The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 21, 1934 · Page 5
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The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 5

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1934
Page 5
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September 21, 1934 THE WISCONSIN JEWISH CHRONICLE 5 PLAIN TALK ! On Being A Russian Jew By AL SEGAL The news magazine Time contained the folowing letter in its issue of September 10: "Sirs: Yesterday my attention was drawn to the following extract (Time, Aug. 27): Last December J. David Stern, an ardent New Dealer, bought the New York Evening Post and in February hired Dr. Gruening as editor .. . For all their enthusiasm for social reform, Stern of Russian Jewish extraction and Gruening ..of German Jewish extraction were unable to see eye to eye . . . Would you be surprised to learn that David Stern is not of Russian extraction but of the same as Dr. Gruening, although further removed? . . "On his maternal side he is a nephew of the late Simon Muht, one of the leading and outstanding citizens of the 1890's, a philanthropist whose name continues to live. The family is a noted one in the town of Schoen-hausen, Bavaria, where is their ancestral home, built in 173G, and lived in ever since by them. At this time there is still one of the family bearing the name living there ... "On David Stern's father's side, I might add, there is yet finer stock . . . His uncle, Edward Stern, founded the Edward Stern Printing Co., a well-known publishing house of this city. And the most important fact, his father, David Stern, a cultured gentleman, served in the Civil War. "Now possibly you can understand why I discredit Time . . . GERTRUDE WEIL HERSHFIELD (Mrs.) Germantown, Pa." The lady was so quick to save Mr. Stern from being a Russian Jew without considering that Mr. Stern might have enjoyed being one; for he would have been in very good company. Among the Russian Jews Mr. Stern might have found all that is left of the savor of Jewish life in America . . the Jewish dream and the Jewish song and the Jewish sigh. Mr. Stern would have rejoiced among Jews who felt Jewish even before Hitler came, in whom being a Jew was never a pain but a noble role in a great drama. It would have pleasured him to be of people who cherish a spiritual inheritance and for whom Judaism is an old song in their hearts. He would have been among dreamers and singers and scholars, an aristocratic company in whose exclusive hands Jewish prose and poetry and knowledge are nurtured. But scarcely was Mr. Stern made a Russian Jew than the lady snatched him awav. Mr. Stern (himself a liberal) would have stood among flaming young Messiahs who carry banners for social justice and joyously submit their heads to be bashed by the police. He would have been kinsman of sewing machine operators whose eyes burn with prophetic, vision and of bearded old men who sit the live-long day in the study hall of the synagogue making no end of knowing Torah. As a Russian Jew, Mr. Stern would have been the proud brother of men who came here with no more than vestiges of existence and made a good life. They were pathetic peddlers, stoned by boys on the streets . . . "Jew! Jew!". . . and whose travail contained all the bitterness of Pilgrim fathers and whose success embraced all that the American ideal requires. They made good homes, brought up good children. Education was a dazzling goal which must be attained even bv grinding sacrifice; and the graduation of a child from the university was a spiritual triumph of parents. Mr. Stern, doubtless, would have delighted to be of this heroic people and probably is not grateful to the lady who pulled him so quickly out of the Russian Jewish Kehillah. Certainly, Mr. Stern would have appreciated to be of the ardent company that has kept Judaism warm in the United States. When they came here they brought nothing but the garments on their backs and the inherited flame in their hearts. Even before they had assurance of dwellings for themselves, they made a place for God; and by the flame of their hearts they lighted the perpetual lamp of the synagogue. This light they have replenished in all the years and they have been faithful to the instruction . . . "Teach it unto thy children". . . and their Jewish education is a matter of the daily life. Whatever poetry is in Mr. Stern would have rejoiced in the exquisite privilege of being associated with people who, 2,000 years later, carry sparks from the temple altar. True, Mr. Stern, had he been allowed to remain a Russian Jew, could not have loved all Russian Jews any more than he can love all individuals among other kinds of Jews. He would have found some of his brethren to be people whom he wouldn't have in his house and some whom he would be ashamed to acknowledge as brethren inasmuch as they had descended from their lofty inheritance. But, tolerant man, Mr. Stern would have said: "Am I to despise all of my people on account of the bad manners of these few? Indeed, among which people is every individual a Chesterfield or a saint?" He would have looked rather at the dreamers, the poets and the scholars; the rapt old men deep in the Torah; the flaming young Messiahs with battered heads; the sewing machine operators with the vision-haunted eyes; the courageous Pilgrims who came here with nothing but their characters and made glowing lives; their luminous children in the sciences and arts; the priestly men who carry sparks from the temple altar. Mr. Stern would have said: "I am one of no mean people." But the lady was so quick to pull him out. (Copyright, 1934). The Advertisers In This Issue Merit Your Patronage POLAND'S REPUDIATION OF MINORITIES TREATIES (Continued from Page 1) tern. Jews, therefore, would welcome any measure to secure this. "We are satisfied that the present Polish government has taken a stand against anti-Semitic tendencies but the minority treaties are not an instrument