street. Pol'ing place, Fourth house on Ewa aide, nmkai of School street bridge, over Nuuanu stream. Tiiuiit District. First Precinct Rounded on tho north by Second District, on the east by First District (Alapai street line) on the south by Reretania street fiom Alapai to Fort street, and on the west by Fort street to School street, Polling place, Royal schoolhouse. Second Precinct Rounded on the north by Reretania street, on the east by First District (Alapai street line), on tho south by the sea, and on the west by Richards street. Polling place, Kapuaiwa building. Fouiaii Distiiict. First Precinct Rounded north by School street to Nuuanu stream, east by Nuuanu stream to foot of Reretania street, north again by Reretania btrcet, east again by Nuuanu street, south by the harbor, southwest by King street, and west by Liliha.street, Polling place, China Engine Co.'s house. Sixo.nh Pni:ciNCT Rounded uoith by Reretania street, east by Richards street, south by the harbor, wo3t by Nuuanu street. l'olling place, Rell Tower. Fifth Diyrmcr, Fihst Pkkcinot Rounded north by the mountains, cast by dividing lino from Districts 2 and 4 running through Liliha street, southwest by Ring street, and east l3y Kalilii road running past town side of Kamebameha schools, l'olling place, Hawaiian Tramways Compa-ay's building. Si:coxu PuuoiNOT AH that part of tlio District south and southwest of King street find west of Knlllii road, l'olling plncc, Reform school. In the foregoing descriptions tho points of tho compass arc only given in a general sense, as few of the lines tun due north, south, cast or west. Voters will understand that their precinct is the one within whose boundaries their dwelling house is located, no matter how convenient may be the polling place of another precinct. Thus, a voter living across the street from the Reform school in District 5 cannot register or vote at the Reform school, but must do so at the Tramways building. PRECINCT BOUNDARIES. EllITOU Hui.I.KTIN 1 You would confer an inestimable boon on a great number of voters in this city if you would give them through the medium of your paper in plain English the boundaries of each voting precinct in the city. You published the other day the boundaries of the Districts, but many are just as wise as ever as to what pre-cint or even what District they live in. This might have been done by the various election inspectors in their advertisements, but Mr. Henry Smith is the only one who had the forethought to do so. If you can comply with the above request you will oblige a great many working men, who are wandering round every night seeking where to register their names as voters. Citizun. Jan. 21, 1892. ARE YOUR CHILDREN SUBJECT TO CROUP. As a preventive and cure for croup, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no rival. It is, in fact, the only remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant and safe to take. There is not the least danger in giving it to children, as it contains no injurious substance. For sale at 50 cents per bottle by all dealers. Benson, Smith & Co., agents. m m CARBOUNEUM AVENARIUS. A preservative against rotting, decay, fungus, etc., of wood and stone. Will piCbOivc any kind of wood above or under ground or water and prolong its life at least 100 percent. Will keep ofl' all sorts of insects, vermin or other enemies of wood. Will prevent rats and mice gnawing wood coated with it. Will force all moisture out