The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 25, 1942 · Page 1
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The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, December 25, 1942
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FQyiCTOSY 4 v nuY BUY 'if " 11 " STAMPS rf JUMPS for thb JoTioljiiiQ Vol. 50 - No. 17 F.iitrrwl hs srom) ni Blatter at ibn Dostofllo Of Xiiwmjliw, Sn, undtr h Aei of WrcU S. 1879. MILWAUKEE, WIS., DECEMBER 25, 1942 Per Year S3 00 C'? W A fllflff Jf SSONDS DARLAH URGED TO f PROVE HIS STAND OH JEWISH RIGHTS Question High Commissioner's Statement of Restoration of Equal Rights ANTI-SEMITIC TALK ON RADIO EXPLAINED New York (JTA The statement made by Jean Francois Dar-lan to foreign correspondents in North Africa announcing, among other things, that the restoration of rights to Jews in Algeria and French Morocco "has begun" and that "measures have been taken to immediately atop whatever persecution of Jews may have resulted from laws passed in France under German pressure" is widely commented upon in the Metropolitan press today. The New York Herald-Tribune, referring to Darlan's assurances, especially those concerning the North African Jews, says in an editorial: "These words would be amply sufficient were they signed by a Herriot, a De-Gaulle, a Giraud or any of the many Frenchmen who have proven their patriotism and their integrity. Coming from the political admiral who hast now twice changes! his colors, from the arch-collaborator, the man who himself carried out many of the persecutions which he now rescinds, they will inevitably be subjected to skeptical examination. A statement of this kind is only as good as the man who makes it," VI.- vr...., v-l, T;,. ; . j: torial on Darlan's statement j writes: "In Darlan's case, no doubt ! the verdict will be influenced by ! the proofs he gives of his readi- J ness to act now "in accord with r rencn national iraauions. l nese t T71 . " t 1 " J ' MM include the abrogation of the anti-Jewish laws, release of prisoners and internees of the United Na tions, amnesty to imprisoned pro- Allied sympathizer, and their in-1 elusion in the present govern- j ment. ' Darlan's statement, as released last night at the White House, said in part: "The high commissioner Darlan has begun the restoration of rights to those persons from whom these had previously b&Mf takt because of "Tace VtVas-un.s hve been taken to stop immediately whatever persecution of the Jews may have resulted from H'untlnar4 Put t) Strictly ka a. Hits Confidential Tid-Rits front Everywhere Listen Here The propaganda Gabby Goebbels directs at the Arabs of Palestine and other Moslem countries declares that Hitler is a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, Emil Lengyel reveals . . . Lock out for Ben Hecht's stirring piece on the Jewish plight in Europe, scheduled to appear ere long in Reader's Digest (unless the editor changes his mind) . . . Did you know, incidentally, that Ben started his literary career as a society reporter on a Chicago paper? . . . Any one who buys a thousand-dollar war bond at Arnold Reuben's restaurant is given four free meals st that famous eatery ... So the other day, Harry Hershf ield report?, a refugee bought $4,000 worth of bonds and brought in sixteen friends for the free eats , . . If you want first-hand infor-. matlcn on what Magda Lupescu looks like these days, you might ask Dr. Stephen S. Wise , , . At least, we understand that during bis recent visit to Mexico, Dr. Wise one evening found himself in a restaurant which Magda and her Rumanian Carol were gracing with i their presence and we presume t he took a good look. j : We Report ;'..- '. " At the time of the late Zionist; leader Abraham Goldberg's sud- j den death some months ago his son Mordecai was expecting a bles-sed event, and naturally decided j that if the expected offspring,, should turn out to be a boy he ; would be named after his distin- j gushed grandfather . . . But Fate! did not cooperate insofar as the sex of the new generation was eon- i cerned, and the Mordecai Goldberg ! household was augmented by a j pair of twin baby girls . .. . So the j ingenious parents named the i youngsters Amy and Barbara ... . Get it?. . . . Their initials make Abt Goldberg ... Under way before ! lor.g, you should know, will be the ; publication of a volume of Gold- I berg's essays in English trensla- i tion, u project which he had long j been planning and for which he'-had collected a considerable num- i her of his character sketches and i studies of outstanding Jewish lead- , en in every field of endeavor. j . . Literary New j Featured in the Hartford, Conn., J Courant, America a oldest newspaper, a couple of weeks ago were three sonnets by the Hebrew poet, Zalman Shneur, m translated by Maurice