The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 28, 1966 · Page 2
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The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, October 28, 1966
Page 2
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2 THE WISCONSIN JEWISH CHRONICLE October 28, 1966 By Dr. Samuel Silver WHO WAS THE ONLY WOMAN ever to be a vice-president of the national Zionist Organization of America? What woman was hailed as one of those who did the most for the upbuilding of Israel? What famous woman, at the age of 11, forfeited an elocution prize because she refused to recite parts of the Shylock play? What woman thrice turned down the presidency of Hadassah? Name the American woman who has chalked up 600,000 miles of flying, more than any other female civilian. Do you know that charming woman whose role in Zionism made her the familiar of such deceased worthies as Shmaryahu Levin, Louis Brandeis, Chaim Weizmann, Menachem Ussishkin, Stephen Wise, Vladimir Jabotin- sky, and Henrietta Szold? SOME OF YOU have already guessed that I'm talking about Mrs. Archibald Silverman, of Providence, Rhode Island, one of the most remarkable women of her time. She is remarkable also in that she doesn't care who knows that she'll be 85 Oct. 31. Her late husband and she were an incredible team. Together they labored for Zionism, mental health, Judaism, and many other aim- 3d30 on 35 By David Schwartz BEN-GURION DENIES he is 80. He is only 60. One can count, he says, as living only the years one has willed, and his first act of self -willing, was his coming to the land which later became Israel. Ben-Gurion was 20 then. That makes him only 60 now. Some might say, judging by his zest for living, alertness and above all, by his will, that he is actually no more than 35 or 40. Isn't age a good deal of a relative thing? Schmaryahu Levin used to speak of a certain man as having become Bar Mitzvah at 60. A person may be old in some ways, young in others. Then again a person really has many ages, physical, mental, emotional and perhaps the true age is some common demoninator of all three factors. Ben-Gurion's reference to his will is indicative. He not only willed the nation he was to live in but also his personal name. Originally he was David Green. How green is my valley! Ben-Gurion did not feel like a valley. CLASSIFIED IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY: 1 bedroom, 4 - r o o m apt.; furnished; adults preferred; 45th and Burleigh; utilities included; call 964-8988. WORK WANTED: lady wishes job as daytime companion to the elderly; call 962-4014. Hospitality Headquarter BANQUETS WEDDINGS RECEPTIONS BAR MITZVAHS REUNIONS CONVENTIONS OUTSIDE CATERING Are Assured of Success Through the Personal Interest and Pride of Our Experienced Staff Call Our Catering Department Completely Air Conditioned Free Undercover Parking 205 Parlor Bedroom Combined Function Facilities for 1,000 JWAUXa-CSfRAl 1926 W. Wisconsin Avenue Ph. 344-7600 a, sis OCEAN AAW CASUAL SURETY you ill Kr ft Vll w fine objectives. THE ACHIEVEMENTS of the Silvermans are incredible. In Israel they pioneered in the planting of fruits other than organ es and in hotels other than hovels. They helped to create the beautiful Sharon Hotel and stimulated the construction of other hostelries which make Israel a haven for tourists. The most colossal of the many enterprises which Archie and Ida Silverman have created is the Israel Synagogue Centre Building Fund, a project for the building of houses of worship in Israel. Israel has had to build a nation from scratch. It simply hasn't had time for the fashioning of sanctuaries. That seemed, ironical to the Silvermans whose Judaism is religion - oriented, and together they have been stretching out their hands to Americans for funds to build shuls. To date they have raised enough money, for almost 90 synagogues. More are needed. If you want to touch history and assure yourself a bit of extra posterity, send a check to a family that brought a taste of Providence to Israel. You don't need an address; just send your gift to Mrs. Archibald Silverman (biz a hundert un tzvant-zig), Providence, Rhode Island. More like a mountain. The prophets said, "Get thee up on the mountain." THE PROPHETS ALSO spoke of "the lion of Judah." Yes, David Green decided he would be a lion. "Gur" in Hebrew is a lion cub, a small lion. He was himself small physically. Five feet 2 inches. It is said that his grandchild once said to his father, "Papa, you are tall and handsome but haven't got as important a job as Grandpa who is short and not so handsome." A man named Gurion was a fighter in the ancient revolt of Israel against the Romans. So the name Gurion had a double appeal to David Green. He also, as we know, willed the nation he was to live in. To help bring it about, he had to fight in Israel and travel all over the world. HE BECAME ONE of the pioneer Jewish nationalists and also one of the pioneer internationalist fathers. Each one of his three children was born in different countries, one in America, one in England and one in Israel. During the First World War, the Turks