The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1950
Page 5
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' tATCTttUY, District Fair Winners Division— PoxaM l*arrn« of Oblon, Tenh., dominated th« swine contests, at. 'he Northeut Arkansas District' according ; to muUg released this morning by fair officials. All rt- •ulfs'wer* in by this morning except In the'b'uroc division. , Mn the OIO division, Foxall Farms f, took .15-put of a possible 16 first •'" P'»«*P J» addition, they were .the ownera of the senior champion sow. '../.the Junior champion MW and the ; grand champion-sow In this dlvi- ;• Hon. They also bad Jive «cond - and one third place winner. "• • Carl Barnhill of Route 3, Para^ .'.gould, and.John Hess of Batesvllle , .battled it out for top honors In the (='.Berkshire division with Barnhlll emerging .with, six firsts, two . sec- -.oiids, two thirds and a fourth'and : -Hess .with . five, firsts, three jsec- ; oiitis, and i .third and fourth. . .Mr. Barnhill exhibited the Junior •,.'W. grand' champion boar, and •;, Don Payne, of Route 4. Blylhe- V. Xillf, possessed tlie senior champion ; boar. . • • The Junior and gi-p.hd champion v sow in .the same division also was . owned by Mr! Barnhlll with Edgar Seay of Rector, exhibiting' the, sen- .Ipr champion sow. i. In the Cester White division. • Lawson Garner of Route 2, Cxmp- '.nell, Mo., "was the big "winner with ..'six firsts out of a possible ten. "He also' was Ihe owner of the : .junior champion boar and sow an:l - th» grand champion boar and sow - In this division. , ' Arkansas Slate College of Jones:' bora exhibited the champion bar- row In this division. ,•'••.' In the T. f. A. swine' contests r Garland White was the leader with -; four first places.-He also had the ,-'. c h*(j|on boar pig. . . . , v -was ihe owner of the' J champion .so*' pig. -is The remainder of the winners ,- follow: . ',.... ': ' ' Boarj " : Senior yearling—Poxall Funns, 1; ,B. E. Hessle, Rt,. 2. Blytheville, 2.V. .. Junior'yearling—Foxail Farnu, I. ';' Senior pig^-Foxall Farms. 1. ;.',' Senior spring—Poxall F»ims, 5. : Junior spring—Ponall Farnis. 1 "and 2; Bobble Horton, Campbell, Mo., 5. •• • - • • • Aged sow—Foxall Farms, 1. ;=' Senior yearling—Foxall Farms, f -•• Junior yearling—Foxail rarms, 1. -- Senior pig—Gary - Bevlll, I; Foxall Farms, •: Senior-spring pig—; V-i Junior spring .ptg_Fbxall Farms, '1 »nd 1; Horton, 2 and 4. Other Clam* . Young herd—Foxail Farms, 1 and ,.•1; Horton, 1. Oetrcf-sire—Foxall Farms. 1 and >; Horton. 1.. "roduce of dim—Ftaxall' * ^V. .Horton, 3, s ..,, . .,, ,^\*«ler reeder''litter"— n .r»rra*, l; .Horton, l. Berkshire: boaj-—Don Payne, Rout* 4 .Blytheville. 1: . Junior yearling—j. Hens ^ ..Senior pig—Barnhill, 1; Edoar »*ay. j; J. He.M, 3. ' Senior »prlng—Barnhlll, 1. '. Junior Spring—Barnhill, l. • - Aged »ow—J. Hew,- 1. 1 Junior yearling—E. Seay, l and 2; Barnhlll. 3; J. HCSJ. 4. Senior plg^-Spencer Hesa, Bates. Till. t;. J. Hess, '2. •- Senior spring pig—Barnhili, 1. Junior spring plg-J. HeM, I and t; Barnhill, .1 and 4. ,.: Toting herd—c. Barnhill, !