Samuel , . . Lion Feucht-wanger's new novel is promised (tamleaad f rM Far Dead-Line Tuesday for Next Issue Because of the New Year . holiday next Friday , it is absolutely necessary that all publicity natter for insertion in next week's issue be in the Chronicle office not later than Tuesday noon. '- ::. : Publicity chairmen are at aia reminded f the Chronicle's rule that all material be typewritten and double-spaced to allow for editorial corrections. Extensive details about matters concerning the individual organization are not necessarily of interest to the entire community. Fr that reason it w suggested that material ; be a concise and brief as pos- hible, without excessive wordi- nes and literary flourishes. J The Chronicle ia attempting to nTve all organizations im- j partially; please cooperate. DEMANDS ALLIES WARM FRANCE ON NEW LEGISLATION Prof. Brodetsky Makes Request Before Board of Deputies VICHY THREATENS SWEEPING DECREES London (JTA) A direct Allied warning to France in view of the new anti-Jewish decrees announced in Paris was demanded today by Prof, Sclig Brodetsky, ad-d res ing a meeting of the board of deputies of British Jews. At the same time Prof. Brodetsky revealed that the British foreign office has beer, asked to intervene to rescue the remnants of European Jewry, . The Nazi-controlled Paris radio reported a statement by the Vichy commissioner for Jewish affairs, Louis Darquier de Pellepoix, to the effect that a vast "legislative" program to deprive all French Jews of '. their last vestiges of civil rights had been drafted. The broadcast declared that all foreign Jews still residing in France thousands have been deported by the Nazis to eastern occupied territories will be Committed to labor camps. Jews who oecame Frenchmen alter August, 1926, will be deprived of their naturalisation and the naturalization of all Jews will 'he "reviewed" as far back as 1868. De Pellepoix was said by the radio to have predicted special schools for Jewish children, possible introduction of ghettos, easier divorce for non-Jews from Jewish spouses, and prohibition of mixed marriages, which the Paris newspaper Le Matin recently reported have already been prohibited, and a yellow Mogen David badge for all Jews. The Vichy government, de Pelle-poix was quoted as saying, would be allowed to solve the "Jewish problem" by itself, thoujrh presumably foreign Jews and prominent anti-Nazis would be handed over to Germany. M'onttaurd f'afr A) Red Cross Reports On Treatment Of Palestinian War Prisoners Men Captured In Greece and Crete Campaigns Housed In "Well Equipped" Camp Jerusalem (JTA) A report on the treatment by the Nazis of 1,200 Jewish and 400 Arab war prisoners who fell into their hands last year during the campaigns in Greet and Crete, was made public here on the basis of information received from the International Red Cross and letters reaching the Jewish Agency for Palestine. The war prisoners, all of them Palestinians, were serving with the Auxiliary Pioneer .Corps'' which was attached to the British fighting forces. They are reported to be held in camp "Stalag VIII-B" which is situated near Lambsdorf, Upper Silesia. Delegates of the International Red Cross who have visits the. camp several times emphasized in their reports that the representative of the prisoners who deals with the German camp authorities, a British officer, is seeing to it that the name treatment is given Jewish and non-Jewish prisoners- The Jews, however, are separated from the "Aryan" prisoners. While the Red Cross representatives stated in their reports that the camp where the Palestinian Jewishr prisoners are held- "is- well equipped" they also - established that f ood is one of the major problem there. The International Red Cross convention provides that prisoners are to be fed the same rationg as the soldiers of the country in which they are imprisoned. It appears that the food in German prisoners' camps is hardly adequate. In order to supplement this deficiency the British. Red Croiis society despatches weekly food parcels from England to eveiy British prisoner including soldiers fro no the colonies and mandated territories. Over 16,000,000 dollars have so far been spent on this work. -A typical parcel contains the fol United Nations Declaration The joint declaration issued simultaneously in Washington, London and Moscow pledging retribution for the Jews massacred by Nazis was released by the State Department. It reads: .' - " ' "The attention of the Belgian. Czechoslovak, Greek, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norwegian, Polish, Soviet, United Kingdom, United States and Yugoslav governments and also of the French National Committee has ben drawn to numerous reports from Europe that the German authorities, not content with denying to