of wood without closing the pores. Will prevent shingles, coated with it, f i om rotting, cracking or warping. Will prevent rope treated with it from rotting, causing it to remain pliable ami excelling tar coating. Tenedos will not attack timber coated with it. Carbolineum avc'nariiis does not contain acids or poitonous ingredients injuiious to the tihrcs of wood. The following i8 an extr.ict from the London "Building World:" "The diiectors of the Palatine Railways say of Carbolineum .Vvenarius; "Two boaids cut from- ope and the same piece of pine, one of which for the s-ake of experiment was painted with Carbolineum Avenarius, and the other left unpainted, were buried, and afier a lapse of three years dug up and examined. The result wiu, that the wood to which the Carbolijic m Avenarius had been applied shewed no signs of decay, whilst the other was found to be in a rotting condition.' " As a wood preservative it has no equal. For -ale by Tun Hawaiian Hardware Co., Ld Fort street, opposite Spreckels. WORTHY OF A TRIAL. If you arc troubled with rheujna-tism or a lame back, bind on over the scat of pain a piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm. You will be surprised ut the prompt relief it affords. 50 cent bottles for sale by all dealers. Ren-son, Smith & Co., anents. PACIFIC HARDWARE CO., L'D. New oi!m JiiNt to II unci. Carbolineum Avenarius, i Slack & Brownlow's Water Filters, Scales Topsail Chains, Open Link Chains, Glassware Tumblers, Goblets, Wines, Decanters, Jugs, etc., etc. Paints, Oil's, Varnishes, House Furnishing Goods, Japanned Ware, Miniature "Vistas" for mailing, 10c. each. LOST A DRAFT drawn by J. Cnsfa on J. vtV K. Moigan !u fuynr of ,!. Gonvea for H2, puyment of which has bipi) stopped. Return to Guusalvus & Co., or at this oillce. ,3 at ELECTION of OPPJGEltS. AT the annual meeting of the Ila-wtilhui Agilcultiiral Company held this day, the following persons weio elected ulllcurs for the current yt-ar: Hon. C. R, Bishop Picguleut, Sam'l O. Allen Vice-President, Geo II. liobertsou Treasurer, J. O, Caiter Secretary, Tom filay ....Auditor. nniKUTOits: fi. C, Allen, Chas. M. Cooke and W. O. Smith. J. O. OARI'fiR, Seeiy. Haw, Ag. ( 'o. Honolulu, Jim. 21, Mi." " 25 3m Auction Sales by James F. Morgan: The undersigned, 0. TROUSSEAU, Administrator, with tho will annexed, of the estate of His Into Majesty Ka-lukmm, gives notice that pursuant to an order signed by the Hon. A. P. Judd, Chief-Justice of tho Supremo Court, dated December 28, 1891, ho will sell at public1 auction at the salesroom of Janies P. Morgan, in Honolulu, on Saturday, January 30, 1892, AT IS O'CLOCK NOON. All of the right, titlo and estate of His late Majesty in and to the hinds below named for the purpose of paying tho debts of said estate. t0T TERMS CASH. Deeds at expense of purchaecis, viz: 1. LAND AT KOLOWALU, MANOA, OAIIU. Royal Patent 2592, acres. J)eed from Nakookoo and wife. Liber 02, folio 110. 2. LAND AT MANOA, OAHU. Royal Patent 4470, 2 1C-1000 acres. Deed from Pihi t w.) and Bilu Kekunui, her husband. Liber 75, folio 103. Subject to lease to Maraea Apau. Rent .$50 per annum; expires December 31, 1898. n 3. LAND AT MANOA, OAHU. Royal Patent 136, 5 30-100 acres. Deed from J. Kekuanui and wife. Liber 7G, folio 24. 4. TWO PIECES OF LAND AT MANOA, OAHU. 1st. Land Commission Award 1950, 73-100 acre. 2nd. Royal Patent 29, 3 55-100 acres. Second piece is subject to lease to See Hop & Co. Rent ifGO per annum ; expires February 1, 1895. 