• J Hess, 2. • • '. ,\ Oet.-of-.ire—J. Hess, : ; Barnhlll ^Produce of dam — J. Hesa, I; feeder! litter—Barnhil], 1 Oi*ster White: j Junior spring boar—Garner, ]• 'Horton. 2. ' K - -Junior spring 'sow^Garner, 1 and 4V 2; Horton, 3 and 4. /,. ! Young herd—Garner, s-.. Horton '•=• Get-of Sire—Garner, l; Horlon ','y Produce'of dam—Garner, 1; Hor:>•; ton.: 2. ! - • Si,? Breeder feeder litter—Garner l; ". • Horton, 2. -•. •'• • Barrows (Kgh'iwelght) — Morris P Vincent, Campbell. Mo., I;. Arkansas State CollcEC, 2 and 3; Jess . PreWes. BIythevllle. 4; Barnhill. 5: Kenneth Walker, Mayfield, Ky 6 „•-. P*n of three flight barroirs)— Arkansas Slate Colleje, 1; M. Vincent, 2; Tickle and Henson, Byers- ours!, Tenn., s. •, . B "";rows iheavywelRht)—Arl;»n- ;>'". .^£°^'' > »"<* «: M- Vln- . Pen *r three (heavy barrows) — ^fH S " SUU c o»ege. l: TicWe •TfcHensor,, 2; j nm es Green, Route :i,!5«mpoe!l, xto., 3, F.F.A. Swine: ~(_ Junior Boar pig-Garland White, 1; Tommy Lessberry, 2. ^Senior sow plg-j. T . Muslc 1; rioyd Nlm«, 2; Don White. 3; Tom- mle Purlsh,- 4; Don, Srlnn 5' T . Lesserry. 8. - Junior wmr pl«-o. White, ] and ._ *: T, Lessenberry, 2 and «• D. •Brlnn, 3; Ira .Tene Ashley, 5 «.»•• Poland Chln» ' ^ Juritor boar pig^T. Lcsscnberry, Junior sow plg_T. Le,«enberry, .\.-I and 2. • • j . Hampshire ..,..• Junior sow pig— Bob Nettles 1 !„ Junior sow pig— Boh Nettles, 1 W-.^.LIght, B«rro»s-o. White. 1 and B. Nettles, 3, Bob Simmons, « Henvj- barrows— G. White, i. 4-H Club— Winners In the 4-H Club can- nlnt, clothing and handicraft exhi- Bits were released by fair officials yesterday. These exhibits, on display in the Women'* Building, attracted the attention of many lair visitors The following winners were listed: (The canning and clothing divisions were classified in A, B, and C troupa-and prizes awarded according to the group In which the winner's arllcle was placed.) • Canning—Mae Beryl Bevlll, Btir- dette,-.A; .Joy Edwards, Parngould, School riress (under 14 years of age)— Ruth Eleanor Ashby Rt. a Blytheyflle, A; Elteab»'ih''BiIster, Rt 3, Blytheville, B; Alene Wilson. Rt. 1, . Bythe.yllle. B. . Best.dress (under 14 years of age) —Miss Ashby. B: Miss.EdVards, C. po4 outfit (under 14 years of age)— Miss Ashby, B; Miss Edwards, C. • . Party drejss 'under J4 years of age)— Miss. A^hby, B.. School., dreius (over. .14 years of age)— Miss. Beyill, A; Bernlce Odom. Armorel, B; Naomi White, Blylhe- vllle.. Rou(e i. B; 'Shirley Heard. Etowah. B; Charlene Pierce. Bur- delte. C. Best, dress (over 14 years of age) — LeU.ia Swain,. Rt. 3, Riytt'evlllei A: Miss Pierce. A; Miss Henrd. A. ' Party dress (over H years of age) —Bobby Jean Byrd, Leachvllle, A; Mis-s Hc'ard, A'. ^ Sport dress (over 14 years r>f age) —Jo Alice McGllhe, Yarbro, B. (The following divisions were awarded 1. 2, and 3 place prizes.) Cotton slip— Miss Bevlll, 1; Miss Pierce. 