persons of Jewish race in all the territories ove which their barbarous rule has been extended, the most elementary human rights, are now carrying into effect Hitler's oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people m Europe. "From all the occupied countries Jews are being transported in conditions of appalling horror and brutality to Eastern Europe. In Poland, which has been made the principal Nazi slaughter house, the ghettos established by the German invader are being systematically emptied of all Jews except a few highly skilled workers required for war industries. "None of those taken away are ever heard of again. The able-bodied are slowly worked to death in labor camps. The infirm are left to die of exposure and starvation or are deliberately massacred in mass executions. The number of victims of these bloody cruelties is reckoned in many hundreds of thousands of entirely innocent men, women and children. "The above-mentioned governments and the French National Committee condemn in the strongest possible terms this bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination.; They declare that such events can only strengthen the resolve of all freedom loving peoples to overthrow the barbarous Hitlerite tyranny. They ro-af firm their solemn resolution to insure that those responsible for these crimes shall not escape retribution and to press on with the necessary practical measures to this end." PIERRE VAN PAASSEN As Current Biography Sees Him The following is an account of Pierre van Paassen, internation- ? ally-known journalist and author, as reported in Current Biography I w.wwr, 154. air. van j'uassen was votea oy tne Jewish editors of the United States and Canada as one of the greatest Christian friends of the Jewish people. He is now National Chairman of the Committee for A Jewish Army of Stateless and Palestinian Jews. Editor Spii nerre van raassen, in I a recent book: "I spew it I . . . . l. . 1. : i i vuv, iimfc uojecuvny wmcn masquerades und r the name of impartialitv and which goes out of the way to present, as the saying goes, both sides of the question. There are no two sides to truth, and there are no two sides to a lie. It is either yes or no. If you want to be sincere, you must be partial." Van Paassen comes of a people who have always prided themselves on their stubborn and passionate convictions. Born Pieter Antonie Laurusse van Paassen, the son of Adriaan and Antonia Catherine (Sizoo) Laurusse van Paassen, he grew up in Gorcum, Holland. His family included a long line o Protestant clergymen on both sides, and for the first fifteen years of his life the Bible would have been almost his only reading matter if it had not been for his free-thinking Uncle Kees, a landscape paint, er. Uncle Kees presented his young nephew with the works of Voltaire, Rousseau. Saint-Simon, Goethe, Tolstoi and the modern Dutch and Flemish poets, and took hiin to his first motion picture (on the Dreyfus case). It is to him that Pierre van Paassen attributes his own love of life and learning. Yet, as he says: "Heir of a re lowing items: a tin of biscuits, cheese, chocolate, fish,. fruit, jam, vegetables, soup, cold meat, milk, special food, Vitamin C, sugar, mar garine, cocoa, tea, condiments, sundries. In ' addition, the next-of-kin of war prisoners arc allowed to send a quarterly parcel. In Palestine .this next-of-kin ; parcel scheme is in the hands of j the Joint Organiiation of the Brit-j tan Red Cross and Order of St. , John of Jerusalem, the president ' of which is Lady MacMichael. They are assisted by a large group of 1 English, Jewish and Arab, women. J A central card Index of all pris-! oner of war is kept up to date and ! entries are made of each parcel j despatched and of the confirma- tion of its receipt by the prisoner. I This work is conducted on an en tirely voluntary basis. The next-of-kin parcels contain, apart from food, handkerchiefs, towels toilet articles and four woolen garments from the Jewish Soldiers' Welfare committee and a pullover, socks, scarf, helmet or mittens and a packet of soup as the gift of the Red Cross. From time to time so-called "bulk par-eels" containing books, Hebrew and indoor games are despatched to Camp commandants for distribution. While the Red Cross bears the office expenses and buys the wrapping material, the parcels themselves have to be paid for by the senders. Unfortunately, only about- 100 next-of-kin of Jewish war prisoners can afford to spend several dollars a year for these quarterly parcels, while 600 families are not in such a position and 600 prisoners, who hail mostly from Central and Eastern Europe, have no next-of-kin in Palestine. The Jewish Soldiers'. Welfare committee has, therefore,, resolved to "adopt" 1400 prisoners of war as their next-of-kin. ligious