directed toward a particular moment of time or toward a particular government, but a permanent protection for all minorities in countries bound by minorities clauses. "Therefore, pending the decision of the League of Nations on the Polish generalization proposal, Jewry will defend the maintenance with undiminished strength of the rights stipulated in the treaties." Jews Never Benefited by Treaty Warsaw. (J.T. A.) The Jews of Poland never benefitted from the minority treaties and never sought protection from the League of Nations under the treaties, but nevertheless Colonel Beck's declaration at Geneva was a clear infringement on international treaties and would not benefit Poland, Rabbi Dr. Johua Thon, president of the Jewish Deputies Club in the Polish parliament, declared in a statement issued last week. "I do not wish to make a Jewish case out of this affair," Rabbi Thon said. "So far the declaration has not hurt us, since we derived no benefit from the minority treaties and this affair is therefore an unessential aggravation for us. "Although the minority treaties were never fulfilled where we were concerned, we never sought the protection of the League and never contemplated submitting to it Jewish grievances based on the minority treaties. Nevertheless I consider Colonel Beck's step a: faulty infringement on untouchable international treaties. "Furthermore this step is momentarily inappropriate and may have unexpected consequences. I fail to see an advantage from the Polish stand point, either immediately or in the future." League Invitation to United States Seen Resulting from Polish Blow London. (J.T. A.) A general invitation will soon be sent by members of the League of Nations to the United States asking that Government to join the League in order to strengthen it against further blows, The London Daily Chronicle stated in a dispatch dated from Geneva. At the same time invitations will also be issued to other nations in the Americas who do not belong to the League, the paper stated, adding that the sensational Polish declaration aroused a desire to strengthen the League against further blows which shake the authority of that body. The entire London press repudiated and condemned the Polish action as unilateral denunciation of international treaties. Even The London Daily Mail, organ of the nationalistic Lord Rothermere, said that if Poland is allowed to tear up the minority treaties implemented in the Versailles Treaty, then nothing can prevent other nations from acting in the same manner and bringing about the doom of the League. The London Daily Herald, Laborite paper, said editorially that the Polish declaration must be attributed to the passive conduct of the League, which watched the barbarous treatment of the Jews in Germany and did nothing against the Nazis. The paper advocated generalizing the minority treaties in order to deprive Poland of an excuse for dropping her minority treaty obligations. Poland is bound through its minority treaty, not only to the great European powers, but also to the United States, the London Times pointed out in a dispatch from Geneva which emphasized that the various delegations at the League of Nations expressed the gravest concern over Colonel Beck's sensational statement. The entire question, The Times said, will come up shortly before the Sixth Commission of the League, which will examine the treaties and the implications inherent in the Polish refusal to co-operate with the League in carrying out the minority treaties. It is expected that one of the High Contracting Parties will make a declaration on the subject, probably Sir John Simon, British Foreign Secretary, The Times said. Poland's declaration and the entire affair have no precedent in League annals, The Times emphasized. Statement of American Jewish Committee New York. (J.T. A.) Jews in America were warned last Friday not to be misled into regarding the renunciation of the minority clauses by Poland as solely, or even principally, a Jewish issue by Morris D. Wald-man, secretary of the American Jewish Committee. Asked regarding the Geneva announcement by Col. Jozef Beck, Polish Foreign Minister, that Poland hereafter will refuse to be controlled in her minorities administration by the League of Nations, Mr. Waldman described the situation as serious, and as a set-back to the general principles of minority rights. At the same time he asserted that since the minority rights cover many groups in Poland, such as Germans, Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Lithuanians, as well as Jews, the problems presented are of world concern. "Undoubtedly," he said, "such a policy has important implications for the Jews in Poland, but the significance of this decision is even greater as a problem in international relations. The minority treaties were designed to protect the civil, religious and linguistic rights of all individuals who differed in those respects from the majority of the population. These provisions were fortified by clauses in Poland's constitution, which, it is to be noted, the Polish government has given assurances she will continue to observe. "I believe these assurances are sincere because they spring not only from consideration of elementary justice but are probably dictated by the necessity to safeguard her 2,200,000 nationals in neighboring countries as well as by her realization that her internal security and prosperity can only be assured by fair treatment of her minority populations. While there can be no substitute for a wise and friendly government policy, there is, of course always a danger that a constitution removed from international control may be altered. Poland's treatment of her minorities will therefore be watched with greater concern than ever," Mr. Waldman said. Washington Expresses Amazement At Action Washington. (J.T. A.) Amazement at the Polish attempt to repudiate minority treaty obligation supervision, to which the United States Government is a