5. LAND AT KULAOKAHUA, OAHU. Lots Nos. 376-378, Royal Patent 3421. 105,741 square feet. Subject to lease to John F. Colburn. Rent $65 per annum ; expires February 4, 1904. G and 7. LAND AT MOANALUA, OAHU. Apanas 2 and 3 of Royal Patent 426, 0.15 and 0.67 acres respectively. Deed from A. Kaoliko and wife. Liber 98, folio 64. Apana 2 is subject to leue to G. J. Campbell. Rent $21 per annum : expires June 27, 1903. Apana 3 is subject to lease to C. P laukea, trustee for JCaaua. Rent $40 per annum ; expires June 27, 1903. 8. ISLAND OF MOKUOEO, . MOANALUA, OAHU. ' 11 acres, anil wife, Deed from S. M. Damon Liber . Folio . 9. LAND AT AIEA, EWA, OAHU. Royal Patent 785, Royal Patent 2875, 1 37-1,00 acres, and Royal Patent 795, acre, 3 chains and 33-100. Deed from J S McGrew and wife. Liber 79, folio 291. 0-61 acre subject to lease to J Humphreys. Rent $10 per annum. Expires Sept 1, 1899. 10. AflUPUAA OF KAUHIULA, HJLO, HAWAII. Royal Patent 5711, aerps. peed from Kalolo. Liber 58, folio 193. Subject to lease to Hilo Sugar Company. Rent $30 per annum. . Expires June 27, 1903. 11. AHUPUAAOFKAIIAUALEA. 26,420 acres. Deed from Lunalilo estate. Liber 73, folio 213. 12. SOLD. J 3, LAND AT KAALEO, IIONpLULU, OAHU. Royal Patent 16Q3, 3 Apana, 3 48-100 acres, Deed from R B JCuikahi. Liber 58, folio 271. Subject to' leabo to Kipo Kawaiohi. Rent $50 per annum." Expires Feb 28, 1898. 14. LAND AT NUUANU, OAIIU. Royal Patent 4402, 98-100 acre. 15. LANDS AT PAWILI, ISLAND OF LANAI. Royal Patent 1929, 18 57-100 acres, Royal Patent 1930, 29 76-100 aeieB and 2 20-100 acres, and Royal Patent 1P31, 18 30-100 acres. Total 08 83-100 .acres. Deed from Kanui (k) and lieanu (wj. Ljber ?Q, folio 418. 16. AIIUPUAA OF KIJJAPIJr IIALA, HANA, MAUI, Grant 3255, 26 1-10 acn-H. Deed from Kuhunu, July 26, 1880. Liber 6-1, folio 280. 17. LAND AT KUALAPA, HONUAULA, MAUI. 300 acres. Deed from L. Isaao, Oct 31, 1882. Liber 74, folio 407. Subject to lease to M Kealohu. Rent $50 per annum. Expires Nov 1, 1903, 18. LAND AT OMAOPIO, KULA, MAUI. Grant 19)8, 173 acres. Deed from Kamaka, Mar !, J.88L Liber 86, fofio 214. Subject In lease id H M JCa'nukaj and J II Waipuilani. Rout tyfjQ'por annum. Expires Feb 4, 190-1. 19. J OF AIIUPUAA OF NUU, KAUl'O, MAUI. Land Commission Award 6239, 12,140 acres. Deed from Hiiukoki, Liber 59, folio 89. Subject to lease to J C Florcs and othms. , 20. LAND AT WAIELI, HANA, MAUI. Patent 3244, Apuuu 1, 12 Royal acreti. Royal Patent 2MU, 376-1' vjy.: of an acre. j?ccd fiolii Mahoo, Aug' 24, 1880. Libei 100, folio 291. Sub-" ject to lcaso to 0 M P lUulu. Rent $25 por annuni. Expires Feb 4, 1904. 21. LAND AT PAKALA. LAIIAINA, JIAUI. Royal Patont 1729 Apana 2, 1 17-100 acres. Deed from D. W. Keawo. July 18th, 1878. Liber 55,"foHo 278. 22. LAND AT KELAWEA. I.AIIAINA, MAUI. Royal Patent 1729,4 acres 31 perches, and 4 acres 37 perches. Satno deed as No. 21. 23. .LAND AT WAIANAE. I.AIIAINA, MAUI. 1 acre, 2 roods, 21 perches. 2 Apanas. Same deed as No. 21. 24. LAND AT PANAEWA. I.AIIAINA, MAUI. Royal Patent 1727, 318-1000 of nu acre, and Royal Patent 2741, GJ acres. Deed from Kalola. Liber 58, folio 193. Subject to lease to Campbell and Iscn-berg. Rent $G0 per annum. Expires Nov.7. 1897. 25. LAND AT WAIOKAMEA. LAHAINA, MAUI. Deed from Hanukotal. Liber 59, folio-89. 26. LAND AT LAHAINA, MAUI. Deed from John T and Robert II Baker. Libor 87, folio 276. 27. LAND AT LAHAINA, MAUI. Royal Patont, 4390. Deed from Hana Lilikalani and others. Liber 94, folio 117. 