The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 18, 1929 · Page 1
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The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1929
Page 1
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few! h 383 Milwaukee Street Telephone Broadway 8900 AWeeMy Pa; Vol. 21. No. 20. Entered as second-class matter Jan. 20. 1922. at the postoffice at Milwaukee. Wisconsin, under the Act of March 3. 1879. MILWAUKEE, WIS., JANUARY 18, 1929 Per Year $3.00 iW2 V V MISSIONS COUNCIL ASSERTS RIGHT TO PROSELYTE JEWS Reply to Protest of Rabbi Israel Goldstein Against Objectionable Practice DENY CONVERSION OF CHILDREN BY BRIBES Atlantic City, N. J. (J.T.A.) Reaffirming its belief in "the right to spread the gospel of Christ among all people," the Home Missions Council Meeting in the First Presbyterian Church here, in replying to Dr. Israel Goldstein of" New York, who presented a plea before the Council for the cessation of proselytising activities among Jews, declared that "to neglect this would be a direct violation of this central command of our religion." The Council denied that efforts were made to convert Jewish children to Christianity without the consent of their parents. "We desire to assure Dr. Goldstein," the statement said, "of our hearty co-operation in the cultivating and propagating of good will, civic righteousness, social service and national loyalty between Jews and Christians everywhere. "We wish also to say that when little children from Jewish families come to our churches, Sunday schools and our neghborhood houses, we believe that it is desirable they should come with the consent and approval of their parents. Furthermore, we don't believe in the conversion of men and women to Christianity by bribes or bait. "We are grateful for the spiritual contributions to the ennoblement of our American civilization by every faith and are in perfect sympathy with the American principle of giving the largest possible liberty to all faiths in contributing to our American life. "In accordance with this American principle, therefore, we . insist that every group of people has the right to propagate their faith. In accordance with this principle we affirm that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel for the whole world." ' The report was signed bv John McDowell, chairman, Bishop E. G. Richardson, Carroll M. David and Charles E. Schaeffer. . Dr. Goldstein Protests Missionary Activities Atlantic City. (J.T.A.) A plea for cessation of missionary activities among Jews was presented to the annual meeting of the Home Missions Council, a Protestant body comprising representatives of 30 denominational groups, in session here. Dr. Israel Goldstein, Rabbi of Congregation B'ne Jeshurun, New York, who was invited to present to the meeting a statement regarding the attitude of (Continued on rage 5) JEWISH WORKERS LAUNCH $300,000 PALESTINE DRIYE To Establish Technical Institute In Memory of Late Max Pine 586 DELEGATES ATTEND CONVENTION OF N.J.W.A. New York. (J.T.A.) With the unanimous consent of 586 delegates, representing 34 states and 6 provinces in Canada, the National Jewish Workers Alliance, meeting in its fourth annual convention, pledged itself to raise the sum of $300,000, in the course of the year 1929. At a mass meeting and reception at the Manhattan Opera House, in honor of the Palestine Labor Delegation bringing to a close the convention which opened last Saturday evening, the campaign was officially launched and the sum of $75,000 raised. The organization which has one thousand affiliated groups and has in the last seven years raised $435,000 for use of Palestine workers voted to constitute itself a .permanent body, functioning between campaigns and to enroll a contributors' group of 30,000. The convention voted to establish a Technical Institute in Palestine in memory on the late Max Pine. The convention went on record as favoring greater immigration into Palestine. It stated its unequivocal opposition to land speculation and its belief in the principle of land ownership as exemplified by the Jewish National Fund. The recent clash between the right and left Labor Wings in Tel Aviv on the Yiddish-Hebrew question was criticized, the convention declaring it cannot sanction physical means to settle questions of principle. An optimistic report on present conditions in Palestine was brought by David Bloch, Mayor of Tel Aviv, and Israel Meriminsky, Secretary of the Palestine Labor Federation. Despite the economic crisis, declared Mayor Bloch, industry has been strengthened in Palestine. Palestine is open for new immigration, he stated, appealing to American workers for support. Unemployment has virtually ceased in Palestine, said Mr. Meriminsky. Organized labor, he said, now counts (Continued on rage 5) Named Counsel for Hoover Inaugural i; :. 