tradition on the one hand and later in life a humble disciple of scientific methods, I have lived in a state of inner contradiction which started with the awakening of my conscience.".; In 1914, after studying at the common schools and at the Latin school of Gorcum, and after beginning theological studies at the Erasmus gymnasium in Rotterdam, Pierre went with .his family to Canada. He was 'already something of a mystic. "On my first visit to London," he says, as an imigrant boy in passage to Canada, I knew (and said so to my travel, ing companions with whom I was strolling about) that around the ; next corner we would see the Guild- I hall and, in that obscure passage in Threadneedle street, we would f V L PIERRE VAN PAASSEN As A Soldier In the Canadian . Army During World War I i find the Church of the Austin ; Friars in the Englisn capital, j Still. I had never been to the city ; before, nor had I ever studied its ! street plan." j Many Jobn j i The "tall, pale, timid" youth i continued his theological studies at Victoria college in Toronto from 1 1914 to 1916, There was next a terrifying year and one-half spent as a missionary among the colony of Ruthenians in Canada's Northwest, where he was sent because He was not sorry to leave and; out he was not sorry to leave and j join the Canadian army as a vol- 1 unteer. Taken into the Corps of! Guides, he served overseas as an! interpreter, and did not return tof Canada until February, 1919. The ! next problem was to get a job j and not as a missionary. Van! Paassen tried a school for telegraph operators, but too many others had the same idea. He consequently wrapped bundles in a department store, : worked on a blasting gang, drove a street car, delivered milk and worked a a fireman before fate stepped in, in the form of the Civil Reestablish-ment commission. Handed a list of trades and professions in which vocational training was offered, he ran his finger down the list with his eye closed and stopped at "journalism." The commission then suggested that he go around to the various newspapers with some sort of offer to work as an apprentice, and when the Toronto Globe took him op on hia offer, his career was launched. Ceremony to Honor Men In the Service Edward H. Meldman, chairman of t'ae Milwaukee army and navy committee of the JWB. recently announced that plana have been completed for a large and impressive mass ceremony dedicating an Honor Roll to over 1,100 Milwaukee Jewish men and women, who are now serving irt the armed forces of the United States. -; . The dedication exercises will be held on Tuesday evening, January 12, at Temple Emano-El B'ne Jeshurun. It is expected that high ranking officer from the army, navy and marines will participate in the ceremonies. The parents, wives and families of the men and women, whose names will be inscribed on the Honor Roll, will be the special guests of the army and navy committee at the dedication exercises. REHABILITATION CONCERN OF ALL SAYS LABOR BODY Jewish Labor Committee Concludes Three-Day Convention j DAVID DUBINSKY i?pinRT rw Ami New York (JTA) The three-day convention of the Jewish Labor Committee concluded here after issuing a declaration stressing that the rebuilding of Jewish life in Europe after the war will have to Vie the concern of all the Allied nations. . "After the war the proud, determined Jewish people will come out of the ghettos of Europe and again take their fate in their own hands," the declaration stated. "Jewish life in all Nazi-held lands will have to be rebuilt. This rebuilding must be part of the task of the general reconstruction of the world, which cannot be successful without the participation of the Jewish people. The Jews must be given full economic and political equality nd the opportunity to develop their own national and economic life," The convention pledges its readiness "not only to help rescue the Jews now, but to do everything possible to help Jews in all devastated countries to rebuild their life after victory has been achieved." In conclusion the declaration emphasized the delegates' "unshaken conviction that the United Nations will emerge victorious" and their determination that "the peace a3 well as the war must be won." It added that "the world after the war must not be the same as the pre-war world. A new and better world must )e built. There will be no true freedom unless economic and political democracy is secured to all." . David Dubinsky, president of the International Ladies' Garment Workers union, revealed at a session of the convention that the Jewish Labor Committee had distributed 1328,000 for relief abroad and educational activities here during the first eleven months of this year. Mr. Dubinsky, who is treasurer of the Committee, stated that the funds were used to aid Russia, to help