signatory, was expressed here by high officials of the American government. However, no official comment was forthcoming and no one was willing to predict what action, if any, the United States government would take. NOW BOUNDLESS HEALTH AND BEAUTY MAY BE YOURS Physical and mental health and beauty have been the quest of the human race for centuries. But despite the great discoveries in the art of healing through drugs, chemicals and potions, we have made little progress in the attainment of that priceless goal. That is, not until about 13 years ago when the scientific method of Spectro-Chrome Metry was given to the world by a master scientist, Colonel Dinshah. According to E. A. Ernest, of the Ernest Distributing company, 3106 N. Hackett. avenue, this new science has proved that the key to health and happiness is nothing more than Nature's own health guard, Balance; that disease of all kinds is the direct result of unbalance in the chemical equation of the body, and that a natural correction of this condition will restore the body to its normal power of resistance and virility. Spectro-Chrome Metry, in its simplest terms, is the application of color waves of the sun, the source of all life and energy. Sunlight is composed of seven colors of major chemical potency, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. All of these colors are produced by sunlight known as the colors of the spectrum, but each has a definite oscillation frequency which corresponds to a Similar oscillation in one or more organs of the human body. When these oscillations are unbalanced the body becomes susceptible to all forms of illness. This attunement of the colors of the Solar Spectrum is easily and pleasantly effected through the agency of Spectro-Chrome, a scientific mechanism available to everybody in the home. An explanation of this marvelous discovery and a demonstration of the Spectro-Chrome System will be gladly given by application to the Ernest Distributing company, 3106 N. Hackett avenue, Edgewood 5321. If you are afflicted at present with any baffling illness for which you have failed to find relief, or if you would retain the normal health you now enjoy against the many onslaughts of these worrisome days, it becomes your duty to investigate this s J s J w v J VyJ? ami Printing is an art. Creating and executing a fine printed job requires art and skill. That is why we lay such stress on creative art in our business. Any one can match our equipment. But in the final result the skill of men counts more than mere machinery. The Chronicle Printing Company, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, is an organization of men who know their business. If you don't know exactly what you want, let us make some suggestions. Check the items, listed below, in which you are interested and then either phone MArquette 4700 or mail this list to us. A representative will call promptly. Personal Stationery Business Cards Announcements PI Telephone Pads Broadsides Filing Cards f House Organs Legal Forms Programs Business Letterheads Index Sheets Invitations Business Forms Circulars p Operated by Wisconsin Jewish Chronide 625 N. Milwaukee St. Phone MArquette 4700 simple, modern and natural method of Spectro-Chrome Metry. The 14th annual convention, beginning November 8 and continuing for three days, will be held at the Milwaukee Auditorium and will be opened by Mayor Daniel W. Hoan. Speakers will explain the results produced by Spectro-Chrome in the conquering of human disorders. The public is invited. Isaac Levy, Head of Oppenheim, Collins, Dies Deal, N. J. (WNS) Isaac D. Levy, who rose from a $2 a week cash boy to the presidency of Oppenheim, Collins & Co., is dead here at the age of 66. Born in London, Lc-y went through every phase of retail department store business in Chicago and New York before he helped found Oppenheim & Collins 40 years ago. He was one of the first to recognize that New York's retail shopping center would be in the mid-town area. Daughter of Isaac M. Wise, Dies Cincinnati. (WNS) Helen Wise Molony, one of the three surviving children of the first marriage of the late Rabbi Isaac M. Wise, founder of Reform Judaism in America, died here at the age of 75. Mrs. Molony, a pioneer in the women suffrage movement, was the mother-in-law of Gilbert Bettman, former attorney-general of the state of Ohio. She was a sister of Mrs. Adolph S. Ochs, wife of the publisher of the New York Times, and a half sister of Rabbi Jonah B. Wise. Mailing Pieces Statements Receipt Books Tickets Blotters Envelopes Folders Invoices Bulletins Q Labels Documents Menus Memorandums ant "Purge" Anti-Semitism Gives Rise to Dissatisfaction (Continued from Pare 1) No one in Germany today doubts that in the Nazi press the blame for the increasingly unfavorable conditions in Germany will be placed upon the Jews. All indications are that the Jews of Germany are facing a hard winter of bitter anti-Jewish propaganda and perhaps of serious physical harm. True, the German people no longer believe the anti-Semitic newspapers so mplicitly, but the German government now has no alternative except that of pressing anti-Semitism. Having no other butt, it must make the Jew the one who is to blame. When a government has the direct intention of furthering anti-Semitism, the will of the people plays a very insignificant part. The government will always have enough ways and means at its command for making th life of the Jewish population bitter, if necessary to carry out here and there a little pogrom, and to stage the whole affair as beng due to the "will of the people." The Jews of Germany are well aware of all this. They are not nursing any false illusions. But the Jews abroad should also know the truth, about the situation. The present superficial calm in Germany must not be overestimated. The Jews of England and of America must still be on the watch, more so now than ever. Copyright, 1934). o o o C0

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