1 I WlllSllillils - j 1 , - Jiililllilp. j i f I V I ; t i : 1 - . I MAURICE D. ROSENBERG Washington, D. C. (J.T.A.) Maurice D. Rosenberg, lawyer, banker and religious lay leader, of this city, has been named general counsel of the Inaugural Committee for President-elect Herbert Hoover. Mr. Rosenberg is a vice-president of the Executive Board of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and general counsel for the Merchants and Manufacturers Association. Lieutenant-Colonel U. S. Grant III, Inaugural Committee Chairman, made the appointment. JEWS YOICE MORE OBJECTION TO NEW 13 MONTHCALENDAR Synagogue Council of America Opposes Change at Hearing Before Congress Washington, D. C. (J.T.A.) Dr. David de Sola Pool of New York, representing the Synagogue Council of America appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the calendar reform and informed the committee that the Synagogue Council is unanimously opposed to the preamble resolution that implicit-lv sanctions a calendar the first day of each month of which will be Sunday, "disturbing the periodicity and the continuity of the Sabbath." Representative Mass of St. Paul, acting chairman of the committee explained that the preamble mentioning the 13 month calendar would be dropped from the resolution before the committee reported the bill and t asked Dr. Pool if he could approve the resolution itself. "I could not give a blanket approval to any resolution whatsoever asking for an international conference to endanger the Sabbath," he replied. The growing five dav week, Dr. Pool declared, will bring relief and makes Sabbath observance possible. One of the greatest evils of our present system, he stated, is that of over production. Manufacturers and other producers, Rabbi Pool pointed out, are producing too much, and the laborers are working harder than ever to share in the luxuries that are over produced. He explained that the cure for the evil is organic. "It is the five day week, for people cannot work so intensely as they do at present for more than five days a week," he said. The growing custom of the five day week together with the Eastman calendar would make the observance of the Jewish Sabbath impossible, Dr. Pool stated. "Our stores," he added, "would have to be closed on Sunday, Saturday and Wednesday, that is unthinkable." Rabbi Moses Hyamson of New York City, told the committee that he represented the New York Board of Jewish Ministers, or 1,500,000 Jews in the City of New York, and that all through the ages Judaism had laid stress and emphasis on the observance of the Sabbath, which was not to be a wandering Sabbath. He declared his organization had formulated the following resolution which representative Fish, New York, a member of the committee, said he would sponsor for incorporation as a provision in the House resolution 334. "The New York Board of Jewish Ministers has no objection to the form of the calendar provided and upon condition that the place of the Jewish Sabbath in the week as it is at present and its continuity is not tampered with or interfered with in any way." Rabbi Mortimer J. Cohen, of the Board of Jewish Ministers, Philadelphia, who also represented the United Synagogue of America, stated that these two bodies were not opposed to a change in the calendar, that the Jews have had many changes in the calendar, but they are opposed to a 13 month calendar or any other calendar that would cause the Sabbath to wander through the week. "We feel," Rabbi Cohen said "that it would be detrimental to Jewish life." Sentiment in House Committtee Is Against Calendar Reform Washington. ( J.T.A.) A. Long-acre of this city, editor of "Liberty," organ of the Seventh Day Adventists, appeared at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on behalf of his church and vigorously opposed the Eastman calendar. He pointed out several discrimina- ( Continued on Page 4) ALBERT EINSTEIN AGAIN STARTLES SCIENTIFIC WORLD Gives New Conception of Inter-Relation of Mechanics and Electro-Dynamics WORKED TEN YEARS ON FIVE PAGE FORMULA Berlin. (J.T.A.) The five pages of the renowned Jewish scientist's manuscript entitled "Einheitlicher Feldtheorie" presented to the Prussian Academy of Sciences by Albert Einstein will give the scientific world a new conception of the inter-relation between mechanics and electrodynamics, which, it is predicted, will revolutionize scientific thought. The manuscript represents ten years of labor on the part of Prof. Einstein who has been in poor health for a long time, suffering from a heart ailment. The exposition of "The New Field