political refugees, to extend aid to the underground labor movement in Europe and to promote racial and religious tolerance in the United States. Adolph Held, president of the Committee, addressing the convention, declared that "only the complete destruction of Hitlerism will bring relief to the millions of Jews in Europe today who are faced with complete ?x termination. . A resolution voicing the gratitude of the 500,000 organized Jewish workers in the United States and Canada to President Roosevelt and William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, for their "humanitarian aid" to the Jews of Europe, was adopted at the closing session of the convention. It was voted to continue the t cemmittee's program of financial j aid to the United Nations reliel . agencies during the coming yearj and ta request the Soviet govern- ment to permit a delegation of j American Jews to visit Russia to coordinate relief activities for the Russian tieople. The committee's; relief budget for 1943 was set ati $750,000. . ! Asked to Save Polish Jews t Jerusalem -(JTA) An appeal; to the King of England, President Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, the Con-1 gress of the United States and the j nf Poland, was cabled from here f British parliament to save the Jews by the Representat.'on of Polish Jewry in Palestine. A similar appeal was also cabled by the same group to governments of neutral countries. At the same time the Jewish rational theatre, Habiroah, issued an appeal to actors and playwrights throughout the democratic world asking them to join in the protest against the Nazi killing of Jews. Declaration Of United Nations On Massacres Hailed By U. S. Jewry Leading Jewish Organizations Look Upon Joint Declaration Issued By Eleven Allied Nations This Week As Pledge of Action AMERICAN AND BRITISH PRESS ASK FOR EFFECTIVE ACTION NOW New York (JTA) The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and the Jewish I.alor Committee hailed the joint declaration issued hy the Allied nations condemning the Nazi slaughter of Jews in Kurojie and pledging retribution. - The American press, including the New York Times, New York Post, The Nation, The New Republic, carried articles describing tbe Nazi massacre of Jews and asking action to force the Nazis to halt their extermination of Ku-rojK'an Jewry. "It is good, but not good enough, tiat the United Slates has formally joined with ten other governments and the Fighting French in denouncing the systematic extermination of the Jew ish people in Kurope," "the New York Post editorial declares. It is not good enough because it will not stop the extermination. The serious purixise to stop the extermination should result in a serious plan, capable of doing so. The proposal to deal out 'retribution after the war to those responsible for the mass murder does not meet the conditions for a serious plan." The New York Times, in its editorial stated that "the most tragic aspect of the situation is the world's helplessness to stop the horror while the war is going on." Organization Voice Gratification j ' " TT 7 .- j warning are in the pages of this Maurice Wertheim, president of ; document." the American Jewish Committee, stated: "The Jews of America will receive with gratification the statement of the United Nations condemning, the bestial cold-blooded policy of the Nazis to exterminate the Jews in the territories they have occupied, and reaffirming the solemn resolution of the United Nations to insure that those re- sponsible for these crimes shall not escape retribution and to press on with the necessary practical measures to that end. "That statement will awaken the heart and conscience of the world to what is happening in the Euro- pean lands dominated by the Nazis, and will give the Jews renewed hnix that thsp crud. harharic crimes against the -civilian popu- , lations there may be stopped. All Jews and their fellow Americans of every faith will be thankful for this heartening statement by our own government and by the gov- . ernments of the United Nations." ; Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress, said: "The declaration of the Uni-. ted Nations condemning Germany's cold-blooded extermination of Eu- ropean Jewry and solemnly pledg- ing retribution for the perpetrators ; Resent Declaration of Con-of these crimes, is a document of j jrressmen Favoring- Jewish the greatest historic significance.- r, . 