28. LAND AT WAIMANALO, KOOI.AUl'OKO, OAHU. Royal Patent 556. Apana 1 and 2, 3 15-100 uorcc. Deed from Kahoo-puipui (w), Liber 39, lolio 405. Subject to lease to J A Cummins. Rent $10 per annum. Expires February 4, 1904. 29. LAND AT KAILUA, KOOLAUI'OKO, OAHU. Grant 2906, Apana 2, 5 75-100 acres. Deed from Opuinoinona. Liber 61, folio 106. Subject to lease to Chas Hiram. Rent $10 per annum. Expires Juno 27, 1903. 30. LANDS AT KANEOHE AND KAALAEA, KOOLAUI'OKO, OAHU. Deed from John Kalaauala and others. J.iber 88, folio 215. 31. LANDS AT KAPAKA. KOOLAULOA, OAHui, Royal Patent 6564, 2 Apana, 873-1000 aero and $ acre. Royal Patent 1442, 2 Apaipi, (1.26 acre and 0.50 acre. Deed from S W Kuaiwa and wife. Liber 90, folio 496. Anil if not sufficient to pay the debts of said estate the following t 32. LAND AT KUKULUAEO, kAlia, honoEUv.u, OAHU. Royal Patent 1990 2 Apana, 1 3-4 acres and 35 100 aero. Deed from Kahoopuipui, Liber 39, folio 405. 33. LAND AT IWILEI, OAIIU, 58 8-10 acres. Deed from Estate of J H Coney. Liber 95, folio 424. Subject to the following leases, viz.: 1. Lease to A F C oke, $6Q per annum. Expires June 1, 1900. 2. Lease to H Ericksen, $25 per annum. Expires March 1, 1891. 3. Lcabe to John Ena, $110 per annum. Expires- June 1, 1898. 4. Lease to John Ena, $50 per annum. Expires April 1, 1898. 34. LAND AT PAWAA, I'UNAHOU, OAHU. 22 45-100 acres more or less. Deed from C H Judd. Liber 101, folio 129. Subject to lean) to E. C. Mnc-farlanc. Rent $4.10 per annum. Expires February 4, 1901. 35. ILI OF WAIELI, WAIMALU, EWA, OAHU. L C A 8525 B, part 3,455 acres more or less. Deed from Hon C Ulukou and wife. Liber 58, folio 128. Subject to lease to L McCandlcbS. Rent $50 per annuni. Expires January 1, 1896. 3fj. ILI OF KAPAAKJEA, KWA, OAJIU. Royul Patent 4499, 2 Apana, 31 1-2 acres and 4-10 acres, and sea and stream fishery of Wahaloa, 53 acres. Deed from W C Parke, Administrator Estate of Kanaina. December 5, 1878. Liber 58, folio 1. Subject to lease to Sing Chong. 37. LAND AT KALIIII, OAHU, known as Kamanaiki, Royal Patent 3423, 455 acres. Deed from O P laukea, October 31, 1887. Subject to leuso to Manuel Barratt. Rent $450 per unnuin. Expires Novombcr 1, gjfTFor further particulars inquire JAS. P. MORGAN, Auctioneer. (Signed.) G. TROUSSEAU. Administrator with the Will annexed of tho Estate of II M Kalakaua, decVased. 320 13t A Good Investment! FOR SALE A PIECE qf LaniTxlll FPM- Cot- for 82B ner mouth. For nnrtleiuars apply to J. M. VIVAS. 303 lin W. T. MONSARRAT, Veterinary Surgeon, IgrOmco at Hotel Stab'es, Hotel street. Both Telephones 3ii. Resilience; Mutual Tel. 010. dec 10-iU rt.- -. THE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE GO. ItlUIIAUl) A. JIcOUICDY, Issues Every Desirable Form of Policy ! It has paid its members since its oiganization THREE HUNDRED AND FOUR MILLIONS OF D0L' ARS. Its Now Distribution Polioy is the most liberal ever offered by any Insurance Company. For full particulars apply to ft!. JS. T-8OSJI0, j9 . General Apjcnt for the Hawaiian Islands. Auction Sales by James F. Morgan. Auction Sale! By order of W. (). Smith, mortgagee, I will sell at Public Auction, at mv Salesroom, On MONDAY, Jan. 25ih, AT IX U'(!I.CK NOO, Life Insurance Policy of John Richardson, In the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Now York for 810,000; behu: Policy No. 358,057. t&F Kurtlier particulars can be obtained from W. (X. Smith, or from tho !5Ali;iiuil. TKKHS OAHU. JAS. F. -MORGAN, Auctioneer. Honolulu, Jan. 10, 1802. :VJ;1 Zt KAMEHAMEHA Glee y Club CONCERT Thursday, Jan. 21st, 8 P. M. PROGRAM! PA11T I. 1 Laugh, Boys, Laugh . College Songs Gi.ke Cum. 2 Eleilc Hawaiian Song Gu:e Cj.uh.with Solo anu Waiuilk. 