2; Miss Heard, 3. Pillow cases— Jane Ruth Odom, Armorel, 1; Faye Odom, Armorel 2; Miss Ashby, 3. Cup towels— Wilma Everett, Salem, J; Miss Edwards, 2. . Aprons (under 14 years of agel — Miss Ashby, i; Aiina l,ee Campbell, Union, 2; Miss Edwards. 3. !' Aprons (over 14 years of age) — Miss . McGutre. 1; Miss While. 3; Margaret Wolf. Lepanlo, 3. Doll dress— Miss Brister. 1; Johnnie Lou Johnson, 'Blytheville. Route 3, 2; Barbara Ann Lobley, .Blytheville, Koute 3, 3. Handlcrifi Stenciled article- Miss Wolf, 1; Miss'McOlilre, 2. . '•: •• Sewing box from cigar box— Miss Brister, 1; Johnson, 2; Miss B. Odom, 3. . ' ' . " Aluminum tray.i— Miss Ashby. I 'Annette Brown, Armorel, 2; Miss Bevlll, 3. i Wooden articles -i Roland Lynn HowKid, Yarbro, 1; Bobble Jenn Byrd. Leachvlllel 2; Billy Ray Daniels, Blytheville, 3. Crocheted " rugs— Miss Ashby, I; Kiss Brown, '2; Miss Wilson. 3. '•' Figurines — C5wendolyn Harrison, Armorel. 1; Miss Ashby, 2; Pra'nces Dyer, Armorel, 3. . Copper pictures — Miss Harrison. 1; Miss McGuire, 3; M1.M Dyer. 3. Huclc' weaving— Miss Brown, 1; Miss'Dyer, 2. Best" Individual exhibit of , three articled— Glyn bale 'Howard, Yarbro, 1; MI M Edwards, 2; Miss Holme',. 1. .. -„... ..,Apiary Division Fifty winners were named by Judge* In the Apiary Department contests, which were jponsored by the Northeast Arkansas Beekeepers Association, c. K. Smith of Marked Tree is president of the association. ,Th« .winner* were Ikted AS follows: . . . ; Commercial exhibits — C. Ii. Thax- lon, Blytheville, 1; o. K. Smith. Marked Tree, .2; Raymond Fischer, North Little Rock, 3;:J. H. Davis, Little Rocr; Raj- L.' McLe.ster, Joiner.'Sj •.-•'' '. - ' ' White honey — D«vL«. 1; Smith, I; Thaxton, 3; Mrj. McLester, 4; Joe Bombolaski, Blytheville, 8. Ambav honey— Thaxton. I; Bom- bolaskl, 2; Smith, 3; Mrs. V. K. Tittle, Steele, Mo., 4; Davis, i. Bees, .wax— Smith, 1; Thaxton. .3: .McLester, }; 'Davis, 4; Bombolasii, 5. Culinary Breads— Mrs. Rita Caudle, Blytheville, 1; Mrs. Tittle. 2. ' Candles — Mrs. Wilmer Smith, Harrisburg. 1; Mrs. Caudle, 2; Mrs. Tittle, 3; Mrs. C. K. Smith, \. •. Cakes— Mrs. Caudle, 1; Mrs. Tittle, 2 and 3. Cookies --Mrs. Caudlle. 1; Mrs. Tittle. 2 and 3. * Ple«— Mrs. Tittle, 1 and 2. ' Equipment Homemade hive-'* — McLcfttcr. I; BombQla.skf, 3; Mrs. Tittle, 3; Smith, 4; Thaxlon. 5. . IVomemade frames—. Bombolaskl, 1: McLesttr. 2; Thaxton. 3; Mrs. Tittle. <rchor Bronlslaw; Marked Tree." 5. Pollination— Davits, 1; McLester, 1. ._ Miscellanefius Polish Skep— BronLslaw, 1. Designing — Smith, 1. Decoration— Mrs. Florence Thaxton,. Blylheville. 1. . Equipment' Dfeplay—McI^ster, 1. 4-H Livestock— Seventy-six 4-H club members from 10 counties participated in the livestock and dairy cattle judging contest held yesterday at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. forty-eight of this total took part In the. livestock judging which Included inspection of bed oaUle and hogs, while 28 vied for honors in the dairy Judging contest, In addition team judging .con- *t.s were held In the livestock division which .saw T. A. Brown, Buddy Diwccse, Jimmy Bailey of Jackson County emerge the winning team. • All team winners are eligible to take part In the state livestock Judging contests to be held tn Little Rock next week. Counties represented In the 4-1! Judging .were White, Oreeh, Clay, Jackson, Fulton,' Mississippi. Poinsett, Cralghead. Lawrence and Crit- lenden. Winners and counties they represented were announced M fo!