1, . As an expression of the collective : lommonwealtft conscience of the United Nations, ! nt. rcTI,T iinrcc outraged by the horrors wreaked ; ALLS I IJL 1 KfcSS upon Jews and other civilian popu-; tvIIICltiC.S lations. it will solace and hearten ; the Jewish people throughout the ; New York (JTA) Mayor of world. Reaffirming the determi- ; a number of Arab cities in Pales-nation of the free peoples that the tine held a conference to protest murderous Axis may not with im- j against the joint declaration ub-punity assail and destroy any race ! mitted early this month to Presi-or faith or people, it will be eag- ' dent Roosevelt by 62 members of erly welcomed and approved by j the U. S. Senate and 182 members Americans of every faith. . of the House of Representatives, Of even greater importance Is i fvorn th restoration of the the possibility that this stern .' Jwilhm National Home m Pales-warning to the Nazis and their '. " . Th conference decided to Axis partners may prevent in part ; ubmit a protest to the U. S. at least the fulfillment of Hitler's ; government through the American hideous program of extermination, j consul-general in Jerusalem and to if the immediate practical steps f s?n(1L rv of the same protest promised are Uken to implement j the high commissioner for PaJ-this declaration." ! foT transmission t the British government :n London. Labor Committee Thanks j in thu City of Gaza, all Arab Roosevelt 1 merchants closed their stores as The Jewish Labor Committee, in '; n expression of protest. Other a resolution adopted at the open- demonstrations are expected. Es-ing session of its national conven peciaily active in organizing pro-tion here, hailed the declaration j tests against the efforts nndertak-by the Allied nations "as another j en in Araenca to secure post-war reaffirmation of the democratic Jewish rights in Ptine are the principles for which the United j mayors of Nablus, Jemn. Tulkarem States, in common with the other ; and Gaza. United Nations, is now engaged The Hebrew press in Palestine in a struggle with the Nazi ! carried articles severely criticizing hordes." The resolution thanked '. the Arab leaders for their inten-the United Nations and President sified campaign against Jewish Roosevelt in the names of the i and non-Jewish activities in Amer-"thousanda of Jews in the ghettos" ica in behalf of th. Zionist de-and expressed its appreciation on t mands for the establishment of a behalf of American Jewish Labor. Jewish Commonwealth In Palcs- It voiced the hope that practical ' tine. The Davar, leading Jewish measures will he taken immediate- newspaper, reprimands the Arabs W to save he tortured Jews of; for their complete indifference to Europe, who otherwise may not j the Nazi mass extermination of live to see the day of victory." ! Jews in Europe. ri . . . ,, . ; "The Nazi slaughter of Jews " British Press LrSe Action . the pap.r wrteg hM foufjd on London (JTA) A call for ae- the slightest echo in the Arab tion to save the Jews in Nasi-heU press in Palestine. Even the Eurrpe was voiced in almost the i mourning of the Jewa in Pales-entire British press in editorials j tine was only mentioned en-pas-conimenting on the detailed state-i nant. The Arab newspapers did meut en "persecution of lews" re-; not vhlish a single article con-leased ty the United Nations In-f cerning the fact that Jews are be-formatlon office, which was fea-".ing killed in the hundreds of thoa-tured in all the London papers. j sands by thr Nazis. Instead, the Presenting mccounts the atro-! .Arah press shou'j ngainst Ar.ier-cities committed uDon Jews in Po-; ican sympathy which ha been ex- land, Belgium, Holland, Czech oslo- ! pressed in speeches and memoran-vakia, France, Greece, Yugoslavia, !dums by Wendell L. Willkie and Luxemburg and Norway, the state-, other Americans, and even attacks ment said: j Dr. Weizmann for his addresses "The Allied governments have : in the United States, just made declaration of solemn Declaring that "Arab journalists protest against the crimes that are interpret the cry of the Jews in .being committed against the Jews.; their despair as nothing but a po-In their protest they warn the litical maneuver," Davar says that criminals responsible that punish-j the conclusion tbe Arab writers ment will be inevitable and severe. have appurently reached is that The reasons for that protest and tiir r s Emphasising that "the Nazi de- struction of Jews by shootings, lethal gas and other methods is not isolated to one country but is continent-wide," the statement points out that "the Jews are being exterminated for no other reason than that they are Jews." It reviews all anti-Jewish measures I taken by the Nazis in each of the occupied countries and draws attention to the fact that according to information in Washington, "the number of Jewish victims de ported or 'perished' since 1939 in Axis-controlled Europe now reach : e the appahng figure of 2,000,000 w hile 5.000,000 are In danger of extermination." The statement says that the pl&n -v of . Jewish - xterrainatton. K'oMlnuWI t'Ktr H) PALESTINE ARABS PROTEST AMERICAN CONCERN FOR JEWS

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