expelled him and he and his friend, Ben Zvi came to the United States. Every day you could find the two in the Jewish Room of the New York Public Library where they went through every book or article about Palestine and adding r O A JEWISH LIBRARY I N EVERY JEWISH HOM E u 0 n "iv A ' 5 I Jewish TBook Gouncil of Sponsored by the National 145 EAST 32nd STREET. NEW their awn personal information, they brought forth a 400 page volume dealing with Eretz Israel. Ben-Gurion had found that he always worked better if he did three things at the same time, so while working on the book, he organized the Jewish Legion and also got married. AFTER THE WAR, he returned to Jerusalem and when the Arabs and the British began making trouble, he and Golda and a few others got together to see what they could do. They were warned that 40 million Arabs would fight the 600,000 Jews. It's not 1776, Ben-Gurion was warned. But when Ben-Gurion has a piece of paper and some ink, he feels uneasy unless he writes sometthing. So he wrote Israel's Declaration of Independence. Then the Big Powers warned that Israel should not make Jerusalem its capital. Ben-Gurion ordered the truck driver to take all of the nation's records and move them to an address in Jerusalem. "Are you making Jerusalem, the capital of Israel?" he was asked. "I am not making Jerusalem the capital of Israel," replied Ben-Gurion, "King David did that 3,-000 years ago." Slowly things began getting better. Someone advised Ben-Gurion to take up Yoga for his health. "Why not," said Ben-Gurion, "I have been standing on my head all my life." HE STOPPED SMOKING suddenly. There was none of the present talk then about how ' armful cigarettes were. It wasn't that. It was simply that he had become the slave, he thought of cigarettes, and he didn't like that. The Bible said, you must not be slaves and that meant Nicotine as well as Pharaoh. Some day we will know more about Ben-Gurion. He works daily on a diary, which already covers 35 volumes, I am told. To Get Scopus Award Jacob Blaustein, industrialist and humanitarian of Baltimore, Md., has been named to receive the 1966 Scopus Award, it was announced by Nathaniel L. Goldstein, president of the American Friends of the Hebrew University. The Award, which is the highest distinction given by the American Friends, will be presented to Mr. Blaustein on Monday, November 21, at a dinner in his honor at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. Irving Mitchell Felt, prominent New York philanthropist and civic leader, is chairman of the event. Mr. Blaustein is the honorary president and former president of the American Jewish Committee. He has served under the last five Presidents of the United States, is currently a presidential representative on the Board of Governors of the USO and a consultant to the State Department on international business problems, as well as a senior vice president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany. If, in instructing a child, you are vexed with it for want of adroitness, try, if you have never tried before, to write with your left hand, and then remember that a child is all left hand. jrniiv imstj JEWISH DGQH filGflTU IIEDIEI 4 - EIEDEEI 4,1111 - i America Jewish Welfare Board YORK 16.N.Y. Dr. Abraham Kaplan Named Outstanding Alumnus of BBYO WASHINGTON (Special) Dr. Abraham Kaplan, recently described in Time Magazine as one DR. ABRAHAM KAPLAN of America's ten greatest university professors, will be the 16th recipient of the Sam Beber Distinguished Aleph Zadik Aleph Alumnus Award. An alumnus of the boys' division of the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization in Du-luth, Minn., Dr. Kaplan is now a professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan. He also serves on the editorial boards of Inquiry, Philosophy East and West, and the Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences. Formerly, he was chairman of the Department of Philosophy at UCLA, a visiting professor at Harvard University and Columbia University, and president of the Ameri-c a n Philosophical Association's Pacific Division. He received his Ph.D. degree at UCLA. The Beber award is named for the founder in 1924 of the Aleph Zadik Aleph of the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization, world's largest Jewish youth organization. Among past recipients are (1965) Dr. David Fellman, Madison, Wis., president of the American Association of University Professors and (1964) Ben Barkin, Milwaukee, chairman of the B'nai B'rith Youth Commission. In addition, there were (1960) Milton P. Siegel, Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization; (1959) Max N. Kro-loff, late Director of B'nai B'rith Department of Membership and Programs; (1958) William Epstein, Joint Secretary, Disarmament Commission of United Nations; and (1957) Dr. Simon Ra-mo, former Chief Scientist, U.S. Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Program and developer of Falcon guided missile. s4utftcttc . . . served in a de luxe setting of Oriental luxury. Exotic dishes or food prepared to perfection. 