- (ARK.) oolmmn HEWS lOWt! .,/,'. ^VMtook Judgln* (Include both c»ttl« and hogi):— T. A. Brown, J»ctsoh, 1; Buddy Deweese, J«ck>on, J; Alvlh Soiithson, FoluieU, J; Jlmpy Bailey, jacluon, 4; Bobby Henderson, Jacfcsoh, t; , Kenneth Parr, Jaclt&ou, «; u«ll Rlley, Greene, 7; Larry Smith, PoinseU, I; Clarence Mack, Clay, «; Jack rinlejr, Crlttcndeii, 10;' Bryan Field, I*w- rence, 11; Bobby. Wat-son, Jacluon, 12; Larry Galther, I^wfence, 13; Jimmy DavU, Lawrence, 14; Loran Cole, Cralghead, 15. ; Dairy judging — Bobby Glasgow, Clay, i; Stanley'Smith, Greene, 3; Travis Jones, Cralghead, J; Donald Stacy, Jackson, 4; Glenn Walxer, Cralghead, 5; Jimmy King, White, Jack Duclos of South Mississippi and Donald Gulp,of Green all tied for sixth 1 ; Billy Hullett. Jackson, 9; ! David L. Ha.ves of- White and Lln- nel Moore of Clay tied for tenth; William ThornUm aiid Verdaln Grady of Cralgheart and Wesley Fry of Pulton tied for twelfth; Pete Roper of Greene and Royal O»'er ot Clay tied for fifteenth, judging)—Jackson, 1; Cunty t« County team winners (livestock Judging)—Jackson, 1; Polnsett, 2; Greene, 3; CiiUeiiden, 4. Negro Division— The. o.wcoia . Rosenwnld School Agriculture Department was awarded several prizes In tlie farrns pro- ducLs division of the Negro section (o the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. Henry F. Wilson, vocational agriculture instructor, sponsored all agricultural exhibit* of the Osceola school. . • Winners Ivora this school as announced this morning ire as follows: Storteville cotton (best stalk) — Marlon Jefferson, 3. Alfalfa hay (one-quarter o/ bale) —Sam Peeks, t. 2 and 3. •' • ' Pears Uinl! doicn)—Sam Harris •Jr.. 3. Barred rocks (j«lr)— j. Oooch, J. , NFA Agriculture Exhlblla Yellow corn {best ten ears)—Joe Chandler. Jr,, 1 and 4; Raymond McNeil. 2. White corn (best ten ears)—Alex McFnrland. 4. Cotton (best stalk)—McNeil. I. Fnrm exhibit shop—N.F.A. chanter. 2. Puerto Rico sweet potatoe«~H. Jefferson, 1. Irish potatoes—McNeil. 1. 2 and 3. Rhode Island Reds (pair)—Louis Donald. 3! Other winners In Hie Negro lec- tion-as announced follow: (Names of all winners were not recorded, so several winners' names were unavailable.) ' ... Home Demonstration Dept:— Home Demonstration Dept.—Canned . Food Peas and-carrots —- Rosa Hill? Frenchmen's Bayou, I; Mary Bradford, Burdette, 2; Ida -A. Netterville. Round Lake, 3. - Green benns—Nettervllle. 1; Ro- mnyer Haley, Burdette, 3; Cora Lee Burdette, 3. Tomatoes — Nettervllle/- 1; Rosa King, Clear Lake, 2; Ladla B Scott; HOlt, 3.' ' ' Beets—Scott, l ami }; A. Blackburn. Burdette, 3. • . Soup mixture—Blackburn. I; Bertha Mae 'Clenunom, Burdette. 