3 Lovely Night Gbwatal School Ciioiius. fin the Hazel 4 Negro Melodies. . . Dell, (Who Did? Glee Cluh. fi Catastrophe Sprague School Chouus G Annie Lauiic Buck Glee Cluii. PART II. 1 Old King Coul Edcs Glee Club. 2 Morning Song College Songs Glee Cluii with Wahw.e. 3 Precisely So ! Thayer School Ohoiius. 4 Great Day , Negro Songs Glee Cluii. 5 A Cannibal Idyll Taber Small Chouus. G Kamehiimcha Song School Cifouus. SjSF Tickets at Levey's. Box Plan now open. 32-1 2t Has it ever occurred to you what a desirable and acceptable present a picture makes? If not lend us your ear for a moment until we explain. In the first place everyone enjoys "looking at a pretty picture ; it not only serves to beautify the home, but appeals to one's better feelings tmd forms excellent food for thought, which nothing else can give, and if the subject be well chosen, serves as a silent lecturer for good. One need not confine himself to any particular style as the assortment of both styles and subjects is unlimited and almost any fancy can be gratified. A picture has the peculiar power of stampjng its image upon the minds of all who may sec it, and in many cases leaves it lifelong impression. When making your rounds of shopping drop in at King Bros., on Hotel street, and see what they have to offer in this line, if for no other pur-jpo than to enjoy what is to be sfjqn. J N O. S. SMITHIES, Auctioneer & General Business AGIflN 'JL'. Mittiiildiiin. Kiihulu, llt-wuil, WENNER & CO., MANUFACTURING AND Importing Jewelers. 02 Fort Str, ev Honolulu NQTJfjU. NOTIOK is hereliy given that I wl nut lit) lespousihle fur any debts contracted by my wife, Cuiollno Holt, without my written consent. OWBN.MIOLT. Uoiioliilii, Jan. 18, 1BU3. il;2 lw When yciii wane a Portrait Enlarged call on King Bros., got their prico HhI and hcc buiujiIch. Tltoy can't bo beat. mrrrrirnirrTT-v j. mini i -i. in This Space - FOR . N. S. SACHS, 1 04 Fort Street. - - Honolulu. The Popular Millinery House. CO Builders' & Gene.al Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Plantation Supplies, PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHES & LAMP GOODS, AGATE WARE, TIN WARE, NEVER BREAK WARE, Cutlery & General Mercliaiiflise, Blake's Steam Pumps, Weston's Centrifugals, WILCOX & GIBB'S, AND REMING.TQN. SEWINGM ACHINES. r CB ! CD 3 a5 O S 8-1 CO CO "8 r 5 CO 3 CD NSKPS MELL1N 9 BENSON, SMITH & CO., li:t-115 Fort Strict. ARE NOW THE AGENTS. Jg SS5' New and, Fresh Lot Just Received from the FACTORY! DPR-KKSS Small Size, Largo Size, Small Size, Large Size, HOH PALMER & RICHARDSON, Aciirri;j;rs j fffiMl kohitf.ivsjj BTVLKS OF ARCIUTHCTUUHSj KustlttKe, Queen Anuo, Jleimlssiuiee, Gothic, Itulinu, Olauslo, Normiui, IN STONE, BRJQrC, IRON OR WOOD. Dett Modern Deilgnt in Resiliences J Cheap Artlllp Cottages a Specially) Coiiiuk'to nluuB it nd specifications Riven; ulso Buporlntentlenco of construction. W OIFICE-Cliilton Block, cor. Kiiifj& Port. Entrance on Fort St. piiim itimil OF NEW YORK. I'roHlilcnt. is Reserved .' JS- -AVfSQ Honolulu, II. I. 35 Cents a Bottle, 00 Cents a Bottle, 11.00 per Dozon, $7.00 per Dozen. - tl FOOD. ' :a

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