Theory" is two pages longer than his monumental exposition of his relativity theory. It is stated here that "Newton's Principia Mathematica" and the monumental modern work on mathematics by Russell and Whitehead are mere child's play in contrast with the Einstein document in point of com-prehensibility. It can safely be said that this theory, which has caused a complete readjustment of man's conception of the nature of the universe and which had led to revolutionary alterations in the bases of cosmology, theology and metaphysics, is beyond the understanding not only of laymen, but of the great bulk of the world's cultured and highly educated population. The word "field" in the title of the new paper is said to refer to the electromagnetic fields, in which the chief work has been done of late in criticism of the theory of relativity. The original theory of relativity, which caused the most spirited scientific controversy since Darwin published his "Origin of the Species" and which was acclaimed by its adherents as the most important scientific discovery since Newton's promulgation of gravity, was contained in a document of three pages. Professor Einstein, bombarded im mediately after the revelation of his new work by requests for "explanations, intimated that an elucidation clear to the layman was not possible. '1 ' c : 't, 4 DR. ALBERT EINSTEIN "The report," he stated to press representatives, "is a purely mathematical extension of the general theory of relativity. There is no occasion for anybody to be excited about it, and why the newspapers should take an interest in it I. can't understand. "There will be only a few mathematicians who will be inclined to read it and, although I never did make that statement which was ascribed to me that only eleven people in the world could understand relativity, I really don't believe that there will be more than a handful of people who will take the trouble to follow its argument." Although it will take about a fortnight before the paper will be issued, it is understood that copies are being made available for fellow scientists in various countries, including Prof. A. A. Michaelson of the University of Chicago, Prof. Millikan and Russell and Jean of England. It was explained that the extension of Prof. Einstein's relativity theory, embodied in his new paper, would lead to the mathematical conclusion that matter cannot be formed without electricity or that electricity is the original source of all existence. The manuscript sets forth mathematical and physical formulae amplifying the general theory of relativity and carrying forward its basis conception in the abstract mathematical implications of the borderline between mechanics and electro-dynamics. Just as the theory of relativity broke down the boundaries between time "and space, erecting the idea of a time-space, the new theory is believed by mathematicians here to break down the boundaries between mechanics and electrodynamics. Belgrade Rabbi Called to Argentine Chief Rabbinate Belgrade. (J.T.A.) Rabbi D. Sab-etai, Dayan (rabbinical judge) of Bit-oli, was invited to become the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish communities in Argentine. Induction ceremonies will soon take place in the main synagogue of Buenos Aires. Mayor of Jewish City to Visit Here MAYOR DAVID BLOCH Mayor David Bloch of Tel Aviv, Palestine, will be the guest of the city, March 3-4. A special committee will soon be formed for the purpose of arranging an enthusiastic welcome to the Mayor of the first 100 per cent Jewish city of Palestine. An impressive banquet is being planned for Sunday evening, March 3 as one of the features of the welcome to be extended to Mr. Bloch. The Mayor was accorded special honors by the cities of New York and Chicago through their mayors and committees of aldermen. Felix Warburg Gives $50,000 to Palestine New York. (J.T.A.) A contribution of $50,000 by Felix M. Warburg fto the United Palestine Appeal, was announced by Morris Rothenberg, chairman of the board of directors of the United Palestine Appeal, at a special conference of non-Zionists interested in Palestine, held at the Hotel Ambassador for the purpose of drawing up "concrete "plans, towards co-operation in the Palestine reconstruction work." LMr. Warburg's gift is the first large response on tne part ot a non-Zionist since the non-Zionist Conference held in New York last October. Mr. Warburg has in the past contributed to Palestine purposes, notably towards relieving unemployment during the depression of last year, and the building of the-Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This is his first donation to the United Palestine Appeal. B'NAI B'RITH GRAND LODGE EXECUTIVES YOTE ONMEASURES