1- Lottle Hopkins. Round Lake, s. ' Field peas—Octavia McGee Calumet, 1; Bradford, 2; Netterville 3 Peaches—Scoit. 1; Mary Haler BurdetU;. 2; Nelterville 3 Pears-Lee Ella Murry. Chelford, 1; Irene Dixbn, Cheltord, 2- Ollie Cubic, Birdsong, 3. Dewberries . ,_ Lucille Tlllman, Promised Land; 1; Annie Williams CHlumel, 2; Scott, 3. Spare ribs—Scott, 1; Matilda Holman, calumet, 2; Lucille KcDan- •. S. Stew b*ef—Ntitorvlll*, 1; 1 un. tvaUable; McDcnltto, I. Sausa« — McD«nieU, 1 M«tt*r- 1U1«, 2; 8«olt, 3, Blackberry Juloe — Maml* Wll- Itaou, c*lum*t, 1; M. Meter, 1; Murry, 1. . Tomato JiUc« — M. WiltUma, 1; Netervllle, l; Hurry, »." Cucumber plckl»« — (tweet) — Blackburn, 1; Murry, 1; Scott, 1. B«l plcklen—Holmmn,- 1; Annie Mae Blackburn, Burdette, J; Net- tervllle, 3. . Apple Jelljf—Nett,erYUk, 1; Scott, J; Hattie Harrti, j. B'rry Jelly—Scott, t; U. Williams, 2; Holman, 3. Vtgtlabie» (difterent v»rl«lie«)— Mattle B Alexander, Orider, I. Fruits (different -tarletlea)—Net- ervllle, 1 and 2; Murry, J. Meats (different varietlw) — R. Haley, 1; Scott, 3. Parker Hou» rolk—R. Haley, 1; Holman, I. Corn meal muffin*—Ron Bobo, Calumet, i. White layer cake—Netterville, 1; R. Haley, j; Holman. V Peach—Virginia DIxon, Blrdsong, 1; Scott, 2; Holman. 3. . Chow chow—M. Wllllama, I; Bertha Mae Clemmoji*, 1; McGee, 3. CJilll sauce—Nellie Hoskina, Nodena. 1; Holman, J; Netterville, 3. Catsup—Scott, I; Nett«rvlUe, J; R. Haley, s. Pear preserves—Mm ry, 1; Netter- vllle, 2 and 3. Peach preserves—Scott, 1; Mur- iy, 2; Holman, 3. Tig preserves — Netteri'llle, 1; Scott, 2. ; Yellow layer cake—Netterville, I; Hotnian, 2; Mmry, 3. Ginger bread muffiiu—Hill, 1 and 2; R. Haley, 3. House dre*s—Hill, 1; Bobo, 1; Scott. ]. Church dress—Blackburn, 1; R. Haley, J; Murry, 3. Work garment— Nettervllle, J; Tlllman, 2 and 1. ' Apron, M. William^ 1; M. Haley, Pillow* (embroidery)—Tillman, 1; M. Williams, 2; R. Haley, 3. Uinch cloth—Bobo, 1; M. Williams, 2; Holman; 1. Kitchen curtains—M. Williams, 1; R. Haley, 2; Holman. s. Pillow cases (thrift)— Lucy in- mons, 1; Netlcrvllle, J. Scarr—R. Kaley, 1; Murry, 1; Netlervitle, 3, Quilt pieced—Hill, 1; Inmons, t; Alexander, 3. ' Appltqued quilt—Bobo, 1; Tlll- man, 2; Holman, 1, Hat* (crocheted) — Ella Grey, Round Lake, 1, 2 and 3. Bed spread (any kind)—Blackburn. I; M. Williams, 2. Rug (braided)—R. Haley, 1. Mixed flowers—Ervln, Burdette, Peanuts—Netterville, t- inmom 2; Bobo, 1. Cotton- Inmons. t and 2; Jaffrtes Haley. BurdtUe, 3. Corn m u r f.i n < — Ruble Hill, Frenchman's Bayou, l; Minnie Lee Kill, Cottonwood Corner, 2. Cup cakes—A. Haley, Burdette 1; R, Hill, S. Content trinnera In the Negro 4-H Club divisions were »< follow*: B.J. White corn—F. Haley, Burdetle, 1; Bradford, Burdette, J. Nancy H«ll sweet poUto«— T Haley, 1. PeannU—p. Haley, 4; 1, » and 1 unavailable. Soy beans—JaniM Harri»n, Birrt- song, I; A. Blackburn, Burdette, 3 and 3. Glrk Canned berries—Rithw Broad- waUr, Clew Like, I; 1 and 3 unavailable. Canned peaches—M. Porter 