1107 NORTH fW blocks Harlk MILWAUKEE, ::;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;::!;:;:::::: SS&S CilA yt " ? " Third s-a wiconin Av- Jjjpiteyj Always serving the finest in authentic V2c?l?Ty Chinese food and American cuisine. .gjQjggr Located in the heart of downtown J&s Milwaukee. Third St. at Wisconsin Ave. Attempt to Resettle Chuetas, Majorca's Catholic "Jews," Fails TEL AVIV The last of the Chuetas who came here in June were repatriated to Palma, the capital of Majorca, and a Zionist organization acknowledged the failure of an attempt to settle the island community in Israel. The Chuetas are Roman Catholics whose ancestors were forcibly converted from Judaism during the Spanish Inquisition. Twenty - four Chuetas the name is from the Spanish word for Jews were recruited earlier this year in Majorca, the Spanish island in the western Mediterranean, for settlement in Israel by aides of the World Union for the Propagation of Judaism, a volunteer movement. The Zionist organization financed and arranged their immigration and they were settled in Nes Tsiyona, 10 miles south of Tel Aviv. They have since drifted back to Majorca. The last two families have just left. A Zionist organization laid the failure of the repatriation to the rabbinate's refusal to recognize the Chuetas as Jews unless they had undergone full conversion processes, including circumcision of males. Program Is Halted Unauthorized persons had told the Chuetas in Majorca that their return to the Jewish fold would be a formality. Until the matter of their Jewish status is settled, the Zionist spokesman said, no more Chuetas will be brought to Israel. Officials realised that the Chuetas would be vulnerable to discrimination, the spokesman said, and the organization made a special effort to give the Majorcans advantages. They received houses three rooms for families of four before immigrants who had been waiting for years. Despite a slump in the building trade and rising unemployment, they were provided with steady jobs, the informant said. However, the Majorcans apparently found the tempo of Israeli life too hard. "Getting up at 6 to begin work at 7 was something they couldn't adjust to," the in- Greater Zionist Activity in Suburbs Is Urged at Poale Zion Convention NEW YORK (JTA) Hy Faine, national president of the Labor Zionist Organization of America Poale Zion, told more than 100 delegates to the Greater New York Labor Zionist Convention here, that "the Zionist movement must get even more involved and active in Jewish community activities on the community and local level, especially in the suburbs and new residential areas." Stephen Wise Award Winners U.S. Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, left, and Frank Abrams of New York, national treasurer of the American Jewish Congress, have been named winners of the 1966 Stephen S. Wise Awards of the AJCongress. Justice Fortas will be honored "for advancing human freedom." Mr. Abrams will be cited "for strengthening Jewish life." The annual awards bear the name of the founder and long president of the Congress. The Wisconsin Jewish Chronide Published weekly by tbe Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle Publishing: Company, at 340 N. Milwaukee Street. Milwaukee 2, Wisconsin. Second-class postage paid at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vol. 98 October 28. 1968 No. 12 Terms of subscription: $7.60 per year, payable in advance. Delirered by mail only. v V T 1 ' r ' American" 3id STRE of Wmecmum Are. WISCONSIN ET form ant commented. Above all, the Chuetas had come to Israel to be part of a Jewish majority and not to live here as a Catholic minority. Cheutas have been referred to as "pork eaters." According to tradition, their ancestors were so named because they ate pork in public but secretly practiced Judaism. Baptized in 1391 The Jews in the Balearic Islands, of which Majorca is a part, were forcibly baptized in 1391, but records show that the secret observance of Judaism continued until the 17th century. Hundreds of crypto-Jews were SERVICEV0UUL1KE:) SHOP YOUR FRIENDLY KOHL'S FOOD IN SPIC AND SPAN COMFORT. OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY UNTIL 9 odiLoo CORNED BEEF 11233 PURE DEEP Kashruth supervision by prominent Orthodox Rabbis: Rabbi Ben Son Rosenthal and two steady Mashgtchim Ufl.evt WIL1MO KOSHER SALAMI e FRANKFURTERS planning Ac-. burned at the stake. During the last few centuries the Chuetas, though regarded as Christians, were a class apart and subject to social stigma. In an editorial, Maariv, a Tel Aviv daily newspaper, attacked the decision to bring the Chuetas here as "pretentious" and "adventurous." The paper said the Zionist organization and the Government had not yet mastered the difficulties of the social and economic integration of Jews with normal problems. i f 774-1111 Milwaukee, Wis. Your Kohl's food store has a great deal more to offer! When you put two and two together, you'll discover, Kohl's offer you greater food value by farl A superb variety of the nation's finest brands await your selection at LOW prices you'll like. Unsurpassed U. S. 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