Decide Variety of Cultural And Relief Activities at Meeting $2,000,000 WIDER SCOPE DRIVE IS $750,000 SHORT Cincinnati. (J.T.A.) A loan fund to aid Jewish immigrants in Mexico in their adjustment to the new environment will be established under the auspices of the Mexican Bureau of the Independent Order B'nai B'rith. Authorization for this action was given by the " Executive Committee of the fraternal order at its annual meeting which was held here. Alfred M. Cohen, president, presided over the meeting, which was attended by B'nai B'rith leaders from all parts of the country. The amount of $12,500 to institute the loan fund work was received from the Emergency Relief Committee. The Executive Committee, after approving the reports of Senator Cohan and Dr. Boris D. Bogen, Executive Secretary, acted on a number of proposals of world wide interest effecting cultural, economic and relief measures. Anti-Defamation Report The work of the Anti-Defamation League, a subsidiary body of the I.O.B.B. functioning for the protection of the good name of the Jew and for the elimination of racial and religious prejudice, was reported on by Sigmund Livingstone of Chicago, chairman of the League. The Executive Committee approved the report which includes a plan whereby the League is co-operating with the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America for removing from the prayer books all texts deprecatory to the Jews. The Wider Scope. Committee, of which Henry Monsky of Omaha, Neb., is chairman, was authorized to continue its work and go into territory not covered by previous campaigns in its effort to make up the sum of $750,000 short of its recent $2,000,-000 campaign. The leaders of the B'nai B'rith have also approved the action of the Hillel Foundation in establishing new foundations at Cornell University and -Morgantown, W. Va. An application for the establishment of a Hillel Foundation was received from Athens, Georgia. All plans submitted by Dr. Bogen for the extension of the edu- ( Continued on Page 4) FEDERATION DRIVE TO START OFF WITH SUNDAY EVENING DINNER MEETING FOR WORKERS Zionist Organization in Poland May Split Because of Opposition Warsaw. (J.T.A.) Though the persistent rumors, following the conflict at the last session of the Zionist Party Council, that the Zionist Organization of Poland will split were denied, the danger of a break between the majority controlled by the Weizmannists and the minority led by Deputy Gruenbaum, die-hard Jewish Agency opponent, is imminent. Under the chairmanship of Deputy Gruenbaum, 22 oppositional groups met and elected a joint commission to formulate a program for further action. Representatives of the Al Hamishamar group and the Zionist Revisionists left the Party Council session in danger when their motions pertaining to the measures for calling a national convention to designate Poland's representatives to the Jewish Agency were defeated by a majority of 13 to 10 votes. Leaders of the majority and minor-itv when interviewed by the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency denied that a split will occur. The Jewish press, however, insists that the break is inevitable. INTER-MARRIAGE NATIONAL DANGER SAY JUGO-SLAYIANS Army Commander Issued Secret Order Warning Air Force Officers New York. (J.T.A.) Inter-marriage of officers of the Jugo-Slav air force and Jewish girls was viewed as a danger to the national safety of Jugo-Slavia in a secret order issued by General Rad. S. Stanoilovitch on January 23, 1927, to the chiefs of the air force detachments. Supplementing a previous despatch of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency to this effect, the American Jewish Congress made public the full text of the order which was published in the newspaper "Hrvat," in Zagreb, Jugoslavia, in October 1928. The officers who contemplate marriage with Jewesses were threatened with expulsion from the air force on the ground that it would endanger the force as it would by marriage ties, come under the control of Jews who are, General Stanoilovitch declares, "an ultra-national element." The American Jewish Congress received the f.ull text from Mr. Zevi Aberson of the Geneva Bureau of the Council on the Rights of Jewish Minorities, who has protested against the issuance of this " order to the Jugo-Slavian representative at the League of Nations. Mr. Aberson pointed out that the General's order is not only an offense to the Jews of Jugoslavia, but a violation of the constitution of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croates and Slovenes, and an infraction of the provisions of the Treaty of St. Germain. Assurances have been made by Jugo-Slavian officials that the matter will be investigated. The