1- A. Haley, Burdette, J. Canned, tomatoe* — Luetla Wll- llanu, oWw t*k«, 1; fenadnUr 3; l . . Soup mi«tur« — LatuuV' 1 MM Bobo Cc.lumtt, 1; t un»ir»ii»bW. Canned urroti — A. Hakr i- Bobo, }. Canned i"r*en beam— A. H*l*y L, WilHuni, 1; Bobo, 1. Peach j>r*i«r«»— U. PorUr, l, Berry Jelly— Lonnle Mae Bobo, 3; 1 and >.un»aU*ble. School dreu— Loretha Black nun', Burdettt, 1; Maxln. William*, Calumet, 3, Church dreju— A. Haley, 1 »nd 1. Pillow ca*e«, A. Haley, 1, Apron and poi lifter— A Haley, !• L, Willlanu, j, Parker hou» rolle— A. Haley, t, FTO Hollywood Continued from Pait 4 though. Lao* Turner I. .ill ( um i n , ovfr that errone«iu reperi Ihil the »!! retire »nd ^nitloi Wf K»r nether. There'* no UMth rlther in t*jk ibal her next Him, "KI M »f a MlllUn- alre," In which she plaji a novle •4ren, U bloftaBhlcKl. Anrlhlnf But That! Marty Rackin ,the scenarist, has been writing a piece for the anniversary edition of a local trade paper, it's a by-liner on the plight of the author. How screen writers get little or no credit. How, In the tds, you can .scarcely distinguish their names. The other day he waa driving home and saw a billboard for "Three Secrets," n film he wrote for Milton Sperling at Warner Broj. Rackln'a name wa.s ax big as the actors—a smashing 'credit. There was only one trouble. They »pelled his nam« wronj. • * • New« Item;'"A! Jolson planes out for Tokyo to entertain troops in Korea." Okay, Columbia. There's your peg for a third JoLson movie. Or Is it already being written? MOM will film "The strip." Ho, Jt'j not the biography of Gypsy Rose Lee but another Hollywood- backgrounded movie about the famous Sunset Blvd. . . . Another movie cowboy aatfre coming up— . "Callaway Went Thataway." . , . 1 Contract beauties »t UI are fuming over the studio's decision to bring in Gall Russell from the ontelde to play the role they w«r% »1V drooling for in "Air Cadets." * • * • Prosperity note: :They're now iis- Ing tablecloths in the MGM studio cafe. Aim a rose on trery table. Bullet-Ridden Gl Foijnd Tied, Dead WITH THE U.S. FIRST CORPS, KOREA. Sept. Z3. (/p)—The charred, bullet-ridden body of an American lieutenant with hi* hrfnds tied behind his back, has been found near KM«n; the hill' top railed city near Taegu. A first corps spokesman »«ld the officer was shot and his body drenched with fuel B|! s;id then wt •fire. K - CJ»«cfc-W»t«r Fin+d Howard Spencer wm fined *?5 *nd contii In Municipal Oo\\rt y^s- t*rday on ch«rg« of obtnlntn^ p«raon»l property under falM pr«- tenw. Bpencftr was cVmrge<J wHh n\v\nf M worthless check In th« •moiin*. of »55 to Richard Sweat. WO POSTAGE! That a lh« price you would h«ve to pay for postair* • lone .f you stnt , letlw bearing • three-«nt Mamp to evtry subscriber ol the Couritt News, «"!vT^" Ca " reach "" of >hes « P««Pl« Ihruugh a V\ANT-AU coaling as lilt)* «j ... 50* Is it any wonder thai people prosper who lake id- »sint«ge of this oulslanding bargain nfferl I hink of it! 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