Geneva Bureau, however, will insist on a public withdrawal of the secret order and on the making of proper amends, the American Jewish Congress declared. The text of the secret order, follows: "Secret Order No. 5. January 23, 1927, to the chiefs of the Air Force Detachments. "My attention has been drawn to an interesting situation which has arisen in the Air Force, constituting a threat of a Jewish usurpation of the national character of the air service. "It is interesting to note that this situation follows the passing of the Law of Assurance, as if the inveterate instinct of the Jews had discovered therein advantageous business. "The matter consists, according to my information, in that a certain number of air officers are contemplating or have already contracted matrimonial engagements with Jewesses. "I have no wish to meddle with the affairs of the heart or with the tests of these officers. I would simply draw their attention here while quoting point 237 of part I of the service regulations -to the fact that such alliances cannot be considered satisfactory to the well-being of the Air Force or to the future careers of the officers., in question. I would also draw their attention to the con-senuences attendant upon their actions. "The Royal Air Force, which I have the honor to command must, in order to preserve its efficiency and its utility to the State, be, in the first place, absolutely national in character and in no way extra-national. Officers bound by relationship ties and especially by marriage ties to extranational elements lose the character of national officers. One is reminded of the proverbs 'birds of a feather flock together and 'blood is thicker than water The Jews and other extranational elements of our State may possibly be good and loyal citizens, but they can never become pillars of the State. No doubt they have no such pretentions nor does one demand such of them. (Continued on page 6) Executive Committee Decides to Retain Customary Inspirational Event To Take Place January 27. MANY WORKERS OFFER TO SERVE The 1929-30 drive for subscriptions to the Federated Jewish Charities will open formally as have all previous drives, with a Sunday evening dinner meeting for all the workers. This opening rally will take place at the Hotel Wisconsin Sunday evening, January 27. Invitations to the dinner will go out during the week to all workers who have volunteered their services. MRS. CHAS. REICHENBAUM Marshal of Women's Teams Announcement had been made by the executive committee of the drive that the usual Sunday evening inspirational meeting preceding the first working day of the drive would be dispensed with this year, but at a meeting held Thursday, it was unanimously decided to retain the evening event. "We decided to change our plans regarding the Sunday evening rally," stated Ed. Ostermann, chairman of the drive, "after due deliberation of such a meeting as not only a "pep injector for the drive but also as a valuable get-together of the most active Jewish men and women of the city who thus have an opportunity to give expression to their communal loyalty and enthusiasm. The Federation drive is more than a mere organized solicitation for subscriptions and donations. It has become a distinct community institution, because it embraces practically all of the social service activities of the community. These drives are conducted primarily, of course, to raise money, but they have their necessary attendant by-products which are of decided spiritual value in the degree to which they arouse every Jew and Jewess to a realization of his and her duty to the unfortunate and underprivileged among us. It is to preserve and encourage this inspirational feature of the Federation drive that we decided to retain the accustomed Sunday eve- MRS. S. M. MARK SON Marshal of Women's Teams ning rally. We have no doubt that its elimination would have no great material effect on the success. of the drive and that our hundreds of workers would be just as earnest and diligent in obtaining the maximum results of their solicitation if they received all their nreliminary inspiration and "pep" at the Monday noon-meeting,' for I do not believe any of the workers need to be "sold" on the purpose of the drive. I do believe, however, that it is necessary that we all have the opportunity to meet together in a pleasant evening once in two years and have our communal enthusiasm 'polished up' as it were. We can then all start out Monday morning with all the vibrant expectancy that we tll experience when we go (Continued on page 9) r ii L ' - ' J i i I J- ' s, - I r " t' 'L-vl I i . -:' ti . i r ij t- no-. .uji AZ,-.', tmJ

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